West Ham 2 – 0 Arsenal. Arrogant Arsenal ruin Christmas

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Yesterday was like Christmas when you know Santa has got you an n64. You wake up early jump out of bed and fall straight into a tank of jellyfish. Never mind you say ‘at least it’s Christmas and I’ve got that n64!’. You run downstairs to find Santa microwaving your dog and the Christmas tree on fire. To top it all off he’s brought you a dreamcast instead.

There’s one word to describe that performance, ‘arrogant’. Arsenal were injury-free, brimming with confidence off the back of a victory against the Champions and buoyed by the signing of a world class goalkeeper. We turned up thinking we deserved a victory, not remembering that victories are earned.

We always beat West Ham at home – I said it myself – Giroud always scores against them, this is Chamberlain’s year, good luck conceding against Cech etc etc. Most of us were probably thinking things like this pre-match, even if we weren’t saying it. The problem is, most of the players were thinking along the same lines as well.

Now before I get assaulted by the ‘perspective brigade’, who are able to watch football without it arousing any emotion in them at all, I will say; it was just one game, one bad performance and I still expect us to compete for the league.

However the problem with yesterday was the lack of preparation both physically and mentally. West Ham were awesome yesterday but outside of the first 10 minutes we looked a yard of the pace.

In terms of mental preparation, we played liked we thought we deserved to win. Like we did against Monaco last year, and against Villa on the opening day two years ago and repeat ad infinitum.

The manager acknowledged after the game we played with a bit of fear without the apparent ability to critically analyse why this still keeps happening.

Alan Shearer, for his many many faults, said on Match of the Day that whichever of the top four teams Mourinho managed would win the league. I hate to say it but he’s right. He instills the right kind of confidence in his teams; not so much ‘we deserve to win’, more of the ‘we cannot lose’.

Now I’m not for one second saying I want Mourinho anywhere near this club. However losing the complacent streak appears to be one more signpost on the manager’s road to recovery.

The atmosphere was incredible at the Emirates yesterday. It was baking hot, West Ham were playing a foetus in midfield and they got two yellow cards in the first 10 minutes. Confidence reigned supreme. We looked electric in the first 10 minutes, buzzing around the West Ham defence like a swarm of migrants (as our Prime Minister might say). Ozil was pulling the strings, Chamberlain and Ramsey were fired up.

However, ever so subtly, mistakes started to creep in. The misplaced passes were getting more frequent, balls were bouncing off Giroud like he was a cathode ray oscilloscope (I failed Physics) and the good will of the crowd started to ebb. Then West Ham got a free kick in our half, floated in a perfect free kick for their fella to head into the net.

Cech was in no man’s land but was it all his fault? The defence had pushed up so high that the “corridor of uncertainty” which commentators like to talk about was as large as the Suez Canal. We should have been much deeper. If we had the ball would have been easily cleared.

Nonetheless it was still only 1-0 and you felt we could recover in the second half. Unfortunately the players came out with pretty much the same attitude they had displayed in the first half. Lots of dicking around on the edge of the box, then float the ball in for a defender to easily clear.

Cech was certainly at fault for West Ham’s second. No doubt he was caught flat-footed and should have done better to reach the ball. However there are questions again around the pressure coming from midfield. Zarate was allowed enough time to turn, take a selfie and shoot. Cech probably wasn’t used to that at Chelsea to be fair to him.

We still had a good 30 minutes to make a mends. Arsene made some strange substitutions, for some reason playing Chamberlain at right back where he repeatedly gave the ball away, and leaving Ramsey and Giroud on, both of whom had stinkers. I understand the rationale behind bringing Sanchez on – he’s one of our best players – but he clearly was nowhere near fit and his performance showed that.

We had a few chances before the end of the game but West Ham were organised and defended heroically when they needed to. They deservedly left with all three points.

As I said, it’s important to have perspective. This was just one game. Apparently there were some fisticuffs between fans outside the stadium afterwards. All I’d say to that is – get over yourself, football isn’t that important. However this result was bad. Yes it was a terrible performance, but it was also a sign that whatever was going on in pre-season, the players weren’t ready mentally or physically for the first game.

Also it’s games like this that make the difference between first and third. Have you ever looked back through all the fixtures at the end of the season and said to yourself, ‘if only we’d one that game, and that game we would have been champions’? Yes it’s a bit of childish wish thinking but, in order to be champions, Arsenal can only lose one, possibly two games against teams outside the top four at home. That’s how small the margins are.

Lets end with some player ratings….

Cech – David Ospina didn’t die for this

Debuchy – was fairly solid, still looked rusty

Monreal – More like nonreal (ly)

Koscielny – our best player. I haven’t seen the replays but think he may have been at fault for the first goal

Mertesacker – fairly solid, helped a lot by Kos. Cant really be blamed for the second

Coquelin – looked tired, not one of his better games

Ramsey – played like Steven Gerrard circa 2015 rather than Steven Gerrard circa 2005

Cazorla – Slowed. Down. Everything

Ozil – Great for the first 10 minutes then went for a beer

Chamberlain – I love the kid but he’s not a right back

Giroud – Couldn’t even do the things he usually does well, well


Walcott – improved our performance 3.2%

Sanchez – Needs a few more days on the beach

Honourable mentions go to Payet who looks like a quality player and Jeinny for combining transfer rumours with being really fit. Thanks for that.

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  1. jasongms

    “The problems go far, far deeper. You could have played the best DM the world has ever seen and we would still have lost. Watch the game again if you have to and then try to understand why we played in the manner we did and why it was so ineffective. Why do we continue to fail at set pieces? Why are we not able to break , organised teams down? Why are players played out of position? Why is there no plan B? Why do we not have players who can come on and change the game? etc etc.Nothing will change until Wenger is gone. ”

    agreed !! as the years go by, new players come and go but there is always one constant that remains . And nothing will change until that does

  2. Bamford10


    “Pedro’s positivity seems to bother them.”

    Because it’s completely and totally misplaced, dipshit, as yesterday showed.

    The team has obvious and glaring needs, yet Wenger has done nothing about them.

    The team is not going to compete for the EPL or the CL, yet dipshits like you tell us we are good enough as is.

    You ignore reality and overestimate our players and squad.

    So kindly fuck off with your ‘some people here are happy to see us lose’ bullshit.

    Some people here know their heads from their asses, and you’re not one of them.

