What is the perfect situation for Wenger to sign players?

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Rain, gets, me, down.

I don’t think I’ve known it to consistently p*ss down like this in August, ever. Rain is rarely relentless in this town.

How dare it. How bloody dare it. DAMN YOU MOTHER NATURE.

So what do we have in Arsenal news today?

A big plate of nothing. Not even an agent trying to push a terrible client into a terrible club like Spurs.

I didn’t read Wenger bemoaning the stupid window.

‘When the season starts the window should be finished.’

‘Simple as that. It is too big an advantage for clubs that didn’t work well during the transfer window.

‘The funds are there, people know that you have the resources, but the players are not available.

‘We expect, like you, to make another signing. But at the moment, we are not close.’

I mean, when you look at our history in the window, you’d have to say we’re generally one of those clubs that rarely work well in the transfer window. Looking at the squad we have now, you’d have to say that Wenger has once again missed a trick to make sure in the window.

We’re getting to that point where clubs can’t buy in replacements. So if we’re hoping to sign mega players, well, I’d say those dreams are ones that you usually find in a pipe.

Disappointing. The manager bitched for years that money was the issue, now he has all the money, he’s bitching that it’s hard because others have money.

Can someone just find the perfect situation where there are no other clubs, there’s no window, there are no hiccups and there are no players that want more money than him.

Then we’d be in a great situation. Wenger would have his utopian dream.

He’d still find an excuse though.

I hope the CEO has put some pressure on him this season.

Wenger should put some skin in the game. If he’s confident this squad will win the league, he should say, ‘If I don’t at least form a credible challenge this season, I’ll when my deal is done’… because really, after all the bollocks we’ve faced over the years, after all the excuses, after all the ‘just get behind the team’, I felt we were on the cusp of greatness.

The manager, as it stands, hasn’t pushed the squad where it needs to go.

If it doesn’t work out. Is there a price to pay? Or is it going to be another 10 year contract at the end of the malaise? Another ‘internal investigation’ into what went wrong, when really, it all goes wrong at the start of the season when you don’t address squad deficiencies.

Man City finished 2nd last year with a Championship winning squad. They’ve just dropped £100m. Chelsea are Champions, they’ll have signed Stones and Pedro. United have spent a fortune. Liverpool have spent a fortune.

We finished 3rd. Why haven’t we spent a fortune when we have 1) glaring problems 2) problems we’ve known about for years 3) had the resources to buy 4) seen top players that were within reach go elsewhere.

It’s cray. It’s bananas. It’s fucking mental, but ever so typical.

Have a great day, enjoy the rain and smelling like a wet dog on the tube.

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  1. DUIFG

    Under no circumstance would he have walked v hull.

    2 chances in 90 minutes? is that good? even going back a couple of years we could be assured we would create more than that even in 1 half of football.

    Maginolet in no way had a blinder against us, if 2 chances in a game of football for arsenal is the new gold standard than am i hell watching us this season.

  2. Emiratesstroller


    Arsenal remind me of the ‘art collector’ who aspires to buy a Rembrandt, but always lands up buying second best. This is not because he cannot afford to buy the Rembrandt, but because there is always someone else in the market willing to outbid him and he will not budge on valuation.

    It took Arsenal almost a decade to shift from spending around £15 million in
    transfer market to £40 million plus when we bought Ozil. The real weakness
    at Arsenal is in my view the BANK BALANCE. Every club, manager and agent
    in world football knows that we have got it and want a slice of it.

    If you want to plead poverty then you do not display as we do such a large money pot.

    I agree also with DUIFG that Arsenal’s performance level in first three games
    has not been impressive and we have not produced a lot of chances. We have
    reverted back to type with too many intricate passes which have been easily
    snuffed out by opposition.

    That is why I expressed the view that we need width, pace and greater goalscoring potential in team particularly if Sanchez does not perform. My
    suspicion is that Wenger does not trust either Walcott and Ox to play them
    in starting lineup and perhaps with some justification.

    Perhaps Wenger should have gone out on market and bought a superior winger and offloaded Walcott.

