Arsenal bully Real Madrid with €65m offer + Preview

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YO YO! Good morning and welcome to the 9th odd season we’ve been rolling with this blog!

It feels like this is a big season. Possibly the biggest yet of this digital daily edition. It’s going to be special, you can feel it.

So what does today mean?

Well, it tends to mean nothing. As Mourinho pointed out in classic; ‘he’s so funny because I write quotes that are usually boring’ fashion, we won the Community Shield last summer and finished third in the league.

It’s a weird start to the season. Ideally, you don’t really want to be lining up against the league Champions so early on. It has the potential to derail before you’ve even started the long 38 league slog.

Today feels like it’s vindication for #TeamPosi we’re onto something if we win. It feels like ‘I told you so’ for #TeamYetToBeConvinced if we lose.

Really, the day will be inconclusive either way. But it does show the hunger the side of us. It does give us a clue as to whether there’s continuation of the preparation work that served us so well in the second half of last season. It’ll also give us a sneak peak into the favoured starting line up.

… because for once, we start with a full compliment (roughly, no WELBZ or Sanchez) of players!

The coach is pumped for the season. He’s done what any manager who failed the season before should have done… he canned the holiday.

“I had a few days off, but I spent most of my summer at the training ground,” he said. “Not the whole holiday, but most of it. When I go on the beach I am in the press the next day. Where do you want me to go? So I go to the training ground.”

I mean, it’s a bit sad, but let’s be honest, it was pretty embarrassing last summer after a shit season when he’s playing football on the beach with all the hot babes.

I’m glad he’s focused. I’m glad he’s been working on hatching plans.

You’d imagine Ozil is going to be central to them. The manager says that the German has settled and he’s expecting mega things. I thought Wenger’s comments on London were interesting.

“London transforms people,”

“I believe at the start, people who come here feel a bit of a shock. Why? The climate is different, London is a big city. After, London slowly gets people with the charm of the city and I have seen that many times. They start to really enjoy living in London and the club is the same. Arsenal is similar because the Premier League is a shock sometimes for the players.”

I’d been told that all the Germans love the City. When you live here, you’re kind of unaware of how large the place is compared to most cities. In Madrid, he also had very little anonymity… and possibly not quite the same level of cosmopolitan. Well, you can see why he’d be happy here. We have the best kebabs outside of Istanbul.

I think this point is an important one about the German.

“You can see that people have turned in favour of him recently, they are starting to enjoy his game. You have players like that who are more fluid, more subtle, more slalom than direct. Sometimes with their style it is deceptive as he is quicker than people think he is and works much harder than people think he does.”

He’s a slalom player, the way he moves the ball and his body takes quite a lot of getting used to. The fact that he is prominent without being prominent in the traditional sense of the word means it takes time to understand how he operates. You can’t quite fathom how he does it. He quietly contributes at a spectacular rate.

I think I’m most excited about the race for whatever the assist Golden boot is called. Cesc versus Ozil has a nice ring to it. Feels like 25 could win it this year. Chelsea have a Diego Costa, which gives them an advantage. But we have a dazzling array of forwards, who, if they up their game, could ease the burden of not having world class up top.

There’s a story in AS today about Karim Benzema being hot on our radar.


We’re armed with €65m cash. Apparently Rafa Benitez (according to the same paper) is weighing up a formation that doesn’t contain his star forward. If you take those papers for what they are, club mouthpieces, you’d have to say that sort of story is positive.

How bloody crazy, we’re literally bullying Real Madrid for a player. I love it. Though I have to say, seems a bit far fetched that we’d go €65m for a player who is 27 years old (28 in December). I’d get if he were a few seasons younger. But generally, if a footballer hits ‘peak awesome’ at 29, you’d probably say that a mega fee now would be out of character.

Back to the game today. I’m interested to see how Wenger uses Jack and Aaron today. A front three of Sanchez, Giroud and Chambo would be exciting. However, Sanchez is away. Will will the manager put Aaron Ramsey out wide right like he’s done in big games before? Will he opt for two players pinning the midfield? I mean, it could be Coquelin and Arteta, then a release of pace going forward. Will he play Jack on the left and Chambo on the right? Is there room for Rosicky?

Lots of options. But hopefully the manager has thought about it. To my mind, there would be one thing I’d be thinking about. That John Terry is OLD these days. He’s ripe for the picking. If you can pull out their full back and expose him on his own, that’d be a good route in. I also think the full backs can be vulnerable. There can’t be too much bombing forward from them, because we can kill on the counter.

Interesting point… when John Terry goes, it’s going to be spectacular. Like when Rio lost it.

It’ll be interesting to see how Mourinho deals with us today. They certainly can’t press. And if they wanted to counter our strength, they’d be looking at playing deep and stifling out runs. But we have players like Ozil and Santi who can unpick locks. We have a pretty devastating offering. The only thing we don’t really have is strength through the middle like they do.

Could it be a hatched job day? Brutality from Matic and Costa? It wouldn’t surprise. One thing you can be sure of, the day will be all about spoiler tactics.

It’ll be interesting. Not exciting.

I’m not heading up there today. If you are, enjoy the sun and have an exceptional day out!