  3. warchester

    who was laughing? i’m sure even the worst arsene detractors went into the game yesterday hyped because we showed some good form lingering from last season plus we don’t have anymore doubt or excuses like world cup/fatigue etc. I don’t know but I was excited…even when I saw the starting lineup with giroud starting and knowing ramsey/santi was going to go wide…but again we know what always happens…middling team goes up 1-0, crumble like jenga pieces…no plan B…edge of the box tip tap pass backwards bs…and we never know what’s the real reason for the crumbling…some lame duck excuse even when all the conditions are perfect for a whooping of the minnow team

    we might win next 10 matches and all is well again until champions league comes in and we can’t deal with the workload…fatigue…injuries piling up…blah blah…boom! now we have a effing excuse to slip up…adjust expectations…4th place trophy ain’t bad bruh..how bout giving that ramsey-coq partnership another season…ramsey goes on scoring run 15 straight matches….hype…ramsey gonna score 30 goals from CM NEXT season….

    dude we all need some serious rehab…..i know i’m ready for a new start

  4. tunnygriffboy

    Mw gunner

    Coquelin was outstanding last season. And I do get it. I totally get it. I’ve constantly said we need somone to compete with him. He had the best defensive stat of any midfielder in the league after he started player. I know Bamford was harsh on him but even he came around and admitted he was going well. There were very few unhappy with him but the majority wanted someone to come in to compete with him.

    He was yanked because he was bad he was yanked because we were two nil down due to errors by defenders Cech and Ox and we were chasing the game.

  5. VP

    ‘’Keep ur gloating to yourself if u have nothing to say. i just made my own observations, stick to yours’’

    Nothing to gloat about. Most reasonable folk can see we won’t win the league. I’m not special for also believing this. But at least make an observation and stick to it for 45 minutes into the new season. And here’s the thing. We will be no way near to winning the Prem next season also.

    It’s getting boring now and we will continue to fall short until the penny finally drops with fans like your self. You my friend are indoctrinated and brainwashed to the core and are getting the club that you deserve, so stop moaning.

  6. Ughelligunner

    Yesterday’s game has to be looked at critically. As for us signing Gotze, i think he would be worse than ozil, cesc appeal.

    All the Germany players i have seen play in the Epl are lazy. From Poldosky to Schurel. You see, i am now afraid Benzema might not do well.

    The league is too physical for lazy people hence dimaria bailed before it is too late. Costa against swansea saw him fighting every minute cos they were going physical with him.

    We had only giroud trying to get inside the box and ramsey was off but ozil tends to stop to enter the box as an AM. Carzola does not. Ox never makes runs towards goal unless the ball is with him.

    We need hungry strong wingers who are willing to make intelligent runs.

    Keeper made two huge blunders least we could have gotten a draw.

    Yesterday also saw Carzola getting all stylish with the ball. I was surprised. Don’t know if anybody took note.

    But i tell you this whether wenger wins the league or not, people would still have a break down when we lose especially his haters.

    I have noticed this from chelsea/man utd supporters in my pub and the truth is everybody go mental when their team perform badly.

    So i am expecting more thundering this season.

    P.s. Gambon you never told us ozil was a poor deal when we announced his signing. It was 3 months later after the Munich game. Stop lying. You said we needed an additional play maker then and not whether ozil was poor. You are the most reactionary fat fan out there.

  7. alex cutter

    “You could actually feel the happiness emanating from their posts .”

    Are you slow?

    Are you really equating people calling out the mindless Wenger sycophants (who go mysteriously silent) with hoping the team loses?

    Pull your head out of your ass.

  8. Carts

    Get off of Gotze’s dick?

    He’s another overrated hype job with a massive price tag that has BVB sitting pretty.

    Where would the slow midget play?

  9. Cesc Appeal

    People need to get over this, critiquing a player or saying I don’t think he’s good enough for x, y or z isn’t ‘slagging’ a player. Critiquing an Arsenal performance, or Wenger’s bizarre choices or saying you could see something was going to be a problem isn’t gloating, or hoping the team loses.

    That’s an easy out for those posters rapidly followed by ‘go support another team…I bet I’m older than you…you’re a troll.’

  10. Cesc Appeal

    I wouldn’t really want Gotze, certainly though I could see that being a Wenger signing if he became available at a decent price.

    Wenger trying to make him the Nasri like player of the 2010/11 team.

    What’s Camacho like as a player, not a name I had thought of but I’ve seen it suggested a few times lately in different places. From what I’ve read (so admittedly not saying it’s accurate) he’s a good, solid CDM/CM who is also good on the ball and a good passer?

    Malaga as well…not sure of their financial situation.

  11. gambon

    “Looks like Betis want Wellington on loan gambon”


    So we sign him for £3.5m, and have loaned him out 4 seasons in a row, extended his contract then loaned him out for a 5th season.

    While Wenger the other day said we were a couple of million £ away from signing Eden Hazard.

    Great use of resources as always.

  12. Evan

    Apparently Reece Oxford finished the game with the best pass rate of 95 per cent. Good for him, but it says alot about yesterdays performance. If anyone should have been nervous, it was him..

  13. Kiyoshi Ito

    Funny Nasri’s Mouth was here literally all day ,everyday putting the world to rights…Telling anyone&everyone about this,that and the other..How he was looking forward to the game..

    Bang..We have a disastrous performance….

    & suddenly he disappears..Hard to take anything he says remotely seriously.. ….

    Typical….& absolutely hilarious..

  14. Mr J

    @ Redtruth

    “Mr J, Satire is what Wenger does.Of course Arsenal would have won the game were it not for the keeper blunders.West Ham are useless and will lose their next game.”

    The score was 0-2… to win games you need to score goals… we failed to score… (AT HOME AGAINST WESTHAM)

    At best, we dropped 2 point.

    And yes, Wenger = satire! Adding to that, believing that AFC will win the league based on zero evidence also = satire

  15. Cesc Appeal

    It was just all too perfect for us yesterday I think, Chelsea dropped points and looked poor, fully fit squad, great pre-season, West Ham at home, they field a child in the middle, CB at RB for them as well, no one aside from Payet who popped out at you, only really Sanchez who was disrupted with anything to do in the summer…

    Bang, not so much bottle gone as bottle shot to pieces, trod on, fed to a dog, shat out, picked up in a thin napkin and forced through a neighbour’s letter box.

    That was our performance and mentality.

  16. Paulinho

    “I wonder what Keyser would say if he were here?Btw, has he been binned?”

    He would probably blame it on World Cup.

    Oh wait, that was last year’s excuse.

  17. Ughelligunner

    You see getting angry that other posters are positive and calling them names and degrading their points but when they tell you to go support somebody else you get all wound up?

    Everybody has his or her weak points.

    It is difficult to rarely break up tight defences especially when you don’t have skillful driblers. Hence i would advocate scoring very early before the team balances itself. But this does not work constantly.

    Arsenal having difficulty is as a result of that. Our only dribler is wilshere. Even chelsea can hardly break down tight defenses hence their defenders in cahill and terry score a lot to save their embarrassment.

    When we had nasri and kleb we use to break down tight defences. Gervinho had a little of this mojo. We just need to look for that skillful playmaker.

    Even barca and bayern that do have driblers in their attack that tear defences apart. Not just passing the ball around.

