Arsenal: Those performances are Wenger standard

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Football. You miserable beast.

What a day on Sunday. Met up with my Arsenal family. Had some good time beers. Headed to the game brimming with positivity.

Then, boom.


Realities of the season kicked in.

Now, I want to temper this with a dose of reality. I think that was a blip. I don’t think that’s representative of who Arsenal are. I’d imagine we’ll go on a long run of winning games now.

What the game did represent is that nagging feeling that Wenger has lost his ability to keep a team focused for a whole season. I know Chelsea were poor. But I just felt that sort of game is always in Wenger’s repertoire. Players shouldn’t be heading into a game with a focus so weak. You just didn’t get that feeling of invincibility looking at that line up.

You kind of feel Mourinho instills a level of fear that means players dare not drop their work rate or standards. I’m not sure I felt an urgency against West Ham. A few stray passes and it fell to pieces. The customary…

‘We’ll bounce back’ headline in The Evening Standard.

I mean, you have to counter that by saying that Petr Cech probably won’t drop clangers like that again. But I don’t think anyone who has watched Wenger teams over the last ten years could say there were any doubts that we’d not play like that again.

People highlighting that West Ham were playing competitive games before us. I mean, sure, against awful teams. I just don’t think there’s an excuse for that sort of performance in front of a buzzing home crowd. West Ham were better than us. That’s not acceptable.

I also think some other points that have been bandied around made sense.

Our midfield needs more balance. You can’t have everyone trying to Ozil. What was amazing about that line up is the lack of chances created. We needed more direct in there.

Our striking issues are pretty glaring. I appreciate there was early season rust, but when you’re not hitting the target from 8 yards, it really does push the point that we’re struggling.

Like I said, I still expect us to challenge this season, I just worry that when it comes to the crunch, we’ll always fold.

Fingers crossed that performance kicks the manager into adding a couple more before the start of the season.

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  1. Goondawg


    I was literally screaming at the screen. Debuchy had a poor game, but I would have bet he would have scored, he was clean on goal.

    Kwik Fit

    Preach brother, preach

  2. Dan Ahern

    Özil, Ramsey, Cazorla, take your pick. You can scapegoat whomever you so choose but the problem was primarily that all them look for the ball. Even Ox isn’t clearly instructed to create width, it seems. Even Giroud comes back looking to “link up.” We gummed up the middle when they were narrow. We have to be smarter about how we deploy our pieces.

  3. Goondawg


    Look at that pic I posted up above, this is precisely why Ramsey SHOULDN’T be playing AM.. Not until he ups his decision making, and stops his narcistic shoot at every given opportunity play style and learns to play for the team, not his price tag move to Barcelona.

  4. Sancho Monzorla

    Dan Ahern

    This is a big part of what I don’t understand about our team. Do the players not realize that they are emasculating their own attack power by taking up the positions they do? Or is Wenger not giving clear instructions?

    Yes, four players who all think they are number 10s is going to create an imbalance, the players themselves should know that. I would expect they should know to play with a bit more discipline.

    It means that Wenger is
    a) letting the players get away with playing however they like
    b) allowing this imbalance across the pitch because he think it’s a good idea and having interchangeable parts (even though it’s not done correctly) appeals to him
    c) giving clear instructions to players who just aren’t good enough to carry them out.

    Every year it seems he uses the first few matches of the season to tinker with his squad, then goes back to a more balanced lineup once we’re already out of the title race/top 4 is in jeopardy.

  5. Bamford10


    Which is an argument for him playing CM? Where one needs to be even more responsible, intelligent, mature? Where one’s errors are more costly and dangerous?

    That argument makes no sense.

  6. Dan Ahern

    Sancho — Yeah I don’t get it. I think the instructions are not clear from the get-go. I was hoping Jack’s injury would make the midfield mess a non-issue, but we still collectively let ourselves down. smh.

