Benzem-no |If Jack was back up to Coq, would you be pleased?

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Just dealt with a real moment of culture clash.

An American chap stopped the lift door closing on not one, but two occasions for people needing the lift. He did this at a station.

He really crossed the line. You should have heard my furious sigh.

So two film thoughts. Britain versus America. Two war films based on true stories, American Sniper. Tracking an American war hero struggling to come to terms with the killing of 160 people in the line of duty. Heroic, sad, the underlying message seemingly that killing people affects the vibe at family BBQs.

My British film, Kajaki. Oh my fucking days. If you ever want a film that showcases the grimness of war, this is it. Literally a group of guys getting blown up by land mines for 2 hours. Absolutely harrowing. No justice, no sweet ending, just carnage only made remotely watchable because of the banter the soldiers were having about their blown off legs. The most difficult film I’ve watched since Jurassic World. The underlying message that war is not glamour and it’s maybe a bit pointless in most cases.

Really interesting how two countries portray military in art.


Ok, ok, so what have we today?

Arsenal in for £40m Karim Benzema?

That’d be nice. Real nice. Trying to not emotionally involve myself in this one. If it happens, I’ll be delighted, but I’ve been hurt by too many big names over the years. Strikers are bastards. I don’t need any more bad ones in my life. All the false hopes and shattered dreams.

I’m a broken fan.

Anyway, rumours have been strong all summer and Rafa is always up for doing something stupid. Maybe they’re thinking about Aguerro?

Who isn’t thinking about that dreamboat.

Update: Turns out Arsene has made a denial. Didn’t see his face, so can’t tell if it’s a real denial, or a ‘I’m doing it look at my face revealing the lie’ denial.

Starting to feel like we’re losing pace with the summer again. It’s weird, because transfer wise, we feel we need more players, but if you based your perception of our prospects in Jan onwards, we had basically everything bar a striker and a keeper. We now have the keeper. We just need a forward, which HAS to be a priority.

I mean, would you be sad if we didn’t buy a DM and used Jack there? I’m not sure I’d be sad. It’s a solution that’s worked for England and the player wants it. Jack isn’t good enough to play number 10, there are better players in the deep lying playmaker role. So could he be the back up ball winner to Coq?


Right, not a lot out there today and I’m well late for work. Have a grand one darlings.


Thomas, you’ve just won two tickets to the Emirates Cup. You lucky bugger. E-mail me and I’ll get that sorted. Remember, it’s a trophy and we usually win it.

ALSO, before I leave this, had a bit of critique for running this yesterday.

Couple of points here:

1) I’m not paid to do this. It’s a ticket give away. There’s nothing dark about it.

2) I am a critical voice when I need to be. But I’ve never been militant with the club or the people that work there. It’s a game. I love the club and if they want to do something nice to raise awareness of a game, I see no issue. Nor do I think I’ve been compromised.

3) I am selling out big time in a few weeks, you can critique then

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  1. bishop

    Bellerin is definitely first season is Debuchy’s last as Jenkinson will have to come back.

  2. Arsene's Nurse

    Wenger has just gone over to Cazorla and patted him on the back, both of them exchanging smiles. I think Santi will be playing that central role for a while longer. Nice to see.

  3. ADKB

    Agreed. We’ll need to play at 110% in the community shield if we want to win. At least/last we’ll wipe the smug grin off Mourinho’s face 🙂

  4. nasri's mouth

    Cazorla and Ozil looking so sharp already, but Everton look a bit lost which makes it s little easier for them.

  5. bishop

    Carzola just must play at anyone’s cost. Wilshere too me is behind in the order of who should start in the MF…OZIL,CAZ,COQ,RAM,ROS,ART,FLA

  6. bishop

    Hang your head OX…You are too immature with your game..same as how he got us out of champs league with his terrible pass/dribble

  7. Arsene's Nurse

    Oxo makes a mistake in the middle of the park, giving the ball away due to a poor decision to run inside and into trouble.

    He’s much better suited wide.