P.S. I’m aware that if you’re outside of the UK, you’re being hammered with horrible ads. I’m getting that switched off. Apologies if you’re seeing them.

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  1. Ughelligunner

    i am watching the match again presently. Well done arsenal. You know when neutral fans like man utd starts sporting arsenal because of big mounthing mourinho, you know he has gone too far.

    Gambon tell us about fabregas again. Re today’s match.

  2. MeGunner

    I watched the game today. Magic was NOT better than Coq in THIS game. It’s just pre season so maybe we need to upgrade on Coq. But he played well TODAY

  3. Ughelligunner

    Gambon, by the way re stats comparing matic to coq, when you have ramirez dropping deeper than matic but coq does not have the luxury then passing stats are shrewed a bit. Same with disposing walcot and ramsey off the ball so easily compared to hazard and remy. Like i said i am watching the game again and ivanovic really stopped some of our fantastic moves with deliberate fouls

  4. Ughelligunner

    Starting walcot was rightly tactical since it stopped chelsea backline from moving forward even when they conceded. Giroud coming to a tired defence had them on their toes cos he was strong.

    Falcoa shouldn’t have stayed back in the Epl, i think it is too intense for him.

  5. Ughelligunner

    ramirez only ventured far forward when they had the ball. The guy is a horse. Willian was their best player. I think chamberlain and bellerin allowed too many crosses in.

  6. Ughelligunner

    Coquelin making long passes.

    One thing i really like was our organisation when defending. We would have gotten beating 1-2yrs ago. Chelsea just passed around like us. While we were more like

  7. Nasri's Mouth

    SInce the fuckup against Monaco, we’ve conceded 10 goal in 21 games in all competitions.

    Maybe we do eventually learn those lessons.

  8. Nasri's Mouth

    We weren’t actually that good today.

    Lovely as it is to get a win over Mourinho, (pre-season friendly or not) we didn’t play as well as we have been, or as well as the last game against them, the 0-0.

    But we weren’t really outplayed as Chelsea didn’t play that well either.

  9. Kiyoshi Ito

    We beat Mourinho in one game out of fourteen games against him..In a meaningless match..A darn Community Shield…

    & suddenly we are heralding a new dawn…


    I tell you what…The day Arsene wins a CL Cup,in his 35 years of management & wins a back to back EPL Title…

    I might give him the credit he deserves…

    Until then…Pfft….Jeezing one’s pants over a Community Shield…


  10. Al

    Love it…love people trying to diminish this win. Chelsea and Jose really went for it today so let’s not kid ourselves.

    On top of that you had ex pros telling is how important it is.

    Great win and nice little confidence builder for the team.

  11. Thank you and goodnight


    your right it is a meaningless game except for one person…Mourinho. He hates losing and to lose this unbeaten record to wenger will hurt him and would of still hurt him if it had been a game of tiddlywinks. So might be meaningless to you me and 95% of people….trust me Mourinho is fucking hurting right now. In fact I think if you look into charity/community shield winners over last 15 years, maybe 2-3 winners of it have gone on to win the league that year. And Arsenal have never won the title under wenger whenever we’ve won the charity shield. So really apart from one or 2 on here who believe it heralds a new Dawn, the majority of us are just enjoying the fact that Mr Anti Football Mourinho git beaten by us for once and it’s hurting the twat.

  12. tunnygriffboy

    Was wondering how soon it would be before someone came on and said ” oh, we haven’t beaten Mourinho in fourteen attempts ” It’s boringly predictable. As if anyone who posts here doesn’t know that record. lMao

  13. kwik fit

    No one Heralding a new Dawn. I think we all realise that it is season opener. Both teams are rusty, especially the chavs who played in the states mid week. So no one losing the plot here but its just fucking great to beat Chelsea for a change.

  14. El Tel 1

    The community Shield is meaningless is it. Would this be the same Community Shield the Chavs started including in their trophy count when we were dismissing it not that long ago.

    Very funny.

    Also funny that a so called meaningless game rattled the Special cunt so much and his so called great players.

    Still I suppose it is expected on here for Happy Arsenal fans to get trolled by the usual imposters.

    Another point. If it was so fucking meaningless why did both teams put out strong teams?

    We have been on a roll since the new year. There is progress. A long time coming for sure but we are going in the right direction at last.

    If the usual culprits are Arsenal fans then give fucking credit when it’s due.

  15. Kiyoshi Ito

    Thank You & Goodnight

    But come on..Out of 14 attempts..The law of averages would say at some point Arsene would win at least a game against Mourinho…

    Personally,I would rather it was in a title decider for the EPL Title…

    Or in a CL Final …

    Not in a Community Shield…

    All that said….Let’s see how the season pans out…

    I’m pretty sure as night follows day…We will falter..Either before December,or after December,or during the Easter period..

    That is just the way Arsene rolls…

    He does the bare minimum…

    One of the greatest sides to grsce the Premiership-The Invincibles….

    He sat on his laurels & failed to win the CL & Back-2-Back Titles(EPL)..That too me is a travesty…

    He hasn’t changed much since then…

    Just his usual parsimonious,unambitious,despotic twat..

