Aaron does a dirty on us | £200m striker dreams are not real

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So if you were wondering whether Lord Harris and his comments were planned with the managers consent in mind, you had your answer…

“He’s gone a bit overboard. It’s not true,”

He hasn’t really gone overboard, has he, Arsene? We blew £43m on Mesut Ozil. There aren’t too many player exchanging hands for more money than that. Factor in new sponsorship deals, more Champions League money and better Premier League rights… and, well, we have the funds to blow pretty much any club out of the water for players.

There are some pretty hot rumours flying around in the ITK space (the good ITK space). Wenger is apparently quietly confident about bringing in Benzema to Madrid next year. Still doesn’t make a helluva lot of sense from their perspective. But look, you have to face it, at Madrid, if the face doesn’t fit, then you’re always at risk of being booted. Benzema has a lot of hot model girlfriends and he’s a playboy. Never quite a Galactico. Always rumoured to be on the way out. He’d be an immense signing and he’d make us contenders for the league for sure.


Aaron Ramsey did a massive dirty in our faces when asked about being linked with Barca.

“They did the treble last year and it’s just really nice to be linked with one of the best clubs in the world.

“One day I would like to go over to Spain to play just to see what it’s like and to experience that.

“But at the moment I’m with Arsenal and I feel like this Arsenal team can go and be successful and challenge for things.”

YOU’RE WELSH AARON. You’d hate the insects, you’d hate the accents, you’d find fault with the lack of eateries that serve a substantial breakfast… you’d burn real easy.

I don’t think it’s flattering, I think it’s an insult.

Sad thing here is this… his stupid pal Gareth Bale is champing it up. He’s all like…

‘Imagine Aaron. You’re Welsh playing for Barca. I’m Welsh playing for Madrid. Think of the marketing prowess we’d have? We’d own this place. They’d call us the Two Dragons’

He’d have a point. Aaron doesn’t have the game for Barca at the moment. I think he’s very exciting, but he holds onto the ball too long, he is often at fault for losing the ball in possession… but he’s explosive and exciting. He’s also very young. So we’ll see. He needs a big year, then we’ll slip him off for a mega fee and sign N’Zogbia.

Chezzer is gone, but the door is open…

I believe he will have a future at Arsenal because I rate him highly. I don’t want the opportunity he had at a young age to be wasted. He was open-minded about the move. He was ready for a fight here and he was ready to go somewhere and play. I believe he trusts me on that.

Maybe he goes to Roma and has a blinder. Maybe it’s more of the same. Simply put, it’s down to him. His attitude cost him a place at Arsenal he could have owned for 10  years. Muppet.

Today’s game is against Lyon. If you’re going to the Emirates Cup, enjoy and take a rain jacket! Kick off is at 1620.

Right, I’m off. Have a good one!


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  1. bergkamp10




    the most important thing is the players we currently own which are the best squad since invincibles

    COQUELIN made a huge impact this calender year

    amount of times Courtois and DDG won points for chelsea and utd i lost count
    Shezza hardly gained us a point

  2. gunnergetyou


    The term world class is something that’s very much open to interpretation, but you says It’s wonder how we managed to be in 1st place for half the season. I’m sure you’d admit that we most likely win the league if we went on to sign Sanchez in January.

    At the moment Ramsey doesn’t even hold that no1 CM spot. We have other options with Cazorla and Wilshire so it’s fair to say we’d cope without him for longer periods than we would without Sanchez.

    Sanchez is more of a one off. He brings us that x factor that we’ve been missing for several years. 25 goals is pretty awesome for his first season in england.

  3. Gerry Thornton

    Will you anti Giroid haters please get off his back. He may not be world class but his goal return is pretty good, he is unselfish and a good team player. He may not be the world class striker we crave but the way some of you go on anyone would think he was crap, we he is NOT! I reckon the Giroid haters hate him because their women fancy him or perhaps it’s because they are as ugly as crap!

  4. bergkamp10

    NEVER has our midfield been so stacked

    Cech will find the hunger again – no WC keeper gets worse at 33

    Koscielny is possibly the best CB behind Terry who is getting older

    Ozil is magic – In a different league to all others

    Santi has been playing like a Pirlo/Xavi in their prime!

    the brits Rambo-Jack-Theo & OX should all have better seasons

    the debuchy-bellerin dual is awesome considering we used Chambers there last yr

    No CL qualification – Team morale at decade high

    NEGATIVTY & ARSENAL should no longer be used together

    Bring on 15/16 whoever we do or dont sign the gooners are back boys

    PS- Alexis Sanchez is a fairly good player too even the Haters rank him #2 pound4pound behind Eden Haz

  5. Bamford10


    What a dumb f***ing argument — screamed at us, no less. Yes, a new signing can flop. This would go for Cech, whom you’re already banking on. This would go for Ozil and Sanchez in years past, who clearly improved us.

    Yes, new signings can flop, but so too can existing players (in their own way). We already know how poor Giroud is. We already know that he is not good enough. There is no mystery there. He “flopped” against Monaco.

    And just as much as a new signing could “flop,” a Coquelin could see a dip in form, could show his immaturity in big games, could get injured. These are all possibilities.

    Does one not sign new quality players because there is some uncertainty involved in signings? No. That would be f***ing stupid. That would mean we would never have signed any of the players that have improved us over the years.

  6. tunnygriffboy

    Ramsey missed three months last season. 3 niggling hamstring injuries. Each time he says it takes him a couple of games to get up to speed. It appears ( fingers crossed ) that they’ve got to the root of the problem and he trains less when we have 3 games a week. I suggest that he lost his place to Santi because of injury and the little smurf played so well he couldn’t be shifted. Ramsey still got ten goals last season.

  7. gunnergetyou


    Ramsey was actually in pretty bad form at the beginning of last season before the injury. I think Wenger made comments about him having to get back to the basics. He seemed to be playing for himself rather than a team game. Too a many hollywood passes etc, completely lost his discipline.

    He did end up having a pretty decent season, and will always get you goals. Just needs to be more consistent.

  8. tunnygriffboy

    Gunner getyou

    Difficult to be consistent when your in and out due to injury. His partnership with Ozil two seasons ago was awesome. Watch his highlight reel on youtube, they dovetail brilliantly


    Play nice. Less abuse diolch yn fawr 🙂 🙂

  9. Marko

    Bam honestly your Giroud hate filled posts are getting tiresome now. We get it you think he’s shite and 99% of fans agree we need a better striker brought in instead of him. Also to slag off Wilson or whatever his name is cause he’s constantly being annoying with all his Wenger love is a bit rich when you’re the same with your constant hate of Giroud

  10. London gunner


    Mate stop your obsession with defending everything france at every instance..

    Just accept the french league is weak. It’s weaker than the premier league, la liga and bundisliga.

    A near full strength Lyon lost to a not even close to being at full strength arsenal and not only lost, but we’re humiliated…

    Let’s remember Lyon came second arsenal came 4th and it was virtually an exhibition match.