Mobility is king for #Arsenal in #CPFC game today 🔶🔷

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I was having a read around the papers yesterday. Hilarious to catch up on the Jose / Eva story. His storming out of the press conference. So petulant, especially as he had to come back. Nice storm out Jose.

What I find amusing about this is how out of control he is. He used to own the narrative. But he’s not anymore. The poor treatment of two of his inner circle was a sign of cracks. That sort of behaviour, when you’re a club of Chelsea’s reputation is totally unacceptable in the eyes of the people.

1) Because loyal people shouldn’t be hung out to dry for doing their job

2) being hung out to dry because you didn’t identify systemic cheating is an unacceptable yarn to spin to the press

Anyway, my point wasn’t to rehash Jose retreating. My point was that one of the pieces that came out of the press conferences is one of the points I battled with last season. One of those points that makes you bang your head against the table because it’s such a dim ask.

‘If rotating players is so important, how does Jose get away with not doing it?’

It was a mystery for a bit. Jose bulldozed the start of the season and barely changed his starting 11. Last year he used the least players. Now, this looked super human for a bit. But with great work load, ALWAYS comes great fatigue. Unless you’re on one of those cheeky American trainer brand bootcamps.

Jose did give players strategically placed holidays during the season. But actually, what happened, was in the run up to the close of the season, his players looked ruined.

The up-shoot of all this is apparently, his players still aren’t back to their best because they’re tired. So the club are now looking at how they can work this through.

“We were tired towards the end of last season and the team had problems. We went for a slower start – a short pre-season, with only three matches before the Community Shield – and we knew that the start is not going to be the same kind of start that we had last year.

“Clearly we know what we are doing. Clearly some bodies didn’t react as well as we expected. We are not at the top of our game. The normal tendency is, week after week, to improve.”

So there we have it. Turns out rotating your squad is a good idea, even if you’re Jose.

Just before we leave the Chelsea soap opera, these comments from football’s biggest spender made me feel better.

“You can say ‘Why didn’t we do our business before the start of the pre-season?’ like we did last year but it’s not because we don’t want to, it’s because it’s not possible,”

If he is struggling with player signings, then it’s fair to say that signing players has been a problem for all this year. I still think we missed out on a major opportunity with Schneiderlin. Part of me wonders if Madrid’s fear of FFP has slowed down the process. They are the first time buyers. They normally pump £100m somewhere that kick starts a domino effect. Not this year. They’ve barely signed anyone and apparently they can’t. So no one has bought anyone. Crazy, considering all the money that is now in the game.

Onto Arsenal. Interesting bits about Danny WELBZ who left with a bruised bone 3 weeks ago, now he’s out for three weeks with a weird injury. The manager then went on to praise the health of Alexis.

“I am a bit worried about him coming back too quickly. But on the other hand I knew before the start that once he is here, he would be difficult to stop.”

Does make you fear for Danny. The lad is always broken. My concern with Wenger’s comment on Sanchez is it sounds like he’s letting Alexis make the calls on his fitness. I love that we have a player with that drive. What I don’t love is the idea of him breaking himself because let’s be honest, Wenger doesn’t need much of an excuse to overplay his faves.

Missing today is Danny and Jack. But back in the game, Bellerin… who no one in Bilbao seems to be aware of. PLUS. The main man. Alexis Sanchez.

So how are we lining up?

Sanchez Giroud Chambo


Ramsey Coquelin

Monreal Mertesacker Kos Debuchy


I kind of feel that in these physical games, we should be bringing Rambo into the middle of the park. He has the legs to get around the pitch, you just gotta cross your fingers and hope he plays for the team, not his move to Barca. I think Giroud gets the nod over Theo if we have him flanked by Sanchez and Chambo. At least we have some pace off the bench if need be. We need a big game from the back 5. We need to see solid communication and the calmness you expect from a brilliant defence.

We need to take three points. No excuses.