  16. Thank you and goodnight

    And if as a fan you can’t be happy with the win against filth, then are you really an Arsenal fan?
    Now do it think Arsenal will win the league….nope no chance. But if we don’t but beat the 2 man scum teams, spuds Liverpool and Chelsea…. I’ll still celebrate it as though we have won the league as I hate those scummy teams and their fans.

  17. Ughelligunner

    The match wasn’t taken as a friendly, from both coaches you could see tacticle changes rather than fitness fouls for all the players. Is the maximmum sub not 5 players? The game was really intense like an actual epl game. Last community shield showed about 6 sub from both sides compared to today.

    And from the mourinho’s interviews he didn’t take it as a freindly. Say all you like it wasn’t a freindly for both coaches

  18. Nasri's Mouth

    Kiyoshi: & suddenly we are heralding a new dawn…

    We are ?

    I think you need to laugh your arse back on

  19. Marko

    Honestly is he implying we shouldn’t be celebrating after a victory? Literally no one is going overboard so really what’s the problem

  20. Ughelligunner

    Kiyoshito, i think for the first time i agreed with redtruth today. Arsenal always find it difficult to win chelsea irrespective of mourinho. It is all about the players we had compared to them. We even drew at the emirates against Di mateos chelsea and could’nt win against the remaining coaches and the like.

    Same with united. Liverpool and totenham we just about edge them in quality. And even then it wasn’t easy especially with totenham.

    Like red said if mourinho were westham coach wenger would win 9 out of 10. So stop this silly 1 out of 14 bullshitting.

  21. Byo

    @Kiyoshi Ito-

    If I did not know better, I will tell you to f#$% off.
    Normally, you should not even be engaged by any satient human being on this site.

    It just get tiresome when all you do is spread negativity with every comment! And repetitious too.

    A win is a win is a win! Jeez.

  22. Ughelligunner

    Ok lets do the stats since Abrahamovic bought chelsea what is the overall win ratio versus arsenal irrespective of who is coach?

  23. bennydevito

    Can’t believe some of the whining on here from supposed Arsenal fans. We’ve just beaten Chelsea for the first time in ages and people aren’t happy. The irony though is that had we of lost today those same people would be whining even more!

  24. Relieable sauce

    There must be a CM coming in. Who is Wenger after??

    JW, Arteta, Rosicky & Flamini as reliable squad players…No.

  25. Ughelligunner

    Mourinho had to take away terry so that his defenders can play a very highline to support the midfield and then attack. This was a serious match

  26. Thank you and goodnight


    I agree with you that under wenger IN MY OPINION we won’t win league again. But come on man, it’s lovely to beat that scummy team even if it’s a game of hopscotch. Of course I want to be genuinely challenging for the EPL and the CL. But if we can’t I’d still rather we beat those cunts and lost to palace in truth mate I’m sorry. I fucking detest Chelsea and their fans. As for mourinho even though you can’t knock his achievements… a man he is a detestable CUNT.

  27. Emiratesstroller

    The Community Shield is not a meaningless game as so many critics of Arsenal particularly on Le Grove keep on suggesting.

    Messrs Ferdinand, Hoddle and Wright made it clear in post match interviews that whilst it may not be as important as EPL, FAC and LC it was nevertheless
    part of silverware between League Title Holders and Cup Winners which appears in Club Photos and the players like to win the medals.

    The three interviewed had all won medals during their career.

    The fact is that Arsenal have won both FA Cup and Community Shield in consecutive seasons. We have beaten the last two Title Holders.

    Also the trophy has since the start of 21st Century been won very selectively
    by the 5 clubs who dominate league apart from one occasion by Everton. We
    have now won it 4 times since 2000 and only Manchester United have won it
    more times since then with 6 wins.

  28. Relieable sauce


    Wouldve liked to of seen one already signed with a few games under their belt, its relatively easy position to fill, unless we are after someone special…

    Though your & my idea of special might be different to Arsene’s.

  29. Nasri's Mouth


    With you on that, I think there are some on here that really ought to find a different hobby.

    wearing barb wire underwear for example

  30. Romford Ozil Pele

    NM – I just don’t understand how they can claim to support a team yet get no enjoyment from it. Football is a hobby, if you don’t enjoy it, find something else.

    I come from a background where I’m entitled to nothing. Football, like life, is full of highs and lows. If you only wanna be around for the good times then you’re no better than the Chelsea lot. This isn’t to say that Arsenal can’t do things better from top to bottom, of course we can. But you claim to ‘support’ a club. Try doing a bit more of that.

    Thankfully all the Gooners at Wembley were pulling in one direction. Onwards and upwards, hopefully.

  31. WengersSweeties

    August 2, 2015 17:35:52

    Matic vs Coquelin

    Tackles:Matic: 4 Coquelin: 1Interceptions:Matic: 4
    Coquelin: 3Clearances:Matic: 1
    Coquelin: 2Blocked Shots:Matic: 2
    Coquelin: 0Passes:Matic: 73
    Coquelin: 39Pass Completion:Matic: 85%
    Coquelin: 90%Chances Created:Matic 1:
    Coquelin: 0Dribbles:Matic: 5
    Coquelin: 0Now please note im not saying Coquelin is shit, im not saying Arsenal are the worst team ever,so dont get all childish.Im saying dont let a result fool you into thinking every Arsenal player is in some way imperious,Matic was better today…..

