Arsene claims pace key to success. Giroud on the bench?

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The rains are back. So much promise after a stunning weekend of sun. But here is the segue question you were waiting for… who will the rain pour on this evening?

*Takes bow

It’s the first real test of the season. Liverpool had a bad season last year, in part due to injury, in part to losing Luis Suarez and in part to signing a rabble of pretty average players with £100m at their disposal.

Their main mistake was replacing one of the most menacing strikers in the world with a player who is one of the most overrated, laid back and lazy players on the planet. Mario derailed them last year. One cog drops in your pressing approach and you’re dead.

Rodgers has tried to bring back some of that tenacity and pace by signing players like Benteke and Firmino.

How that will play out probably won’t kick in until November. So this gives Arsenal, a far more settled team, the opportunity to take advantage of communications fractures that are sure to be present in their set up.

One of the best ways to upset a new team is hit them at pace. That’s what Wenger has said is key to disrupting the Scousers tonight.

When he says things like that, you have to wonder whether Giroud will start or whether he’ll opt for a Community Shield like line up. Could we see Theo playing through middle? Flanked by Chambo and Sanchez? Wouldn’t that be tasty!

If Giroud is dropped, it’s a positive step for the team. It means that Wenger is taking rotation seriously even at this early stage of the season. That would be an act of progress.

In midfield, Coquelin partnered by Coquelin with Ozil operating in the hole. I doubt he’ll go for that, he usually needs to make sure Rambo is in there as well. But Wenger made a point of talking up Santi before the game.

“Santi is an important player in the buildup of our game. He is naturally a guy who brings fluidity, and gets you out of tight situations.”

Mesut is supremely confident about the game.

“We are at home and we know exactly how we can beat Liverpool; that is what we want to do on Monday.

“We were highly concentrated. The manager gave us tasks on the pitch and we executed them perfectly. That’s what we will have to do on Monday again.

“We have to believe in ourselves as we have the potential to beat every team and we will show that on Monday.”

You can’t knock the confidence having a game plan can give to a team. Hopefully the plan and the instruction pack dished out for this one will come to fruition.


This match has big game written all over it, the players will turn up. We need to send a message to the rest of the league we’re not a soft touch this year. Manchester City were excellent once again yesterday, they really are going to be the pace setters this season. However, I think we’ve learnt in the past that a strong start doesn’t equate to a strong end.

Big game, take a damn rain jacket and let’s hope it’s a monsoon of delightful football that drenches Rodgers new team.

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  1. Santos

    Andy Townsend drew parallels with this game. I thought he was drunk. It turned out I was the actual mug for not seeing how veritable his analysis was.

  2. TitsMcGee

    It really may take abject failure for real change to occur. While I’m not rooting for said failure, I sure as hell cannot wait for change.”

    Unfortunately Wenger will never fail hard enough to get sacked.

    It really is a unique situation we as fans find ourselves in. Not terrible but not great either.

    On top of it all Wenger has convinced most that what he is doing for us is a favor.

  3. Relieable Sauce

    Wengers waiting for MU to qualify for the UCL & us to be out of the title race before he signs anyone.

  4. izzo

    honestly i think this is the season Wenger fails hard. Doesnt matter who he signs now its a little too late. I just wonder what fans will be like at the stadium when we’re languishing mid table come December. I know its hard for most of you to se that but don’t be surprised when it happens.

  5. Sam

    For me We should go after Pato than Benzema
    He hasn’t had major injury for 2 years now. It will be a shame If he ends up at Tottenham n we still stuck with Giroud

  6. Sam

    Groovers not even mentioning our disallowed goal that could have changed everything.
    despite playing shit We should have won the game

  7. champagne charlie

    Well what do you know, we lacked an authoritative presence in the center of midfield and a top class striker….

    Absolute microcosm of Arsenal this last decade all wrapped into 90mins. G.Neville was spot on in his analysis post-game. Lather, rinse, fucking repeat.

