What is the perfect situation for Wenger to sign players?

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Rain, gets, me, down.

I don’t think I’ve known it to consistently p*ss down like this in August, ever. Rain is rarely relentless in this town.

How dare it. How bloody dare it. DAMN YOU MOTHER NATURE.

So what do we have in Arsenal news today?

A big plate of nothing. Not even an agent trying to push a terrible client into a terrible club like Spurs.

I didn’t read Wenger bemoaning the stupid window.

‘When the season starts the window should be finished.’

‘Simple as that. It is too big an advantage for clubs that didn’t work well during the transfer window.

‘The funds are there, people know that you have the resources, but the players are not available.

‘We expect, like you, to make another signing. But at the moment, we are not close.’

I mean, when you look at our history in the window, you’d have to say we’re generally one of those clubs that rarely work well in the transfer window. Looking at the squad we have now, you’d have to say that Wenger has once again missed a trick to make sure in the window.

We’re getting to that point where clubs can’t buy in replacements. So if we’re hoping to sign mega players, well, I’d say those dreams are ones that you usually find in a pipe.

Disappointing. The manager bitched for years that money was the issue, now he has all the money, he’s bitching that it’s hard because others have money.

Can someone just find the perfect situation where there are no other clubs, there’s no window, there are no hiccups and there are no players that want more money than him.

Then we’d be in a great situation. Wenger would have his utopian dream.

He’d still find an excuse though.

I hope the CEO has put some pressure on him this season.

Wenger should put some skin in the game. If he’s confident this squad will win the league, he should say, ‘If I don’t at least form a credible challenge this season, I’ll when my deal is done’… because really, after all the bollocks we’ve faced over the years, after all the excuses, after all the ‘just get behind the team’, I felt we were on the cusp of greatness.

The manager, as it stands, hasn’t pushed the squad where it needs to go.

If it doesn’t work out. Is there a price to pay? Or is it going to be another 10 year contract at the end of the malaise? Another ‘internal investigation’ into what went wrong, when really, it all goes wrong at the start of the season when you don’t address squad deficiencies.

Man City finished 2nd last year with a Championship winning squad. They’ve just dropped £100m. Chelsea are Champions, they’ll have signed Stones and Pedro. United have spent a fortune. Liverpool have spent a fortune.

We finished 3rd. Why haven’t we spent a fortune when we have 1) glaring problems 2) problems we’ve known about for years 3) had the resources to buy 4) seen top players that were within reach go elsewhere.

It’s cray. It’s bananas. It’s fucking mental, but ever so typical.

Have a great day, enjoy the rain and smelling like a wet dog on the tube.

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  1. blsany

    On the plus side Vidal and Sanchez can spend some quality time and talk about their Coppa America exploits and Vidal’s move to Bayern while Bayern hammer us.Positive number 2.

  2. Thank you and goodnight

    So it’s the board that does tactics, it’s the board that constantly tries to be clever and shoehorn players into positions they’re not suited for. After seeing chambers performance the other night it must be the board who chose not to work on defending. Must be the boards fault that these days players are more likely to regress under wenger than make progress. Must be the boards fault there is no plan b and that wenger barely gets off his arse to instruct his team out on the pitch

  3. karim

    From Porto to Dynamo
    Fuck off Mourinho

    Man U / Wolfsburg
    Chelsea / Porto
    Real / Psg
    Man City / Sevilla
    Atletico / Benfica
    Barcelona / Leverkusen

    Can see City and Sevilla progress while Juve will find it hard without Pirlo, Vidal and Tevez imo.

  4. Cesc Appeal

    I’m just sticking it out there, if Wenger is determined to play a play maker wide, hence the constant use of CM’s (Cazorla/Ramsey/Wislhere) wide…and if we aren’t buying anyone, would it not maybe be a decent shout to hijack the De Bruyne deal?

    It’s a bit weird but, I’m sure wed rather that than A) Not spend a penny B) See Ramsey continue out there or Wilshere when fit.

  5. Rustygunner

    Eufa Champions draw, no surprises from AFC perspective. We will qualify for the knock out stages and get knocked out of the knock out stages then there will be no time to mourn as we will be deceived to believe we are challenging for the premiership only to stumble and settle for 3rd position again. Then we will be back to saying maybe next time.

  6. daz

    Oh where’s Bob today? Has he been on? Or is he still crying after slating Rooney all day for him to then score a hattrick Bob had himself a headless chicken moment for sure

  7. Marko

    That United draw is a complete joke. To be fair we should comfortably get second. Assuming we’re still not a pile of shite when the champions league kicks off

  8. warchester

    wait…lucas silva loaned to marseille? shit…that was one I thought we could get at least as a last minute back up…..

  9. Cesc Appeal


    I know, just trying to take my mind off what is actually going to happen, or not more aptly.

