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If we aren’t signing players, I like to read about other teams that are.

Chelsea stealing Pedro from United. Now that’s what I call banter.

He’s a great player. Explosive pace, really clinical and very unglamourous. Think he’ll do well in the Premier League.

How about us? Oh what? Nothing.


If Wenger were a gangster, they’d call him Two-Short Arsene. The other gangsters wouldn’t get the play on words. They’d be confused by the fact that Arsene is tall. That’s why they’d fear him people. Fear him like the devil.

I’m staggered.

No, actually I’m not.

It is standard Wenger to go into a season with a bag full of potential excuses.

It’s standard for Arsenal fans to bark…


Forgive me for thinking this will be like every other season. Here’s the thing, Arsenal fan who remembers no history, once the window is shut, you’ll say…

‘Well, it is what it is JUST SUPPORT THE LADS’

So predictable. Then when it goes wrong, you’ll say, ‘hey, really think the manager understands what he needs now and he’ll make amends in January’… then he won’t.

Honestly. What a laugh supporting under Wenger is. Never has the guts to kick on. Never really has a plan b unless it’s forced.

Not signing any players a week and half before the window shuts really is outrageous.


If you nab Karim, we are winning. So just hurry up and pull your damn finger out.

There literally isn’t any other news in the press at the moment. It’s dead. Which could mean Ivan is plotting. Or, it could mean he’s not. It usually means he’s not.

Right, have a great day. I’ll be back when there’s something interesting to talk about.


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  1. gonsterous

    Hey groovers.. can’t wait for the Liverpool game and the panic buys.. it’s all a matter of time now… Gotta go.. laundry day !!

  2. naijagunner

    Arsenal are in the wrong business …..this is football not banking .

    Even if the manager feels he doesn’t need new players. the fans should also be considered . New players gets the fans and even the players excited about a new season, why Arsenal football club choose to ignore this simple fact is anyone’s guess.

  3. blsany

    What everything even the first 6 years and all that and even the back to back Fa cups.I cant do that that would be very unfair on the Old Dog,I give credit where it’s due.Come at least be fair.He is past it now but we cant discredit everything.By the way i f i join your club i want a female from different race every night.Non negotiable.

  4. Dissenter

    Rodney Marsh: “I had a phone call from a mate of mine, and he’s been right on many things, and he said that he believes Real Madrid have accepted a bid somewhere in the region of £48million for Benzema from Arsenal.”…
    “In the past this guy has always been right, he’s never been wrong yet, so we’ll have to wait and see.”

    Never in the history of Journalism, has a story with a nameless source regarded as “a friend of mine” generated so much nonsense articles as this one.
    We gooners have become a target audience for every crappy pundit or sports personality.
    All thanks to Wenger’s haphazard and flaky approach.

  5. Redtruth

    gambon at one point got all deluded and wishful thinking about Arsenal’s prospects but now that the dust has settled and he can see what a crock of shit Cech is, reality nsmely the chickens have once again come home to roost

  6. bacaryisgod

    Kane-you’re joking right?

    You mentioned 9 players leaving the squad this season (either sold or on loan). Not a single one of them made a meaningful contribution last year.

    The squad has been strengthened if you believe Cech is an upgrade to Ospina. If you don’t then we’ve basically stood still.

  7. Reliable sauce

    Another slow day…

    PL team of season 2015/16 –

    Clyne Smalling Kompany ?
    Toure Silva Barkley
    Alexis Aguero Hazard

    Couldnt decide on a LB though.

  8. alex cutter

    Redtruth – I hole-hardedly agree. Usually, i could care less about your blathering posts, and your pre-Madonna like behavior, but it’s important to understand that’s theirs a pretty steep learning kerb involved here.

    And for all intensive purposes, and irregardless of your silliness, you are bound to loose this debate. Anyhow, this discussion is mute, and I’ve got to talk to our HR people to find about all the the French Benefits I’m entitled to here at work.

    Just remember, it’s a doggy-dog world, and as Jimi Hendrix once sang — ‘scuse me while I kiss this guy!

  9. Kiyoshi Ito

    vickyAugust 19, 2015 16:46:37
    Theo – 3rd/4th/5th choice on right wing.
    If we sign a striker, then possibly 3rd or 4th choice striker.
    Paying £140k P/W for a 3rd/4th choice right winger/striker, is incredible..

