Arsenal to win the league 🔴⚪️⚽️🏆🎉

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Courtesy of @the_cros

Courtesy of @the_cros

It’s what we’ve been waiting for… the return of the Premiership.

It’s here. It’s landing. It’s tomorrow for us, but football being back is mega regardless!

Just want to give a big shout out to my back up team this summer who helped me out with a about four posts. You’re about as reliable as a Jack Wilshere ankle!

But enough bitching. This is Gods day. This is when we rejoice in kindness to fellow Gooners and hatred to all the rest. This is the one moment of the year you’re usually happy. That moment when you look at the alphabetised Premier League table and enjoy the fact that you’re topping it. That feeling you get heading into your seat and the warm rays of a fading ‘yet to start’ summer caress your fresh face. The sweet optimistic beers before the game. The strong embrace of forgotten Arsenal family members.

Enjoy it, because after the West Ham game, shit gets serious, tempers get frayed and those stupid shitty predictions you made last week start to looking stupid.

I’m excited about the league this year. I don’t think any club has made a killing this summer. It’s like the good players of the world have started to run out. Not much major movement anywhere to be honest. So it’s going to be about making the most of what you’ve got.

Arsenal have moved for one player. I think we’ll compete for the league as is. I feel we’ve a strong squad, we have cohesion, we have super team spirit and we’ve all the attributes a brilliant side needs. Power through the spine. Pace from all angles that is outrageously intense. Good backroom team being afforded the luxury of responsibility and accountability. A manager charged to make something of his career in the dying days.

I mean, this season feels special.

I’d rate the summer as a 7 so far. I think the biggest signing of any side was Petr Cech. Arguably the most perfect signing for Arsenal of the last ten years. Ruthless because David Ospina did very well. Daring, because Arsenal don’t pinch from their rivals. Needed, because we haven’t had a world class keeper for tiiiiiiime.

Do we still need bodies? I mean, what is our weak point. For me, and countless other Gooners I speak to, the body we need is Coquelin MKII. I think it’s staggering that the key to 2015 being so good was the stability he afforded us. He was our best player. He was an accident. We tried to move him on last year. He couldn’t even manage a Premiership move.

So why when we find out that we need this sort of player, do we not move for a second version as a back up? You don’t even need world class in that role. You just need someone who knows how to carry out a specific set of instructions. Even a Wanyama would have done in that position. We don’t have any kids coming through who can help. We let Schneiderlin go. Carvahlo picked up an injury. Samper came to nothing.

So we’re left with the horrible prospect of Arteta playing there… which really wasn’t suitable in 2013, let alone now when the twitch fibres have degraded even further.

Factor in Coquelin has never made more than 26 app in a season, well, Wenger really is blowing his beans on a dream so sexy, you’d have to hose down the bed if you woke up after it.

It actually beggars belief he’s not sorting this… but, that said, Crack Wilshere can play there. Not sure Ramsey there is an option. But shit, we’ll see.

I just don’t understand why Wenger doesn’t make sure. He always leaves a squad hanging just a bit…

The striker part of the story seems like a point of contention I can’t tackle right now. It’s clear we want Karim Benzema. I think something might happen, but Ballague says this won’t under any circumstances. We’ll see though, you’d imagine the smoke has at least a small truth fire burning in a Florentino Perez office bin somewhere in Madrid.

He really would make us title winners. His signing would be like RVP for United. Or Costa for Chelsea.

So what do I think of our rivals?

I think Liverpool might push for a top four this year. I think Benteke was an excellent signing. A lot of snorting from people who can’t have watched him much. I think Thierry said he’d love to have played with him. This is win or bust for Rodgers. You can’t keep spunking money and messing up.

United basically have a new team. LVG has been machine gunning down anyone who looks like they can run. They have a new midfield. They’ve moved on Di Maria, Robin and De Gea. I mean, that’s ripping the guts out of a team. I’m not convinced by their signings. I’m also not convinced LVG can get that team going. His paranoia and mean comments will have an impact on squad morale. He’s not there for the players, he’s there for himself and his own personal glory. I hope the wheels fall off this season.

