Reports indicate Wenger has gone cold on new signings

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Happy Thursday to you.

I’m in Bilbao with Alex. Did you know he sprechens zie El Spanio? No, I didn’t either. His casual flirting with the taxi driver in his faux London accent was a joy to listen to.

I’m over here on a scouting mission. There’s a team called Barcelona and another one called Bilbao who have some players I want us to buy. I’ll report back.

So Tomas is injured. Let’s look at that re-signing. What was the purpose? The manager played him, what, 5 times last season despite him being fit. Then he ties him down again. Now he’s injured. I love Tomas, but he feels like a pointless person to have on the wage bill.

So, what do we have in the news today? Well, the Evening Standard reported last night that the backroom team want reinforcements, especially in the middle of the park, but Wenger thinks we need to give Coquelin the chance to blossom.


I don’t want to lose my sh*t over here, but we only have ONE Coquelin. There is no one else who can play that role of destroyer and we’re unsure if he can recreate his masterful half season form. What have we learnt over the years when we only have one player in a role? We become dependent. They get injured. Or they become complacent.

Why doesn’t the manager ever learn? If we don’t sign a central midfielder, we really are putting all our hopes on one player staying fit for a year.

Feels absurd. It also feels like the manager just doesn’t care too much about winning the league. I mean, look at the facts… we are the only team in the league NOT to have signed an outfield player. I’m game for the progress we’ve made in 2015. I just find it very odd we’ve not pushed harder on the striker front. I mean, is Giroud literally the second best thing in the world next to Benzema?

It’s a question. Because if he is the second best striker next to Benzema. Fine. But is there no one who could upgrade us? We finished 3rd in the league and we were knocked out of the Champions League. We also lost our first home game of the season.

Man, I appreciate this is emotional. I just really thought we’d be making more serious moves on key positions.

We still might, but why we’ve waited this long again is beyond me.

Right, I’m going to be parading the city of Bilbao today. I’ve come here with no luggage because that was the deal with Moneysupermarket. I have to fend for myself. So if I’m not about tomorrow, it’s because I was caught shoplifting sweet Bilbao tracksuits from their equivalent of the Armoury.

Enjoy your sh*tty day at work and I’ll catch you on the morning!

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  1. Bamford10


    “If we don’t end up with a CF and DM, Wenger can go to hell in riding an express. This is beyond absurd.

    You’d be able to find literally dozens of players who could add the infamous ‘qualitees’ to this ok squad in most positions.”

    Good comment. “Dozens” is an exaggeration, but the point remains the same. This is only an “OK” squad. Could be improved easily — and needed to be improved.

    James Wood

    Giroud the second slowest player in the SQUAD? I would be shocked if Mertesacker and Giroud are not the two slowest players in the PREMIER LEAGUE (over ten yards).

    Giroud may catch up with some people around 30 yards or so, but over 10 yards?Holy Christ, no.

    Both of these players are simply pathetic over 10 yards.

  2. Redtruth

    We all remember Arsenal going on a run of games of keeping it tight throughout Wenger’s reign but the trouble is they always eventually revert to type because Wenger’s achilles heel has always been the defence.

  3. Redtruth

    Who remembers those last minute sloppy goals Arsenal conceding against Kiev and some french team in 99 Champions league.

    Just an example of Wenger’s neglect of the defence.

  4. James wood

    Gonnsterous – The funds are there to have done just that.

    Ok I have always liked Rositsky – perhaps to have sold the other four.
    And By selling Walcott for the right money and bought
    Reus /.Draxler?

  5. luke

    Anyone else think a few players from the west ham starting XI should be dropped? Namely: ozil, giroud, maybe Mert, maybe not.


    Giroud IMO is not bad coming off the bench and should be nowhere near out starting XI. I’m actually hoping wenger goes for cavani when benzema fails. I know he’s been somewhat out of form lately but he thrives on being a teams main striker – see mazzarri’s comments about Edson – and has a real engine. Alexis and him upfront we could harass opponents to no end.

    Of course I’d love Benz too but seems like psg are more likely to part with Edson than RM with Benz.

  6. luke

    Honestly I think bould could do better with this squad than wenger. The players have it in them – see last year at man city, old trafford in fa cup – wenger kudt doesn’t prioritize tactics enough.

  7. tunnygriffboy


    Benzema and a second Coquelin.

    That’s why it’s so infuriating. Love him or hate him Wenger has built this squad over a period of time and just when it’s perfect to add the additional ingredients he’s somehow stuffed it up.

    He’s kept us in the top four while building it won two FA Cups and now when it’s time for it to come to fruition he’s stuffed it. Best squad we’ve had in ages and could with the right additions been a competitor.

    Just drives me totally and utterly bananas.