    Transfer Checklist: Testicles, DM, ST. *sigh*

  8. Relieable Sauce

    We are playing 2 games a week very soon, league cup, UCL games & chelsea & MU in the league.
    If/when an outfield player comes in, they are going to have to settle in quickly if they are going to inspire AFC to a title challenge.

    Ibrahimovic & Joey Barton cant even save us now.



  9. Follow the money

    Teams have figured out how to stop Wenger ball especially at home. With the new TV money other clubs are investing wisely and Wenger’s flat track bully plan may not be enough. Izzo may be right. This may be the season we crash. Everyone else is adapting evolving strengthening but Wenger is doing the same old boring crapfest. Can you say Dumpster Fire?

  10. champagne charlie

    We could rue not making the Klopp transition this summer. Next term is the Euro’s so any managerial changes will be much tougher to deal with. This summer was prime, back to winning “trophies” and with a healthy bank balance coupled with a full summer to bed-in, we could’ve transitioned nicely into a new era.

    But no, same wait-until-the-death transfer “strategy” to go along with the usual sub-standard start to a season. Deja with a dose of Vu.

  11. Redtruth


    Try watching the game lol

    Circa 2006-2007-2008-2009-2010-2011-2012-2013-2014-2015
    In fact Circa 1996-2015 has been walking the ball in the football.

  12. champagne charlie


    oh the irony… Coquelin was average. Tell me the next time you see one of the elite DM’s charging around the pitch going to ground at every moment, you don’t because they read the game and have positional sense. No point bashing just him though, the team is set-up wrong as G.Neville alluded to. We can’t mix it, have no strength/drive in the heart of midfield, and are toothless.

  13. izzo

    that one time we had Benteke bursting into the box with Chambers cluthing his back thats what this team lacks we have no one big and strong enough doing that no one bulldozing there way into the opposition box to win a pen or score a goal. its just pass side to side while the opposition regroups. aint nothing change we will see the same in the next game and the game after i really pity the fans that turn up week in week out for this crap must be hard draining your pockets to see that live i mean its hard enough for me to watch on tv.

  14. Follow the money

    Izzo someone remarked earlier that in the tunnel Liverpool players looked like giants compared to ours. No Vieiras no Sol Campbell types no real striker Wenger’s obsession with small technical players is going to fail at some point

  15. N1GOONER

    Kevin Gameiro from Sevilla – cheap, pacey, good passing up, can play RW as well as CF, has top level experience, prime age. Would get goals in our side.

  16. Kiyoshi Ito


    Keep renewing your ticket son…

    Absolute loser..No wonder your wife left you….

    Shit for brains,springs to mind..

  17. N'Gambo

    We haven’t scored in 5 of our last 6 home games – and Wenger thinks we don’t need a striker.

    And btw, this idea that the transfer window stays open a month into the season is just stupid. Shut it the night before the first game FFS!

  18. Relieable Sauce

    Sanchez/Welbz – Pedro/The Ox

    Sell Theo & JC – net spend around £50-£60m.

    No players out there that improve us though…Ssshhh, I’m hunting wabbits.

  19. champagnes charlie


    “How did coquelin play?” – Redtruth

    Literally just responded to your question about him you absolute fuckwit, not at all interested in talking noise about coquelin….as I then stated.

    He merely represents 1 of 2 positions we could upgrade with a phone call tomorrow.

  20. peanuts&monkeys

    Wenger has to go. The club has to find another purpose to exist, than generating wealth for its shareholders. Isn’t a decade enough? More than enough? Under the garb of a new stadium a football team has become a group of money stackers. Shame on Arsenal. Shame on you Arsenal’s English fans, you have allowed this decline.

  21. Sam

    The Sell Theo evangelists are very silly
    First we don’t have a big squad, second Theo is our second best winger n more prolific goalscorer after Sanchez why should he be sold?
    and he’s good lad no big ego like Tevez, won’t cause any trouble for being benched.
    Walcott is a good player to have in the squad its Wenger that has to go. my God! he’s not even bothered being behind Giroud what if we had Aguero?

