Massive victory for Arsenal | LOVING Mourinho sour grapes

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So, keep it calm. Keep it calm. It’s just preseason. But is it? Yes, it’s just preseasonx.


That we did. Preseason or not, yesterday was a competitive game in my eyes. It was the season opener. You have to win something (generally speaking) to enter the competition. It’s been going for years. And we won.

MOST DECORATED COMMUNITY SHIELD TEAM EVER <- Scraping the barrel a bit there. But hey, winning is good, all days.

Jose Mourinho didn’t line up yesterday with anything other than a win in mind. Arsene Wenger the same. For us, there was more at stake than becoming the most decorated Community Shield Winners. Yesterday was about breaking a 14 game duck that had coursed an outrageous 11 years.

I’m just going to talk through my main excitement points, James will weigh in with the detail yesterday.

TACTICS: Oh god bless those little details. Arsene Wenger set up another masterclass that evolved as the game went on. Firstly, he tried to capitalise on the lack of pace Chelsea have at the back by opting for Theo through the middle. He also switched up to a more defensive formation in the second half as we stifled the game and reduced Chelsea to a meagre two shots on target. We nullified Chelsea. They looked flat and out of ideas. We worked hard, we played smart and that paid off with a very solid defensive display.

Cech: You can’t tell me there’s been a smarter buy in the league this summer. This is the greatest Premier League keeper of all time. He’s bruised, hungry and keen to show Jose he made a mistake. He offered up a dominant performance. He led and marshalled the back 5. He made a brilliant save from an Oscar freekick (one I’ve no doubt Ospina / Chezzer would have let in). He also dominated his penalty box like an absolute beast. Most importantly, he gave the defence confidence. They liked playing with him. You could see that (3 trophies in 3 attempts).

Back 4: I think we’re the first team to stop Chelsea scoring at the new Wembley. The back four didn’t just luck out yesterday, they delivered what has become a mainstay of Arsenal in 2015. We’re just fucking good at defence these days. This was always my point about the other keepers, our back for were making them look way better than they were! Nacho Monreal has come into his own. Bellerin looks supremely assured for one so young and as me and my pal were discussing, is there a better centre back in the league than Koscielny? To my mind, no! Also, you gotta love Per as well… I’m sure Cech mouthed to him… ‘I told you we’d win’, after the game.

Mourinho: I’ve gotta say, there’s nothing sweeter than the taste of sour grapes Jose sent our way after the game.

‘Arsenal left their football philosophy in the changing room’

Yes Jose, but we brought our brains out for the game and introduced the a sharp dose of pragmatism to our game.

What a moment. That comment is basically Jose saying,


Well Jose, we all love it.

Theo: Real mixed bag here. He was a pain in the backside in the opening 30 minutes, then he went missing badly. Giroud came on and blew a half chance from 8 yards which showcased why he’s not quite up there as an elite player. Theo causes tactical issues. He pulls defences all over the place and he can pounce and kill you off one slip. Teams fear him. Giroud is a very good player, he’s physical and aggressive and he opens up the rest of the team. Both will score goals, both give us a very different look and feel. Both aren’t quite there as the #1.

I think that episode really highlighted that we need a new striker. Karim Benzema would make us complete.

Chamberlain: I love him. He’s possibly my favourite Arsenal player. Enthusiastic, powerfully built, fast, unpredictable with that little bit of magic Arsenal players like Merson, Dennis, Wrighty and Pires all had.

What a goal. Zero backlift. Unstoppable!

I think he’s going to be electric this season. It’s just so damn important we keep him fit, something we’ve not managed since we’ve had him at the club.

Wenger: The man knows his time is up soon. You feel he’s found something since that horrible start to last season. He’s thriving on the mini victories. He seems to be reinvigorated by having a team around him that’s modern and forward thinking. The players seem to have clicked as well. The manager could achieve true greatness this season. He just needs to keep following the plan and stay patient.

I feel we’re one striker away from being nailed on, but for me, even without signings, we’ll be contending the league this year. My major concern outside the striker is Arteta still being in the mix. He’s looked slow and off the pace for a while now, he looked the same yesterday. That could be problem if Coquelin picks up a bad injury. I’d say defensive midfield is the one area of the pitch we can’t afford an injury. He’s been incredibly important to our set up and last season wasn’t a fluke, he’s just that good. Unless Wenger is thinking about Jack in that role, which we know he isn’t, then we’re desperately short there (and Jack is injured once again, so he’s hardly reliable anyway).