Finally, more Mourinho comments. But these comments capture why the Premier League is the most compelling league in the world and why it’s the most competitive.

“You can go to Germany, how many teams can really react against Bayern Munich, how many teams are powerful enough to react against Bayern Munich’s dominance? They’ve won three in a row and probably are going to win it for the fourth time. In France, how many teams can react against Paris St-Germain’s power?

“Here, Man City won [in 2014] and Chelsea was not happy, Man United was not happy, Arsenal was not happy and Liverpool was not happy. Chelsea – Diego Costa, Fàbregas, Courtois. Arsenal – Alexis Sánchez, Özil. This season Chelsea are champions; Liverpool and Man United bought. Arsenal, Petr Cech. People react. Man City, the first thing they did in the summer was Sterling. Here and in the Champions League people react. It’s more difficult to be champions.”

Have a great day and enjoy the match!

Oh no, don’t just yet. Apparently the United signing of Pedro is being held up because of the noise around Van Gaal and his terrible treatment of players. Look, I know I said the United house of cards would fall last season, this season, it’s happening for sure. You can’t bully a team to the title. You also can’t lose that many good players. Fingers crossed!


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  1. bacaryisgod

    In about a year, Monreal has gone from my least favourite, must-sell players to one of my favourites. Great transformation. He’s a hard-nosed battle ready defender and provides great balance to the athletic, nimble Bellerin on the other flank.

  2. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal’s game yesterday produced an average but winning performance against ‘middle order’ opposition. It was unquestionably a difficult game after
    our poor performance at home against West Ham.

    The team on this occasion was more balanced with Sanchez starting for the first time albeit that he was clearly not at full fitness. Also Bellerin came into the side and added pace on the right flank, which is both important offensively and also defensively in view of the lack of pace of Mertesacker.

    We played okay in first half of game and as usual our midfield controlled the
    game. The goal of Giroud was exceptional for a player who is so often criticised by so many posters on Le Grove.

    However, the failings of the management and team are the same as ever. Passing is far too often over intricate and not direct enough. The team lacks genuine clinical finishing and there was not enough defensive work ethic in

    The goal conceded was as usual a combination of failure to break down a contra attack and a lack of tracking back by most of our midfield. On this occasion
    you cannot fault the goalkeeper.

    Coquelin was lucky not to be sent off but had a good game. At the moment he is in my view overloaded with defensive responsibility because far too many of
    the rest of the team are out of position. Arsenal are a football team who like to
    attack but are exceedingly frail in defence. That is the team’s weakness and DOWN TO THE CULTURE ADOPTED BY MANAGER. Gallic flair may be exciting to watch but will on occasions not win you matches or league titles.

    Ozil had on this occasion a very good and influential game and cannot be faulted for his performance. He needs to produce this level of performance on a
    more regular basis.

    However, the club does not have in my view the correct balance in midfield at
    moment as I have suggested on many occasions. Cazorla is better offensively
    in the centre, and rather like Ozil more of a playmaker.

    Ramsey had for me a very poor game as he did also against West Ham. His
    passing was wayward, his shooting weak and at the moment he cannot score a
    goal to save his life. Moreover he gives the ball away too often in critical positions. He is fortunate that Arsenal lacks options at the moment in absence
    of Wilshire, because on current form he does not merit a starting place in team.

    Having watched Manchester City yesterday we are far short of their performance level at the moment. They are in my view playing much better in most
    departments of the game.

    What concerns me most is the complete lack of ambition at the club to bring
    in a couple of new players in critical positions and to provide additional cover.

    If the club is going to progress this season we do need some clinical firepower.
    Effectively we have just one player in Sanchez who can deliver this when fit.
    Giroud is a decent striker, but you cannot rely on him alone to deliver goals.

    The game yesterday also highlighted the urgency of bringing in a defensive
    midfielder. Wenger is deluded if he believes that he can rely on Coquelin alone, because there are games when the team are under the cosh and if he is under threat of a red card we are going to be in deep trouble. Also there are
    games when we need additional muscle in the centre of park. Arteta is not for
    me an option.

