Benzema move could be on if Madrid want to repay debt 💶⚽️

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It’s FRIDAY. I went out and ate a load of chicken last night. What it does to your body is worse that all the bad things in life. I’m in pieces.

So, in Arsenal news. Wenger said he’d never heard of Benzema.


I like that he’s bantering about the move. The jist here is pretty simple. We have the money to buy Benzema. As soon as the club give the nod, we’ll move for him.

Things to know… Madrid have €500m debt to service. If we could take care of €65m of that. We’d be doing them a favour. They know they’d get that in cash as well.

It’s a win win if you ask me.


How the tables have turned.

Interesting how low the net spend is this summer, right?

Considering how much money the Prem is taking in this year, you’d have thought we’d have been splashing like crazy. 

What’s going on? Football clubs behaving in a sustainable way?


Jump on this. Me being all #TeamPosi about Arsenal! 

We’re back! @boydhilton@Josh_Landy + @LeGrove & @MrNigelMitchell on transfer(s), title hopes & Kanu selling…

— Arsenal Podcast (@arsenalpodcast) August 6, 2015

Also, two bits of banter I was loving yesterday.

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  1. tunnygriffboy

    ROP/NM cont …………

    Does it now mean Iwobi and JRA have moved ahead of them in the pecking order ? Just a thought.

    Tbh I was looking forward to seeing the likes of Gnabry and Chuba in the League Cup but I suppose a year loan with regular playing time is better for them

    Podolski, Campbell, Chuba, Gnabry all gone out of club. Will we bring another forward in ?

  2. Sam

    Dan Ahern,

    I am sure if you have 200millions you will hire risk analyst before you spend a penny. Unless it’s russian rubbles or Arab dirhams

  3. Bigper

    Jake Humphrey just tweeted we may be close to a big signing from a good source… Could be genuine as he’s face of bt sport

  4. tunnygriffboy

    See once again the money for old rope with no research done despite getting a massive salary paid out of our licence fee are again being inaccurate a disingenuous about our great football club

    Jenas ( the most complimentary about us ) Darren Fletcher the new Clare Balding, some journo from the times and the thick super geordie Shearer.

    Giroud only scored 14 goals last year absolutely no mention about the 4 months he was out. And Jack breaking his ankle again, even though it’s his leg. Still trot out the line our defence is dodgy even with Cech behind them. It’s just total bollox they are so bloody lazy trotting out the tired old cliches.

    Rant over although they are rimming Mourinho now.

  5. Nasri's Mouth

    tunnygriffboy: Does it now mean Iwobi and JRA have moved ahead of them in the pecking order ? Just a thought.

    No, I don’t think so.

    Gnabry needs game time, Iwobi and JRA will be in the U21s this season.

    Gnabry is much more the finished project

  6. Nasri's Mouth


    Can’t work out which it is

    A) He’s had his acc. hacked

    B) No-one has told him we signed Cech a few weeks ago

  7. Bigper

    Haha yeah I’m still sceptical but tbf bt are a big organisation so they May have some contacts. Who knows, just thought I’d let people know…

  8. Dusty Kart

    I’ve been tuned into SSN all day after hearing Perry Groves say on talksport that the Benzema will be finalised today/tonight!!

  9. Bigper

    Jake Humphrey ‏@mrjakehumphrey
    A source who is rarely wrong tells me Arsenal are close to the signing that would make them genuine contenders. We shall see…

    That’s the tweet

    Make of it what you will lol

  10. vicky

    Elvis clement ‏@El2li 52m52 minutes ago
    @EmaGiulianelli how sure are uuuu

    Emanuele Giulianelli ‏@EmaGiulianelli 48m48 minutes ago
    @El2li 100%

    roxen ‏@Roxen099 3h3 hours ago
    @EmaGiulianelli so benzema’s transfer news are not rumors….

    Emanuele Giulianelli ‏@EmaGiulianelli 3h3 hours ago
    @Roxen099 no they aren’t

  11. Sam

    Hmmm Didn’t Mourinho call Benzema lazy n refused to play him. He had to take Adebanjo on loan from man city.
    Grovers don’t like to hear the truth, they have this unbelievable blind obsessions.
    Not like I am praising Mourinho, He’s lazy himself He doesn’t take time to coach inexperienced n young players. He packs a team full of world class players only to play boring tactics.
    They are both lazy in my opinion

  12. Marc


    Your dead right Benzema is useless, hence him being offloaded by Madrid after only a single season. It’s not like he’s lasted out there for 6 years or anything.

  13. vicky

    If these rumors were to be true, it would suggest De Gea deal was holding up Benzema deal. I am getting ahead of myself, I guess 😛

  14. Sam

    Benzema was a brilliant player in France, Absolutely brilliant!!!
    But there should be serious health warning for young players joining Real Madrid.
    had he joined us would have been different story

  15. vicky


    A football writer for FIFA Weekly, Panenka, FourFourTwo, La Gazzetta dello Sport, Il Messaggero, Radio Yorkshire. Has written a few articles for the Guardian as well. Still I would not trust him but yeah, one can hope he is true.

