Big name leaves, but big opportunity presents itself

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Oh good morning you sweet sexy souls!

Last night I found more internet friends, and my oldest companion, booze… there she was, licking my face well into the night.

Also ended up in a hotel with a bunch of guys who started an electric skateboard company called Boosted. 6miles worth of charge and a top speed of 22mph!


Arsenal though, now where are we here?

So a chap called Hendrick has left the Arsenal to go to Aston Villa to reunite with Tom Fox. From what I understand of this mysterious character (and we’ve spoken of him before), he was the right hand man of Ivan. He’d pull a lot of strings behind the scenes. He’d have played a very important role in bringing Shad Forsythe in last summer. He’d have been the chap who bought that analytics company we struggled to utilise under Wenger.

He’s apparently a super smart guy genius educated person thing, but I reckon it’s a fabulous opportunity rather than a teary sad one. Our backroom set up has hardly been incredible and it’s only really taken shape over the last year. Bringing shiny things into the club is only worthwhile if you have the talent to get them implemented. Think we’ve have a lot of sparkly computers being used as door stops over the last 5  years or so. Maybe I’m being unfair here, because Wenger is very stubborn and he’s been the equivalent of getting your nan to contribute to a Reddit AMA.

This for me is a massive opportunity to bring someone to the club who has major football experience with a winning entity… well, maybe not even winning, just an entity that performs beyond its means. There are so many incredibly smart people in sport at the moment. It wouldn’t shock me if we replaced him with someone from another sport. A more advanced sport. In football, 90% of clubs have exactly the same approach… the best clubs do incredible things with that remaining 10%.

We need a person who can impact that 10%. I feel we’ve just moved into the 90% after spending so long in the dark. I mean, it’s amazing that we’ve been able to hit top four so consistently despite being a train wreck behind the scenes. So props to Wenger there.

Change is a good thing. Especially in an area of the business that needs constant rethinking to assess where you are in relation to competition. The only way to get Wenger to listen is to bring in people with big personalities with BIG CVs.

Over to you Ivan…

Gibbs reckons it’s about getting sharp for the season…

“What’s key is that we continue the form, continue the belief that we’ve shown over the last two years. I think the team has grown, if we can keep everyone fit, we can really aim for the league.”

We saw the impact Shad had on the side in the second half of the season. Hopefully that’ll have given him a tremendous reputation boost heading into preseason. We’ll have a team properly managed from start to finish this year, which is an excellent position to be in. You can have the best players, but if they’re broken or fatigued, you’re not winning anything. This will be part of our 10% this year. Can the club have a season without the traditional injury collapse? You’d have to say that if we did manage that, we’d have at the very least, 9 points additional in the bag.

On the exit roster, David Ospina is a £7m target of Bilbao, which is bloody great news! That’s more money than we paid for him. He’ll do well in Spain as well. Obviously the Colombian packed in the idea of Fener when he heard Robin was stinking the place out. Another player on his way us Joel Campbell. Apparently he’s not happy going out on his 52nd loan spell and the fee is about £6m, which is goooooood dollar.

I wonder if we’ll shift on Chezzer? I wonder what fee we’d get? Not a big one. But, say, £10m? He’s basically just in need of a good 1982 spanked backside. He has the talent, but he’s been a bad boy. Stick him with Van Gaal, regular spankings of a not too pleasurable nature. That might get more from him. LVG loves a project.

Also, good news on the way… like, two Le Grove competitions with PRIZES. Stay tuned for that over the weekend.

Also, you’ll have to accept me doing a PR thing in August, but it’s football related and I’m pretty good for almost never doing stuff with brands, but you can’t turn down a Barca game.

Right, I don’t think I have much more to give? Bar the eternal love I have for your readership…


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  1. nasri's mouth

    @relieable sauce

    No idea about Arteta. He’s training so it can’t be too bad. The operation was to remove a bone spur, a growth. They’re painful and its entirely possible because he was playing with it, it was causing those little little niggling associated injuries.

    I guess we’ll know more come Saturday or whenever Wenger’s press conference is. He’s said he’s going to involve all 9 other players, so who knows

  2. WengerEagle


    I’m just not convinced by him, admittedly I’ve only watched him a few times but he’s never struck me as overly impressive. In the Lyon matches I watched Fekir was the stand out player ability wise.

    When Benzema was at Lyon and Hazard dominating at Lille the potential was blindingly obvious to everyone. They looked special and it’s no surprise now to see that Hazard is the best player in the BPL and Benzema is one of the best strikers in world football leading the line for Real Madrid for the last 6 years.

