What is the perfect situation for Wenger to sign players?

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Rain, gets, me, down.

I don’t think I’ve known it to consistently p*ss down like this in August, ever. Rain is rarely relentless in this town.

How dare it. How bloody dare it. DAMN YOU MOTHER NATURE.

So what do we have in Arsenal news today?

A big plate of nothing. Not even an agent trying to push a terrible client into a terrible club like Spurs.

I didn’t read Wenger bemoaning the stupid window.

‘When the season starts the window should be finished.’

‘Simple as that. It is too big an advantage for clubs that didn’t work well during the transfer window.

‘The funds are there, people know that you have the resources, but the players are not available.

‘We expect, like you, to make another signing. But at the moment, we are not close.’

I mean, when you look at our history in the window, you’d have to say we’re generally one of those clubs that rarely work well in the transfer window. Looking at the squad we have now, you’d have to say that Wenger has once again missed a trick to make sure in the window.

We’re getting to that point where clubs can’t buy in replacements. So if we’re hoping to sign mega players, well, I’d say those dreams are ones that you usually find in a pipe.

Disappointing. The manager bitched for years that money was the issue, now he has all the money, he’s bitching that it’s hard because others have money.

Can someone just find the perfect situation where there are no other clubs, there’s no window, there are no hiccups and there are no players that want more money than him.

Then we’d be in a great situation. Wenger would have his utopian dream.

He’d still find an excuse though.

I hope the CEO has put some pressure on him this season.

Wenger should put some skin in the game. If he’s confident this squad will win the league, he should say, ‘If I don’t at least form a credible challenge this season, I’ll when my deal is done’… because really, after all the bollocks we’ve faced over the years, after all the excuses, after all the ‘just get behind the team’, I felt we were on the cusp of greatness.

The manager, as it stands, hasn’t pushed the squad where it needs to go.

If it doesn’t work out. Is there a price to pay? Or is it going to be another 10 year contract at the end of the malaise? Another ‘internal investigation’ into what went wrong, when really, it all goes wrong at the start of the season when you don’t address squad deficiencies.

Man City finished 2nd last year with a Championship winning squad. They’ve just dropped £100m. Chelsea are Champions, they’ll have signed Stones and Pedro. United have spent a fortune. Liverpool have spent a fortune.

We finished 3rd. Why haven’t we spent a fortune when we have 1) glaring problems 2) problems we’ve known about for years 3) had the resources to buy 4) seen top players that were within reach go elsewhere.

It’s cray. It’s bananas. It’s fucking mental, but ever so typical.

Have a great day, enjoy the rain and smelling like a wet dog on the tube.

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  1. naijagunner

    “I’m not even a Wenger basher. I just think that the guys that see nothing wrong are as silly as the guys that only see wrong.”

    I did no see a single instance in Ughelligunner’s post were he said Wenger is blameless . You are just picking on him for reasons best known to you.

  2. underrated Coq


    ” But please don’t turn a blind eye to the fact he was cast off to Lorient, Freiberg and Charlton for three seasons straight,”

    Surely, you can see this is an irrelevant point?

    I’ve said this numerous times on here already: Its impossible to predict when or how a player makes a breakthrough for a team. It may be down to the environment of the club he’s playing for– the position and the system he’s playing in, personnel- management or teammates-that he’s working with–, it may be circumstantial and most of the times due to sheer luck.

    Very few players have a smooth sailing career right from the start. Its usually always unpredictable with bumps and stops along the way.

    The same Matic that was shipped off deemed not good enough was bought back after he had found his feet elsewhere. Look at de-Bruyne.

    The fact that a player couldn’t make it at some club or the fact that he couldn’t shine under a particular manager should NEVER be used as a stick to beat him with.

    ” I also disagree that putting Schneiderlin there instead of Coquelin, would result in the same. Cazorla who has been playing utter tripe would be dropped, as he doesnt have to balance the limitations of Coq. We would not see Ramsey, arguably our best CM, on the wing. ”

    Maybe, but the justifications you point at are basically a lot of ‘IFs’. There’s no way any of that is a guarantee.

