Arsenal: Most stable squad | Most confused set up?

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I can’t remember a wetter August. It’s so depressing. You wait all year for the summer and it fails you. A bit like Arsene Wenger’s transfer dealings.


Really sad for all involved.

There is still time though. There are still clubs looking to sell. There are Arsenal’s looking to buy.

Cavani anyone? Rabiot? An injured Carvahlo?

It’s looking bleak, isn’t it?

I mean, this morning, we’re linked with a striker from the Russian league called Kokorin. I mean, if that signing was real and it was launching an album, it’d be ‘Now that’s what I called Banter 2’ and it’d be pretty dismal. I don’t know much ab0ut him, and I know you do find some superb players from those leagues, but I’d be very surprised if we’d unearthed a world class gem in January. Feels more like a… ‘a body, any body’… type of signing over Wenger being super cute in the transfer market.

I mean, the story is given weight by The Telegraph sport section who are now in such a state, they actually report on what the Metro is reporting. A once great new publication chasing numbers any way possible. Sad to see.

I can forgive us having trouble with a striker. There aren’t many about. No one has signed anyone of note. Most of the best strikers are in South America and our work permit system makes it tough to pick from that talent basket.

However, I can’t forgive a holding midfielder if we don’t sign one.

I thought the critique of Coquelin was strong yesterday, but I get that he isn’t perfect. However, we’ve had opportunities to sign players who are better than him. We could have signed Schneiderlin. He’s a ball player. A very good one. We could have signed Vidal. All the parts you look for in that role. We could have moved for Carvahlo early on in the window. We didn’t. We could still sign Grzegorz Krychowiak, but Wenger doesn’t want to pay £20m. Illaramendi IS GOING BACK TO SOCIEDAD FOR £11m! How can all these players be passing us by?

I mean, there are options. Everyone is focusing on the striker, but I think we can survive not having a world class striker. We certainly won’t survive Coquelin, Flamini and Arteta as a trio. Really worrying how weak our scouting network has been. That, or it’s worrying how much Wenger is dithering again.

I suspect the problem as usual is Wenger. I just refuse to believe his backroom team are looking at our squad thinking ‘Champions’… could be wrong.

Even with the current set up, you feel Wenger hasn’t sussed his midfield yet. He doesn’t have his vision set, or he does and it doesn’t work. Crazy that one of our big boasts is that we have a stable squad. It’s a stable squad and the manager doesn’t know how to get the most from it. That’s a worry, no?

He basically can’t make all his favourites work under one system. For me, Coquelin has to be in there. Aaron Ramsey does too. Then you have Ozil floating. I love Santi, but he’s not the future. If you flank that midfield with Sanchez and Chamberlain, then had Giroud through the middle, I think you’d boast a nice balance of directness and, errr, indirectness.

Wenger has to stop putting round pegs in square holes. It doesn’t work and it leads to unhappy players and narrow play.

Geoff said he watched the presser the other day and the manager was asked…

Arsene, you have said that you won’t buy a player unless he can improve your team.
So are you saying that all the other top teams that have bought new players that none of them would improve your team.


Not sure there was a compelling response. Everyone around you improves. Bringing in new players is about more than just the physical act. It’s a psychological boost to those around them. It makes players feel strong. More invincible. So far, we have one name. A great name. But the players are fans like me and you. They know the weaknesses. They’ll be looking at City feeling beaten. They’ll know our chances are slim. Why? Because the manager refuses to add.


Arsene, I am angry. I am disappointed. But I’m not surprised you’re taking it to the wire again.

It’s just sad that a good run of form from Arsene is met by regression elsewhere. One step forward, two back, errytime.

Have a good one!


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  1. Cesc Appeal


    I don’t see that I have a choice here, MidWest won’t accept reality and it’s all fun and games until he has a nest of nekkers in his garden or a griffin decides to perch on his roof, or worse yet a foglet or ekimmara in the basement…

    …I might have played too much Witcher 3 over the summer.

  2. N5

    You can never “experience” enough Witcher Cesc, don’t let that Bent Affleck AKA Jack of Daniels make you questions yourself ever again…… play Witcher indeed!!

  3. Cesc Appeal


    Well it was either face the monsters and horrors of Temeria, or the monsters and horrors of Arsene Wenger.

