Arsenal lacking substance and bite of Champions

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Hello darkness my old friend

Hello darkness my old friend

Match report coming up in a bit, but just my take on another drab night at the Emirates.

Petr Cech

After two fairly wobbly games, our man from Chelsea proved that he’s not over the hill with a pretty stunning performance. He owned his area, he demonstrated calmness and he pulled off at least 3 world class saves the others simply would not have.

What must he think coming over to Arsenal? What a mess. His body language says it all. Imagine going from militant organisation to the Arsene Wenger’s ‘guys, just have a bloody good time’ approach.


Dropped into the mixer very late on and next to a very green player. I thought he was kind of dominated in the air, but as soon as the ball hit the deck he monstered it. He’s a rough version of Laurent / more polished Kolo Toure.

He’ll no doubt develop his aerial prowess, a good start regardless. He did well to cover some pretty basic mistakes all around the park. He’s very fast and he reads the game well. I’d imagine we’ll see quite a bit of him this year.


Kind of feel for the lad. He wasn’t great. He looked nervous on the ball and as soon as one mistake dropped, more followed. He then started trying to play his way out of trouble. One particularly nightmarish moment came when he tried to run the ball through midfield, in a juvenile bid to make amends, it went badly and he nearly cost us a goal. Boy is gonna have to grow up quickly if we’re to avoid a problem this season.


A pretty drab first half but I thought he pulled his weight in the second with a very accomplished performance. What I liked about him was the forceful nature of his play. It’s hard when you have Olivier to aim for and you have to be so accurate. I thought showcased a fighting side in the second half I’ve not seen before.


Wenger seems to get stuck in a first team routine. It was quite clear Ramsey out wide wasn’t going to work again because he plays anywhere but the wing which narrows us and leaves us with a wodge of players all trying to play Steven Gerrard switch balls. We looked toothless and without edge. Giroud was painfully average and pretty much marked out of the game. Sanchez was all over the place. That gave us zero outlet.

The subs didn’t come until late despite it being totally obvious from kick off what we needed. Chamberlain gave us more shape and purpose. We actually looked a threat when he came on. Theo also added to that equation. When the manager said winning was about pace, I’m not sure whey he elected to leave two of his fastest benched?

He likes what he likes and he’s not flexible enough to budge. He’ll make the line up work even if it costs us too many points to compete.


You can’t help but think Liverpool owned the best chances and probably stole the best of the play. We just gave up two points to a substandard side. My biggest worry is that we don’t look like Champions elect. There’s no aura around the team. We look toothless. There’s no nastiness. We look a little too middle class. We’ll do ok this season, we’ll win some games, but when it matters, we’ll disappear like we always do.

Well, that’s how it feels right now.

Wenger has the chance to bring a bit of bite to the side this summer to push us over the edge, but so far, pending a miracle, he’s ignored the opportunity. I sympathise with the striker issue, but we must have known Benzema was a long shot when we asked in June. Where’s the reaction? It can’t be Benzema or bust? What about midfield? I thought Coquelin performed very well last night, but why did we elect not to give him competition this season? Vidal and Schneiderlin have both been available. Where is the move? As someone said last night, where is our 27 year old Arteta?

Protecting Coquelin? If that’s the case, that’s the exact attitude to winning we lack that will cost us. When the manager has no competitive streak, the players take the lead.

The arrogance in not signing any outfield players is staggering. But not surprising. You don’t make yourself better by ignoring the obvious. It’s clear early on we’re suffering the same issues we always suffer.

There’s still time to make a move for some players. There’s still time to build a system that’s balanced. There’s still time to get the season back on track.

Let’s hope Wenger is feeling the heat. We all know he loves a panic buy. Fingers crossed it’s an Ozil like panic purchase, not a Santos one.

Have a good one, match report up later.

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  1. Marko

    It’s gonna be a long long week. I’ll tell you that much. You just get the feeling with that stubborn SOB in charge nothing will happen.

  2. Thank you and goodnight


    Spot on. If the cunt signed Messi and Ronaldo he’d play Messi in goal with Ronaldo at CB just so he could shoehorn Ramsey into the team.

  3. gambon

    “Anyone knows who Claude from Arsenal fan tv had in mind when he talked to about 2 players he is not allowed to name?Or the Club?I need answers boys!!”

    Lol he hasnt got a clue.