  18. Carts


    Seriously, man.

    I watched a lot of Bayern last season and Gotze, (while he was at BVB). He has barely improved at Bayern, tbh. He’s been relatively injury free, but spent time on the bench due to lack of form.

    He’s no a shit player, far from it even.

    But signing him does what exactly? He’s not very quick or explosive. He’s short, granted relatively clinical and would cost about £40m :/

    We need a serious upgrade on Giroud and Coquelin as neither are good enough, to lead, in their respective positions.

    Wenger dilly-dallying has meant that a good number of potential signing have moved. Now we’re left with a pipe dream in Benzema and the Bender brothers.

  19. jwl

    Wenger was just talking a week or two ago about how he didn’t take a holiday this summer, he was at work everyday getting ready for the season. What does Wenger do all day, is what I ask myself.

    Wenger spent all summer thinking and apparently his big idea was to play caz out wide, where he floundered last season. Wenger is trolling us, saying club spent money this summer and we still lost. Wenger is so apathetic it is unreal.

    Wenger has no life outside football, so he’s afraid to retire, but he doesn’t have passion or energy to manager Arsenal correctly either. We stuck with old man with diminishing mental faculties and who doesn’t like strong personalities because players with a bit of fight would not put up with how Wenger does things.

    What I find most frustrating is that things never change, Wenger been talking about naive defending for ages, and he does nothing about it. Problems within an org have to be dealt with or your company declines, Wenger does nothing to address numerous problems with our style of play and we just treading water season after season after season.

  20. london gunner

    I think in some ways we are confused about our identity.

    We play as a counter attacking team in pre season and look great. We then decide to play a possession based team on the first game of the season pigon holing in ramsey, ozil and cazorla into a team isn’t going to work and completely destroying any momentum and continuity.

    Personally I think with our personnel as in to get the best out of sanchez and ozil our “stars” we should focus on a counter attacking game plan.

    Sure in an ideal world we need to be pragmatic and versatile. Change our play when facing different opposition and all that jazz, but I still think we need a coherent default game style/plan.

    I really think this is the answer.


    I would interchange ox and walcott and giroud and walcott.

    But to be quite frank really do think we need a wc player on the other flank aka Reus.

    A wc striker would be great, but if we went in hard for reus at the start of the transfer window he’d easily be an Arsenal player by now.

  21. london gunner


    “We need a serious upgrade on Giroud and Coquelin as neither are good enough, to lead, in their respective positions.”

    statistically the best DM in the league isn’t good enough?

    Yet Ramsey who was awful against the ham and for most of last season gets a free pass?

    Bizarre blog is bizarre.

  22. Carts


    He had another one liner that he was using over the last couple month.

    He’d say some shit like ‘Arsenal just need to work through it’ or some shit like that.

    Really was terrible from him.

  23. Arsene's Nurse

    August 10, 2015 14:50:59


    Would you say we sat too deep on the free-kick which lead to us conceding?

    I believe that even if Cech didn’t come for the ball Kouyate would’ve scored anyhow.

    There wasn’t much of a challenge on him as it was.
    If you look at how we set up for that free-kick then you can see just about every Arsenal player is in the wrong position. Look at the position here: http://arseblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/kouyate.jpg

    There are two things wrong, but both are connected:

    Firstly we are looking to play someone off-side and therefore all of our players are holding a high line up the pitch. This leaves an enormous gap between the defence and the keeper. That area is the perfect area to put the ball into because it’s very hard to defend against. You have defenders running back and their natural momentum will mean they’ll head the ball toward the goal, then you have the keeper who has to cover a large amount of ground if things go wrong.

    They should be on the 18 yard line and not further forward.

    The other problem is all of the players are in the wrong position. All of them are the wrong side of the players they are marking and that means they cannot defend properly. The attackers already have a yard of space on the defenders.

    There is a reason why getting goal side of the man you are marking is drummed into you from age 7. This is schoolboy error defending by professionals who should know better.

    In fact the more you look at the video the more shocking it becomes. It’s plain to see that there is absolutely no communication whatsoever between the players. Some are playing the offside trap such as Debuchy and Oxo who both actually step out as the ball is played leaving their men free run to in behind, whilst Coquelin, who is inbetween those two, actually runs with his man and is the one playing everyone onside, not that it would have mattered because Mertesacker is also inbetween the goal and the opposition although he is better placed.

    Monreal is supposed to be marking Kouyaté but he’s the wrong side. Koscielny is marking fresh air. He is doing nothing. He should be tight to Kouyaté as well.

    Should Cech have come for the ball? Probably not with hindsight, however, Cech’s mistake is due to the uncertainty. When the ball crosses the 18 yard box you can see Monreal is 3 yards behind the man he’s marking and Koscielny is a yard behind too and marking no one. Cech can see the attacker is going to win it so what does he do?

    If he stays and they score he gets asked why didn’t he come out and vice-a-versa.

    It’s the series of mistakes that ultimately all line up to produce Cech’s ultimate mistake. In the aviation/engineering we call this the Swiss Cheese Model. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swiss_cheese_model

    It’s not one mistake that costs the goal but a whole host of them. Football fans want scapegoats, they want someone to blame. They’ll happily pick up on a mistake by one player without understanding why that mistake was made or that players are human. Then they go on the internet to spout about it. 😉

    Arsenal need to be drilled on defensive set pieces so everyone knows what they are doing. We’ll concede fewer goals with better coaching and organisation.

  24. vicky

    As much as Wenger is guilty of many problems we have, I got to say this bunch of players is spineless. They fail to turn up too many times in a season. Ozil goes for a sleep on most days and then sparkles in one match. Everyone thinks he has found his groove and then he again goes missing.

    Ox for all his talent is a bit daft. His decision making is poor and loses ball in dangerous areas. You can go on and on.

    Of course, there is no leader in our team. Giroud, Theo and Ramsey are all limited so they probably can’t help themselves out.

  25. Igbo Amadi-Obi

    To be honest, I don’t understand all the talk about how we were off pace. We were brimming with pace at the Emirates Cup and the Community Shield only last weekend. I recall comments being made about how our pace was electrical. What happened to all that?

  26. Marko

    I think Gotze would be an upgrade on Ramsey, Walcott and Cazorla and Ozil tbh. Very good technique and is actually quiet fast. An outstanding AM in the right team for me. Anyway CA yeah Camacho is very good been at Malaga a while now likely to stay there. Krychowiak for me.

  27. Carts


    Bump your post when we’ve seen how Coquelin perform from now till Xmas. At least that way we can discuss his form, not using anecdotal, over a calendar year period.

    Ramsey is shite. Go back to page 1 and read what I wrote. Had a pal telling me that Ramsey is on the cusp of world class status. Trollol.

    Go back to Friday’s post and re-read what I also wrote, which prompted Gambon to suggest a double-pivot of Coq and Ramsey would be his preference this season if things remained as they were, from a personnel stand point.

