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Ok, ok. So maybe I don’t have the exclusive I need. I have a story though. But the story needs a bit of help. I haven’t got that help yet.

So forget I ever said anything, yah get me?

The hype today is all about Benzema.

Rafa told the Frenchman he wanted him to stay. The Frenchman told all suitors he wanted to stay.

Now he’s not getting games.

Now the doubts must be creeping in.

Could Arsenal be ready to make another raid on Madrid?

This has all the hallmarks of the Ozil story. He wanted to stay. Then he was told to go.

Trouble here is the merry-go-round needs someone to move first. I’d guess Rafa has someone in mind who is also at a big club. But who sells first and risks not being able to bring in someone amazing?

It’ll happen. Nothing particularly grotesque has happened so far in this window. Bar Sterling, which to be honest, really doesn’t look like a bad move considering his age and talent.

We’re pining or summer on Karim. Feels a bit weak, but if our aim is to indulge at the highest level, we don’t really have many choices.

Imagine though? He’s the most perfect choice. Unselfish. Powerful. Fast. Stunning in front of goal. French.

Laissons le passé au passé.. #rip #directionturfu

A photo posted by Karim Benzema (@karimbenzema) on


He also followed an Arsenal account on Instagram.


Obviously he’s coming.

Anyway, even if he doesn’t, at least Arsenal fans are having fun.

In other news, Abou Diaby changed his mind about joining WBA and instead landed a move to Marseille. A much tidier move. Though it would have been easy to understand if he’d opted to prove himself under Tony Pulis.

Had some heated discussion at my Dad’s Arsenal themed birthday party (I put on his Arsenal shirt for a laugh, took a call and someone recognised me. Like being caught smoking by Google Maps). The jist was we’re a DM away from dominance.

Now, I get this. I’d have loved a Schneiderlin or a Schweinsteiger. But I think we’re strong without. I don’t see many options out there for us at the moment, but regardless, we’ll still be challenging.

I honestly think we’d be better off signing a young player in that role. Coquelin is our number one there. I think he’ll be exceptional this season. I also find it hard to believe Wenger has Jack Wilshere in mind as the back up for Ozil this season? Doesn’t make sense. I’m sure he’ll rotate with Coquelin.

That, or Wenger will run him into the ground!

Right, that’s me done… keep dreamin’ until you’re woken up by the Chamakh like reality kissing your transfer dreamed neck.

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  1. Lee


    I’m not going to dignify this by arguing with you
    Like I said
    A wind up is what it is
    Insulting people’s children is a new low on this site.
    If you truly believe your comments are acceptable then I pity your family

  2. NewCoArsenal PLC

    @ Nasri’s Mouth

    You say Arsenal play a high pressing game, I’m not sure I agree.
    Sure Wenger has tried to imitate Barcelona, who really implement the pressing game. They are industrious, like drone bees, and usually get the ball back quickly. But more than this, their possession has purpose.
    Arsenal have carried too many lazy mercenaries in recent years, they have nowhere near the same industry as Barcelona. Sometimes industry can compensate for a lack of talent, but if you haven’t got either you’re doomed to failure.
    Arsenal have been very brittle and naive in most of the acid-test games and have often looked a million miles from where their opponents are at. That yawning chasm may have closed a little, but not significantly.
    This is shown in it’s proper perspective in the trophy count.

  3. Sancho Monzorla


    No, you’re not going to dignify this by responding because you plainly have nothing to say. And is that pity really from you or one of your other fake accounts? Just so I can keep track.

    It’s easy to play the moral high ground when you have no factual response to provide. You may be telling the truth, but that makes you even more pathetic because you at least had stupidity as an excuse previously.

    Now run along.

  4. Nasri's Mouth

    Lee: Insulting people’s children is a new low on this site.

    1) it probably isn’t a new low on here


    2) I’m not sure he did insult them, he just said he didn’t believe in yours being autistic.

  5. Dan Ahern

    Well according to his quote he said Lee writes like a 12-year-old with Down’s. So he’s not insulting any children, he’s just insulting Lee. (Unless Lee is a child.)

  6. Nasri's Mouth


    The pressing game is a relatively new tactic. It’s been refined over the season.

    I’d say it’s looking pretty good, and we have the personnel for it.

  7. Lee

    What do you want me to say? Do you want me to get angry?
    You went too far
    Way too fucking far
    What factual response do you require?

  8. Leedsgunner

    “Jorge Bird has reported there might be a keeper coming in with Bielik that would be 9 players.I doubt that’s ever happened before”

    Golden Opportunity to create a Virtuous Cycle

    Talented youth come to the club –> Get to play with World Class (“WC”) pros like Özil and Sanchez –> Talented Youth get better and graduate into good players and hopefully WC professionals –> which frees money for the club to buy WC pros in positions that we lack in –> WC pros attract trophies –> Trophies attract WC players –> WC players attract talented youth etc.