    With a £70-80 Million budget, at this stage in the window I wish there was someone at the club who’d just take matters into their own hands at the top, give BvB some ridiculous offer for Reus, or Munich for Lewnadowski or whoever at that sort of level, way, way over the odds for one of them.

    Because it would still be better than doing nothing, even paying £10-20 Million over what you think that player is worth.

  10. karim

    Michel, their new coach, is a Madrid legend, that’s why they got him.

    Kurzawa to Psg for 24 m euros + add-ons.
    Coentrao loaned to Monaco.
    Anthony Martial gets his 1st cap as Lacazette has been invisible so far this season.

  11. salparadisenyc

    Cesc AppealAugust 27, 2015 17:20:08
    What’s that about £17 Million for Kurzawa?I’d take that.

    That happened fast!

  12. UDA

    please stop with the illara and lucas silva regrets. anybody see them playing for madrid? they were awful. usually jittery and error-prone like chambers on monday. it might be hard to believe but arteta is better than those two. at least for the present.
    there are far better DMs and CMs still available out there. pricier maybe but better

  13. Relieable Sauce

    Season just started, draw for the UCL, yet most of us already know we are only playing for a domestic cup & a top 4 finish.

    Specialist in failure is the perfect description for wenger.

  14. Marko

    In few weeks time, we will face Bayern away, Chelsea away, Spurs away then Leicester away in a row

    Jesus fucking Christ

  15. bacaryisgod

    On the plus side, our travel is a lot less taxing than Man U or Chelsea.

    Assuming we come second, we would likely face one of the following teams: Real Madrid (or PSG), Atletico, Juventus(unless Man City or Sevilla beats them), Barcelona, Valencia.

    Chelsea and Man U should win their groups, unless Wolfsburg spring a surprise on United.

    Remarkably, we could have a 100% chance of facing a Spanish team in the last 16 but most likely an 80% chance.

  16. Marko

    We could do alright against Bayern at home we should anyway. But as of right now considering we’re questionable for beating Newcastle Saturday we can hardly be forgiven for assuming Bayern will have their way with us

  17. N1GOONER

    Giroud is always found out in the Champions League, how many years has Wenger seen this over and over and over again and not acted on it. Even the best playmakers in the world cannot elevate Giroud above mid-table level.

  18. Gunner2301

    Tomorrow Ivan Gazidis will be rifling through Wengers Outlook calendar to see if he’s going away over the next few days so he can slip in another transfer behind his back.

  19. steve

    Arsenal won’t even be in the CL challenge so the draw is pretty irrelevant from an Arsenal perspective anyway.

  20. Marko

    Unsurprisingly there’s shit rumours we’re trying for Benzema last minute. DO NOT FALL FOR IT folks. Just bullshit to keep us busy from pulling out our hair before the window closes

  21. Marko

    Also come AGM time I really hope people ask serious questions of the manager. Even if there’s a possibility of not being invited back questions must be asked

  22. Sam

    Benzema is fat and expensive
    You can see the sign Premiership flop all over his face
    Trust me, Well if you can’t find a so called world class striker.
    You can still pop into Portobello market n find a local class
    Charlie Austin

  23. tunnygriffboy


    Im thouroughly fed up and I’ve already pulled all my hair out. Just wish the window was over so we could get on with the football. Just hope we improve because we can’t play any worse than v West Ham or first half v lpool. Have to win on Saturday. Bring out the Ox, bring out the Ox, bring out the Ox.

  24. Relieable Sauce

    We will blow Newcastle away with our quality players that cannot be bettered. Mortals 0 The Chosen ones 4.

    Are we “responding” to the Liverpool result or were we happy with it?…not sure anymore.

  25. Sam

    Now Juve also want Axel Witsel Zenit Saint petersburg just lower their asking price.
    Ac Milan still dropped out now they are going after Alex Song.
    I doubt these Italians have hard cash available.

  26. notthatSam

    don’t think 2nd in our group is that easy. Haven’t we lost to Olympiacos away before? (we always mess up the last game away). Bayern will be disappointed not to face Sanogo again, but I’m sure they’ll put it behind them and somehow manage to stuff us anyway.
    This is like watching the same tedious movie over and over again.

  27. Sam


    Who else is out there available that could help in our Midfield?

    I can only see Witsel, Song, Bender, Carvalho, Martinez
    Lucas Silva is off the list, loaned to marseille

  28. Leedsgunner

    To answer the question of the day — there will never be a perfection situation where Wenger will spend because he never spends from a position of strength only from a point of saving face desperation.

    If there was a perfect time this summer was it.

    No WC or EC to deal with. No qualifying games for the UEFA CL to deal with… a top GK signed at the start of the transfer window… a successful preseason. Wenger had all the momentum to add to his squad…

    He decided to sit on his hands. All summer… preaching cohesion and stability.