Chelsea haven’t made too many changes. The only thing that’s going to impact them this season is Diego Costa and those brittle hamstrings. I’m not even sure he’s that good. I mean, he’s not better than Aguerro, is he? Chelsea also have a ticking time bomb in John Terry. He’s not going to keep his form going for another full season. When he breaks, it could be a Rio like floodgate moment. I also think their backline lacks pace, which makes them a target and gives other teams a real weakness to aim at. You’ve already seen how we took advantage of that. I also think Jose has the fear. We’ve taken psychological points off them with Cech and a Community shield win.

Manchester City have the shadow of Pep hanging over them. They’ve brought in Delph to shore up their midfield. I think they’ve made a spectacular signing in Sterling and I’d imagine they’ll bring creativity to the park with De Bruyne. They’ll chug along this season. There or there abouts. If there’s a run in, you’d fancy them. I just don’t know how Guardiola will impact a squad that doesn’t need much of an invitation to switch off. I also think Pelligrini looks like he’s slept walked into a job he doesn’t understand.

My predictions:

1. Arsenal

2. Chelsea

3. City

4. Liverpool

5. United

6. Spurs

Right, it’s here. United and Spurs kick off the day. I don’t care where that result goes, but I think I’d quite like to see the free spending nutters lose on their opener.


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  1. Goondawg

    Bamford you slag give it a rest with the essays mate! This match is brill! Arsenal to win the title


  2. Bamford10


    Well it seems some here don’t know what the word “objectivity” means. Thought I might do my part to correct that.

    Great game, though, yes.

  3. underrated Coq

    Bamford, you were praising Chelsea’s football and then said that Arsenal ‘rarely’ play good, pleasing-on-the-eye football.

    Yet when you ask any neutral football fans out there,its safe to say the majority would prefer watching Arsenal’s brand of football over Chelsea’s.

    So much for the self-proclaiming ‘Objective’ fan ! You may be objective when it comes to other clubs but you are anything but objective when it comes to the club you supposedly support. Negative is what you are.

  4. Dissenter

    Wenger was right when he critiqued the unusually short preseason.
    I’ve never seen so many players cramp up on opening day.
    The recovery period between last season and the new isn’t enough for full recovery.

  5. Nasri's Mouth


    Yeah, ManU looked off, Spurs too, though that might be down to their stupid friendlies mid week, and Chelsea don’t look right today either.

    Worryingly, West Ham might be better than most with their Europa Cup games

  6. Bamford10


    Only people who are relying on an outdated stereotype of Arsenal’s style of play would say we play highly attractive football. Anyone who actually watches us game in, game out knows that this stereotype is no longer all that true.

    Occasionally we play pretty football. A handful of times last season, mostly towards the end.

    The previous season (13-14) we played even less pretty football.

    The previous season (12-13) we played almost none.

    Further, at the start of last season, Chelsea’s play was brilliant and fluid. It was only in the second half of the season that their play became tired, mechanical and uninspired.

    Try understanding the game you’re watching and stop relying on stereotypes.

  7. underrated Coq


    ” Worryingly, West Ham might be better than most with their Europa Cup games ”

    Might have been tough if it was an away game, But as it is, Arsenal should be fine.

  8. El Tel 1

    Just looked in and thought I was on a Chavski fantasy site.

    Getting a kick by kick run down of their match on an Arsenal site is sickening.

    Bumford. Do us a favor and fuck off .

    Get a season ticket at the Bridge, probably not that hard.

  9. mysticleaves

    Bamford great game though? if it were Arsenal playing like this and Chambers receiving similar treatment to Ivanovic Le Grove would have been shut down cos of your comments. smh

  10. Bamford10


    And as I already pointed out, objectivity requires judgments against one’s wishes/interests.

    Those whose objectivity is most dubious are those who find it easy to criticize other teams and difficult to criticize their own. Not the reverse.

  11. Kiyoshi Ito

    Where is curtain twitcher?

    Is he in the dog kennel?

    On a leash?

    Maybe we should send out a search party. .

    Our call, can be woof, woof…!!!!


    Ok, going out for dinner, with the beautiful Ms Ito..