  22. Sam

    Theo Walcott gets 140k a week?

    Rooney gets twice that amount plus his image right what a f*ck does it do
    Believe me even Chelsea or Man city will pay big money to get him off our hands.

  23. mysticleaves

    I don’t know what the ozil bashing is about. I watched the game and I thought he totally dominated/bossed/controlled the second half.

    Santi gets a lot of free pass here but he has been one of our worse players this season.

    Coq is the man! could make the team of the season. one of the better DMs this season.

    Cech was immense for us yesterday. already pulled the save of the season. I believe this is what we paid for.

    I don’t see how people don’t expect Arsene to talk about Chambers and Gabriel starting at the 11th hour as disruption. within 15mins everyone could see it wasn’t planned.

    Chambo needs to start more games for this club. we need that drive.

  24. Rustygunner

    The last minute withdrawal of Per an Kocieleny unsettled the team last night, and gave Liverpool encouragement. But the draw will give the Arsenal lots of believe going forward. They stood the withering test of Liverpool and almost won the game with 2 very important players missing. So let’s have heart gunners. I am not an AKB and wish we could bring more players.

  25. Thank you and goodnight

    Well played Sir Gary Neville…..about time someone in the media attacked wenger CORRECTLY for his failings

  26. champagne charlie

    “Theo Walcott gets 140k a week?
    Rooney gets twice that amount plus his image right what a f*ck does it do
    Believe me even Chelsea or Man city will pay big money to get him off our hands.”

    How are the women on your planet Sam? Chelsea and City may buy Theo, but he’d do well to get 140k at clubs who hand out silly wages. Also, he’d be there to fill a homegrown quota rather than being a star of their attack. Theo is a decent player, he offers something different, but is no more than a 20min sub. For him to earn that much, and more importantly take the place of someone who could earn that and contribute 3x what he can is ludicrous.

    Anyway, as you were on planet clueless.

  27. Thank you and goodnight


  28. Emiratesstroller

    Arriving yesterday at Emirates to discover that Arsenal were without both regular Centre Backs suggested to me that we were likely to be “in survival mode”
    and so it proved in first half of game.

    Yes we were unlucky that the goal was disallowed, which might have changed
    the complexion of game, but realistically our defending in first half was “micky mouse” and totally naive.. The idea that Chambers has the making of a ‘top class centre back” is frankly as remote as him being good enough to play
    right back.

    However, in view of the circumstances I blame Wenger for our predicament
    in defence. He should have played Debuchy on this occasion in preference to
    Bellerin, because clearly we needed on this occasion more experience in back

    Nevertheless the real concern for me is the tactical paucity of the teams that
    Wenger selects in home games. Arsenal have now won only one game in last
    six at home in EPL and we have NOT MANAGED TO SCORE A GOAL in five
    of these games.

    You can blame individual players for this situation or you can blame the MANAGER FOR POOR SET UP OF TEAM. I am afraid that I opt for the latter. Every
    team that comes to the Emirates since the Chelsea game last season plays in
    almost similar fashion.

    They pack the defence and play counter attacking football against us. Arsenal
    continue to pack the centre of midfield with absolutely NO WIDTH or pace
    along the wings. Inevitably Giroud is crowded out of the game, because he is

    Much of the criticism of Giroud is actually down to the sterility and impotence of the rest of the team. I have made the case over last two weeks that for
    all our technical ability in midfield we are completely IMPOTENT there and with Sanchez not in top form we are struggling to score goals.

    Surely I am not alone in seeing that Messrs Ozil, Cazorla and Coquelin are not
    going to score many goals and if Sanchez is off form as he is the question you need to ask is who is going to provide the team with cutting edge?

    Wenger maintains that he cannot buy a top class Striker. Frankly I accept that
    argument, but then perhaps he needs to look at alternative solutions like finding goalscoring potential elsewhere in team.

