Jack Wilshere broken AGAIN 🚑🚨

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Come on chaps and chapesses, let’s give Jack a rest here. It’s unfair. We gave Abou Diaby until he was 29. Jack has a way to go before we can start talking about him moving on… i mean, I had people going off at me for suggesting it was time to let Abou go in the new year!

So what do we know? Well, he suffered a fractured fibula in a training ground incident (with Gabriel apparently), according to reports.What do we know about these sort of injuries?


Fracturing a bone is nothing to do with his physical make up. It might have something to do with how he plays, but let’s not lose our minds that this somehow makes it over for him.
The worry is the stop-start nature of his career. One of the sport scientists I follow said something like, ‘if you’re always injured when you’re young, your muscles don’t develop resilience’, that’s a massive guess at what I remember, but you do fear that if something is broken at the start, it tends to be for the rest of time. Look at Robin, stunning for what? 2 seasons in a whole career?

He needs a break. Not a leg break. But he needs a sustained period of fitness. I’m sure if he’s given that, he’ll shine. But as it stands, our decent back up DM is broken.

That leaves the disgusting possibility that we’ll see Arteta pinning our midfield. This is where the fear starts to creep in. We have a very good squad, but you can’t drop great players into unfamiliar positions and expect them to flourish. I mean, who carries the flag for Coquelin when Arteta picks up his standard 6 month calf injury?

Ramsey? A box to box player who plays for himself most of the time? Santi Cazorla? Maybe in a one off, but against a good team? No chance. He doesn’t have the legs or the physicality. It’d be a shambolic situation. 
I don’t know why I’m surprised this position hasn’t been filled. I mean, realistically speaking, it only got filled by accident. Wenger hasn’t made a conscious effort to bolster there for years. He’s been listening to too many hipster podcasts that announce that there’s no such thing as a defensive midfielder in modern football.

Sure there isn’t. Get back to your St Pauli game and butt out of this.

You’d think the discovery of Coquelin and what that can do for the team would have had him front of the queue for Schneiderlin. There’s still time, but it doesn’t look likely we’ll move to make sure we’re safe.

… but for me, Arteta shouldn’t be anywhere near a title challenging first team. He was past it two years ago and that’s the brutal truth. There don’t appear to be any internal solutions.

Time to bust that cheque book Arsene.
If rumours are to be believed, Madrid are reportedly softening to the idea of Benzema joining us if we stump up the £45m fee. Would be a MEGA signing. It’d put us in the frame for all trophies, that’s how major it’d be. Fingers crossed, eh! 

P.S. Looks like people are starting to round on this West Ham / Olympic Stadium deal. Looking forward to the gory details spilling out about this one. Go BBC!

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  1. daz

    “if were ONLY buying a guy for more goals from the striker position then I feel there are much better(hungier, younger, cheaper,moldable) options then Benz.”

    Who were you thinking of? If we are going to get a new forward wouldn’t we want the finished article at this point?

  2. Nasri's Mouth

    Gustav Graves: Im suprised no one is mentioning Negredo.

    The reason he was having contract issues is because Valencia found out how shite he is and don’t want to keep him. They didn’t want to sign him in the first place either, but they couldn’t get out of the deal they signed 12 months before

  3. karim

    Higuain has always scored goals, plenty of them, although he seems to score them against lower opposition.
    Missed a lot of important goals and penalty kicks of late, so his confidence may not be what it used to be.
    Still a solid striker.

    Ibra is a ageing star, who’s more interesting in bullying his opponents and partners ( and refs ) than working for the team, so it might be a dangerous move.
    Wouldn’t cost much though.

    Benzema would score 20/25 goals with the service he would receive AND by creating his own goals, he’s that good imo.
    Technically fits our style perfectly moreover.
    Might cost an arm but I heard we were rich anyway…

  4. gregg


    All good mate thanks and hope all is well with you and your’s. I’m Looking forward to the first game of the season and have a ticket for this one. Sisters having the girls for the day so I’ll get to my first game in 4 years.

  5. Gustav Graves


    My ultimate point is this.
    We NEED (capitalized yes) a DM. I feel if we do this…the title is ours.