    & to think there is nothing better out there,than what we currently have,is even more perplexing.

    £140k for a bench warmer,who has neither established a position for himself,or progressed beyond recognition.
    Is just symptomatic of Arsene’s ramshackle FOOTBALLING POLICY(planning,preparation,organising and assembling a team together).

    No fornicating cohesion..

  10. Danny

    Never in the history of Journalism, has a story with a nameless source regarded as “a friend of mine” generated so much nonsense articles as this one.
    Yeah but it’s fun to daydream about this!

  11. Cesc Appeal

    London Gunner

    Do you have the ability to have a conversation about Theo Walcott without ignoring it all and talking about Danny Welbeck?

    The reason Walcott’s wages are in question is because we clearly had a choice with him this summer, sell a 26 year old who’s been inconsistent and injury prone for near a decade at Arsenal, or give him massive wages at bank on a 26 year old who’s scored 10 EPL goals once in his career to become a ST when needed.

    Welbeck has little to nothing to do with that.

    Personally I would have sold Walcott whilst there was some interest from Liverpool and plumbed that money into an upgrade, whether that was the ST we were after or a wide forward/wide playmaker.

  12. Cesc Appeal

    City getting closer to De Bruyne Sky are saying, I know they are technically our ‘rivals,’ sort of, but I’m looking forward to seeing that attack.

    They’ve looked fluid and pacey already, Silva and De Bruyne interchanging, Sterling providing pace with Aguero up top. Nice.

    Obviously not so nice when we play them.

  13. warchester

    de bruyne to city is sad news…league is forgone conclusion and with that squad, they are up there in the conversation in champions league though pellegrino have to get his tactics right

  14. vicky

    De Brune,Sterling, Otemandi and Delph – 4 solid additions on top of an already top class squad.

    Yaya and Kompany look like new signings.

    Even Chelsea have improved on paper although they look shaky at the moment.

    Falcao > Drogba of last season.
    Rahman > Luis
    Begovic ~ Cech
    Pedro >> Cuadrado

    If I were Arsene, I would not be sitting calmly but then “there is only one Arsene Wenger”

  15. Cesc Appeal

    ‘though pellegrino have to get his tactics right’

    This is the thing for them, on paper that side should be getting to the late stages of the UCL, but I don’t think Pellegrini is an especially great manager, reminds me a lot of Wenger, as does Van Gaal but in different ways, all stubborn, stuck in their ways and egos.

    He goes at sides with that 4-4-2 too much and ends up getting swamped in the middle of the park, City could do with going after someone like Krychowiak in all honesty, though Fernandinho played well against Chelsea, I just think a great CDM buy would provide foil for their abundance of attacking talent. Especially in Europe.

  16. Redtruth

    De Bruyne is a wizard we should all be worried about lol i’ll judge him as regular player nothing more nothing less.

    The over the top praise of some players is childlike.

  17. Cesc Appeal

    El Tel

    Don’t know, Van Gaal has a big ego, Wenger’s got a massive one just more understated.

    Mourinho is very spiky and gets aggressive in public quickly, but no doubt massive ego, great manager though and defending champion.

  18. UDA

    with or without KDB, ManCity’s title prospects hinge on how many games Aguero plays and how motivated Yaya Toure is. Of course, they’ll still be strong and challenge regardless but those two performing is key for them.

  19. vicky

    Well, I think Grovers have been a bit harsh on Pelliagrini. He wants his team to play attractive football. What’s wrong with that ? Of course playing extravagant football is a risk and does not pay off all the time. But to say someone is naive or not “modern” is not correct in my opinion.

    Being defensive like Moaninho and Simone is considered genius these days but that does not require any extraordinary skills. Getting your team to play flashy football is an art. Pelliagrini deserves credit for that.

  20. warchester


    their 2nd string squad would legit challenge for 4th place

  21. Redtruth

    Man City were going to win the title whoever they had signed.

    Wenger no thanks to the fans will finish in his customary 4th place.

    So stop whinging you get what you deserve.

  22. vicky

    warchesterAugust 20, 2015 19:28:30

    Disagree. That team is not all that. In fact City’s first choice team fails to get going without Yaya,Aguero and Silva playing in tandem, let alone a 2nd string team.