  7. Goondawg

    Ozil cant be expected to perform when that position is over crammed. He always kept trying to pass it wide, drifting into areas and creating space, but Oxlade is guilty of cutting in, as well as Cazorla, and ofc Ramseys right up his backside as well.. Despite being boxed in he still created plenty of chances against the Irons and had the most clear-cut chances, as soon as Sanchez came on, Ozil slipped him in twice and probably would have done better if wasn’t short on match fitness.

  8. Cesc Appeal

    Barcelona’s sporting director saying Pedro wants a move…expect him to be playing for United soon then.

    Schniederlin, Herrera
    Pedro, Mata, Depay

    Not bad if it clicks, still feel they need a ST and I think they will buy a CB as well.

  9. TitsMcGee

    one game in and City are now the team to beat, Chelsea are susceptible to pace, and Arsenal will be lucky to finish top 8. that must have been some weekend of football.”

    City and Chelsea were the teams to beat before the season even started.

    Don’t act dumb.

    Also explain what relevance last season’s form has to do with us this season?

    New players for almost every club. New circumstances. New everything.

    Or are you just living off of only what AKBs live off of? The imaginary trophies.

    “Best record since last Christmas”

    “Most weeks top of the league”

    “We would win the league _(enter excuse here)___”

  10. Wallace

    Cesc Appeal

    “That’s why Schniederlin would have been so smart, literally a packaged Arsenal player ready for us to pick up, alas.”

    for me Schneiderlin could only have come in as a Coq replacement. i don’t think he’s talented enough offensively to play the b2b role. and for what he did last season i just feel Coquelin deserves a shot at establishing himself as the DM.

    i agree we need cover for Coq, but if we had paid 27m for Schneiderlin the size of the fee itself would probably have meant the end of Coq’s Arsenal career. we aren’t yet at the level of the other three where we can afford to pay 27m for a player and then leave him on the bench.

  11. Cesc Appeal


    Well if we spend nothing else this summer we could have! Ha.

    Personally, I would have had Schniederlin ahead of Coquelin, certainly would have kept Coquelin on the bench and rotated/used them both as and when. I know people get very touchy with Coquelin but I just feel Schniederlin has a much better passing game more akin to an Arteta whilst also having good defensive stats.

    Might have meant we would need such a technically gifted player in that other slot as a necessity to offset Coquelin’s weaknesses.

    I mean Coquelin could obviously get better, but his ball work wasn’t great on Sunday, very average.

    But we will see. I’m just not a fan of a player in the side that then means you have to play another as a necessity.

    But no good going on about Schniederlin now, I talked him up all season, we didn’t get him, so that’s that really.

  12. Bamford10


    This is down to a lack of clear, explicit and detailed instruction from the manager.

    This is obvious to anyone who watches Arsenal. Players often do not have clearly defined roles — be they central midfielders or wide attacking players.

    This is because of Wenger’s “free-flowing,” spontaneous,”express-yourself” approach to football, which every so often results in brilliant play but the vast majority of the time produces a complete mish-mash.

    Watch any of the following teams — Barca, Atletico, Bayern, Dortmund, Juventus, PSG, Chelsea, City — and you will see players with clearly assigned roles and responsibilities, teams with orderly, systematic play on both sides of the ball.

    Not Arsenal.

    See what Fabregas said about the difference between tactical instruction at Barca under Pep (detailed, complex, strict) vs. at Arsenal under Wenger (non-existent).

  13. Redtruth

    ‘We need cover for Coq’ lol

    We need cover for the entire team!

    Egg on face time to those eulogising the signing of Cech.

    Fickle fans slamming Ramsey when he’s always been a crap player lol.

  14. Sancho Monzorla

    I understand those that champion giving Coquelin a chance, but there’s no one on the squad that should be playing every game bar maybe Cech, Koscielny, and Alexis.

    Schneiderlin would have been perfect cover. Coq is still young and him not being given the start for every fucking game this season would not stunt his development to the degree that people think. In fact, rotating and competing with higher level players at your same position would probably help his growth.