    If Wenger persists in his stubbornness about bringing in recruits then someone else in the club’s hierarchy needs to take the bull by the horns and force the issue. We cannot continue to miss out on promising situations through
    his complacency, lack of urgency and abject stubbornness.

  3. Wallace

    Champagne Charlie

    “I don’t dislike him, I simply don’t rate him as starting XI material for a side with title ambitions. DM, like any position centrally in the pitch, is bloody important and Coquelin is the biggest example of band-aid management for some time. Only functions when Cazorla the technical god sits deep and by doing that we lose 1 midfielder further up the pitch and that can only make our attack inefficient.”

    because that’s been our problem over the years, hasn’t it, our lack of an extra midfield body further up the pitch?

    we’re a naturally attacking side. his colleagues in the front six are Cazorla, Ozil, the Ox, Sanchez & Giroud/Walcott….you can really look at that list of players and think we need a DM with a bit more to his attacking game?

    if he was playing alongside Milner & Henderson at Liverpool, or with Fernandinho & Yaya at City i could maybe understand your point, but he’s playing alongside 5 colleagues who are 99% of the time thinking about attack. his defensive excellence counterbalances that.

  4. Wallace


    I read at the start of the summer that he was already concerned about his lack of playing time. looks a good player.

  5. gregg

    We were supposedly in for him at the same time Madrid were. I guess either he or Illeramendi will leave, maybe both.

  6. Emiratesstroller


    The problem with Arsenal and yesterdays performance highlighted it is that
    only two players in our team “focus” on defence namely Mertesacker and Coquelin.

    All the other players in our defence like to play upfield and very often out of position at critical points in the game. That applies not only to full backs but
    also Koscielny as well.

    Furthermore three of our four players in midfield do not consider it of great
    importance to track back and defend when required. It was incidentally a
    criticism directed at Fabregas when Chelsea lost yesterday, but in contrast to
    Arsenal most players in Chelsea do track back and defend properly.

    My biggest concern in last 2 games has been the performance of Ramsey. Yes
    he has a lot of energy, but the issue for me is what exactly does he do on the
    field. His passing was awful and shooting was equally poor. Moreover he contributes very little to the defensive side of the team and he loses the ball too
    easily in the wrong positions on field.

    His performance yesterday highlights exactly why Arsenal should have bought Schneiderlein. On the one hand he is probably an upgrade on Coquelin, but also he could play equally in the position which is now played by
    Cazorla, but with the latter moving into role of Ramsey and frankly playing it

    The real problem at Arsenal and why we are so vulnerable is the lack of balance between attack and defence in the team. Until that is resolved we will
    never win a LEAGUE TITLE.

  7. Champagne Charlie


    As ever you’ve taken ‘coquelin being dire with the ball’ and translated it into ‘coquelin can’t make plays like Ozil’. Nobody is suggesting he needs to be playing Xavi-esque passes to Giroud and Co. but you’re ignorant as sin if you can’t appreciate the benefits of a DM with the ability to dictate and initiate play to a high standard vs one who ONLY contributes out of possession…..ignoring the fact we have 70% of the ball in 95% of our matches.

    When I say Coquelins inability robs us of an extra attacking body further upfield, it IS a problem unless you prefer to close your eyes and make lazy sweeping statements about our potency in the league because we play “attacking football”. The last 6 years the champions have averaged 89 goals per season while Arsenal have averaged 73. So don’t try and tell me we score buckets and have simply missed a lump in the centre of the pitch to break things up and kick people. Give me a tactically savvy baller all day long over Coquelin (Busquets is king if you care to know what I rate for DM’s), Arteta with some athleticism/youth is lightyears ahead of Francis.