    Lots of love &xxxx


  12. Nasri's Mouth

    Mysticleaves: Bamford great game though? if it were Arsenal playing like this and Chambers receiving similar treatment to Ivanovic Le Grove would have been shut down cos of your comments. smh

    Shhh, you’re not being objective

  13. jwl

    I was thinking Chavs might lose today, meant to have small bet on Swansea to win but I got busy and forgot. Chavs have not bought players like I expected them to, Costa’s hamstrings are key to their success this season, and that’s huge gamble. Swansea are good team, lesser teams are starting to close gap on elite.

  14. Dissenter

    I didn’t give Montero enough credit when he turned Chambers into a pretzel last year. At the time, it seemed it was more of Chambers lack of quality.
    It was all about Montero, not about a 19 year old Chambers. He’s really good, that is Montero.

  15. toniboy

    Never watched Cork before but losing Ki made me think he isn’t a bad player.

    It doesn’t look like an Arteta-Coq difference.

    Hope Wenger is watching

  16. Nasri's Mouth


    Swansea missing Ki a lot today.

    Look how often Chelsea counter straight through middle, despite only having 10 men.

    part of that might be Swansea not being fully up to speed in a new season, but even so he’s been a big miss for them

  17. mysticleaves

    lol nasri. the favorite Gambon word. objectivity works for every other team that’s not Arsenal. smh. Arsenal fan.

    on a lighter note, definitely gonna hear about”the agenda” from the frustrated one jose

  18. jwl

    Im glad I forgot to make bet, saved myself a few dollars.

    I think second tier teams are getting better, they give elite teams more of a game now, fewer easy games for top teams, makes league more unpredictable.

  19. Redtruth

    That’s difference between a decent manager who plays with two forwards after going down to 10 men and Wenger who soils his pants by sticking on 6 defenders

  20. Thank you and goodnight


    Sorry mate. Was down Eastbourne beach with the family, I’m on 3 and coverage down their is poor. Be nice to meet up mate, I’d give Liam and shayne a call I’m sure they’d love to meet up too.

  21. Nasri's Mouth

    Good to see that Chelsea replicated their post xmas performances rather than the pre xmas ones.

    Fabregas, Hazard and Costa not quite on it today. I don’t think they got their pre-season right.

    Sooner or later they’ll click though. Good determination from them when they went down to 10 men

  22. underrated Coq


    ” Try understanding the game you’re watching and stop relying on stereotypes. ”

    No offense, but its probably you who needs to understand the game better.

    A level of understanding between players is needed for one-touch, incisive football to be effective. The more they play together, the easier their passing and understanding of each other’s movement and intentions becomes.

    Most importantly though, a team needs to have its best players on the pitch if it is to produce its best football.

    That’s why Chelsea played their best football in the early part of last season and once the likes of Costa, Fabregas got injured/ fatigued, their football suffered.

    Its the same with Arsenal too. We had most of our best players like Ozil, Ramsey, Giroud strugglng with injuries in the early part of the season. Its no surprise that once they returned and started getting a run of games together, we started playing our best football.

    ” Only people who are relying on an outdated stereotype of Arsenal’s style of play would say we play highly attractive football. ”

    See, now you are just talking bullsh*t. Its not exactly a secret that Arsenal’s brand of football is considered the best in the PL. So I guess the majority of Arsenal fans, neutrals, pundits etc are all ignorant and relying on outdated stereotypes, eh ?

    Or maybe its just you not being rational re Arsenal.

  23. tunnygriffboy


    A lot of guys do criticise us but somehow you miss it. It’s not their raison d’etre though. And to be fair we do play some really good football but often you tend to focus on the negatives that occur in a good performance. Last week we were pragmatic, something the world and his wife wanted us to do for ten years. If you are honest your emphasis was on how Chelsea played and the fact they had more possession than us and ‘controolled ‘ the game.

    Objectivity works two ways. Fans should be able to criticise the team when things don’t go well. Also people should also be able to praise the team when they do well. To be fair you very rarely tend to do that and you focus on the negatives of the team and players

    Every team and players have positives and negatives. To be objective you need to look at both.

  24. tunnygriffboy

    Every pundit, journo says Arsenal play the best football in the league. In fact a lot of managers say that we play great football. To say otherwise lacks objectivity or smacks of an agenda

    Beauty of things now is that we can play intricate stuff and when needed we can absorb pressure and counter effectively and at pace.


