West Ham 2 – 0 Arsenal. Arrogant Arsenal ruin Christmas

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Yesterday was like Christmas when you know Santa has got you an n64. You wake up early jump out of bed and fall straight into a tank of jellyfish. Never mind you say ‘at least it’s Christmas and I’ve got that n64!’. You run downstairs to find Santa microwaving your dog and the Christmas tree on fire. To top it all off he’s brought you a dreamcast instead.

There’s one word to describe that performance, ‘arrogant’. Arsenal were injury-free, brimming with confidence off the back of a victory against the Champions and buoyed by the signing of a world class goalkeeper. We turned up thinking we deserved a victory, not remembering that victories are earned.

We always beat West Ham at home – I said it myself – Giroud always scores against them, this is Chamberlain’s year, good luck conceding against Cech etc etc. Most of us were probably thinking things like this pre-match, even if we weren’t saying it. The problem is, most of the players were thinking along the same lines as well.

Now before I get assaulted by the ‘perspective brigade’, who are able to watch football without it arousing any emotion in them at all, I will say; it was just one game, one bad performance and I still expect us to compete for the league.

However the problem with yesterday was the lack of preparation both physically and mentally. West Ham were awesome yesterday but outside of the first 10 minutes we looked a yard of the pace.

In terms of mental preparation, we played liked we thought we deserved to win. Like we did against Monaco last year, and against Villa on the opening day two years ago and repeat ad infinitum.

The manager acknowledged after the game we played with a bit of fear without the apparent ability to critically analyse why this still keeps happening.

Alan Shearer, for his many many faults, said on Match of the Day that whichever of the top four teams Mourinho managed would win the league. I hate to say it but he’s right. He instills the right kind of confidence in his teams; not so much ‘we deserve to win’, more of the ‘we cannot lose’.

Now I’m not for one second saying I want Mourinho anywhere near this club. However losing the complacent streak appears to be one more signpost on the manager’s road to recovery.

The atmosphere was incredible at the Emirates yesterday. It was baking hot, West Ham were playing a foetus in midfield and they got two yellow cards in the first 10 minutes. Confidence reigned supreme. We looked electric in the first 10 minutes, buzzing around the West Ham defence like a swarm of migrants (as our Prime Minister might say). Ozil was pulling the strings, Chamberlain and Ramsey were fired up.

However, ever so subtly, mistakes started to creep in. The misplaced passes were getting more frequent, balls were bouncing off Giroud like he was a cathode ray oscilloscope (I failed Physics) and the good will of the crowd started to ebb. Then West Ham got a free kick in our half, floated in a perfect free kick for their fella to head into the net.

Cech was in no man’s land but was it all his fault? The defence had pushed up so high that the “corridor of uncertainty” which commentators like to talk about was as large as the Suez Canal. We should have been much deeper. If we had the ball would have been easily cleared.

Nonetheless it was still only 1-0 and you felt we could recover in the second half. Unfortunately the players came out with pretty much the same attitude they had displayed in the first half. Lots of dicking around on the edge of the box, then float the ball in for a defender to easily clear.

Cech was certainly at fault for West Ham’s second. No doubt he was caught flat-footed and should have done better to reach the ball. However there are questions again around the pressure coming from midfield. Zarate was allowed enough time to turn, take a selfie and shoot. Cech probably wasn’t used to that at Chelsea to be fair to him.

We still had a good 30 minutes to make a mends. Arsene made some strange substitutions, for some reason playing Chamberlain at right back where he repeatedly gave the ball away, and leaving Ramsey and Giroud on, both of whom had stinkers. I understand the rationale behind bringing Sanchez on – he’s one of our best players – but he clearly was nowhere near fit and his performance showed that.

We had a few chances before the end of the game but West Ham were organised and defended heroically when they needed to. They deservedly left with all three points.

As I said, it’s important to have perspective. This was just one game. Apparently there were some fisticuffs between fans outside the stadium afterwards. All I’d say to that is – get over yourself, football isn’t that important. However this result was bad. Yes it was a terrible performance, but it was also a sign that whatever was going on in pre-season, the players weren’t ready mentally or physically for the first game.

Also it’s games like this that make the difference between first and third. Have you ever looked back through all the fixtures at the end of the season and said to yourself, ‘if only we’d one that game, and that game we would have been champions’? Yes it’s a bit of childish wish thinking but, in order to be champions, Arsenal can only lose one, possibly two games against teams outside the top four at home. That’s how small the margins are.

Lets end with some player ratings….

Cech – David Ospina didn’t die for this

Debuchy – was fairly solid, still looked rusty

Monreal – More like nonreal (ly)

Koscielny – our best player. I haven’t seen the replays but think he may have been at fault for the first goal

Mertesacker – fairly solid, helped a lot by Kos. Cant really be blamed for the second

Coquelin – looked tired, not one of his better games

Ramsey – played like Steven Gerrard circa 2015 rather than Steven Gerrard circa 2005

Cazorla – Slowed. Down. Everything

Ozil – Great for the first 10 minutes then went for a beer

Chamberlain – I love the kid but he’s not a right back

Giroud – Couldn’t even do the things he usually does well, well


Walcott – improved our performance 3.2%

Sanchez – Needs a few more days on the beach

Honourable mentions go to Payet who looks like a quality player and Jeinny for combining transfer rumours with being really fit. Thanks for that.

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  1. Kayciey

    I think we have so many luxury players in arsenal. I have been quiet hoping things will change but same ‘ol same ‘ol. I can now say it boldly that Wenger must leave the club for us to move forward. Anybody can see that we don’t have defenders, defensive midfielders and strikers. Those with contrary opinion are deluded. I am starting to believe that our defenders are either racists or have little regard for black players and that’s why they are always found by these players coz they treat them as inferiors. Gomis, Drogba, Benteke, Young, Sturridge, Martins, E’too, Adebayor and Kouyate just to mention but a few, all scores against us.

    Something else, nearly all our players are lightweight and cannot compete physically. They are easily shoved off the ball. The last time we won the league unbeaten, all our defenders were not only black but physically built (i.e Lauren, Toure, Campbel, Cole) and a DM of Viera. Like Roy Keane said most Arsenal players are bothered by their appearance than playing soccer. Quick surgery has to be done to the team for it to get to the 4th trophy leave alone compete.