  4. NewCoArsenal PLC

    Another thing that has worked out incredibly well for Wenger is Levy’s incompetence over at the Lane. But even allowing for Levy, Comolli and Baldini’s madness, they have been very close to us on far less resources.
    If Abramovich had bought Tottenham, Wenger wouldn’t be here now.
    Liverpool’s decline has massively helped Wenger too, although it’s concerning that they can attract SQ such as Torres, Suarez and now Coutinho. Ok, Coutinho still has a way to go, but for the money they paid he’s looking a bargain, and a lot more effective than Ozil.
    He is a petty tactically clue-less manager who has nothing new to offer and has out-stayed his welcome.
    The Emirates is in need of a root and branch cleansing. The supporters want to breathe the fresh air of optimism instead of constantly being choked by the stale stench that festers.
    The shackles need to be removed so that we are allowed to develop into the super-power our wealth suggests we should be.

  5. Cesc Appeal


    Don’t let MidWest hear but, I think we might need to do something about him, he’s making us look stupid in front of the other wizards, witchers, mages…all the other virgins living in their parent’s basements.

  6. Redtruth

    I keep telling these wimps to protest but they cower behind mummy and daddy.

    Cesc, N5 and Midwest have no fibre and backbone a bit like Arsenal’s midfield.

  7. MidwestGun

    Actually Redtroll. ….I don’t want you to leave… your my betting magical guide. …. whenever you call a player a headless chicken or crap… I bet on them to score and make money.

  8. N5

    Cesc, agreed. Him acting like he knows what hes talking about is making me look silly in front of my Dungeons and Dragons friends!!

  9. MidwestGun

    Haha. .. oh boy. .. I’ve missed our in depth conversations Redtroll. You stake your footballing intelligence on Messi being crap… and see how that works out for you. Anyhow, I’ll be watching the news for your protest march.

  10. MidwestGun

    Serious question, can you win money on betting on Dungeons and Dragons?
    Like if you slay a monster thing or whatever with a 7 or 11 on the dice you win a fiver?

  11. MidwestGun

    Redtroll –
    Not much to discuss is there. …. wanna talk about Cech… oh that’s right, you think he’s crap. …
    actually tell you what footballing genius. .. write a paragraph on anything related to Arsenal that has an introduction, supporting points and a conclusion. … hell even two paragraphs if you want. .. rather then declarative statement one liners and I won’t think you have a learning disabilty.

  12. MidwestGun

    You said Pedro’s posts are bad… why not try your hand at it Redtroll… write a call to arms. …. and start a protest, actually just write anything that shows thought,intelligence, and organization would be a start.

  13. Dissenter

    Westbrom value Berahino at 25 million pounds, yet they only increased his wages to 12k weekly in his last deal.
    That’s why I don’t blame players in these situations. Berahino is one of the least paid players at Westbrom, why the are they making so hard for him to leave?

  14. MidwestGun

    Redtroll –
    If you need help… read NewCo.Arsenal’s comment above. I’ll wait with anticipation for your similar comments which show a depth of understanding on whatever subject you choose.

  15. Relieable Sauce

    Newcastle away next, then the international break. With a few injuries already, Wenger can ill afford any more casualties if he is going to mount a serious title challenge…



    September :
    12 – Stoke (h) – EPL
    15/16 – Barcelona/Bayern Munich(?) – UCL
    19 – Chelsea (a) – EPL
    22 – Totting Ham (a) – League Cup
    26 – Leicester (a) – EPL
    29/30 – Roma/Seville(?) – UCL
    04 – Manchester Utd (h) – EPL

  16. MidwestGun

    About as good as yours Redtroll… why don’t you ask the people of St. Louis. their protest against Stan is working about the team being moved.
    He cares not one bit.

    And how is your protest working out? . or is trolling Le Grove your protest, seems to be working out awesome for you.

  17. Sam

    Apkom scrapping it our in lower division while 17years old French kids enjoying training with the first team.
    Both Adelaide n Bennacer training with the seniors

  18. Sam

    Maybe he should change his name to Chouba LaPomme n switch allegiance to the tricolor

    Or he will be sold for few quids to a shit club next summer

  19. Redtruth


    Pedro’s posts are not bad they’re derisory, they lack insight and are make believe nonsense.