    I am sorry? Where are those stats from?

    I watched the game today and I can tell you with my own eyes I saw Coquelin make more than 1 tackle.

    Also, the very fact that Coquelin didn’t have to block as many shots as Matic is a good thing.

    I am not saying Coquelin is better, don’t get me wrong. But in today’s game he was very good indeed against the very best.

  32. Nasri's Mouth


    It’s the way people find some perverse almost pleasure-like feelings when Arsenal lose, and just disgruntled annoyance when we win.


  33. Leedsgunner

    Meaningless or not it was great to deny Maureen another victory. Although sadly this victory will used to justify no more signings.

  34. Relieable sauce

    We have no reason to fear any PL team when we have minimal injuries & players on form. Chelsea have big issues themselves but are probably still the logical favourites for the title.
    Still 4 weeks to go in the TW to change that.

  35. Ekow Hayoward

    Mourino is a good coach! He buys trophies. He has never developed any player.

    To beat them and see pain in Fabregas’ eyes was great

    Fabregas prefers older women. His girlfriend is 12 years older.

  36. Follow the money

    Been away. It’s good to be back. You know what I found encouraging from today? We looked like a Chelsea under mourinho– smart, unafraid, no defensive or goalkeeping blunders, got a goal, shut up shop and strong on the counter. I like it. We get Benzema and Costa has injuries we could win it this year

  37. Wengaball

    Mourinho sure feels very insecure unless he buys at least two mega players in the TW.

    This year it is all about other teams spending and how chelsea have to ‘try’ with their existing squad.

    Year before last it was his baby horses still learning to walk.

    He sure gets in his excuses early.

  38. Arsene's Nurse

    Irrespective of all the analysis about players doing this or that and comparing them with whomever, there is something different to be taken from today which is encouraging:

    We won.

    Lots of people will say, “so what, it’s only the Community Shield”, however, the win today is important regarding this Arsenal squad for a number of reasons:

    1. It keeps the momentum of winning up in pre-season.
    2. It keeps confidence high, which is extremely important in any sport.
    3. It’s the first win against a Mourinho’s Chelsea side.
    4. All of the above give us a boost psychologically .

    There was a distinct difference in the behaviour between both managers today post game.

    Mourinho was obviously a bit pissed off. His pseudo-sportsmanship of shaking every Arsenal player’s hand and then throwing his runners up medal into the crowd was an act of a man who is confronted with a result that he acknowledges, but is unhappy with. That will spur him on, because like him or loathe him he’s a winner. He knows that we are contenders and will plan accordingly.

    Contrast that with Wenger, who was in my opinion, the most buoyant, easy and outgoing I’ve ever seen him. Post match he was even joking with the BT Sport quartet. Unheard of.

    We still need that striker position to be upgraded, but the pre-season preparation looks to be going very well.

    It’s going to be a fascinating season and perhaps one of the better ones.

  39. Bamford10

    Neither Giroud nor Walcott can score goals like this one that Benteke scored today for Liverpool. A proper and exciting CF, unlike our two.

    Nothing impressive in today’s performance whatsoever, save one: Petr Cech. Cech is class and made a number of very good saves. Great to have him at Arsenal.

    However, truth remains that without similar class at CF and in central midfield, we will do nothing of note in the EPL and CL — yet again.

    Certain people here can criticize me for saying this repeatedly, but the above happens to be both (i) the most important thing to note about the current Arsenal team and (ii) true.

  40. MadeToLoveMagic


    We have Ozil Ramsey Cazorla and wilshere centre mid, that’s arguably stronger than any other team in the league..

    Dm is where we are light…..

    I can’t believe you would think that aside Cech there was nothing positive from today………

    You probably think you are being realistic.

    I’d say you are being totally blind…

    We over came a big hoodoo today. We were well organised , resolute. There were some very good performances across the pitch from us…

    and I’m not including cech in that!

  41. Relieable sauce


    Around £35m pa I think but I dont know how long it runs for or the effect of the stadium naming rights deal.

  42. Bamford10


    I include the CDM (central defensive midfield) in what I call “central midfield”.

    And Chelsea’s central midfield is better than ours — in part because Matic is a more complete CDM than Coquelin, but also because theirs is better organized, more balanced, more rational.

    Which is not to say their central midfield is all that. They’ll still get bettered in Europe, but they’re also still better than us.

  43. El Tel 1

    Bumford of the Chavski

    Bout time you went elsewhere son.

    Gironde has scored some great goals for the Arsenal. I haven’t seen Bentekes effort and not to bothered that I haven’t.

    Wonder if Benteke can run the length of the pitch and score as Walcott did against his new team a few years ago.

    Gironde score a goal in the Cup final last May when your Man Benteke didn’t have a sniff.

    I can understand if you were comparing Suarez,Benzema,Lewandowski with Giroud but Benteke?

    You just can’t enjoy any Arsenal win can you.

    Your God Moaninhio got beat tactically today too, from a man who doesn’t do tactics.

    Ha Ha Ha.

    Cheer up.