    To sort this out, Wenger should do the following;-
    1. Sign Victor Wanyama to add steel to our midfield and compete with Le’coq
    2. Sign Lewandoski and Reus (sell Theo) to sort out the striker mess
    3. Sign Stones or a defender who is not a racist or chauvinist
    4. Never play either Carzola or Ozil on the wings, play Sanchez, Walcott, Ox and Welbeck there.
    5. If you have to play Per, always play Bellerin to complement with speed.

    Only then will we compete.

    Before the window closes, someone should tell Wenger to sign the

  2. tunnygriffboy

    Don’t know why but I’m looking forward to tonights game. I hate watching man u, Chelsea, lpool because I can’t abide the fact they might win. For some reason I don’t have the same disgust for man city. Don’t know why but I’m rooting for the Baggies tonight.

    Just seen Roberto Martinez on SS. He’s not happy with chelsea or Terry and Cahill for speaking out about Stones in the press. I hope he sticks at Everton.

  3. Bamford10


    I am perfectly civil to people who make good points — even those with which I disagree — and are civil to me.

    I will not be civil to people who make dumb arguments.

    Marko would like us to believe that Coquelin and Busquets are somehow comparable players. (!)

    Naija, who has done nothing but quibble with me since his arrival, not to mention joke around about an optimist take-over of this place — so much for that, dipshit! — would like us to believe that supporters can do nothing to put pressure on Wenger and Gazidis, that songs, chants, blog posts, columns and pundit commentary are irrelevant, that we should simply sit on our hands and say: ‘Oh well, Wenger will do what Wenger will do. Let’s just cheer on the boys.”

    F***ing moronic. This same twat was telling us a week ago that we will be in the hunt for the title. Let me help you: we won’t be, and people like this should have their tail between their legs, not lecturing those of us who are outraged about civility.

    Fuck you. Seriously.


    See Underrated for points re Coquelin playing poorly Sunday. Even HE acknowledges it. Did you watch the game?

    As for others, I never said Coquelin was to blame. Shit, Ramsey was probably worse.

    But we do need a better CF than Giroud, and we do need a better CDM than Coquelin.

    And obviously we need a manager who plays players in their proper positions and doesn’t offer up bogus remarks like, “we spent money and still lost today”.

    Not one person here has defended Wenger for this remark yet. So you tell me: am I right to be outraged? I think so.

  4. tunnygriffboy


    I know we were crap on the weekend but the Charity Shield win will do something for the players long term. I’m hoping yesterday was a kick up the arse and I really hope he goes back to Santi in CM.


    Sorry just don’t believe you 🙂 🙂

    Are we leaving ourselves short letting Gnabry and Akpom on loan. There’s a few more gone as well. I was hoping to see them in the League Cup but perhaps a season long loan is more beneficial. Have Iwobi and JRA leapfrogged them ? I don’t want to see any first team regulars in that team.

  5. Leedsgunner

    Next win the usual suspects will cry out in unison — “We’ve turned a corner” than after another witless loss they will say, “It’s just one game, let’s keep perspective, what’s important is how we bounce back”, next win, “We’ve turned a corner…”

    Repeat ad nauseum.

  6. Bamford10


    “If only we had kondogbia he would have no doubt scored a hatrick.”

    Nice straw man. I might as well point out that neither Lewandowski nor Benzema would’ve prevented either of those two goals.

    But a better tackle from Coquelin might’ve prevented that second goal, no?

    And if Coq were as good on the ball as a Kondogbia, this would allow HIM to do all of the deep-lying distribution and allow the CM to do his own job, not the CDMs.

    But of course you refuse to see this very simple point, because you’re overly attached to an obviously incomplete, one- sided player.

  7. Marko

    Marko would like us to believe that Coquelin and Busquets are somehow comparable players. (!)

    Absolutely not gonna dignify that agenda driven nonsense with a response. You said in reference to London bringing up Coquelin’s passing stats that he passes it 5 yards to Cazorla and that’s why his stats were decent. I said Busquets done the same thing for years at Barca. That’s it.

  8. Shaun Wilson

    West Ham caught Arsenal at just the right time : full of pre- season hype, talk of who’s the hunkiest player, who is the cheekiest chappie in the dressing room etc. I think that Arsenal went out onto the pitch yesterday full of some divine right to win and this to me was Wengers fault for not grounding them and alerting to the fact that a lot of the ‘ middling ‘premier teams now have players as good and in many cases better than, say, Ramsey, Coquelin, Mertesacker and Debuchy. We still have a handful of flair players and players with the requisite class that these other sides, because of their lack of money to pay top wages and lack of Champions League qualification, can never hope to attract. These players should be the edge in a game like yesterday but because the team went out onto the field a bantering and concentrating on the length of their designer stubble, the inexorable result was them fucking up.
    Alex Ferguson would never have inculcated such an attitude. Arsene Wenger has.

  9. tunnygriffboy


    He’ allowed to have his opinion whatever you think of it. But’s not right that you are so abusive to him. It’s not called for. So anyone who has an opposite view to you is called ‘ a dipshit ‘, ‘ twat’ and be told to fuck off and get his head out of his ass ‘? Do you realise how aggressive you come across ? Just wonder if you behave like that in real life.

    Next time you ask Pedro to ban someone you ought to remember how you act towards people who have an opposite point of view to you. You obviously have intelligence and it’s really sad you act like that. You let your self down. Just tone it down a bit, it affects the tone and mood on the blog when you act like that.

  10. Marko

    But a better tackle from Coquelin might’ve prevented that second goal, no?

    Again showing your stupid agenda. His tackle won the ball it was Oxlade who gave the ball to Zarate. Did you watch the game

  11. london gunner


    But coquelin is a better tackler, better at reading the game and making interceptions and completely owns him at winning aerial duels..

    Defensive midfielder the clue is in the title bamford.

    Coquelin does enough with the tackle. Its Ox who bollocks it up.

    If kondogbia is such a complete brilliant player who is he plying trade in the dregs that is seria a for the washed up team that is inter milan? Explain that bamford.