  15. kingHenry

    If you don’t think width is important, watch Barca right now. As good as Messi is, he’s literally hugging the touchline, and drifting infield when he has the ball

  16. Dissenter

    The fact that the central midfielders were playing so close together is an indictment of Wenger’s methods, not the players.

    Wenger is like a prosaic 3D-printer. He expects to be served a well made dinner out of flour, fresh bacon and uncooked eggs, even though he didn’t provide a detailed recipe.
    He’s never been known for providing his players with a detailed and explicit plan of how to win. Fabregas and Henry have stated as much.

    His style is buy the “best” players and let them express themselves, that’s why he’s so lifeless on the sidelines. The best managers have a defined system and then buy players to work that plan. That’s why Mourhino got rid of Mata [expecting childish insults my way for this].

  17. kingHenry

    Ughelli read my comment again. I said he’s drifting infield when he has the ball. He’s clearly more effective centrally, but he’s obviously playing wider to open up spaces in the opposition defence.

  18. Joe

    Has anyone brought up the stat we have scored 1 goal in our last 5 home games?? Yet so many think we were clicking on all cylinders at the end of the season and that Giroud and our offensive players are up there with the best in Europe???


    Best team in Europe since jan? How did that work out for you master, wenger when playing an average west ham team?

    Until wenger leaves this will be the norm for Arsenal. Average.

    But we won the charity Sheild. Another exhibition trophy you can stick up
    Your AKB asses

  19. Ughelligunner

    Kinghenry, even if messi stays in the middle they will still win. His dribling pulls defence apart.

    We need natural driblers in arsenal. It is just unfortunate gervinho kept on having a bad end product

  20. Ughelligunner

    I am watching who Busquet gives the ball to and how kryw** of sevilla plays compared to coq.

    So we end the talk coq passes only to carzola

  21. Ughelligunner

    Bamford, hope the short pass to suarez from busquet won’t be use as a yardstick.

    That is the easiest assist i have seen. Where was kry*uuw

  22. gambon

    Brilliant bit of writing on why Coquelin isnt good enough.

    Couldnt agree more.

    Coquelin should be a squad player, not a cornerstone of the team.

  23. gambon

    Barca play 4-3-3

    A formation thats beyond Wenger.

    Barcas way is to make the pitch big and relies on outstanding wide forwards.

    Wenger would be well out of his depth at Barca.

  24. Inter YourGran

    gambon – problem is we’ve let a couple of players move already and leaving it this late, who’d we honestly be able to get?

    Outside Bender or the lad who’s name i’ll butcher from Sevilla, who else is there?

  25. Sam

    Hmmmm Its Chamberlain that gave the ball away.
    Now Coquelin is a bad player that need upgrading

    what a bunch of glory hunters you lots are
    Talking about upgrading, David ospina would have done better than that old has been so called Upgrade, enjoy!!!

  26. Inter YourGran

    we could play a 4-3-3, but again we’d need a better striker who can spearhead a front line by both coming deep and running in behind.

    Walcott and sanchez wide, with a midfield 3 of arteta, ramsey and cazorla would work. Might be something worth considering should ozil pick up another lengthy injury.

  27. Inter YourGran

    Sam – we’ve always needed better than coquelin. He does a job, he’s a good player but for a side with the aspirations of arsenal you want a higher calibre of player starting 38-45 games a season in that role.

  28. Redtruth

    The artucle is a knee jerk wonderful hindsight pile of crap.

    How can you judge Coquelin on the back of one game against a piss poor West Ham side. lol lol

  29. gambon


    Well, we made a huge mistake with Schneiderlin.

    Martinez at Bayern maybe? They have Alonso, Thiago, Vidal, Rode, Alaba and Lahm…….maybe Guardiola considers it that hes moved on snce he got inured.

    That said, Martinez is a Guardiola player through and through, so very unlikely.

    Bender, Kramer, Camacho all possible…..but like i say, it couldve been so much easier if Wenger hadnt sat on his hands for the last 2 months.