  8. daz

    “You’re now trying to surmise that Matic wasn’t good with passing today because Chelsea lost 3-0. He’s the best DM in the league mate, if you want to make up scenarios where Coquelin comes out on top be my guest. I’ve watched Coquelin for 6 months and know he can defend, but has little composure and even littler ability on the ball. Carry on eulogizing though, pointing to a ‘Xavi that couldn’t tackle’ and ‘Matic can’t pass cos Chelsea lost’ as concrete arguments.”

    Err no that’s not what I was doing I was asking you a simple question which you failed to answer, so how did matic’s superior passing ability affect his team or the opposition?

  9. Emiratesstroller

    Champagne Charlie

    Forgive me but the problems of Arsenal have nothing to do with Coquelin, but
    a lack of clinical finishing and generally poor defending and a lack of balance in team.

    If you seriously believe bringing in another attacking midfielder to replace coquelin will solve our problems you are deluded. The player who needs replacement at moment is Ramsey.

    Arsenal’s problems are that we have got players like Ramsey, Walcott, Wilshire, Welbeck and Gibbs who are all highly rated because of their nationality, and consequently big fee earners, but realistically are no better than squad players.

    We need to be investing in a couple of new players for starting eleven and rebalancing team so that it is less vulnerable in contra attack as has been case
    this season.

  10. Champagne Charlie


    No you were asking a ridiculous question over-simplifying something more complex that I said was unanswerable because of its stupidity. You’re taking a Chelsea loss and are trying to argue against Matic in favor of Coquelin because of it…..pathetic.

  11. Samesong

    Yesterday game was all about using the flanks and weren’t so much a tippy happy affair. both goal where from wide areas of the pitch when we usually like to pass it back inside instead of shooting, we showed variation at times which was positive.

    Gullit showed a great example of our midfielders not being able to keep the ball
    even though the stats say we had 67% possession. We lost possession of the ball a lot in key areas of the midfield.

    Even our best midfielders Carzola and Ozil gave lost possession in the midfeld when they were pressed.

  12. daz

    “No you were asking a ridiculous question over-simplifying something more complex that I said was unanswerable because of its stupidity. You’re taking a Chelsea loss and are trying to argue against Matic in favor of Coquelin because of it…..pathetic.”

    No mate the answer is a simple one obviously you can’t bring yourself to say it so I’ll tell you his passing ability did fuck all for his team yesterday

  13. Champagne Charlie


    who the fu*k said bring in another attacking mid and replace coquelin with him, can you try reading what’s posted before chiming in?

    Coquelin is a necessary component defensively, his ability with the ball however limits our efficiency as a football playing team. Solution: we need a defensive midfielder who is a baller AKA Busquets. Confusion cleared?

  14. gregg


    Looks like Madrid will sign Kovacic from Inter. That will mean either Illaremendi and or Lucas Silva will be allowed to leave. I wonder whether we’ll be interested in either

  15. Goondawg

    “midfielders Carzola and Ozil gave lost possession in the midfeld when they were pressed.”

    Yh except Ozil misplaced the ball once all game. 54/55 which is impressive because, you know he is an attacking player

  16. Wallace


    “Give me a tactically savvy baller all day long over Coquelin (Busquets is king if you care to know what I rate for DM’s), Arteta with some athleticism/youth is lightyears ahead of Francis.”

    yes, he is, but people weren’t purring over his technique when Chelsea were putting six past us the season before last, were they?

    it’s like we had a big problem, Coquelin solved it, and two minutes later everyone forgets we had the problem.

  17. gregg

    Just to add (sorry if i’m boring everyone with this Madrid midfielder thing) They currently have too many non EU players so I guess it’ll be Lucas Silva that will be moved on. Either sold or on loan. We were in for him, allegedly when he chose Madrid.

  18. salparadisenyc

    Morning you bad men.

    A few thoughts pretty obvious to most most after our first two outings, but have serious doubts anything will be rectified by D day.