    Another point is you act like kondogbia is pirlo or a younger steven gerrard when in fact his passing stats are very similar to coqueling.

    You also completely fail to account that players like matic or kondogbia(at monaco) can afford to express their passing game and pass forward more as they are grounded in a very defensive set ups. With alot more discipline and defensive awareness across the team,

    Case point song failed at Arsenal and he was a far far farrrrrr superior passer to what kondogbia will ever be.

  12. Johnty79

    Well I was told repeatedly on here Cech was worth 15 points…

    Well he’s on minus three at the moment.

    Interesting hens Lehman was also on negative points in our invincible season.

  13. Cesc Appeal

    That second goal was just a total cluster f**k in all honesty, Coquelin and Oxlade sort of went for the same ball, Coquelin appeared to slide in on Oxlade who emerged with the ball and ran straight into Zarate, Kozz and Mert then just stood there, no one closed him down for Cech to then get caught flat footed.

    Cluster f**k.

  14. Bamford10

    No Marko, his tackle went over the ball. He didn’t win the ball. That’s the point. He just came sliding in wildly. I am far from the only person to point this out.

    And if you concede that Busquets is far better on the ball than Coquelin — he is — then you have no point.

    Unlike Coq, Busquets is polished on the ball, great in close spaces, can be the player who swings and switches play smoothly and reliably and can do more than make 5 yard sideways passes.

    Your argument attempted to suggest that Coq ultimately does just what Busquets does. This is incorrect and stupid.

    Or is calling it “stupid” abusive? It is a stupid point, Tunny, and thus should be called just that.

  15. kwik fit

    If coq plays like he did on Sunday against Palace then Wenger will have to do a rethink in terms of transfers

  16. Dissenter

    How do we go from beating Chelsea and losing badly to Westham in ONE week?
    How can the players go from being confident to being “Anxious” in one week?One player has a bad game, blame the player
    Two players have bad game, blame the players and make substitutions,

    If the entire eleven starters and three subs were all below average, then the blame is on the manager.

    Wenger’s lack of tactical nous and match understanding are the reason we lost yesterday.
    He’s an arrogant man who’s fully invested in his own hype that he cannot accept his errors and move on.

    I’m not going to indulge in throwing mud at the players for yesterday’s game because it’s Wenger’s stubbornness, tactical naivete, romanticism and incurable impulse to fit all his best players into a starting team that’s the problem.

    Yesterday was on Wenger.

    Even if we had Ronaldo and Messi playing in our starting eleven, the current day Wenger will f*ck it up.

    22 months to go till Wenger leaves.

  17. Dissenter

    Please explain why you are blaming Coquelin when he’s playing next to an undisciplined Ramsey who cannot keep/pass the ball like Carzola can. That was the problem.
    Wenger never tried that combination all of preseason, then suddenly it’s time to re-invent the wheel in the first game of the season.

    You could tell the players were unfamiliar in their roles based on the frequency of misplaced passes in the first half. A sensible manager would have just changed it back to he familiar pattern at half time.

    Wenger starts every season with romantic preoccupations then gets practical when fourth place is under threat.

  18. Marko

    Right you suggest Coquelin’s stats aren’t telling the whole story cause he passes it 5 yards to Cazorla? I suggest the same thing about Busquets all while not mentioning who’s better than who and you say my comment is stupid? Like how? I’ll tell you what I will suggest that you definitely aren’t as smart as you think you are certainly on football and you allow your hatred of all things I dunno Wenger/Coquelin/DM issue/upgrading Giroud to cloud your ability to have a civilized discussion with individuals. I literally lump you into the ranks of peanuts/Red and a couple others who don’t really contribute anything to the blog other than pointing out how shite we are or how such and such is a cunt and generally just post negative bringing everyone down. Shame

  19. Bamford10


    He has none of those things over a Kondogbia or Schneiderlin or Krychowiak. It is only in your head that this is the case.

    And I am far from the only person here pointing out that he’s not good enough. Just look above.

    Once upon a time you told us that Walcott was not only good enough for a title-winning side but better than Eden Hazard. Remember that?

    Your arguments re Coquelin are entering that territory.

    Whatever. That’s enough banging one’s head against the wall for one day.

    It’s on Wenger and the first XI now. We shall see.

    Cheers, all — even to those I’ve insulted.

  20. Wallace

    are people really bashing Coquelin for his attacking game? the only player in the starting front six with any kind of defensive awareness and people are moaning about his attacking game?

    probably the same posters who have spent the last 8yrs screaming themselves hoarse for a midfielder with some decent defensive instincts.

  21. Goondawg

    Well I was told repeatedly on here Cech was worth 15 points…

    Well he’s on minus three at the moment.


    Not true.

    He’s on minus one

    He’s not expected to score goals for us as well is he??

  22. Bamford10


    No, your point was simply wrong from the start. Busquets does far more than make 5 yard sideways passes, is far better on the ball than Francis Coquelin and is not only not a liability on the ball (as Coquelin is) he’s one of the more talented players in the world.

    So your “point” was wrong and frankly dumb top to bottom. Sorry I can’t be nicer about this, but a person who attempts to defend Coquelin’s weaknesses by saying he performs the same role as a Busquets doesn’t deserve respect. Sorry.


    I said above that I’m not blaming Coq.

  23. Leedsgunner

    “Coq actually looked like the old pre Charlton version. Very worrying”

    Loss of form is more worrying than injury. At least with injuries you can put a time limit on it. With loss of form, how long do you let it persist before you decide you can bear it no longer?

    Another reason why a seasoned pro like Schneiderlin was needed to come alongside and provide competition for Coquelin.

    No doubt if Schneiderlin proves to be a success at United he will unashamedly say how he tried to sign him.

    Funny how he always comes out with these statements in hindsight as if to convince himself that he’s judge of a player’s potential… maybe he thinks people should pat him on the back or something. Shame that he doesn’t appreciate reality that most people don’t really care who he tried to sign… but they only remember how he dithered for one reason or another.

  24. Wallace

    didn’t see the game but from the reaction it seems like we started with 11 of our shitter players and left the one decent one – Alexis – on the bench. which, dunno, seems kinda dumb to only play the shit players.