    Despite what he no doubt will say in the next few days – I’m sure he is counting the days to when the window closes so he can go back to chasing his beloved 4th place trophy.

  29. daz

    “Im start thinking if the truth is wenger wants to buy , but the board didnt want to give the cash. only give him little cash to spend just for entertain fans in the end of transfer windows. buy buying unknown or some say young best talent ,young world class prospect ,etc ,etc
    just to calming down fans anger.

    there is another tought now i realize why wenger forcing player to play not in his natural position, because the board didnt want splash cash for buying, wenger using this method to criticize the board indirectly. so that they can see that AFC is urging, desperately needing new addition. but in the end the board saying ” we already pay you high wages for this job, so if any problem there, you better solve it yourself”
    who knows what happened inside there ,behind the door

    we will never do transfer policy like chelsea,manu,man city does. their board their owner buy football club for hobbies, having fun, spending money for pleasure. not business

    that doesnt belong in here because some boards buying club for business,profit,investment
    now after arsenal has new great stadium in london ” dream+luxurious city”
    why we would thinking peeps like kroenke want to sold his brilliant investment+Profitable money making machine.never.”

    Just read that thought I’d share to cheer some of you up

  30. Sam

    It’s always about making money for Wenger.
    Even young player that could have helped in cup games, all sent on loan.
    Clubs pay at least a million for our loanee
    What football education is Zelalem getting in flipping Scotland?
    He changed his mind about Akpom overnight n he wanted to keep him

  31. salparadisenyc

    Fully agree with Leeds, massively wasted opportunity this summer. Wenger added Ozil, then last summers splash with the quality in Sanchez pulling back to back FA cups, clear correlation can be drawn. Really needed to continue strong with a CF, and some midfield physicality along with what looks a great deal in landing Cech to give the top of the league a run.

    If the title is the goal, nobody’s can argue for our current path with our competitors squeezing the maximum out of the window. United surely have one last massive buy in them, along with Chelsea.

  32. Cesc Appeal

    It really is simple, Wenger is backed with money, the last two summers have shown us that. When he wants it, it’s there, even up to a last minute £16 Million deal for Welbeck. He asks, he gets.

    Now, is Wenger giving us the best possible chance with his inaction this summer?

    It really is beautifully simple, Kroenke is bad for the club and I’d like to see him gone, the board needs refreshing too without doubt and we need a DoF, but over complication is just a poor defence right now. The blame for what is happening this second, rests with Wenger.

  33. Leedsgunner

    “If the title is the goal, nobody’s can argue for our current path with our competitors squeezing the maximum out of the window. United surely have one last massive buy in them, along with Chelsea.”

    According to Wenger though,there just isn’t anyone out there… (?!?)

    To be honest I would rather the club signed no one now rather than panic buy. With how inefficient and seemingly incapable our scouts and transfer negotiators are any player we sign now will be more than likely a panic buy. We will just use valuable energy and time in trying to sell them after they become accustomed to a ridiculously rich contracts and we’ll inevitably have trouble selling them on.

    Even if we don’t bring people in, I hope we send Campbell and Flamini out. Deadwood have no place in this club.

  34. Relieable Sauce

    12 – Stoke(h) EPL
    16 – Zagreb(a) UCL
    19 – Chelsea(a) EPL
    22 – Spurs(a) LC
    26 – Leicester(a) EPL
    29 – Olympiacos(h) UCL
    04 – Man Utd(h) EPL
    ?? – Watford(a) EPL
    20 – Bayern(h) UCL
    ?? – Everton(h) EPL
    ?? – ?? LC
    ??- Swansea(a) EPL
    ??- Bayern(a) UCL
    08 – Spurs(h) EPL

  35. Blsany

    @sam …you talk so much drivel its nauseating.This pile of shit that can’t even beat likes WU will do Bayern?Not a chance in Hell we will be lucky if we score past them.

  36. kingHenry

    I just read a post on another site by an AKB. it basically said: Wenger built a stadium, so give him time…. and some crap about Man City and Chelsea spending…. I think they keep dwelling in the past, they look at the years before Wenger came and simply see him as a god because of what he achieved ten years ago.

    But looking at the now, I can’t see how you excuse his failings. Off the pitch, we haven’t signed anybody except Cech, and we expect him to fill the 12 points gap between us and the league. Realistically, a great keeper is worth 5-10 points a season(my opinion not a fact), and we would still be behind because by a few points (Chelsea’s point total last season wasn’t special) and most teams have also improved this summer. Also, with only Cech as our summer business, we have (theoretically) improved defensively which wasn’t our biggest problem last season. We need more goals in the team, but Wenger for some reason either doesn’t see this or is expecting our players to improve on that front. The problem with that idea is that it’s all based on ifs and maybe’s. My point is that Wenger is either a dreamer or just an a$$hole

  37. N1GOONER

    Higuain would be a considerable upgrade on Giroud. We know he can get goals with Ozil.