    Delph – average
    Navas- declining
    Nasri- declining
    Bony – Not a top 4 player

    Decent side but no way competes for top 4.

  23. tunnygriffboy


    Re Rodney Marsh ………. but, but, but, but ………. what if he’s right ? 🙂 🙂


    City if get Debruyne spend a cool £150 million this window. Blowss ffp apart

    Van Gaal quarter of a billion and still going despite the efforts of Woodward

    Tbh. I just wish it was over to put us out of our misery. Let’s get on with the football and try to get some enjoyment out of it. At the moment it’s like a runaway rollercoaster you can’t get off.

  24. warchester

    say all you want but play those players against the spurs, evertons and southamptons of the world you wouldn’t say any of those teams would be favorites to win, quite opposite in fact…in fact if you use a defensive style (or employ moronho to coach themn), I’ll bet that team can beat Arsenal’s first team

  25. Cesc Appeal


    We knew all this though, Wenger and the yes men at Arsenal were being disingenuous when they tried to foretell FFP would have some great levelling effect.

    And anyway, we’ve got about £80 Million to spend, could probably spend more as well if the manager asked for it…hahahahahaha, imagine that 🙂

    Yeah I agree, but I’m certainly not going in for any of this ‘window is over COYG! Get behind the boys.’ Nope.

    I will support my team through thick and thin, but I am not just sweeping this utter failure under the rug and being a ‘superfan.’ I will watch Oxlade with great expectation this season, Sanchez is always a delight, Gnabry on loan and I want to see Gabriel as well…but if things stay as they are, Wenger can go f**k himself as far as I’m concerned, I don’t want to hear about how geared up the team is for the title, how ambitious we are and then how unlucky we were, or how the handbrake got stuck.

  26. vicky


    I would say their dismal performances in CL have been partly due to the fact they have had very tough groups. Often knocked out by Bayern,Barca and the likes which are on a different level altogether. All English sides off late have struggled in England. More of a sign of plummeting standard of English football than an indictment of Pelliagrini imo.

  27. Cesc Appeal

    Also in the UCL the European big boys have long had a massive share of their leagues TV money and what have you, massively financially OP compared to the rest of their league, get nice winter breaks, their leagues are nowhere near as competitive as ours and so frequently put together long winning runs and form domestically which they carry into the UCL, and yes, English football in terms of national players has been poor, a combination of a whole host of things, the FA, English premiums etc

  28. Kiyoshi Ito

    Every year,Arsene gets a pass…Every year its,”This is Arsene’s year..
    He butchers this transfer window & the season,he’s out..”

    But every year,he butchers the transfer window and butchers the season..& he is still very much in..Securely fastened…

    Like this for the past 7/8 years now…

    Arsene can butcher this window & the season,and he will still get a free pass with the majority of the fans..

    People will say,”He will be gone in two years,he would want to leave on a high..”

    Dictators never want to leave..They will carry on,until a coup takes place(forced out)/revolution is in the offing..

    I can bet your last dime,Arsene will still be here in 5 years time,treading water,butchering the transfer window & the season..& the very same fans will be repeating the same old mantra-“Next season..”

  29. Jim Lahey

    Would anyone else have gladly sold Walcott on to bring in Pedro? Could have even made a couple pound on that transfer.

    Honestly don’t understand why we gave him a new contract, and the idea that he earns more than Cazorla is pretty disgusting!

  30. Kiyoshi Ito

    £21 million for Pedro is amazing..In fact it’s so funny,when you look at the machinations going on at the Emirates..

    It really is run,like an amateurish non league football club..From a club manager’s perspective..(Ok slight exaggeration)..

    But what is Arsene really thinking..?
    Wellbeck,Theo as good as,if not better than Pedro…

    Giroud as good as ,if not better than Higuain,Suarez,(2013)

  31. Cesc Appeal


    Walcott always seems to manage to get us over a barrel, though we do just spread for him.

    Wonder what his reaction would have been if we grew a pair and told him we’re going to transfer him instead.

    I don’t think he’d have wanted to go. Got it very nice at Arsenal. Most of the players do.

  32. vicky

    Arsene has been here for 20 years but at least he gave us 10 great years in the beginning.