  25. Thank you and goodnight


    Feel for you man. Every year you stump up huge amounts of cash for a season ticket and every year you witness the same old shit. How many more fucking years do we have to put up with this crap

  26. Cesc Appeal

    Again, this is what people spoke about all summer, Coquelin played 20 something games, did brilliantly, but saying ‘case closed great CDM’ is a bit premature. Add to that injuries as well as form worries…stupidly exposed. But then, what do you expect in all honesty, Wenger has never given much thought to the CDM position, Coquelin was a lovely accident for him.

    Hopefully Coquelin just gets back to what he does best next week, being a midfield screen and breaking up play. Would certainly like to see a Gabriel, Kozz pairing as well.

  27. tunnygriffboy

    That’s the worry. Yaya decides he wants to play. Shit we win on Sunday and City draw or beat Chelsea we’re above Chelsea. That’s why it’s a bummer.

    Van Gaalbladder has spent a quarter of a billion since he’s been at man u. Unreal really and he’s not finished yet. Add the £60 million Moyes spent and it’s huge. They are a financial juggernaut and sooner or later they are bound to get it right. I suppose they could become another galactico’s and lose their soul ( clutch at straw )

  28. Wallace


    for most of the last 10yrs Busquets has woken to probably north of 63 text messages a night from Guardiola then Vilanova and now Enrique all saying pretty much the same thing – ‘pass the ball to f*ckin’ Xavi, you talentless dipshit. and if he’s marked give it to Iniesta, you f*ckin’ moron!’.

  29. Sam

    You should blame Wenger for not rotating his midfielders. We would have won the game with 2 wingers. He has to pick 2 players out of Ramsey, Cazorla and Ozil then leave one on the bench.
    You cannot deny Chamberlain’s efforts in the first half n its not his fault we failed to finish off West ham in the first half.
    Anti Coquelin posts are all childish and Kondogbia is not all that, Coq is way better.

  30. Marko

    So your “point” was wrong and frankly dumb top to bottom. Sorry I can’t be nicer about this, but a person who attempts to defend Coquelin’s weaknesses by saying he performs the same role as a Busquets doesn’t deserve respect. Sorry.

    Oh my god. You’re unbelievable. First off they both do perform the same role the defensive midfield role. Secondly I never compared the two once. Did you or did you not imply Coquelin’s passing stats don’t tell the whole story cause he passes it 5 yards to Cazorla. I said Busquets done the same thing to Xavi and Iniesta. That’s it. Nothing else about the strengths and weaknesses of either player so by you saying my argument is dumb it basically makes your original point of Coquelin passing it to Cazorla equally dumb. Anyway fair play. Top bloke

  31. N5

    TYAG, I’m not going at all this month which has helped a bit. I’ve got to much work on.

    I can’t tell you how happy I am I wasn’t their this weekend, same shit different season. Westham at home 2-0 WTF that as embarrassing as Villa at home 3-1!!

    200M in the bank and we got one keeper!! the fact it’s gone this long again without buying anyone says to me that no scouting is done throughout the year and we just react to injury!! Are we really sure there has been no forward better than OG in 3 years? (and my god if someone says we bid for Suarez one more time, I’ll explode!, we had no intention).

  32. gambon

    Lol, Busquests talentless.

    Sometimes people make a comment that makes you realise they dont actually watch the game.

  33. Thank you and goodnight

    @ N5

    Totally agree with you about Suarez, also agree with you about transfers. We finished 13 points behind Chelsea and could of been worse as they took their foot off the gas last few games. Yet wenger believes basically the same team is good enough to win it this year even though all our major rivals have strengthened. FUCK WENGER, FUCK GAZIDIS, FUCK THE BOARD AND THAT CUNT KROENKE. A bunch of lying thieving bastards

  34. Sam

    Ozil’s job is to sit behind the strikers and create chance for them with his passing, he’s not a winger.
    Ramsey should be benched he’s suffering from lack of form
    Oh Blame Walcott, Please Blame Sanchez too he came on n didn’t get us out of that mess.
    The game was already f**ked up in the first half n West ham shot the door on us completely.

  35. Marko

    That’s a reference to me isn’t it gambon. I never mentioned his talent I did reference he’s made a career out of passing it to Xavi and Iniesta

  36. tunnygriffboy

    No no no no. Not the Coquelin debate again. He didn’t have his best game but he wasn’t awful. There were other players who were a lot worse than him.


    To be fare it was a poor performance. My biggest gripe was that we played Santi wide which renderd him ineffective. There was no width as no Bellerin and we tried to play everything through the middle while their fullbacks never got pulled wider than the corner of the 18 yard box. If we couldn’t pull them out then we should have made their fullbacks pull wide to create space. Santi cut in as he had no pace. Ox went past on the outside a couple of times but even he was cutting in.

    There appeared to be no instruction for Ox to stay wide which was disappointing. Also Tomkins was play right back for them, got booked after 20 mins but Ox didn’t swap sides once.

    As for the goals. Keystone Kops.

    Yeah all our players are shit especially Ramsey, Giroud, Debuchy and Coquelin who is super shit.

  37. N5

    TYAG, I could handle it if he just said “do you know what, I don’t like spending money if I can help it”, but it’s this constant regurgitation of “we’re almost there” or “we are looking but we need exceptional quality” that get’s up my nose.

    If we’re almost there then why not go all out to buy in positions where we need? is it because once you have all the jigsaw pieces you have no place to hide and no excuses to give?

    I love that we’ve bought Alexis and Ozil and I love that we’ve won 2 FA cups, but that’s 2 x hefty investments for 2 cups. I’d like to see us actually challenge for the EPL and mean it, not just be an also ran. And as for the ECL, I’d love to see us be taken seriously, but when we get drawn (regardless of who) I think of Muller laughing or Robben being asked so who would you like to face in the QFs as no one see’s us as a real challenge.

    PS Get Sanogo back!! 😀

  38. vicky

    Again a Coq debate LOL !!!

    Whether we win or lose, invariably everybody ends up talking about Le Coq.