  8. nasri's mouth


    Hopefully he’s thinking ‘I will have a little word with him after the game about losing possession in dangerous areas.

    Luckily that’s the kind of thing that can be learnt and pre-seasom is a good time to learn it

  9. Paulinho

    Funny thing about Oxalade is that he’s not slow to dig out the faults of others (albeit in a ‘banterish’ manner).

    I wish someone like Chambers would return the favour:

    “Alex, why is so your touch and decision-making so shit?”

  10. nasri's mouth

    @captain Wenger

    Its a pretty season game. It shouldn’t change your view either way from.last season

  11. Paulinho

    “Its a pretty season game. It shouldn’t change your view either way from.last season”

    Agreed. They’ve spent the last couple of months on a beach, not at some bionic laboratory to improve their game.

  12. Dissenter

    Arsenal TV have to start using anyone other that Oxlade for their soft pieces.
    I’m sick of seeing the lad joking around and taunting team mates (jokingly)
    He’s becoming the Podolski of the squad, off the pitch and on it.
    He needs to grow up.

  13. nasri's mouth


    Preseason games are fun to watch and sometimes you get a little clue as to tactics

    Unless one side gets an absolute battering the score means little and views on individual players as to how they’ll do next season, either good or bad are hardly worth it.

  14. Dissenter

    Does anyone expect anything else that this from Arteta, preseason or not.
    This is a microcosm of what to expect all season.

    I’ll be laughing at Nasri’s mouth and Wenger Eagle (and you, RP) because Arteta is the gift that won’t stop giving.

  15. nasri's mouth


    If you want to give your view on a player in their first preseason game when they haven’t played for 7 months go ahead.

    Pardon me if I tell you it means bugger all though.

  16. Romford Ozil Pele

    Lol Dissenter it’s the first time Arteta has played in nearly 8 months. Not sure why you’re reading so much into this. Like everyone else, he needs games. Ideally we’d get another body in there but won’t happen.

    Anyway nice workout and some of the lads looked sharp. Good to see.

  17. nasri's mouth

    Barclay’s Asia trophy.

    We just can’t stop winning trophies now.

    Can’t wait for the big one to start. I’ve dreamt of winning the Emirates Cup since I was a small boy

  18. vicky

    Not judging on the basis of this match but for me, a new striker is absolutely essential and at least a back up DM. It’s a risk relying on Arteta given his fitness concerns.

  19. Romford Ozil Pele

    Izzo, this isn’t just heat. The lads are playing at high altitude and humidity. Considering you’re trying to get fit, it’s very hard. Conversely, should serve the players in good stead for when they come back. To England.

  20. Dissenter

    Nasri’s mouth/RP

    I deliberately left out the smiley after that post to jolt.
    Early days, I agree
    Just messing with you.
    Have a good day.:-) :-))

  21. nasri's mouth

    Dunno if its still the case, but I remember players being tired in preseason games because they’d done soon much fitness work. Consequently they looked knackered on the pitch.

    Don’t tell Raymond V though or he’ll start tweeting about it

  22. Arsene's Nurse

    Romford Ozil Pele
    July 18, 2015 14:25:02

    Izzo, this isn’t just heat. The lads are playing at high altitude and humidity. Considering you’re trying to get fit, it’s very hard. Conversely, should serve the players in good stead for when they come back. To England.
    30°C and 75% humidity. And that is late at night. Singapore is 7 hours ahead of the UK too so that is at 10.30pm Singapore time.

  23. nasri's mouth


    I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt then.

    Hard to know sometimes, some people read far too much into these games.

    I loved seeing Ozil and Cazorla today but I’d be a fool if I thought they’d get that much space and time in the PL week in week out

  24. steve

    “Gazidis has done well if you look at the commercial side of it. Good decision.”

    It only took about 10 years if you mean going to Asia on pre season.

  25. ADKB

    From Fans can watch FOUR clips, all for FREE, available on Arsenal Player from 5.30pm (UK time) on Saturday evening.