    Hes just the latest in a long line of people desperate for some attention, using the ITK route.

  4. Cesc Appeal

    What has Arsene Wenger done to the fans? Charlie Austin…Adebayor…we actually won 1-0 last night….jeez.

    I can’t believe this guy is still backed so vehemently, we have the same discussion every single year, the man literally cannot back a single thing he says any more.

    Was all about a good start he claimed 4 weeks ago, first three games, dropped 5 points. So now it will all be about the response and mental quality, just like last night was, a response, what they owed the fans…that worked out well didn’t it.

    Neville absolute hit the nail on the head, Wenger’s arrogance is stifling the club’s prospects, he will not be told, he will not seek help, he will not alter the way he’s doing things even if they quite clearly are not working…look at his response to Neville’s critique, the same arrogant crap he always spouts about his experience.

    I would twist that against him, well with all your experience Arsene how is it two home games in a row you’ve walked straight into the oppositions managers tactics, as you always tend to do…that you haven’t deemed fit to spend on your squad despite literally every other top team spending…that you can’t find a better ST than Giroud in three years, that you could never find a CDM, that it took you a decade to find a good GK…etc etc

    It’s actually painful to see Arsenal fans still backing this guy, or at least not even criticising, ‘well we did actually win last night’…f**k me., open your f*****g eyes.

  5. mysticleaves

    ” You know NOTHING about football. Get the fuck out of here,
    youre embarrassing.”

    lol. look how I got you rattled. the sage of Le Grove.

    one stat though

    Sanogo 1UCL goal – Benteke zilch!

    oh and another

    Sanogo 4 goals in the Emirates cup – Benteke zilch.

    stupid ass mofo

  6. WrightIsGod

    Not being funny Pedro but you spent all summer bumming Wenger for some reason and now you are seeing the light again. In the words of Take That: “Never Forget Where You’re Coming From.”

    Chambers. Ha Ha.

    Never known what people see in him. He’s slow, error prone and you can tell he’s been handled with kid gloves. A stupid and wasteful Wenger signing. Give him another 5 years building his game though and he might work out.


    His lack of pace is embarrassing to watch. He had a guilt edged chance and lost composure. If the ball lands on his foot or head and he doesn’t have to think about it he’s good. But creating something worldly out of nothing to pull your team out the mire. No.

    Cazorla / Ramsey / Ozil

    I see these three as the same problem. Santi should not be playing MC in the Prem. He will have joy because of his tech ability but he lacks in speed and physicality. Tikka taka ain’t winning the Prem and wtf has happened to his shooting? Ramsey shouldn’t be paying RM but I don’t trust him CM either because he’ll give the ball away. Ozil might be able to pass but he doesn’t score enough goals to be the CAM we need him to be nor does he take a game. He’s also too one footed.

    Arsenal fans are incredibly dense. We had a chance for Schneiderlin (man crash, watched every game he played last year) / Vidal / Kondogbia but apparently they weren’t good enough or didn’t fit what we needed. Wenger has brainwashed them all with this WC professing.

  7. blsany

    Cheers bro.I thought he was one of the good ones and wouldn’t lie so blatantly or he may have been trolling that OZZer(i dont know how to spell his motherfuckin name) Cunt of a reporter who kept going on about King Benz.

  8. Cesc Appeal

    Worry is, with Wenger getting so heavily criticised, Neville bashing him, Carragher bashing him last night, Henry taking shots and talking about this being a huge week, journalists and other players saying the same…that Wenger will dig in, his arrogance and stubbornness will kick in and he won’t want to buy.

  9. mysticleaves

    Benteke can’t dribble to save his life. cant trap a bag of rice. mises his step when at speed. cant even convert the most open of goals one can ever get.

    but but but he has pace and power. lol.

    so does sanogo.

    Benteke and sanogo, same bracket, same skill set. useless players.

  10. Bamford10

    Add “Mystic” to that short list of names that can be ignored on here.
    – Stones only “slightly better” than Chambers?
    – Benteke and Sanogo comparable players?

    Brainless remarks, and clearly trolling — saying he got “the response” from certain quarters he was looking for.

    To think I once thought it necessary to reply to this person.

  11. WrightIsGod


    We must find a way to make it Wenger’s last season at Arsenal. When the man openly comes out and says that he thinks the transfer window should close before the beginning of the season because it advantages some teams because it allows them to improve, THAT IS SCARY.