  30. Samesong

    Well, we made a huge mistake with Schneiderlin.

    Yep. The guys serioulsy underrated and goes about his job like its nothing.

    I don’t hear anyone questioning his ability.

  31. Inter YourGran

    Gambon – Illaramendi is one that was mentioned a while back. Never been to sure about him.

    Lars Bender is a shout, but i’ve not followed or seen enough of kramer and camacho to offer much insight.

    Javi Martinez would be great, but just how fit is he? That’s a massive risk.

    I’ve got a feeling and we’ll panic last couple of weeks on the biggest player that’s spat his dummy out privately or just available. Gotze/Draxler maybe, Llorente would actually be hilarious..

    Secretly, I’d actually love it if we signed Ibrahimovic as a last career move after we missed out all those years ago.

  32. Redtruth

    No one questions him because his performances are so underwhelming.

    It is quite apparent to those with eyes the new keeper is a downgrade and so to would be signing a Schneiderlin

  33. Samesong

    Arsenal are interested in France striker Karim Benzema but refuse to pay Real Madrid’s asking price.

    typical wenger

  34. Sam

    We lost becoz of Wenger even though there are some guilty guys in the team
    We should deploy 2 wingers, CF with Ozil or Cazorla as number 10. Leave Ramsey on the bench as part of rotation.
    Keep things this simple n we will beat teams like Westham easily.
    you complicate things midfielders get confused on the pitch n we get smashed

  35. vicky

    My hunch is Wenger does not rate Le Coq highly. If you listen to his comments about Le Coq, he never fails to mention that Coquelin is doing a “limited” role and that he knows his limitations and stays disciplined. Now Wenger has no great affinity for technically limited players. He is just crazy about great technical players who are versatile and wonderful passers. Also remember him talking about United chasing every player on the market.

    The fact that United were chasing Scheinderlin and it pushed his price well above 20m, Wenger perhaps pulled back. He did not see much value in spending 25m for a DM position where we have got decent players already albeit not top class.

    If he finds a good option for a smaller sum say 15m, I think he will go for that option.

  36. Sam

    Oh lets see!

    you are blaming Ozil for not working hard enough at the same time you want Wenger to pay 46Millions for a 28 years old striker who’s also blamed most of the time for not working hard enough.
    If we sign the twat, I wish we don’t. This time next year you will throw more tantrums n calling him not good enough

  37. vicky


    That team could afford to have a technically limited player as we had Henry,Bergkamp and Viera. This team is anyway so limited in forward options and so predictable in midfield, we can’t carry such kind of players.

  38. Bamford10


    That IS a good article, and contrary to Marble’s silly assertion, it is based on a detailed analysis both of last season’s games and of Sunday’s West Ham debacle.

    However, in many ways, the author is simply saying things that many of us here have long been saying — though granted he is a better writer, is better organized in his points and presentation, uses data, graphics well, etc.

    Look at the following comments re Coquelin, though:

    “Coquelin’s skill-set is fairly limited, and that is why Arsenal’s major competitors do not have a player similar to Coquelin starting matches as the defensive midfielder. Barcelona have Sergio Busquets; Real Madrid have Toni Kroos and Luka Modric, Bayern Munich have Xabi Alonso, Philip Lahm or David Alaba, PSG have Thiago Motta and Marco Verratti, and closer to home, Chelsea have Nemanja Matic.

    This is the level and skillset Arsenal have to aspire to, and such players are, in fairness, hard to find. But as long as a player can control, and a good first pass out of defence, Arsenal can cope because of Ramsey’s running, and the better structure of the side.”


    “And after the 4141 proved to be a mostly disastrous failure, Manchester City aside, Coquelin was partnered in midfield by Santi Cazorla, who made up for the FRENCHMAN’S INABILITY TO PASS OUT OF THE BACK.”

    These are things that many of us have been saying here for a while. And at times we’ve been badly abused for it. In the end, they turn out to be things that any astute, impartial observer can see for himself.