    In other words to keep the talented youth coming we must spend money in WC pros in positions we lack in and in order for our talented youth to learn from.

  9. bennydevito

    To be fair to Sancho, I think what he said was meant to be a throwaway analogy, not meaning to cause direct offence to Lee’s child.?

  10. Sancho Monzorla


    I wasn’t even the one who made the comparison first, that quote was from a poster named steve. And yes, no one is insulting disabled children!

    Thank god some sensible people came by who understand what context is.

  11. Sancho Monzorla


    “What factual response do you require?”

    If you’re lying, then stop

    If you’re not lying, don’t be the kind of person that uses your disabled child to gain leverage on a football blog conversation. And stop being an unintelligible cunt in general.

    End of.

  12. bennydevito

    But that still doesn’t mean Lee shouldn’t be offended .. but that’s the trouble with this type of communication: no body language, tone of voice, hand gestures and eye contact. Apparently speech is only about 10% of communication or something like that.

  13. Leedsgunner

    All the money that we save in developing our own youth should be spent on strengthening in those positions where we are lacking. If we get 2 or 3 youth that come good that should free more than enough money to buy WC players to inspire and attract them.

  14. nasri's mouth


    I’d say the problem with this type of this conversation is you have no idea who someone is.

    Lee may be someone who owns his own business, has multiple children, the oldest of which is severely autistic, have his owb house with a 100m * 60m garden that he bought outright and a model girlfriend


    Hes someone who runs a small business from a much smaller 3 bed semi that he rents, doesn’t have a model girlfriend and doesn’t have a severely autistic child.

    Who knows?

    I’d say he’s right about his age though

  15. Dan Ahern

    We do a pretty good job attracting kids with money and potential playing time.

    Agree we need to buy top talent though. If youth players want those spots they must be earned.

  16. Lee


    You couldn’t hold your hands up you little creep. Now I’m done. I gave you my e mail
    Be a man and mail me
    Let’s meet somewhere so I can pulverise you.
    You skittish little cunt
    You would shit your panties
    Come on. Full of mouth behind your keyboard
    You want to find out weather or not I’m offended??? Take the step and be a man.
    You hateful little coward

  17. Sancho Monzorla


    You have nothing else to offer in regards to what I’ve said about you, so you result to threats that you know won’t lead anywhere. Yeah sounds about right.

    I was starting to doubt myself for just a moment there, but nah, you are definitely a lying cunt.

  18. Samesong

    Threats on blog now REALLY!

    I remember when someone posted their address online to meet up with a blogger lol

    calm your skin Lee no need to get angry ; )

  19. Lee


    What you said was personally offensive
    I want to knock you out. You’re correct it won’t happen
    You’ll slither around behind your keyboard
    Don’t expect me to be happy about your personal attack

  20. Sancho Monzorla


    I intended every word of it to be offensive, personally offensive, based on the caveat that you are full of shit. Thanks for confirming my efforts weren’t for naught, your existence wasn’t completely meaningless today for a change.

  21. nasri's mouth


    Making jokes about disabled kids isn’t funny, but you over reacted.

    Anyway should Sancho want to, he can very easily find your address and you two can discuss it on your doorstep

    Or instead it wouldn’t take him too much more work to find out about your child or whether you do indeed own the house.

    Then the pair of you wouldn’t need to bang on about it

  22. Dissenter

    “Threats on blog now REALLY!I remember when someone posted their address online to meet up with a blogger lolcalm your skin Lee no need to get angry ”

    I recall that incident very well. That still makes me chuckle.

    That said, sometimes we all need to just step away from the keyboard to clear our heads.

  23. NewCoArsenal PLC

    @ Nasri’s Mouth

    It’s not a new tactic, it was utilised by Rinus Michel’s Holland when they played their ‘total football’ during the 1970’s. Johann Cruyff took it from Ajax to Barcelona, who after coaching them to their first European Cup, over-hauled their whole youth academy.
    It’s not just about having the personnel, it’s being able to apply it when needed.
    Arsenal’s main problem since moving to The Emirates is that they haven’t had a game-changer who bosses the midfield. And as we speak, the left side still hasn’t been resolved, which has been a problem since we lost Robert Pires in 2006.
    There is room for optimism, the Cech signing is the most significant statement since Sol Campbell, and Sanchez is immense, but as is always the way at Arsenal, we are a few players short of joining the elite.

  24. Sancho Monzorla


    Seriously man, all this energy you’re devoting in trying to set up a date with me, apply that to your eldest child.

    I sincerely hope you are a liar, because if you’re not, your child has a piece of shit father who’d rather fight strangers on the internet than spend time with his autistic offspring.

  25. Biggus

    Hmm we used to talk about Arsenal..