    Napoli are not in Europe, but I think it would take a lot of pushing from Higuain for anything to happen, and i’m not sure about his character.

  38. Sancho Monzorla

    Even if anyone comes in, I don’t think that will change our position in the table when the season is over.

    Wenger probably feels the same way, which is why he’s never in a hurry to add to the squad. It’s pointless to add if we’re gonna end up at the same spot. We’re still finishing 3rd/4th.

  39. zeus

    N1GOONERAugust 27, 2015 20:07:59
    Higuain would be a considerable upgrade on Giroud. We know he can get goals with Ozil.Napoli are not in Europe, but I think it would take a lot of pushing from Higuain for anything to happen, and i’m not sure about his character.

    Coming from an Argie fanatic here,,,,,,,,,,,How may times does Higuain have to show himself to be a choker before people just leave his name out of the transfer batch.

  40. Confidentgoner

    Wenger’s task and target is top 4. Most fans appear Ok with top 4 , otherwise they should have shown their displeasure.
    The ones that want to win the league are in the minority. Let’s learn to deal with that until, he leaves.

  41. N5

    Dawg, have you picked it up already? I’ve got myself the limited edition red PS4 with MGS5 it’s not coming until the 1st though.

    Still I have Until Dawn until then!!

  42. salparadisenyc

    Chelsea meeting with Juve trying to push Pogba over the line and were operating as if our hands are cuffed with the keys missing.

  43. N5

    Leeds the only positive for me is much like when I was younger and Arsenal drew Roma in the ECL and I saw Batistuta live, the only plus I see for other teams getting these great players is that I can get to see them play live!!

  44. salparadisenyc


    I read Mikel, Oscar and Willian plus cash.
    Jose pulls that and he’s storming Europe with that side.

  45. Cesc Appeal

    Why doesn’t Gazidis book Mr and Mrs Wenger a nice weekend in Venice or something and he can then place a £60 Million bid for Lewandowski and try and pass him off as Giroud?

    Just tell Wenger he was right all along and Giroud learnt to be fast, and skilful and actually good.

  46. daz

    Cesc yeah probably right on that one, I’ve just got me a gaming PC should be delivered by Saturday now will have to chose what to play on that and what on the ps4 anyone got suggestions for PC exclusives ive always been a console gamer

  47. Bamford10

    Given the draw, we might make the CL 16.

    But we’ll get no farther than that, because neither Giroud, nor the central midfield, nor Wenger are good enough.

    Five years in a row we’ve been bounced in the 16.


  48. WengerEagle

    Can’t see Oscar, Willian and Mikel/Ramires + cash, the 3 of them are worth £80 million minimum and the first two are Mourinho favourites.

    If he had to let one of Oscar/Willian go my money would be on Willian.

    Oscar has immense potential despite having a disappointing second half of 2014/15.

  49. Cesc Appeal

    Pogba to Chelsea is gaining momentum out there…please no.

    A poor start for them that might result in Pedro, Pogba and Stones.

    City look strong, and with De Bruyne will be even stronger, but adding Pedro and then Pogba to Chelsea, would have to feel they might be too much for everyone over the stretch.

  50. Bamford10

    Cannot believe there are people still blaming the board or the owner. Has been clear for some time now that both have given Wenger ample money to spend and all the power in the world to determine how that money will be spent.

    The only reason we spend as we do is Arsene Wenger.

    Neither the owner nor the Board benefit from having 140m+ in cash reserves. This isn’t intelligent investment in any sense.

    It is all on Wenger. If Klopp or Simeone or Ancelotti were given Wenger’s position three months back, they would have shipped/sold 3-5 players currently on the squad and they would’ve signed 3-5 quality players (using the ample money available).

    We’d actually be contenders at the moment.

    Please stop defending this fucking twat, whose every word is an insult to every supporter’s intelligence.

    Please kindly fuck off, Wenger — the sooner the better.

  51. Marko

    To the chap who said peaky blinders is great yes it absolutely is. Ray Donovan season 3 and Fargo season 2 are brilliant too. I’m assuming Fargo will be btw

  52. Bamford10


    Not to be a pain in the neck, but don’t your earlier posts re Coquelin suggest that I was right all along re Coquelin, even when I was being savaged here for saying he wasn’t good enough to get us to the next level?

    Or are you sticking to the view that he’s good enough to be our #1 if we want to be one of the world’s best teams?

  53. Goondawg


    Yep it came today. SimplyGames is amazing, I always get the games days early.