    We need better than Coquelin, so we can play Ramsey (or better) as the CM. And we need better than Giroud, so that we have a CF who actually poses a threat to, and can help us break down, opposition defenses.

    Sadly, the one person who should see these things and should do something about them — Wenger — sees very little and does very little.

  39. vicky

    I disagree with that article on one count- the huge importance it attaches to playing Ramsey in the middle. Ramsey has got a great engine and has a knack for making good runs but he is slow, ponderous on the ball and a bit callous in his attitude. Cazorla despite not being athletic, is on a different level to Ramsey.

  40. Redtruth

    I’ve said for many years Arsenal’s problem is scoring goals especially against tough opposition.

    Oh they may get a glut of goals againat lemon teams but generally they find it difficult scoring, particulary when it matters.

  41. Bamford10


    In a sense I agree as I ultimately don’t really rate Ramsey and certainly don’t think he’s any great shakes, but the author’s point is Ramsey gives you more CM dynamism than a deep-lying Cazorla (the alternative) and we actually have better results with Ramsey than Cazorla (according to the article).

    I’d love to have a better CM than Ramsey, but I agree with the writer that a better CDM would allow our CM — whomever he is — to play the CM role, rather than having to do the deep passing the CDM should do AND all of the work the CM should do.

  42. Bamford10

    Wow. Pedro pounces and finishes. Certainly looks like he wants to play for Barcelona.

    Or secure a big-salary deal. 😉

    5-4, Barca.

  43. Dan Ahern

    My ideal move would still be Martinez. Bayern have a glut of players and he’s more of a CB/DM utility for them. We’d just have to sell him hard on opportunity.

    Fitness risk? Meh, who really cares. If he goes down we revert to Coq-Caz 4231.

  44. vicky

    Also, a bit presumptuous on the part of the writer to assume those great victories were down to presence of Ramsey in the middle. A bit twisted way to showcase his importance.

  45. Bamford10

    The article isn’t looking at Ramsey in the side vs. not in the side. It’s looking at Ramsey as the CM vs. Cazorla as the CM.

    That’s different.

    He’s not looking at games where Ramsey was in the side but played out wide.

  46. Bamford10

    Except he’s doing nothing of the sort, Vicky. He’s simply saying that we had a better record with Ramsey as the CM than with Cazorla as the CM.

    Further, he is looking at what these two different players bring to the CM position and discussing why Ramsey, in his view, brings more to the CM role — if he has a proper, quality, passing CDM behind him.

    He’s not saying we won those games simply because of Ramsey.

  47. Dissenter

    That short-fuse article is a poor, damn it.
    gambon, you can make a better case against Coquelin without that article.

    The article is deducing that Ramsey has been more indispensable than Coquelin, over the past 6 months. Ramsey has been plain average in the last 6-12 months. We have won despite Ramsey.

    Coquelin has one bad game in 6 months, a game that he was not amongst the worst 8 Arsenal players on the pitch and he’s the butt of silly write-ups.

  48. Bamford10


    Who are you going to play as your CM? Cazorla? Did you read the article? He too has his limitations as a CM, not to mention we have a better record with Ramsey as the CM.

    I’m all for signing an even better CM, but with Ramsey, Wilshere and Cazorla currently in the squad, that’s not going to happen.

    It’s simple: get a better CDM and get a better CF.

    This has been obvious for THREE YEARS now.

  49. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Look coq has done well in the past 8 months , but has he reached a ceiling or can he get better ?
    If he can get better whom is the DM player that he learns from ?
    Exactly so although he may have it in his locker there is no tutor ?

  50. Dissenter

    This midfield conundrum is easy to solve.
    Statistically, we have done better with Carzola-Coquelin and Ozil.
    Relegate Rambo to the bench and have him the customary 67th minute substitute to replace any of this three.

    Wenger’s dilemma is not being able to place Rambo in the position that Oxlade now occupies. He wants to start Rambo at all cost.

