Shaping up powerfully

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Super quick one from me today because I have a beast of a day on fixing things!

Right, the game against Lyon.

Bloody amazing stuff.

Very difficult to put too much on it. Remember, this was a competition that had certain people praising Arsene Wenger for unearthing 4 goal Sanogo this time last year.

What I loved about the game was the abundance of power and pace we have in the side.

Chamberlain looks ready to step up. In fact, the whole team looks ready. These guys all know each other, they have a vision and a style. They have a game plan.

I really do think we can make a title challenge this year.

Do we need a sprinkle of something exceptional? I think so. I really think we need to bring in a world class forward. Will we do that? I have no idea. But we have the cash to blow £60m on a striker. That cash in the bank is pointless. Buy in someone incredible and make some stories for the club.

Today sees the return of the legend that is Nik B. Should be a fun game.


Catch you tomorrow with a mini exclusive.

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  1. Dissenter

    That’s the kind of poor decision that lets Ramsey down in the final third.
    That’s the worst option to take when Oxlade had defenders scampering and the were better passes to make.

  2. london gunner


    Walcots are number 2 as cf, so its probably best that he gets as much practice in competitive matches before the season.

    Adelaide looks great, but I doubt he will get much of a look in next season aside from the carling cup matches.

    You have to prioritise in pre season a mixture of getting your first team fit and ready and showcasing young talent when you can.

  3. vicky

    Is it just me or Wilshere is the same old, same old. Flashes of brilliance in between but overall fails to dictate a game or to maintain some level of consistency.

  4. Dissenter

    “Walcotts having a very poor game, but you can still see what he offers”

    Yes, he still score even when he’s had an average day which is what he’s paid to do.
    The other England international striker is the opposite; works hard until he gets in front of goal and then he’s unworthy of his mega paycheck.

  5. Klauspoppe


    Difficult to do so when his competition is Cazorla and Ozil. Won’t get much of the ball to dictate play himself. He’s been playing some forceful long balls today…

  6. Gustav Graves


    Hey now…hold on. You’re right about the miserable sod part and probably on point about the MS. part but I take offense when you poop on Stella.

    “I don’t drink beer…but when I do…I prefer Stella”

  7. ADKB

    I doubt whether Wilshere will ever live up to the promise of a great player. Flashes of brilliance here and there then his ankle gives in.

  8. Paulinho

    The fact we keep having to bring on Hayden should make it clear we need a midfielder but unfortunately he has complete blind spot for that position.

  9. Nasri's Mouth


    Hayden is (or was, before he kept getting injured) pretty highly thought of. I suspect they want to have a look at him

  10. Bamford10


    Wenger doesn’t view it that way. Hayden is his “new signing”. And who needs a new CF when you have a promising player like Adelaide?

    This is how Wenger thinks.

  11. Sam

    Walcott scored proper CF goal for arsenal tonight but he’s not ready to play CF for arsenal.



    Selected amnesia

  12. Dissenter

    It’s still going to take some adjusting to get used to seeing Cech in the Arsenal goal.
    Maybe after the community shield, it will eventually sink in.

  13. Nasri's Mouth

    Bamford10: And who needs a new CF when you have a promising player like Adelaide?

    He wasn’t being played as a CF, so why would Wenger think that?

  14. london gunner

    In wilshere’s defence he looked exhausted.

    Problem for Wilshere is that despite Ramsey’s inconsisteny Ramsey is still a better player right now, because he actually makes an impact when he plays. He Can do a few bad things, but then create or score a goal. Whilst Wilshere is just medicore to bad.

    Funny to seee how good jack wilshere is for england. Makes me think he would do well at man u

  15. Nasri's Mouth


    The community shield is going to be REALLY weird with Cech in goal.

    Every time Kos gets the ball right in front of him, I’ll be going SHOOT!… oh no, wait!

  16. Nasri's Mouth

    london gunner: In wilshere’s defence he looked exhausted.

    was suffering with ‘illness’ during the week. Was quite a late decision whether he’d play today apparently

  17. Nasri's Mouth


    If you think Wenger wont want a CF because he’s got a 17 yr old AM who’s looked good in a couple of pre-season cameos, then it’s you being irrational.

    Think before you post, and you wont come up with such silly comments

  18. Paulinho

    Nasri – Hayden played centre back for the reserves so again it screams of Wenger scrimping and once again not properly addressing that area.

    He does it every time. Always thinks he can mess about in that area and every single season we pay for it.

  19. Bamford10


    So the only thing a CF does is finish one-one-one’s that are set up for him? Wow, what an easy position.