  16. Marc


    It’s been a really strange TW, you usually have a big deal that kicks off a lot of movement but that just hasn’t happened this summer. Chelsea – bugger all so far, ManU still need a couple of players, Barca – transfer embargo & Madrid nothing yet. I hope you’re right and Madrid who have do sign a name as part of their nature will sell Benzema to help finance the De Gea move in a similar way to the Sanchez / Suarez deals. We get stronger and help take away a major player from a competitor.

  17. Marc


    Radio Yorkshire? Your either far too clued up or need to know when to drop info out of a google search to make it look like you know what you’re talking about.

    I should know professional salesman.

  18. Relieable sauce


    Could well be. MU are playing hardball with De Gea & look prepared to let him leave for nothing next year if RM dont meet their valuation or sell them Ramos.

    Sweet deal for us if we get Benzema & fund their move for De Gea.

    I’m suprised they havent been linked with KB tbh.

  19. vicky


    Well, Man U seem to be very active as we speak. They are pursuing Pedro and I think they will try to land either Kane or Benzema (hope not )

    City looking at a few defensive signings. Godin rejected City move. So, they aren’t sitting idle.

    Liverpool imo are done with their transfers.

    Chelsea looking at Baba Rahman and Stokes.

    So yeah no big ticket signings as yet but I am expecting lot of transfers in the last two weeks.

  20. Marc


    They were month ago and his agent slagged off Manchester as a shit holt – same thing as De Gea’s girlfriend.

    London’s the place to be – back with his mate Ozil and fellow French players Koz, Deduchy etc and the greatest City in the world.

  21. Marc


    When you’re on circa £8 million a year 1st you don’t need to pay for it 2nd if you do / want to you don’t trawl the red light district you pay for “exclusive” company.

  22. karim

    37 min

    Djaziri: “The Transfer window will remain open until Sep 1 & anything can happen in football but at the moment nothing is happening.”

    38 min

    Djaziri (Benzema’s agent): “There is no truth to the report saying Benzema will join Arsenal.”

  23. Goondawg

    Piers Morgan and Jake Humphrey are both pundits on BTsports.. Fucking hell, as if the adverts weren’t bad enough now they have to troll us too

  24. Al

    The fear factor is slowly coming back for us. Lots of ex-pros have said it but a lot of the time the game is already won when the other team looks at the teamsheet.

    We are finely assembling a team that has a number of serious threats….you add Benzema into this team and we are laughing

  25. Wallace

    “I think there are only three clubs in the world who have the power to say, ‘I don’t sell’. Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich. Is anyone in England interested in Thomas Müller? For sure. Can we, England, bring Thomas Müller from Bayern? I don’t think so.

    “Does anyone want [Lionel] Messi? Can you bring him? I don’t think so. They are big clubs with big history, economically strong and stable, income amazing. I think they sell when they want to sell. When you see a player leave one of these big clubs you have to think it’s because they want him to go. That’s my feeling.

    According to Mourinho, the alternative is to either move before talented young players have joined the ‘big three’ or exploit situations when there is a frustration over a lack of game time.

    “The way is to bring players like Agüero when Man City bought him or Hazard when Chelsea bought him,” he said. “Try to be lucky and have an Alexis [Sánchez] that is not playing regularly in Barcelona. Fabregas is similar to Alexis, not playing regularly. Arrive at a moment where these top players really want to leave and they force it a little bit.”

    – Jose Mourinho

  26. Rosicky@Arsenal


    so you see my prediction of Santi Cazorla staying was correct.

    Advise to you and folks here don’t follow the media gossip. Most of it is Journo bollocks to sell the papers.

    Nothing else.

  27. kwik fit


    Totally agree. N5 is a LG Legend. Now we need the like’s of CA WE and The Keyser bomb back. Have a feeling we’ll see them sooner rather than latter.

  28. Sam

    Alexis—– Fatboy Karim—-Chambo


    Witsel/Song. Coq

    Ramsey n Cazorla on rotation
    Wilshere n rosicky on the treatment table as usual

  29. northern gooner


    Not to bad pal. Just the usual shit different day.
    Hope your well.

    Your right buddy there is a good core on here who make it worth while putting up with the cranks.

  30. N5

    Rosicky again I never said he was leaving you lunatic, I’ve not been here for weeks.

    Marko, I’m a glory supporter, if Benz doesn’t come I’m off again!!!

  31. Dusty Kart

    You keep on taking the bait N5 don’t you? just ignore him he’s a wum

    Oh yeah its good to see you back

  32. N5

    Thanks Dusty, I did ask him not to address me anymore because he’s mad, but I had to disagree with him saying I said something I didn’t. Anyway I’ve done that now so I can go back to ignoring him 😀