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I’ve started the morning with a bit of writers block. I was going to tell you about my self loathing when I complained to someone in a supermarket yesterday that they didn’t have a type of artisanal cheese I was looking for. Real middle class wanker moment. Then I thought, no, that’s boring. Then I was going to tell you about something else really boring, possibly my observation that anyone who works in office management is generally an arsehole. Get over yourself mate and fix the fu*king kettle pronto.

Then I realised. My life is really boring if I don’t have beer shame involved.

So tonight, I’m going to go out on a corporate night with my MD and totally shame myself.

That’s real blogging. Destroying your career for a bit of content…

Anyway, Arsenal fans losing their shit over Giroud getting a new deal. Apparently he’s going to get £130k a week.

What I love here is the progress. We used to give players like Nik B £52k a week and be upset that they were in the deadwood pile. Now we can afford to give players like Giroud £130k a week. Our deadwood wage ceiling just got way higher.

It’s mega money. I mean, he’s hit the jackpot there, no doubt. But look, as they say in some science papers… money is usually linked to how good looking you are. And let’s be honest, if that’s how Wenger is dishing out contracts, then we’re getting a bargain. Because he’s a beauty.


Sweet jumper / shirt combo. Breezy smart casual with a French twist of jene sais quoi

Jokes aside, he’s a very good striker, that sort of wage seems outrageous, but look, all wages in football are outrageous. If he bangs in 20 goals this season, then what’s the damn problem?

Kike Marin, the only person outside this blog who had us on Reus last year is saying Arsene will go in hard on Benzema. If he doesn’t land him, there’s a secret player he’s going for. Who could that be? Who knows… I’m not in with Kike. But look, what I will say is he’s very well connected. So if he’s saying something is on, he’s likely to have something.

There’s also been a lot of chatter about us signing Samper. No, not the soulful singer from modern electronic dance band SBTRKT, no, the Barcelona B defensive midfielder. I’d not be against that sort of singing. I mean, if he’s capable of break through season comparable to Bellerin. Then jeez, that’d be amazing.

I’d still like someone senior in there. The thought of Arteta propping up our midfield gives me shit-the-bed nightmares. There must be someone out there. Can someone get Lars Bender’s agent on the blower!?

I personally think he’ll rotate Coquelin, Jack and Aaron in that deeper role. Wenger seems to be very much into having a front 6 he can interchange. Well, I hope that’s the case… you just know the first game of the season will have Arteta lining up.

N0w, I’m not one for blowing my own trumpet, but apparently Chezzer might be off to Roma on loan with a view to a €5m deal at the end of it.

Now, I’ve been calling this one for two years. I said at the start of the last season he’d not be our number one.

‘Oh, but he has a Golden Glove and he made a good save once’

Now look at what’s happened (nearly). He wasn’t good enough. He isn’t overly liked. His attitude was all wrong.

This is bigger than the time I told you the same things about Song and he left after a 12 assist season.

There’s some banter about Pjanic coming the other way. When asked about a move to Arsenal, he pulled out his phone, typed into Google:

‘Standard pro footballer response when asked about move to a club they want to go to’

… and he said:

“I’m happy where I am but anything can happen. When you’re a footballer you never know… it’s never simple for a player, but I try to live calmly and not listen to rumours that the journalists talk about.”

Imagine those words.

‘Dave, you thinking of moving to HSBC?’

‘Anything can happen Simon. For now, I try to live calmly’

‘Do what Dave? Live calmly? Are you ok?’

Exactly. What does live calmly mean? Why do we never say that in England?

Anyway, I have my doubts we’d move for a playmaker style player at this time. He’s a great player though. He scored a banger against City yesterday.

There’s been some overspill about Petr Cech. Matic had this to say:

“But I am not happy because of that. We know that he is very professional. He is one of the best keepers. And I hope this season he does not perform as he did here for 10-11 years.”


Steve Clarke chimed in as well.

‘For me, he’s still one of the best goalkeepers in the world,’

‘He’s a great signing for Arsenal.

‘I smile a bit when I see Jose’s comments because I know inside it will be killing him having to sell one of his best players to a title rival.’


… the banter stops here though, because I have more ‘I told you so’ coming.