    Look, I think Arsenal’s problems are(a) Lack of organization and a predictable style of play which is easy to neutralize (b) lack of width or natural wingers (c) overloading the central areas of the pitch (d) failure to turn chances into goals.

    How does ANY DM solve ANY of these issues?

    What Arsenal don’t struggle with is out-passing ( number-wise ) opposition and creating chances which is where a DM usually contributes.

  3. Carts

    It’ll be crazy to not think the board have some sway it what happens.

    But anyone who think it’s the board who are pulling strings, can’t be serious.

    So the board sanction two transfer for £80m across two seasons. We then receive sponsorship money as well as the new imminent TV revenue now all of a sudden the board have reigned in the spending?

    So the board have basically looked at the books, seen that we’ve net spent £6m and decided to cock-block Wenger?

    Good one!

  4. Ughelligunner

    The truth is if our striker issues where analysed and tacticle solutions proferrd for us missing sitters where discussed by the Nevilles and co rather than just throwing out words like their midfield are not good enough when we always play teams out the park but find it difficult to score and you find people agreeing to pundits making claims to general public opinions rather than a well articulated tactical discussion, then you wonder why there are poor managers emanating from them.

    Rather they do the easiest of jobs which is to be a pundit.

    N5, how come they don’t condemn other teams players from the first team to the last in the EPL but would rather find joy in putting down the 4th best team in the country every match day? ( i never read or hear them say this and that player is not good enough for Liverpool et al, only arsenal and our fans lap up to it).

    Pundits and journalist become popular when they discuss arsenal because our fans are so fickle minded.

  5. Ughelligunner

    Carts, they are all in it together. The owner, Wenger, gazidis, the board.

    We are only saying bring up wenger’s name everyday to be crucified is boring.

    Do you think Steve Bould just sit there and bids his time? Or he is in together with their policy?

  6. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Pundits and journalist become popular when they discuss arsenal because our fans are so fickle minded.’

    Totally agree, Wenger still has unwavering support in some parts…I know, I know

  7. N5

    “they are all in it together. The owner, Wenger, gazidis, the board.We are only saying bring up wenger’s name everyday to be crucified is boring”

    This i agree with,

  8. naijagunner

    You guys are doing a great job defending the board .
    Point is, if they were such a progressive bunch held back by the evil professor…how come they haven’t forced him out ???

  9. warchester

    because he’s been there 20 years, he holds a lot of sway, he brought us through the stadium years bla…bla…bla…basically wenger can do anything he wants short of finishing 5th and worse

  10. MidwestGun

    Wenger is the ultimate one responsible for the product that ends up on the pitch. ….is he doing everything he can given his resources to try and win? …… no. ….. end of story,

    lol at Crucified. .. like he is some martyr.

    What up y’all? CL draw anticipation is literally zero….. sad. I used to care more.

  11. TitsMcGee

    Wengers “We will act if some super quality becomes available” says it all.
    We are not pursuing targets at all, just waiting for a random player that might or might not happen”

    That’s it.

    That’s why it was a double edged sword to beating Chelsea in a glorified friendly. Wenger who is already deluded (one theory) would have been tickled pink that he finally beat Mou and would have sat back and believed the hype like Wallace/Nasri et al.

    Ozil was a make weight for Bale.
    Sanchez was a make weight for Neymar.
    Cech was not needed by Chelsea anymore.

    So out “three big signings” who some point to as some change in philosophy were nothing more than Wenger capitalizing on clubs’ want aways.

    Ok no problem. We are happy with Sanchez but then surely he’s not THAT deluded that he thinks that’s the only way we can get players. Surely he realizes he can be proactive?

  12. Cesc Appeal

    ‘is he doing everything he can given his resources to try and win? …… no. ….. end of story’

    This is exactly it, in the here and now we know he is backed with money, is he delivering the best product he can with those resources, big fat no.

    End of very short story.

  13. N5

    The thing that cracks me up is there is plenty of evidence out there from the board saying about Wengers freedom with transfers and so on.

    Of course he has Key Work Objectives but he’s an institutian now that makes them lots of money with minimal outlay so he does what’s asked of him.

