Karim Benzema could be about to get Ozil’d?

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It’s happy because Foals just dropped their new album. It’s been a bit of a year for music, Everything Everything, Libertines and Maccabees. My ears are happy.

… but here’s the thing people. Is my heart happy? Well, how can it be, when Giroud is manning our forward line alone.

Well, take this with a big pinch of hope, but there are murmurings of a Benzema exit Madrid side. It’ll be very much in the same shape as the Ozil exit. Kicking, screaming…

‘… but Florentino, don’t you love me?’

*Chair turns slowly to face window

‘Mariana, please show Karim the door’



That’s basically how I see it going down.

Anyway, don’t write things off yet. Wenger is sitting there waiting with a load of cash Madrid need. Question is, who would be heading the other way?

Gotze? Reus? GIROUD?

I don’t know. Shit, I don’t even know if this is happening. But the sun is shining and the rumour comes from a good place. Nothing is guaranteed, but at least you can go into the weekend with a dream.

“I don’t know because I am always confident that a last-minute situation or solution is available, because the transfer market is especially moving in the last four or five days.

“At the moment, I cannot promise you that. We work very hard… you know I have a team around me who work day and night to find good solutions.

At least Wenger is about, eh? That’s positive, right?

Champions League is as groundhog as our transfer windows. We’ve landed Bayern again for, what, the 19th time? Chelsea have FC Porto, again. Jeez, the group stages are boring. Olympiacos and Dynamo Zagreb also share our route in. Bit of a ball ache having to travel that far for our two weaker games. Always a pleasure to watch Bayern. Pep over to us in the last season before he moves to City.

The game we have at the weekend is looking a little worrying as far as centre backs are concerned.

“Mertesacker is still sick and Koscielny will have a test on his back,”

“The less likely to be fit is Mertesacker.”

Chambers wasn’t the best against Liverpool. But hopefully that’s just first game nerves. Newcastle don’t have the best squad. They don’t have the best manager. But they nicked a point from United, so we have to be on our game. It’s absolutely vital we go into the international break with a convincing win.

After the international break, we should be in a good place squad wise.

“Danny Welbeck is progressing well. He should be available, if all goes well, after the international break. Jack Wilshere is just behind Welbeck, maybe one week after the international break he will certainly come back into full training.”

Right, I have to get back to work. Have a good day and I’ll see you in the morning!

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  1. gerrybro@gmail.com

    Gary Neville is Man U to the core-he is on safe ground taking a swipe at Wenger. Yet what he said about Wenger did not go nearly far enough-Wenger has for the past 10 years sacrificed the team in order to gain the credit for the development of individuals- individuals who have to leave the club to reach their potential.. This is why he always leaves the squad threadbare each season, requiring the introduction of ludicrously inexperienced kids into key games.
    Wenger and the custodians are not in this business to win trophies- though they will take a gift with both hands.

  2. Bamford10


    So Giroud is good enough? If not, please put forward three names we should’ve signed this window or last.


  3. Redtruth

    Premier league is easy and those players new to the Premier league should be up and running unless they are the over hyped type thst le grove love to label ‘classy’

  4. N5

    Bamford, being someone who goes to the stadium I can tell you now, I never hear a single person who thinks Wenger know best. I hear no support for him at all. I might be in the Le Grove section but I don’t think so.

    Trust me when I say Ti and Claude do not represent the demographic.

  5. Cesc Appeal

    Chelsea allegedly turning their attention to Abdennour, I know Karim rates him.

    Smart in my book, go in for Stones on a later date their need isn’t so great that you could stomach a £40 Million outlay, especially if they are genuinely pursuing Pogba.

  6. Cesc Appeal

    Haha, according to Wenger FFP was going to be the saviour for years, now the changes to it is what is holding us back this window!

    Convenient excuse once more, unless Wenger and the people at Arsenal were the only ones gullible enough to think FFP would change anything.

    Still Arsene, it doesn’t change the fact we have £80 Million to spend and the whole of the footballing world out there a phone call away, Chelsea and City’s spending has nothing to do with that.

    And if you don’t like it, quit now and let someone who doesn’t mind that scrap take over because in 12 months it will be a hundred times worse.