    But how Theo has stayed at this club for 10 years is a complete mystery to me. A grade A con artist.

  33. Redtruth


    10 great years is going over the top i’d say.

    A couple of Champions league titles a hattrick of Premier league titles and a Double or two would class as being 10 great years.

  34. Redtruth

    A Great Manager would deliver in 10 years 2 Champions leagues, 5 Premier leagues, 3 FA Cups and 2 League Cups.

    George Graham comes closer to being a great manager than Wenger.

  35. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I’m not sure on Walcott

    I believed the hip for the first couple of years,
    But then you know what he achieved the money he wanted I think he just lost the edge and saw it as a place of work as opposed to wanting to become a great.

    The moment he started to do a side line of kids book must have told them , hey this kid/lad /adult is fucking with us.

    He has had a few injuries granted.

    Should trade him in now while stock is a lil high .

  36. Cesc Appeal


    It’s too late.

    Like many when that £140 000 a week deal went through, started to worry that we were turning away from the market.

    As long as Wenger truly does have to stand by his choices this year I’m fine with it, as long as that is the case.

  37. Reliable sauce

    Good comeback from Dortmund tonight. 3-0 down early but managed to turn it around to 3-4 without Reus.

  38. Dan Ahern

    4 years of Walcott @ £140k pw = £29m

    That’s the price of Pedro’s release clause and almost two years of wages.

    I’m not advocating for Pedro here, but internal solutions aren’t always best.

  39. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Tru Sally’s dough has come out of transfer budget …
    Alcott is the lad next door literally
    The local lad who is fast an plays semi pro at weekend….

    Hi pace has masked his true ability for years …

  40. Dan Ahern

    I think Theo’s great to have in the squad, it’s just we’ve paid way over the odds to retain him. Pretty frustrating to pay your sub what your every-game starters earn.

  41. Gunner2301


    Remember we were coming off the back of Maruane (not looking out of place at Palace) Chamakh. Yes the man we flirted with for 2 seasons like he was the 2nd coming until we got him on a free so no wonder we were ecstatic with Giroud.

    We have been fed bullshit for,so long it’s unreal the same Chamakh transfer window Wenger was extolling super super qualitee and we will only buy if it improves the team. It’s,a,con job propaganda and spin and Wenger is a master at playing the fans. No politician could have gone on as long as Wenger selling false promises. You ask when will Wenger leave? You might as well ask when will Mugabe leave there’s no difference it’s a dictatorship albeit more subtle and clever with more spin and sound bites.

  42. Jim Lahey

    Do Chelsea even need scouts? It seems that they have other clubs do all the hard work, such as finding out if a player is actually available, working out a fee with the club and starting negotiations with the player. Then Chelsea just come in pay more to the club and player and its done. Cuts out weeks of work!

  43. Jim Lahey

    @R.S.P.C.Arsenal – But didn’t Diaby receive something like a 5 year contact (which is pretty rare these days) when we already knew he was a crock?

    I don’t think there are many clubs out there whose board would sanction that.

  44. Gunner2301


    Johan Djourou remember him? He was also here for,10 years believe it or not. I wonder if you totted up the financial waste in wages Arsene would be near the top, but he would like us to believe the club is financially prudent but it only seems to be when we want the, to,spend money not when he’s doling out contracts though. Imagine the top players we lost because of our wage structure but we harbour the likes of Djourou, Bendtner etc

  45. goonerboy

    Wenger is the same as he always has been- no one can be surprised- when it comes to transfer windows- its kids and loaning out or selling time-when it comes to buying, the actual amount of money available is irrelevant to him-he will spend as little as he can possibly get away with-always far less than competitors and far less than we need to win anything major-and despite this being obvious- only a minority of fans find this unacceptable-that and the fact it suits this ludicrously unambitious Board to underspend each season and have stood back and allowed this perverse French eccentric to completely highjack this football club..

  46. Jim Lahey

    @R.S.P.C.Arsenal – I just found it really odd at the time that we gave him such a long contact, he had already been struggling with fitness and after having his ankle smashed I can’t see the reasoning behind it!

    On of life’s great mysteries!

    I saw earlier this well that during his time at Arsenal he spent 2156 days (thats nearly a full 6 years!!) injured at Arsenal at a cost of £24.2m to the club!