    He is the board! how many managers pick the fudging CEO for crying out loud??

    Stan is called Silent Stan Kruncunt for a reason and Ivan is a slippy snake that would sell him own mother for a few quid, so we need a strong manager that will take control without dithering like an old lady at a jumble.

    The whole lot care about cash and have no interest in the supporters, the silverware or even challenging, if they did we would have seen a serious move in the market this year.

  14. TitsMcGee

    The ironic part is we’ll make top 4. Wenger /Wallace /Nasri et al will come out and say” good season” and “we would have won X if we bought Y and if Z didn’t get injured” but then completely ignore that Wenger is the reason Y wasn’t bought and we didn’t have a replacement for Z so we didn’t win X.

    Somehow they will miss that part but praise him for another mediocre season.

    Then repeat next season.

  15. carts


    The whole lot of them are in cahoots one way or another. But as Midwest said, its Wenger that’s responsible for the product.

    We lost RVP for £25m, Wenger then signs Giroud and Podolski for the same combined amount. Though not terrible players, both weren’t/arent good enough to galvanise surrounding players. A manager with real ambition would’ve added to the receipt of Rvp and bought an equal or better player.

    His model is flawed.

  16. Mickey G

    I don’t think Benteke or lukaku would work in the arsenal team. With our style almost every player has to be technically gifted. If our centre forward can’t play ball, link up with midfieĺDersingham and play intricate quick little one twos then they are useless. Think Walcott, Sanogo, Podolski and Wellbeck. Physicality only gets you so far in our team. The reviled RVP was brilliant in centre forward precisely because of his technique and his movement. Lukaku and Benteke are primarily target man… and we rarely cross the ball. We also rarely hoof the ball from back to front. Those guys would have been square pegs I’m afraid.

    Cavani anyone? Could even play with Giroud or through the centre as the main man
    I can’t pick anyone else. Sure he is about 28 now, expensive and no guarantee to be a hit… but fuck it… He might be brilliant. Anyway we have loads of cash

  17. Bankz

    Bankz you hurt my feelings goodbye forever

    C’mon N5…. you fuel my inner Guardiola….you can’t leave me like this on this cold Legrove concretes.

    Well i am on Bankz’s side for what its worth.DM once fucked my cat early in the morning.

    Blsany- I always knew DM had hobbies……didn’t know it involved cats

  18. N5

    Exactly Eagle, we’ve become a joke team. We’re the kind of team that would [in the words of a certain poster], field a fat drunk lemar up front against Bayern!!

  19. N5

    Midwest, can you do your infamous updating please because I’m at work and can’t see the draw!! I’ve sadly only got the REFRESH button on Le Grove to see what’s going on!!!

  20. Ozy

    Gotta disagree that Wenger is solely responsible for our current state.

    The board are equally liable for our current state. They have sat by and allowed Wenger to behave without absolutely any repercussion or oversight.

  21. MidwestGun

    Ughelli.., I’m not confused… Wenger approved both Welbeck and Sanchez. Was instrumental in gettjng both players with personal phone calls.

    we are already up……. and we get. …… drum roll. BAYERN… hahaha of course we do.

  22. Ughelligunner

    You can throw in Park if you like. Who signed these players?

    Re RVP, i remember he said he sat with Gazidis and wenger, but their plans where no where near his.

    Nasri wanted to stay for the year but Kronke ordered his sale. These confusing statements are all inter related some how.

    And they paid about 3m to a data analysing team for doing what? Supposedly for analysing new players to be bought. Who knows?

  23. InsideRight


    “And i don’t care what people like Neville and carager say. They are never fair with the clubs they retired with, why are they so passionate about arsenal’s issue? Have their clubs replaced their great? To be a pundit is way easier than playing football manager.”

    The fact is these people are better qualified than most to comment on what they see. Perhaps you would be happier with them if their observations tallied with your opinions?

    It’s refreshing to see the Wengercirclejerk starting to fall apart. He has got away with his mediocrity and lack of strategy for too long. He can’t hide it any longer. All the false dawns, all the promises, all the tales of who he nearly signed but didn’t because of his penny pinching and arrogance. It is all reflected in Arsenal’s diminished stature.