    That was not great today. Looked undercooked and their defence was poor compared to last season. Swansea should have won that

    Ah well two points drooped, Oscar pissed, Mourinho screaming at his medical team. I hate them.

  25. tunnygriffboy


    When Swansea signed Montero last season Tim Vickery the SA football correspondent said he was a great prospect, blisteringly quick but needed to improve his decision making/final ball. No doubt he’s developed in Swansea.

  26. underrated Coq


    ” Beauty of things now is that we can play intricate stuff and when needed we can absorb pressure and counter effectively and at pace. ”

    Nothing quite exciting as watching Arsenal adopt park-the-bus mode 🙂

  27. tunnygriffboy


    Won’t talk about the penalty. They created no chances against us with 11 men. We were the better side. We were tired.

    He doesn’t look happy at the moment. Long may it continue.

  28. Leedsgunner

    Let’s take it a game at a time… winning against the Hammers would be a good start. Winning games against the rest of the pack when your title rivals slip up is a large part of being in the title race. If our squad is as strong as we like to think it it is — we have to press home the advantage.

    Up the Gooners!

  29. tunnygriffboy


    I concur. First game always tough because all teams super up for it. Hope we start like a house on fire, get a goal up and force them to play. Giroud has a ridiculous record v West Ham

    Palace next week will be really tricky next week. Won today and it’s their first home game. They a good side now like Swansea and Southampton.

  30. Sam

    I don’t know whats going on in Wenger’s head, at least Jon Toral should have been kept here.
    with all the lame ducks we have in midfield, when the season hots up we will really have hard time.
    Just sitting n hoping there will be some new signings

  31. Sam

    At the moment we have 4 lame ducks in midfield, they are all unreliable for various reasons.
    Arteta, Wilshere, Rosicky and Flamini
    This is already too much for a team fighting for the tittle. We need 2 new midfielders to be able to cop n we can afford it, We’ll be lucky if wenger spends for just one.

  32. Nasri's Mouth

    Sam: I don’t know whats going on in Wenger’s head, at least Jon Toral should have been kept here.

    No he shouldn’t

  33. mysticleaves

    “Ivanovic got zero pace, made Montero look like Messi”

    Ivanovic is still the best RB in the league without his pace. Montero just had an unreal game. he doesn’t do this well against most teams.

  34. Chrispy

    Interesting results today. First time in a while I’m excited about a new season. Our premier league title winning journey starts at 1:30 tomorrow.

    Oh and Redtruth you really are an imbecile.

  35. Sam


    not all players have the same status, Keeping Jon Toral wasn’t going to interfere with first team, have him just as a squad player n call him up when we have injuries
    Personally I don’t like it when our players drop down division for a whole season, It has major impact on their progress.

  36. Sam


    you are right, Wenger does what he likes and has absolute no regards to consequences as far as Arsenal is concerned.
    Still refusing to admit Sanogo is a failed project and sacrificed Afobe for the twat.
    Hey we have new one, Adelaide n we have to sacrifice more players for him to carry out his experiment.
    I think Mismanagement( gross misconduct) is not a sackable offense at Arsenal FC

  37. Marko

    Congrats to Chuba Akpom. Great start lad. And to Tom Werner who said Sanchez only chose Arsenal over Liverpool cause of his wife (is he even married?) You’re talking out your backside mate it’s cause the pool are shite these days. The day they recognize it is the day they can begin to move forward

  38. gunnergetyou

    “Ivanovic is still the best RB in the league without his pace. Montero just had an unreal game. he doesn’t do this well against most teams.”

    I seem to remember him tearing Chambers a new one last season.

    We need to be careful here, Swansea are a very good side. They pretty much made us their bitch last season.

    Let’s make sure we win tomorrow before we start with the virtual high fives.

  39. Goondawg

    Ivanovic prob has one year left in him at RB. Looked slow and sluggish today. It was cos he took too long getting back that Willian had to cover and played Gomis onside, that led to the pen

  40. Nasri's Mouth

    Sam: not all players have the same status, Keeping Jon Toral wasn’t going to interfere with first team

    Lol, he certainly won’t interfere with the first team, he’d never get a game.

    Absolutely pointless keeping another young AM at Arsenal to sit and twiddle his thumbs.