    It means he believes that he is happy with his squad despite us all knowing it needs better. He is actually deluded and blind to his situation. The emperors new clothes.

    It also means that any player signed after the season begins is a panic buy and that is by his own logic, therefore includes Ozil.

    Wenger is slowing Arsenal down.

  12. Cesc Appeal

    I think we might actually need more than a ST with Wenger in charge, it seems clear he won’t play Sanchez one side and then Oxlade/Walcott the other, preferring the more possession based head of an extra CM.

    So really, we need a ST and then a Gotze type player to play wide play maker, because as good as it would be to see a Cavani type, we’re just going to get held back by Ramsey playing RM and then Wilshere when he’s fit.

    I cannot believe we’ve sat and watched this whole summer go past to the point now where the club will be looking around to see what’s on offer late on, if Wenger wants to buy at all.

    Seriously, pro-Wenger people, how can you back this? Shoddy, absolutely shoddy.

  13. mysticleaves

    Gambon so you are laughing at kids that are 14 and are disabled? when you reach puberty pray you don’t give birth to one.

  14. gambon

    Have to agree with WrightisGod

    Pedro has been backing the club a lot recently (think maybe he is trying to become the new Tony Attwood and get a slot on

    All feels a bit reactionary.

    After the next win we will hear how Arsenal are a match for Chelsea and City all over again, and how things have changed and we’ve turned the corner.

  15. InsideRight

    “Giroud was painfully average and pretty much marked out of the game”

    And quite rightly so when he was as mobile as a statue in the box. The lack of movement in the box was staggering. At times we have three men all standing waiting for the ball – no one making a run, no one trying to pull their marker away to create space, no one providing an outlet for Ozil and Caz to pass to.

    I don’t know what the hell goes on at training, but these are the bare basics a 10 year old learns. How millions of pounds worth of professional player can earn tens of thousands of pounds a week and not even do the basics is beyond belief.

    Under a different manager this side has the ability to make a genuine title challenge. Under Wenger they will stagnate and de-skill.

  16. qna

    I have never seen us realistically being able to buy any top striker. We wont pay what it takes to bring such a player. But the ones that got away, who we could have really done with last night are a) Vidal, b) Kondogbia and c) Khedira. All players that moved and would have fit into our tight-arse money structure.

    Last night in particular, I wish we had Vidal.

  17. Marko

    Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. I could prove to you that it’s not necessarily right but let’s not go into that debate.

    That was his response to his signing if midfielders over the years CA. But I bet he couldn’t prove shit. He’d just throw a bunch of sophisticated words at the problem and hope it’ll fix itself. Absolutely draining the life and soul out of this club he is honestly. And to think he would of saved himself so much hassle like in so many years if he just addressed the ST and midfield areas

  18. mysticleaves

    ” Add “Mystic” to that short list of names that can be ignored on

    if I should be ignored for saying stones is slightly better than Chambers then you should be banned for the endless nonsense you spout on here Gambon.

    piece of advice? stop acting all condescending on here. you know just as much as everybody.

  19. mysticleaves

    lol Gambon. okay sorry everybody about the sanogo and benteke comparison. I was trolling

    but benteke is tripe. and not worth 32m.

    kisses and hugs gamby.

    back to football now eh?

  20. Bamford10

    Everything that needs to be said has already been said here many times. Am beginning to think the only thing one can do now is wait for Wenger to fail — miserably and obviously, so miserably and obviously that there can be no argument.

    (Not that there has really been an argument for some time now.)

    As I said last night, I’m not rooting for this failure, but I really see no other way forward at this point.

    Pedro – I love you, but I think you owe us an apology for the positive line you sold here all summer.

  21. Cesc Appeal


    It’s the same as his, I will write a book about it one day, I’ve made 50 000 substitutions…it’s his incredulity at being questioned I always hate, as if he’s saying you mortals dare to question me.

    Man is finished as a top level manager, Pedro said that two seasons ago, changed his mind this summer for some reason and we hard the hardcore AKB’s on here telling everyone to be optimistic and back Wenger…would ask them what they think about all this but, can’t seem to find many of them.

    It was abundantly clear we needed a ST, have done for three effing years, six windows, we needed a ball playing CDM and more and more it’s looked like we need a wide play maker…we’ve done precisely nothing.