  3. Relieable Sauce

    Didnt we have near on 70% posession vs Liverpool?

    Typically we dont take the most from out opportunities at important times, we dither, lack imagination & are neither ruthless or decisive.
    A reflection of Arsene in the transfer window.

  4. reality check

    We’re 3 games into the season. The only team that has hit their straps are man city. There is a long way to go. I understand frustration but it’s sad that people take frustration on our players who are actually quite good. At learst they were a few weeks ago.

    Yes, and just like many were trying to point out back then, a few weeks ago didn’t mean jack s***.

    We’re The Arsenal. Our history wasn’t built on winning Bullsh!t commercialised trophies.

    Emirates cup, what?
    Community Shield, who?
    The Fa Cup success should have been built upon.

    Look at it like this. Its abit morbid. But some arsenal fans will be dead by the time Wenger pulls his finger out.
    They deserve to see their team going all out for the League at least.

    The stadium move was the time for patience. The board and Arsene asked us to have patience.
    9 years brother!

    Now with all the resources and even the benefits of our location (London) were again being told to be patient. Can you tell me whats the benefit to delaying good behaviour? If you have the chance to do something good, why would you wait?

    You have the chance to ‘reward’ the fans that have been paying the highest prices for years, plus have been patiently waiting to make it through all the hating debating whether or not, wenger can weather the storm..

    Why wouldn’t you give back to the fans at least, by filling the obvious gaps in the team. That way your giving the team the best chance possible to compete. Then after that, if we lose.. we lose… at least we tried. We’re paying for all of it anyway. It’s for the fans to decide, is it wortht he risk?

    WOB and AKB are in agreement. Yes, spending some money on a CF and a DM is worth the risk.

  5. tunnygriffboy


    It was just two chances. Those two were gilt edged. Sitters. It wasn’t just those. As I mentioned Ramsey had a good goal disallowed and Gabriel had a free header with Mignolet stranded. We had other chances apart from those.

    Of course we can do better. Ox needs to play at home as he’ll pull defenders out of position and offers driving runs out wide and into the box.

    Problem is getting an early goal v teams that park the bus is vital. It is hard to break them down. Even though we were horrendous v lpool first half and were saved by Cech and Coquelin we still had that goal disallowed. Second half we created enough to win it.

  6. VP


    ‘’I hope the CEO has put some pressure on him this season’’

    Lol…why would Glazadias put his neck on the line and do so. You know more about the way the club’s run more than most, after all those hours spent with Alex Flyn. But you keep over estimating the importance of Glazadias and continue to be one of his biggest partisans.

    Glazadias will not challenge Arsene in any respect, as there would only be one winner. Fellow CEO’s consider Glazadias as an embarrassment and rightly so. If the guy is as talented as you suggest , he’d be at an organization where he’d actually be allowed to act as a CEO, rather than a spokes person. Just one of the many people who occupy a seat on the board due to proximity of relationship with the owner rather than competence.

    However, Glazadias is just doing what he’s told and replacing/removing him would make no difference as they’ll just go out there and find another wannabe CEO from elsewhere. In fact, that goes for the whole entire board. The biggest problem is undoubtedly Kroenke. Only replacing him would bring about the desired level of change.

  7. salparadisenyc

    That poor Korean fella ended up at Tottenham, LG threatening to pull sponsorship from Leverkusen’s shirts due to selling him is what I just read.

    I’d agree with a player like Pedro on the market its hard to make the case for signing Walcott to a new deal. Without taking a financial loss we could of upgraded the position by brining Pedro in, a Sanchez level player in quality imo on the right side.

  8. DUIFG

    Attempts on goal v LiverpoolLiverpool 15 65% shot accuracyArsenal 19 35% shot accuracy

    and yet liverpool had by far the better chances. these stats are pretty meaningless really

  9. naijagunner

    If anyone feels the need to abuse our players because the manager failed to strengthen….by all means let them have their fill
    I have long stopped looking for sensible thoughtful reactions from most on le grove.