    This way, he gets some actual match practice and puts himself in the shop window.

  41. Marko

    KarimAugust 8, 2015    21:36:54
    Bielsa resigns !

    Honestly can’t be surprised one bit didn’t they lose Imbula, Ayew, Payet, Gignac and possibly still N’Koulou this summer? Hardly a team on the up selling their best players. Disappointing though

  42. karim


    Agree the team looks weakened but it doesn’t seem to be the main reason.

    Bielsa apparently made up his mind after a meeting last Wednesday where some terms of his contract suddenly changed according to him.

    Thing is he did a presser on Friday where he praised the efforts the board had made to strengthen the team, and talked about the coming season with hunger..

    He handed a letter to the chairman just seconds before he started his post game presser and announced he was leaving.

    He even insisted he had refused some clubs in order to stay.

    El loco is really loco !

  43. Relieable sauce

    MU still look about 3 players shy of winning the PL, Rooney looks like he has lost too much speed to play upfront, certainly #9.

    MC & Chelsea the teams to beat, atm…

    Prem looks ultra competitive this year, solid squad is a must.
    Clubs have never had so much to lose in financial terms, with the mega TV deal next year.
    Not the season to get relegated.

  44. Relieable sauce

    If we signed Benzema for a club record & didnt strengthen MF (AKA – The engine room), that would be mental.

  45. Samesong

    MU still look about 3 players shy of winning the PL, Rooney looks like he has lost too much speed to play upfront, certainly #9

    I was saying that about Rooney to my MU mate earlier they need a Ibra, Lewi type.

    MU right looked quite good.

    How did we not relegate Sunderland last season they looked so poor today.

  46. Relieable sauce


    Hard to know what LvGs aim is with formation & personnel.

    I think Rooney might have to consider a change of position if he is to play at the top level much longer.
    Maybe he has the ability for CM playmaker, not sure he has the mindset though.

  47. Marko

    Absolutely agree Sauce. United look anything but convincing squad wise and yes finally sorting out the striker position with Benzema (and the keeper position with Cech) but failing to sort out the DM issue once and for all would be silly. I still think another midfielder will come. The last few weeks should be busy for a few teams

  48. Relieable sauce


    Yeah i agree a CM of some kind is likely, unless Wenger is considering Bielik as DM#2…hope not.
    I get the feeling he wants to push Zelalem but knows he is nowhere near ready yet & may never be???

    Ideally we need a CM that can dictate the tempo & has enough about him to be able to cope with the tempo & physical nature, through whatever means.

    I’m guessing this is the kind of role Wenger ideally sees for GZ , any MF purchase might take that into account…?

    JW isnt going to be able to hold down the position of MF creator, lets be honest. Cameo Jack is the best we can hope for if he stays.

    Just think what our MF will be like next season if we dont add now?
    For the sake of cohesion if nothing else, I’ve heard its important.

  49. Marko

    Benz and ideally I’d pick Lars Bender or Krychowiak but Aranguiz at 10 million ish or a cheap enough alternative could work. Just need someone who’s an upgrade on Arteta and Flamini and can stay fit longer than Jack and that shouldn’t be hard to find.

  50. Relieable sauce

    We should be bidding for John Stones imo.

    Even if we were to pay £40m I dont think we’d regret it. Chambers/Stones CB partnership could serve us for 10 years at the highest level.

    Suarez/Ferdinand level signing I think.

    Everton will likely shut up shop as well if they make a big sale. MC have gone cold on Barkley it seems…good JW replacement I think, if MC were offering big bucks for Jack, I cant see them doing it again…aahh hindsight…No, foresight gained from past experiences. Like Arteta was a shit DM last season & the season before that, therefore I think its safe to assume he will be shit this year if played.

  51. Relieable sauce


    OK then, you have a £12m budget for a CM if you choose Benz.

    I just liked the Austin/Barton connection : / but yeah value wise their perhaps not equal…KB = SB = £45m +/-£5m??