    The guy has no understanding of the need for change and his wishy washy demeanor reflects badly on the goings on at Arsenal.

  20. MidwestGun

    Red –
    Perhaps you should write Pedro an email. But i believe he explained why he was more optimistic going into season. That was early transfer window also. Look if you want to be serious about actually contributing then qoute Pedro and say why you disagree with a substantive arguement.
    Your calling people this or that in the comment section isn’t really getting you anywhere is it?

  21. Relieable Sauce

    We should hire an Umpa-pa band to play “I got you babe” at every home game…continuously…for 90mins + stoppage time. Right behind wengers dugout.

    lol. Can picture Stevie B rupturing a head vein.

  22. Bermy boy

    As Arsenal fans, we all know too well that, no matter how good our preseason (or even a start to the season) is, it’s always too early to start dreaming of the title with 3 games to go. Not to say that we can’t win the title, but we should learn to tone down our optimism at the start of the season to avoid heartbreaks. Our recent history should have taught us by now to be more cautious. It won’t be new for a top team to start well & win the title ahead of us, it won’t be new for us to start well & be overtaken by another team when it really matters, it wont’ be new to have so many injuries, it won’t be new for Wenger to let us down over transfers, it certainly isn’t new to have a poor start to the season… Let’s all be hopeful that things will change for the better sooner than later, but let’s not put too much energy into thinking about it!

    Look familiar heh heh.

  23. Frank Mc

    “Learning kerb..”
    “Messi is shit…”
    “Aguerro is shit…”
    “Cech is shit…”
    And people engage the fucktard?!?!

  24. Wallace

    Sterling and De Bruyne = 105m.

    both good players who might become great…but heck that’s a lot of money for two good players.

  25. Mickey G

    NEWSFLASH: “it sometimes helps not to go too far in the champions league”. From the horses mouth my fellow Gooners. Wenger said that. So after we perennially shoot ourselves in the foot in the league, leaving our likelihood of qualifying for the champions league hanging in the balance, it helps to go out of said champions league. That makes perfect sense. Now I know the first time we reached the final was the first time we finished outside the top two under Wenger (We needed a bout of diarrhoea for the whole spurs squad on the last day to help us secure 4th place that year). But that was a long time ago now. The pattern is there and the manager has said it helps. Helps with what you ask? Helps with achieving the conservative target (top 4 trophy) that Wenger has decided constitutes success for the last ten years. This should be an outrageous statement from a manager of a club that was recently reported to be worth over a billion pounds sterling. Whatever the valuation it’s definitely one of the top ten (maybe 7th?) richest clubs in the world. Seriously I’m thinking of quitting. Can you quit being a supporter? It’s easier leave your wife! I’m only feeling this way because of the total anticlimax that has been our summer transfer dealings. We need a pick me up and soon!

  26. Biggus

    Mickey G,

    If that quote is real,then this man really takes us all for fools. I can understand managers make mistakes and lose games but when you think of things Mr Wenger has done in recent times (Kallstrom loan, Sanogo) and how he tries to spin every mistake like some intelligent coincidence; it makes you wonder how anyone can refer to him as a great manager.

    Like I said before, in the UK legends are hard to find especially in sports so anyone with a whiff of minimal success will be lauded as a legend even if their latter years was spent trolling fans and the public like Mr Wenger here.

  27. kingHenry


    That has to be the dumbest thing Wenger has ever said. he’s basically saying its best to go out early in the UCL so as to qualify for the same competition, and proceed to go out early just to qualify again next year

  28. Wallace

    if that is part of a Wenger quote i’m fairly sure it’ll have been preceded by, ‘if you want to win the premier league…’

  29. vicky

    City once again trying to buy the league now that FFP has been relaxed. They are paying obscene amount of money for decent players. I am amazed there is no hue and cry, criticism and castigation of the way they are going about it as if it’s business as usual. Clubs like Chelsea and City are killing football and the guardians of football are watching silently with their hands folded.

  30. Thank you and goodnight

    The guy is a fucking imbecile yet the deluded akb’s hang on to his every word as if he’s the messiah. FUCK OFF WENGER

  31. Uwot?

    Yep will def get the barca bum flies to tactics & glorious failure at group stage beckons.just enough to placate the akbs as per usual.depressing.really,depressing………..