  26. rollen

    July 18, 2015 14:30:28

    The treble is on

    Barclays Asia cup. Emirates cup. Community shield

    ok but how arsene will beat Mourinho?

  27. nasri's mouth


    Its possible, he’s good enough, though there’s a bit of an agenda (might be too strong a word for it) against him from some areas. He’s one of those players who needs to be watched twice too see how good he is, and I think POYT winners tend to be YouTube highlighters

    Might just be me being cynical though

  28. ADKB

    I suspect this performance against Everton will make Arsene feel more confident he doesn’t need any more players. And that we all know is a recipe for his beloved 4th place trophy.

  29. Chrisd

    Ozil was superb , his assist stats would be ridiculous if we had a world class striker . His touch and passing range is unbelievably good especially it’s only pre season .

  30. London gunner


    You are right and you are wrong. I do exaggerate but there is a lot of what I call uncomfortable truths in what I say.

    Technically Welbeck is decent for an English player that’s the important part English (though he is no scratch on wikshere or even lalanna)

    In terms of continental Europe he is quite far behind. I just don’t see the need to pay exaggerated wages of 100k for a forward/come winger who is probably third in the pecking order in terms of striker and third or possibly 4th (if ox comes good) winger.

    Now I have already told you walcotts wages are over the top but at least he is far more useful as in he scores match winning goals/crucial goals and will take some of the pressure of sanchez in that department.

    So I can’t really justify welbecks inclusion in this team. Others can because they think he will dramatically improve and transform into a natural striker at 25 I very much doubt he will.

    Oh and my disliking of welbecks game started way before he joined this club, I always thought he was given opportunities he shouldn’t just because he was English local lad bla bla. I always thought he lacked real quality in his game.

  31. tunnygriffboy

    Surely the players have to be satisfied with that as 2nd pre season game.

    Like the attacking movement and roration of our front players

    That game was Ox in a nutshell. Needs to play wide until he’s mature enough to make decisions in the middle

    Santi was just sublime. He controlled everything from deep, seemed to have all the time in the world. Two assists and a goal. He was ALMOST Pirloesque 🙂 🙂

    Yes we still need two players. A top CF would score 152278 goals a season in that team 🙂

  32. reality check

    Sorry lads i dont mean to put a mood on this victory but oh my f**king days if we don’t need a DM. Forget the CF. Between the strikers we have, all together they possibly equal one WC CF.

    With sanchez chipping in, we might be better served being more effective at stopping the opposition from scoring. Rather than Buying a new CF to finish a higher percentage of our chances.

    It’s a toss up but i think a solid DM is the priority.

  33. nasri's mouth


    Why? His first choice striker (Giroud) didn’t have a good game at all.

    So actually if he actually took anything from a game like this he’d be more likely to want to buy a new striker than before.

    But the reality is that it’s a preseason friendly and the performance means little and Wenger will have made his mind up a long time ago about whether he wants to upgrade Giroud and which players he’d upgrade him with if they become available.

  34. nasri's mouth

    @reality check

    Who would you have gone for as a DM who has a better defensive side of his game than Coq? I get the issues he has with the possession side of his game, but defensively he’s been excellent

  35. reality check

    Ok who.. ok we agree every purchase is a gamble. You can never know for sure how a player will adapt to his new team but… if i had to, i probably would have fought for Morgan. If we did and he chose UTD then Carvahlo. If you say he has injured himself theres no point then whats happend to Lars? If he still dont want to leave germany then what about Cabaye. If you say well Pardew had that wrapped up long time then…

    At this point we have to realize we’re a big club and when it comes to the better players in the world we will have to compete with our competitors whether we like it or not.

    Le Grove posters pull out many names of players that could be available. The fact is, Arteta Flamini Wilshere are all liabilities. We can’t rely on them. I like them. But if we’re being completely honest. We just can’t rely on them.