I have this amazing feeling that this season is going to be something special. The first time in about 12 years I’ve genuinely felt we can contend the league title.

Yesterday was massive for us. Lap it up. Enjoy it. Buckle up for the rollercoaster that is the Premier League.

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  1. nigel tufnel


    No response to Pedros stats coq over matic?

    No response to you calling Koscielny sh..t many times here?

    No response to your famous Erikson over Ozil opinion. You know, the one that any football professional in the world would laugh at.

    You do know when to shut up. And its easy to say you would say these things to our faces, when you know it wont really happen.

    Your insults would get you in real trouble. So you would keep your mouth shut.

    Stay with the keyboard proclamations, but people here are starting to see your opinions are really ridiculous, and unnecessarily negative towards OUR club.

  2. karim


    Exactly. And it sends the right signal to Alexis and to whoever may join us next. We no longer look like 12 year-old boys, to quote Patrice Evra, lol.

    Jack’s last England games and Ox’s current form are another sign the players are maturing.

    Ok, enough positivity for today !

  3. Hitman

    So we beat the Chavs. BFDeal. Chelsea are small time club that we used to beat for granted. A great traditional club should never have found inself in awe of them. Taken over decade for Wenger to get over his inferiority complex, not sure he 100% believes he can win the league but let’s not big up yesterday’s win like it was David v Goliath.

  4. Bamford10


    One, Chelsea’s back four held to the same line yesterday that they normally hold to. They didn’t adjust for Theo. That line is their default approach.

    Two, even if they normally played a higher line — they don’t — can you explain what the advantage would be to a Theo-led Arsenal to have Chelsea sitting deeper?

    (This should be entertaining.)

  5. Emiratesstroller

    It is beginning to look like that any potential strikers who might be considered an upgrade on what we have got will not be sold in this transfer window.

    Benitez has announced today that Benzema will be staying at Real,we know also that Higuain has a ridiculous buy out clause in his contract and the chances of Lewandowski leaving Bayern is zero after just one year at club.

    Similarly the idea that Arsenal will buy a winger in this transfer window is just
    as remote. The only ‘world class’ players who might be buyable are Pedro and

    Somehow I don’t see Wenger going out on the market now and buying a new
    player for either position when you consider the options still available at the

    He has three experienced strikers and a similar number of wingers available.
    The way we play we are do not use in most games more than one striker and

    So the main focus in my view should be on bring in another defensive minded
    midfielder to cover a hole if Coquelin gets injured or needs a rest OR if we need to shore up the midfield to preserve a result as we attempted to do yesterday.

    It is clear that Wenger still rates Arteta, but realistically on the limited evidence of cameo performances where he has played it is too great a risk for him to come in the team even as a substitute let alone in starting eleven.

    He lacks the physicality, mobility and stamina to play at the level required now
    for a title challenging team. I appreciate that he is a popular player and loyal servant at the club, but is not enough to consider him to play in important

    As for Flamini and Rosicky we know that they are now more or less out of the
    picture when it comes to starting eleven and squad positions. There is little or
    no mention of these players in lineup and it will need a major injury crisis for them to be considered.

    What does concern me is that Wilshire dropped out of the lineup over weekend with yet another ankle injury. His absence depleted our bench resources.

    It is perhaps the most obvious reason why Wenger should have gone out and
    bought an additional Defensive/Central Midfielder like Vidal or Schneiderlein
    or a younger player like Carvalho to cover those positions.

    Let us hope that Wenger will see the light and bridge the hole before close of
    transfer window.

  6. Bamford10


    Gambon has already run circles around you several times and your only response has been the threat of physical violence. Pure class, you are.

    As for Matic vs. Coquelin, no serious or objective observer would rate Coquelin over Matic. While the former may have slightly better defensive numbers over the pas six months, the latter is far superior on the ball, in passing and in distribution. It’s not even close. Not to mention that the latter would have better defensive numbers if he were asked only to defend, as Coquelin basically is.

    As for yesterday, the numbers clearly show that Matic was the more productive CDM. Not really close, actually.

    None of which is to say that Coquelin is poor. He was one of our more effective players yesterday.