    The bottom line is that Arsenal has at the moment a squad of 24 players and
    we have made only one change this season in goal. Does Wenger believe
    seriously that our squad is strong enough or more importantly offers enough
    options elsewhere in team? Personally I don’t think so.

    Based on what I have seen so far this season we need to bring into the team at least two new players and at moment I would be inclined to make some changes in midfield, which might be contrary to what others may think.

    First Coquelin received a nasty knock early in yesterday’s game. That highlighted the risk of Arsenal going into season with no alternative option if he
    gets injured. Chambers poor performance also was of real concern. Therefore
    buying a player like CARVALHO from Sporting Lisbon who can play in both
    positions should be a realistic target.

    Second Arsenal need to replace some of the midfielders in our squad. We do
    not need four playmakers who do not score goals. We need at least one midfielder who can score double digit goals or a winger who is more consistent
    than Walcott or Ox. That is why I would have attempted to buy a player like
    GOTZE or REUS.

    Finally the real concern for me is the club’s lack of ambition and poor management particularly when compared to Manchester City and Chelsea. The
    people who run both clubs seem to identify problems and make decisions far
    more quickly than we are capable of doing.

    It is not just Wenger who dithers but the major Shareholder, Board and CEO
    as well. Life is too comfortable at the club.

  29. Mr J

    Funny reading the Guardian… except it really is funny at all

    …Here, though, the most bizarre aspect of Arsenal’s play was the insistence on trying and failing to play out from the back, giving the ball away so many times it almost looked like a tactic. Calum Chambers may end up having worse games but the limits of human possibility suggest not many and not by much.

    A genuinely odd opening 45 minutes at the Emirates saw Liverpool transformed into Arsenal – all fine, searching attacking play but no finish – and Arsenal transformed into a hilariously brittle impersonation of a football team without any interest in protecting its own goalkeeper. At the end of which it was tempting to conclude there is indeed a degree of genuine perversity, of stubborn amour propre in Wenger’s refusal to strengthen, physically and defensively, this team of fine attacking talents.

    Instead, three matches into a season that was supposed to provide a ratcheting back up towards genuine title contenders, Arsenal have shown in every game the same unaddressed weakness: a lack of presence and bite through the centre of the team that makes such talk seem absurdly hopeful.

    Better teams than Liverpool will punish them. Worse teams than Liverpool will punish them. Above all we have simply been here too many times before. The talk in recent days has been of midfield replacements, with Lars Bender the latest name dredged up by the defensive midfield random name generator. Why, one wonders, are we still talking about this, so obvious is the need, the sense of an excellent attacking team let down by the absence of a little routine stitching at its back.

  30. Thank you and goodnight

    @Frank Mc

    Is that the stadium that wenger built single handedly mate? I heard he drew up the plans and built it himself.

  31. Frank Mc

    TYAG and he does all the catering himself….the geezer really is a genius! We’re so lucky to have him at the helm of the good ship Arsenal….

  32. Wallace

    Champagne Charlie

    “oh the irony… Coquelin was average. Tell me the next time you see one of the elite DM’s charging around the pitch going to ground at every moment, you don’t because they read the game and have positional sense.”

    he was charging around the pitch making last ditch tackles because his teammates kept giving the fuckin’ ball away.

    try and break out a little objectivity when you’re talking about him.

  33. SpanishDave

    We have had 103 attempts at goal during the last 5 home games without scoring a single goal.
    What does Wenger do? ,nothing.
    He really doesn’t know what to do.
    His career is over really but the owner and board will let him take us down.

  34. champagne charlie


    Objectivity? You mean bias? He’s not good enough for a title challenging team, period. I reiterate my point about a top DM being someone who reads play, they’re intelligent, mop up, and distribute/dictate. Coquelin is like a wind-up monkey, he reacts to the ball and chases it when loose. He’s a good scrapper, but not top grade.