    Lee, no need to take it to heart. He doesn’t know you and you don’t know him. Let it be and focus on talking about Arsenal.

  26. karim

    ” Anyway should Sancho want to, he can very easily find your address and you two can discuss it on your doorstep ”

    Isn’t the Interweb wonderful ?

  27. slade

    “Anyone from Toronto on here? Any good tips of where to watch Arsenal games?”

    Yeah, over at Lee’s house…good times..

  28. tunnygriffboy

    I never really liked the Gallagher brothers, the brit pop thing or Oasis, plagaristic b.stards. Like Noel Gallagher even less now though he can sometimes be quite witty re footy.

    He’s on Andy Goldstein show talking football. Big Man City fan. Goldstein bumming him something chronic. Had the following cliches to say about our great club

    Cech will not be saving us 15 points behind our rubbish defence. He’ll be made to look average after being behind Chelsea’s defence. Noel get your facts right before you spout off

    Arsenal need a striker. Why doesn’t Wenger just get one. Goldstein pipes up yeah he should just get one. The reason he’s not got one Goldstein is the same reason why your beloved man u haven’t bought one

    Jack Wilshere isn’t an athlete he smokes and drinks to much

    Ozil’s rubbish and lazy

    Pah old cliche bollox. I’d love it if we did by chance win the league just to shut buffoon like him up. Arrogant

  29. Bamford10


    You’re fine. Ignore Lee.


    “Giroud is streets ahead of Costa though.”

    Ban-worthy idiocy, Tunny. Seriously.

    Wash your mouth out and apologize to Le Grove for this nonsense.

  30. bennydevito

    Looks like the Benzema and Reus rumours have died a death. Benzema training in Sganghai and stories circulating that Reus has commissioned his future to Dortmund.

    I personally feel we were never in for them anyway. I think Wenger thinks we’re sorted and will use the Emirates cup kids as backup over the season.

  31. Wengaball


    The world is quite certain we are in for Benzema. And even willing to pay what it takes.

    That one does not depend on us. The first piece needs to move before the dominoes fall. That first piece could be Reus to RM if Borusia agree.

    Till then it’s a matter not in Arsenal’s control.

  32. Sam


    Walcott will be used in the middle this season, also a crucial one for Welbeck and Giroud still with us.
    As long as we still have this 3 guys Wenger won’t bring in any new striker.
    I think Le grove should be named Le tease for teasing us all summer about players Wenger not even interested in signing.
    Benzema rumours might be credible but this Marco Reus dude, wenger will never sign him

  33. bennydevito

    Wengaball, Sam,

    For me, signing Cech and a top midfielder to compliment Coquelin would of done for me. I think Giroud, Wellbeck, Sanchez and Walcott are pretty good forward options, plus if you chuck in Akppm and Adelaide too I think we’re OK.

    However, IF a big name becomes available who would improve on either Giroud, Wellbeck and Walcott, we should be ruthless and go for it.

  34. Sam

    Wenger decided to keep Arteta n Flamini instead of buying someone better I don’t really expect him to get rid of Welbeck n Giroud.

    Well the window still opened, there is still hope

  35. Sam


    Gnabry should be ahead of Adelaide
    Adelaide should be in the youth team for at least a year n learn how to defend

  36. Nasri's Mouth

    NewcoArsenal PLC: t’s not a new tactic, it was utilised by Rinus Michel’s Holland when they played their ‘total football’ during the 1970’s. Johann Cruyff took it from Ajax to Barcelona, who after coaching them to their first European Cup, over-hauled their whole youth academy.

    Thanks for the history lesson, I meant it’s a new tactic for US.

    13/14 we ended up playing a deeper style of play. Defending then breaking. Since then WE’VE moved to a higher pressing game.

  37. Biggus

    I have a feeling we might still get someone in the last minute bargain. If you think about it, the top clubs are all playing transfer poker this pre-season.

    All it takes is for someone to fold and we might react.

    Oh and those counting Adelaide in the first team should be ashamed of themselves; he did good but he needs to be integrated into the youth system to learn the arsenal way and maybe get a few run outs in the cup.

  38. Biggus

    Just had a cheeky thought. Wouldn’t it be nice if Rafa wants to get back on Maureen by selling us Benz? 🙂

    I know it’s fantasy but won’t that be just

  39. gambon

    Oh Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee

    Oh dear oh dear, what have you done.

    I have a feeling today will be your last day on LeGrove for ever.

    You are busted pal.

  40. bennydevito


    I wasn’t calling for Adelaide to be in the first team, I said backup.


    Have you gone over last night’s comments? Was a bit of a horror show! Lee was calling you names, got a bit back, then boom! Off it went.

    Was better than Jeremy Kyle!