    Ramsey flatters to deceive. He isn’t good enough to start for Arsenal.

  28. gambon

    “As much as Wenger is guilty of many problems we have, I got to say this bunch of players is spineless. They fail to turn up too many times in a season”

    Well thats Wengers fault isnt it.

    If they keep letting you down, you change them.

  29. naijagunner

    The excuse that we were nervous is just that, an excuse. Something has to be said at the press conference .

    What i have discovered about this team is that once they go behind against anyone half decent , it’s curtains . You won’t win anything with that attitude .

    No one in the squad came out of yesterday’s game with any credit, that again is worrying.

    The weekend can’t come soon enough really. We need to get this out of our systems .

  30. Cesc Appeal



    Was just a different name I saw. Still something nagging at me with Coquelin, not just because he was terrible yesterday, he ticks a lot of boxes but I don’t know, I feel sometimes our set up is structured to compensate for his shortcomings.

    But then I do have to say if our forwards weren’t so poor would we notice that so much? Slightly curtailing our technical level in the middle for a player who is all defence, with a better calibre of forward I doubt it would be so noticeable so maybe a touch harsh on Coquelin.

  31. Carts


    The problem with Gotze is that he’ll need to assume Ozil’s current position – #10 – or we may as well not bother with him at all.

    Signing Gotze will look like another episode of the Arshavin Show.

  32. naijagunner

    Mario Gotze doesn’t have the spin to play in the EPL . Just watch Cazorla with all his ambition being shrugged off the ball and that’s what u will get with Gotze every week.

    We need some nasty injected into the squad, not another technical midget .

  33. Ughelligunner

    Cech appeal, i thought i read you saying Gotze would be a good buy. Sorry if i mistook your comment.

    Yes we were poor against westham. But we look to lay blame too often easily rather than analysing the game.

    Coq and ramsey played in pre-season and were good. Today they tried it again and were poor we want to crucify the manager

    We bought a very good goal keeper to help saves us from this kind of 1 shot on target one goal. We blame the manager.

    We had ox on one wing and carzola on the other with him swapping with ozil to help create chances. We want to blame the manager

    Man utd played carrick and sneiderlin.

    Before pulling him out for herera so that they would get more attacking players even they got lucky with an own goal.

    Sometimes it doesn’t all work out.

    Section of our fans are still not sure with ozil.

    As for yesterday our players are still behind in fitness compared to westham. They were huffing and puffing by 70mins. And this is saying a lot than just buying a dm.

    Both goals scored were never coquelin’s fault so i don’t know how he is to be blamed. When we had two creative players in front of him who never got to test their keeper.

  34. london gunner


    “Krychowiak for me.”

    Coquelin vs Kry

    possession score

    66 vs 9

    defence score

    383 vs 368

    pass completion

    86 percent vs 81

    Krychowiak is a very decent player don’t get me wrong, but 20-25 million on a player with worse stats than the Coq?

  35. Marko

    It was sticking out a mile the first bad game Coquelin has people would turn on him. At the same time it was sticking out a mile he should be at best another piece and not a key piece of our squad much like Giroud and Walcott and Ramsey.

  36. Cesc Appeal


    Wasn’t me.

    I think the manager takes flak because not one or two players had awful games, but 10.

    That isn’t a ‘oh well it happens’ moment, that’s a what the eff is going on type moment.

    We didn’t look up for it, none of this fabled cohesion that would be our secret weapon on display, no penetration, no pace really, sloppy passing, looked like a first pre-season game.

    Coquelin’s display as well looked as if he had been expressly asked to do more with the ball, and he couldn’t and really shouldn’t have been asked.

  37. Live by the River

    That snake corporate lawyer Gazidas has been quieter than usual lately

    Machiavellian fucker

    Something’s about to break

    BTW played with players equal to Giroud in the English non-league…..

  38. Carts

    Talking to my pal yesterday and Benzema was the chatter.

    I told him £100k p/w and 4 in 25 is laughable.

    He aid he likes Welbeck and would keep him over Giroud. I asked him why and he said “yeah but Welbeck cause problems”.

    So for £16m, £100k p/w and 4 in 25 is sweet cos, wait for it, he causes problems.

    That’s what its come to now “he causes problems”. Yeah cos Ox, Walcott, Giroud, Sanchez, Podolski ren’t able to cause problems in the same fashion as Welbeck.

  39. Marko

    Stats over the last few seasons compared to someone who has played the last few years. Believe me he’s better London

  40. Bamford10

    I’ll tell you what Keyser would say.

    First he’d point out that but for two blunders on Cech’s part, this was a 0-0 draw.

    Then he’d say our problem was our offensive “efficiency”. Still not efficient enough, he’d repeat, without explaining precisely what he meant by this.

    He’d then take on the principal arguments.

    No, playing Ramsey centrally wasn’t the problem. It’s just that those players need to learn to play together. Early in the season and takes time.

    And no, new signings wouldn’t have helped, as a Benzema and Schneiderlin are only marginally better than Giroud and Coquelin and would require half the season to settle in.

    Then he’d offer up some bizarre logical non sequitur that no one on the planet could follow, but there are others here who are better parodying this element of his insanity better than I am.

  41. Highbury4ever

    “I wonder what Keyser would say if he were here?”

    Same old shit, as usual.
    “No need to panic, we can compete for the title, it was just an accident, etc, etc, etc…”
    And the good old classic “in wenger we trust”, of course.

  42. Cesc Appeal

    Shaqiri, what a signing for Stoke…incredible really. Have to start hating them less now, always liked Shaqiri…ever so slightly less though, they still have Charlie Adam.

  43. Ughelligunner

    London, your formation is the best even wenger will buy you a beer.

    But yesterday, sanchez was supposed to be resting, and walcot cant compete against 4 strong tall defenders.

    Welbeck is still injured. So who best fits into the left?

    If we played ozil people we say he is been marginalized and as with carzola and ramsey yesterday.

    We can never be satisfied when we lose. Any losses will always be blamed on the formation and the individual that produced it.

  44. Ughelligunner

    Cesc appeal. So true by your analysis.

    Even wenger knew this because he kept shaking his head like saying he knows things were going wrong.

    But when you have 11 players on the pitch trying to wake up and you have 3 subs out of which 2 are still sleeping. Then all he could do is shake his head?

    I think they relaxed a bit in their pre match fitness program maybe for fear of getting our normal injuries. Maybe that was why wenger was saying about the players been all nervous?

    Because last week they were fitter than today. It seems they reduced the program this week compared to westham who were ready to play for 102mins.

    We were puffing up at the 70mins mark and at about 40mins in the first half we were looking for the first half break.

  45. duvee

    Still not sure why Cazorla wasn’t playing centre mid. Wasn’t he not brilliant towards the end of last season? So why shift him?

