Latest Arsene Wenger excuse – ‘there aren’t any players’ 😂

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So as we plough into the last few days of this dreary transfer window, Arsene Wenger is rolling out his tired ‘poor me’ list of transfer excuses.

The lastest centres around FFP and it’s demise.

“It has gone,”

“I have seen the signs coming from Uefa for a while. I thought it would happen but now it is not possible. What’s happened is the clubs threatened to go to civil court – not only through sport. That brought a lot of insecurity in the decision-making of Uefa so they started to soften the rules a little bit.”

I kind of feel this type of nonsense is a bit disingenuous. At the time, most people knew this set of rules would amount to nothing, because if rich people want to spend money on their assets, really, they should be allowed to.

If you’re cynical, or, if you just have the ability to read between the lines, Stan Kroenke wanted FFP to implement well because it would put pressure on him to actually put his hand in his pocket, over sitting back like a property mogul and watching his asset appreciate at break-neck speed.

Arsenal is built on a model of sustainability. That means our earnings mostly come through organic means… which generally means we’re very good at milking fans and sponsors. In an ideal world, the idea that you should only be able to use your own funds kind of works. But that’s an ideal world sprayed in red & white idealism.

If you’re Everton, you can’t make FFP work. The area isn’t rich enough to support mega ticket costs. So actually, all FFP ended up nearly doing was ensuring small clubs like Spurs could never make it and big clubs like Arsnal and United would be cemented in the elite levels forever.

When clubs like Roma and Milan wanted to sell, investors from Qatar were put in a spot. They could buy the clubs but they couldn’t restore them to former glory through fear of being heavily penalised.

So you had billionaires not able to sell their things. That was never going to rub. Not just that, if Madrid are barred from the Champions League, sponsors drop out. So if any of the mega clubs want to overspend, they do and that’s how it’ll be.

So there we have it. The FFP dream is over, now Arsene is complaining other clubs are spending too much.

It’s a bit embarrassing really. I mean, out of the whole league, we’ve bought the least players despite boasting the most swollen coffers. Wenger doesn’t have an excuse to rest on, so he’s trying to pin this problem on other clubs having ambition. Which to be quite frank, is a bit pathetic.

What you’re seeing now isn’t new. Wenger has been like this for the last 10 years. Except 10 years ago he had an excuse to hide behind… even though cash reserves have been building for a long time that still haven’t been spent.

Now he’s saying the problem is the shortage of players. So come next season, if we haven’t won anything, he’ll be able to say…

‘Guys and gals, I had a look and… well, there weren’t any players’

Which is so absurd! How small is the pool that we’re looking at? What happened to taking a gamble on up and coming talent? It’s quite incredible that now we just don’t move for players unless they’re mega. Despite clubs like Madrid and Barca doing exactly that.

Today, we have a nice early kick off. 1245 at St James park, we get to watch Steve McClaren have another go at being a football manager. This game is a worry, because really, we need to go into the international break with a win. To keep us in the mix.

Hopefully the manager will opt to change things up a little. The team didn’t look balanced against Liverpool and I don’t feel we had the directness we need to look threatening. It’d be good to have Chamberlain start today. It’d also be good to see if Wenger has worked on a solution to his midfield problem.

He’s backed Coquelin with hard stats. He’s one of the best in Europe when it comes to interceptions. If he can improve his passing, he really will be mixing it with the elite. I’d take a ball winner like Coquelin over a ball player pretending he’s interested in interceptions like Alex Song. If our play breaks up when Francis has the ball, we should address that… we have some of the best passers in the league, I don’t think he’s that bad, but he can just move in the Makelele territory… just a cheeky sideways pass.

Not that we should worry about that today against Newcastle. The club are a joke as are their fans. Hopefully we can get them on the march to booing their side early doors with a pummelling.

We’ll see though… the team is all over the place at the moment and confidence isn’t a feeling I’m taking into any game!

Right, that’s me done… I’m going down to the supermarket with a grand and I’m going to bitch to the lady behind the till that there’s not enough food and there are too many other people trying to purchase.


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  1. qna

    Al. There absolutely are options and City just proved it wkth DeBruyne. Wolfsberg didnt have to sell him but they are a business and that offer made sense. I personally think Reus and De Bruyne are a pretty fair comparison. KDB a bit younger than MR, but both the two bedt players in Germany outside of Bayern. So we basically have a price €70m. Is he exceptional. Yes. Is he what we need? Yes. Can we reasonably afford to pay that? Actually, yes.

  2. Cesc Appeal


    That’s the thing.

    Signings aren’t the answer, you know, the thing that every other team in the world do, the elite.

    No, better off going with banking on player development, Oxlade, Walcott, Giroud, Welbeck all getting much, much better, cohesion and some psychic connection between the players, being able to stay fit slapping history in the face, have the mental strength of a once fat man who lost 10 stone sat in a bakery and everyone around us having misfortune.

    Yes, better. Much more likely isn’t it?