Jeremy Wilson has a brilliant interview with Petr Cech in The Telegraph. Key point of interest for me is this one when asked about the difference between Arsenal and Chelsea.

“In all those games Chelsea were on top we managed the little details better.”

If this wasn’t totally obvious to anyone who understood the game, then hopefully these comments silence those doubters.

BUT. The good part about this is that we are managing the minor details. We’re improving our approach to each game. Smarter analysis, more training geared around opposition. Working in pods and undertaking scenario planning. We’re moving into the same level of preparation every other elite club has been engaged in for years.

The fantastic thing about having Cech on board is that Steve Bould can pillage his knowledge. The club can learn from him. In marketing, when you bring in someone new, you always sit them down and drain them for all their knowledge to see how good / bad you are and take all the bits you don’t have.

Jose is the master of details. He always has that extra 5% of prep we historically haven’t had. That might change this year. We’re already in the process of kicking on in that area, Cech will help us kick on to even greater heights!

RIGHT. That’s me done. You just took all the goodness… and to think, that was a post that started with writers block.

See you tomorrow, might have a bit of a mega exclusive for the geeks.

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  1. gambon


    All i read everyday on here is how Wenger DOESNT run his players into the ground.

    Why do you think we get all these injuries?

    Is Wenger the problem?

  2. vicky

    It’s slightly different. Staying fit is not akin to acquiring a new skill. It’s about proper fitness management, good rotation , diet, training methods and a lot of work behind the scene. It’s not unattainable either. Chelsea did keep most of their squad fit throughout the season especially their defenders. But, I think even if we have all the main players fit, we would not mount a challenge if we do not add a couple of quality players to our ranks. I don’t see City having as bad as a season as they had last year and yet they finished above us. With Sterling and possibly De Brune, they will have firepower in their attack. Chelsea, I guess, will sign a couple of marquee players, Stones and a wide player. Even Man U will get better. So, we have our task cut out. Cech gives us extra 4-5 points at best but no way that fills the gap between us and Chelsea.

  3. gambon


    “Benfica fought until the last minute to sign Campbell but the operation didn’t happen because, in the last hour, Arsenal decided to keep him.”

    Check your facts before you pipe up, cunt.

  4. qna

    “I agree with whoever said wenger is more intelligent than anyone in here…. AKB 4 life”

    How about Henry? Is he more intelligent than anyone on here? He says Wenger can still win us the title…. BUT he needs to add a poweful CB, DM and a world class striker.

    The big question is why will Wenger NOT do this. Is it due to lack of backing by the board, or due to his ignorance/arrogance. Honest question and wish we knew the answer. Doesnt sound like Ivan has a clue.

    Sack Ivan would be the first step I reckon. Bring in a CEO that recognises what it takes and wmcan either tell the board or Wenger that we dont have enough quality to challenge.

  5. tunnygriffboy


    Are you serious. Wenger gets hammered on here for running players into the ground 🙂

    There’s obviously been an issue somewhere and it costs us dear. Only thing I can say is that we have new medical fitness people employed and we looked good fitness wise at the end of the season. I did notice that when players came back egOzil, Giroud, Wilshere, Theo they looked more physically robust and sharp off the mark

    Interesting WWilshere is talking about our training in a really positive ways with there being individual programmes and different emphasis on training for midfielders, strikers, defenders etc

    Sturly this has to be a positive

  6. VP

    ‘’Dont get me wrong, I dont think we will win with Wenger (too risk averse) but I am not sure we will ever win the league again under the current owners. (Maybe we can sneak one by signing a Suarez and keeping him for 1 good season)’’.
    Think this a fair point. Wenger is only part of a much bigger problem.

    However, removing Wenger from his post is the first and most important step for a change in ownership. People need to view Wenger not as manager but as a director that has been taking accountability for matters which he has no right to partake in. The unfettered power that’s handed to him has prevented scrutiny from filtering down to the the owner and board for many years. I do not think that with a new manger the fans will be as patient or as trusting. They trust Wenger to extraordinary levels… even believing that they are indebted to him. By holding onto Wenger we are just delaying the required and inevitable process of change that needs to be made if the club really wants to progress.

  7. gambon

    Foxy doesnt understand the meaning of the word “and”

    Probably why he is a failure in life.