  44. MadeToLoveMagic

    More rational? Dude their not gonna be debating philosophical standpoints so I wouldn’t worry…..

    They certainly have more steel with Matic and willian, but more creativity? Don’t think so. They have Cesc and at a stretch maybe Hazard if he can make the transition to CM..

    I’d say over all we are as good as them in midfield and on the wings….

    Remy looked shite. Falcao could bomb like last year. Costa maybe perma crock….

    They are not that much better than us and today would have helped the players confidence wise

    Don’t get why you have to be so blindly negative…….

    Yes we need a striker and my heart sinks at the thought of a broken coq but still…….

    Today was a good day..

  45. El Tel 1

    Matic is a dirty player who gets away with fouls. In fact the Chav players are all dirty slags.

    That rake on Cazorlas Achilles didn’t even get a free kick.

    Coquelin got booked and gave away a free kick even though he was in front of the player he supposedly fouled. Hilarious.

  46. El Tel 1

    Czech was the MOtM says Bumford. Was this the Cech who had one save to make?

    Or was it because he was one of your former favorites.

    Love the player and his calmness in our goal but he had little to do today.

    Courtoise on the other hand had two very good saves from Cazorlas and Gibbs who both should have scored.

    Giroud also could have done better with one of his efforts.

    For all those saying Chavski were the better side. I saw 4 missed chances by to their 2

  47. El Tel 1


    I agree, we do need another DM. I also agree,that Le Coq will get booked frequently. He plays for Arsenal so par for the course.

    Samper, one of the Benders, Carvalho,McCarthy even Basquets.

    With Willshere injured again, Wenger has to buy.

    What If Willshere is off and Wenger rested him because of this?

  48. El Tel 1

    I could really see Kosser as a great DM. He reads the game brilliantly.

    Stick Gabbi next to Per with Kosser as shield.

  49. MadeToLoveMagic

    Lol El Tel

    I reckon we’d have to offer 80 mil for busquets to even turn their heads

    Samper for me is the one we should be after… Gustavo? What happened to him?

    Yeah I wonder what Wilsheres Injury is …….

    He is 100 percent the reason wenger wont buy a dm…

  50. El Tel 1


    Agree Basquets is not going to be feasible, there are rumors though and that’s why I suggested him.

    I think Wenger will buy a decent DM along with a striker and a winger. We clearly lack a classy winger.

  51. MadeToLoveMagic


    Yeah those rumours were crazy,, surely Barca would never sell,,,,

    Kozz at DM could certainly work in certain games…….. people spoke about Chambers too being an option against shitter teams….

    All i know is if coq gets injured there will be headaches

  52. El Tel 1

    Cazorla can then play a bit further forward. Ball retention will improve along with closing down higher up the pitch.

    Willshere to Citeh, with Reus or Draxler,coming our way.

    Ramsey for Basquets.


    Job done.

    By the way this is just a dream.

  53. El Tel 1












    EPL and CL contenders

  54. El Tel 1

    Lose Ramsey and Willshere for Basquets and Reus.

    Willshere to Citeh. £45 million ( Sterling comparison)

    Ramsey plus £10 million for Basqets

    Reus for £ 35 million.

    Cost will be zero

    Benzema £45million

    Total cost £ 45 million

    Go crazy and sign Draxler too for £20 million


  55. El Tel 1

    I think Moaninhio has eyes for the Ox.

    Wouldn’t want him to go anywhere as he will be Arsenal and England’s best player in the next decade.

  56. Marko

    It does kind of speak volumes of olde Bamford when he comes on and talks about how great a goal Benteke scored and how shite our strikers are and never mentions how good Oxlade Chamberlain’s goal was today. I suppose that would of been something positive and we can’t be having that

  57. tunnygriffboy


    That Benteke goal is just one

    Only positive was Cech ! And you genuinely believe you are being objective ? Your opinions are so concrete that all you can see are things that back up your opinion. You do not see any grey so how can you be objective.

    As Romford said , he can’t understand any supporter who won’t enjoy today. Watcyhing match of the day today and all the pundits agreed we deserved to win and were the better side. Ditto Rio, and Glenn Hoddle on BT sport earlier. We looked really assured defending second half and bar the Hazard miss they created nothing. On the other hand on the counter we had a few chances to kill it off.

    Hey ho though it seems to depress you when we win so I’ll let you wallow in it.

  58. Relieable sauce

    Does no-one else think we should be competing with Chelsea for the signing of Stones?

    I think if he is sold for £30m it will soon be considered a bit of a bargain, I’d go as far as 40 to sign him.

    £200 bank balance, why not bid for him? especially if we cant sign a WC CF.
    He is a terrific CB prospect & already plays at a high level at CB & RB, ball playing CB, good stature & speed, reads the game well & seems intelligent. 20/21 yo who could serve us well for 10yrs or more.
    Having Gabriel & Chambers already should not be used as an excuse to not go for proven talent, especially in one so young & in such a key position.

    There will be better value elsewhere but Stones is less risky, he is a class young centre back & is currently as good as most of our CBs & potentially a marked upgrade. Well worthy of being this seasons marquee signing imo.