    Hold-up play? Beating players off dribble, creating his own chances? Dangerous on set pieces?

    Yeah, I think quality CFs do more than what Walcott did today. Not that you’d understand this.

  20. Bamford10

    Not a silly comment at all. Wenger engages in all kinds of irrationality and magical thinking. That was my point. That you don’t get it is on you. Like the earlier discussion you misunderstood.

  21. Paulinho

    Akpom is actually pretty dreadful.

    Can seen why he hasn’t scored a goal yet in any of those loan spells.

  22. Bamford10

    Optimists will be optimistic of course, but first half showed us what we might look like against a well-organized, quality team: out-matched.

    Next weekend and thereafter shall tell us more.

    Cheers, all.

  23. Klauspoppe

    “not many strikers have it all”

    Why a Benz, Lewa, RVP, Suarez, Ibra, Rooney, Aguero, Costa come with a premium.

    Benz is the dream now.

  24. Nasri's Mouth


    Rather than constantly make idiotic comments, why not think about it rationally instead and try reading other peoples posts properly.

    You might actually make some worthwhile comments and not get people picking you up on it.

    Just a thought

  25. Nasri's Mouth

    Paulinho: Akpom is actually pretty dreadful.

    Looked like he’s trying too hard. Needs a goal from somewhere. Don’t think he’ll be good enough for us ultimately though.

  26. Marko

    Bamford10July 26, 2015    16:41:11
    PaulinhoLove it. You and me, mate. A few others will join in too.

    Birds of a feather comes to mind. Bring Red too you can be friends.

    All I gathered from the game was Cech looks coolness personified and that Adelaide kid looks a proper prospect

  27. Dissenter

    Akpom didn’t look dreadful.
    Sometimes we forget the pressure these young players are under to impress.

    That was dreadful criticism.
    The pass to Giroud wasn’t far off and Giroud has to carry some of the responsibility too.

  28. karim

    Santi you bad boy !

    Decent performance overall, oh and Petr Cech needs a song.
    If possible, let it be ready next weekend and if possible, please mention Mourinho.

    Chuba isn’t bad, but his decision making sucks a little, especially on 3 v 1 situation.

    Ox was great when he came on but gradually shut up shop imo.

    Another trophy, roll on Saturday !

  29. Dissenter

    Petr Cech is a premier league institution and he now plays for us.
    Pundits will be more picky and circumspect of their criticisms of Arsenal.

  30. Sam

    Sir Alex could win the league with this team
    Wenger too can but he has to pick the right selection every game n get on his arse to ground out result, stay consistent all season.

    I just don’t agree with secret Mourinho fans here that you have to buy the title by filling the team with 22 world class players.

  31. izzo

    Akpom isnt bad. he s a bit selfish and hotheaded but still a good finisherhe couldve released the ball earler but the others couldve dropped back a bit from offside positions hense why his side pass to giroud never got to him. Every player makes poor decisions doesnt mean hes bad plus he is only just 19 he needs games

  32. tunnygriffboy

    Much more worthwhile exercise than yesterday. Learned more.

    Gabriel and Chambers did ok. Good run out for them.

    Bit concerned about number of crosses coming into the box in the first half. Not sure whether Hector out of position a bit or not getting support from the wide men.

    Santi and Arteta cannot play together in CM. Santi plays with Coquelin and IF, IFArteta plays he has to have legs next to him, either RRamsey or Wilshere. Perhaps Hayden instead of Arteta. I don’t know.

    Jack isn’t a wide man.

    Akpom needs to get his head up. Bursting with energy and pace but he’s got blinkers on.

    Cech. SOLID? Yeeeessssss

    Theo offers something different to le Giroud. Took goal well. Good movement.

    Ox. Whoooooosh !

    Rene-Adelaide. WTF. 17 years old. Does he stay as member 1st team squad.

    Good run out this weekend. 21 players used and wins against second best teams in France and Germany. Another step next weekend but the big ones are the Irons, Seagulls and scousers.

  33. Paulinho

    Marko – We can throw you in too. Oxygen deprivation might lead to you making some interesting points.

  34. Carts


    Not sure why Marko is got butthurt but Iwobi doesn’t look anything like a future player. Yes he played well and is young, but having kept such a close eye on dozen of young players, Iwobi shows me nothin new.

  35. Nasri's Mouth


    As they’re all rich enough to afford houses, they probably have plenty of room in their trophy rooms.

    Doubt they care about them much though. Probably on a similar level to the fans.

    The younger players might treasure them more though. They wont have played in front of 60k fans that often. Big day for them

  36. Gustav Graves

    Agreed. I don’t think people put enough emphasis on cohesion but this team has it in bucket loads. They look like they’ll go to war for each other. I understand the problem of making sure Arsenal buys ‘the right player’.