  7. Bamford10

    Wenger should spend less time thinking about FFP, and more time thinking about how to make Arsenal something other than also-rans.

  8. Bamford10

    Given that Ozil can’t shoot from more than eight yards out, there’s only so much he can do regardless of who plays ahead of him.

    (Please don’t post a video of the two times he has managed to score from 18 yards out. Pretending he has a shot is an insult to all of us.)

  9. Sam

    How is it Giroud’s fault?

    You bought a tall slow striker n expect him to play like Thierry Henri.
    Its basic stuff, If Giroud is starting, dump pretty football. they all have to cut the passing n dribbling n practice crossing to find Girouds head.
    Second half sub role even suit him more to rough up defenders. Another option is to sell the guy, Let him go back to france or Italian league he might prosper there.
    What baffles me, even Bellerin wants to walk into the opposition box, why not make space n cross to the tallest man on the pitch?

  10. Redtruth

    Giroud ideal for a George Graham side who could mix it and play it long and short when required.

    What’s baffling is Wenger recruiting players that are incapable of playing his naive style of football.

  11. Bamford10


    Whether it’s “Giroud’s fault” is irrelevant. This is a red herring, rolled out so as to get people to stop criticizing Giroud.

    All that matters is that he isn’t good enough — and this has been obvious for three years now.

    Further, this idea that he would be good in a different style of play — more direct, more long-balls, more balls into box — is nonsense. He’s a pussy and loses the vast majority of balls played into him and he’s average in the air in the box.

    He just isn’t that good. Sad but true.

  12. N5

    “if Wenger won the league would you be in favour of him leaving the club.”

    No, because in order for that to happen, he’d have to change his whole philosophy which would mean a totally different Wenger.

    The question is a paradox.

  13. N5

    Red it’s a paradox. Wenger won’t win the league so he’s not good enough, if he won the league, yes he’d be good enough, however he’d need to not be him for his to happen so if it did happen it wouldn’t be Wenger!

    Anyway, he won’t ever ever win the league again, you know that don’t you?

  14. N5

    Red, but Pelligrini had a hell of a team so someone at Citeh did their job right? shame we’ve not got someone at Arsenal taking control of the transfers.

  15. Bamford10

    City are well-organized and play gorgeous passing football — far prettier than anything Arsenal have played in years.

    Yes Pellegrini has fallen short in Europe, but this notion that he’s a poor manager is nonsense.

  16. Sam

    Arsenal just signed a 15years old Harry Clarke from Ipswich after he scored a wonder goal on youtube.
    Wenger getting busy before window closes, also strengthening Ze British core

  17. Sam

    Le Fox doing his scouting on Youtube there is a chance he visits Le moan, I mean Le Grove. reads all your comments
    Now there is huge surprise after the game
    2 big signings coming up

  18. steve

    “Welbeck can finish. Just not consistent enough. This notion that he’s rubbish is unfair and unjustified. Shunted wide last season to do Giroud’s running. That’s fair enough as you have to work for one another in a team. Also his workrate is unprecedented bar Alexis. Guy needs to be given a break.”

    Erm yeah no… Welbeck is just a very bad footballer.

  19. Relieable Sauce

    If we are not going for a WC CF or Reus, we should be going for Mahrez.

    Terrific winger option for us, fast, direct, intelligent, technically very good, incredibly quick feet & excellent dribbler.
    Not afraid to shoot & scored high on shot accuracy last season although not scoring many goals. Looks to have addresed his lack of goals having already matched last seasons total, he will be a £40m player if he scores 12-15 PL goals & he might be gettable for £18m(?) now.
    Very good (panic) buy.

    WTF do our scouts do?

    Shambolic state of affairs.

  20. Bamford10

    This guy Rafael Hernandez (@RafaelH117) is pretty smart. His recent series of tweets runs:

    “I’m sure that lack of FFP is what stopping Wenger from winning trophies, just ask Sevilla and Atleti, thriving vs Barça and Madrid.”

    “It’s just too ridiculous that at this point that Wenger has to resort to whine about others having more money to hide his shortcomings.”

    “Atleti found Simeone to fight Barça/Madrid, Sevilla a sustainable model… You can’t use “complain about financial disparity” to win anything.”