  36. tunnygriffboy

    Thought Cech was bang average today. All that possession and dominance and he didn’t even get a shot on target

    Love the fact he was getting a cheer every time he got the ball. Hope we give hima great reception first game at the Ems. Also great to hear that in post match interview that he was happy with his performance and his concentration level. He did say he was disappointed with two of his passes. Woijech, take note of a really pro

  37. reality check

    The Cech signing is the proof for me.

    We just won two FA Cups with our two previous keepers. Ospina could say his performances were instrumental. What possible reason could you give to Ospina and Scez why we bought Cech. We’ve had success with the keepers we already have. We have cohesion..

    Why do we need cech, they could say.

  38. Klauspoppe

    Someone mentioned Theo and Giroud together is one player.

    I wonder what playing a tall winger with great aerial abilities to compensate the small CF would produce?

    Atletico do it with Raul Garcia who plays on the right yet becomes target for GKs long ball. Great player.

  39. VP

    Ox is so dim.
    Not the only English player though.

    let’s hope that football intelligence will come with age.

    I want to know what welbeck’s excuse is though? The guy’s going to be 25 in a few months. Takes the meaning of dim to a whole new level.

  40. nasri's mouth

    @reality check

    I’d have liked Schneiderlin too.

    I suspect if Coq hadn’t taken a step up we’d have signed him.

    But I like him because of his distribution and his ability on the ball. I don’t see him as a defensive upgrade on Coq

    Same thing with Bender really. Ideally I’d have liked us to for Gundogan as pre-injury he could do it all.

    I probably wasn’t beimg clear enough. There are better DMs out there, but there aren’t too many better defensive players out there.

    I’d agree on Flamini. He’s regressed and I hope we get rid.
    Wilshere isn’t a DM, he doesn’t play as one for England. More a deep lying playmaker with runners alongside him.
    We could play something a little similar, Ramsey and Wilshere in the middle but u suspect its a little early for that yet in most games.
    Arteta if he stays fit is an OK cover for me, for a small number of games. Interesting that he was reported injuried yet trained and played. Someone stirring. But he needs match practice AND we have to hope the op fixed the issues of last season and they’re not just old age catching up with him.

    If we do sell Flamini, maybe we’ll get someone like Ki.

    I’m more interested in us getting someone like Benzema or Reus though

  41. nasri's mouth

    I think the Cech signing shows that Wenger will happily upgrade if the player is available.
    No proof, but I’ve seen the suggestion in several places that he tries to sign him last season

  42. reality check

    I get you nasri, no problem, I wouldn’t be mad at any1 who took that stance. We differ slightly but it’s cool, my real concern is we still look/come across as, a little light weight in the middle.

    Forget everton, that was just a run out. But i can see a strong and pacey side giving our mid serious problems.

    I’d rather block out the opposition than go toe to toe and try to outscore them.

    Coq has done well but, he has got alot to prove half a season doesn’t really tell you much. Remember ramseys purple patch.

    If Coq gets an injury and takes as long as ramsey to find form and fitness again, whos gonna hold our midfield together.

    Anyway.. just saying.

  43. Sam

    What we need is a player that midfielder who can also cover as DM when Coq needs a rest. someone like Witsel, Lucas Silva etc… But Wenger thinks Arteta can do it. Never mind the fitness, he’s not fast enough to recover from quick counter-attacks

  44. nasri's mouth

    @reality check

    Yeah, there’s some truth in that. Coq could dip in form. Wenger is taking a gamble he’ll maintain his level.
    I suspect one of the reasons he’s not bought someone like Schneiderlin is that he wants Coq to improve on.last season.
    I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to take that shot.

    I think we’ll continue to see more defending as a team, whether we go with a 433 or a 4231, which should make Coq’s game a little easier though he still needs to be positionally very aware to stop the through balls.
    That’s kinda why I’d like to see a new striker or someone who can play across the front three. Makes us so deadly when we regain possession high up the pitch.