    Again, as I stated before….I didn’t pick on him from the game, I was answering a question posed to me. He was better than several, but he was still bang average (highlighting just how poor we were). So dry your eyes because I’m not giving Coquelin a gold star for being average among dog shit, I have higher standards of a team with our resources.

  35. mysticleaves

    champagne charlie

    I stick out my neck and say after 3 matches, watching the top 6 teams dm, coq has been the best

  36. rollen

    But Benzema posted a picture of himself in a Real shirt on Twitter yesterday and wrote: ‘For all those clowns who want to make believe things at my fans. Here this is my home!’

  37. rollen

    All of a sudden the most significant signings between 2004-09; I can’t think of a word to describe that bunch – I could but it wouldn’t be usable on television.

    ‘Certainly not what I would call what you want to win you a league.’

    Gary N.

  38. goona

    We were walked all over last night at home, only Chech saved us.

    Sanchez is having to drop deeper and deeper just to get the ball. Our link up play is dire, slow and predictable.

    There are no players (other than Sanchez) with any fire in their bellies, no winners…

    As for the “manager”…..if you can call him that…yet again he does NOTHING to change a game, not that he would have a clue how to!

    Walcott £140K pw to sit on a bench…..dire managerial decision. He should not even be in the club….utter shite.

    WTF will happen when we play City?……a cricket score?

  39. mysticleaves

    but honestly, if we can’t buy a striker that “can improve us” we need to buy a winger that can.

    Marco Reus is there for the taking. bully dortmund into accepting a bid.

    make then and him an offer they and he can’t refuse. we are a big club with a shinny new stadium for gods sake

  40. mysticleaves

    ” We were walked all over last night at home, only Chech saved

    I understand your frustration at how things are going but at least be honest.

    they had the best of chances in the first half. mostly from counters. not at one point did they runs us all over.

    the 2ndhalf was one of the most dominating Arsenal half I have ever seen.

  41. Thank you and goodnight

    We don’t need to buy anyone we just Need to fuck off wenger. Buying players won’t make a difference with that fuck wit in charge of the team.

  42. goona

    Completetly agree! TOP POST!…apart from the world “comfortable”……I’ finding it rather painful LOL!

  43. champagne charlie


    LOL I’d wind your neck in mate… Dire vs west ham, Subbed liability vs Palace, Bang average vs Pool and you’re sticking your neck out to say he’s been the best in the league so far? Who’s your dealer?

    This Coquelin love affair is repugnant. The sooner a proper DM is bought the better. Gonalons would be easy pickings at Lyon, 26, 6’2, captain, experienced and top drawer. As for a CF, there’s plenty we could get. Cavani, Higuain, Lacazette, Morata, Rodrigo. To have added nobody is abysmal management.

  44. peanuts&monkeys

    @Sam “Believe me even Chelsea or Man city will pay big money to get him off our hands.”

    ManC and Chelsea has done many such mistakes in the past, whether from us or from elsewhere. That doesn’t make this half-baked winger a striker of goals. Sell or not, he should not play.

    And, you SAM you area hopeless AKB!! You go lick Wenger’s bony arse.

  45. mysticleaves

    direct comparison with the top 6 DMs might only find fernandino better than coq this season. believe it or not.

    ” This Coquelin love affair is repugnant. ”

    this coquelin hate and “not good enough” agenda is repugnant as well..
    there, fixed it for you

  46. Wallace

    Champagne Charlie

    “Objectivity? You mean bias?…This Coquelin love affair is repugnant.”

    but you’re staking your rep on him being a hindrance. so as long as he’s one of our best players – physically dominant, and comfortable in possession – you’re going to look a bit dumb, aren’t you?

  47. peanuts&monkeys

    Both Rodrigo and Lacaz will be excellent additions. The point this donkey Giroud is not threatened for his position. He is fit enough to be dumped in duct bin of EPL. But WengerEvil does not have the will to spend to show Giroud his actual place.