  8. Sancho Monzorla


    Just yesterday you were saying that the biggest problem was the lack of goal scoring, especially in big matches. Something about scoring loads against dross and being impotent for the important fixtures. Today you say it’s the defense, going back to ’99.

    So which do you think is the bigger problem?

  9. Redtruth

    I’d say it’s one of the worst if not thee worst squads we’ve had especially when you factor in how poor in quality the Premier league has become.

  10. luke

    No way our squad now is as bad as it was in 2011-2012 or 2012-2013 or 2008-2009 when villa almost knocked us out of too 4

  11. Redtruth


    Arsenal’s style under Wenger has always been to try and walk the ball in the net so it stands to reason without a Plan B they are going to struggle to score goals against teams who are adroit at defending

  12. Follow the money

    Don’t hold your breath guys. 2008-2009 all we needed was an experienced leader to show the kids how to win. Van Bommel for 11 mill was available did Wenger do anything? No. He’s obsessed with winning without spending or spending less than the others. It’s never gonna happen

  13. kingHenry


    That’s what is so frustrating.. we’re not bad, but we’re not that good either. It takes only a few changes to turn us into a real force. Wenger either doesn’t see it (I don’t believe that for a second tho) or he just wants to prove the world wrong and do things his way.

    TBH, we have a good squad, players like Cech, Koz, Santi, Özil, Sanchez… etc would start for almost any team in the world… Others like Ramsey(when his head is screwed on properly), Theo, Ox, Bellerin, Nacho, Coq… will make any team’s bench…. We just need that all-round striker, and another DM that allows is to play Ramsey centrally, and we’re in the conversation for any trophy (real trophy, not fourth)

  14. Hunter

    I really am getting fed up with the “will we” or “won’t we” buy in this window.Either WENGER is a Genius or a complete idiot!my guts tell me it’s the latter.Despite off loading and loaning out quite a few players reducing the squad numbers we are still the ONLY Premiership club that HASN’T bought an outfield player!.We all can see the glaring mistakes that we are bound to make by not filling the CF and DM we need and the injuries we are already incurring.jack now Rosicky,who’s Next ?.Theres no doubt in my mind that we will implode sooner rather than later.One person and one person alone will be to blame…WENGER.I would really like to be a fly on the wall at a board meeting to see just how much POWER WENGER holds over them and in particular Gazidis.Never in the history of our club has one man held such power and influence over a club it’s just unbelievable.Palace will destroy us this weekend and then what shall we do,the answer ‘NOTHING’!

  15. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    2008 2011 we had our best chances of winning the league in those years
    Yet agin wen forger failed to strengthen an we collapsed

    Roll on 7 year that cretin is still doing the same.

    The mans a joke.

  16. Cesc Appeal

    We do seem to sing the same song, regardless of the change in our financial position, we’re always ‘just missing a couple of players.’

    I really wonder what it is in Wenger that means he can’t deliver a fully stocked squad capable of challenging for the elite prizes.

    But perhaps it is the fact that being in that position means you do have a very good squad as it is, therefore his stubborn nature but more so his tendency to idealise his players means he honestly believes recruitment is unnecessary.

  17. Champagne Charlie

    We’re so busy trying to pull off the ONE flashy signing that makes us seem all relevant and majestic (Benzema), when in reality we could’ve made this team much better with a few very good signings for similar money in the weaker areas…..idk, almost like a team attempting to get better.

    J.Martinez 25mil
    Pedro 22mil
    Schneiderlin 25mil

    Trouble is Wenger sees more value in signing ‘nice guy’ Theo to 140k than giving him to the scouters for 25mil and replacing him with a world cup winner Pedro. #Cohesion

  18. tunnygriffboy


    It’s Wengers approach to young talent. He’s a very good development coach and for him seeing players develop into great players seems to be as important as spending big and winning. He’s an idealist and football purist. It’s why he was so cut up when Cesc, Nasri and RVP left just as they reaching their prime

    We now have Gibbs, Bellerin, Kos, Ramsey, Wilshire Walcott and Ox all players he has nutured , oh and Coquelin. He’s brought in top players to supplement them but unless he continues to bring in more top players, we won’t challenge for PL so these players will again fuck off leaving him in the lurch

    I admire that he develops young players and gives them a chance and for a club like us it’s the way for us to go. However the balance seems wrong. We don’t have enough senior WC talent to mix with the young developed talent. A WC striker and DM and the balance would just about be right especially as some of that young talent is about to start hitting their prime.

  19. Cesc Appeal



    I mean I think his status as a legendary youth developer is a bit overstated, he of course has done brilliantly, but he also has a whole host of failures who he stuck by…just like a lot of managers which is sort of the point.