    Think well be more competitive than last season, all be it marginally. The shortcomings remain the same, lack of balance in the mid which was apparent again yesterday and Giroud. To be fair OG’s coming off a very decent game but still lacks the consistent metal to take us over the line to major honors. Wenger and co seem to be in the hunt for another option, very unlikely anything will come to fruition with the necessary qualities. To say theres nobody out there whom upgrade us is taking a serious the serious piss imo.

    On a pure numbers base, we should probably bring in more players but i’ve that nagging feeling Wenger’s going to go it with what we have. Maybe that film ends differently but think most have there doubts.

  19. daz

    The thing about this coq bashing for me is we had artea in that role for the last few years and all I read was “Wenger keeps putting square pegs in round holes” now it seems the round peg isn’t right either

  20. Champagne Charlie


    Probably why I said an Arteta with some athleticism beats Coquelin, and not Arteta is better than Coquelin ayyy.


    Yea quality mate, “where was Matics’ passing ability vs City?”…guess Costa is shite as well. Top argument you have there pal, nothing but pure deflection

  21. daz

    “Yea quality mate, “where was Matics’ passing ability vs City?”…guess Costa is shite as well. Top argument you have there pal, nothing but pure deflection”

    I’m not saying matic is shit simply stating his superior passing didn’t help much yesterday, and as for deflection you are the one who has been unable to answer the simple question coming back with a load of waffle and making assumptions

  22. N5

    2 weeks left on the transfer window and it looks like we’ve completely stopped looking.

    Hey Sal mate, good to see your name in the comment section, hope you’re well.

  23. N5

    CW, We implies us us and I don’t so it’s ‘In Wenger YOU trust”

    Ha ha Gregg, you’re right mate, I shouldn’t panic, we’ll get it done 10 minutes before window close! 😀

  24. kingHenry

    Damn people around here act so daft.
    Coq is NOT our biggest problem. We don’t struggle to create chances, we just finish poorly or don’t get shots off because of a lack of composure. Just look at Özil’s stats on chance creation since he joined. With 135 chances, City, Chelsea or even MU would score at least 25-30 goals…. An Özil with 30 assists in two seasons looks a much better player than we view him to be.

    In summary, Release The Benz!

  25. Goondawg

    That Captain Wenger is an absolute Schitzo. One day he is slating Wenger and the next it’s all “in wenger we trust”

  26. N5

    Sylvain, apparently its this thing that allows clubs to buy better players and improve their overall quality but I’ve seen no evidence of this.

  27. jasongms

    “it’s like we had a big problem, Coquelin solved it, and two minutes later everyone forgets we had the problem”

    The problem wasnt solved with the introduction of coq , it merely high lighted what we’ve been missing all these years

    We not only need a player to compliment and push coq for a starting place , but the reality is we need a more well rounded player in that position . And any other argument / point of view is redundant

  28. London gunner

    It’s been said once it’s been twice we really need a new striker.

    This obsession with bashing coq is bizarre to say the least. He simply is not the problem and what’s even stranger is that he has recieved all this critizm whilst Ramsey has been playing awfully.

    It seems Coq has become the scale goat. Which is even weirder when our real problems so far have been finishing chances aka striker and the back 4 being all over the gaff.

    Just because you don’t like coquelin don’t try and unfairly pin the ills of the whole team on him.

  29. London gunner


    Problem is there aren’t more well rounded players. You can bring in. Better passer but then sacrifice defensve qualities. Aka kondigbia.

    Oh and krycioak (can’t spell name) stats in terms of his possesion and passng scores are below that of coquelin with a similar pass length average.

    People keep touting names but they simply don’t bare up to scrutiny.

  30. Wallace


    “The problem wasnt solved with the introduction of coq , it merely high lighted what we’ve been missing all these years.”

    well, let’s just say we’ve become very good at picking up points since the introduction of Coquelin. whether that’s just coincidence i’ll leave for you to decide.