  51. Bamford10


    He isn’t saying that Ramsey is more “indispensable”. He’s saying that of the two, Coquelin holds us back more than Ramsey does.

    Which is to say, signing a quality, passing CDM and putting Ramsey in front of him would make for a better side than keeping Coquelin as the CDM and placing either Ramsey or Cazorla (or even someone better) in front of him.

    The irony is that Coquelin was indeed indispensable to us last season, but he is also a limited player who limits what we can do and requires the CM to do deep-lying distribution work that the CDM really should be doing.

    None of this is to say all that much in defense of Ramsey, who frankly, I don’t rate all that highly.

    But I still agree with the author.

  52. Bamford10


    Except the author cites stats that say we have been better with Ramsey as the CM than we have with Santi. See his chart.

  53. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Tube strikes again in London..soon

    Don’t like it but make them right tfl ( that’l fuck London)
    Only got them selves to blame .

    Irrelevant what the wages are they cant be pushed around like Thais…

  54. steve

    August 11, 2015 21:30:21

    This window is typical Wenger …..
    Do nothing an then do nothing an blame the lack of quality available


    Yep if did choose to spend he couldn’t use that excuse if he fails so he wants to keep that option open.

  55. Reliable sauce

    Alexis Sanchez:

    Average sprints per 90mins – 62

    Average tackles & interceptions per 90mins – 3.4

    Coutinho – 60/2.5

  56. Bamford10

    Telegraph reporting that Arsenal scouts were at tonight’s Barcelona-Sevilla match in order to watch Krychowiak.

    “Arsène Wenger is weighing up a £22 million bid for Grzegorz Krychowiak after Arsenal scouts flew out to watch the Sevilla midfielder on Tuesday.

    Krychowiak is emerging as a serious target for the Arsenal manager as he considers making further additions before the transfer window closes on Sept 1.

    An Arsenal delegation attended Sevilla’s Super Cup clash with Barcelona to watch the Poland international, who has a buy-out clause of €30 million (£21.26 million) at the Europa League winners.”

  57. Paulinho

    Ramsey was poor on Sunday but long term he is a better option than Cazorla in midfield. His lung bursting runs consistently create the third man run scenario and technically he is sound as well.

    Caz is unbelievably overrated unless he’s having one of his sharp physical days against a shit team.

  58. Paulinho

    Redtruth – Yeah, well that match he was jumping on imaginary grenades to stop players so not really sustainable or anything to put your hat on long term.

    The lethargy we saw on Sunday was more typical of him.

    His only good games in the last five months of the season were Hull away and Villa in the F.A Cup.

  59. London gunner

    This blog is embarrassing.

    One of the players of last season has one average match against west ham and all the idiots come out to slate him.

    Whilst failing to acknowledge we didn’t lose because of Coq it literally had nothing to do with him it was to due to poor keeping, poor play from ox and terribly ineffective attacking player from the striker and attacking mids.

    Yet somehow despite all this it’s turned into a Coq witch hunt.

    What’s even more Ironic is Ramsey puts in a turgid performance far worse than coq’s but gets a free pass.

    Kondigbia was so good he went to inter Milan has worse stats than Coq.

    Kryokiak of Seville has worse defensive score and possesion score than Coq

    schneiderlin had worse defensive stats than coq.

    The worst part is people saying Coq will never be good enough.
    He is only 24 young age for a defensive mid.. Peak age is from 26 years plus.. Where was Matic at 24? Are you honestly saying Coq cant improve?
    Players don’t exist in a vacuum.

    Coq aside from West Ham game has improved match on match.. Why not give him a chance to develop into a beast of a player?

    Rather than spend millions on players who are either not an upgrade or are even a downgrade.

  60. London gunner

    “Ramsey was poor on Sunday but long term he is a better option than Cazorla in midfield. His lung bursting runs consistently create the third man run scenario and technically he is sound as well.”

    Ramsey isn’t very good at maintaining possession.. His passing can be dangerously inaccurate gifting possession to the otherside nor can he spread the play with long range passes like cazorla.