    I was contemplating getting the steel book but had already pre-ordered this months back lol

  54. salparadisenyc

    If Pogbas the missing piece why not?

    I’d surely try and hold onto Oscar but….. that’s a world class attack:

    Matic Pogba
    Pedro Cesc Hazard

  55. Sam


    Its nauseating to say Arsenal will beat Bayern?
    I suggest you take some antidepressants next time you need to open your mouth
    Bayern can be beaten, its called Football

  56. Highbury4ever

    “Arsene Wenger insists he is available ’24 hours per day’ to sign players for Arsenal”
    No other comment required.

  57. Cesc Appeal

    Wenger’s comments about Neville, what an absolute, egotistical, arrogant p***k.

    Utterly patronising and hysterical all at once, telling them to do their homework, really Arsene, really? That’s what you’re going with. Their job should be to get people to love football, and whilst he accepts he can be wrong he doesn’t like when people just spout their opinions.

    What a lovely insight into that brain of his, and what he thinks.

    How the f**k is anyone still behind this man, what an old, scared, stubborn, bitter shell he’s become.

  58. Goondawg

    The arrogance of Wenger is astounding

    Yeah, 8 time league winner, 3 time FA cup winner, 2 time Champions League winner Gary Neville, who spent his entire 20 year career under the most successful football manager of all time, is probably clueless about what it takes to mount viable challenges.

  59. afcmacca


    I know 100% that some regular moaners on here are CHELSEA FC trolls!!!!!!!

    I also know that most if not any on here are blind to this!!!

    Yes Arsene has frustrated me too but i will not open my mouth about it til next week
    if he signs talent before window shuts alot of will have to hang heads in shame
    (chelsea fans wont give 2shis)

  60. afcmacca

    How miserable are ARSENAL fans on here
    Yeah things could be slightly better and AW could of done things differently
    but JESUS!!!!! I bet we will come above stoke
    greatest league in the world only 1 can win it

  61. Dissenter

    “Yes Arsene has frustrated me too but i will not open my mouth about it til next week
    if he signs talent before window shuts alot of will have to hang heads in shame
    (chelsea fans wont give ”

    You’re choosing to wait until the window is closed before you comment? Good for you.
    It’s just that this summer transfer window is part of a pattern, so you should excuse others for not being so patient.

  62. TheBayingMob

    Thing is afcmacca, people use football as an escape from their humdrum lives; the last thing you want to see is Wenger running it like your own humdrum life; mitigating risk, keeping money back for a rainy day; the same pattern of risk management every year. It’s fucking boring. Funny that the man who took away the boring, boring Arsenal tag has gone and reinstated it in a different way. Boring boring Arsenal. Top 4. Last 16 CL. Cup Run. Yawwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnn … Let’s watch the Rugby instead.

    At least Arsene has proved that keeping the same manager for a thousand years and having a settled squad kept together over several seasons means jack cunt. Only constant evolution and personnel upgrades can see you maintain a hunger. Juve proved it in the 80s. Ferguson proved it in the 90s and 00s.

    Personally I’m not sure if it will be any better with Wenger gone, but I do know I’m fucking bored to death of him one way or another, and I’m sick of his fucking skimpy swimmers as well, the silly old scrote.

  63. TheBayingMob

    Fucking away in Greece again for the last group game. WTF? is this fixed? How many times has that happened? For anyone travelling, DO NOT buy tickets for this game, every fucking yhear when we get the Greeks we go out there with 2nd secure and Wenger takes the kids and fucking loses in a terrible drab performance …. BORINGGGGGGGG!!!!! hahahahaha …

  64. Jeff

    I think that Wenger’s current state of mind is the same as it has been for a very long time – especially the last 5 years or so. The first question he asks himself at the beginning of a transfer window is – can I finish in the top four? If the answer to that question is yes, he finds it extremely difficult to justify buying new blood especially if it is going to cost a lot of money. He does not think that spending 100-150m extra just to give us a realistic chance of the title is worth the money. It is as simple as that.

    On the personal side, Wenger has, over the years, lost confidence in himself. All those humiliations, bruises and bloody noses have taken their toll. I don’t think even he any longer thinks he can win anything major with or without spending big on a striker or anyone else. Every year we’re short in one or two departments and have to make do with second or third tier personnel in order to get us through the season. His biggest worry is this: what if I buy big and still win nothing! That is the great fear that is the lacking in self-confidence that stops him from competing.

    We are good enough for fourth – of that everyone is pretty certain but Wenger himself no longer has the belief or the fortitude in his own abilities to risk big money and still win nothing – which can happen by the way. He looks at Real Madrid, Man U and Man City who have spent billions between them over the years and they’ve had to endure barren years just like us although not as many obviously and not for so long.