    Because no one will challenge Wenger, and Wenger is happy with what he has, so when Wenger gets it wrong, as if often does, there is literally nobody to challenge him…and look how he handles criticism, immediately gets defensive and acts scorned.

  22. Carts

    “People need to realise that even If we signed a top striker like benzema nothing would change. There are fundamental flaws ingrained throughout the core of the club because of Wenger.”

    This is, for the most parts, true. As much as we require a few upgrades, you can’t help but think Wenger would still balls it up

  23. qna

    For me, a good transfer window would have been: ST: Dybala, CM: Vidal, DM: Kondogbia and CB: Rugani or Romagnoli

    If Arsenal had a recruiting department befitting the worlds 8th richest club, they could have convinced 4 of these players to join us. Instead, we have signed ST: Walcott, CM: Rosicky, DM: Arteta, CB: Chambers – all like new signings.

  24. mysticleaves

    honestly I think the bulk of the blame lies with wenger. not the players.

    I think he’s not getting the best out of the players simply because of how he sets them up.

    fundamental flaws that are maybe carried out of stubbornness ate always evident in his lineup.

    the board doesn’t help much by always publicly backing him. am not saying there should sack him but at least make him earn his bucks.

    sadly, as much as I love wenger and what he has done for us, he has to leave Arsenal al if he really loves the club. klopp did it recently.

  25. Marko

    Pedro – I love you, but I think you owe us an apology for the positive line you sold here all summer.

    Stop with that shite bamford. No one asked you to come on everyday and read what Pedro and besides you don’t have to like what he says. He doesn’t owe an apology.

  26. Kiyoshi Ito

    gambonAugust 25, 2015 10:49:43
    Oh willow?…..Where is Willow?Why did Willow disappear?LOL
    Where is Nasri’s Mouth?

    Why did Nasri’s Mouth disappear?

    He’s blowing N5 &Arsene as we speak..

  27. Cesc Appeal

    Some of the stuff out there:

    ‘People saying Wenger hasn’t added, errr, Gabriel in January, Cech, Wilshere, Walcott and Arteta hardly played at all last season and will this year so we’ve upgraded 5 new players there.’

    ‘People don’t realise, Arsenal would never have won the league of not for Wenger, numerous FA Cups, UCL every year…and people don’t back him?’


    Sentimentality blocking logic.

  28. mysticleaves

    ” For me, a good transfer window would have been: ST: Dybala,
    CM: Vidal, DM: Kondogbia and CB: Rugani or Romagnoli”

    I think we can still get Icardi. he’s as good as, if not better than Dybala. and he’s definitely gettable.

    I believe wenger wants to prove that he can win with this current crop. and he will justify it with the 2 fa cups. but he signed ozil for the first and sanchez for the second

  29. Bamford10


    Glad you brought up the question of what this team does in training. An even more damning point than Giroud is Walcott: this is a player who has never developed the skill-set either of a genuine wide player or of a CF, and as a result is NEITHER.

    This is a player who has been calling himself a CF for some three years now — with Wenger mouthing agreement — and yet he has clearly never been taught how to do hold-up play properly, how to play through the center, etc.

    How is this possible? There is literally one manager on the planet under whom things like this happen: Arsene Wenger.

    I cannot wait till we are rid of this fraud.

  30. Cesc Appeal


    Not sure about your Benteke stuff, but I agree with your last post.

    It’s been clear for years now Wenger has taken Arsenal as far as he can, and he’s done a great job but now, he’s sort of ruining all that because he’s standing in the way of progress.

    I agree, board have to take some blame, a 3 year contract? Ridiculous. Always back him hugely and allow him to have this huge power he wields.

    We have a very unhealthy situation with Wenger. One man’s vision, totally unchallenged, allowed to continue regardless.

  31. Highbury4ever

    “…that Wenger will dig in, his arrogance and stubbornness will kick in and he won’t want to buy.”

    Yes, but don’t forget that he knows best!! lol

  32. Bamford10


    Please fuck off, mate. The positive line — whether pushed by Pedro or you or anyone else — was always obvious bullshit.

    One should always apologize if one has been guilty of saying bullshit, even if unintentional.