  59. Arsene's Nurse

    El Tel 1
    August 2, 2015 23:01:17

    I could really see Kosser as a great DM. He reads the game brilliantly.

    Stick Gabbi next to Per with Kosser as shield.
    Is there a facepalm big enough to counter such a ludicrous comment? Honestly I despair at such times.

    Give your head a wobble.

  60. tunnygriffboy

    Reliable Sauce

    I like Stones but he’s not top 4 level yet and at £35 millionwe have more pressing needs. Plus we hav Chambers who is a couple of years younger. Essentially we would be spending all that money for a player to do what Chambers does.

    Ps. Cech made one good save from a free kick and a catch from Zouma’s header. Hardly over worked.

  61. Ozy

    Why does anybody even listen to Bamford? Who honestly cares what he has to say?

    Bamford, if you’ll never be satisfied unless we absolutely crush our opposition every single game, go follow Barcelona or something. You are so boring.

  62. Relieable sauce


    You dont think Stones is top 4 but Chambers & Paulista are?

    I would imagine Stones’ stats even stack up quite well against Mert.

  63. Sam

    Why would Arsenal pay 45millions for a Real Madrid reject?

    Reus and Draxler?

    Try Chamberlain and Gnabry


  64. Sam

    If we sign Reus and Draxler we would have to allow them time to adjust n we cannot risk it in a season we are desperately hoping to pick up points early.
    Reus’s premiership nightmare would have began tonight against Mourinho’s thugs.
    They are not bad players but Chamberlain n Gnabry are already built for premiership, signing some lightweight twats to take their places would be really stupid

  65. Bamford10


    I complimented Ox on his goal in real time. See above, and keep up.

    What else did he do today, though? Just curious.

    I like Ox. Indeed I’ve defended him against dipshits like Ozy who once told Le Grove that Ox was useless and that he wanted him nowhere near the field. However, like every Arsenal player bar Cech, Coq and Giroud, Ox was fairly quiet today. Scored a great goal, yes, but did little else. This in part down to fact that Chelsea dominated, something some here seem incapable of admitting.

    That’s fine. I’ll be the honest one.

  66. Kiyoshi Ito

    Nasri’s MouthAugust 2, 2015 20:24:14
    @RPWith you on that, I think there are some on here that really ought to find a different hobby.wearing barb wire underwear for example



    You have got some cheek..Real audacity…

    On here 24/7-365 days a week for 5 years..

    And for all your so called knowledge…

    You say Drogba,only had one good season in the EPL,in his first stint…

    And then say,no one knew Suarez would be so good in the year he got sold to Barcelona…

    Honestly mate..You are so full of shit , it’s fornicating unbelievable…

    Talk about self awareness…

  67. Kiyoshi Ito

    Arsene’s Nurse
    It’s going to be a fascinating season and perhaps one of the better ones.

    It’s going to be the same shit feast season under Arsene…

    Fluctuate b/w 3rd and 4th….& maybe a FAC to throw in…

  68. Jeff

    Another duck was broken yesterday and it had to be. I thought we played well enough and defended well enough to deserve the win. Ox’s goal was absolutely brilliant though I thought Cazorla, Giroud and Gibbs all missed reasonable chances to bury any hope Chelsea might have had.

    The handshake debacle was extremely funny. First Wenger walks into the tunnel (or away) to avoid Mourinho. Then he comes out to be interviewed and to get his medal. Mourinho then traps Wenger at the bottom of the stairs and thankfully the camera stayed on the shot to see what would happen. It was so funny – it was like a husband and wife in the kitchen after a nasty row. I laughed and laughed till I could laugh no more.

  69. mysticleaves

    at least Red truth makes people laugh. with Bamford, Steve, Ito and the others, it’s just plain annoying at the level of ignorance and lack if objectivity they operate.

    Bamford last season and the previous ones you were on about how Arsenal couldn’t do tactics to beat top teams, now we do it and beat your “almighty” chelsea and no one did nothing of note? how brainless?

    what gets you satisfied about football? let alone Arsenal? am beginning to believe Le prof could actually be right about you.

  70. Emiratesstroller


    The result yesterday was more important than the performance.

    Bluntly there are a number of posters who seem to have a “death wish” every time we play and you get the impression that when we play well the result does not matter and when we lose we are awful.

    The only negative from yesterday’s performance is that we do need to recruit
    at least one more physically strong midfielder to replace the likes of Arteta and Flamini on our books.

    This is not so much to replace Coquelin as so many of the critics often suggest, but to cope perhaps better in situations where we do play “physically powerful”
    teams like Chelsea.

    Sometimes you need to operate in games where the requirement is more brawn and less technique. That has been our weakness in the past in critical games.

  71. mysticleaves

    meaningless game eh? Tell that to those ecstatic boys there. this game is “the super cup” in every other league and there’s even a uefa one. only Arsenal haters like Bamford and gang (Bamford is now CLEARLY the leader as Gambon is now very very objective) will try to tell us why we shouldn’t celebrate a super cup win against Chelsea

  72. Wallace


    “Nothing impressive in today’s performance whatsoever,”

    i used to think you were a fan, albeit a pretty stupid one, but these days it seems like you get more joy out of being provocative than anything. and while that’s fun occassionally, it’s kinda tiresome in the long run.

    as Ozy suggests, i think people will soon realise you’re just baiting them and will stop reacting to your trolling.