    Wenger’s outlook has become more and more pessimistic and it has been growing steadily. He cannot abide criticism, he cannot explain the losses we suffer, he cannot understand why we lose when we lose and he just doesn’t indulge in any tactical moves on the pitch any more simply because he doesn’t believe it makes any difference. He uses the same formula, the same predictable pattern of play in almost every game, thus making it very easy for opponents to frustrate us and break up our play.

    How many more years of it do we have? I don’t know. Wenger pretty much has a blank cheque in that regard and the longer it goes on the more addicted he becomes to the job. That means only time and old age can take it away from him and in the meantime we will go on having to make do with fourth. That’s the bottom line – if you haven’t realised it by now, you never will.

  65. N5

    afcmacca, so the last 10 years of bad transfer windows wasn’t enough for you to make an opinion on Wengers transfer approach?

  66. Sam

    Never mind new signings, Wenger’s selection is always wrong
    The correct selection could have won us all 3 games.
    right now our front 3 are Walcott, Chamberlain n Sanchez, This lineup will produce goals and Wenger prefers to play his favourites n even leaving 2 wingers on the bench, expect them to save his lame a$$ after 70minutes.

  67. Wallace

    looks like Coquelin’s going to be the boo boy for fans frustrated with Wenger this year. probably our best, most consistent player, so makes sense.

  68. underrated Coq

    ” Judge him at the end of the transfer window” ,

    Then it becomes– ” Judge him after seeing the performances in the first few games “,

    Then its– ” He’ll reinforce in January! “,

    Followed by– ” Judge him after the winter window closes”,

    Then its– ” Judge him at the end of the season”,

    Finally its summed up by– ” Referres screwed us over/ Injuries hampered us but we still finished top four while competing against unfair,dirty oil money clubs! You wait, Wenger will make the signings to take us to the next level next season, I just know it! ”

    and the classic–” Stop moaning and have patience ! What’s that? You don’t have unlimited patience? You dare criticize the manager/club ? Well, you ain’t a true fan then, feck off and support the Chavs/Mancs etc “

  69. tunnygriffboy


    Huge amount of frustration about. Me too. Ever the optimist but can’t understand why he’s not moved in the market.

    However I also can’t unnderstand the real venom and anger directed at our players. I guess it’s frustration about what’s happening off the field. Favourite targets appear to be Giroud, Coquelin, Ramsey and Walcott.

    I don’t understand why the rage against Coquelin. He’s done really well and imo is improving the distribution game by game. He was our best player on the pitch bar Cech v lpool. Ramsey has been doing well. He makes mistakes but is playing wide and is always looking for the ball to drive us forward. Has potential to reallypush on.

    Giroud is Giroud has improved his goal scoring year on year. Could do with an elite upgrade but he is what he is. Walcott needs a run of games

    I’m as frustrated as anyone. I don’t think we’ve got a shit team, i think it’s pretty good and we have good options. Problem is we haven’t added where we needed to. Will be interesting to see how the season progresses and if a few of our players really stepped up. It’s time that they did.

  70. tunnygriffboy


    Who says all that ? Posters on untold ? They are about as rational as some who post here

    It’s been difficult reading LG the last week or so. It’s gone into meltdown. From reading it you’d swear we were absolutely shite and all our players are crap. The slant has changed hugely from where most were saying we’ve got a really good squad , with depth that with the right additions will challenge. We’ve made one top signing. Now because we haven’t strengthened where we should the squad has gone from being strong to being shite in the space of three weeks.

    Reality is we should have strengthened in a couple of areas. Looks like we’re not going to. It’s Wengers choice. He won’t get away with it this season. Too many people on his case. We have to see where the season takes us. 11 points behind the leaders or 4th place will not be good enough.

    Some of the rage and hyperbole has been ott. We’re not shit and on our day we can be quite good. Need to see it more consistently though starting tommorrow

  71. Wallace


    “Best? Definitely consistent but our best?”

    not most talented, obviously, but the guy who does his job the best.

  72. Wallace


    i’ve been pretty relaxed about it all. thought at the start of the summer we’d probably add two players so when we signed Cech so early i figured it might go quiet for a while.

    and i think the journalists know Arsenal fans get a little hysterical at this time of year and play on that. there’s an article in today’s Telegraph that suggests both ourselves and Chelsea are already out of the title race. the Telegraph! we’re 270mins into the new season for f*cks sake.

  73. fieldmarshal

    as a rule of thumb, if you saw one of these phrases in the title, and still went ahead to click it, please do not complain when you find out it is tripe.
    Arsenal are: closing in on, were dealt a blow….or handed a transfer boost, preparing a sensational double swoop for…..

    Also, if it appears in the metro, the sun, daily star??? caught offside, and freaking goal.com there is a slightly above average chance it isn’t worth more than a handful of beans.