    He just doesn’t have that ‘I must win streak.’ Why I’ve said before, we won’t win the league again with Wenger in charge. I don’t predict doom, Wenger will never ‘fail’ the only objective he has, but he isn’t a winner at the top level any more.

    The Four Four Two article nailed it, I’ve quoted it before, ‘under a new manager Arsenal might finish 10th, they might finish 1st, under Arsene Wenger they will do neither.’ Spot on.

  20. Marko

    Trolling is rampant on this site with Marko being the chief culprit with his not so bright and oft regurgitated lines

    HEY. I’m just sitting here minding my business you freak

  21. Sancho Monzorla

    “He’s a very good development coach”

    I can’t see how this is possibly true at this point. All the youth players don’t make it at Arsenal and become Championship players eventually. Yes there have been a few successes, but obviously there will be some that hit when we are dealing with so many players.

    Who is a superstar that Wenger developed by himself? RVP? Supremely talented, 2 good years. Cesc? Barca product. Nasri? Looks like a butch lesbian. Please don’t mention Wilshere or Ramsey. Theo and Ox, Saints and neither have really lit up the league (yet).

    I just cannot see how he is a good at developing players. He seems to have earned the reputation strictly based on the fact that he lives and dies with the youngsters. If anything, the best players that come to Arsenal often fall off in production for whatever reason.

  22. Troy McClure

    Sign Cavani or Benzema, and that Polish defensive midfielder from Sevilla. Move Welbeck to an English team to get a big pay day and partially fund the buys. Also get Flamini and Rosicky off the books; free transfers are ok but move the wages.

    I have a man-crush on TR, but his contribution is going to be minimal this season. Let him go to a slower league where he can play regularly and he won’t get injured all the time.

  23. Jeff

    Let’s think about this for a moment. All these years we’ve been coming third or fourth whilst we were financially challenged – so the line goes. Now we’re not and are buying world class players off the shelf, we’re still finishing third or fourth. Is it fair to say then that players like Ozil, Sanchez and Cazorla were bought just to get us a couple of FA cups? And if so, was it worth it? Mind you we have wasted an awful lot of money on utter dross and nobodies over the years so it’s not like we were ever broke.

  24. Samesong

    Flamini had a wake up call and is taking the piss.

    Mathieu Flamini has been told he can leave Arsenal this summer, but the midfielder is holding out for a pay-off from the club, reveals

  25. Cesc Appeal


    Shall we have a whip round among supporters, he can name his price, throw in a plane ticket as well.

  26. NewCoArsenal PLC

    There was a time not so long back when Palace home or away was 3 points, now we don’t have a clue which Arsenal will turn up, which mirrors perfectly Wenger’s own weak personality.
    This is why there needs to be an ex-player on the BoD, an Arsenal legend who values and respects the traditions that were put in place by Chapman. Someone who feels the misery and pain the supporters are forced to endure.
    What is the point of Josh Kroenke, and how much does he care for the fans?

  27. Follow the money

    Exactly Cesc. When we won the league it was just as much an “accident” as these losses to crap teams

  28. Dusty Kart

    If that’s true about Flamini just goes to show what a first class cunt he is and Wenger’s a bigger cunt for giving him a contract in the first place.

  29. goonerboy

    It is hard at first sight to reconcile this years Wenger with the one that brought Sanchez or Ozil- in fact I don’t think he would ever have paid what we did out of choice- he knew signings had to be made-and those players were let go- because they were expensive second level players at RM and Barcelona.
    It is also the case that Cech was let go by Chelsea because he was a reserve and unlikely to play regularly.

    Certainly these signings did not represent a shift in the approach of Wenger towards competing for the world’s best players and building a world class squad.
    This old Leopard can’t and won’t change his spots.

    Why is anyone surprised – Wenger and the current aged Arsenal Board has always exploited the ambitions of fans- to amass as much cash as possible.

    What we are seeing now is the Wenger of old- putting out endless disinformation about the so called quality of this squad, diversionary talk about who the club could buy- whilst only buying kids and cheepos- 4 out of 5 of whom will never make it.

    Wenger has never addressed the obvious flaws of this squad of players he has constructed- right in the spine of this team- lack of a top level striker or physical strength and athletiscm in midfield or at centre back-.

    Once again he has wasted this transfer window- as he did last year.
    We should be in no doubt that the squads of many mid table sides are as strong as ours and several have more astute tactically competent coaches.

    Another year of mediocrity awaits- at best.

  30. Goondawg

    If Wenger had a pair he would buy his contract out. And also tussle with Real Madrid or Dortmund for their stars. Even buy out Kryos release clause or buy Kramer since they signed Aranguiz. But no, he will sit on his hands pinching his pennies before it takes a Palace whooping for him to shift his arse into the market.