    Also cazorla is brilliant at keeping possesion of the ball sticks to him like glue. hardly gets tackled. Whilst Ramsey is a decent dribbler and good at surging runs doesn’t have the same ability in tight spaces.

  61. Sancho Monzorla


    Most are simply saying that we are thin at the position and need more cover. This is hardly a condemnation of the lad. Even if he has room for massive improvement, he isn’t there yet. What’s so bad about saying that? If anything, Wenger’s blind loyalty to not-good-enough players has been a big part of what’s plagued Arsenal the last few years, I just think a lot of fans feel this is the case again.

    It’s not so much Coquelin himself that is the issue anyway. He may very well be good enough, but it’s Wenger’s insistence on shoehorning Ramsey (or Wilshere, or Ozil, whoever you think should be the odd man out) into the first team and causing imbalance in the midfield. If Coquelin had more in his locker, he might be able to adapt to that, but he doesn’t have it in him right now. You can list all the stats you want, but the fact that he’s not an all-arounder is plainly obvious to most of us.

  62. Paulinho

    “Also cazorla is brilliant at keeping possesion of the ball sticks to him like glue. hardly gets tackled.”

    Simply not true. Been over this many times. He gets ‘sacked’ – to use Gridiron parlance – all the time away from home. Of course when this happens he goes into hiding, and you can’t give the ball away when you never show for it.

  63. Cesc Appeal

    Krychowiak and Benzema would be a perfect end to a frustrating window…certainly a case of better late than never.

    You’d be looking at probably a near £70 Million outlay though, so can’t see it.

    Unless Krychowiak is going to be the placating buy, would be weird though for Wenger to have ignored the CDM slot for years and now spend £22 Million on a CDM when he lucked into a decent one.

  64. Reliable sauce

    You just never know with Arsene. Higuain – Suarez – Ozil
    Thaaats Wenger.

    I’m sure he must be a bit more open to suggestion now though.

    Isnt Greg more destroyer than distributor?

  65. peanuts&monkeys

    Why dont we see WickedWenger pass instructions to the team from sidelines? Does he do it telepathically? Or, does this GREAT Arsenal team don’t need any?

    Giroud the donkey doesn’t need? Wallcott the hammerhead doesn’t need? Ramsey / Flamini/Debuchy? Nobody needs on-filed instructions?

  66. peanuts&monkeys

    If scouting of Krychowiak now at the Super Cup final is to be believed, it establishes that Wenger HAS NOT been doing anything all this while about a DM. Well, all this while might mean all these ‘ýears’?

    Why the fuck do you screw the Arsenal fans’ happiness so hard you motherfucker Arsene?

  67. peanuts&monkeys

    @bobAugust 11, 2015 23:18:23
    Akpom scoreing again its coz hes playing on hes level now. arsenal and the pl is to much for him

    Cant deny that PL matter bro. Not sure about ‘Arsenal ‘ though. Arsenal’s CFs are all Championship quality since TH14 left.

    Am sure Giroud too will score a few if loaned out to a championship side. PL is certainly certainly too much for him as well.

  68. Sam

    How is a 19 years arsenal local boy a championship player?
    You idiots agree with Wenger in decimating arsenal local culture why can’t he send Sanogo n Adelaide to play lower division football? Oh The french Fa won’t be happy.
    I will take battering ram Benik Afobe over Lazy twat Benzema anyday, you know he’s gonna fight for 90 minutes till he scores

  69. Wallace


    “Also explain what relevance last season’s form has to do with us this season?”

    the last 26 games we picked up 58pts. Chelsea picked up 55pts. 26 games is a decent sample size. not just a purple patch. you really think that has no relevenace?

    in the build up to last season if Liverpool had kept hold of Suarez would you have been dismissing their chances?

    don’t accuse me of acting dumb, and then come out with that bollocks.