  45. tunnygriffboy


    I stick up for Giroud quite a lot on here. He’s much maligned and is better than he is made out to be. I think it’s because he has limitations and it frustrates people. However looking at the attacking talent we have a top striker would have so many chances. Benzema could be that guy. What do you think of Abeymayang ( sp ) ? Seems to me he likes to run onto the ball. What’s his hold up play like ?

  46. ADKB


    Wenger’s talking “cohesion” and I guess he’s got the overall team performance in his mind i.e. a team playing as a team which on a good day can beat 11 top class players playing as individuals.

    And I guess some will argue too that it doesn’t matter where the goals are coming from. Wenger’s logic might be like: “I’ve got a team playing well, scoring goals … why are people clamouring for a striker?”

    This team isn’t very far away. Give me a DM and a CF (top class in both positions) and I’ll be very confident we can do it this season.

  47. Klauspoppe

    The level of prospects in Spain isn’t running dry.

    Atletico is stockpiling talent.
    Oliver Torres

    Look extremely promising.

    Add, Correa (Argentinian) and Carrasco.

    Hopefully Simone integrates them well with his more experienced players entering their final years.

  48. nasri's mouth


    Aubameyang is more of a speed merchant. Knock it pass players and run. He’s quite good at holding on to the ball, not sure I’ve seen enough of him to say he’s no more a target man than Welbeck.

    He’s a decent player but I think we’d be signing him for the sake of a new face.

    Just need to persuade Benzema or Reus that their clubs hate them

  49. nasri's mouth


    I think the cohesion thing is a bit of a misnomer. I sometimes wonder whether Wenger says these things to stop reporters asking him about signings every 2nd question.

    What we have seen is a gradual evolution over the last 12-24 months.

    End of 13/14 we went all defensive and let teams come at us. Got me very nervous but we were actually pretty good and we counter attacked nicely. Last season after trying 4141 in an attempt to shoehorn more creativity into the side (Wilshere and his dribbling ability) we slowly improved our pressing game, something we now have the players for and we now defend much better as a team and the defensive action is higher up the pitch. Its this improvement in the side when we don’t have possession that I think Wenger is on about.
    For so long we focused too.much on what we did in possession (tika taka etc.) now we’re looking at things from the other side, and when we do win back possession high up the pitch we have players to hurt the opposition.

  50. karim


    Agree, Aubameyang is ok and wouldn’t bring anything essentially new to the team whereas the other 2 you mentionned immediately bring us to the next level.

    Quality banter on the DM at the moment btw.

  51. vicky

    This is on Arsenal Website

    Giroud on speculation surrounding new striker…
    I’m not honouring this question. I’m trying to focus on my pre-season preparations. We are doing well together with a really good [cohesion] and the most important for me is that the team is always improving. If there is a new striker, it will be nice for all the team, because competition is good for everyone.

    These comments coming from Giroud is a bit different from Wenger saying it. Imagine Wenger saying it : ” If there is a new striker, it will be nice for all the team, because competition is good for everyone ”

    Anyways, a bit surprising to see this being put on official site.

  52. nasri's mouth

    @rollen/ karim

    Dunno about the new post, Pedro taking some flak on twitter re: Benteke. He’s outnumbered a fair bit it seems, but fighting on

  53. Emiratesstroller

    Based on what I have seen in our first two games our starting X1 next season should be:


    Bench if everyone fit:

    However, on the evidence that I have seen I would hope that we would use the
    balance of our transfer budget to buy a top class striker if such a player became available.

    Overall we played well today, but I must say that I had a few concerns about the
    performance of Wilshire in both games played. On current evidence I don’t see him getting into starting X1.

    Also we do need to sharpen up our act in set pieces. We did look vulnerable on occasion today.

  54. ADKB


    Oh yes. Tiki taka wasn’t getting us anywhere. Now we’re doing something different when we don’t have the ball and I think our midfield play has really improved. And we’ve got good quality to choose from if all our midfielders stay fit. Relying on only Coq for the defensive MF role and perhaps bringing on Arteta is going to be a problem. I’d love to be proved wrong, though.