  31. Goondawg

    If we lose to palace it would be worse than the lynch mob at Stoke train station. The pitchforks will be out. No way is this squad as it stands good enough to challenge for the title.

    Also Ox please don’t fucking dilly dally around the box when there are players like Puncheon, Bolasie and Zaha buzzing around. You did it against Everton pre-season and you did it again against West Ham. Have a word, son

  32. Reliable sauce

    Most of the club legends are either Wenger sychophants or not qualified & out of touch.

    Greame Souness is more upset by our lack of ambition & fight than Wilson or Keown.

  33. tjardy

    These debates fascinated me. The problem is that everyone knows The Truth. But actually we have all got very, little information. We don’t know who is available. We don’t know who doesn’t want to come. We don’t know if people are carrying private injuries the clubs don’t want made public. We all know so little about the transfer business, yet we speak as if we’ve been buying players for years. I’ve worked in global commodities and branding and its a nightmare, without half the complications dealing with a human would necessarily incur.
    If you honestly think Wenger is stupid, you can then believe he doesn’t want to strengthen the team.
    If you think he’s a proven successful manager, you can then believe he does, whenever the opportunity becomes available.
    Sometimes it seems like we know about 10% of the information, but offer 90% of the solution.
    I ask myself ‘do I believe I can manager a premier league football team better than Wenger?’ Until the answer is ‘yes’, I’ll trust the job is best suited to professional withexperience, qualifications, contacts and knowledge. I also trust that Wenger wants the best for the team and will do whatever he can to make that happen. It’s grandiose in the extreme to assume you have any of the required information to make these claims, that he must be crazy, stupid, past it, insane because he hasn’t done what you think is right and possible.

  34. Champagne Charlie

    Souness isn’t looking to keep his ties to the club sweet for any future job associated with the club that’s why. Adams was scathing a couple of years back and as such he’ll never do anything of note for Arsenal.

    Keown you can see being part of the new furniture when Wenger retires, and Wilson doesn’t want to ‘tarnish’ his squeaky clean Arsenal image with criticism. Probably enjoys the all access ‘big Bob’ status he currently has.

    Truth is Arsenal only show what Arsenal and Arsene considers ambition, which is reactive, evolutionary (in terms of time) nonsense that sees a club with ridiculous resources act like a club that could at at minute go under. The fans get hit with a different mantra each season to go along with to placate the lack of bold decision making. Collective, Harmony, Togetherness, Cohesion….

  35. TitsMcGee

    Is it fair to say then that players like Ozil, Sanchez and Cazorla were bought just to get us a couple of FA cups?”

    I think people need to realize that Wenger isn’t trying to win the league. It has become very obvious. The whole “we’re skint ” period was just convenient timing to use as an excuse.

    No urgency. No logic to transfer window dealings/non-dealings.

    Sure he’ll take an FA Cup if it falls in his lap but does it make or break his goals/purpose? Nope.

    The whole Coquelin thing helps this theory. Rather “give the boy a chance” than be ruthless and hurt his feelings by signing someone who may be better than him.

  36. WrightIsGod

    This rhetoric of we had no money is nonsense we brought enough average players to our team over the ‘frugal’ years.

    The proof is in the pudding. We’ve spent a net £7million so far this season!! That’s absolutely shocking if you are really serious about winning the league.

    Schneiderlin was a no brainer.
    Benzema or Cavani no brainer.

    Hell, I’d take Laccazete, benteke, anyone who’s dynamic, strong and can finish. They would flourish in this team.

    Giroud is ok but most the time you’re hoping something hits him and goes in.

    Why does Wenger pick club captains that aren’t on the field? He’s been getting that accolade wrong ever since he picked the likes of Henry, gallas, Fabregas and RVP. They are not captains.

    How have we suddenly started this season with less of a squad than before? It’s joke and the man needs to go after Groundhog Day in May.

  37. Arseology

    We can add DeGea, Garay, Busquets, Reus & Benzema to the squad but we still have no chance at winning the league until Wenger is put out to pasture & the only way that is happening is by getting rid of ‘thank you for your interest in OUR affairs’ Kroenke & his minions and getting owners with ambition that will hold a manager accountable.

  38. Sancho Monzorla


    This is the sad truth about supporting Arsenal under Wenger’s regime. The fans here are arguing day in, day out about whether Coquelin is good enough. That shouldn’t be a the question at all.

    Even if Coq is good enough, there should be NO hesitation in signing another top quality midfielder. Just the fact that fans feel we have to make a choice, that itself is a problem and a mirage that Wenger has created with the way he runs the team.

    Seriously, why are we debating about Coquelin? He’s not even the issue. It’s about balance, it’s about paying abhorrent wages to shitty players who won’t even play. Building a proper fucking team.