  46. London gunner


    That’s something we can agree on.

    Aka welbeck.

    What was even more shocking was his shot to goals record. I can’t remember the precise number, but it was god damn awful.

    If it’s not some vague he causes problems, he is lauded (overrated) for his defensive ethic. He is striker who can’t shoot without falling over.. Is that acceptable?

  47. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, we looked sharper and far better against Singapore and Everton in Asia than we did opening day against West Ham, something very wrong there.

  48. Relieable sauce

    Song available then…?…nah…unless Wenger & Ivan are having a mexican stand off at the clubs expense.

  49. Ughelligunner

    Guys you are all missing Kersey don’t be ashamed to say it lol. Since nobody is pulling your arguments apart it is not surprising you are all in agreement, it is getting boring and repetitive hence the Kersey song?

    Romfordford, N5, CA are back. Just kersey and wengereagle

  50. Bamford10


    I admire your defense of Coquelin, but he only had the “best stats” of any CDM if you ignore (i) his passing statistics and (ii) the fact that 90% of his completed passes were 5 yard passes to Cazorla.

    A good CDM needs both sides of the game: he needs to be polished on the ball and in distribution, AND he needs to tackle and break up play.

    Coquelin is only good with respect to the latter. In time he may develop the other side as well, but pretending he has this, or pretending that a good CDM doesn’t need this, is silly.

  51. carts


    I dont think Coq had the worst game in the world, bit I’m not going to pretend that he’s ready for the rigours of a 50-60 game season.

    Welbeck is Sunderland level. He must’ve been pissing himself when LVG told him to do one and Arsenal came calling with that financial package.

  52. Bamford10

    Most important thing now is that supporters bring massive amounts of pressure onto Wenger to do two things:

    – sign a quality CF and CDM
    – put some real fire and desire into this team
    – return Cazorla to CM

    Massive pressure should be brought to bear.

  53. London gunner


    His average pass distance is 14 meters… Also with his increased range of long range passing should shoot up, but either way hardly 5 yard passes.

    His passing stats are 86 percent and has a better possesion score than many of the players you have lauded over the summer.

    Pretending that he can’t improve at 24 is silly. Pretending that his partnership in the middle with coz wasn’t one of the best pairings of last season is even more silly.

  54. Ughelligunner

    Bamford, who do you think matic, kondogbia, sneiderlin pass to? I have never seen matic make long pass to Costa? It is always fabregas, willian or Oscar.

  55. gambon

    Matic completed 110% more long passes per game than Coquelin last year.

    Schneiderlin completed 350% more long passes.

    Coquelin is a limited “Mikel” type player, not a top class DM.

  56. Ughelligunner

    And chelsea play pretty close to their defence line. So?

    Where was matic when Shevley was running the midfield riot? Anybody can have a bad game.

    And coq wasn’t bad

    People wanted him to be adventurous and he was. It is just that he never had runners so when he played the ball in front of them they hardly read it properly hence it is recorded as a failed pass. Ozil, ox and carzola never made runs without the ball yesterday.

  57. Marko

    I admire your defense of Coquelin, but he only had the “best stats” of any CDM if you ignore (i) his passing statistics and (ii) the fact that 90% of his completed passes were 5 yard passes to Cazorla.

    Careful bam. A closer look at the supposedly best DM in the world Busquets you’ll find he does the exact same thing for years to Xavi and Iniesta. Truth is this perfect DM is a myth. Masherano? Great defensive stats his passing isn’t amazing. Xabi Alonso? Great passing stats not all that defensively. Really we only need a DM who’s good at tackling and reading the game. Lars Bender, Kramer, Krychowiak and Coquelin can do that for us. Fyi just making a point I don’t want another DM debate/Giroud debate that lasts for hours

  58. Ughelligunner

    Gambon, the mikel of chelsea makes long and shot passes more than matic if is him you are alluding to. It is just that he is slow and not a natural dm like ours.

    Coq never made too many passes last year cos he was careful since he knew he was only on probation.

    You don’t over do things when you know you are on the edges on a job. Except you are tired of it and want an excuse to be thrown out.

  59. London gunner


    “Matic completed 110% more long passes per game than Coquelin last year.”

    How many did he complete at 24?

    Matic is 3 years older lest we forget..

    Or is coquelin in a vacuum whereby he can never improve?

  60. gambon

    “Gambon, the mikel of chelsea makes long and shot passes more than matic if is him you are alluding to.”

    Not true about the long passing bit.

  61. Ughelligunner

    Gambon of all of sneiderlin long passes, how many of them were assist? Don’t you think because they were a counter attacking team with double dm he throws long passes away from goal.

    I would prefer a dm who knocks the ball from around the defence even when under pressure. Hence some people clamoring for ki of swansea.

  62. useroz

    The squad needs quality in depth, not quantity especially of similar types.

    When we ‘re down chasing games, Wenger only knows one way….throwing in attacking players with defenders coming off while moving MF players to play defence. Nearly every fucking time. Can Wenger spell tactics?? With no varieties in players, no tactics to speak of anyway, only the mahic cohesion.

    If Ramsey’s so crap,take him off, move players around for god sake and not just stuff Ox at the right back.

    Btw, Wenger only know one way to defend a slender lead ie exact opposite….taking attackers off one after another, throw in MF, 3rd CB, LB etc to stuff the back full. Never occur to Wenger this invites all the attack and if we lost the slender lead, we have no offence to revoer?? Idiot.

    Wenger has dozens of scouts and still cannot find the exceptional qualities, sack them all. Or are they scouting only kids for Wenger’s personal fantasy? We signed so fucking many over the years and how many make it? Yet wenger keeps buying kids? Can they win us titles??

  63. London gunner

    “Matic completed 110% more long passes per game than Coquelin last year.”

    Also let’s forget the dynamic Matic plays in. He can afford to risk taking a long pass when you have hazard William Oscar and Cesc who all put in a proper defensive shift.

    Whilst coquelin doesn’t have that luxury. With cazotja, ozil, walcott, Ramsey and jw all useless defensively.

    Funny thing is if we sign a dm who tries longe range wonder passes like song people will then complain when It inevitably goes terribly wrong.

  64. Ughelligunner

    Gambon, re mikel of chelsea ask drogba.

    I still remember alot from mikel to drogba who controls down for lampard to score.

  65. Bamford10


    Again with your cluelessness. Jesus, you’re tiring. Recall the aftermath of the Aston Villa match two seasons ago? Was near pandemonium. Gazidis heard. Wenger heard. Ozil was signed. Not that that was enough, but it was something.

    Chants, songs, signs, t-shirts, blog posts, newspaper editorials, pundit commentary (esp. from former Arsenal players e.g., Henry and others — all of these things bring pressure to bear.

    Please don’t comment on my posts anymore. You’re a fucking moron.