    Not a coincidence that he shows up late July eh!

  8. El Patron


    I’m not soothsayer… and i’m no football manager. I can’t tell what we need to do to win the league. Every year all the big teams add players they think they need. but not every team can win.

    In Henry’s day… he had one opponent. United. thats a 50% chance of winning the league everytime he was a player.

    Now …to win the league… you have to battle with Chelsea. United. City. Liverpool (they have come close on some occasions) … then you still have to go to places like Stoke. Everton. Swansea. Spurs. southampton now. It is really fine margins.

    For me you need a fit squad. Talented players. A deadly striker. A paid referee and lots and lots of luck going your way.

    chelsea didnt have many injuries until the end of the season. You see how they struggled to pick up points after costa went down. and that was just one player. by then they were out of sight anyway. while a lot of the other big teams had so many injuries. If all teams were fit as chelsea last season I dont think it would have been such a huge margin.

  9. alex cutter

    “In Henry’s day… he had one opponent. United. thats a 50% chance of winning the league everytime he was a player.”

    Yet they only won the league twice during those eight years.

    What are you trying to say?

  10. VP

    ”For me you need a fit squad.”

    It halirious how only every Arsenal mentions this as criterion for winning the league.

    Surely its a given….doesn’t really even need to be said.

    I’m sitting an exam tomorrow but i’ll need a pen.

    Oh shit I failed because the ink in my pen ran out.

  11. tunnygriffboy


    I hope you don’t find me disparaging or condescending. I’m not trying to be.

    I feel we are moving forward as a club in terms of tactics and altering our style to play different teams. I see a move away from all out attack and a better balance. Only my opinion though. Hope I’m not called a c.nt for it 🙂

    Re Campbell. Wenger wanted a look at him post WC. Possibly he stayed as a result of Giroud’s injury.

  12. gambon

    “Yet they only won the league twice during those eight years.”

    Poor manager.

    He had the best team in PL history and still underachieved.

  13. El Patron

    Alex cutter

    That everyone always knows what it takes to win a title…. we all have our opinions. But actually going out and winning it is another thing.

    To be fair on Henry and on Wenger. They won alot of trophies pre Emirates.

    I always understood wenger’s stance on spending alot of money. It really can go either way. so I allow him to try his best with his due diligence.

    We spent 32 mil and 40 mil on Sanchez and Ozil and won two fa cup trophies.

    and now we are winning trophies “Post Emirates”…

    United spent 63 mil on di maria, 350k per week on falcao… 24 mil luke shaw…can go on and on…but resulted in zero trophies in the same time frame.

  14. Marko

    Nailed it Karim. I said it yesterday gambon’s getting so close to RedTruths level of contribution on here eventually people will just ignore his existence like they do Red’s. Why argue with someone who eventually calls you a cunt for arguing in the first place. It’s very tedious all the same

  15. gambon

    “United spent 63 mil on di maria, 350k per week on falcao… 24 mil luke shaw…can go on and on…but resulted in zero trophies in the same time frame.”

    Lol, so youve given them a whole 12 months to succeed.

    That meansHenry mustve been a disaster, cos he took years to win anything.

  16. foxy

    My English is fine you cunt.

    “And” can be implied as you saying we had received bids of 15million each for both the two players as well as bids that equated to a total 15million. If you meant it as the former next time give the precise figures of what these actual bids were. Oh yes, I forgot you dont actually know what these figures were do you?

    Cunt. Here

  17. El Patron

    And anyone who has a go at Wenger for acting like Arsenal is his own… is a joke.

    I’ve always been told in all of my jobs… take ownership of your projects. So when I PM a particular project. I take full responsibility… especially with the budget. So forgive him for wanting financial stability and to make profits ….even if the trophies don’t always come.

    two aspects to management. we fans always forget this. We focus on the trophies. Others argue that we dont get the bonuses and the big bucks. so what. In the long run. if Arsenal crumbles because of a financial problem…then what? wonder how many of us would support arsenal if they become bankrupt and get relegated to league 1 and all the players leave and we end up the new leeds…

  18. El Patron


    u spoke about people reading earlier…

    “can go on and on…” referring to the fact they spent a lot of money on players….