  39. TitsMcGee

    The proof is in the pudding. We’ve spent a net £7million so far this season!! That’s absolutely shocking if you are really serious about winning the league.”

    That’s just it exactly.

    Just won an FA CUP why not spend some money and at the very least make a push for a title.

    HE thinks 1 player will make up a 10 point gap? Will Cech addition alone get us further in the UCL?

    It’s just penny-pinching nonsense. No manager that has title ambitions would think that Cech alone would get us the league.

    If you take a step back and look at it from non-Arsenal colored sunshades it’s pretty obvious he only ever strengthens just enough to “maintain ” top 4.

    A slap in the face to any Arsenal fan who pays the highest ticket prices in all of Europe. Madrid fans get to watch their squad full of superstars for less than we get to watch Giroud try his hardest not to score.

  40. Arseology

    One doesn’t need to be a Hardly Boy to get a raging clue…a quick look at Kroenkes portfolio of franchises and it’s plain to see…we are a corporation masquerading as a football club.

  41. Champagne Charlie


    No Coquelin isn’t necessarily the issue, but Wenger can get away with ‘making do’ with him because a large majority of our fans don’t bat an eye when we’re on a winning run – which isn’t even mentioning how ridiculous some are at eulogizing our own.

    Coquelin is a good squad player, and if everyone accepted that then Wenger would have no room to make him the cornerstone of our midfield. As is you hear the majority talk about him like he’s Matic-esque.

    For Arsenal to play our football there’s no way you can justify having Coquelin as the DM, he doesn’t cut it in terms of football ability. Lay that at Arsenes feet yes, but fans being tolerant (and often vocally supportive of mediocre) only gives the manager the necessary room to say “nah I won’t splash 27mil for someone else, Coquelin will do”.

  42. WrightIsGod

    Mourinhio doesn’t hate Wenger because he’s scared or jealous of him. He hates him because no other manager IN THE WORLD can get away with the way Wenger runs the club. Mourinho’s been sacked for less whereas Wenger is rewarded for mediocrity.

    The mainstream media need to actually challenge the man for once but they kiss is arse like the AKB.

    We are absolutely loaded. Like liquid loaded. Cash loaded. There are teams out spending us and improving that have a fraction of our resources and balance..

    Just buy the players in preseason and get on with it… But no… We’ll do what we always do under this manager and the fans eat it up.

    I’m happier with the team than I have ever been over the last 10 years and yet right now I e never been more WENGEROUT

  43. WrightIsGod

    Wenger said that Mourinho was afraid to fail because he didn’t declare his team would win the league (he did say he would the season after and did so btw). Perhaps Wenger doesn’t spend because he is afraid that if he doesn’t win the league he can be held accountable. Not only does he have ‘fear to fail’ he’s also a ‘specialist in failure’.

    Mourinho called it – and I’m really beginning to hate Mourinhi as a human being btw so don’t say I’m a fan – he’s just head and shoulders above Wenger in ability.

    Wenger’s way is the past. Even SAF knew when the time was up and bowed out graciously.

    WENGEROUT eventually!!!

  44. WrightIsGod

    PEDRO you need to look at yourself and remember what this site stands for. You more than anyone should know the pattern but you have pandered to the illusion.

    You are becoming a John Cross ‘media luvvie’. Do you want the league or not?

    If you do deep down you know Wenger has to go. It’s actually funny realising that he actually fooled you too considering the months of fighting your corner against the AKB’s. And for what. This.

    If you are happy with top four fight then fine.
    But if you want the league or the CL we need to get rid.

    Get back on the agenda PEDRO.

  45. Gustav Graves

    “Now he’s injured. I love Tomas, but he feels like a pointless person to have on the wage bill.”

    I second this statement. I would also like to add Mikel Arteta to this list.
    I just cant see the fear in Bournmouth players eyes when the scan the Arsenal team sheet and see his name on there so you can forget about Juventus or Bayern doing that.

    Make the guy a coach already.

  46. Gustav Graves

    Another point…

    I think were missing the fact that english teams will now have to have a higher quota of true “english” homegrown players.

    Its the only reason (why I think) we still have Theo,Wilshire and Welbeck.
    If you HAVE to have a certian amount of english players…they might as well be the better ones.

    So in this day and age…its bad business to sell a Theo or Jack for 25 Mil. Theyre worth more in keeping the FA off your back.

    Look at the whole Sterling, Delph, Barry hype and youll see what I mean.

  47. WrightIsGod


    It’s not even about what we have and haven’t spend despite the fact that’s it’s clear we have the money to buy top notch players and yes watching one of Schneiderlin, Vidal, Kindigbia slip by is annoying, but it’s not even that.