    Ramsey has been far worse than him for far too long and he does not get any stick. Yeah, makes sense.

  39. Leedsgunner

    I bet Lord Harris is going to be called into the Manager’s office for letting the cat out of the bag with that £200m figure.

    I bet if we lose to Crystal Palace suddenly we will buy like no tomorrow. Except we will panic buy. Last time we did that we brought in Mert, Arteta, Santos, Park and Benayoun on loan…

    Not exactly inspiring or comforting is it?

    You know what’s worse than NOT spending?

    It’s spending money on deadwood out of sheer panic.

  40. tunnygriffboy

    I’m not the only person pointing it out, I’m not the only person pointing it out , I’m not the only person pointing it out. For goodness sake, perhaps it’s the way you point things out

  41. Cesc Appeal


    How’s it going mate.

    Just didn’t come on here there’s a handful of posters I just can’t stand the vast majority I greatly enjoy chatting to regardless of their standpoint but there’s a select few that make me want to cry, coupled with everything just being empty speculation until the season kicked off…just seemed pointless.

    Now the season has started we have something to talk about…and guess what? Same old same old.

    Now we’re getting the usual suspects saying ‘it’s just one game’ and making the usual bitchy comments and little snide remarks before scuttling off again, but the fact is as Arsenal fans we’ve seen it all before.

    Is it the end of the world? Of course not, we all know how this plays out. Robbie on Arsenal Fan TV was asking ‘can we bounce back from this…’ of course we can, of course we will but that isn’t the point, cohesion, stability, winning mentality all exposed as utter tosh and it’s the same, boring, played out Arsenal record that spins every season.

    I’m chilled on Arsenal these days, said at the start of the summer, no CDM or St and we will get 3rd. Stick by that, so not going to throw a wobbler every time this happens. We’re Arsenal, this is what we do, terrible mentality and we never arrive with the tools to compete. Nice bank balance though, al those 0’s.

  42. Marko

    Oh good. Just as well Bamford would of been straight on with his well this guy and that guy agrees with me so I must be right

  43. Wallace


    well, those braying for a Coq/Ramsey partnership might now shut up. about that at least.

    baffled he’s shunted Cazorla out wide.

  44. N5

    Me too mate. I had a bit of a sticky patch with the wife, but that’s sorted and we’re OK now, but mainly I just got sick of it. So many ballbags and I was getting angry IRL because the Grove was winding me up. Nothing worse than spending 2 hours in a cyclical argument with Keyser only to then bite the head off of your child because “she want’s feeding” “it’s been 8 hours” or some such gripe.

  45. Emiratesstroller

    For me the real problem at Arsenal is not so much the talent base of our squad, which compares favourably with most of our competitors, but the lack of variety in the type of players we have got.

    Also Wenger’s indecisiveness when going into the Transfer Market. This window is beginning to smack of the same failure of two summers ago when Wenger pursued first Higuain and then Suarez and bought neither. We landed up buying only Ozil at last moment, which one suspects was a panic buy
    following 3-1 defeat at home by Aston Villa and the heavy criticism of Arsenal’s
    transfer policy or lack of it.

    The other concern for me is Wenger’s lack of tactical planning. I accept that
    Sanchez was probably not match fit, but why did we play a home fixture with
    only one goal scorer in team?

    Arsenal have gone into far too many fixtures with limited goalscoring potential and that makes it far too easy for teams like Swansea, West Ham and even
    Sunderland to defend when only Giroud is the only real goalscoring option.

    For me apart from Wenger’s lack of decision making in transfer market it is
    his poor tactical planning which we have seen in too many games.

    Everybody is aware just how difficult it is to buy a world class striker, but there
    were other opportunities this summer to strengthen other positions in team
    not least the failure to pursue Schneiderlein.

    There is a vast difference between Chelsea pursuing Stone from Everton, where I am sure they will succeed and Arsenal buying Benzema from Real
    Madrid where I suspect we will only buy him if we pay an outrageous price for
    a 28 year old player who is only marginally better than what we have got and will have no resale value.

    If Benzema is the only transfer we are interested in then frankly Arsenal have
    made a serious error of judgment.

  46. N5

    Also, like you I didn’t give a shit this summer, I didn’t read the papers didn’t look at the gossip and then we beat Chelsea and I was suddenly back on it!! then West Ham and now I hate EVERYTHING!!

    Midwest said you’d moved to Sweden?

  47. LeMassiveCoq

    ha, it’s going to go off on here when we lose to Palace. Really can’t see us getting anything out of that game. Pardew has put together a good outfit there, and their crowd are fucking mental.

    Looks very much like we might be bottom of the league after 2 games.

    The only thing / player that may save us from defeat there is Alexis. His workrate, enthusiasm, skill is what carries the team.

    Lets hope he’s ready.

  48. Marko

    Funny thing is I think you’re going to get people avoiding this place more now that Romford, N5 and CA take a step back. An example is Midwest and sal not posting as much and WE. Take the sanity out of the place and all that’s left is dickheads

  49. Cesc Appeal


    Glad to hear everything is sorted with your wife mate.

    Sweden? I wish, you would never have heard from me again! Found myself a nice blonde Helga with tits bigger than the one sat in Arsenal’s dug out 😉

    Yeah I know what you mean, lots of posters who are really enjoy on here, as I say the vast majority, but there’s a few, insanely negative and then the ‘super fans’ really irk me. Never have I seen such gratuitous use of the word troll…oh you don’t think this player is good, troll, and I know I’m 87…who gives a s**t mate.

    Patience is just gone, that’s the thing I think, there are no excuses now, oil money, we have money, injuries, been that way for a decade it’s not bad luck, wages, were paying Giroud and Walcott £270 000 a week combined, don’t come at me with that…so, we can but wait and see, but I’m not taking to the dance floor this season expecting the song and routine to be any different, if the super fans want to great, I’m not, so I won’t be upset or disappointed.

  50. naijagunner


    The lack of variety worries me too .
    I am struggling to understand our reluctance to spend in this window.
    We had something to build on from last season .