    We need (lowercase) a striker.

    Our atticking midfield and forwards(provided they stay healthy) are capible of banging in plenty of goals.

    Say Giroud gets 15.
    Walcott gets 15
    Sanchez gets 18
    Welbeck gets 8-10
    Ozil gets 10
    Santi gets 8-10
    Ramsey gets 8-10….

    You see where im going with this…if these guys can stay fit and find some kind of form…watch out!

    This is why i say lowercase need for the striker.

    Hey im just trying to be optimistic.

  6. N5

    Gregg that’s great news mate, I hope you have a brilliant time!

    Hey Katie mate, thank you so much for your support recently mate, I’m gonna make it up to you I promise mate.

  7. N5

    Jim getting there thanks mate, it’s been a real run of shit luck but I think I’m on the up now so onwards and upwards as they say. Sad to hear Cesc and Eagle are gone, I hope Romfords still about?

  8. Gustav Graves


    “Welbeck gets 8-10
    Ozil gets 10
    Santi gets 8-10″

    Don’t think this is happening tbf”

    Why not? Theve all done it before. Maybe not at arsenal but i refuse to think they cant score 8 goals a season.

  9. Jim Lahey

    @N5 – Hope things aren’t too bad for you! Life sure can be pretty shit at times!

    Where have Cesc and Eagle gone?? I’ve only been dipping in and out of Le Grove these days I am afraid.

  10. N5

    I’m not sure Jim, 3 days ago was the first time I’ve posted in about 8 weeks and I was told the Cesc, Eagle and Keyser have all stopped posting! 🙁

  11. Jim Lahey

    @N5 – I think Pedro gave Keyser the boot! The place will be worse off not having Cesc and Eagle about.

    Looking forward to having real football back!

  12. daz


    Yeah I’m happy with our attack that’s why if we do go for a forward it would only be worth getting an upgrade on Giroud as for DM I can’t see it happening, I think we will be alright as long as coq stays fit, I see no problem with using artea against weak opposition end of the day if we can’t beat weak teams without coq then we have bigger problems than just DM cover IMO keep coq fresh for the tough games he should be fine if old players like terry can manage playing every game coq should have no problem especially with the odd game off here and there

  13. N5

    karim, Keyser sulking surely not? He’s probably on the Ajax forums following Sanogo’s progress that doesn’t matter because he didn’t cost anything 😀

    Agreed Jim, Cesc and Romford (and of course the MightyKarim) are some of my earliest memories on this site so it’ll be odd not hearing from them.

  14. Rocky Pires

    I guess we will line up same as last weekend for the West Ham game?

    Santis role will be interesting to see V West Ham as we will more or else be afforded the chance to play 4-1-4-1 .

    Westham will be resulute under Bilic, tough to break down and strong throughout but I would think we will beat them but wouldn’t be surprised if it was as tough as last year v Palace.

  15. Arsene's Nurse

    August 6, 2015 14:28:32

    Take a look at the facts

    Arsenal have the money and Madrid need the money. They are €500million in global debt.

    They are trying to buy De Gea and won’t go the extra mile to get him because of the cash – they need the money.
    Looks like someone else agrees with you (or you read their piece elsewhere).

    “Graham Hunter, who knows his Spanish football cebollas, added more details in an interview with Talksport.

    He says Benzema to Arsenal is eminently possible, but the striker will have to state his desire to leave Madrid:

    “Arsenal have the money and Real Madrid need the money – they’re €500m in debt,” Hunter said.

    “They’re trying to buy David de Gea and won’t go the extra mile to get him off Manchester United because of the cash so they need the money.

    “It is a doable deal, but it won’t happen unless Benzema says to Real Madrid, ‘I want to go to Arsenal’.”


  16. Biggus



    I’m not going to take the Benzema rumour seriously and I’m leaning towards priority for midfield to be honest. West Ham sacrificing Europa league for this weekend’s match so we need to be on our game.

    Hopefully we can put in a good performance and get a nice result.

  17. tunnygriffboy

    It’s not a start we can coast. However with regard to what the players are saying we need a good start. I expect us to be super motivated and to fly out of the box.