  52. Sam


    Let be the village idiot but I have been proven right in this forum since Joe Cole n Felipe Melo till recently Higuain, Sanogo n Welbeck.
    When I say Benzema will be a waste of money, people try to use Giroud to make their points.
    All Benzema does is get into good position for a tap in thats why Madrid feel they don’t need him coz Ronaldo n Bale can do it.
    They will still sell him, they already used us in the press to market their unwanted good

  53. bacaryisgod

    Real Madrid lists three forwards on the squad. Ronaldo is more of a winger who drifts inside. Jese is a smallish CF with an injury history and only 12 goals since in the last 3 years for Real Madrid.

    Even if Bale moves centrally, they would have absolutely no Plan B, which is what many on here want Giroud to be. I just can’t see Real selling Benzema unless they have another powerful CF lined up and there don’t seem to be too many of those available.

    I think it’s a near certainty that RM will keep Benzema, however much the papers insist otherwise. Ozil and Di Maria made sense when you see who they had to fall back on (Ronaldo, Bale, Isco, James etc). Benzema simply doesn’t.

    7 Portugal FW Cristiano Ronaldo (4th captain)
    9 France FW Karim Benzema
    20 Spain FW Jesé

  54. Sam

    Reliable Sauce,

    Song and Witsel to replace Rosicky n Flamini

    But I can see the young pole already training with first team
    I might be thinking Song n Witsel or Witsel n Lucas Silva but Wenger has other Ideas.
    I am not bothered with new striker, I want Walcott to take over coz I know he can do it.

  55. Leedsgunner

    “This is win or bust for Rodgers. You can’t keep spunking money and messing up.”

    Oh yes they can.

    Besides just change the name to the current Spuds manager and it describes Tottenham over and over again.

  56. Wengaball

    Interesting comments by Wenger on why Europe is not producing more centre forwards.

    “One of the basic reasons that we produce fewer centre-forwards is that we produce few centre-backs,” he said. “Because before the teams practised in the park in winter, when you had to lift the ball, to go behind. Today the pitches are all perfect. We develop only midfielders now.

    “The education is about passing on the ground on perfect pitches. Before you had to kick the ball from the back to get behind, to fight with the centre-back to win the ball and have a chance. This is not the case anymore. The conditions have changed. We have not adapted in our education. It is evolution. Look across Europe now, many centre-forwards are South American.

    “Maybe we have to create specific schools for centre-forwards. In Europe we produce plenty of good technical midfielders.

    “When I arrived in England, in every single club there was a guy who before the game you’d say: ‘Be careful, he’s good in the air. Be careful, because he’s aggressive’. Every club.”

    But, of course, Wenger thinks that the European striker can thrive again. “You can coach everything,” he said.

  57. Emiratesstroller

    In one respect I agree with Wenger and not Henry that it is unnecessary to have a 30 goal a season goalscorer providing that your team collectively are full of goals.

    Potentially Arsenal have got three players in their current squad who can score regularly 15+ goals a season in EPL or 20+ goals in all competitions and they are Sanchez,Giroud and Walcott.

    However, even if they meet that threshold we need to find another 40 goals to
    match what Manchester City can achieve. The question is where will you find
    that number of goals in our midfield or elsewhere in team?

    From my perspective I don’t believe that Benzema will score significantly more goals than Giroud based on recent evidence. The only case for bringing him in is that he is perhaps more mobile and clinical. On the other hand would
    you consider him to be better than Walcott in that department?

    What will be interesting to see is how Arsenal will play this season. From my point of view we must play Oxlade-Chamberlain more regularly in team and if
    you add in Sanchez and a striker then we are for all intents and purposes playing a 4-3-3 formation.

  58. Goondawg

    Loved reading that Mourinho slated his medical team for being naive and stupid. Seems even they were tricked by Hazards diving and cheating! Quit the play-acting and maybe your medical team won’t be fooled into thinking he has a serious injury.. According to Mourinho he was just “tired”

  59. Al

    It’s all about coming out and making a statement today. We need to perform and let all those watching today (managers and other players) know we are a serious threat. Come on Arsenal

  60. Emiratesstroller

    Progressing from what I wrote above you need then to make decisions who will
    play in midfield if you select on three players there.

    Coquelin is an absolute must as an anchor and Ozil would be guaranteed a place as our most gifted attacking midfielder. This leaves one place in team for Cazorla, Ramsey and Wilshire to compete for.

    Obviously if you take Ox out of equation and play a 4 man midfield as you will
    need to do in several games then we will not be short of options in most midfield positions.

