Benzem-no |If Jack was back up to Coq, would you be pleased?

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Just dealt with a real moment of culture clash.

An American chap stopped the lift door closing on not one, but two occasions for people needing the lift. He did this at a station.

He really crossed the line. You should have heard my furious sigh.

So two film thoughts. Britain versus America. Two war films based on true stories, American Sniper. Tracking an American war hero struggling to come to terms with the killing of 160 people in the line of duty. Heroic, sad, the underlying message seemingly that killing people affects the vibe at family BBQs.

My British film, Kajaki. Oh my fucking days. If you ever want a film that showcases the grimness of war, this is it. Literally a group of guys getting blown up by land mines for 2 hours. Absolutely harrowing. No justice, no sweet ending, just carnage only made remotely watchable because of the banter the soldiers were having about their blown off legs. The most difficult film I’ve watched since Jurassic World. The underlying message that war is not glamour and it’s maybe a bit pointless in most cases.

Really interesting how two countries portray military in art.


Ok, ok, so what have we today?

Arsenal in for £40m Karim Benzema?

That’d be nice. Real nice. Trying to not emotionally involve myself in this one. If it happens, I’ll be delighted, but I’ve been hurt by too many big names over the years. Strikers are bastards. I don’t need any more bad ones in my life. All the false hopes and shattered dreams.

I’m a broken fan.

Anyway, rumours have been strong all summer and Rafa is always up for doing something stupid. Maybe they’re thinking about Aguerro?

Who isn’t thinking about that dreamboat.

Update: Turns out Arsene has made a denial. Didn’t see his face, so can’t tell if it’s a real denial, or a ‘I’m doing it look at my face revealing the lie’ denial.

Starting to feel like we’re losing pace with the summer again. It’s weird, because transfer wise, we feel we need more players, but if you based your perception of our prospects in Jan onwards, we had basically everything bar a striker and a keeper. We now have the keeper. We just need a forward, which HAS to be a priority.

I mean, would you be sad if we didn’t buy a DM and used Jack there? I’m not sure I’d be sad. It’s a solution that’s worked for England and the player wants it. Jack isn’t good enough to play number 10, there are better players in the deep lying playmaker role. So could he be the back up ball winner to Coq?


Right, not a lot out there today and I’m well late for work. Have a grand one darlings.


Thomas, you’ve just won two tickets to the Emirates Cup. You lucky bugger. E-mail me and I’ll get that sorted. Remember, it’s a trophy and we usually win it.

ALSO, before I leave this, had a bit of critique for running this yesterday.

Couple of points here:

1) I’m not paid to do this. It’s a ticket give away. There’s nothing dark about it.

2) I am a critical voice when I need to be. But I’ve never been militant with the club or the people that work there. It’s a game. I love the club and if they want to do something nice to raise awareness of a game, I see no issue. Nor do I think I’ve been compromised.

3) I am selling out big time in a few weeks, you can critique then

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  1. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal have already offloaded quite a few unwanted players, but sofar none
    who were registered to play for club in January.

    The only unregistered players aged over 21 still on the books who is likely to
    be offloaded is Campbell.

    It seems likely that Ospina will leave with arrival of Cech. So the question is
    which other current registered players could leave if we want to free up space
    for new signings.

    GOALKEEPER Third string is Martinez. His current contract has expired.
    LEFT BACK Still rumours that he may go to Athletico Bilbao.
    MIDFIELD Flamini could leave. Was Rosicky really injured or was he left at
    home, because he could be leaving?
    FORWARD. Walcott has still not signed new contract.

    What needs to be realised is that unless or until some of these players depart
    there is no room in our current squad for new signings.

  2. useroz

    Despite only a warm up match, the team seems to continue where it left off in Singapore:

    *Gibbs appeared lost in the final third; ddnt see one cross with Giroud played upfront?

    *Chambers is slow even for a CB; made three fouls at least to stop opposition from getting away… why played so far up? Poor positioning? Can learn fast enough or another Walcott at 26? Not 16m level

    *Ox is still has not progressed and not smart in his head. Not only his mistake that led to the goal but his passes and running were below par and he doesn’t seem to be able to go pass people on the wing like he’d in early days

    *We still can’t shoot properly; chances to on target ratio and conversation is low.