  31. daz

    “He has been picking what is on paper his strongest XI. Mourinho is one of those coaches whose substitutes bench actually looks like a substitutes bench. There are his 11 favourites and then the rest. It does not appear that he is capable of freshening up what is already on the books.

    Branislav Ivanovic and Gary Cahill were two players whose form dipped more than most at the end of last season. Those tailspins have continued into this. Cesc Fabregas, at the ripe old age of 28, looks about ready for the Middle East or MLS given the manner in which he is dragging himself around elite football pitches.”

    Lol how quickly things turn, cesc ready for the mls lol

  32. WrightIsGod


    “I didn’t say we’d beat City. I said you can’t say we definitely would lose as things change over time week to week. Have City looked good so far . Yes with out a doubt. Would the definitely beat us next week ? You can’t say. Way to many variables. You’re twisting what I’m saying a bit .”

    I’ve not twisted a word in fact you are trying to twist. I never mentioned anything about next week. I simply said that Man City yesterday would have beaten us. It’s a shame that you can’t be subjective about it. The way we played yesterday vs the way they played yesterday. They would have beaten us hands down. But no there are too many variables… apparently.

  33. Emiratesstroller

    champagne charlie

    Sorry I misread what you wrote.

    However, have to disagree with your analysis of Coquelin’s ability. Teams need
    ‘horses for courses’. What he offers is what is exactly what is needed in team as was demonstrated for most of second half of season.

    His distribution yesterday was frankly far better than what was offered by Ramsey who mispassed ball and frequently gave it away to opposition.

    As I have suggested several times in recent days what the team lacks at moment is a central midfielder who can play either defensively or when required
    in deep role when we need someone to complement Coquelin.

    At the moment we have 4 midfielders in squad who like to play offensively.
    Ozil and Cazorla are superior footballers to Ramsey and Wilshire. The problem is that none of these 4 score enough goals either individually or collectively.

    I made the point yesterday that if we cannot buy an upgrade of conventional striker Arsenal should focus on improving 2 spots in midfield preferably in
    starting eleven. My view is that Arsenal should have replaced at least 2 of 3
    from Arteta,Flamini and Rosicky.

    That would mean that our midfield and forwards would have been FOR THIS

    ? [Coquelin]
    ? [Oxlade-Chamberlain]
    Ozil [Ramsey]
    Cazorla [Wilshire]
    Sanchez [Walcott]
    Giroud [Welbeck]

  34. gambon

    “well, let’s just say we’ve become very good at picking up points since the introduction of Coquelin. whether that’s just coincidence i’ll leave for you to decide.”

    No we havent.

    Our form since Coquelin started playing will not win us the PL in anything but a dire season.

    He has not made that much difference.

    He has given us some much needed balance between defence and attack, but you couldve put any old DM in there and got the same.

    We werent a PL winning team prior to Coquelin coming in, and we still arent.

  35. Wallace


    ““well, let’s just say we’ve become very good at picking up points since the introduction of Coquelin. whether that’s just coincidence i’ll leave for you to decide.”

    No we havent.

    Our form since Coquelin started playing will not win us the PL in anything but a dire season.

    He has not made that much difference.”

    well, let’s just say we’ve picked up more points than Chelsea since Coquelin was introduced, and if we finish above Chelsea i’ll be happy with that.

  36. Champagne Charlie


    “well, let’s just say we’ve picked up more points than Chelsea since Coquelin was introduced, and if we finish above Chelsea i’ll be happy with that.”

    Be a bit pointless should City finish above us both though surely…

    Anyway, think the coquelin debate is getting muddied, he offers good balance and defensive protection – not being disputed. But he needs one of our other midfielders to come take the distribution duty off of him, and THAT is where he falls short and hinders the team. Answer: replace with someone of similar defensive contribution but with much better ability to construct from deep.

    If only Southampton were getting shot of Schneiderlin….

    Also….whoever it was, don’t insult peoples intelligence on here claiming there’s few/if any who could upgrade Coquelin. That’s bull.