  74. Majestic gooner

    Brian clough all over, staying well past his sell by date and people around afraid to tell him the truth.

  75. Shaun Wilson

    I think when Wenger finally goes and people are exposed to a rational manager who addresses needs without any weird, anal procrastination, we will see that the last ten years have really been a bizarre waste of time.

  76. underrated Coq


    ” It’s been difficult reading LG the last week or so. It’s gone into meltdown.”

    And justifiably so, don’t you think? Leave out one or two who always moan, you can see the tide turning and level of frustrations rising in many of the rational and reasonable posters’ too.

    Its true that Arsenal hasn’t suddenly turned sh!te and players are cr@p. But what is also true is that the team and players look nowhere near good enough to win the title and this is based on the level of performances in the matches so far.

    So basically, it looks like its gonna be another season where we are involved in a scrap-fight to finish top four.

    After years of seeing this same, to be told that this is the season where Arsenal finally become one of the big boys again, but then having to witness the damning proof– in the transfer market and the performances on the pitch– that its all bs and nothing has changed. Ofcourse you’re gonna see meltdowns ! Not all people have Wenger’s unlimited patience.

    ” We have to see where the season takes us. 11 points behind the leaders or 4th place will not be good enough. ”

    So once again, its- judge him at the end of the season. And that was my point in my earlier post. This rut that Arsenal seems to find themselves in every year seems to be never-ending.

  77. Emiratesstroller

    Champions League is a tough draw. Bayern Munich are certainly not a team
    that I would choose in our Poule. Also playing Zagreb away in first game followed by Chelsea is not exactly what I would want at this stage of season.

    Reading Wenger’s interview in Daily Telegraph today you can see how sensitive Wenger is to criticism.

    I understand and agree with Wenger’s point of view about Coquelin. He has
    most definitely improved our shape in midfield and you cannot argue that the
    team has improved defensively since his inclusion in team. Only Spurs, Monaco and most recently West Ham have managed to score more than goal against us since first game in January.

    However, where Wenger fails to respond is the what if scenario… if Coquelin
    suffers a long term injury. Does he believe seriously that Arteta and/or Flamini are good enough to act as cover particularly if Coquelin were to be out for
    a couple of months. There was a clear warning on Monday when Coquelin
    suffered a nasty challenge in game against Liverpool.

    The real problem with current team as Wenger himself identifies in the
    interview is our poor home form at end of last season and beginning of this season. Not managing to score a single goal in five of last six home games is pretty awful.

    My real concern is that the current team seem incapable of breaking down
    packed defences. Most pundits and critics attribute most blame to Giroud.
    There is some validity to that argument if you look at his recent stats particularly at home.

    However, it only tells you part of the story. The fact is that Sanchez and our
    attacking midfielders have been equally profligate as well. Ozil refuses to
    shoot when in a better position than others in team and of course Cazorla
    plays now a deeper role.

    Ramsey scored a valid goal on Monday which was disallowed, but in general
    his shooting has been pretty poor and my view remains the same as before
    that we need more width and pace in home games. Walcott or Oxlade should
    be playing.

    The fact that Ramsey is selected ahead of Walcott and Ox in team in home
    games where Arsenal should be playing more direct attacking football than
    we do suggests that Wenger is not confident about their reliability.

    If that is the case then perhaps Wenger should have looked not only for a
    striker but also for a more reliable goalscoring winger/midfielder.

    The bottom line and biggest concern for me is that all our main competitors in EPL have shown considerably more ambition AND persistence in transfer market than ourselves. Manchester City have bought Sterling and Otamendi
    and look like securing De Bruyne as well.

    I would accept the argument that Arsenal cannot afford to purchase three
    mega transfers in a single window but surely we should be capable of buying
    at least one. The difference appears to be that Man City persist until the
    selling club and player are no longer able to ‘refuse the offer’.

    Clearly transfer business is becoming more difficult than in past not least
    because more clubs now have access to serious money. However, Arsenal’s
    weakness is that they do not display any dogged determination in negotiation.
    They just walk away from a deal if it does not meet their valuation.

    I am 100% sure that both Benzema and Cavani aged respectively 27 and 28 do
    have a price at which RM and PSG would sell, but it is probably north of £50
    million and wages of £200K PW. The difficulty is that Arsenal would almost
    certainly not be prepared to spend at that level.Now it is probably too late for
    Arsenal to buy either of these players.

  78. tunnygriffboy


    Yes peoplehave every reason to be frustrated but there’s been a lot of bilge and false aspersions along with unsubstantiated opinions that have be stated as fact

    What else do we do other than wait until the end of the season ? We’ve played three games and haven’t looked great. Surely you believe we can play better than that ?