  66. Bamford10


    “potentially a higher ceiling”

    Just stop. Absolutely empty claim. MS is the better player and the better athlete. Not close. You just want someone who isn’t better than Coquelin. I’ve already explained several times why this is dumb.

    And yes Coquelin can improve, maybe even reach a Matic’s level, but he shouldn’t be Arsenal’s starter in the meantime. Let him develop under someone who already has both sides of his game.

    This is obvious.

  67. Ughelligunner

    London so true. You see fabregas, Oscar and willian abandoned their attacking football to defend while we have only coq and ramsey and they want matic.

    You see after yesterdays game i will give cech some more games before coming to the conclusion that morhino’s defensive pattern helps his goal keepers.

    Everybody remember Cesear of Qpr from inter milan how we were dying to bring him here but wenger delayed.

    Matic would be exposed a lot with our attacking style of play.

  68. Dan Ahern

    Hi all.

    Goddamn that was frustrating. Agree with had an ‘arrogance’ problem.

    We also had a tactical problem, which is related. We played all our ball collectors all bunched up in the middle when WHU were already playing narrow. Plus Coq thought he was a creative CM as well.

    While the goals were bad errors (chiefly Coquelin, Ox, and Cech), the offensive flatness was endemic to the setup.

  69. Bamford10


    Nonsense. Busquets is fantastic on the ball. Fantastic.

    Yes, he ultimately is looking to find a Xavi or Rakitic or Iniesta’s feet, but he is gifted and polished on the ball, can be the point player when swinging side to side, can receive the ball in tight spaces without issue, can recycle play.

    As can a Mascherano.

    Now you’re trying to misrepresent some of the best players in the world to fit your stupid agenda. It’s maddening.

  70. Ughelligunner

    I remember a report i read that arsenal’s highline might expose cech a bit. Let see how the season goes before drawing conclusions

  71. Dan Ahern

    Should also say, in fairness, I’d have started those same players.

    But when it’s clear the opponent is playing a certain way you have to either give them instruction (stay wide, look for openings, stop coming in to collect the ball), or sub them.

    By the time we subbed they were fully parked and we tried the same boneheaded moves over and over. (Dick around on the edge of the area, then give up and launch a cross in when the defense has been set for a full minute.)

  72. bacaryisgod

    Pedro-truly excellent post today. Reflected the feelings of all of us who just assumed this would be an easy 3 points.

    On the back of this, I have no expectations for takings 3 points away to a very dangerous Palace side.

    Part of the problem is that we have no pace on the right side of defence with Debuchy and Mertesacker. I’m scared enough thinking what the Palace speedsters will do to those two, let alone guys like Jefferson Montero.

  73. Bamford10


    “People wanted him to be adventurous.”

    No one wants our CDM to be “adventurous”. This is just your misunderstanding of the argument.

    We need our CDM to be quality on the ball and in distribution, just as good with the ball at his feet and in distribution as Arteta is, not a liability on the ball.

    Every top team in the world has a CDM like this. We don’t. We have Coquelin, who is good defensively but suspect with the ball at his feet.

    Your remark is like Mystic’s stupid f***ing (straw man) remark about people wanting our CDM to make “Hollywood” passes. No one is calling for “Hollywood” passing, and no one is calling for adventurousness.

    We’re calling for proficiency and quality on the ball and in distribution, and Coquelin doesn’t have it.

    Put the straw men away.

  74. Ughelligunner

    London, do you know it was our fans mentality of a ball playing dm, hence song abandoned ship to become an Am?

    Now we ve started with coquelin again. Let him continue passing shot passes so far we win our games.

    Bamford, do you think busquet as good as he is would survive our football without xavi and inester? You see the Epl is highly pacy and with his attitude of falling down like a bag of cement every time he is tackled in Spain i bet you we would have a big kettle of counter attacks because our refs would look away.

    We have one in ozil who is still jumping away from Challenges

  75. Bamford10

    * I should’ve said AT LEAST as good as Arteta is on the ball, as obviously we’d like someone even better on the ball, but Coquelin isn’t even at Arteta’s level.

  76. naijagunner

    @ Bamford

    It takes a moron to know a moron . Clueless kid .

    When has wenger ever listened to pundits . Your constant settling for name calling exposes u for the fraud u are .

    i will keep responding to the nonsense u spew so u do not believe u are deceiving anyone with ur attempts at being smart. I am yet to encounter a more insecure poster . You take Le grove way too seriously .

  77. NewCoArsenal PLC

    Whilst this poisonous malaise is allowed to infest the club, Arsenal are done as a competitive force.
    Wenger really needs to find the humility from somewhere to accept he is no longer relevant.
    He isn’t fulfilling his own doctrine, which is to make the fans happy.
    If the club had any balls Wenger would be sacked and Ancelotti installed.
    But things like that never happen at Arsenal.
    I can’t even get excited about the possible signing of Benzema.
    Project Arsenal is flatter than a week old fizzy drink, in need of a serious injection of life.

  78. Marko

    First off Hanford you melt you horrendous poster I don’t have an agendaI was just pointing out you criticising Coquelin for 5 yard passes when Busquets has made a career out of passing the ball 5 yards to Xavi or iniesta. Secondly I absolutely love how two people disagree with you and you insult. Classy bloke. Bam once you realise you’re not all knowing and not everyone agrees with your opinion you’ll be much better for it bro. Agenda. Fucking stupid shite like this annoys me. I disagree with someone I’ve got an agenda. You’re the agenda one. It’s called being a miserablist

  79. London gunner


    I’d say Coq is better on the ball arteta has dribbling skill and athleticism.

    Can you provide me with some video footage of coq being bad on the ball? Curious as to what you are on about.

    As for Ki he is extremely graceful on the ball, moves out about like silk in a breeze. Whilst Morgan is functional.

  80. hunter

    Oh Nooooo! Barton training with the Hammers FFS there goes another one! So we are stuck with puzzles in midfield!

  81. Ughelligunner

    Bamford, from Sundays game, how was it coq’s fault?

    Attacking wise we had ozil, cazorla and ramsey.

    So how would you have started the match. Knowing we had little options? And our midfielders all wanted to play in the middle.

    No abuse? Analyse

  82. tunnygriffboy


    Just logged back on. It’s been a good day then start calling people dipshit and telling people to fuck off. This after criticising peoplefor the abuse they give other people suggesting banning.

    You’re a complex character. I’d love to meet you as I can’t work you out. One day civil, the rest a right beserker . Sheeeeesh 🙂 🙂 🙂

    WBA just pay £12 million for Uruguayan ? striker. London. Know nothing about him. How embarrassing would it be if we don’t buy one outfield player when we’re hoping to reach elite level. Should be one marquee signing per summer at least. If someone has to fit for his position so be it.