  73. Wallace

    “Despite the lack of chances, Mourinho believes his team played the better football. “The best team lost. And the defensive team won,” he said.”


  74. Emiratesstroller

    Bamford and others attach no importance to Community Shield, but seem to forget that it is one of four trophies open to the top teams in England. We have won
    4 Trophies in last 2 years.

    Also one of the main criticisms of Arsenal is that we NEVER beat the top teams. Well our performance against them is getting better even if we need still to beat them more consistently in the EPL.

  75. Nasri's Mouth


    Bamford really doesn’t get football at all.

    Talking about Benteke’s goal.

    Clueless, absolutely clueless

  76. Nasri's Mouth

    I recorded the game, and watched some of it back, (yeah thanks son for getting me up at some really stupid time!) and the comments about the pitch were interesting. Long grass, too dry, both managers talked about it apparently.

    Makes sense the way both sides played I thought. We should be slicker next week

  77. Wallace

    “Walcott had made his only meaningful contribution to the afternoon, although he did still make ripples while on the face of it doing very little. When Chelsea were attacking Gary Cahill stood off him a full 20 yards, an opposition defence rejigged by the threat of speed….Walcott is a more creative, less linear player than, say, Owen ever was, just as centre-forward is a more mutable, less precisely defined position these days. He remains a lovely mover, can finish and represents one of the less funky positional rejigs of a period that has seen players such as Cesc Fàbregas, Thomas Müller, Raheem Sterling, André Schürrle and many others all get a go as post-modern No9s. Why not a player who scored 21 goals in his last full, injury-free season two years ago?

    Perhaps with Walcott at centre-forward Wenger might be hoping for another stroke of well-timed good fortune, just as he managed to fish out Francis Coquelin from down the back of the sofa when he wasn’t really looking for him and discover almost by accident that Héctor Bellerín is already the best attacking right-back in the league. Similarly Walcott may not be Mr Right – or Mr Benzema, or Mr Lewandowski – but he is Mr Right There Already, a player of extreme if uneven attacking strengths who may just be about to get his chance.”

    – Barney Ronay

  78. Emiratesstroller

    When you analyse all competitions open to English Clubs the trophies won by
    them since 2000 in order of importance are:

    1. Champions League [only Man Utd,Chelsea and Liverpool have won it]
    2. Premier League [only Man Utd,Chelsea,Arsenal and Man City have won it]
    3. Community Shield [only Man Utd,Arsenal,Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City]
    4. FA Cup [only Portsmouth and Wigan outside major clubs have won it]
    5. Football League Cup. Weakest competition by a mile. Leicester City have
    won it twice since 2000 and the likes of Blackburn and Middlesburgh as well
    not to mention our neighbours Spurs!

  79. Emiratesstroller


    Apart from assist where Ox scored Walcott’s contribution to game was actually minimal.

    Personally I agree with the analysts that it would have been better to start with
    Giroud and brought Walcott on for last 20 minutes when opposition is beginning to tire and space was opening up. I suspect that had Walcott been playing
    instead of Gibbs towards end of game we might have scored a second goal.

  80. Dark Hei

    I was pretty happy after the win. Wanted to come on to Le Grove for some high-fives and back slaps.

    And then I saw some wet diapers tossed around.

    Sad, really sad. It is just a community shield but you need to have $hit running through your veins if you don’t find this win, absolutely and utterly enjoyable.

  81. Insomnia

    How can I put this – so much to say so little time:
    Ox’s goal
    Terry’s disappointed little racist face
    How organised and resilient we were
    End of the hoodoo
    And last but not least the face like a slapped arse on the gloriously put out, psychologically warped poison dwarf – Jose “fuck off” Mourinho.

  82. Nasri's Mouth

    Walcott did seem to push the Chelsea defence back, but without Santi in the middle to control possession, he probably wasn’t as effective as you’d hope he could be.

    I was pleased when Giroud came on, made a big improvement at that time

  83. mysticleaves

    ES, Wallace

    you do know that NO STRIKER, not even Messi, Nd certainly not Benzema can always shine or do buzz around in all games? some days are anonymous for strikers.

    what I like about Theo these days is that he makes his “anonymousity” count these a poor man’s CR7. I mean he still got the assist for yesterday…

  84. Swiss guns

    Loving an Arsenal win, and Mourinho’s attitude and words after were like cool rain falling in the desert, absolutely soul-lifting!
    Only downer was having to work harder than I wanted to during the game!

  85. Leedsgunner


    I personally would rank an FA Cup over a Community Shield — a win is a win however… and so we should be pleased with that.

    If Di Maria goes will this be the first domino that kicks off the big moves?

    Di Maria –> PSG
    Pedro –> Man Utd (to replace Di Maria)

    What other big moves are in the offing I wonder…

  86. Emiratesstroller


    I would do as well, but the Community Shield is traditionally played between
    EPL Title Holder and FA Cup Winner so it is more exclusive.

    However the main point I have made is that Arsenal have won FOUR TROPHIES in las 2 years. Man City and Chelsea have won two trophies and Man United and Liverpool none.

