Shaping up powerfully

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Super quick one from me today because I have a beast of a day on fixing things!

Right, the game against Lyon.

Bloody amazing stuff.

Very difficult to put too much on it. Remember, this was a competition that had certain people praising Arsene Wenger for unearthing 4 goal Sanogo this time last year.

What I loved about the game was the abundance of power and pace we have in the side.

Chamberlain looks ready to step up. In fact, the whole team looks ready. These guys all know each other, they have a vision and a style. They have a game plan.

I really do think we can make a title challenge this year.

Do we need a sprinkle of something exceptional? I think so. I really think we need to bring in a world class forward. Will we do that? I have no idea. But we have the cash to blow £60m on a striker. That cash in the bank is pointless. Buy in someone incredible and make some stories for the club.

Today sees the return of the legend that is Nik B. Should be a fun game.


Catch you tomorrow with a mini exclusive.

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  1. Nasri's Mouth

    Bamford10 No, we’re talking about players with serious limitations versus players without.

    YOU are, me and underated Coq are talking about something else actually, hence why he disagreed with you.

  2. Highbury4ever

    Pep Guardiola agree to join City in the summer of 2016.

    LOL to all of those who were thinking he would choose Arsenal.
    Not enough ambition in this club, wenger you sucker it’s your fault.

  3. Gustav Graves

    Looks like someone finally sat Ozil down and told him to be more aggressive in front of goal. I don’t remember seeing him look to attack/shoot as much as this pre season.

  4. useroz

    Extending arteta was a wenger’s specialty in pissing our budget. Not the first, won’t be last unfortunately. Wot 200.??

    Klose missed from 12 yards. Lucky.

  5. London gunner


    “more apparent when he feels less confident and doesn’t have the crowed willing him on – ain’t going way anytime soon.”

    lol You’ve unwillingly completely backed up my point. I stated it was an attitude and mentality issue not a question of limited technique or skill.

  6. Klauspoppe

    Rather we step it up in 2nd half, score some fucking goals and see Willow later being a cunt.

    And Guilavogui is a DM we should have been interested in.

  7. Dissenter

    Theo has no physical presence whatsoever.. He has his positive attributes but he surely limits the way the team can play.
    I’ve seen Aguero dish out punishment to brutal defenders like Terry and Shawcross. Theo just can’t play with his back to goal, at all.

  8. BillikenGooner

    If Wenger wanted this to be a game that showed:

    See, we have Walcott, we don’t need another CF.
    See, we have Arteta, we don’t need another DM.

    He isn’t getting it.

    Chambers and Gabriel pairing doesn’t look all that imposing, either.

  9. Dissenter

    Arteta needs to be restricted to Carlong cup games. I’ve never seen anDMF perfomance that’s bereft of tacking and meaningful break-up of opposition play.
    He does know how to find the perfect lateral pass though.

  10. DUIFG

    Paulinho slating a guy who does what football is all about, putting the ball in the net.

    How was sanchez’s combination play at wembley? Obviously outside of that 30 yard screamer he scored. Face it you got it wrong lady year predicting Sanchez to fail. Just admit it mate and move on. Stop embarrassing yourself.

  11. Nasri's Mouth

    Liking Adelaide a lot so far. Impressive stuff.

    We haven’t got the balance right though, the pressing isn’t working properly, and too many misplaced passes from too many players, and we’re not working quite as hard as Wolfsburg

    At least we improved as the half went on

  12. Sam

    Reine Adelaide is the new boy Wenger will hype to escape the transfer market.
    I guess Zelalem is too old now, he’s not needed anymore.

  13. Nasri's Mouth

    Klauspoppe: Ramsey’s energy in midfield would have made things better.

    Agreed. We look like we had a double training session this morning

  14. Marko

    10July 26, 2015    15:43:28
    Wolfsburg look fantastic. Arsenal, not so much.

    Any excuse am I right Bam?

  15. Klauspoppe


    We’re not pressing this game. Guess Wenger is adopting more defensive structure against stronger teams. Our midfield is so slow and Wolfsburg destroying us switching plays laterally.

  16. bennydevito

    MadeToLoveMagicJuly 26, 2015 13:34:59

    Ah benny, feeling terrible for you mate!Pretty bad the hotel can’t just refund cash?

    The hotel are claiming it was a mistake by the merchant bank, not them or my bank Barclay’s. Oh well, will get it back eventually. Annoying though.

    The crowd haven’t really got going and there’s been no Mexican waves so far!

    Not to sure about relying on Walcott either as well as Giroud. I think we definitely need someone better.