  47. Reliable sauce

    Almunia FFS…then says England should pick him…
    …Then years later says only English players should play for the national side.

    Serial bullshitter who is either a pretty dim football manager or a cunning scamster.

  48. Gunner2301


    Lol your right he earned his corn from presenting and being the general vibes generator rather than playing football. He had the audacity to exercise the automatic contract extension clause in his contract to keep him here an extra year. I’d love to hear the logic of giving Djourou an automatic extension clause. Messi and Ronaldo yes Djorou No. Welcome to Arsenes fucked up worldview of what constitutes value.

  49. Carts

    “4 years of Walcott @ £140k pw = £29m That’s the price of Pedro’s release clause and almost two years of wages. I’m not advocating for Pedro here, but internal solutions aren’t always best.”


  50. Reliable sauce

    Young men can become millionaires at Arsenal & dont even have to particularly good, or healthy. No need for consistancy of performance or marked improvement, just toe the party line claiming Wenger is great & the team can win the league & you’ll be set for life.

    Bunch of self serving pretenders.

  51. Gunner2301


    I reckon Arsenal should provide a community service by giving up a squad space that they would normally fill with one of these wasters and employ 10 fans a year and make them each a millionaire. A bit like an elaborate YTS. scheme 🙂 I would have way more respect for what they are doing.

  52. babatunde

    it is disingenuous saying van gaal has spent 250m. talk about his net spend or even better net wages and transfer spend. i wont give a damns if we bought a messi every summer if for example we sold enough players to do so and he appreciates in value and we sell him too. only.teams afraid to spend talk about a team spending 250m as though they did not free up wages and sell some people while doing so.

  53. babatunde

    thats why arsenals refusal to spend money is baffling. players appreciate, they win things. even if we buy a player, and he flops , as long as he is not a total obviously overrated turd like carroll, we would likely make at least 70 percent of the money back selling him. seems some ‘wenger supporters like to act as if buying a player foe 30m means the total 30m is wasted if he flops

  54. Gunner2301


    I see what your saying in principle but United don’t tend to sell at a profit they get players at their peak and don’t mind making a loss when they get rid. With their revenue they can do that. What is the net spend do you know?

  55. babatunde

    hence why these people should be fired, . with all these factors and when u factor in amortization, we can probably have a small or nil net spend. get rid of the mediocres and keep a small but quality squad like chelsea last year

  56. Gunner2301

    Smaller better quality squad I agree with what’s the point of having the size of squad we have when Wenger may use 15 of them across the season? No accountability. I dare say if someone was to analyse the waste of money that is going on at Arsnal it would be embarrassing particularly as we have been championing FFP since its inception.

  57. babatunde

    cohesion really means keeping your mediocre favorites together. arsenal are not ruthless enough to win things. look at the way we eulogize barely above average players like ox and coquelin. mourinho would have sold walcitt two years ago after his first contract renewal.when he was no longer holding us by the balls. and bought someone else. another display of incompetence there. and btw, why do we always manage to let our players run their contracts down to only a year left. i dont know how or why i started supporting this club. its not the club i guess. its the people in charge.

  58. babatunde

    2301. u have a point, i know. still, their net spend wont be 250 m. maybe 100m over two years. akbs use that outlandish figure and such figures to say we cant compete. yet, if we manage OUR OWN RESOURCES well, methinks we can. the fact that man utd spend inefficiently shows that we can do better by spending better.

  59. babatunde

    CartsAugust 20, 2015 21:32:38“4 years of Walcott @ £140k pw = £29m That’s the price of Pedro’s release clause and almost two years of wages. I’m not advocating for Pedro here, but internal solutions aren’t always best.”Madness!!!!.

    shhhhhh. dont u know its the fault of those oil money clubs and abrahamovich and arabs and UFOs. the boss himself told us it was impossible to win the league these past few years and his word is to be revered. he did say we can win it this year, so lets wait and see. three big cheers to cohesion, mental strength and belief. and did.i mention top qualidee and internal solutions

  60. Cesc Appeal

    We can’t compete with others spending power…but spending isn’t the answer…we shouldn’t bow to market inflation and pressures…what can we do with the wages, we have to adhere to the market.