  70. Wallace


    “Caz is unbelievably overrated unless he’s having one of his sharp physical days against a shit team.”

    like Man City?

    anyone who has played with Cazorla raves about him. the Arsenal boys, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Xavi…

  71. naijagunner

    Cazorla lost possession twice if not thrice as much as Coquelin on Sunday. But I guess that does not fit the agenda so it’s being ignored.

    As for Ramsey he should play as the AM or be on the bench.

    Morning all.

  72. bobthebuilderhewillfixit

    it would be interesting to see on here who supported Arsenal pre Wenger days as this must be the reason why there are so many who wax lyrical about the man, yet he is given you purgatory for god knows how many years

    he has had 20 attempts to win the CL and couldnt do that, he couldnt even win the EUFA cup with a terrific team

    he just hasnt got it, neither has the sycophants in the board room

    fucking crazy …..2 FA cups with millions in the bank and a manager on 10 mill a year!!!

    wouldnt happen at any successful club

  73. Wallace


    i’ve been following Arsenal since the late 70s. those three consecutive FA Cup finals…i definitely think people who have sat though Arsenal teams of the 80s and early 90s(a couple of years under GG aside) probably have a greater appreciation for what he’s done.

  74. bobthebuilderhewillfixit


    we have huge resources yet shop around at Aldi
    we should be going after the silverware as that is how a football club is judged in the annals of football – well it is in my eyes

    late 70’s for me as well, (77/78) – i used to think Wenger was the best thing sinced sliced bread but he grates on me now as he knows he is in a position of strength and will not be usurped! that means the likes of Chelsea who want to win things have gone on and won the CL (that grates even more!)

  75. Wallace


    yeah, i can understand getting frustrated with the familiarity of life under Wenger. after near enough 20yrs you have a pretty good idea what he’s going to say at any given time. but, i still feel there has been a lot of progress made since the summer of 2013 when we started spending again. i think we now have a very good squad, and if we are bringing players in i want them to be better than what we have(like Cech).

  76. NewCoArsenal PLC

    I really can’t remember a time when the club looked as lost as it does now under Wenger. He even has Arsenal supporters at each other’s throats.
    It is a very unhealthy situation.

  77. Goondawg

    “I really can’t remember a time when the club looked as lost as it does now under Wenger. He even has Arsenal supporters at each other’s throats.
    It is a very unhealthy situation.”

    Serious, are you 14?

  78. Up 4 Grabs Now

    Morning all, You Know Arsene, why waste £20 plus million on Krychowiak
    When Joey Bartons still free LOL

  79. Dissenter

    If we are going to spend £22 million on a 25 year old Pole with zero premier league experience,
    Why didn’t we spend the approximate sum on the 26 year old Frenchman with 3+ years of premier league know-how.

    Wenger’s dithering has cost us again. This smacks of another panic buying streak.
    Krychowiak is no where near Schneiderlin’s level.
    The thumb twiddler strikes again.

  80. Carts

    “If we are going to spend £22 million on a 25 year old Pole with zero premier league experience,
    Why didn’t we spend the approximate sum on the 26 year old Frenchman with 3+ years of premier league know-how.”

    Can’t disagree with that one bit.

  81. NewCoArsenal PLC

    So ‘Goondawg’ either you’re thick and need things explained to you and broken down into simple words, or you’re a site bully incapable of civilised debate.
    Apart from moaning on a blog about the state of Arsenal or about other bloggers you don’t understand, what are you actually doing in terms of direct protest?
    Probably nothing, because although you think you know what’s happening at Arsenal, you’re not motivated enough to want change.
    So if you get Cazorla on the wing that’s what people like you deserve.
    Either directly challenge the club or stop your bitching.

  82. Emiratesstroller


    That is the million dollar question.

    Clearly Wenger wanted to keep Coquelin in starting eleven.

    However, what you need also to ask is why Wenger decided to keep Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky on the books? Surely he could have replaced one or two
    of these players.

    I have always maintained that Wenger will make one major purchase before the transfer window closed as he has done the last two years. Now I am not so