    Palace away always a tricky game, more so now with their signings. Glad it’s a day game tbh.

    Lpool at home big test ragain. Will give us a good indication of where we’re at.

    Bloody wish Jack was fit. I think he was ready for a big season. Gutted. I want Witsel. Can play any role in CM. Get him in and banish Flamini.

  18. Samesong

    wenger said we dont need Benzema beoz he can play hes mum upfront and hes wife at the back

    Its joke friday and that was terrible.

  19. tunnygriffboy

    If Degea leaves that’s a huge blow to man u. They wouldn’t be in top 4 without him last season. He saved them no end of games and points. Certainly 3 against us at home. Romero the Argentinean keeper they bought is average.

  20. Rocky Pires

    Romero is a liability .
    Ya Henry Hunter was on Newtalk last night and said the Benz deal is very doable.
    They way he put it is if he was asked he would advise Benz to go.
    Benz has one of two choices wait at Real an get patted on the head by Perez and Ronaldo or go to Arsenal, get confidence high and grow as a main man and superstar .

  21. Logie Bear

    morning all

    @ Rocky P – that really made me laugh – I’m the same re waiting for Pedro, isn’t it funny how we’re all waiting for him to start us off again
    Just shows how hard it must be to post something every single day.
    Can’t wait for the season to start

    Anyone know if West Ham played anything like a full team last night (ie will they be knackered for Sunday?)

    Not that we should worry of course….but I remember feeling the same when we played Villa at home in the first game a couple of seasons ago….

  22. gambon

    All this talk about Real Madrids debt is a bit misleading.

    They need to sell Benzema about as much as we need to sell Giroud…..not really at all.

  23. gambon

    Wenger saying we wont be signing a striker.

    As usual he is happy to compete against bigger and better squads with everything crossed that we may get lucky.

    Oh well, 3rd or 4th place again.

    Getting boring now.

  24. gambon

    “Did I just hear Wenger say he’s not giving up on Benzema.”

    No you didnt, he said hes not interested in him and Sanchez & Welbeck are enough for us.

    Benzemas not happening.

    Madrid have said he’s staying, Benzemas shown no signs of unhappiness, and we have denied interest numerous times. There is nothing left to say about it.

  25. Logie Bear

    @ Gambon – good comments, agreed.
    Do we seriously think this is because AW is scared of buying who we all know is needed, but still coming up short. His stubborn-ness is indeed becoming a tad boring

  26. Samesong


    I hear what your saying and we probably will not get him.

    But I saw him (Wenger) just say it now on Sky sports.

    He also mentioned Welbeck and Sanchez are coming back.

  27. tunnygriffboy

    This idea that Wenger wouldn’t sign Benzema if he could is a touch unfair. Every notion of him leaving is coming from click bait. Benzema his agent, Benitez and the club have all said that he is happy in Madrid and staying. Why make things up that aren’t particularly true.

    Personally I would love a quality striker. If we can’t get one then someone like Witsel and Carvalho to come in and dispose of Flamini especially with Jack’s woes sadly.

  28. Nasri's Mouth

    tunnygriffboy: This idea that Wenger wouldn’t sign Benzema if he could is a touch unfair.


  29. Wengaball

    Valdez and Lindegaard also on their way out of United and Romero has just joined.

    Not good times for them between the sticks.

  30. Romford Ozil Pele


    Buzzing for this weekend. Partner has a Hen Party in Manchester so house to myself. Lads round tomorrow, lots of alcohol involved! Night out then down to N5 on Sunday 😀

  31. Romford Ozil Pele

    Lol you guys are harsh on Pellegrini man, he’s a good manager.

    West Ham rested their whole team yesterday so it ain’t gonna be a walkover by any stretch. We should win if we play to our level but let’s see what happens. Also, watch out for Payet, he’s a baller!

  32. Nasri's Mouth

    RP: Lol you guys are harsh on Pellegrini man, he’s a good manager.

    He is, but if Guardiola is available, would you keep Pellegrini ?