    Wenger to the IS!

  48. peanuts&monkeys

    Either get these players at the DM or CF, OR get this evil manager replaced. What does Wenger think? Is Arsenal his fiefdom that he can do anything with the fans?

    Can Arsenal afford to play 3 home matches at even half capacity of Emirates? I call upon the London Gooners to boycott the next home match. Send a strong message and change the way you see your club. Else, keep getting humiliated week -in, week-out.

  49. peanuts&monkeys

    Can Arsenal afford to play 3 home matches at even half capacity of Emirates? I call upon the London Gooners to boycott the next home match. Send a strong message and change the way you see your club. Else, keep getting humiliated week -in, week-out.

  50. peanuts&monkeys

    Hit them where it hurts most. All that this BoD knows well is the money they get from, your tickets and TV rights. Hit them where they are hurt most.

    Boycott the next home match. Send a strong message and change the way you see your club. Else, keep getting humiliated week -in, week-out.

  51. peanuts&monkeys

    Make the board get us rid of this Evil manager. Wenger is the root of alll evil at Arsenal. Get him sacked. Boycott the next home match. Sacrifice that ticket. Sacrifice that 50 pounds and you will get an improved Arsenal for next 5 years.

    Boycott the next home match.

  52. Samesong


    Arsene Wenger has ruled out signing a defensive midfielder before the transfer window shuts, saying he is happy with his options.

    Arsenal have been criticised fans for not buying another holding midfielder to support Francis Coquelin, with Mikel Arteta and Mathieu Flamini the only competition.

    When asked about the need for more ‘powerful’ midfielders by reporters, Wenger replied: “Everybody has their opinion and everybody is entitled to have an opinion. I could prove to you that it’s not necessarily right.

    “When you don’t win, you’re wrong and people always find reasons why. Are they the good reasons?

    “I think I have enough experience and intelligence to know when it’s right and when it’s wrong.”

  53. tunnygriffboy

    First half was a disaster. Chambers had a mare bless him had a mare. Between him and Santi they gave the ball away so many times and gifted them so many chances. Thank god for Coquelin and the brilliance of Cech. Having said that, we scored a good goal in the 6th minute , a shockingly bad decision disallowed it.

    Second half we were much better thou couldn’t have been worse. Ox should have come on when Theo came on. We probed a lot but again lacked width bar Monreal. Sad thing is we create two gilt edged chances for Alexiis and Giroud. If we’re going to beat the better teams you have to take them

    Cech 9
    Bellerin 6
    Chambers 4
    Gabriel 6
    Monreal 7
    Coquelin 8
    Santi 5
    Ramsey 7
    Ozil 7
    Alexis 5
    Giroud 5

  54. mysticleaves

    ” One last thing I want to mention which I think tips the books in
    favor of Coquelin for man of the match: he had two inch-perfect
    tackles in the box which prevented Liverpool from getting big
    chance shots on Arsenal’s goal. In fact, despite the ooohing and
    aaahing of the announcers and the crowd, Liverpool only had
    one big chance in that game. I put that down, largely, to
    Coquelin. In that first half, he single-handedly kept Arsenal
    ticking over: winning the ball back, starting the attacks, and
    mopping up after the rather disjointed play of Arsenal’s
    makeshift center back pairing.
    Oh yeah, and Coquelin led all players with 91% passing on 76 attempts.”

    but but….he’s not good enough to play for the Arsenal.lololol

  55. champagne charlie

    @wallace @mystic

    yea you’re right mate he was top drawer vs Liverpool, I’m truly worried in the last week of this window Bayern or Real will come and snatch him off us. Or he’s not the grade and has contributed to a loss and a draw at home, while being hauled off in our only win of the new season because he was a liability. Then again why talk fact when it’s much easier to vomit hyperbole. If he played for Stoke you’d call him a french lee cattermole, but when he dons the Arsenal logo he’s fucking Makalele to you idiots. Priceless.