    It is a bit unfair really, pick a lane I always think.

  61. Gunner2301


    Consider if for one season out of the last 10 years we out performed ourselves like Swansea, Southampton, Stoke or Everton have done the last few seasons we would have actually won the league. Or look at Dortmund, Athletico

    They don’t make excuses don’t talk about financial doping or about there not being any value in the market transfers being difficult or no players available to sign. They just get on with it.

    We are being sold seriously short by an unambitious manager who is complacent and fosters that complacency within his team. He’s not accountable to anyone so does the bare minimum each year.

  62. Marko

    So lemme get this straight we are signing Benzema and Gotze and probably Cavani and rabiot. And maybe Lars Bender and Krychowiak. Glad we got that covered. Should definitely win the league with that

  63. DaveB666

    So I have just got in and checked the BBC Gossip column for transfers – Arsenal weren’t even mentioned. Arsene – WTF – we need more world class players seeing as everyone around you is buying. But remember his fantastic statement – “you can’t buy quality” – hmmm Ronaldo, Suarez, Messi, Depay etc

  64. salparadisenyc

    Yes, seems totally realistic to me Benzema and Gotze in along with some midfield muscle to balance us out a bit.

    80-100m outlay in the next 10 days. Very Arsene.

  65. Leedsgunner

    “Winning it” his way in Wenger’s mind is worth £100m as far as he and his followers are concerned. That’s why he likes to say he tried to sign this and that player as if he should get some credit. While other clubs celebrate actual trophies and actual signings Wenger “celebrates” feeling morally superior.

    It’s all a farce of course. He likes to poo poo other clubs spending money to the title but turns a blind eye to the many many deadwood and dross players he played and paid millions out to.

    The transfer window hasn’t been a complete waste of time though because we’ve finally jettisoned long time wasters like Diaby. Still got more players to chop though — Campbell and Wellington Silva — what are they still in AFC’s books?!?

  66. peanuts&monkeys

    If at all this Krychowiak deal is done, i’m sure it will be a great addition. Top reaason among many. He has been a regular and an instrumental player in Sevilla’s European campaign. He must be having a winner’s mindset of not accepting defeats so easily.

    But only if the great football and Economics God accepts the fact indeed his pack of donkeys need an addition.

  67. Wallace

    Bild reporting Dortmund are in for Januzaj. guess they were reading le grove yesterday and saw my comments….arsch!

  68. Wallace

    before the season started Man City barely rated a mention. their squad was too old, Kompany too injury prone, Toure could barely give a shit, Pellegrini was a dinosaur, they’d overpaid horrifically for Sterling…fascinating to see the speed with which some posters can reverse their opinions on here.

  69. Hunter

    Not long to go and this transfer market madness will be gone for another six months.As a fan of AFC I feel very disappointed that we haven’t done some more business BUT if that stupid turd WENGER thinks he’s got enough then who are we to argue with him?Afterall he is accountable for success or failure in our results and he will be glorified by the AKBS if he proves us all wrong!BUT,if he fails I will be the first with a rope to hang him from the rafters of the EMIRATES.Until then we will all have to be very very patient,unfortunately too many fans have been conned by the frenchmans words and actions and while he has the owner and the boards 100 pct support nothing will ever change,HE Knows that and so feels untouchable.He must be the only manager in the world who is in that position and that’s why we can NEVER change things at the club.Basically it’s a complete dictatorship,a Mugabe situations!

  70. Carts

    “I see what your saying in principle but United don’t tend to sell at a profit they get players at their peak and don’t mind making a loss when they get rid. With their revenue they can do that. What is the net spend do you know?”

    Last season their net spend was about £100m. Quite reasonable for a team like Utd.

    Their net spend is probably in the region of about £60m this summer. Again, you’d hardly refer to that as over the top.

  71. VP

    Wenger speaking on transfers just a few minutes ago:

    “When the season starts the window should be finished.
    “Simple as that. It is too big an advantage for clubs that didn’t work well during the transfer window.
    “The funds are there, people know that you have the resources, but the players are not available.
    “We expect, like you, but at the moment, we are not close.”

    Lol.While other clubs view the TW as an opportunity to better themselves and give something back to the fans, our club want it closed already.

    Really hope the club get found out this year, both on the pitch and off it!