  33. Marko

    That’s what makes absolutely no sense to me. He’s tried to sign a striker in Suarez and seemingly Benzema this last couple weeks so again I ask when you’re clearly not happy in that area and have in the past tried to fix it why then either leave it till the last week in a window where you’ll almost certainly fail to get someone significant or why then decide we’re actually fine in that area. When we’re clearly not and you clearly tried in the past to fix it. It’s like with the midfield he has almost certainly in the past tried for Bender and was interested in Carvalho and Schneiderlin but all of a sudden we’re to believe we don’t need to strengthen in that area??? Staggers belief this prick. I honestly think ultimately it’s down to money. If all these players were 15-20 million players they’d be signed. Anyone higher he gets nose bleeds sweaty palms and freaks the fuck out. He needs to fuck off at this point

  34. qna

    Mystic. I dont think Icardi is going to be the player that Dybala will be. Vietto looks ok. But I think Dybala is going to be a bit special, we will see. I dont mean we should have taken a punt on some random young striker. For me Dybala and Fekir are the two outstanding youngsters that I would have liked us to sign.

  35. Dissenter

    Maybe, Pedro doesn’t need to apologize per se but he does need to explain what was behind the way he swallowed Wenger fishing rod, right up to the shoulder.

    What was behind all the needless positivity, when Wenger was never gong to change?
    You can already see the despair in his daily posts.
    Its not the first time the club has owned Pedro.

  36. Marko

    Bamford you’re an idiot of the highest calibre if you think anyone owes you or anyone else an apology for being positive

  37. Dissenter

    Is Alexis having a second season syndrome already?
    Teams account for him now,, its getting much harder for him.
    Maybe, when he gets one in he can take off.

  38. InsideRight


    Even though Liverpool are nothing special, it was obvious last night they were better drilled and knew what was expected of them. There was purpose to their attacking play that is so often missing from ours.

    I am so sick of watching crab football around the outside of the box with no end product. Other teams have their players drive into the area, move constantly to create space, or play quick interchanges to open up shooting opportunities.

    The preview programme on Sky Sports last night showed how we used to do it. We had pace and carved teams open. Now we tippy tappy up to the area and knock it around hoping for something to happen, instead of making it happen. It is appalling coaching that lets that continue.

  39. Kiyoshi Ito

    DissenterAugust 25, 2015 11:03:52
    Maybe, Pedro doesn’t need to apologize per se but he does need to explain what was behind the way he swallowed Wenger fishing rod, right up to the shoulder.
    That’s what NM does every night with Arsene…

  40. Highbury4ever

    Learns to play the Arsène way!!
    Wins a trip to the Emirates, where you can meet the greatest manager of all time, just by answering to that question:

    After how many PL games Arsenal will be out of the race for the title ?
    a) 10 games; b) 15 games; c) probably just after Christmas.

    Send your answer to this adress :

    Before the end of august. Hurry up!!
    May the luck be with you!!

  41. Cesc Appeal

    What I don’t understand is little things like this, so we need a ST obviously, but its also pretty clear Wenger won’t play two wingers, preferring a CM out wide and then one winger on the opposite flank.

    So why did we give Walcott a £140 000 contract this summer? He isn’t a better ST than Giroud, the game has to be perfectly set up for him to play ST and it’s clear he isn’t going to start on the wing.

    So, would it not have been better to sell him, cash in on Liverpool’s interest and then either go after an Aubameyang type, or go for a ST like Dzeko or Mandzukic who whilst not WC are better than Giroud in my opinion and certainly a better ST than Walcott and then a play maker like Gotze.

    If you could get £25 Million for Walcott, could have landed one of those two for £12-15 Million and then whatever Gotze would have cost. Probably a net spend of £30 Million for a new front line aside from Sanchez.

    Still would have had bundles for a CDM as well.

  42. Dissenter

    I’ve been watching replays of the disallowed goal.
    It wasn’t even close.
    The league should call all this linemen to a boot camp quick,, its getting embarrassing to have assistant referees decide games frequently.
    Maybe they need to be paid better and made professional

  43. Marko

    It’s clear the prospect of not being invited to some of these club events and what not has had an effect on Pedro. That or he just got bamboozled by the con man like so many others

  44. Cesc Appeal


    Also have to account for the fact he’s our only pace outlet, so teams know that can swarm him and there is zero pace elsewhere to hurt them for doubling up on him.

    If you had a pacey, skilful ST as well they wouldn’t do it so much.

  45. Kiyoshi Ito

    MarkoAugust 25, 2015 11:05:41
    Bamford you’re an idiot of the highest calibre if you think anyone owes you or anyone else an apology for being positive
    Being positive?Or being naive?Actually stupidly naive..?