    I’ll stand corrected when he’s the rock of midfield that carries us to the premier league title. Coquelin is the beneficiary of Flamini’s rapid decline, it’s like replacing Sanogo with Giroud….makes the big man look like Romario, when in fact he’s a stylish Andy Carroll. I can see how the simpletons get duped.

  56. tunnygriffboy


    He is entitled to say that. It is his team and if itgoes tits up he has to face the consequences. He obviously has belief in the squad.

    You are of course allow to disagree and if he does fail with 50 million in thebank then there will be more angry people than you.

  57. peanuts&monkeys

    Hit them where it hurts most. All that this BoD knows well is the money they get from, your tickets and TV rights. Hit them where they are hurt most.Boycott the next home match.
    Send a strong message and change the way you see your club. Else, keep getting humiliated week -in, week-out.

  58. tunnygriffboy

    Mr J

    Have you read the comments section below that cbliched laden article. Objective analysis from both Arsenal and Liverpool supporters.


    Ramsey is a ten goal a season midfielder. Done it the last 2 seasons. Normally they come when he’s playing in the middle arriving late in the box

    Alexis and Giroud had great chances 6 yards out. Though we didn’t create much, they should have put away. Despite the horrendous passing of our CBs and Santi we had a clear goal disallowed early in the game. It may have altered things, it may have not

    Ox and Walcott in for weekend instead of Santi and Giroud. Cbs to come back in if well.

  59. wenker-wanger

    no arsenal fan with any real intelligence and some experience of the past 10 seasons should be surprised at this lacklustre and dismal start to thje season.
    Same old same old Same old same old !!!!!
    Interestingly some random spuds fan on talksport was criticizing arsenal fans as whingers after only 3 games and it was absurd to want wenger out.
    There can be no stronger support for the wenger-out campaign than a spud supporting wenger, Ironic i think you’ll agree.
    Arsenal lack width, they usually do and historically the left wing position is the dumping ground for strikers and midfielders that cant get selected for their best position in the middle. Correct me if im wrong but havent we seen arshavin, ozil ramsey, cazorla and the strangest one of all :Bendtner? in this dreaded position?
    Benzema at 50m is only a slight improvement on giroud and he will encounter the same problems of being stifled by defenses that have worked wengers tactica out years ago.
    The other noises from this random spud were that the wenger out brigade are fickle.Another moronic comment as come token victory or dismal defeat, these fans have STEADFASTLY wanted this charlatan out.
    Personally i would take any prem manager over wenger, i once mentioned pardew. Maybe not everyones cup of tea, but he talks tactics, is not afraid to bust a gut to get a new player in, has great desire and passion and is a big improvement on the money-obsessed egotistical stubborn clueless charlatan we currently have.
    We will get 4th…..and be above spurs, and some fans will just love that .

  60. SpanishDave

    Watching the match last night it is clear that the players are not disciplined during training.
    Ramsey just goes wherever he wants, rarely on the right. Sanchez goes also in side , the result is a screwed up midfield with less options for movement.
    Watch Man City and see how they keep their shape throughout the game, stretching opponents.
    Last night there were 4players standing around the pen area,not moving thus easy to mark and giving Pzil nothing to work with.
    This pattern goes on all the time.
    Wenger has no idea now what to do, the game has changed and he is living off the past. The trouble is he has got too many ave Joes, running around in circles.
    Nothing will change until we wake up with a bad run of results. It will happen his tomfoolery will surface.

  61. Emiratesstroller


    Agree with your assessment.

    However, the problem with the Arsenal at moment and indeed over many years is not the “individual ability’ of the players in the squad, but the collective all-round performance.

    Frankly it is the lack of balance in team which is selected by Wenger to play
    particularly in home games. A team which does not manage to score a goal in
    5 of the last 6 home games in EPL is clearly not properly equipped to win those games and a Manager who persists in believing that he is RIGHT and everybody else is WRONG as unfortunately Wenger does is frankly the WRONG

    Let’s be clear the current problem at Arsenal is not the performance of Coquelin or the lack of goals and mobility of Giroud. The problem is how the
    Team is set up and plays in most games.

