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I am hungover. Not a good day for me.

Just watching Gazza on Sky Sports at the moment.

‘Hey Gazza, can you come on the show and we’ll basically laugh at all your jokes and blow smoke up your ass?’

‘Butterflies man, butterflies’

Ask him about Raol Moat. That’d be interesting.

Anyway, onto the days news.


Nope, we just have to sit here and purr at the Manchester City signings. Sterling, De Bruyne and Otamendi are statment signings.

There’s talk about Chelsea and Pogba. Surely, surely, surely Pogba wouldn’t join Chelsea? It’s Barca or Madrid for him.

Or Arsenal?


Sorry, that was unfair.

So this weekend doesn’t really have that many interesting games. Chelsea struggled against West Brom last year, but Jose reckons his team of underachievers are back on track after an excellent week of training. Going to any Pulis side away is tough, so maybe a chance of dropped points there.

City play Everton. Normally I’d be confident of at least a chance of an upset. I don’t think Everton are the same beast under Martinez. All show, no bite. We’ll see though, they spanked Southampton pretty comprehensively!

We have a major game on Monday. Can Rodgers get his Liverpool defence right? Will his new team press? Can they cope without Sterling? Will Sturridge come back?

I think we’ll have too much for them. But I do think they’ll be better this season than they were last.

More on that tomorrow.

I really have nothing to pen at the moment. The news is totally dead.


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  1. bennydevito

    Afternoon Grovers,

    Hello there Gnarley, been a while!

    Bamford, what’s your Twitter? I’ll give you a follow.

  2. Cesc Appeal

    Nice finish from Morrison.

    Decent game this.

    Fabregas needlessly giving away possession, hasn’t started the season at all well. Why I wouldn’t be surprised to see Chelsea go after a CM.

  3. Reliable sauce


    All fair points but the chances of a PSG or MU move dont seem beyond the realms, certainly enough for a transfer rumour I would have thought.

  4. Cesc Appeal

    Pedro playing well.

    He’s going to make Chelsea a lot less ponderous in attack which I sometimes feel they can be.

  5. Bamford10

    Wenger is at least now SAYING somewhat “promising” things, e.g., he feels pressure to sign someone, he’s open to “gambling” on a player.

    The latter is a stupid Wengerism, of course — as if signing quality players is akin to “gambling” — but one can at least read a signing or two into these comments.

    Either Bender or Krychowiak would improve us. As would Benzema, obviously.

  6. Bamford10

    Pedro playing well, yes, but Willian is not. All Pedro has done is improve Chelsea wide right; the question remains, though, who should play through the center with Fabregas and Matic? Willian? Oscar? Hazard? A new signing?

  7. Cesc Appeal


    I said in the week if Chelsea could land Witsel say, play a Matic, Witsel base they could then push Fabregas into the CAM role.

    Willian is getting bundles of space and time in that hole, a good No.10 would be killing West Brom right now.

    I do like Willian though, not slating him.

  8. Marko

    Most managers it doesn’t take much for them to spend but ours needs to be pressured into signing players. Easy to see where the problem lies

  9. warchester

    this game shows why a strong defense is more important than a super offense…chelsea have more problems defensively than they have in attack…they can’t get it together at the back like last season

    and that is why we’ll never be contenders…our game is not built on staunch defending