  51. tunnygriffboy

    Just rewatched the second goal four times. Cresswell overlaps Payet gets the balland cuts inside Debuchy and between Debuchy and Ox. Ox could have taken the ball towards the goal line but like a good midfielder Coquelin takes responsibility to win the ball. He slides in and all but does, Cresswell gives up and Ox brings it away then has a bad touch giving the ball away. The Ox, Santi, Bfg and Kos just stand there and I’m sure that Kos impedes Cech’s line of sight.

    Are people really blaming Coquelin for that goal ?


    What was Coquelin’s form like pre Charlton. ? Would love to know ?

  52. N5

    Marko, I saw Romford posted over the weekend that was good to see and its a relieve to see Cesc is back from Sweden but I did think Sal had stopped and WE which is sad. Also Ive only seen Middy once! is he working or just not posting as often?

  53. Sam

    The same clowns that sold us the idea of Petr Almunia they are now screaming Benzema.
    Stay away from Madrid reject, get Lukaku or any premiership experienced striker.
    Btw, what was Benzema going to do with those horrible crosses from Debuchy, nothing!

  54. gambon

    City will be right up there.

    When their spine are up for it (Hart, Kompany, Toure, Silva, Aguero) they are untouchable.

  55. Sam

    Nothing was wrong with Ospina
    The press, the agents and the buy buy merchants love to see new signings and most are so unecessary. We had Welbeck, now I am afraid Petr Almunia might turn out to be pointless n Ospina gets his place back.

  56. Redtruth

    I don’t rate Hart or Kompany.

    Toure exposes how weak the league is compared to Spain where he was merely a water carrier.

    Aguero is a good player but no world beater.

    Silva is quality

  57. Cesc Appeal

    City looking really good. Must say I didn’t think they’d be much good this year, but they are playing well, De Bruyne to come as well…

  58. Drey

    One of the statements Wenger makes (and the blind AKBs reverberate) is : “their are only a few top strikers available” ,”I’m yet to see a player of exceptional quality”..

    Honestly these statements reek of someone trying to insult the intelligence of we fans. were was he when United signed Morgan and Bastian,about to add Pedro to d list too? even Chelsea are recruiting,which means Jose is not resting on his oars…
    Sometimes I ask myself why Arsene doesn’t even try to be competitive… its one thing to hear Arsene saying “we need 1 or 2 players then we will compete” then in the transfer windows he buys no one.. I find it infuriating that every season we are already out of contention before a ball is kicked.

  59. Sam

    3 players lost us the game last night in my opinion

    Petr Cech for failing to deal with the first goal
    Debuchy with his stupid crosses
    Ramsey for being totally clueless on the pitch
    The rest are just victims of Wenger’s mismanagement n arrogant team selection

  60. Arsene's Nurse

    August 10, 2015 19:05:13

    How do we go from beating Chelsea and losing badly to Westham in ONE week?
    How can the players go from being confident to being “Anxious” in one week?One player has a bad game, blame the player
    Two players have bad game, blame the players and make substitutions,

    If the entire eleven starters and three subs were all below average, then the blame is on the manager.

    Wenger’s lack of tactical nous and match understanding are the reason we lost yesterday.
    He’s an arrogant man who’s fully invested in his own hype that he cannot accept his errors and move on.

    I’m not going to indulge in throwing mud at the players for yesterday’s game because it’s Wenger’s stubbornness, tactical naivete, romanticism and incurable impulse to fit all his best players into a starting team that’s the problem.

    Yesterday was on Wenger.
    ^ This. I want Arsenal to succeed. I actually want Wenger to succeed. However, Wenger can’t because he is tactically naive and doesn’t instruct players from the touch-line or make a tactical switch. A tactical switch doesn’t mean you have to bring another player on to effect a change.

    West Ham’s LB got a yellow early in the game. We were certainly not clicking due to the dysfunctional midfield. The tactical switch should have been to move Santi back alongside Coquelin, move Oxo to the left with the instruction to skin the LB on the outside and push Ramsey to the wide right position.

    The interchanging of Ozil and Santi was never going to produce an opening so something different was needed.

    Pressurizing their right flank would have opened space on our right because they would have had to double up on a player running at the left back.

    At this level there shouldn’t be any excuses for a man paid £8 a year. Yes, players have bad days, but as you say, when the whole team look disjointed then that is down to the manager.

    I’d love to have a live feed of the thoughts going through Wenger’s head at times. Is he dreaming of a nice tasty Caramello for some of the game?

  61. Cesc Appeal


    Just signed a new deal, so no go.

    The thing is as I said earlier, the ‘who’ question needs the summer to play out to be answered, if we land Benzema great, if not there’s a whole list of strikers we should have moved for to improve us.

    Whatever, we should have got Schneiderlin in for the CDM/CM department, lunacy not getting him, would have been perfect.

  62. Bamford10


    Every one of the posters you just mentioned would regard your point re Busquets with the same contempt that I did. Maybe they ‘d be nicer about it, but they’d still think it was a silly point.

    Busquets does far more on the ball for Barcelona than Francis Coquelin does for Arsenal, and he does far more than make simple, sideways 7-yard passes to the nearest CM.

    Unlike Coquelin, he is not a liability on the ball, a player who must play “within himself”. He is one of the most talented players in the world. Anyone who has watched him regularly over the years knows this.

    To suggest that Coquelin does just what Busquets does is absurd. Busquets is asked to touch the ball more often, to receive the ball in close spaces, to recycle play regularly, to be as polished and impeccable on the ball as any other Barcelona midfielder.

    And he is. Coquelin is nothing along these lines. So you had no point.

    Apologies if I was unfriendly about it, but I find defenders of the status quo — particularly when their points are silly ones — very frustrating.

  63. Bamford10

    City dominating. They look a bit more focused and engaged than they did last season. First game, of course.

    Kompany definitely looks more focused. Clearly feels he has something to prove.

  64. Dan Ahern

    I was really hoping City falter this season with Yaya no longer interested in using his legs and Kompany no longer interested in hiding his fraudulence.

    Oh well. As we Arsenal fans tell ourselves, “it’s just one game.”

  65. Marko

    Says alot about the money in the premier league where a player who’s played for champions league and mega rich clubs Malaga (not these days) and Zenit can be tempted to West Brom for 15 million.