  33. Romford Ozil Pele

    NM, of course Pep is better but I think he gets a hard deal. It’s like people forget the work he did to reach this level in the first place. He got Villarreal to a CL semi-final where we only just beat then. In Malaga’s first ever CL season, they reached the QF final and it took a last minute offside goal from Dortmund to knock them out. He’s also already managed Real Madrid so it’s not like this guy is without pedigree. I think because he doesn’t have much of a personality people assume he’s a bit of a dud.

  34. tunnygriffboy


    I hope we’re super fast out of the blocks and press them to death first quarter of an hour. Judging by the mood in the camp and what has been said about our slow start hitting us hard yesterday we should see a lot of energy and determination.

    Same team as last week but the handsome French model in for our Walnut.

  35. Romford Ozil Pele

    Tunny, yeah fast start is imperative. Get at them early doors though they do have a bit of pace on the counter so we’ll have to be wary. It’ll be interesting to see if Wenger goes with Theo again or changes up for L’Oreal. I think we may see Santi on the left again.

  36. Carts

    “West Ham look pony and Bilic threw the fans under the bus with that euro performance last night.”

    To be brutally honest, West Ham aren’t interested in Europa League football. 5% chance of winning it; rather focus on doing better than last season in the league.

  37. Carts

    “I’d go for that young lad at fiorentina babacar gave Chelsea a few problems the other night .”

    Fuck it, while we’re there, we might as well go for their keeper too, after all he did keep a clean sheet.

  38. William Hill

    “At the moment we do not have Sanchez, not Welbeck, and when these players come back we feel that we have the needed striking force,’ Wenger said. ‘But we don’t rule out as well if something exceptional turns up to do it”

    Is this saying he wont 100% be signing a new striker?

    Is this saying he wont 100% be signing Benzema?

    He also said in the press conference he hasn’t been talking about Benzema (either as a potential target or as one he has no interest in) and its the media doing all the talking, not him.

    Once again you are twisting the facts to suit your own agenda.

    (For what its worth I dont think we will sign him because Real wont want to sell and not because we arent interested).

  39. Rocky Pires

    Dark clouds at Man Ure, Citeh are like a loaf of bread left out in the open since last May, they are as stale as fook .
    Chelseas are heavy legged at the moment, so time to take advantage.

    A boost to the squad in the form of Benz woud be amazing but we shall we , it could drag out all the way to end of the window .

    What I found strange was Cambiasso going to Olymiakos not exactly assured of payments and going to a country in great shape?

  40. Carts

    “Chelseas are heavy legged at the moment, so time to take advantage”

    I was waxing lyrical about their ability to field the same core guys and still maintain such an efficient level.

    I know my recent predictions are based solely off of pre-season, but I’ll be honest, Chelsea don’t look right. Something isn’t right over there. I know they’re reigning champs, but I think we’ll see a record number of losses by Chelsea this season.

  41. Rocky Pires

    I agree Carts and Jose Mooaninho is doing alot more moaning than usual and keeps pushing pressure back on Ambramovich in saying, we have no money, all or opponents spend, we have same, team , we dont improve.
    Palace and Newcastle spend money, we cant , its tougher for us, etc etc . he is making an excuse and mental block before they even start .

  42. tunnygriffboy


    I see your point re Chelsea. I hope you’re right. Hardly any injuries last season.
    Is this the season Terry’s legs go. Ditto that dirty git Ivanovic ? Will Hazard get one to many bad kicks on his ankle ? Will Costa’s hamstrings co operate ? Will Cesc hit the form of the second part of last season ? Also Mourinho is more pre menstrual than usual.

    Cart’s I love it if you were right.

  43. jasongms

    tunnygriffboy: This idea that Wenger wouldn’t sign Benzema if he could is a touch unfair

    you mean the same way he went all out and signed Suarez ?

    Wenger is a known procrastinator , wouldnt surprise me in the least if Benz was available and he went straight to manu

  44. Rocky Pires

    Palace game will be a tough one, for all their additions I am surprised they didnt add anyone to the defence they look poor enough there with Danns and Delany CB and Ward and Kelly as fullback,,by no means bad , but Delaney is old now and two fullback are at best average .
    Will be interesting to see how hey lineup especially with Wickham, Bamford, Murray,Zaha, Bolaise, Gayle and Puncheon all decent players vying for their attacking positions.