    You get what you deserve in life..
    I think Bamford does deserve an apology….

    More so for wasting his time with a reta3d..

  46. Dissenter

    How do you move on a limited striker on 140k weekly, with a four year contract.
    Wenger just needs to play Walcott, let him swimmer sink.
    He wants the top job and gets the highest bracket pay, so let him get his full chance.

    Theo’s aerial ability is zero. His physicality against defenders is zero.
    He does need to get his opportunity though.

  47. Kiyoshi Ito

    That or he just got bamboozled by the con man like so many others

    How can you be bamboozled by the con man,for almost 10 years??

    Doesn’t smell,or sound right…

    Don’t buy it,at all…

  48. Dissenter

    “Let him swim or sink “gets transcribed as let him *swimmer sink*
    It doesn’t matter what device I use, surface, iPad, nexus or kindle, autocomplete is a bummer.

  49. Bamford10


    Yes, you’re right: the handling of Walcott makes no sense whatsoever.

    We’re paying him 140k/week to be either:
    – a second- or third-choice wide player or
    – a second-choice CF

    Whereas we could’ve sold him for 18-25m, and then signed someone who can actually play one of those two positions properly.

    Again, only under Arsene Wenger.

  50. Carts

    “So why did we give Walcott a £140 000 contract this summer? He isn’t a better ST than Giroud, the game has to be perfectly set up for him to play ST and it’s clear he isn’t going to start on the wing.”

    Has Giroud actually signed an extension too? If so, then it further makes a mockery of Wenger’s decision making. Don’t get me started on Welbeck.

  51. Cesc Appeal


    No, before we gave him the contract.

    It was a stupid stupid decision. I doubt you’d have found many Arsenal fans who thought it was a good idea.

    Sell him to Liverpool, buy Aubameyang before his new deal and you’ve upgraded with a net spend of a few million probably.

    You can then pursue Gotze and Schneiderlin/Krychowiak and come out at a net spend similar to last summer.

    Schneiderlin, Ramsey
    Gotze, Ozil, Sanchez

    That would have done it for me!

    Now people can say, that’s hindsight, but I said all summer long that as fans we don’t have the knowledge the club does about players, they were banking on Benzema and listen to what agents and people like Tim Payton were saying, everyone around Madrid were saying there is next to no chance Benzema would be sold.

    So you move on. But Wenger doesn’t want to move on because he doesn’t want to spend. And now he has convinced Arsenal fans that we’re so super duper ambitious that we can’t actually spend our money.

    So gets away with it again.

  52. mysticleaves

    Bamford cesc

    I think initially that was Wenger ‘s plan. I think he started negotiations late cos he was waiting for a bid for Walcot that never came. so he was boxed into a corner again…

    that being said, nothing prevents wenger from actually buying another winger like Reus. cos the obvious gap in quality will be there for all to see.

    he’s marquee, he’s a now player. and he seems past his injury problems.

    sign him now! wenger!

  53. Cesc Appeal

    Bamford Carts

    It’s just an incredibly frustrating time to be an Arsenal fan. You can see what’s there, good squad, bundles of money. We could be so, so good.

    We’re being held back, I don’t go as far as some to say it’s intentional, his stubbornness, naivety, idealism and arrogance are holding us back. What’s scary is A) he doesn’t have the self awareness to see that B) knowing that, there’s no one at the club to challenge him.

  54. qna

    This has been the problem with Arsenal since the British core policy. We now have Walcott on 140k/wk, Wilshere on 90k/wk, Welbeck on 75k/wk, Gibbs on 60k/wk.

    None of these guys are worth their salary. But worse than that, they are opportunity costs of guys who could actually make a difference for us on those wages.

    When was the last time we had a player performing on a wage that made you go, wow, he is giving value for money? Instead we recruit duds and put them on long contracts and then celebrate when we can finally find a sucker to take them off our hands. Thank you Galatasary.