    But that doesn’t mean he’s a complete CDM or equal to the CDMs at the top clubs. He’s not.

  7. Bamford10

    * Sorry, I mixed up former and latter above. Matic is better on the ball by far and would have better defensive numbers if this were all he were asked to do.

  8. Nasri's Mouth

    Hitman: So we beat the Chavs. BFDeal. Chelsea are small time club that we used to beat for granted

    Yeah, but then some Russian bloke came along and gave them a huge amount of cash.

    It’s been in the papers a bit, surprised you missed it

  9. Nasri's Mouth

    Bamford10: While the former may have slightly better defensive numbers over the pas six months, the latter is far superior on the ball, in passing and in distribution. It’s not even close.

    Hmm, Matic is hardly Pirlo. I don’t think there’s much in between them really. Hence why Cesc plays alongside him

  10. london gunner

    “Hmm, Matic is hardly Pirlo. I don’t think there’s much in between them really. Hence why Cesc plays alongside him”

    Astute point.

    Coq has Cazorla, Matic has Cesc. Both partnerships equal a balanced mid mid field

  11. El Tel 1

    Bumford is Moanhinhio.

    He knows so much about them and their style o play.

    Could not care less how they set up.

    We beat them.

  12. london gunner


    Matic is better than Coq? Sure, but matic also has 3 years on him at 27 and is in peak age period.

    People seem to forget how young Coq is at only 24..

    So Whose to say Coq isn’t as good as matic or better at 27?

    How good was Matic at 24? I am sure he was a good player, but I also am sure he is much better one now. So why is Coq in some sort of vacuum where he can’t ever improve?

    Also Matic plays for chelsea we can’t buy him, so do we improve on Coq by signing kondogbia who went to a weak league to play for a weak milan team and had worse stats that Coquelin?

    So who also will you harp on about? krychowiak? Who has worse passing and on the ball stats than Coquelin?

    What other players out there are better than Coq? Matudi? yeah, but he’s soon to be 29… So its not that simple.

  13. Marc

    Can’t believe that any Arsenal fan would not just enjoy beating Mourinho whatever the circumstances.

    Do we need to add 1 or 2 players to the squad = yes but Chelsea without Costa who seems to have an on going hamstring issue look like they could do with another striker and I don’t think Falcao is the solution. Just enjoy the moment.

  14. alex cutter

    Curious about at what point in this AKB circle-jerk is someone going to mention how poor we were in our own third.

    Dozens of situations of players holding on the ball too long, simply coughing it up, or clearance attempts that didn’t get out of our own box. Bellerin, Ramsey and Ox were all guilty of this, multiple times. If Costa had played — or if Hazard and Cesc would have been in form — they could have put up seven goals.

    Monreal was excellent though.

  15. Redtruth

    The problem is it’s a given that our players will have bad games and it is always when the quality is a step up from the lemons they roll over consistently.

  16. Hunter

    They say every player has his price but I really think that the players who are supposedly our targets are ungettable.It only works if the clubs who own them want to sell.In the case of Real Madrid and Benzema there’s no-way Benitez wants to sell Jim so let’s just drop that lost cause,the same goes for Levandowski and Bayern and Napoli and PSG!all these clubs apart maybe Napoli (Higuain) buyout clause ridiculous!are far bigger than us and DONT want to sell.So forget the CF position we have to go with what we’ve got!Wenger has moved far too slowly to capture anyone decent for CF or DMF and he will just have thatsual smirk on his face when he will say ‘we tried’,he doesn’t want anyone else
    And that’s it!If that is the case and we find ourselves short again through injury to Coq or Giroud for any length of time then that’s when we should apply the pressure NOT before.Just get behind the team for as long as we can and PRAY that we don’t get injuries to those two positions!