    Is Wenger banking on these guys to try win the PL? Still not a top striker? Someone in AFC is paid heaps to find us great players. Make it happen.

  3. Toli83

    Ox does come across like a luxury player sometimes, a lot of stepovers and tricks however the end product can sometimes go amiss.

    Very big season for him. JW10 shouldn’t be anywhere near the wing for me. Decent player with loads of ability but not a winger.

    Liverpool do have a much stronger team now and Benteke will definitely improve them. Strange Wenger doesn’t feel Benteke would improve our striking options as I feel he definitely would. Quick strong and can dribble with Prem experience.

  4. TOLI83

    I guess the main point I was trying to make is that despite everyone else investing heavily – Wenger doesn’t seem to see the need to buy players and have them bedded in before the season starts.

    This is risky and borders on neglegence – we finished a distant 3rd last season. Anyone would think we finished 1st with his lack of activity.

  5. gary

    If that’s true useroz then we should b finishing sixth at best LOL u probably predicted that last year as well

  6. Emiratesstroller

    I think that Oxlade-Chamberlain rather like Wilshire is trying TOO HARD. Both are currently fringe players and for that reason they are making mistakes as we saw yesterday.

    Oxlade has in my view a lot of talent, but the problem for him is that Sanchez and Walcott are more likely to be in starting X1 if we play 3 up front if for no other reason they score more goals.

    Wilshire has a similar problem. Cazorla and Ozil are more gifted players and
    more or less guaranteed a starting x1 place. That means that Coquelin,Ramsey
    are competing with him for remaining 1/2 places in midfield and I am not
    including Arteta who is now at best a bench warmer.

  7. AngeAusArsenal

    Yeah useroz and Santi was hopeless and Ozil is even worse, Bellerin will never make it, etc etc etc

  8. gary

    Derr..don’t think anyone at AFC is paid to find great players as its pretty obvious already who they are .. getting them is another one knows what’s happening behind the scenes..May b for eg real Madrid have said we will listen to offer s on Benzema but want to get Xx player first

  9. gazzap

    Ox needs to stop trying to do too much every time he gets it. To be fair he hasn’t had that much game time and is still quite inexperienced. Theo used to be like that but improved and I think Ox has got more talent than Theo but isn’t using his head properly. He just needs to learn when to keep it simple and then when to turn on the afterburners.

    Although his mistake in giving the ball away in the midfield was yet again compounded by there not being a back four behind him. two of our defenders were out of position and no one was near Barkley allowing him a free shot at Cech (who I bet hasn’t seen that for 10 years!). This happens time and again with Arsenal because the players are allowed to think only about going forward.
    If you can’t get the discipline right you won’t win the big trophies. I think we’re as good if not better than the Chavs going forward but we’re not in their league for keeping discipline game in game out.

  10. hitman

    Someone (ie his manager) needs to tell Ox to stop losing possession. Or else. He isn’t a kid anymore. He needs to mature asap.
    Cos it costs goals & pts otherwise. Looks like no one had a word with him after Monaco.
    Remember Hazard being dropped / given kick up backside. Seemed to do the trick. Wenger is too soft, poor man manger.

  11. gazzap

    I think watching the Everton game showed that we need a top striker. The number of times the midfield got in good positions to put a striker in is incredible. We have the best midfield in the league – must be frustrating for them that Giroud doesn’t quite measure up. He is good but we need great.

  12. gunnergetyou

    As it stands Utd have an even worse striker situation than us (granted they have a much more clinical 1st choice CF).

    If Benzema does become available they’ll just look to out bid us. Could be another Higuain situation.

  13. Swedish gooner

    Would love to see JW10 play to the right in our front three. Everyone is crying out for a traditional winger with pace and power a la Gareth Bale or Ronaldo. But keep in mind that’s not the style of our game. JW10 is technically much better than those two and is more aggressive.

    I also think he will do better out wide since he tend to get stuck between too many defenders centrally. Out wide he can use his give-and-go to break in to the sides of the penalty area.