Benzem-no |If Jack was back up to Coq, would you be pleased?

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Just dealt with a real moment of culture clash.

An American chap stopped the lift door closing on not one, but two occasions for people needing the lift. He did this at a station.

He really crossed the line. You should have heard my furious sigh.

So two film thoughts. Britain versus America. Two war films based on true stories, American Sniper. Tracking an American war hero struggling to come to terms with the killing of 160 people in the line of duty. Heroic, sad, the underlying message seemingly that killing people affects the vibe at family BBQs.

My British film, Kajaki. Oh my fucking days. If you ever want a film that showcases the grimness of war, this is it. Literally a group of guys getting blown up by land mines for 2 hours. Absolutely harrowing. No justice, no sweet ending, just carnage only made remotely watchable because of the banter the soldiers were having about their blown off legs. The most difficult film I’ve watched since Jurassic World. The underlying message that war is not glamour and it’s maybe a bit pointless in most cases.

Really interesting how two countries portray military in art.


Ok, ok, so what have we today?

Arsenal in for £40m Karim Benzema?

That’d be nice. Real nice. Trying to not emotionally involve myself in this one. If it happens, I’ll be delighted, but I’ve been hurt by too many big names over the years. Strikers are bastards. I don’t need any more bad ones in my life. All the false hopes and shattered dreams.

I’m a broken fan.

Anyway, rumours have been strong all summer and Rafa is always up for doing something stupid. Maybe they’re thinking about Aguerro?

Who isn’t thinking about that dreamboat.

Update: Turns out Arsene has made a denial. Didn’t see his face, so can’t tell if it’s a real denial, or a ‘I’m doing it look at my face revealing the lie’ denial.

Starting to feel like we’re losing pace with the summer again. It’s weird, because transfer wise, we feel we need more players, but if you based your perception of our prospects in Jan onwards, we had basically everything bar a striker and a keeper. We now have the keeper. We just need a forward, which HAS to be a priority.

I mean, would you be sad if we didn’t buy a DM and used Jack there? I’m not sure I’d be sad. It’s a solution that’s worked for England and the player wants it. Jack isn’t good enough to play number 10, there are better players in the deep lying playmaker role. So could he be the back up ball winner to Coq?


Right, not a lot out there today and I’m well late for work. Have a grand one darlings.


Thomas, you’ve just won two tickets to the Emirates Cup. You lucky bugger. E-mail me and I’ll get that sorted. Remember, it’s a trophy and we usually win it.

ALSO, before I leave this, had a bit of critique for running this yesterday.

Couple of points here:

1) I’m not paid to do this. It’s a ticket give away. There’s nothing dark about it.

2) I am a critical voice when I need to be. But I’ve never been militant with the club or the people that work there. It’s a game. I love the club and if they want to do something nice to raise awareness of a game, I see no issue. Nor do I think I’ve been compromised.

3) I am selling out big time in a few weeks, you can critique then

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  1. nasri's mouth


    I think the argument about Bony was twofold.

    1) he was used as an example that it’s not just us that occasionally overpay for players

    2) he’s looked worse since he joined ManC not better. Of course there are mitigating circumstances but suggesting he’s improved so far since leaving Swansea is dumb

  2. London gunner

    For me it’s not just about the finishing or lack of it with welbeck, it’s not the fact he can’t kick a ball without scuffing it or falling over, it’s the fact how poor sub standard strikers like giroud make him look. Giroud should be a number two and welbeck is worse so he is like a number 3 and it’s not as if he is 20! The lads 24/25

    Also for a relatively big guy he is quite poor at hold up play and winning the ball aerially.

    I just don’t get the hype. It’s like people have gone his tall fast and black and plays for arsenal? Yay!! Next thiery Henry!

  3. vicky


    Just as you are well within you rights to have zero faith in Welback, people have the right to expect something good from him. Why do you get so nervy every time somebody mentions Welback ?

  4. Bamford10

    Bony has not looked worse since joining City. This is simply something NM is repeating because he has heard it said. I have watched Bony at City several times — keep in mind he has only gotten to start twice — and he has actually looked quite good.

    Yes, like any player, he has had to go through the process of adjusting to a new team and set-up, but he has still played quite well.

    Unlike Welbeck, however, he is an actual CF, with the mentality of a CF and the skill-set of a CF. Welbeck doesn’t know if he’s a midfielder or a CF and his game is thus stuck in between. No comparison b/t the two — unless Welbeck develops an enormous amount mentally.

    Unlike Giroud, Bony has pace and athleticism. His hold-up play is just as good and he’s a better scorer as he can create his own chances, get in behind back fours AND finish from crosses. Giroud can only do the latter.

  5. Arsene's Nurse

    Trying to watch Chambers at the back as much as possible today. Bit difficult cos most of the time the camera isn’t showing him.