  41. Leedsgunner

    “Oh and those counting Adelaide in the first team should be ashamed of themselves; he did good but he needs to be integrated into the youth system to learn the arsenal way and maybe get a few run outs in the cup.”

    Unsurprising really though. Wenger always overhypes his proteges then goes strangely quiet when they go bust.

    Remember how he proclaimed Sanogo as the next £50m striker? Where is he now?

    Now before I get misunderstood I’m not saying the present crop of youngsters we are busy recruiting won’t make it. Hopefully one two or three among them will make it. However, we cannot rely on youth carrying the team forever. We tried that with Nasri and Cesc and it failed miserably. For one, they don’t stay around long enough once they become good — they want to move on to win trophies.

    We need to mix talented youngsters will WC pros to convince them that they should stay at the club to win things and that they don’t need to go elsewhere.

    We have to become a destination club again, and not a stepping stone club to elsewhere.

  42. Leedsgunner

    “Just had a cheeky thought. Wouldn’t it be nice if Rafa wants to get back on Maureen by selling us Benz? :)”

    At least we know Chelsea and Real Madrid won’t be doing any business together for a while (as long as their respective managers are in charge). They loathe each other as much as Wenger and Maureen hates each other. Absolutely hilarious…

  43. bennydevito


    He proper lost it didn’t he? It all got a bit out of hand if you ask me & Sancho just fanned the flames at the end!

    Anyway, what was said was no worse than what’s said at say a Jimmy Carr stand up, I mean jeez, I’ve got an autistic nephew & I wasn’t kicking off, jokes about suicide don’t offend me even though my old man was mentally ill and topped himself (he was a Chelsea fan though, I’d top myself!) and a while ago N5 and a few others were taking the piss out of some female with a gap between her front teeth saying how ugly it was – well my youngest has been born like that and nobody saw me handing out threats.

    Some people need to lighten up a bit…

  44. Biggus


    I get what you’re saying. I want that boy training with the first teamers as well but don’t want him to be exposed too soon and expectations destroys him. He is a talent though.

  45. Nasri's Mouth

    Guillem Balague ‏@GuillemBalague 12m12 minutes ago
    For those asking: no chance whatsoever of Benzema leaving Real Madrid this summer (so no way he will go to Arsenal)

    Well, at least we can move on and concentrate on the start of the season now

  46. Alfie

    Guillem Balague is a bullshitter. Wouldn’t listen to any of those Twitter wankers.

    That being said, there was no way Benz was ever going to come. There is no reason for Real to get rid, same with Lewandoski.

    £45m on Reus would have done the trick, or even a punt on Berhinio.

  47. bennydevito


    It would appear that he is.. posting that Instagram picture the little windup merchant!

    In all honesty though I felt rather underwhelmed by the prospect of him signing.

  48. Goonerbone

    Ibrakadabra! It will take magic to fix terrys jaw after that run over. If it wasn’t for the man’s stinking ego and that he already has the “Zlatan doesn’t do auditions ” incident with le Scrooge, I would be hoping for him to join. The loop where Terry is run to the ground like an uncultivated cultivator has now more than 10 million shows!

  49. Dark Hei

    Sancho what you said to Lee was full of shit. Accusing a parent of milking his kid for leverage is well and truly asking to be hit.

    As for Lee, just be thankful Sancho is a keyboard warrior cause there is no winner and just 1 loser in this scenario. The internet is full of trolls. If you want to participate in forums, you just have to learn self control.

    No need for Lee to be binned. Let’s just learn from this and move on.

  50. bergkamp10


    Whilst i didn’t read every word of that ‘Jeremy Kyle’ episode

    HOW THE ACTUAL FUCK has your’e personal lives even been mentioned let alone mocked
    This is a blog men JESUS!!!!!

    Many bitter twisted WOBs stir things up and many Deluded AKBs inspire them but shit escalates to ridiculous levels on LeGrove chat & frankly it’s pointless & Pathetic

  51. Goonerbone

    Lee and Sancho are the same person. Gambon is the evil voice in his head. I’m the good one. Let me out!

  52. peanuts&monkeys

    Rivalry: United vs Arsenal was once the most highly anticipated fixture in England
    Gary Neville has claimed Arsenal turned too “precious” on the back of their title-winning Invincibles season in 2003-04.

    The Gunners haven’t won the title in the 11 seasons since that historic campaign, with a number of critics suggesting that the core of the team has softened in the years since the likes of Patrick Vieira and Gilberto Silva were patrolling the midfield.

  53. peanuts&monkeys

    ManU has strengthened that very MF area this year. Imagine a MF of Fellaini + Schweinsteiger + MorganS. Fuck save Giroud, Wilshere and Ozil from breaking down crying at their sight.

    WengerScum has since his famous 2 – 8 mauling given up on ManU. He counts those points out anyways from the beginning of the season. Loser Arsenal fans still AKBy this self-serving manager.