    However, it brings us always back to the question who will replace Coquelin if
    he is missing from team. Wilshire is too injury prone for position and Arteta
    and Flamini are not good enough.

    From my point of view Arsenal’s priority this summer is not Benzema [and I
    doubt he is available] but a quality holding midfielder to complement Coquelin or replace him if need be.

    It is precisely why I think that Wenger made a serious mistake in allowing
    Schneiderelin to go to Man Utd rather than buy him. He would be a more important acquisition to this team than Benzema.

  61. qna

    ES: …. we are for all intents and purposes playing a 4-3-3 formation.

    I dont think we are playing that formation at all. We have basically a 4-1-4-1 formation. This is to accomodate two players – Coquelin and Ozil.

    This formation allows Coq to sit back and screen (and not really have to do much else) and it also allows Ozil to ghost. So the extra midfielder has two duties.

    1)He must be able to play deep and sit along side Coquelin (essentially this stretches the formation to 4-2-3-1 again) and
    2) He needs to be able to play the number 10 role at times while Ozil is “ghosting”

    I actually like this because Ozil is very effective like this. Santi Cazorla is the clear man to take the extra midfeild position. A wonderful central midfielder and a wonderful no 10 all packed into one tiny package of goodness.

    I completely disagree with those that say we are sorted up top. Giroud is the ONLY player in the team that can play at the top of this formation that is uniquely Arsenals. Walcott and Sanchez cannot do it. Welbeck can play the role to an extent, but he cant score goals. So from a formation/tactical point of view he fits, but we basically lose our main goal threat.

  62. gonsterous

    Benz is over rated in my opinion. Giroud is our plan A and welbeck is our plan B but we play the same way regardless of who starts. Walcott will be given a chance this season to play CF. I think with Sanchez and ox on the wings we will be very fast on the counter !! We can win the league but we need to avoid injuries to our key players and also a DM is a must.

  63. gnarleygeorge9


    Oh & congrats on the cricket 🙂 well deserved that.

    10 o’something clock start on Fox 505. I’m really looking forward to kick off. I really envy those who get to sit in the stands, but TBH this time of the year is special no matter which corner of the globe Gooners are. 3-1 to The Arsenal 😈

  64. seg

    @Ems it’s debatable if Ozil is a more talented attacking midfielder compared to Cazorla BASED on their time at the Arsenal

  65. Goondawg

    Been following a bit of Schezney during the pre-season and today watched highlights of Roma’s game vs Valencia, gotta say he has not impressed me at all. His distribution is utter wank, his reluctance to kick the bal out really unnerves the defenders when he opts to pass to them in dangerous positions, and also he is capable of doing really stupid, unpredictable things. Hope he sorts it out

  66. Emiratesstroller

    gonsterous and others

    If we are playing 4-1-4-1 then I agree that Welbeck is for all intents and purposes the most logical understudy for Giroud. However, I don’t think that Wenger sees it this way this season.He talks about Welbeck as a winger and
    Walcott up front as option for Giroud as he played in Community Cup.

    The suggestion is that Giroud and Walcott will rotate up front. Also if both Sanchez and Oxlade or Walcott are playing they are for all intents and purposes as forwards whether as wingers or second strikers. That is why I suggested
    that we will be playing more 4-3-3.

    The point is that if we play Ox or Walcott in preference to Ramsey then we need someone to anchor midfield and in absence of Coquelin there is noone
    else in our squad good enough to play that role.

    Personally I am concerned that Wenger persists in the belief that Arteta and
    Flamini are good enough. It smacks of the same problem that we saw with Diaby that he makes decisions more on grounds of loyalty.

  67. useroz

    2 more hours……

    4 – 0 would be ideal

    2 – 0 is fair expectation

    On CF, disagree witth Wenger’s statement (reported) that winning (PL) is possible without Benzema., etc etc.

    Anything is possible. Not likely though!

    Cech isn’t going to singlehandedly win us the PL; he’s only a step in right direction.

    Let’s focus on what’s left to be fixed ie CF, DM no. 2. Having quantity in depth is not the same as quakity in depth. Don’t kid yourself, Wenger, Benz or not, find a top CF or AM quickly.