  6. Arsene's Nurse

    Everton counter and Gibbs is rigidly in line with his centre backs, no bombing forwards and leaving gaps behind. Is he finally learning?

  7. Paulinho

    Bony is an excellent player.

    It’s clear it takes him a little while to find his feet when he joins a club (like he did at Swansea) but once he feels comfortable he starts to improve at a scary rate.

    He’s never had the chance to build up any sort of rythm at City so he can’t slowly build up like he did at Swansea, but if he’s given a spell up front he take off there as well.

    Much better player than Giroud.

  8. Arsene's Nurse

    What a goal. Fabulous pass from Santi sitting deep, over the defence on to a running Walcott who shoots first time under the keeper.

  9. El Tel 1

    Bony giving Bumford a hard on.

    If you like watching him so much fuck off to the Eitihad and watch him.

    The Arsenal are playing and you are talking about a fucking player from another team.

    I don’t usually get angry on here but you Sir are not an Arsenal fan.

  10. Paulinho

    Dream10 – I was thinking about this, can you remember anything memorable Santi has done with his right foot for Arsenal? Even goals I’m struggling to think of any.

    Even though he was born right-footed I would actually say his left is by far the foot he uses the most.

  11. Goondawg

    That was all Cazorla… What a player. Love how two-footed he is. Deft footwork. Picked it up wheres he’s left it. Please pedro never vindicate selling him again

  12. Al

    You can also notice the gap in midfield without coquelin in there…been hit on the counter through the middle a couple of times because santi doesn’t have the physical attributes required and ramsey to far forward.

  13. gary

    Walcott will be so important this season if he stays fit.. wouldnt have swapped him for Sterling because of the goals he’ll bring..

  14. Paulinho

    When you look at Stones and Chambers what stands out about Stones is his perfect physique and all-round athleticism. Chambers not as blessed in that department.

  15. Dream10


    yep. he takes less time to pull the trigger on his left foot.
    Strangely enough, I felt the same way about Zidane. My two favourite strikes came from his left ( Juve vs. Reggina & Real vs Leverkusen).

  16. Arsene's Nurse

    lol – that was brilliant, 2 toffees tackles each other in the middle of the park gifting the ball away.

  17. Al

    Freaking hell. …why does gibbs always delay his pass. Does it all the time, he takes an extra touch and spoils an opportunity

  18. Paulinho

    Gibbs has got alot to be thankful to Wenger for. He probably would have been a championship player at best if any other manager was at the club.

  19. Al

    Can you imagine what the signing of a legit striker would do to the confidence and belief to this side. I think the mentality would instantly switch from “thinking” to “knowing” they can win the title

  20. Goondawg

    Gibbs is shocking offensively, he runs a lot. But never is inclined to shoot, would rather wait for the outside run, which is obviously what he waits for, because play slows down by a million. His crossing is woeful, which is unfortunate for Giroud. And defensively he is suspect also.

  21. Dream10


    We do look fitter.

    Set pieces still a worry. We don’t have a CB who is very good in the air.
    Debuchy might be our second best header of the ball after Giroud.
    That’s one reason to buy Carvalho in January.

  22. Sam

    Wilshere is a left winger now?

    this is how Wenger gonna f**k up our season
    should have started with Chamberlain instead

  23. Al

    Did you see that…lol ozil drops a wonder through ball on the plate for giroud…who does what he usually does…eff it up

  24. Bamford10


    “He is a big fast lump of English muscle hence his English admirers.”

    This just isn’t true. Welbeck has his limitations, but you are so emotional on the question that you misrepresent his game and exaggerate those limitations. He actually is quite technical, and he is a clever dribbler, yet you talk about him as if he were an oaf. He’s not. His first touch can be a little off at times, but not because he’s not a technical player.

    For you he’s like the anti-Theo — and in your mind there is this Theo vs. Welbeck thing — and as a result you are overboard against him.

    He has his limitations, but you are unfair to him.

  25. Bamford10

    Nice dribble from Theo there. Unfortunately Ozil passed to Giroud, who dribbled into two defenders in the box and gave the ball away.

  26. Goondawg

    Those disguised Ozil passes are ridiculous. I laugh at the people on here that wanted to sell him last season

  27. Bamford10

    Actually think a number of our players look noticeably stronger and fitter. And I don’t think it’s just the new kit.

  28. Paulinho

    Walcott is like a comedic caricature of what Giroud is missing.

    Wenger needs to play two half-players to make up for each other’s deficiencies.

    Could say the same about Cazorla- Coquelin midfield. Works well and looks balanced against average sides but gets exposed as way too simplistic and contrived against anyone decent.

  29. blsany

    Ozil santi and giroud playing well.Wally still looks lost on the left though..Need to kill of this game with the all that domination.