  37. Sam

    After spending big money on players he then goes on to park the bus against big team.
    what a fraud Mourinho is, he got found out in spain.
    unfortunately here he still getting away with it

  38. mysticleaves

    if this was a champions league final, Walcott would have given us the cup. and he did it without being a complete cf, couldn’t beat defenders off the dribble or having hold up play or making his own chances or whatever again.. pointer to Bamford. you just need your strikers to score goals,. Giroud and Walcott (whenever he has played 9 since last 2 years) are doing that.

  39. vicky

    Hayden is a good prospect for center-back position. I do not think he can be a DM, at least not until now. Good in the air but does not look very comfortable on the ball.

    Flamini is useless. I thought Arteta would not be a bad option for 8-10 games but I think he has regressed a lot from where he was before the latest injury.

    We MUST buy a CDM.

  40. Paulinho

    “Not sure why Marko is got butthurt but Iwobi doesn’t look anything like a future player. ”


    19 years old.

    Well done mate.

    Fecking cunt.

  41. tunnygriffboy


    1st half they were better than us but we had a lot of squad players playing today. 10 changes from yesterday. Wilshere wide with two Usain Bolts in CM. Yesterday it was only a pre season game, today it’s still a pre season game but that is more like we’d be against well organised teams, outmatched. Can’t have it both ways

    As for Wenger not buying a top striker because of Adelaide I don’t understand why you think that. Adelaide looks a talent but he’s just 17. Sorry to be perplexed about it.

  42. roaaary

    Pretty clear from that we need a dm. Arteta was slow clumsy and looked generally lost. I think we will struggle if coq ever gets injured. Pretty confident wemger will sign someone though if he is letting flamini go

  43. underrated Coq

    Gotta say its painful watching Arteta play in midfield. Prefer him not playing at all but if he really does have to be included,better to play Rambo next to him. He’ll bring some energy to our play. Arteta-Cazorla is a bit too ‘meh’.

    Also, we all knew this but the performance from today’s and yesterday’s game make it pretty clear what makes Ozil tick.

    Yesterday Arsenal had pace, explosiveness and willing runners while today it was slow-paced and static. No surprises that Ozil shone brightest yesterday.

  44. Nasri's Mouth

    Worth noting that Arteta has been out for 8 months and before today only played 30 mins in pre-season.

  45. vicky

    I like Samper. He is so comfortable with the ball and his passing is amazing. May be lacks power and physique but he looks a talent. Don’t know what happened but the rumors of his arrival and Flamini’s departure have died down.

  46. underrated Coq


    ” Worth noting that Arteta has been out for 8 months and before today only played 30 mins in pre-season. ”

    Fair enough but he’s not getting any younger or faster is he ? Frankly, I think Arteta’s passing and possession recycling skills get a bit over-stated. I didn’t see him make any passes today that Coquelin would have struggled to replicate.

    Okay, I’m not being frank. I can’t see Coquelin making that pass that Arteta made around midway second half : that misplaced over-the-head pass in a dangerous area 😉

  47. Johnty79

    I have fell for it also.

    Looking at our squad I think we can challenge. But when it comes to two games a week we struggle.

    Would wenger trust Gabriel and chambers as a starting centre half partnership against a top four team or quarter finals of champs league. I think not.

    I think a another dm we would of really challenged for the title. But obey thing for sure wenger can’t blame injuries we have the biggest squad in the premier league.

    Sanchez ,giroud,Walcott,welbeck, could all play the lone striker role and we’d beat 90% of the teams in the league.

  48. Carts

    must say, I’ve been impressed with us so far this pre-season. As Dissenter said, manager’s need this “headache”. And I feel it’ll encourage players to perform to the highest possible order.

    I think next week we’ll go with:




    As for attacking 3rd, I really don’t have a Solomon

  49. kwik fit

    You wouldn’t catch me inside Samper


    Oh I don’t know. There’s not many you haven’t been inside so why not Samper 🙂

  50. Emiratesstroller

    Performance today was not as fluid or impressive as yesterday, but the opposition was of course much stronger.

    Nevertheless there were few players in starting line up today who I would select in starting line up against Chelsea in Community Shield.

    Cech looked commanding and solid and will be selected as must Ozil even though he was much less prominent today.

    I think that our defence yesterday was significantly better than the one put out today. Obviously there will be a debate who will play at fullback, but Bellerin and Monreal were not at their best.