    We can only second-guess Wenger when he uses some words/phrases. He used to go on about “mental strength”, remember?

  55. ADKB

    Re: “Giroud on speculation surrounding new striker”. Wenger may a strong-headed grand-dad but I’ll be very surprised if he isn’t looking at buying a striker. That doesn’t mean he’ll definitely buy one.

  56. nasri's mouth


    Wenger will buy the striker he wants IF he becomes available. He won’t buy one just for the sake of it.

  57. Goondawg

    Yep ROP

    He plays with a lot of maturity, not with the shakiness or nervy play you associate with kids his age

  58. ADKB


    Nobody (definitely not me) expects/supports/advocates buying any player at all, just for the sake of buying. However, you’ll never hear the end of fans screaming “we want a world class striker” until the end of the transfer window.

    But we’ll always support any Arsenal team because it’s our club 🙂

  59. qna

    Spurs cant have Wembley. Hahaha

    So they have a few choices. Small stadium share with MK Dons (22000 capacity). Or share grounds with Chelsea or…..hahaha. Cant even imagine it.

    Wonder how much money would be in it for Chelsea (or us) to share grounds with them for a season. If we took 50% of the gate that would be worth considering no? Matchday is our biggest earner with like £100m. So if we could get £30m to £40m wouldnt it be worth it. It would kind of be sticking it to them taking that they are paying for our next Marquee. On the otherhand, letting them go to Chelsea ground instead of ours would be like handing extra money for their war chest.

    I hope they go to MK Dons and get poor. Buy would rather us take their cash than Chelsea have it. Still cant see the arsenal fans allowing it.

  60. Sam

    Mourinho fans are blaming Giroud ignoring the fact that Walcott can play there n it can be breakthrough season for Akpom they just want to see arsenal sign a big name striker
    Some of you should f**k off to support chelski

  61. Johnty79

    I’m sorry but you r so deluded…this arsenal team will not win the league this year. And yes carzorla is good against inferior opposition but against the big guns he will wain. Ramsay playing centre is a must.

    Remember in all honesty with Ramsay playing centre we had the best points total in 2013 calendar year.

  62. qna

    Goondawg. No source. This is 2 day old news that Wembley is not going to be allowed as they must choose one ground. So the newspapers are speculating MK Dons or Chelsea. A person fron the fa I think has made a probably tonue i cheek comment that like City and United and Everton and Liverpool, Spurs and Arsenal are paired so they dont play home at the same time so a ground share is possible.

    The point is, if Wembley is off the table, Chelsea and Arsenal are thr only big grounds for them to share. But most likely the MK dons option will be the only practical solution.

  63. qna

    Muzzi Ozcan backing out of his Arsenal claim is not surprising now is it. From signing of the season to bid rejected. At least he can give a made up story of who we fake bid for. Have some decency Muzzi.

    Madrid today didnt play Rondaldo at CF, Jesse was CF in first half and Benzema second half (whole team basically changed at half time). Surely Benzema is not for sale.

  64. vicky

    And Gotze himself has admitted that he could be open to a move.

    Speaking to Goal, he said: “I think that Juventus reached the Champions League final not by chance but because they had a great season last year.

    “They managed to win titles in the last year and they are a big, big club.

    “But, at the moment, I don’t want to comment because there’s nothing to say at the moment.

  65. Blsany

    Everton were fucking poor looks like thy are going backwards under Martinez.would still take deulodeu and stones and possibly McCarthy too.maybe they need saviour Moyes back.santi and ozil magnificent again but what’s the latest with flamini to Gala?

  66. Blsany

    was really hoping for chuuuuuubaaaaaa to score so he can cement back up duties to giroud.has to stay looks a better prospect than a 25 year old Welbeck

  67. nasri's mouth

    The Spurs groundshare story is down to Scudamore saying that Spurs playing half their games at MK Dons and half at Wembley is a no no.

    Apparently they can’t play all at Wembley due to council restrictions.

    He suggested a groundshare with us or another London club. I think West Ham have already told them to duck off.