    It’s the fact that if you are confident with the team you have at least play the right formation, use the correct players in their positions and use tactics dependant on the team you are playing against. And guess what… Not just the top 4 you arrogant twat.

    So we figure out a formation and winning team and he fucks around with it in the first day of the season. Sometimes he just throws players in with no direction and just expects them to whatever. It comes across like that because that’s exactly what happens.

    People bang on about last year and the injuries and forget he had us persevering with a ridiculous 4-1-4-1 formation to get all his favourites in.

    It’s a joke.

  48. WrightIsGod


    Pedro I challenge you to let me write a post. Enough of this new labour centralist shifting to the right rhetoric you’ve been pumping out all summer. Shameful.


  49. Kiyoshi Ito

    I wonder if Spud fans are looking at us,wondering what all the fuss is about?

    What ,with our Arsene out mantra?

    Really curious to know what the general spud fans think about our situation?

    Maybe,they think we are an ungrateful bunch?

    Maybe they would like Arsene in their camp..?

    Would be interesting to know they consensus…

  50. Champagne Charlie


    Don’t agree. Theo was such an obvious ‘sell & replace’ it’s frightening, we could’ve arranged a deal to get an upgrade in Sterling, or simply just got rid and brought in Pedro for no loss in money but massive jump in quality.

    Reason I don’t agree is the “homegrown” rule doesn’t equate to english nationals and Arsenal are the best side among the top lot to use players ‘educated’ between 18-21 or whatever the parameter is. Theo was totally dispensable this window and instead got inflated wages for god knows what.

    Give Jack this season, but if City come in with a stupid bid he’s another one who can leave for me, 40mil for him and I’d bite my lip, shake your hand, and burst out laughing. The notion of an academy lad who’s “one of our own” leading the team is lovely and all, but if I could ditch him and swipe Gotze you wouldn’t believe how quick I’d move. I seriously don’t think any quota of homegrown players will ever affect Arsenal.

  51. Champagne Charlie


    Not a hard answer, they’d clearly love him. But that’s like saying would Everton like to trade what we have for theirs? Obviously so.

    Real question comes with any of the big hitters ie what we’re supposedly equipped to be. Do your United, Chelsea, Barca, Reals look at us with envy? Hmm….

  52. mysticleaves

    quite interesting that dimtri payet who was the peoples choice man of the match, had worse stats than ozil in that particular match. and ozil was branded flop of the match

    football is a really really deceptive game. the players that are recognised most are the ones that play with muscle…

  53. Wallace


    “What good is a stronger second string when your starting 11 is weaker than theirs?”

    well, a lot of talk on here this summer has concerned squad depth. thinks it’s interesting to look at what our rivals have in comparison.

    and also, highlights it’s quality we need, not numbers.

  54. underrated Coq


    Weaker than Chelsea? Obvious, isn’t it ? They have a better goalkeeper, better defensive unit and a better first choice striker.

    With the acquisition of Cech and Gabriel, I’d say Arsenal have very good options in defense but I’d say we are still second best , behind Chelsea , as a unit simply because of the way the teams set up.

    Arsenal have the best array of talent in midfield in the PL IMO. But even an unlimited pool of talent and skills is useless when you have a manager who doesn’t know how to make the best use of them.

    I mean, its been what- two full seasons and he still doesn’t know how to get the best of Ozil ? Asking central midfielders to provide touchline-hugging play? Going into the season with only one competent DM ? Madness.

    And its no secret that Arsenal most-likely have the weakest strike force out of the top three. Hopefully this situation is rectified by bring in a better striker or else a WC wide-man to play on the right side.

  55. underrated Coq


    ” also, highlights it’s quality we need, not numbers. ”

    100% agree with this. Though in case of defensive minded midfielders, getting in another option before the window shuts would be ideal. Doesn’t need to be WC, just someone competent which Flameta are not.

  56. Champagne Charlie


    “Doesn’t need to be WC, just someone competent which Flameta are not.”

    Hmm…disagree. Think we’ve got our share of competent, we need an injection of class in DM, and the CF role imo. Both spots are similar in that we have relative numbers but no genuine undisputed starter who’s top drawer.

    Both need that type for me. 2 starters that will see Giroud/Coquelin reduced to ‘options’.

  57. Wallace

    Champagne Charlie

    Giroud i can understand….but you don’t think Coquelin’s performances have been of a very high standard since he broke into the side?

  58. peanuts&monkeys

    Hello Loser Fans of Arsenal! How will you mourn another loss/draw? Will sing praises to Wenger still/ candle-light vigil/march protest and banners? Make your decision. Time not far away.

  59. underrated Coq


    I suppose. But I am a massive Coquelin fan so you’ll find me a bit biased there. He’s 24 and already one of the best in the defensive side of his game. I really do believe he can develop his other side of the game and become our ‘class DM’.