  30. vicky

    I think we can do without a DM signing but not signing a striker would be criminal. Got to find a way out. We won’t win the league with Giroud. He wastes so many chances, unbelievable. Also, the morale of players like Cazorla and Ozil goes down.

  31. SRG#FreeN5

    Really nice 45 mins we are fitter sharper. At least the start of our season is going to be good . We will have a calendar year league trophy again. Who knows what is going to happen in the second half.

  32. izzo

    When I said the goals Akpom scored Giroud wouldn’t have people were questioning me. I really hope he gets games this season if not you all will continue your complaining of Giroud all season as he misses chances after chances.

  33. Bamford10


    Save the small contingent of AKBs and optimists, Le Grove has been right regarding Giroud for YEARS now. We were saying he was not good enough long before Henry spoke up.

    And believe it or not, there are some folks on here who lamely try to argue that Henry only said that to be provocative or that Henry isn’t to be trusted as a pundit.

    Giroud out.

  34. Romford Ozil Pele

    The disguise on that ball from MÖ was so good. Honestly Welbz/Theo if we don’t sign a new striker one of you step up please!!

    Don’t think I can be dealing with those expressions this season!

  35. Dream10


    AW will play Cazorla as a DM in quite a few matches till January. He’ll find a way to get his favourites on the pitch. Wilshere as a #7, Alexis #9, Cazorla #6.
    Just have to hope we get Carvalho in January.

  36. karim


    Thanks a lot mate, but it doesn’t work for me, maybe because of my location or device, dunno.

    Anyway, back to the USSR, you don’t know how lucky you are, boy !

  37. Paulinho

    How much you wanna bet you’ll hear Wenger talk about Wilshere feeling his ankle in the next week or so.

  38. nasri's mouth


    Look I know you struggle with basic facts but stop beimg a twat and making stuff up when you have zero facts about it.

    You got called out on it by both me and Wenger Eagle. Just move and accept you’re wrong and a bit of a dicl and we’ll all be fine

  39. Paulinho

    Dream10 – Wilshere won’t even be available so need to worry about that.

    Really needed Kondogbia.

  40. Arsene's Nurse

    Oxo on for Wilshere. Wenger just doesn’t do that sort of sub without reason. Obviously Wilshere was feeling the ankle(s).

  41. Arsene's Nurse

    What a lovely bit of play. Right from working the ball down the right, Oxo getting out of a tight situation with a lovely bit of skill, the pass to Santi allows him to open up the left, Walcott driving inside sharing a one-two and then a nice bit of skill to put the ball across the 6 yard box but no-one is there to finish it. Shame.

  42. Arsene's Nurse

    Have we got a striker? You know someone to actually make a fucking effort to get in the box and score tap ins.

  43. Goondawg

    We need a better striker, so people like Oxlade can start getting assists. On a fucking plate that was

  44. St freak

    Arsene’s Nurse July 18, 2015 13:37:11

    What a lovely bit of play. Right from working the ball down the right, Oxo getting out of a tight situation with a lovely bit of skill, the pass to Santi allows him to open up the left, Walcott driving inside sharing a one-two and then a nice bit of skill to put the ball across the 6 yard box but no-one is there to finish it. Shame.

    Dude, you ever thought about a career in live commentating?
    That was brilliant.

  45. Bamford10


    What “facts”? You have made no argument. Am not wrong and am holding to my view: Bony a superior CF than both Giroud and Welbeck.

  46. Arsene's Nurse

    Santi, what a lovely little player, he just exudes class. He also seems to really be enjoying his football at the moment too.

  47. Al

    Who was the guy saying barkley was better than ozil last year on legrove lol? Really can’t remember but they was saying he was better and we should sell ozil to get barkley.

  48. kwik fit

    What a player Ozil really is. It would be criminal of Wenger not to let him feed a World class forward

  49. ADKB

    @gunnergetyou: “Fair enough it’s only pre season but Everton do look quite pathetic”

    I wonder if you’d have said that if we’re on the receiving end

  50. Arsene's Nurse

    Ridiculous. Gibbs intercepts and the ball forward looks like it’s going nowhere but Ozil plays a trapped pass back to Santi, stays where he is and Santi just plays it back to him first time and bang Ozil puts it home.

    Everton scythed open.

  51. nasri's mouth


    You claimed my (and that of Wenger Eagle) view of Bony was down to simply reading about him. Of course you claimed this with zero knowledge.

    Both myself and Wenger Eagle explained that you were wrong and that we’d both watched him.

    Yet despite thus you continue to be a twat about and claim I haven’t watched him.

    As you live in a different country to me, I fail to see how you’d have the slightest idea if how I gained my info about Bony.

    So, like I say just fuck off and admit that maybe just maybe both me and WE have watched him play.

    Or you could continue to be a twat about it, your call.