    It’s been a good weekend though overall

  17. Nasri's Mouth

    When fans get upset when a new player shows some great touches because they think it means the club wont sign another player, you know they’re Arsenal fans

  18. london gunner

    Kevin De Bruyne is quality. Like a more complete kroos.

    Think is the most underrated young player. I get isco and others are flashy, but De Bruyne has that pure efficiency, just executives everything purposely and perfectly.

  19. Relieable sauce

    They are getting down the flanks too easily, Paulista is not the ball playing CB we need & neither is Chambers.

    Arteta offers little to nothing, liability not lynchpin.

    Adelaide is evidently a super talent & is probably already a better option than Theo or Welbz either up front or on the wing.

  20. karim

    Hope Gabriel doesn’t get the Vieira treatment by the refs as his interventions are pretty spectacular to say the least.
    Very good defender all the same.

    Adelaide confirming his good summer.

    Ozil must be a bit tired but as Bamford mentionned, he’s been better in the last 10, as the rest of the team.
    Expecting a 2/1 win.

    Watching the game on Espn Brazil, you can feel the commentators’ passion for the game.

  21. Nasri's Mouth


    Individual players are making moves, but that just means we’re leaving gaps behind for the player to pass into.

    I don’t think you can read too much into it though. We pressed good quality teams last season

  22. Nasri's Mouth

    Relieable sauce: Adelaide is evidently a super talent & is probably already a better option than Theo or Welbz either up front or on the wing.

    Woah, not quite sure about that quite yet. Lets see a bit more of him first

  23. Klauspoppe

    “I don’t think you can read too much into it though. We pressed good quality teams last season”

    True, Liverpool springs to mind.

  24. Sam

    Theo Walcott doing well actually, you will always moan.
    He’s a striker, If he stays on he will score. maybe not.
    Don’t forget your dreamboy Lacazette failed to score, 30Millions my backside

    Carry on moaning!!!

  25. Nasri's Mouth

    Relieable sauce: Adelaide is evidently a super talent

    He’s definitely getting there though 😀

  26. Bamford10

    Aside from finishing a 1-on-1, Bergkamp, what has Walcott done? Is he a genuine CF, a complete CF? No.

  27. Berg

    Not seen a young player from arsenal put on on a performance like Adelaide in first start in a very long time. Last player for me was Wilshire

  28. izzo

    Redtruth eat your words Adelaide is no Sanogo are you not even watching the match?? Bet you dont even have a tv or wifi

  29. Klauspoppe

    Pass by Adelaide was alright, Walcott was fairly unmarked.

    But that dribble and ability to hold onto possession was great.

  30. gonsterous

    I’m not convinced by Adelaide,
    Can he still do it on a cold, windy , wet night in stoke ? Dint think so.. we need players for the now not another project youth.. loan him out and get a decent striker..

  31. vicky

    Got to say Arteta is no better than Flamini. He is playing like a journeyman. Absolute liability. I hope Wenger takes notice and does something about it.

  32. izzo

    Walcott is just a luxury but an importatnt one at that football is about goals and he gives us goals zero workrate but goals nonetheless

  33. bergkamp10

    People have had a right to be somewhat negative in recent years
    But them days are gone back2back FA CUPS

    even the writer of LEGROVE Has been forced to be positive mainly cos he’s not an idiot

  34. gonsterous

    We’ve been here people.. ox at 17: he Is so good, he’s the next thing
    5 years later : ox needs to step up
    Wally at 17: this guy will be the next Henry for us. Hrs got the potential
    5 years later : this needs to be wallys season or sell him
    Wilshere at 17 : this guy is Mr. Arsenal. Can’t wait till he lights the league on fire
    5 years later : wish he dint have a glass ankle.
    Adelaide now : never seen a teenager make me cum with so much skill..
    5 years later : verdict pending ..

  35. Dissenter

    Theo is looking sharp. I’m glad that he looks fit and ready.
    Knee cruciate ligaments rupture repairs tend to take about 1-2 years for full recovery.
    Does it mean Falcao will be back to full fitness too?

  36. Nasri's Mouth

    Dissenter: Does it mean Falcao will be back to full fitness too?

    Possibly. I think he might have rushed his recovery a bit, but he’s also older.

  37. Paulinho

    If Wenger doesn’t sign a central midfielder he should be dumped into Thames.

    Me and Bamford will do it.

  38. london gunner

    Walcotts having a very poor game, but you can still see what he offers.

    So hard to truly measure the talent of these young players. i mean Adelaide looks great, but so did Gnarby a season before last… and we are still waiting for Ox to come good who had a very good break out season with us.