    Thierry’s comments about Wenger trying to build the team around Cesc underlined the problem. AW sacrificed balance, pace and clinical ability that the side used to have. We never see that kind of incisive breakaways, powerful midfield play and athleticism any more. Now he doesn’t have even the pivotal player needed for that approach. We have a disjointed and unbalanced cluster of individuals and five games at home without a goal.

  24. Leedsgunner

    The largest advantage that Utd has over us in the UEFA CL is not the teams they will face… it is the manager. LVG knows how to do well in European competition, Wenger doesn’t.

    We could be in the group with the easiest teams on paper and we would drop the ball. Look how badly we took Monaco for granted and they schooled us at home. It was easily the worst game last season.

    (Not that Wenger would admit to it of course. It’s never his fault.)

  25. warchester

    imagine having to play bayern after getting stuffed by some mid table team….this might be our worst season since….oh yea every season has been like for the last 10 years

  26. Ughelligunner

    The funny part is, we will only lost one of those Munich legs heavily. Lol. the other would be win or draw

  27. TitsMcGee

    We’ll come 2nd. Probably get embarrassed by Bayern at least once. Then end up with Madrid/Barca in last 16. Exit. Then repeat next season.

    Same shiiite different year.

  28. Wallace


    “The ironic part is we’ll make top 4. Wenger /Wallace /Nasri et al will come out and say” good season” and “we would have won X if we bought Y and if Z didn’t get injured”…”

    we will? thanks for letting me know what i’m thinking/will be saying.

    i was under the impression i’d said we’d challenge for the league this year, but maybe you’re right.

    hardly know what i’m thinking most days, chugging on the Wenger crack pipe, reliving the glory days.

  29. blsany

    Arsene FC otherwise known as Bayern Munich’s Bitch of a Club.Lets just concentrate on Fa cup again Capital cup that’s clearly where our ambitions are.Fuck you Arsene.

    😀 Dont let me down tomorrow.

  30. Vintage Gun

    “Lewandowski is coming to the Emirates!
    I was thinking Vidal….. lol… but ok.”

    I was thinking Guadiola…but whatever

  31. Dissenter

    Easy group in the end.
    We’ll come second and be drawn with Real Madrid/Barcelona.
    At least we can’t draw Bayern again in the last-16.

  32. Dissenter

    Martin Samuel will be disappointed.
    He used us an example of a perennial fourth place team getting easy draws from legacy. He pushed for the champions to be placed in pot-1.
    Obviously that did not help city.

    This complicates the sale of De Bruyne, me thinks

  33. WengerEagle

    Bayern will batter us in the 1st match that matters.

    By the 2nd match they’ll probably already be qualified so typically we’ll probably grab a point.

    Which of course will show how far we’ve come.

  34. UDA

    if it has to be a big club, why barca or bayern. sick of playing them. would be nice to play real for a change.

    also, chelsea scums…fluff group as usual. doesn’t gazprom sponsor ucl? hmm..

  35. WengerEagle

    They haven’t started the season well Sal, Dortmund battered them 4-0 (could have been 7-0) on the opening day and they lost again to Mainz last weekend.

    Lost two key players in Kruse and Kramer.

    Good side all the same. Sevilla will be tricky for them too.

  36. Majestic gooner

    Who cares who we have in our champs league group? It’s the same old boring stuff, finish second and get knocked out in the knockout stages, fleece the fans who go to watch and spend little or no money come January transfer window, same old , same old, it’s so boring now, more I believe in the players speeches from the manager. The is some serious racket going on at the arsenal, it’s time for trading standards and the fraud squad to be called to investigate.

  37. TitsMcGee

    Which of course will show how far we’ve come”

    Lol yep.

    That’s what they will say.

    Just like the 2-0 Bayern in Bavaria.
    The 2-1 to Barcelona under Pep.
    X weeks at the top of the league.

    All were signs that we were on the verge according to the sheep. Guess how that turned out lol