  66. tunnygriffboy


    Serious lools with your comment re Helga and Sweden. When someone posted the other day that you’d gone to Sweden I said it’s no wonder we hadn’t heard from you as you were probably in a sauna somewhere with the stereotypical blonde Swedish lady with massive gazonka’s 🙂 🙂

    Marko made a fair point earlier about the place missing the likes of yourself, N5,WE and Romford Pele ( comes on weekends now as new job is time consuming ). Also whereas Mid and Sal still come on but it’s more intermittant. I wish everyone would come back on, it was a good crack. Too many people proselytising with now intention of listening to anyone else because their viewpoint is the only one.

    You are right. No more excuses right. We have money, lots of it. If he chooses not to spend it’s on his head. Just hope we really push if not necessarily win the PL this season. Still can’t believe we’re not bringing in a top player to give everyone a lift. Privately Gazidis must be tearing his hair out.

  67. Bamford10

    ESPNFC reporting that Man City are close to a £46m deal for De Bruyne. They’re normally pretty reliable.

    Also reporting that United are now back in for Kane.

  68. Marko

    Bamford I’m not getting involved. You were literally having a debate with yourself about Coquelin and Busquets cause you certainly weren’t debating with me. You said Coquelin as good as gives the ball to Cazorla to justify his passing stats and I said Busquets does the same to Xavi and Iniesta. Nothing else about what he does that’s it

  69. tunnygriffboy


    Please please leave the Coquelin bashing quiet for a moment. He is not a liabilty on the ball. He isn’t Santi and he isn’t Kroos but to say he’s a liabilty is so way over the top.

    The comparison with Busquets was merely that he wins the ball and gives it to Xavi, Iniesta Messi et al. Coquelin wins it and gives it to Santi, Ozil et al. To be fair to Marko he never compared the two in terms of ability. Re read his post before you start an argument. Please.

    Wheeeeey ! We’re off the bottom of the table. West Brom were poor.

  70. Bamford10

    Yaya Toure looked fantastic tonight. If they can keep him fit and rested, they’ll be better than they were last season. Personally think they were mentally out-of-sorts last year, physically as well.

    They look far more like Chelsea’s real competition than Arsenal do.

    Indeed I’d say City look even better than Chelsea. One game in, I know.

    We will see.

  71. Cesc Appeal


    I wish! Could just have buried my head between Helga’s bosoms for a week, then resumed said position when we lose to Palace 😉

    This is the best comments section around for the most part, good laugh on here regardless of your view point and a variety of topics away from football…which may come in seriously useful this season the way things are going.

    City looked good I thought there, worrying as well they are far more likely to spend big than we are, De Bruyne looks a certainty and he was an absolute monster last year in Bundesliga, ridiculous stats.

    As I aid earlier I think I’d jump on Stones if I were them, De Bruyne and Stones to see out the window would be great business for them.

  72. Bamford10


    So are you saying that Busquets does no more on the ball and no more with the ball than Francis Coquelin does?


    I’m not “bashing” Coqulein. He had a poor game, was poor in his passing. MANY other posters have pointed this out. Kwik said he looked like pre-Charlton Coquelin. Others agreed. It’s not me.

    And Marko attempted to argue that Coq does just what Busquets does in terms of passing. This is nonsense. Busquets is asked to touch the ball nearly twice as much, is asked to receive the ball in close spaces and difficult spaces, is asked to make plays in combination that Coquelin is not.

    Francis Coquelin would not last 30 minutes in the Barca side. He’d turn the ball over and make poor decisions.

    That is my point, and I fail to see how this can be gainsaid. I’ll try to be nicer though.

  73. Bamford10

    Kompany saying they have been training much harder this offseason and have been far more focused.

    No one has been talking about City, but they might be the early “surprise” as it were.

    To be seen.

  74. Bamford10


    If Cech ends up being a poor keeper for us. I will gladly give you credit (I guess) for calling this in advance.

    After one poor game, however, I am still of the view that Cech is class. As I’ve said before, he has been class his whole career and made a number of class saves in pre-season.

    I think yesterday was an aberration. Let’s wait and see. Cheers.

  75. Marko

    And Marko attempted to argue that Coq does just what Busquets does in terms of passing. This is nonsense

    You belittle his passing stats by saying he simply gives it to Cazorla and I said hey Busquets passing stats are impressive cause he simply gives it to Xavi and Iniesta. I never mentioned how he controls the ball or trapping or anything. You originally brought it up to degrade the lad thinking he’s this big liability cause he can barely pass I don’t think it’s the case. You’ll notice I’m not saying Busquets is a liability before you go off onone but I’m certainly saying his passing stats are wholly heightened by simply giving it to others who are also close by.

    So are you saying that Busquets does no more on the ball and no more with the ball than Francis Coquelin does?

    Nope but you’re basically saying all Coq does is pass it 5 yards to Cazorla

  76. tunnygriffboy


    You say poor I say average

    1 key pass
    2 dribbles
    1 cross
    2 long balls
    2 interceptions
    41 passes
    85% pass completion.

    Agree, if City get DeBruyne and man u Kane it puts a hugely different complexion on thecseason.

  77. TheBayingMob

    There’s no point burning too much energy on this performance; yeah it was shit, Wenger’s Arsenal always have a shit performance in them as they are our managers reflection, complete arrogance. In sport that will always come back and bite you.

    Next game we will be capable of putting six past Palace and then all the perspective AKB brigade will be back out acting like girls. It is what it is.

    We’ve always had humiliations under Wenger because of the way he sets up. We always will have humiliations, we will always have the West Ham and Monaco games.

    He should have been marched out of the club the morning after the 8-1, the fact that he’s still there in the same position tells you everything you need to know.

    Chill out.

    Top 4 and last 16 of the CL awaits. Get used to it, I’m surprised you’re not.

  78. Redtruth


    I don’t need to wait and see i have seen that’s why i called it correctly.

    Mind you even i was a bit surprised to how shit he really is.

  79. Bamford10


    “Nope but you’re basically saying all Coq does is pass it 5 yards to Cazorla.”

    Because that’s all he can do — RELIABLY. When he tries to do more than this, he is hit and miss.