  17. 9jagunner

    Gambon ,

    if ur team the chavs had won, would you seriously have called the match a “friendly”???
    The German super cup was another friendly right?
    Sums you up really… #twat

  18. Wallace


    “Two, even if they normally played a higher line — they don’t — can you explain what the advantage would be to a Theo-led Arsenal to have Chelsea sitting deeper?”

    the advantage to Chelsea sitting deeper to compensate for Walcott’s speed is that our midfielders get the space to play. in the past Chelsea have played a high line with barely any room between their attacking, midfield and defensive lines. as soon as Per or Kos got the ball they were pressed by the Chelsea attackers. a pass into Coquelin or Santi would also see them immediately under pressure(see the Stamford Bridge horror show for examples of this). the way to beat this press is to do what Guardiola did last year against Dortmund and hit long balls over the Dortmund back line for the forwards to run onto, thus getting the Dortmund defence turned and stretching the play. with Giroud up top this isn’t an option for us, but with Theo in there the Chelsea back line can’t set up near the halfway line, they have to be 15-20yards inside their own half, so any time the Chelsea attack and midfield press the ball there’ll be a big gap opens up between their midfield and defence for our midfielders to exploit.

    i sincerely hope none of this is new to you.

  19. alex cutter

    “I haven’t figured out if Redtruth is a human or a computer glitch. hence my wariness to respond to him.”

    I’m trying to figure out if Wenger’s cock is in your mouth, or in your ass?

  20. Johnty79

    Pedro how you can so easerly fooled is beyond me. Cech who over four years will cost 20m then begovic is not a good signing when in fact begovic is better than Cech at this point in time.

    When it comes to playing two games aweek players like koz and cazorla get found out. Cech will be worked a lot harder then he was at Chelsea.

    Not all negative. I tip us to finish third again. And I think well probably beat west ham 6:0 this weekend. But we will struggle when playing two games a week where as Chelsea won’t.

  21. jwl

    Yesterday win breaks hoodoo Chavs had over us – we been Chelsea’s bitches for seasons, and that win yesterday breaks the spell.

    We are not going to win premier league this year, not unless 3 or 4 other teams are involved in plane crashes, but we are much better team now then even a couple seasons ago and our style of play is easy on eye once again. If Arsenal buy striker who score 30 goals this season and Chavs Man City and Manure have dire seasons, then we might win league but not likely.

  22. Redtruth


    If Arsenal are not going to win the league then why are you so happy.

    Typical Wenger disciple who happy with easy on the eye football.


  23. jwl

    Wenger is a” it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game” type manager and he’s competing against managers who only care about winning. Arsenal could buy more, and better, players if they chose to but Wenger prefers stability, cohesion.

  24. gambon

    “if ur team the chavs had won, would you seriously have called the match a “friendly”???”

    Erm, I was calling it a friendly last week.

  25. GoonerDave

    Walcott and Giroud are exactly the 2 options we need up front, but Theo is injury prone and Giroud doesn’t take as many chances as he should. In saying that, its not outlandish to hope that both continue to improve and become what we need if we cannot buy top talent at the moment. Its better than throwing away 20 million on another maybe player.
    Transfers are not the only way we can improve – we have several players who are getting better and we have to hope for less injuries too.
    I’d love a player or 2 to come in as well as Cech, but only if they are world class or top young players. Seems very little movement between the big clubs so far.

  26. Wallace


    “Wenger is a” it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game” type manager and he’s competing against managers who only care about winning.”

    no, he’s competing against one manager who is win whatever it takes. the rest – van Gaal, Pellegrini, Rodgers, Pochettino – all want to go about winning with a certain sense of style. same with Guardiola, Ancelotti and others.

  27. Wallace

    providing they all stay clear of serious injury i’d back Alexis, Giroud & Walcott to score as many goals as the top three from each of Chelsea, City & Utd.

  28. Leedsgunner

    On this day TH14 signed for us…. let’s put aside our squabbles and salute on the best players to have the worn the shirt.

  29. London gunner

    Thank you goodnight

    Thanks mate.

    Tbh I am just quite baffled with peoples attitude towards Coq. I mean sure he isn’t the finished article and we would want him to improve but the same can be said for every member of the rest of the team. Sure he isn’t a complete all rounder master of all disciplines but once again the rest of the team isn’t either.

    Another thing I don’t understand why people presume he can’t and wont improve next season at only 24 I would be quite surprised if he has peaked already.

    People seem to hold coq to different standards to the rest of the team and treat him with less leeway.

    I think it’s because he isn’t a big money purchase people have some sort of bias that that means he isn’t a quality player or quality enough..

  30. Leedsgunner


    It matters not whether a player is worth £1m or a £100m — the question is are they doing the job asked of them consistently? My main concern is what happens if he loses form or picks up an injury?