    “Neville’s criticism of Wenger was spot on, on the 2nd period of his career he decided to be an idealist in a sport where that never existed. ”

    “Atleti found Simeone to fight Barça/Madrid, Sevilla a sustainable model… You can’t use “complain about financial disparity” to win anything.”

    “FFP was UEFA trying to keep the status quo, not make football better. Trying to control money in a sport where it runs rampant is impossible.”

    “Complaining about other clubs having more money won’t ever solve anything. Football fans won’t get over it, professionals should.”

    “Juventus could’ve thrown the towel and drowned in the bottomless pit that Serie A finds itself, they reinvented themselves after destruction.”

    Hear, hear, Mr. Hernandez.

  21. Relieable Sauce

    3 games in & wenger is under the spotlight already with serious experts asking questions.
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    No way wenger goes beyond this season, maybe Jacqui Oatley with the coup de gras around December/ January…

  22. Rosicky@Arsenal

    2 trophies in 2 years and this site is still demanding Wenger out.


    Wonder whats happening at United and Liverpool blogs.Are they demanding there managers heads.

    Spurs is a gone case though.

  23. useroz

    Said it couple of weeks ago and I say it again, there are dozens of players out there who could improve this squad – not just in the DM/MF and ST positions.

    It follows, if the team that works HARD to find solutions really exisits they should all be fired, along with Wenger.

    It’s professional negligence what Wenger does, and not do, as tthe AFC FOOTBALL manager.

    However if Wenger is actually Stan’s AFC BUSINESS manager,, they both can go to hell, holding hands. Without getting rid of Stan (which is almost hopeliessly impossible) there’s no hope for AFC in footballing term.

    If Wenger really signed another kid, it’s fucking same old same old ….

  24. useroz

    Btw, Neville’s clarification actually reinforces his earlier messages rather than backing off. Respect him as a pundit.

    Wenger is indeed arrogant AND naïve.

  25. Rosicky@Arsenal


    ok will not post here from now on.

    I am happy with UA.

    If people here at Legrove want to remain For ever moaners and want to be a crying lot I cant help them,

  26. underrated Coq

    The damning thing is if Cech hadn’t done most of the work to get himself a transfer, Arsenal would have had no signings so far- ZERO.

    How can this be acceptable to anybody?

  27. gonsterous

    I doubt anyone of the big clubs in Europe would hire Wenger. 2 days for the window to close and all he is doing is moaning about no players and clubs with money !!

  28. N5

    Rosicky and you don’t need too. Enjoy Untold because I think it’s more suited to your needs. You’ve never liked Le Grove and only come on here to moan about the moaners so you might as well not annoy yourself and just enjoy life, enjoy Arsene and enjoy Tony Attwood.

  29. naijagunner

    Most members of the current squad were asking for additions to the squad..the only exception being…
    Giroud…..cos he has Wenger by the balls
    Theo….because of his stupid obsession with being a striker
    Arteta….cos he won’t play another 10 minutes if a midfielder comes in
    Ramsey….cos he needs a thin squad to play for his move to Spain

    So far this boys are winning cos father figure Wenger doesn’t want to upset them

  30. Thank you and goodnight


    people like you are as much to blame for the club taking the piss as much as wenger and the board. I can’t wait for him too fuck off so that all you AKB’S can support another Arsene club as supposed to making out your Arsenal fans

  31. naijagunner

    You don’t sign a player because he played well against u, that’s how we got Chambers by the way

    You sign a player because he has pedigree.
    Most premier league teams needed defenders ….can’t they all see Abdenoour too?

  32. Sam

    NaijaGunner said:

    “Most premier league teams needed defenders ….can’t they all see Abdenoour too?”

    You could say the same thing about Karim Benzema
    Maybe most club can see but don’t want to pay 50Millions n Madrid mob keep twisting our arm to pay up.

  33. Sam

    Do you really think if Benzema was available at the right price, big spenders will let him hang around waiting for arsenal to sign him? Even Mourinho will bid for him, Man city still have Vieira the poacher to sweetalk him to team up with Aguero. There is also bayern, PSG etc….