    So when people denigrate what Arsenal have achieved including some posters
    here they should look at the facts and not their personal agendas.

    Ideally I would like to see us win the EPL this year, but I do think that Wenger
    needs either to bring in a quality Defensive Midfielder or Striker. My preference would be the first to replace Flamini and/or Arteta because I don’t think
    that we will find it easy to buy a top ranked striker this summer.

  87. Joe Mutonga

    I just can’t fathom how an Arsenal fan can moan after we beat Maureen at his own game. We parked the bus at times (something Wenger stated during his post-match conference) and let them pass the ball around (something we usually do) …and won!! be happy, people!

  88. Wallace


    “Barney Ronay is superb. The guy can write”

    yeah, he’s one of my favourites. he’s also developed a slightly strange obsession with running Cesc down any chance he gets. something i find a lot funnier these days than i might have previously 🙂

  89. vicky

    1. Koscieleny is the BOSS. What an amazing player. For me, he is as important to us as Sanchez and Cazorla.

    2. Le Coq ,as expected , is improving day by day. You can see his passing is getting better.

    3. Petr Cech has already made a difference to our team. Calmness, control, presence, leadership and skills. Amazing buy !!!

    4. We desperately need a striker, Yesterday our lack of potency in striking department was apparent again.

    5. We could do with one more physically strong and athletic CDM against big boys like Chelsea. Bite from our midfield was missing.

    6. Great goal from Ox. Hopefully he keeps fit and adds goals to his game. Has got all the key gradients to become a great player.

    7. Great to see we can beat Chelsea to their game. Our defensive shape and collective effort to defend is a great new facet that we have added to our game.

    8. Mourinho is a cunt. Always has been and always will be.

  90. gambon

    “4. We desperately need a striker, Yesterday our lack of potency in striking department was apparent again.”

    his is so true.

    We are so average upfront its horrible.

    The fact that we are going into the new season with no new outfield players is worrying.

    We werent good enough last season, yet we are obviously expecting to be this time.

  91. gambon

    “However the main point I have made is that Arsenal have won FOUR TROPHIES in las 2 years.”

    Not sure how you work this out.

    FA Cup 2014
    FA Cup 2015

    Thats not 4 trophies.

  92. Nasri's Mouth

    gambon: We werent good enough last season, yet we are obviously expecting to be this time.

    We missed Giroud for a large chunk of the season, Walcott for most of the season, Ozil for some of it too, and I think most people are expecting Ox to score more this season, so I think there’s reasonable expectation that we’ll be scoring more goals this season

  93. gambon

    Nasris Mouth

    But Walcott and Giroud arent good enough, so i dont agree that its important how much they missed.

    Neither are remotely top class, and Theo especially just cannot play through the middle.

  94. Nasri's Mouth


    I think Walcott can play through the middle against some teams. Certainly didn’t work very well yesterday, but I doubt we’ll be up against stronger, bigger, more organised defences than Chelsea.

    And of course, missing your 2 of your top goal scorers is going to hinder you.

  95. Logie Bear

    First time poster on here but have been reading the blog for several seasons.
    Vicky – great points, agree fully.
    Was at the game yesterday. Theo didn’t get much service but he won’t be playing against that sort of defence every week

  96. vicky

    Also get the feeling Mertesacker is prone to switching off at certain moments. There were at least two such moments yesterday. Don’t exactly remember the detail but one such lapse in concentration resulted in a good cross from the left side and Chelsea nearly scored.

  97. MeGunner

    For a manager that doesn’t do tactics at all, that win was commendable for Web. And before someone says it’s just a friendly, you all said Mou is a winner. Hates losing, that’s why Wenger can never beat him.

    Seriously though, seeing out the game in the second half against a team like Chelsea was nice to see.

    Gambon, what’s your take on Bellerin vs Debuchy. Apologies if you have expressed it before

  98. gambon

    Nasris Mouth

    I think there are specific circumstances where it can work, especially when we are ahead and the other team have to chase the game.

    I also think that Theo and Sanchez in the same team just wont work.

    However by giving him a huge new contract hes kind of backed himself into a corner.

    I have a horrible feeling we are going to see Wengers “get all my favourites into one unbalanced team” methodology again this season.

    Expect to see Giroud, Walcott, Sanchez, Cazorla, Ozil all in the same XI, which just wouldnt work over 38 games.

  99. gambon

    For me Debuchy is a better player probably, however Bellerin has a higher ceiling.

    Bellerin has done very well since he came in so should probably keep his place. Our defence is very experienced so can easily keep a 20 year old in there without too much worry.

  100. Gunner2301

    Good result yesterday more so for Wenger and the players who now have the confidence they can beat Chelsea and Mourinho. It should stand us in good stead for the forthcoming season. We still need one or two additions (and a new manager lol) to compete for the title.

    Pedro great news about the ads they were doing my fucking head in and I’m in the UK.

  101. goonerboy

    Possession of the ball is not the same as control- otherwise the team with more possession always wins- yet the opposite is often the case- Chelsea’s possession , superior size and strength was mainly neutralised and they lost- get it Redtruth – they lost- your view about a serious lack of quality is simply wrong.