  31. bacaryisgod

    Gambon-you make some decent points but why are you so reluctant to acknowledge that we are in the best shape as a squad that we’ve been in for several years? You surely can’t be blind to the direction we’re heading in. I know you were pleased with the absolute dismantling of Villa in the final. It might not be what is was, but winning the F.A Cup back-to-back shows that despite upsets (Wigan and Portsmouth as you said), is still an achievement all of the big clubs want. After all, Man City cared enough about it to reach the final when Wigan won it, and Chelsea won it 3 times in the last 9 years, so they obviously care too.

    You conveniently forget all of the ‘weaker’ teams that won it in years past when the F.A Cup apparently meant a great deal more (Sunderland 1973, Soton in 1976, West Ham 1980 etc)

    It’s just that you are so desperately eager to knock the team and ignore the positives that gives people on here the impression that you are either a narcissist (ie. no-one could possible know more than you) or a Chavs fan,

    We all endured a brutal 10 years but if you can’t be optimistic heading into this season then there’s something seriously wrong with you.

  32. Sancho Monzorla


    If that was your pathetic attempt to save face and maintain some semblance of ego after you’ve been outed as:

    1) Being a lying cunt
    2) Pretending that you had a disabled child — while falsely accusing others of insulting disabled kids — just to win an internet argument (and still losing embarrassingly , all while failing entirely to see irony in any of that
    3) Making fake accounts and having conversations with yourself in order to win those kinds of internet arguments

    ..then sorry, you fail again.

    Everyone knows what a lying shit-cunt you are already. You’re a complete joke, don’t forget that just because the people around here are nice enough to humor you.

  33. Sancho Monzorla


    Why are these internet arguments so important to you that you have to make stuff up in order to “win”?

    Why are the opinions of complete strangers on the internet so important to you that you lie about shit no one asked?

    It paints a picture to the kind of life you have, the type of person you are. If you’re a child, then it makes sense. If you’re 30 like you say you are, then wow. Sad really.

  34. Thank you and goodnight


    I agree with everything you say 100% mate. He is a DM and he does what it says on the tin. All these people expecting him to be Maradona dribbling wise and bergkamp-esque with his passing are living in a world normal people don’t inhabit. Claude Makalele who was regarded as the ultimate DM wasn’t renowned for his passing or dribbling but what he bought to the team. Just read his teammates comments at real Madrid or Chelsea about what he bought to the team and just how much his play was missed when he left. Hell you even have ex great real Madrid players to this day claiming real have never replaced him properly. My only concern is if he gets injured we are well and truly fucked as arteta and flamini are both piss poor and for this I blame wenger completely as he should of found someone if not better, with the same ability as le coq to share the burden. But overall I personally think there’s a lot more to come from le coq and now he’s playing regularly and in his best position I think he will improve his all round game.

  35. Fufina

    It always amazes me that football fans/pundits every year feel that players are static and will remain exactly the same year to year.

    No one predicts players to make progress and improve, and everyone expects transfers to come in and contribute just like they did in their previous league/team.

    More often than not it is how players develop and grow has a bigger impact than transfers for defining how a season will play out.

    We have a group of players who i think it is reasonable will improve this year compared to last year – Hector/Coq/Ox/Sanchez – and several others who could make forward progress Ozil/Jack/Ramsey/Theo. If those guys make significant forward steps it could solve much of the quality gap between us and Chelsea.

  36. PieAFC

    People on this blog moaned when we never saw any positives.

    Now they still moan when some positive’s are at least being seen and taken into account.

    We’re not the best team, we’re not a lot of things. But fucking hell, last season or so at least we look like we could be something.

    Stop the whining, when it gets bad then complain. For now let’s just see what happens.

  37. PieAFC

    Btw, Terry and few Chelsea players looked pissed off yesterday. For once it showed losing to us was actually a tad significant in some respects. One over in that game, one over with the Cech transfer.

    Why not smile and go with it.

    We lose to West ham, then fuck it lets all chip in. We don’t and go on a run. Some people on here will still find something to moan about,haha!

  38. Thank you and goodnight

    @Pie Afc

    Usually I don’t agree with you on anything lol (kidding) but your right here. I’m one of those that said game was meaningless bit just one look at terry &Co’s faces tells just how much it meant to them.