    Wenger explicitly said that he asked Coquelin to simplify his game. And one can see this when one watches him play: he is not asked to receive the ball in difficult, close spaces — where Busquets would be — and he is not asked to touch the ball more than is absolutely necessary (where Busquets has no such limitations).

    Anyways, this dead horse has been beaten thoroughly, but I’m glad you’ve conceded that:

    (i) Busquets does far more on the ball and with the ball than Coquelin does


    (ii) Busquets is far better on the ball than Coquelin is.

    He does and he is.

  80. Marko

    Wenger explicitly said that he asked Coquelin to simplify his game.

    Think it was more about his positioning and discipline than him attempting 60 yard passes but that wouldn’t fit in with your agenda. Anyway argument still stands as in I’ll concede Busquets does more than pass it to Xavi, Iniesta or Rakitic (does he?) if you concede you’re talking out your backside regards Coquelin’ s passing ability goes as far as how close Cazorla is to him.

  81. WrightIsGod

    Schneiderlin IS better than Coq.

    That doesn’t mean we should discount Coq AT ALL. It just means we should DEFINITELY have signed Sneiderlain.

    Kondogbia, Vidal etc all great options but Schneiderlin is PREM ready.

    What we have is a manager who doesn’t want to upset the apple cart. Some may say it’s commendable. I say it’s a weakness. Mourinho is ruthless. As was SAF.

    Our players aren’t the be all and end all. We could improve on Ramsey (inconsistent), Mertesacker (slow), Cazorla (ageing and overpowered), Giroud (not a title winning first striker).

    That’s before we even get to the bloody subs ie. Welbeck, Walcott, Arteta (joke), Flamini etc. There was no reason why we can’t buy another CDM and try out a new option upfront, whether that be a proper WINGER/FORWARD or a DYNAMIC FINISHER who would flourish in our team.

    The problem is our stary-eyed AKB eat the hype every year. I am pleased that we won the FA Cup back to back because I consider it a grade A trophy. It will always be that – remember ENGLISH history, forget about they SKY millions.

    However, with Arsene Wenger, we will never win the Premier League again or lift the Champions League EVER. Let’s get real.

  82. gregg

    Busquets is an asshole for his continual feigning of injuries however he is the best ‘first time passer’ in the world.

  83. Bigper

    Coq may not be top class yet but for me the problem with the midfield is not him but caz, ozil and particularly Ramsey. Those three shouldn’t be on at the same time and santi should only be a cm, cam now. It’s infuriating that Wenger has changed the caz, coq base which, whilst not perfect is the best we have atm

    We should of and need to buy a DM to play alongside coq, schneiderlin would of been great.

    caz should be rotated only in cm and cam with ozil. Infact I think he’s better than ozil in cam

    Unfortunetly Wenger wants all the cam’s in so our midfield will lack balance and will be our undoing. Lack of striker is a mute point when we can’t even control midfield

  84. Sancho Monzorla

    Although I highly doubt the validity of any bids or rumours regarding Benzema, even if he had any mind to come I’m sure losing at home to West Ham on the season opener doesn’t make us look any more appealing.

  85. Marko

    60 blips? Could be enough. If accepted watch em move for Reus or at least bring back Morata. With Mandzukic, Llorente, Dybala and I know I’m forgetting someone else Juve would be alright if he went

  86. Leedsgunner

    “Also Wenger’s indecisiveness when going into the Transfer Market. This window is beginning to smack of the same failure of two summers ago when Wenger pursued first Higuain and then Suarez and bought neither. We landed up buying only Ozil at last moment, which one suspects was a panic buy
    following 3-1 defeat at home by Aston Villa and the heavy criticism of Arsenal’s
    transfer policy or lack of it.”


    It’s not like he doesn’t know how it works. I’m amazed at the haphazard disorganised impression that the club gives of its transfer affairs certainly since David Dein left.

    Why? I would have thought because of the amount of monies involved strategies would be in place to the last letter and contingencies in place but the approach seems to get more and more amateur and lessons doesn’t seem to be learnt.

    Our rivals seem to conclude deals in a measured and timely manner most of the time, what are they doing that we are not doing?

  87. Cesc Appeal

    I do think the only thing worse than defeats like this is the days of ‘(Insert Arsenal Player) issues rallying cry.’

    Just shut up and get on with your jobs. You talked a great fight all summer and got knocked the eff out in the first round, just shut it, get your head down and work hard.

  88. Marko

    The Manchester United boss also expects to land Pedro after Barcelona’s European Super Cup clash with Sevilla on Tuesday, taking his outlay in 15 months past £250m (The Sun).

    250 million!!! Honestly how can we compete with that. Wenger probably hasn’t slept since we spent about 100 million over the last two years.

  89. Dan Ahern

    CA — Yeah, I don’t often check the dot com but I avoid it like the plague after defeats. Nothing’s worse than the forced explanations and requisite promises to do better.

  90. Marko

    Seen that CA. The latest us Giroud. He must of heard the Benzema rumour. Surprised he has time to make statements given the amount of time he spends on his hair presumably. BAM!!!

  91. steve

    Dan AhernAugust 10, 2015 22:24:12
    Lol, Özil is the one thing you’re consistently wrong about gambon.

    How has he been wrong about Ozil? He’s been a flop so far.

  92. Leedsgunner

    So I see Man City put three past West Brom tonight.

    Why weren’t they “nervous”? Why do accidents and nerves only affect us?

    The only thing that changes under Wenger are the excuses… and even they aren’t that plausible anymore.


  93. Cesc Appeal

    DA Marko

    Most annoying thing about a loss like this, because the player must sit down and a PR guy say ‘okay, what you need to say is…’

    ‘Yeah don’t worry I remember from last time.’

    It’s like we have damage limitation mode on stand by 24/7, quick, get me Arteta, Mert, Giroud and 200 lbs of VO5 hair paste down here now.

  94. Cesc Appeal


    Because you’re thinking about it through a circle, and what you have to do is realise that because of oil money you have to think about it through a square, and when you factor in that E=mc2 and the moon landings were actually fake, it’s pretty obvious why nerves affected us more.