    The defensive midfield combination was poor today. You cannot play both
    Arteta and Cazorla together. Cazorla does play well alongside Coquelin, but
    so does Ramsey. Arteta is past it for me and Wenger must make quickly a
    decision whether there is someone else on our books who can play the DMF
    role when Coquelin does not play.

    The wing play must include Oxlade-Chamberlain, because I think that he was
    sensational in both games and he has the physical strength to play against the
    best opposition.

    Ozil will always be ahead of Wilshire, but that is not to say that W will not get
    a decent run of games this season.

    That leaves us with the dilemma of who plays up front. I think that selection
    depends on the opposition. At the moment I would not pick either Walcott
    or Giroud as an automatic starter. Both have their shortcomings.

    Looking at our bench we have enough depth in all positions apart from a CDM
    if required.

    Finally I was impressed with Adelaide. He has a lot of natural talent, but I don’t
    think that he should be picked for first team this season apart from perhaps the League Cup.

    Akpom has very good basic ingredients to play at top level, but he has at the moment one major weakness and that is his decision making. He does not
    seem to look at what is going around him. I am all for a striker being “selfish”
    but only if he makes the right decisions at the right time.

    Iwobi is a different kettle of fish. I agree with Wenger that he should be kept
    with first team. He is very definitely a more composed and at moment the
    better of two young forwards.

  51. vicky

    AW on Adelaide

    “He’s 17 years old and he looks very promising. He needs to work with us for a year in the first team and Under-21s to develop,” Wenger told his post-match news conference.

    “There is fantastic potential there and he will stay with us [not go out on loan] but I honestly don’t know how much he will play [this season].

    “It was a good opportunity to watch him today. He has shown great potential and he looks very advanced physically for his age.

    “I’m sure that he has learnt a lot from these two days.”

  52. gazzap

    right now for me (without Sanchez)
    Bellerin Per Koz Monreal
    Rambo Coq Santi
    Theo Giroud Ox

    Subs: Ozil, Jack, Gabriel, Gibbs, Ospina, Adelaide, Arteta

    I know some people will find Ozil not being in the team as Sacrilege but it’s about finding the right balance and if you stick Ozil behind Giroud, then you have take out either Rambo or Santi from the middle of the park, which would cost us in terms of control in the big games. Of course will always play Ozil.

  53. Higz

    Was very impressed with Adelaide today. He looks like could be moulded into a yaya or pogba style player in next 5 years.

    Iwobi looks the most rounded right now. But is even he going to get any games when have Walcott, Sanchez, ox, gnabry, Ramsey, wilshere who would all get picked before him outside.

    Was disappointed with akpom in both games. Was really impressed last season when he came on. I know they want to make mark, but made wrong decision every time got in good position.

  54. Marko

    “Not sure why Marko is got butthurt but Iwobi doesn’t look anything like a future player. ”
    Yep.19 years old.Well done mate.Fecking cunt.

    I was simply questioning why you would disregard completely a prospect at 19 after a couple preseason appearances. Also Paulinho why are you so upset someone argued with you after you said something mindlessly stupid like Sanchez shouldn’t be first choice because his link up play is supposedly shit. If you say something wrong and moronic people have the right to call you up on it.

  55. Romford Ozil Pele

    That Adelaide kid isn’t really a find. At 12 he was chased by all the big clubs in France, chose Lens for his development. Had he gone to those he wouldn’t be at Arsenal. Man United also wanted him this summer. Gnabry was probably watching that with a very angry face lol

  56. Wallace

    “He has his own way as well. He’s not an aggressive striker, he’s a mobile striker. He’s the striker who lives from the quality of his movement and the speed of his movement. He turns up in the right spaces in the box and you cannot give that to a player. He anticipates well, he understands quickly and when that is linked with his speed and execution it always makes him very dangerous.”

    – Wenger on Walcott

  57. DUIFG

    Ozil looked a little dead, he was great yesterday stretching play looking for balls over the top. Was a big task to do that again in 24 hours .

  58. Goondawg

    Chambo aint fucking about this season either. He looks quicker and more powerful. We need him to stay injury free

  59. Romford Ozil Pele

    Yeah seemed a bit silly to play MÖ twice in two days. Don’t wanna unnecessarily over stretch him. Hopefully a good weeks training and ready for next Sunday.

    Expect Ox to start and Ramsey too.

    Maybe this:
    Debuchy/Hector Per Kos Nacho
    Coq Santi
    Ramsey MÖ Ox

  60. bennydevito

    See you later London. On the coach with wet feet but had a great time.

    Ray Parlour, Ashley Cole, Kieren Gibbs. They made it Redtruth. Cesc Fabregas was also classified as home grown. Jack Wilshere’s in the team also in case you hadn’t noticed.