  60. Champagne Charlie


    He’s been very good at the physical/defensive side, the tackles/interceptions etc, but lacks presence/authority in big games where a top DM can get a foothold or snuff out big moments (Monaco/Spurs). But biggest issue I have is his ability with the ball, it’s flat out not good enough and we have to tinker with the setup (cazorla alongside) just to compensate. It’s no secret we don’t score enough goals in the league to challenge, and this is a big reason. Our football starts with the DM, and his lop-sided talent suffocates our ability to play the ‘Arsenal way’.


    Disagree mate, I don’t think you can improve as much as he needs to in that side of the game. He can still be a valuable asset, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t see us being successful with him as our starting DM. He’s a better version of what Mikel is for Chelsea in my eyes.

  61. Wallace

    Champagne Charlie

    i disagree. you mention the Monaco and Spurs games, but there were also the Man City and Man Utd games where he was a dominant figure. i’d maybe not play him in the ‘easier’ home games, but he’d be the first name on my tean sheet for the big ones.

    also disagree re his ability on the ball. he’s not Arteta, but he’s solid. and as for having to play Cazorla alongside to compensate, don’t you think that spot is Cazorla’s best position anyway these days? controlling the play from slightly deeper…

  62. Hunter

    Get Barton,we need some serious,nasty players/leaders in the team not pussies.He may not be everyone’s cup of tea but he would certainly liven up the dressing room and he is FREE so that would please WENGER AND he is far better than a Kalstrom!

  63. Champagne Charlie


    with due respect I think the City game was arguably our best TEAM performance of the year, and MOTM was Cazorla who showed his talent in developing his game for the first time. United for me can’t be classified as a big game other than the mental hurdle we passed in beating them at OT, they were a terrible side last season and the trips to OT were nothing like they have been in previous seasons.

    To elaborate on Cazorla I think that position is one he excels at yes, because his talent/ability is ridiculous. However I actually maintain he’d be better served at CAM where he was amazing in his first season with us scoring goals and assisting for days, trouble is 42.5mil Ozil will never be benched by Wenger.

    STILL…the fact Cazorla can, to some extent, compensate for Coquelins inadequacies by playing deep doesn’t for a second mean we should settle for a DM without the ability to contribute to transitioning the play. Coquelin is your Jermaine Defoe of DM’s, scores the goals but isn’t elite because he can’t do all the other tasks associated with top class holding players.

  64. Vince

    My team for Palace, my Arsenal first 11 for this season invariably, if the nutter at the top signs no one.: Cech, Bellerin, Kos, Gabriel, Montreal, Coqurlin, Ramsey, Cazorla, Ox, Sanchez and Theo. I’ll replace Ramsey and Walcott with Rosicky and Welbeck if they were fit.

    Cazorla for Ozil is not even debatable for me. awesome first season play making for us, played the role for 2 months last year during which he was epl player for one month and our most influential player that period. Plus, I actually think Ozil is shit. Two years on and that puppy still need everybody around him to function for him to click. If Sanchez had a shit 1st season we’ll be playing Europa now.

  65. Bamford10


    “He’s a better version of what Mikel is for Chelsea in my eyes.”

    Agree with much of what you’ve said, but not the above, as Mikel is actually better on the ball than Coquelin. Mikel could be inserted into our starting XI without being asked to play a reduced role in build-up play — unlike Coquelin, who doea in fact play a reduced role when we are building out of the back..

    While Mikel is not as good on the ball as a Matic or even a 2012-Arteta, neither is he a liability; Coquelin is.

    He was also Chelsea’s starting CDM throughout their CL-winning run, so if Coquelin is better on the ball than he is — he’s not — you wouldn’t have a very good argument.

    Bottom line is Mikel is actually a better player than certain Arsenal fans imagine.


    Coquelin may in time develop that side of his game; until then, though, we need a CDM who already has that side of the game as our starter.

  66. Bamford10


    That means you have Ramsey next to Coquelin again, which is problematic. Unless Ramsey sticks to Cazorla’s script as a CM — and Ramsey isn’t much for discipline or sticking to scripts or doing the kind of deep-lying distribution Cazorla does — that’s going to leave Coquelin stranded again and will likely not work well.

    Instead of replacing Ozil with Cazorla, you should replace him with Ramsey. Let Cazorla do the deep-lying work he has done so well, and allow Ramsey to try to create in the attacking third.

    Otherwise I’d leave Ozil as CAM and play Ramsey wide or not at all. He was, after all, probably our worst midfielder last weekend.

  67. Bamford10


    Jenny Lizarazo might not have a clue about Benzema or Arsenal — and may only be seeking attention — but she is hot as all get-out.

    I really can’t get too upset with a girl who has curves like that.