  39. wenker-wanger

    arsenal have prepared well for the season start and thats reflected in the victories in these friendly games. Chelsea were way off form and the result was fair at 1-0.
    dont get carried away. There were signs yesterday of an alarming failure to clear the lines propely or hold on to the ball when we had it under pressure.
    There are positives but for me the team still lacks abig enforcer in the middle of thr park.
    Anyway it was good to hear the worst loser in football (,maureen) crying into the microphone. What a pathetic little wanker!

  40. TheBayingMob

    Great to get one over on the chavs but the eternal Wenger truth is the elephant in the room. Once two or three of the main players are injured we will suffer a slump in form that will fuck us over. Based on what’s gone before Sanchez will be one and it will be around November / December. We’re still on a high from getting everyone back, fit and firing at the start of the year. Wenger is not adding the necessary depth (and maybe it’s not really practical to do so). The constant gamble with Wenger has always been with the squads fitness. It will be again this season.

  41. gambon

    “If those guys make significant forward steps it could solve much of the quality gap between us and Chelsea.”

    Yeah cos obviously Chelseas players will all make absolutely zero progress.

    Its only Arsenals players that get any better.

  42. gambon

    “Gambon-you make some decent points but why are you so reluctant to acknowledge that we are in the best shape as a squad that we’ve been in for several years?”

    Said exactly that earlier today so dont really understand your post.

  43. Kiyoshi Ito


    Wenger only throws plastic bottles away. …
    Yah& 4 nil leads. .

    Four-Four anyone

    Guffour, Guffour..Get it. ..
    (Twist on Guffaw, Guffaw))

  44. Sam

    Hmmm We beat Chelsea last night without Sanchez.
    Personally I believe our problem is in the midfield than Attack. If we don’t upgrade we could face trouble.
    Arteta, Rosicky n Flamini are clearly surplus and Wilshere is unreliable. maybe Arteta for his leadership n coaching youngsters n I don’t think he expects to play regularly.
    So 46millions for Benzema could go on 2 top class midfielders.
    Walcott, Giroud and Sanchez will get us goals, maybe Chamberlain will also step up n start scoring.

  45. NewCoArsenal PLC

    While yesterday’s result gives us all a huge lift, the same can be said when we destroyed City in the same fixture last year.
    Wenger has an incredibly generous sense of loyalty to the most ordinary players – Arteta, Mertersacker Gibbs and Giroud are the most recent beneficiaries, and he has many blind-spots when building a squad.
    When Arsenal beat Chelsea or Manchester United convincingly in a game that really matters, my faith in Wenger’s and Arsenal’s direction will be restored.
    Wenger’s much self-lauded acclaim of 18 years successive CL qualification pales somewhat when you take into account that Manchester United were in the top three every year from 1991-92 until Alex Ferguson retired in 2013. Thirteen of those were titles.
    Wenger ranks as one of the most egotistical brazen managers football has ever produced.

  46. Sancho Monzorla


    Yes, you got me to remark again about how pathetic you are, about how you are a lying shit cunt, and about how sad your real life is that you persist with this odd behavior on the internet.

    This just proves my point, for some reason you seem to think that getting a reaction after being a weirdo cunt is some kind of victory for you. I can’t think of anything that screams LOSER more blatantly — your life is so sad that you even welcome this kind of attention.

  47. Kiyoshi Ito

    It seems most people on here, have a poster they detest with a blind passion on Le Grove…

    A weird congregation of people.

    Whilst I’m here..I hope Nasri at some point gets frost bite in his fingers…

    At least, I won’t have to put up with his constant bullshit on here..

    He rolls around in his faeces and smears himself with it.Like he’s dousing himself in expensive cologne. .

    The repugnant sewer rat..AKA Nasri’s Mouth…

  48. Arseology

    To Willow & everyone that tries debating / arguing with Bumfluff, Gambone, Itoe et al.
    When are you lot gonna stop embarrassing yourselves?
    You guys should heed Mark Twain who hit the nail on the head when he said..
    “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

    Red – obviously this doesn’t apply to you as you are not stupid… You are a world champeen, nuttier than a squirrel turd, WUM master. With a dram of speysides finest, I toast your wummery master Red – thanks for the laughs.

  49. TheBayingMob

    Fuck me I’m back on Le Grove at just the right time. Weirdos galore. You fucking bunch of cunts. Off to smear myself in shit. Lovely. Cilla Black was a shit cunt singer btw. Lorra Lorra Lols.