    Hopefully they end up at somewhere like Coventry and have to pay a fortune for the privilege.

    Will be the same with Chelsea

  68. nasri's mouth


    Bit early to read anything into performances whether you’re an Arsenal fan or an Everton fan.

    Still I suspect the number of people wanting Martinez as the next Arsenal manager has shrunk to 0

  69. Blsany

    @nm…yeah Lol I was one of them but my Everton mate reckons he is championship manager at best.Big season for them and I soft spot for Everton.on Tottenham issues may I suggest sharing with Millwall or Brentford that’s about their level.

  70. Goondawg

    Alexandre Lacazette: “I have told the coach and the president that I want to continue with Lyon this season.”

    Somehow I don’t think he will do a Delph

  71. goonerboy

    Good win in Singapore- hellish climate to play football in. Fitness and marketing.
    Just enjoy seeing us win. Not worth getting fired up about Wenger failing to add 2 or 3 players that would make us really competitive. When has he ever done the obvious thing at this time of the year? Arsenal will sell three times as many players as we buy this window- even though we are not short of cash.

    I can’t think of a year when he and his deluded followers haven’t offered the excuse of injuries for failing to compete for the EPL title yet the club does not put enough pressure on him to make the right purchases- its too easy for him to generate fatuous excuses like “cohesiveness.”

    Jack Wilshere is not a DM- pure and simple. Potentially great player if he stays fit- but an attacking orchestrator not a great defender either positionally or physically. This year we once again will have insufficient midfield power and defensive capability in the squad to last the season and no we do not have a top class finisher at the club.

  72. Sam

    Bellerin can play DM, just in case Wenger refuses to spend
    Chamberlain and Giroud had crap game so what? people ignoring that Gnabry is also part of first team n Sanchez

  73. peanuts&monkeys

    Another match where Arsenal’s CFs did not find the nets. No wonder players fronm all over the field will score but not Arsenal’s CFs. In fact Giroud did not have a reasonable touch in the final 3rd. And not even an attempt. So was with his replacement. This highlights the lack of striking power in arsenal. Yet the obtuse and egoist manager will try and make do with donkeys up front like Giroud and Sanogo. Wenger OUT!!

  74. nasri's mouth


    Using his first preseason game as evidence is bonkers.

    Oh and Sanogo has gone on loan

    And our CFs have found the goal in their last 2 games

    Other than that, you did ok

  75. Wallace

    Bild reporting that we’ve made a big offer for Aubameyang, but that Dortmund aren’t willing to sell as he’s Tuchel’s no.1 striker.

    really can’t see it happening. as disappointing as i found Welbeck in the second half of the season i still think he’s got far more to his game than Aubameyang.

  76. Wallace

    “While they say we don’t accept this bid, until 31 August we can improve the bid – one pound more, 10 pounds more, we can improve the bid,”

    “So during this process, it’s clear, we don’t deny we made a bid for Stones. It means we are trying to buy.

    “We made a bid, we can make it – it’s an open market until 1 September. We didn’t make an offer on 2 September or in March, or two days before we play against Everton. We are making the bid in the period we have to make it, which is the open market.

    “So until 1 September, every single one of our players can get a bid and we can make bids for players from other clubs.”

    – Mourinho keeping it classy…

  77. S Asoa

    Wenger’s looking over to buy Striker is like a street side Romeo looking over passing chicks
    He gets no fucks
    Neither does Arsehole W get one ,except a pole up his by mid season

  78. vicky

    ” i found Welbeck in the second half of the season i still think he’s got far more to his game than Aubameyang.”

    We do need a goal scorer though. If Sanchez’s goals dry up this season, we would need to have another goal scoring threat. Would not turn my nose up on him.

  79. Wallace


    Alexis, Giroud & Walcott are all capable of scoring 20 goals. then there’s Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil & the Ox chipping in, and the question mark that is Welbeck…i think we have enough goals in the side…that said i’d love Benzema. happy to go with what we’ve got if that doesn’t pan out though.