  61. Goondawg

    Gnabry just came back to training after his holiday started late, as he was with the German u21 team

  62. DUIFG

    Can see a lot of people talking as if ox has just developed over night. Been saying for ages the raw talent and power is there. Nightmarish time in terms of injuries has robbed him of being able to string games together.

    Now he has that no suprise to see him looking shit hot. Don’t see how people were writing him off. He has always had amazing attributes

  63. Nasri's Mouth


    I read that too.

    I think the point is that we’ve got him for very little, and he has huge potential.

  64. Redtruth


    Parlour was under George Graham and Cole was sold whilst Wilshere has hardly pulled up any trees.

    Gibbs is not homegrown he was signed from Wimbledon academy.

    I make that one player in the last 10 years. pathetic.

  65. Wallace

    “Jose Mourinho says Chelsea’s Premier League rivals are attempting to buy the title.”

    – sky sports

    Mourinho’s only rival is Bamford.

  66. bennydevito


    It’s not great when you put it like that! But I think it’s something that’s being addressed with the new Dutch youth coaches.

    Time will tell.

  67. Nasri's Mouth


    Yeah, who knows, dunno whether it’s just transfer spend, or even whether it’s net spend…

  68. Santos


    Sadly. We will have Mugabe for the long haul. Why does he wind us up so much? We will fall short for the umpteenth time, if he’s deceived by the depth of the team- it is not actually strong.

  69. Emiratesstroller

    The problem with Redtruth is that he never reads what anyone actually writes.
    Like one or two others he is only interested in slagging Arsenal or Wenger or
    abusing other posters.

    I expressed an opinion above on the players whom I thought might be selected
    in starting lineup for the Community Shield based on performances in last
    2 days.

    I expressed no opinion here on whether the club needs or should buy some
    new players before then.

    As I have suggested on many occasions I do think that we need another CDM
    because I don’t believe that there is another player at club who can fulfil role
    if Coquelin is unavailable and also that if we are going to spend serious money
    in transfer window it should be on a “world class forward” like Reus.

    However, I don’t anticipate that any new players will appear before the Community Shield.

  70. Jim Lahey

    Was at both games, amazing time. The view from Club Level is unbelievable. Ox was great, Arteta is done end of, we need a new DM this summer. Next statue to be placed outside will no doubt be Santi Cazorla! The fucking place loves the guy!

    Still think Walcott struggles up on his own, much better coming off the wing.

  71. Sam

    Someone said:

    Arsenal need 4 superstars to emulate the invinsible.

    Hmmmm. Arsenal only need one player now, CM who can also play as DM. because Arteta, Wilshere n Flamini are all unreliable for various reasons.
    Axel Witsel, Lucas Silva, William Carvalho are all still available. It seems that Wenger wants to gamble on Isaac Hayden the guy is clearly a CB.
    All other positions are pretty much covered, we have too many attacking players with Welbeck, Sanchez and Gnabry still out. As for CF to compete with Giroud, we already signed one he’s called Theodore James Walcott

  72. Sam

    Arsenal attacking team A should be

    Sanchez—— Walcott—- Chambo

    Team B

    Welbeck—— Giroud—– Gnabry

    we even have Team C ( carling cup)

    Adelaide—— Akpom—– W Silva/ Iwobi( if one or both don’t get loaned out)

  73. Danish Gooner

    Give bloody Bayern 50 mil for Lewa and get it over with.Why ohh why is Wenger always failing to do the obvious,if we signed Lewa we would be a shoe in for the championship instead he hesitates and hesitates,it is not our money mr.Wenger we still have a shitload of cash even if we signed lewa or aybemayang or Benzema,it is so stupid leaving us on the brink when we could be there,easily.Always a player short,it is so fucking frustrating,Welbeck and Giroud will not win us the championship but LEWA,WELBECK AND GIROUD WILL.

  74. Marko

    I’d love Lewandowski. He’d take us next level for sure. But certainly if himand Benzema aren’t available then go all out for Reus. Need that big name to make a statement to Cech, to our opponents and to everyone else we’re serious

  75. Sam

    Yes If we are signing a top striker it means we have to sell Welbeck or Giroud.
    I don’t count on it coz I don’t see it happening, especially Welbeck. I don’t really know why we signed him but not sure Wenger will show him the door after just one season.
    So I ignore any rumour of new striker, I don’t think it will happen

  76. nasri's mouth

    @Danish Gunner

    Just curious, but why would Bayern want to sell Lewandowski and why would he want to leave them?

    I only ask because your master plan relies on both…