  50. Dark Hei

    It is just a community shield and the trolls are out in full force.

    I shudder to think what will happen to Le Grove if we actually nail a major trophy

  51. Dark Hei


    Saw your reply to Gambon. I am pretty much in agreement. Getting Walcott up front is crucial in forcing them to sit deep.

    In the past, this tactic failed because Wenger wasn’t able to get the team to press in a coordinated manner.

    With those tactical updates in the bag, the next step is to get a technically limited striker (Walcott) to contribute in a more holistic manner, beyond that 1 move that results in an assist or goal. Of course we can bypass the entire process by buying Benzema, but I doubt he is available.

    Perhaps the key to that will be how well Walcott interchanges with the front 3 and Ozil. I think it is doable as long as Walcott interchanges position but without losing his role.

  52. Sam

    Whatever happens, Wenger need to give the right wing position to Ox permenantly n his deputy Gnabry, 2 solid players that don’t get bullied by defenders, no need to change.
    If Walcott fails as CF, he need to find another position, or be sold.
    Well At least he deserves his chance up front at least for one season, I don’t think it will cost us coz we will get goals anyway.

  53. Sam

    If He’s going on loan hopefully not to a lower division club, still better he stays here n gets some cup games than stupid loan
    Enjoy this nice compilation of Zelalem

  54. Wallace

    Dark Hei

    “Perhaps the key to that will be how well Walcott interchanges with the front 3 and Ozil.”

    yeah, i think in attack we’ll see a lot more interchanging this season, especially when we go with Alexis, Theo & the Ox.

  55. Wallace

    Schalke have a couple of very highly regarded youngsters, and looks like Southampton have just offered 16m euros for one of them – the midfielder Leon Goretzka. they’re going to be interesting again this year.

  56. Dusty Kart

    Why don’t Wenger get in a replacement for Jack its obvious he’s been struck down with the diaby curse need to get someone in pronto!!

  57. tunnygriffboy

    I think the league is going to get harder and harder with less and less easy games. If you look closely the likes of Swansea, Southampton are really developing their squads, lpool have chucked another £100 million at it and even the likes of Villa and Newcastle are spending shedloads. Will be interesting.

    Doesn’t seem that elite striker is available so we have to come up with alternative solutions like the interchanging of players mentioned earlier. Worried about a Coquelin injury so back would be good.

  58. wenker-wanger

    The painful truth is that there are 2 few top quality strikers available for many clubs that are looking for that special player. Even more painful is the fact that wankger wont compete with the big spenders like the mancs and chelsea and some of the euro giants. Players have to be secretly acquired it seems so that the big vultures dont intercept the deals. With kroenke and usamanovs money we could outbid almost anyone. Its not good talking money, but unfortunately its a necessary evil in football. Arsenal have everything in place to rival the best in the world….we need a top manager and a committment to capture players like bale,suarez,aguero etc
    Having said that , players like the ox and sanchez are well worth the money spent.

  59. Nasri's Mouth

    MTLM: Even Mersons going on about it

    Which is a good reason to ignore anything he says when he talks about football.

    Great player to watch, but…. not much else.

  60. Nasri's Mouth

    wenker-wanger: With kroenke and usamanovs money we could outbid almost anyone.

    We could but the circumstances for it happening are pretty much nil 🙁

  61. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    What is strange about jacks injury is that he was / is completely fit ?
    To get a minor snag injury really should concern the club…

    All teams know his ankles are glass so that’s what they will aim for….

  62. Gunner2301

    I did notice Wenger made it about the team against Chelsea saying that they had finally found a way to be at them when in reality it should have been about him against Mourinho because this is a totally different team to when he first faced Mourinho. He’s very sly at covering up his own shortcomings and pushing it onto the team. It would be nice to hear him taking responsibility for once.

  63. ethan_gunner

    wow im rusty and this and WHO THE F … is james ?

    did you get a pop singer in to write the posts now ??

  64. SpanishDave

    Wilshire is the new Diaby, crocked already, next it will be the perennial, Walcott and Ramsey soon to follow. Our British core seems to be very fragile over the past two or three years, hence we cannot make a serious challenge and Fiddler Wenger will not improve the squad.