  34. GoonerDNA

    Tony Attwood and the lets blame everyone but the club and manager for our problems type people fucking depress me.

    Generally these types of people don’t take responsibility it’s not even a simple matter of just a football club it’s a way of life, blame your colleges blame your wife for beating her up blame your son for being a cunt……zero responsibity taken

  35. GoonerDNA

    I think we going smash Newcastle and Wenger will use injured players as excuse not to sign.

    “We never approached Real Madrid and Benzema because Welbeck is the English Ghanian Pele”

  36. naijagunner


    Nope….i don’t even know what the question is , so can’t possibly have the answers
    The “just the player we should sign” thing though can be thrown about knowing u can simply melt away if said player flops .

  37. Ric

    The problem is we keep signing the wrong type of player. If we sign another attacking midfielder in this window I’m gonna scream. We are fitting square pegs in round holes in the team, ala Cazorla and Ramsey. Ramsey ain’t got legs for the wing and should be dropped for the Ox. Too many similar players. Ramsey, Wilshere, Ozil, Cazorla all vying for that attacking central role, whilst we struggle for midfielders with defensive ability.

  38. GoonerDNA

    Btw I like Danny he has pace and power and a great work rate he just can’t finish for shit BUT he allows our other attack minded players to chop and change so we look a lot more fluid with him upfront.

    I suppose that shows how Giroud stagnates our game rather than what Welbz offers but it’s the truth

  39. Leedsgunner

    I find it highly ironic that the banner advertising on Le Grove loudly proclaims — Your Arsenal — Your way — because the club at present is run anything but that.

  40. Leedsgunner

    Giroud is a good decent striker… a useful player to have in the mix perhaps as an impacty striker against the top teams or as a striker to use against the so-called weaker teams. Against the best defenders in the league and in the Champion’s League though he is too slow too predictable and not clinical enough. That’s why we need someone better.

  41. Up 4 grabs now

    You know at the end of the window Wenger will rock up with two 16 year olds, a right back and another attacking midfielder that he can turn into strikers.

  42. gambon


    Arsene Wenger 2010: FFP is coming, we will compete again

    Arsene Wenger 2011: FFP is coming, we will compete again

    Arsene Wenger 2012: FFP is coming, we will compete again

    Arsene Wenger 2013: FFP is coming, we will compete again

    Arsene Wenger 2014: FFP is coming, we will compete again

    Arsene Wenger 2015: FFP is dead.

  43. Leedsgunner

    A great coach makes average players good, good players outstanding and outstanding players unforgettable and world class.

    He might have done this before, not lately, can we really say he makes players progress?

    That’s why when Wenger complains about the lack of quality players, I’m bemused. Is that that the heart of his job? To make players better? So when he complains about the lack of quality players, to me, it denotes an attitude of laziness and complacency. Why not get players of promise and make them into quality then?

    He wants quality ready players who are capable of making our team better but at the same time he doesn’t want to pay the market rate for them.

    By not signing players, it’s not he’s mounting a one man protest about how unhappy he is and how he’s right and everyone else in football is wrong… and he’s show us all right, even if it kills the football club… until he wales up and panics and signs dross to save face.

    In this he has the same attitude as that other great dinosaur in World Football — self righteous, self important and pompous Sepp Blatter.

  44. Leedsgunner


    It’s not only Wenger that propagated that myth, Gazidas did as well. Remember this?


    “”As we look to the next two, three years we will have an outstanding platform on which to compete with any club in the world,” he told BBC Sport.” (Gazidas 2012)

    Well the two or three years has come. Does this look like competing to anyone? I hope someone reminds Wenger and Gazidas of this interview and he gets crucified for it at the AGM.

  45. Ric

    Personally and I’ll probably get shouted down for saying it but I would offload Ramsey (doesn’t do enough defensively for me) and Wilshere (to injury prone and also defensively naive.) Use the funds and bring in a defensive enforcer in midfield.

  46. useroz

    Giroud would have been a fantastic striker for clubs like. Newcastle. Not Arsenal.

    Not sure Newcastle would want Arteta and Flamini these days. Wenger keeps them and extended Arteta’s contract.


    We probably labour thru today’s andwin.