  83. Arsene's Nurse

    Don’t know why people are still going on about Coquelin. He isn’t the issue. Pick your favourite DM , the one you have posters of in your bedroom, with the bestest stats and put him in and we still would have lost 2 nil.

    Our problem is we have no width and ability to break teams down. We don’t take our chances when we get them and we make elementary mistakes that should have been coached out of the team and individuals years ago.

    A case in point is the turnover for the second goal: Coquelin makes the sliding interception in the box (not quite a tackle) and Oxo takes a heavier touch than he wants which means the ball goes further than he wants. Playing the Arsenal way has been drummed into him he so has to keep possession at all costs. He doesn’t actually run with the ball at all but he was looking to. Naive and silly.

    However, if you watch it you can see Cazorla standing in the middle of the pitch ball watching and doing sweet FA. They are all expecting Oxo to come away with the ball. We do that so much, we all expect the players to keep possession and we get caught horribly flat footed in the transition.

    Oxo loses possession in the middle far too many times. It’s obvious that Wenger never speaks to him about it or punishes him for doing it.

    When the ball is lost 6 Arsenal players are standing like bollards, rooted to the spot and they all ball watch as Zárate takes a touch to set himself up. No one is busting a gut to get a block in. In fact Koscielny is more worried that the ball might hit his hands because he puts them behind his back before the shot is taken and then decides his love spuds need protection and moves his hands to the front! Cazorla is off the pace.

    Cech actually isn’t in a bad position at all. What happens is his weight is going in the wrong direction and he has to change to go to the near post so slips a bit and by that time it’s too late.

    All this stuff should be sorted but it won’t be sorted simply by bringing in Mr DM with the best stats.

  84. Hitman

    I think West Ham just wanted it more. That’s a worry first game of the season.

    Not surprising players in comfort zone already given fresh contract, payrises, no new qualidee signings to raise competition.

  85. Evan

    The moaning about Coquelin is ridiculous, it’s amazing how he out performs most Arsenal players last season and yet people are mugging him off. Agree with Arsenes Nurse post.

  86. Cesc Appeal

    City could have quite an exciting line up in a few weeks.

    Sounds as if De Bruyne is very close, if I were them I would hijack any potential move Chelsea are planning for Stones, adds some defensive talent to their back line which they need, stops Chelsea getting him and cures some of their home grown issues.

    Zabaleta, Kompany, Stones, Kolarov
    Fernandinho, Yaya Toure
    Sterling, De Bruyne, Silva

    Could be very interesting, fast paced, attacking line up. Some rumours City might have De Bruyne done for their game against Chelsea…that would add some extra spice.

  87. BillikenGooner

    Bileef N’Cohezion took a serious knock in just the first match of the season.

    We might have wanted to sign a few more players before the start of the season and not count on his putting us over the top, yet again.

    He tends to get injured too easily.

  88. Marko

    Bingo tunny. The guy just can’t take people questioning his football “knowledge”. And he’s starting the Coquelin debate for the millionth time. Next up is Giroud.

    Nurse I think you’re bang on. That left wing is a problem position has been for years and the fact is we’ve no natural wingers in the wide positions. Everyone is always cutting in or in Theo’s case not skilful enough to be a natural winger.

  89. SpanishDave

    Wengers just going round in circles. He has not won at home for 5 games which in itself a disaster, not an accident.
    We are not scoring at home, why? What’s Wengers explanation for this?
    We fill up the midfield with Jonny wannabes, running around in circles doing sod all.
    Walcott Giroud , Ramsey, Welbeck Arteta are basically crap overpaid players who will never be good enough for a season long campaign.
    The squad is thin and nowhere good enough.
    Wengers afraid of a team full of quality as he fears failure with them, by having and average squad he can receive praise for overachieving and getting 4th each year.
    We are in a loop , losing a few games now might show the faithful the reality of our situation

  90. NewCoArsenal PLC

    @ Arsene’s Nurse

    I tried pointing out yesterday that Arsenal’s left flank has been an unresolved issue since Pires left in 2006.
    With Wenger’s reluctance to spend and his scatter-gun approach to squad building I’m amazed he’s had the success he has.
    I literally hate that he is allowed to mismanage my club.

  91. tunnygriffboy


    Unfortunately there are one or two on here that do like to come on when we are poor or a player has a poor game and say ‘I told you so’.. Also they seek it as a validation of their opinion a little like the kid in the class who always puts his hand up in response to a question saying ‘me me me ‘. It does get a bit grating when it’s all the time and people just react to it.

    As regards your other points re age etc ……. I’m with you.

  92. Hitman

    Coq had something to prove last season. Wenger needs to keep Coq on his toes by signing another.
    Agree AFC disrespected WHU before AND during the game. Ox, you can’t dribble out like that. It’s the Prem and you ain’t that good yet. Don’t believe the hype.
    AW disrespecting Prem by thinking he can challenge with unblance squad with gaping holes.

  93. tunnygriffboy


    There’s no need for abuse when someone has a different opinion to you. It was actually quite sensible with a tidy debate earlier. The whole tone of the blog has changed. Heyho.

  94. naijagunner

    @ Tunny

    You forget the best DM’s in the world also score 20 a season . The Coquelin bashing after yesterday’s game is beyond ridiculous .

    Was he supposed to tell Cech to stay on his line ?

    After winning the ball off the west ham player, was he also supposed to instruct Chamberlain not to over run it then casually walk away ?

  95. naijagunner

    As for the posters that resort to abuse, it shows they lack conviction in their arguments .
    Some want to come on here and air their opinions unopposed . Yet they have the nerve to call Wenger a dictator with a straight face .

  96. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah I agree.

    But sometimes you get the usual suspects on here who take any criticism of any player or anything as an attack on Wenger that they must defend, with their life if necessary.

    In that way I can sort of understand if all summer you’ve been saying we aren’t good enough, we need x, y or z and were told you were a dooming troll who was too young to understand and should be a super fan you wanting to tell them to f**k right off.

    It’s always foul when Arsenal lose, I mean, I’m not angry, you have to expect this, we’ve had Wenger for years now and we know what will be served up…but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to say what I feel he gets continually wrong.

    I agree though, it’s a fine line. Part of the reason I wasn’t on here was the pointless discussions, we had no transfer business and I thought just come back on when there’s something to get your teeth into.

    Unfortunately what your teeth sink into is a turd sandwich with the frustration dressing and a side of groundhog.

  97. Arsene's Nurse

    Have you ever seen a small child playing with one of those hollow plastic balls with the shapes cut into them? You have to match the plastic shape to the one cut in the ball to get it to go through.

    They try and put the star shape in but they are trying to mash it through the square hole. Slowly but surely they learn which holes to put which shape in, but there is a middle point where they are actually using a process of trial and error. They get some shapes right, others go in through luck, but they always have a shape they try to put through the wrong hole and no matter how many times they try they won’t give up.