    ” trophies in the same time frame….” referring to the fact of the 2 years we spent big money.

    I didnt know I had to break down every single thing. Do you want me to get the names of the players they bought the previous year as well?

    No need to be pedantic all the time

  19. Naijagunner

    Gambon (who is probably unemployed) and his rent boy (Klauspoppe) talk shit about the club they support…Bamford comes on and gives them the thumbs up. I guess ur presence on this blog is to suck the optimism out of any arsenal fan. hope u are getting paid.

    P.S u are nowhere near as intelligent as u think u are. i find it hilarious u believe Wenger is stupid or some such nonsense

  20. Goondawg

    Lol Klaus and Gambons incessant bashing of Wenger is absolutely pathetic. These are probably the same type of cunts that revel in the Stoke incident. Lol and bumchum Bamford wades in granting his dickhead awards. Jesus Christ it’s embarrassing to be associated with fans like these

  21. gambon


    Bearing in mind that im unemployed, I would like to take you up on the offer you emailed me the other day.

    I will send you £5000 if you can then send the £33m of unregistered gold bullion that you have found in the Royal Palace in Abuja.

  22. gambon

    “These are probably the same type of cunts that revel in the Stoke incident”

    3 best moments in football history:

    3- Wenger falling over
    2- Wenger at Stoke
    1- “He is a specialist in failure”

  23. Marko

    I don’t really care about the Wenger bashing it’s the constant comparing to Chelsea and the Mourinho love in that is annoying. We get it you you like what Chelsea are doing and love Mourinho and hate Wenger. And not to mention the eventually being called cunt or poor or whatever shit that he signs off with.

  24. Gunner2301

    “He can’t come out and say our best players have left and you guys are average in comparison. ”

    Tunny you think they don’t know already? Lol

    Why do you think they underperformance in big games? Yes Wenger has to try build team spirit and belief as well as sell tickets but internally they will know what the real expectations are and when it comes to it they all know they need a step change in quality up front especially. As they did with the keeper but they tow the party line and big each other up.

  25. Ricky

    Gambon your attempts at insulting other posters just highlights what a pathetic scum of a the earth you are. we know you are miserable… spare us and go knot a rope.

  26. Naijagunner

    To think he even has videos of Mourinho insulting Wener (the arsenal manager) and posts it on this blog (an arsenal blog)

    And u guys can’t see he is clearly not a fan of the club and has his own agenda coming on here daily?

  27. Marko

    To be fair the day we get a new manager is probably the day gambon stops posting on here. He’ll be out of material. I generally don’t mind him but eventually you get tired of the same shite he says or the insults/xenophobic/homophobic/kind of racist stuff he says.

  28. Marko

    Klaus you forgot to mention
    3. Mourinho winning the league
    2. Mourinho winning the champions league
    1. Mourinho eye gouging a fellow manager in the eye (a man now no longer with us) and his general being a great bloke

  29. karim


    To be honest, I also think Willow is boring as hell with his Wenger’s childish adoration.
    Marko just said why we’re fed up with Gambon, he brings nothing new, just the same old regurgitated unhealthy hatred for all things Arsenal, not only Froggie.

  30. Alfie

    “Guys you forgot about the plastic bottle at Old Trafford.
    Mike Dean and that assistant referee were pure comedy gold.”

    That was genuinely funny

  31. Klauspoppe


    It’s weird, Gambon was actually contributing and conversing before Willow and co started to preach their usual lines.

    I guess one side of the extreme attracts the other.

    Problem is Grovers in the middle get left out from commening.

  32. Marko

    Klaus I’d say he’s more of an infuriating dithering stubborn idiot but an outright cunt? Gotta be Mourinho. He absolutely hates us too he deserves our hatred. Wenger does too sometimes but not as much as Mourinho

  33. karim


    I’ve been here 3/4 years now and there’s only a tiny minority of posters running on my nerves, obviously the 2 I mentionned + that stupid Sylviane4ever.

    The rest is ok in my book.

  34. Arsene nose best

    Fuck off Wenger, u cretin, you’re finished, gonna be another embarrassment for him next week in that charity shield, can’t even score a goal against those west London cunts, PISS OFF!!!