  55. mysticleaves

    maybe the better question is this : if wenger isn’t gonna trust Walcott to start matches, why sign him up for an extra 4 years?

    not like we need players for the HG quota.

    wenger is too afraid or stubborn to switch up tactics or personnel where we need it.

    that shit drives me crazy

  56. goonerboy

    Wenger does not get enough critical analysis of his decision making- least of all by the shareholders- who all accept his flannel without question.
    Chambers, Walcott, Chamberlain, Welbeck- Collectively cost 56m and none of them first choice. Wenger is a big spender when it comes to kids and second tier players- yet he doesn’t trust any of them to start a game.
    As a result none of these players ever seems to grow. Chamberlain should be first choice and playing.
    He throws Chambers in to the Liverpool game- it is in reality recklessly risky playing a reserve CB as inexperienced as Chambers in a game such as this.
    Its a risk that should have cost us the game- if not for Cech’s miracle saves it would have. Second half Chambers improved a lot. I do not blame him- he should be learning the position on loan.
    This team is simply a random collection of good players with an overall idealistic playing philosophy.

  57. blsany

    Where is MTLM??I think its safe to say we could with another article about Gays?Or that deluded woman who asked “How close are we to Barca” nonsensical question.Blog is heading down the toilet Pedro do summat about it.

  58. reality check

    Is it over already then yeah… all this hype about Leagues and Champions Leagues.

    Can we get back to reality and discuss how we’re going to defend our FA Cup? Mabey its better to save the OX for the FA Cup team and only give him a few cameos in the league.?

    It’s extremely important we maintain our grip on the Cup. We need to establish ourselves as the ‘Ones to beat’ in the Cup. We need to keep the trophies coming in to keep Alexis and Ozil onside.


  59. InsideRight

    Wenger has got away with it for too many years.

    He inherited the best back four we’ve ever had and Dennis Bergkamp. He tapped into quality French players other clubs weren’t wise to. He used the Arsenal name to lure in some other signings. We won things.

    Since he’s had full responsibility for building a defence, and competing for players with other clubs much improved in scouting, he’s struggled to get a team that can perform and went nine years without a trophy.

    What we are seeing is real Wenger. The changes needed are at the top. Other managers can achieve more with the players at his disposal.

  60. WrightIsGod

    Currently watching the Monday Night Football analysis team’s pre, mid and post.

    I’d prefer a combination of Carragher, Henry, Neville as manger over Wenger. I don’t care how stupid that sounds it they at least have a tactical clue and would inspire the plays more.

  61. WrightIsGod

    Even Ramsey’s offside goal. WTF was he even doing in that position. If you look around him you’ve got Sanchez and Ozil occupying the same area. If the ball is turned over, who is on the right side.

    Wenger literally just tells them to do what they want it’s embarrassing.

  62. Mohap99

    I am beginning to think Wenger has some shares at arsenal, or some kinda deal not to spend because maybe he gets paid part of the profit we make? I mean I don’t know what to think anymore.. How will a Top class manager be afraid to spend money….money that is not his… Money that can improve us and win him the UCL..

    Wenger should Quit…. We had the chance to get some outstanding players(Schneiderlin, Vidal and co.) I dont care if Cazorla was our most outstanding player last year, bench him if it guarantees you success.. and Ramsey!!! Oh Lord…. Will he start at any other Top team ? I doubt… Maybe he is Wengers secret son.. I dont know what to think of the old man anymore

    CA.. your team looks like it but I would drop Ramsey for Santi in that team… BUT Wenger sees all these in some kind of way thats known to him alone

  63. SpanishDave

    Watching us play nowadays shows we cannot move forwards quickly playing tippy tippy in the middle of the park while teams assemble their defense.
    No wide players, to stretch defenses, then a one leg ged plonker in the middle sticking his tongue out.
    Sad days are here, Teflon Wenger carries on regardless, oh for a run of bad games to finally get rid of him.

  64. El Patron

    We need Ramsey busting a gut from midfield and banging in goals… he is useless on the wings… cause he is slow and he doesn’t stay on the fackin wings!!

    Ramsey Schniderlin combo would have been great. sigh… oh Wenger

  65. Logie Bear

    Cesc, Bamford, Carts – frustrating is an understatement. I fear that the more someone like Neville actually tells it like it is, the more entrenched and stubborn AW becomes.
    Its like Groundhog Day again and again.

  66. Logie Bear

    To add to the “wonder what they do in training” debate – do we practice set pieces?

    We always get excited when we win a corner, but all too often it fails to even clear the first defender. I’m sure someone out there will quote me stats to say that actually last season we scored more than anyone from set pieces (?) but at the moment its just yet another source of frustration.

    Can’t Bould teach them the near post flick on from his heyday ?!?!