    I’m frustrated. I wanted a WC striker and another DM to compliment Coquelin and would have let Flamini go. It hasn’t happened. Wenger obviously has faith in this squad. It’s his choice. We think we need a couple more players

    This season a lot of fence sitters like me know there is money available in quite big amounts and felt it should be spent. If it’s not then many questions need to be answered. He won’t get away with it this time.

    Two FA Cups have placated the fans to a degree and there was progress seen second half of last season. ( players should have been added to improve this). The manager and the players feel they can challenge for the title. Time to let them walk the walk.

    We’re 3 games into the season. The only team that has hit their straps are man city. There is a long way to go. I understand frustration but it’s sad that people take frustration on our players who are actually quite good. At learst they were a few weeks ago.

    The site is so like Untold but from the opposite end of the spectrum, the only difference being Pedro doesn’t moderate but 5he extreme views are very similar.

  79. DUIFG

    What else do we do other than wait until the end of the season ? We’ve played three games and haven’t looked great. Surely you believe we can play better than that ?

    and wait for the optimism of the transfer windown to start again. Im wasting my life waiting for wenger to change.

  80. gary

    If you don’t rate le coq .. then u really know fuc all about football..mind u there’s one on LG that doesn’t rate messi .. lol

  81. tunnygriffboy


    Agree with a lot of what you say. Coquelin has be great. We needed a player to compliment/rotate with him. Flameta is a worry

    We are creating more chances than anyone. It’s not the creating which is the problem. Alexis and Giroud had chances in the 6 yard box v lpool. They are being created

    We have to find a place for Ox in the side, particularly at home and I think eitherhim or Theo have to play away from home where we should get more space in behind the opposition

    The Wolfsburg director has said city have offered DeBruyne an eye water7ng salary. Honigstein is not sure about him as he played Silva’s role last season. Citywill have a plethora of riches no doubt.

  82. DUIFG

    We are creating more chances than anyone. It’s not the creating which is the problem. Alexis and Giroud had chances in the 6 yard box v lpool. They are being created

    I could not agree less, against palace we created a couple of chances, against lpool and west ham at home we have been turd, only really that girud chance has been clear cut in 2 games.\

    We have massive problems art home as people know how to lay against us. we cant use wide areas

  83. tunnygriffboy


    No my point is we can’t do anything to soften the frustration. I don’t think it’ll be another window if we have a poor season. The level of anger will be too much. The Fa cups softened that. Now there is again restlessness as we want more, starting with signings. He’s happy with his squad, it’s on him. He won’t survive if he messes up. He’s said the squad is good enough challenge. We’ll support the team and see how they do.

  84. tunnygriffboy


    Respectfully I disagree. We have more attempts on goal this season than any other team. I can think of 4 one v ones against Palace and 3 very good chances v lpool. We don’t finish.

  85. DUIFG

    No my point is we can’t do anything to soften the frustration. I don’t think it’ll be another window if we have a poor season. The level of anger will be too much. The Fa cups softened that. Now there is again restlessness as we want more, starting with signings. He’s happy with his squad, it’s on him. He won’t survive if he messes up. He’s said the squad is good enough challenge. We’ll support the team and see how they do.

    I really dont think there will be a lot of pressure on him, I mean hae hasnt challanged for the league in any meaningful way since 2008, thats now 7 years ago, the cl has been out of reach for pretty mcuh ecver, i cant really see how any significant cranking up of pressure can be brought on him.

    Lwets be honest everybody is thinking he has 2 years left on his contract, he will almost undoubtedly get that time

  86. tunnygriffboy


    Agree that we should use the wide areas at home. We create chances atm but playing Ox at home would make a difference again, not only with width but he’d look to go by people. Monreal is providing good width on the left with Alexis cutting in.

  87. DUIFG

    DuifgRespectfully I disagree. We have more attempts on goal this season than any other team. I can think of 4 one v ones against Palace and 3 very good chances v lpool. We don’t finish.

    attempts on goal means pretty much nothing if you are trying to shoot with 2 banks of four in front of you , most of those were desperation shots because we could not cut through them.

    If you think we have no problem with creativity at home then i worry. We are looking poor.

  88. tunnygriffboy


    He would have walked had Hull beaten us. Things will get worse now as there is so much money unspent

    Re chances v lpool. Ramsey’s goal disallowed. Alexis hitting post from 6 yards. Giroud falling over and tapping the ball to Mignolet. Gabriels header in the last minute. Would you say these were good chances ? How many do you create v a top team who have parked the bus ? Just asking. We also had a few long range shots, a couple Mignolet made good saves from.

  89. underrated Coq

    Fair enough tunny.

    Just saying that there’s no point in being surprised at the ever-increasing negative comments on here. Its expected.

    People get tired of seeing the same problems handicapping the club every season. The frustrations keep adding and all the while you have Wenger saying and doing things that only make it even worse.