    Well that’s Wenger. He occasionally gets all the shapes in the right holes more through luck than judgement. However, when the ball is opened and the shapes taken out for another go, you never know whether he’s going to revert to trying to put the triangle in the circle hole.

    Lucking out on a winning formula and then deciding to change it rather than build upon it is stupidity.

  98. Cesc Appeal

    I think I’d go with:

    Bellerin, Gabriel, Kozz, Monreal
    Coquelin, Cazorla
    Walcott, Ozil, Oxlade

    For Palace. Play the counter attack game and a press. Though I do worry with Walcott, Giroud and Ozil playing a press, all lazy. But, Gabriel, Coquelin and Kozz were very impressive against Newcastle last season pressing and breaking up play.

  99. Marko

    After winning the ball off the west ham player, was he also supposed to instruct Chamberlain not to over run it then casually walk away ?

    Nailed it. Chambo also nearly cost us a third if I remember correctly. Still a fan though

  100. tunnygriffboy


    It’s been the same day in day out. People with same arguments opinions trying to debate with the same people who have different opinions, each is so entrenched in his own view that it ends in mudslinging and abuse. Same suspects, same arguments, same points of view day after day. It becomes tedious and laughable to an extent.

    Anyway, a bad performance against Palace and we’ll be back to ‘spend some fucking money ‘ and general disgruntlement. It’s inconceivable that with a wedge of cash in the bank we won’t upgrade somewhere. You know I’m an optimist but I thought we were getting near the big boys. Gazidis promised us that. He must be cringing about things, he knows the great unwashed are getting restless. again and evrrtime it happens it gets nastier.

  101. Marko

    Palace are one of the fastest teams in the league with Zaha, Bolasie and Puncheon. Gabriel must start over Mertesacker

  102. Cesc Appeal


    There is no patience for Wenger now I don’t think, the excuses have run out to be fair. Whatever happens with the squad is Wenger’s choice, I don’t buy any of the excuses circulated ‘no one good enough available’ etc.

    We’ve got Giroud, Welbeck and Walcott…not exactly world beaters.

    But, I said at the start of the summer, no ST and CDM we will probably end up about 3rd. Dreams of the league without them are fanciful.

    But, no use in repeating it over and over, we will see what happens. And if we don’t buy and end up doing our usual I hope supporters really do demand answers and hold the manager accountable.

  103. tunnygriffboy


    With you on that team. Because of yesterday we may see Alexis start so it’s either Giroud or Walcott up top. Ramsey got to get his act together.


    * Is Rondon any good ?

    * Is Gnabry playing tonight ?

    * Is Berhainho worth a punt ( crikey desperation strikes ) ?

  104. naijagunner

    I have never given ivan Gazidis the time of the day .

    Wenger does what Wenger wants to do. And this season he wants to worship in the altar of Giroud , all the pundits calling for a new striker are just making it worse , he isn’t buying any.

    As for citing the Ozil buy as proof u know what u are saying , it’s frankly laughable , Ozil was an opportunistic buy and any sane manager will carefully choose the games he plays and get him off fast when he is having his strolls. Great talent but very lazy.

  105. underrated Coq

    Its always about Coquelin on here. Yes, he didn’t have the best of games yesterday but did his performance really warrant this level of reaction ?

    Honestly, I don’t think he had as bad a game as some here are trying to make. I am one of Coquelin’s biggest fans on here but I can hold my hand up and say he did misplace quite a few simpler passes that he normally gets right. Long range passes some he got right, some he didn’t.

    Thing is : He wasn’t the only one though, was he ? The entire team seemed unable to string passes together.

    I get London gunners point. When the entire team struggled with basic footballing skills, why then is Coquelin the sole focus of all criticism ? What makes this even more perplexing is the fact that he wasn’t anywhere near the worst performer on the pitch.

    You had vastly experienced players–World cup winners and winners of CL, PL no less– turning in even worse performances than Coquelin but somehow he’s the one being criticized the most !

    Lets not forget: He’s been a solid player always turning in good performances in every game he’s played. One average game does not change this. Some of the criticism he’s received are a bit too harsh.

  106. Cesc Appeal


    Sanchez was doing laps alone at the Emirates after everyone went home, impossible not to love him.

    But I don’t want to see him start, this is the game he should maybe have got 10-15 minutes in.

    Bit worried, Giroud new deal, Walcott new deal…still nothing concrete that we’re moving for anyone. Fingers crossed or I will be a bit annoyed. You can literally predict what will follow and it’s just like, great, another 12 months written off, another season wasted, Sanchez and Ozil coming into their prime, solid defence (or should be)…ruined by indecisiveness, ego and agenda in the management.

  107. tunnygriffboy


    I’m at that stage now. I don’t think we can win the league, not enough men in the team. Too many good players just about to come into their peak, not yet in it. I was hoping that we’d be in it until the end and a lot closer to the winners points wise not necessarily gaining more points.

    It’s Wenger’s choice not to bring players in. There is a huge wedge of cash there. It’s accountability time. Personally I’ve given him grace, but now, it’s time to deliver. I’d love it though if we have a great season.

  108. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah absolutely.

    All the more frustrating because we could be so good. So close to a great team.

    I was reading something a few weeks back about Wenger being a great manager to have in a frugal time but not necessarily being the guy you want spending lots of money, or having the option to and competing with Europe’s best.

    Was interesting and just personally I think it’s accurate. In terms of next to no money being available then Wenger is superb as manager, but with a tonne of money and having to be ruthless and focussed solely on winning…not sure that’s him.

  109. tunnygriffboy


    Yeah. Serious man love for him. Did you see his holiday vine/instagram? Was he catching rays on a lounger ? Was he splashing about in the surf ? No, he was doing sprints on the beach 🙂 🙂

    Is it true that one day last season he was told not to train as it was a down day. Apparently he was disgruntled and a little bit later he was found in the training barn half way up the climbing wall with bricks in his pocket and tied around his waist ?

  110. Redtruth


    Wenger is a cheque book manager pure and simple.

    Imagine Wenger managing Norwich they would sink to the bottom of the league on no time.

    Cesc you are clueless!!

  111. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Is it true that one day last season he was told not to train as it was a down day. Apparently he was disgruntled and a little bit later he was found in the training barn half way up the climbing wall with bricks in his pocket and tied around his waist’

    I hope so, I really do.

  112. London gunner

    If only we had kondogbia he would have no doubt scored a hatrick

    Shows how clueless this blog is at analysing a game.

    People need to let go of their bias of certain players and try and actualky watch the game for what it is.

  113. Redtruth

    Wenger not spending money is strange considering he is a tactical imbecile.

    Money would compensate for his lack of acumen and to a degree cover up some of his mishaps

  114. kwik fit

    We played yesterday like we should have done in the charity shield. The Chav game meant’t nothing but three points we up for grabs yesterday. Someone please tell that to the manager and the players.