  68. Champagne Charlie


    I totally agree.

    To clarify, neither is a starting DM for me, and from a perspective of purely being used to shut games down and NOT function as the cornerstone of midfield, I’d take Coquelin ahead of Mikel because he edges it on pure defensive capability.

    If it were a choice between the two to start for Arsenal however, I’d take Mikel in a heartbeat because his ability with the ball far outweighs the edge Coquelin has on him from a destroyers point of view.

  69. Vince

    Maybe that’s because I’ll never play Ramsey in that role, he’s everything a playmaker shouldn’t be: ponderous, indecisive and erratic.xThe people in front of a playmaker should be able to anticipate him, Ramsey is impossible to preempt, shoots when he should pass and vice versa. And I think Ramsey/Coquelin combo is simply not working due to two challenges that were quick to overlook. 1. They’ve not played together for any reasonable length of time. 2. People understate the amount of work the people around Per have to do to cover for his limitations, if we have Gabriel beside Kos I’m not sure those two in front of the back 4 won’t work.

  70. Reliable sauce

    If a big team were to come in for Ramsey next season, its conceivable that we would have to replace our whole MF.

    Coq could easily fail to make the step up & would need upgrading.
    Santi will be 32 & may want a move.

    If Alexis & Ozil decide they want out, which isnt beyond the realms of possibility, we are then looking at a complete overhaul & going the same way as post Fergie MU.

  71. Vince

    that’s exactly why most sensible people think Wenger is a Moron. This was the summer we were to add 2 players that are good enough for our first 11 but we expect absolutely nothing from them. I thought a Calhanogu (check) and Firmino were dead certs. They could use this year to make cameo appearances while watching veterans they’ll need to replace soon. Rosicky, Arteta and Flamini should definitely be gone next year. Cazorla becomes a bit-part player and we probably will cut our loss on Wilshire if he doesn’t shape up. By next year we will be back to replacing departed or aging players, this was the year to start the integration for the new players a large Chelsea for Zouma and probably Stone.

  72. Wallace


    nice points re Ramsey as the playmaker. he’s got a lot of strengths but would be a distinctly average 10.

  73. gambon

    Barton is actually a very good player.

    Hes just a complete liability ,so I wouldnt want him anywhere near the club.

    Also, when youre the third best/fourth best team in the PL and maybe 10th best in Europe, you need much better to improve the team.

  74. Reliable sauce


    Its so off the cuff & shortsighted at times, Wenger obviously doesnt have a plan & the owner & BODS dont have a strategy, a footballing strategy that is.

    Wenger spreads himself way too thin, not sure what aspect of the job he is actually still good at…even decent.

  75. Goondawg

    That’s the thing, Barton’s temperament lets him down, and Wenger wont go near him. But it seems like Wenger is going near no one this summer. For an inexpensive price and cheap wages, he’s worth a punt. Better him, than no one I say

  76. Samesong

    Joey Barton remember this quote he made about Thiago Silva

    “Another overated Brazilian sort your hamstrings out Fatboy”

  77. Vince

    Thanks, Wallace.
    I think he’s no longer fit for purpose. even the youths he use to extol brings him no credits any longer. Once I saw Inter sign Kondogbia and all the buys Man U made while playing Europa I realized the only words I ever believed Wenger on, needing to qualify for UCL to get world class players we were after we’re all lies. Shit manager. Shit individual.

  78. gambon

    Only Norwich, Swansea and Everton have spent less than us this summer.


    Barcelona won the treble, have a transfer ban, and have signed more than us.

  79. Rocky Pires

    Will be on tender hooks Sunday at 1.30 , I am nervously looking forward to it .
    I do think we will respond and show well, but they are a great team on the counter and I worry about that .

    I think Bellerin in a t RB, Santi and Coq in middle, Ramsey RM for balance with Sanchez LW, Ozil middle and probably start Giroud.

    If Sanchez doesnt start LW , then Theo is a good option there with maybe GIbbs giving a more solid LW option if he goes with Ramsey and Santi in the middle .

  80. Up 4 Grabs Now


    “Barcelona won the treble, have a transfer ban, and have signed more than us.”

    Gambon that says it all.

    Every team in the league has signed at least 3 players.
    Us just the 1.

    Unless Wenger signs 2 Top draw players especially after clearing out the dead wood, (or most of it.) we are looking so light squad wise!

  81. Samesong

    I don`t think we`re in great need of a defensive midfielder with Coquelin continuing his development and club captain Mikel Arteta backing him up. Wenger seemed to agree with me following up his “no” with …

    ‘Always people think the solution is from the outside, but I say let’s look inside and produce the performances. It is more intelligent than expecting it to happen from outside.

    Read more:

    Nice one Wenger you tit.