  32. Biggus


    Full quote from

    “I don’t think it will change anything,” he told Arsenal Player. “It will just put some weaker teams in pot one.
    “When you look at the structure of the groups, you don’t necessarily have a disadvantage by being in pot two because it looks as strong because of the recent history of the teams that are there.
    “Ideally you want a group where you have a chance to come out in the top position, no matter how far you go. It helps sometimes mentally not to go too far.
    “Before sometimes, 10 or 12 years ago, your focus was more on every Champions League game and you knew that in the Premier League you could get away with resting one or two players.
    “We are now in a situation where you don’t make a difference between Champions League and Premier League, you just try to win the next game.”

  33. Uwot?’s a shoot out between The el cashico!s a ..I’ve a bigger dick than you the shackles are off citeh,they’ll splash the cash & do whatever regardless of the to them is meaningless.& luckily for them we have a manager who is not prepared to compete on any level.will just bang on about in the media about the unjustness of it all,feeling sorry for himself.

  34. Biggus

    Basically you can read two things to it –

    First – Don’t think too far ahead and just take it one game at a time


    Second – Don’t be confident enough to go far and take what you get

  35. Thank you and goodnight


    Yep. We’ll get out the group stages get hammered in the first leg 4 or 5 nil, then with nothing to play for we’ll win 2nd leg and the akb’s will masturbate over an AMAZING victory, kindly forgetting we’re out of CL again.

  36. SpanishDave

    Stan and Wenger are slowly killing this club. Each year we fall steadily behind Chelsea and Man City, and we do nothing about it.
    Our clubs wealth grows mainly through property values which increase regardless of our footballing status. Stan knows that and leaves the secondary activity of football in his hands to do whatever he wants.
    Wengers power has clearly gone to his head, he thinks the club is all of his own doing, it has nothing to do with the history of the club.
    The fans ambitions are nothing to him he gets plaudits each day from his disciples and everything is fine.
    He will run out of luck like all dictators and it won’t be pleasant for him which will serve him right. The club is bigger than him.

  37. Mickey G

    I probably should just have copy pasted the whole quote… to me “it helps sometimes mentally not to go too far” is bordering on saying it’s alright lads, if we go out after the group stage we get paid enough tv money to do us anyway so…. win if ye want like.

  38. Mickey G

    Biggus… I think you’d be optimistic to read ” take it one game at a time” out of that. Read between the lines on his overall statement, it shouts lack of ambition at me. If arsenal took every game as it came with the right focus I’d be delighted. But this club more than any other is capable of mixing the ridiculous with the sublime on any given day. That is the consistency this club has shown…. that is can turn up on any given day with their collective pants around their ankles and get embarrassed by anyone. To me it screams of a culture problem… that he can make a throw away defeatest comment like that so comfortably. If we were top or near top in January you could understand it and it’d make sense (Just look at Liverpool two years ago). Then you might be thinking we’be a real chance here… let’s prioritise the league ( to be fair it’s the more difficult trophy to win… the other is still just a cup). But we are three games in and looking line repeating last year’s start. Sanchez dragged us along by himself this time last year. He’s now knackered. A couple of signs would at least perk up the squad a bit. Give a few players a kick up the arse

  39. Bermy boy

    Lets see hmm,worthless showing in 1st match with a shitty excuse from coach because players are shell shocked by a big name team.In the 2nd match we give a more spirited performance which juuuuust falls short.Coach gives another shitty but uplifting speech in reference to regular league play.How do you all put it……wash,rinse and repeat heh heh classic Wenger.


    Wenger may have let slip what some have suspected for many years-that the current custodians of Arsenal FC comprising Wenger and his Board are not a football club but an investment entity whose aim is generating equity.
    They make a couple of token expensive second level signings to cover up their true intentions of entering competitions without the slightest intention of competing in them.

    Wengers main job is to manipulate the dreams of fans with an endless stream of disinformation about the club’s true intentions. It is amazing that the media in England are so dumb that they haven’t outed this fraudulent Arsenal regime years ago.

    EUFA should investigate this statement by Wenger and if found to be accurate should kick this club out of the ECL. It is outrageous that a club enters a competition without the intention of doing as well as it can in that competition.

    Does anybody really believe that if Arsenal really wanted to make major signings-they wouldn’t go out and do so- like all other wealthy clubs?