    Most of time we play “intricate short passing game” where inevitably the ball
    is lost in most instances. Also most of our midfielders seem to be unwilling to
    shoot let alone score goals. That is half the problem in that there is a total lack
    of responsibility with most of them to try and score. Ozil in particular is at
    fault. You can afford to have one such player in team but not a collective.

    Giroud will only be an impact player if the rest of team are playing fluid mobile game with accurate crosses into box and with other players providing
    goalscoring options. If he is the only outlet then frankly he is not a solution.

    The lack of transfer activity this summer is a strong indication that those running the club are not only complacent but completely lacking in ideas as to
    how to improve team/squad.

    No other manager would have renewed contracts of Rosicky and Arteta let alone kept Flamini on books. I would also question the value of keeping Walcott as well. If you are lucky he may perform in 1 in 10 games that he plays.
    He is a ‘luxury player’, which at moment we can ill afford.

    Wenger should be asked the question why Chelsea and Manchester City are always able to secure players whilst we more often than not miss out. Frankly
    it is not just about throwing money at problem, but also how we conduct our
    negotiations. One suspects that we make very heavy weather of our negotiations.

  62. tunnygriffboy


    For both sides. Be ironic had Gabriel been penalised for grappling when Skertyl does it every corner 🙂


    Why the Coquelin dislike/hate. He was immense last night. His tackles last niight were a result of having to mop up Chambers and Santi mistakes. We were lucky he was there. He’s quicker than I thought. He made a pile of interceptions and his mopping up kept them pinned in for long periods as well. He seems to be gaining in confidence and his passing quality and range is improving. He’s also covers our fullbacks a lot when they find themselves up top.

  63. mysticleaves

    champagne charlie

    6/6 tackles, 93%pass accuracy, countless ball recoveries and interception against crystal palace

    “but…but…he was a liability vs crystal palace ”

    you are just but hurt that the boy is justifying his hype.

    Even if he climbs down a notch or two and plays like he did against westham every week he’d still be good enough cos he wasn’t bad that day.
    suck on that!

  64. tunnygriffboy


    A well organised defence is often really hard to break down. It takes organization and a bit of luck for it to succeed. It’s vital you take your chances when you get them as you won’t get money, it’s why that lino’s decision was so vital.

    Yes we needed more width and Ox should have come on earlier. However you have to admit that Alexis and Giroud were given excellent chances they should have finished

    I think the majority of their chances first have came from us coughing up possession in our own half. Thank god for Coquelin and the Cechmeister

  65. blsany

    All of sudden arsenal are weak defensively
    What absolute nonsense we had no koscielny no mertasacker
    We don’t need another dm what top team in the world plays with two dm
    Coquelin was faultless today again.
    All teams in the prem suffer the same probs in midfield arsenal have
    Arsenal play with cazorla and coquelin, cazorla leaves coquelin exposed
    Chelsea play with fabregas and matic, fabregas leaves matic exposed
    Man city play with fernandinho and toure, toure leaves fernandinho exposed
    man united are the only team that play with two dm they play with Carrick and schneiderlin, their attack as many pundits mention is too slow and this is because they have no midfield runners or creative player from deep
    Now I am not pundit yet I managed to figure this out, yet all I keep hearing is arsenal needed schneiderlin arsenal should buy bender arsenal should buy wanyama
    Why spend 25-30 mill on a player who is gonna sit on the bench?
    Gary neville will be critising man united for playing with two dm then criticise arsenal for playing only one it makes no sense.
    Pundits and journos really need to start thinking before opening their gobs it’s starting to pee me off

  66. mysticleaves

    ” I think the majority of their chances first have came from us
    coughing up possession in our own half. ”


    and I think you can attribute that to the sudden partnership of Gab and Chambers.