Lord Harris says £200m striker on the way

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OH GOSH. Russell Brand called the Queen a Nazi. What a bad ass. I’m so offended right now. Literally fuming, you cheeky rebel. You totally owned the establishment with that little showcase of free speech.

Lord Harris, famed carpet mogul from the killer streets of Mayfair, says Wenger has the cash to sign who he wants.

‘Money was tight when we moved to the Emirates but it’s a lot freer now,’

‘We could go into the market and probably buy any player in the world, apart from half a dozen who are un-buyable. In the accounts, there’s over £200million in the bank. You could say to Arsene we’ve got no money and he wouldn’t worry, or you could give him £100m and he might not spend it.


This above isn’t really news, because we can all see the balance sheet and we can all see the players we’ve been in for over the past few seasons. We dropped £43m on Ozil before the new TV deal was agreed. And let’s be honest, pretty much no club outside Madrid and City can afford Messi and Ronaldo is too old for a mega money move now.

He went on. This is the part when you start wondering how much whisky had been consumed…

‘We get a list of the players that Wenger wants,’

‘On the list is a centre forward, but I’m not going to tell you who he is. You’ve got to get the other team to want to sell him, but I think he wants to come. It basically comes down to whether the other team can find a superstar to replace him, because they don’t have to sell.

It’ll be interesting to find out which striker Wenger is looking at. Benzema makes sense and rumours are strong Madrid are considering shifting him on as part of a shake up. They’d have to have someone in mind to replace him. The only name I can think of that fits Madrid is Aguerro.

There’s also Lewandowski. I’m not sure Bayern would bomb him off after one season. Especially when you consider the effort they put in to nab him (and the cost). Both players are brilliant. Both players have the right physical attributes and both are in prime age territory.

The comments are exciting. But they come with big buts. There are literally no players available at clubs that need to sell. If you sell, you need to buy. So anyone selling someone mega needs to have someone mega to replace them. It’s a big ask. You also have to factor in United weighing in to gazump any bid. It’s a tough market.


What I can’t work out is whether Lord Harris is showing off or putting pressure on Wenger to be more decisive? Seems a bit off to go balls out rap song-esque with proclamations of wealth.

New money eh? What are we like?!

Who would YOU buy. Answers in the comments. The most popular player will have his very own petition launched in his name.


P.S. Ray Parlour is in the building today talking about team work to a bunch of media types. Probably one of the few industries that could match him for booze stories!

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  1. Gregg

    Wasn’t fussed about Diarra at all. He came in but Flamini rose t the challenge and made the spot his own. Flamini was as good as anyone that season and suited the teams dynamic. Diarra didn’t have the stomach to fight for a place. You don’t want players like that around your club.

  2. GS88


    Saw the Reus links earlier this morning and most certainly that would be a great move. Most of us on here have been championing this particular move for the last 3 or 4 years.

    Reus would help our game to excel even more as he has a number attributes. Coupled with those attributes, he can play in a few attacking positions. RW, CF, #10 and the relatively new false 9 role.

    Lets hope that this is another Sanchez moment.

  3. Emiratesstroller

    Okay the game against Lyon was a friendly, but Lyon had most of their best players on the field and frankly they were completely outclassed.

    When you consider that Arsenal started with perhaps 6 of our likely starting eleven this was an excellent performance. Ozil looks to be back to his absolute
    best and augurs very well for next season.

    We had two fringe players in starting line up today with Martinez [fourth string gk] and Iwobi who started slowly, but as game progressed looked excellent. What impresses me about this player and Akpom as well is that in contrast to far too many youngsters introduced to first team they have the physique to cope at top level as well as technical ability.

    Giroud started slowly, but he showed today exactly how important he is to the
    team. He is unselfish and effective not just as a goalscorer but in the assists he

    The one player that frustrates me intensely is Gibbs. His weakness is not his
    ability, but lack of football intelligence and on occasion poor decision making.

    So we come back once again to the same questions. Do we need new players
    in this transfer market? The answer is yes, but not for negative reasons often expressed.

    We do need another DMF apart from Coquelin, because his involvement in
    games is INSTRUMENTAL TO HOW WE PLAY. The guy is fantastic and unselfish. However, if he does not play I don’t think that there is any other player
    in squad who can replace him.

    The striker situation is more complex, because if we are going to buy a new
    striker or winger it needs to be someone better than we have got. The reality
    is that there are very few players at moment of that quality who are buyable.
    I don’t want Wenger spending money on second rate players such as Llorente
    who will add absolutely nothing to squad.

    Of the two Lyon players where we have shown interest I do think that despite
    what happened today both Fekir and Lacazette are talented players. Fekir in
    particular is a physically strong and dangerous player.