    Lacazette isn’t a kid, he’s 24. Now while that is still relatively young he probably won’t improve all that much.

    His goalscoring record this season was great but his lack of goals vs top 5-6 opposition and the fact that 9 of his 27 goals were from the spot would have me a little sceptical that he could come over here and be the 30+ goals a season striker that we need to compete with Chelsea and City.

  3. WengerEagle

    Domenico Berardi is an interesting player, 20 years old and a 1 in 2 Serie A scoring record for Sassuolo.

    31 Serie A goals in just 61 Serie A appearances.

    Massive scope for improvement given he’s 3-4 years younger than Lacazette and Benteke.

    Unlike Benteke he can actually dribble too.

  4. Blsany

    La casette is the real deal.Probably the best young striker out there.Watch him blow Pl opposition defences in to pieces much like Aguero.

  5. Marko

    Still trying to find fault in a striker who hit 27 league goals in a league with Zlatan and Cavani WE? Just won’t quit gotta respect that but don’t agree. Also absolutely delighted with Benteke joining Liverpool cause it’ll finally put to bed the possibility of him joining us. I really don’t rate him that much

  6. Ozy

    Very fair, Eagle. I’ll trust your judgement though I still believe there isn’t much out there better than him. Like you said, there is a shocking lack of quality strikers.

    I wonder what kind of involvement Akpom will have this season, if any. Sanogo is slowly being phased out. Neither Welbeck or Walcott will ever cut it as CFs..

  7. WengerEagle

    Zlatan is 34 in a couple of months and missed a fair chunk of the season through suspensions picked up and injuries (I think?), he only made 24 apps in the league.

    And Cavani has looked anything but a top class striker since he joined PSG two years ago, for Uruguay and in the UCL knockouts for PSG he’s looked shocking.

    He looks a very good player and 27 league goals even with lots of penalties is impressive, I just don’t want us to blow £35 million on him when IMO he won’t take our forward line to the next level like a Costa or an Aguero would.

    If he’s THAT good would PSG or another top club in Europe not swoop in for him?

    Everyone and their mother wanted Benzema in 2009 as a 21 year old kid.

  8. Blsany

    tidy player berardi reminds of Thomas Muller.Two footed but clearly not ready yet and most of his goals were spot kicks.Juve are going to keep this player for the future.So not really an option right now.

  9. WengerEagle

    You’re right there’s not Ozy and that’s the sad part.

    That’s why although I find it a bit ridiculous I can fully understand Liverpool spending £62 million on Benteke and Firmino.

    Wish we had signed Costa last summer, he was just a player that you knew would destroy BPL defences.

    Felt the exact same about Aguero when he signed for City in 2011, told my mates at the time that £38 million would prove a bargain.

  10. nasri's mouth


    If that’s real…

    Maybe a useful tactic. Stop the opposition from playing because they’re laughing too much

  11. WengerEagle

    Fair point Blsany, a lot of his goals were from the spot, 5 of his 16 this season.

    He looks decent though and the fact that he’s still a kid means he can go as far as he wants to.

    Juventus property though.

  12. Blsany

    We ….. Agreed he is exactly what we need cultured player who always has time on the ball. Sign of a great player. Daily hell did make a story about Bac but it had more pictures of his missus

  13. WengerEagle

    Luis Suarez really was the best bit of business that Dalglish or Liverpool ever did.

    Pretty much cancelled out the horror show of spending big on Andy Carroll, Downing and company he was that good and sold at a £50+ million profit.

  14. Goondawg

    Man all these teams love doing their business early, while we in Singapore sitting around with our cocks in hand. And people think this team is good enough to challenge for the league or go far in champions league

  15. Steveyj22

    Order new away shirt today I was asked do I want to put a name on back last season I put alexis on being a nnew player and all that but this year ccan’t exactly put cech on the back and don’t want to take a chance on any other of our players they may be sold I do not try the scum that run our club anymore it’s all about fourth i will not be surprised is we don’t buy anybody else. Shame always try to put new players on shirts show supported and all that

  16. Steveyj22

    Sick of hearing bullshit about club having to sell player can’t compete with oil money etc etc. We have had 2 billionaire share holders since 2007 the club CHOOSE NOT TO COMPETE. The difference being chavs city’s billionaire’s invested in their teams OURS DID NOT WANT OR WERE NO ALLOWED TO. If there had we could spent silly money aswell

  17. Marko

    Berardi looks a proper prospect but Juve will bring him back for sure soon. WE though I’m not sure i’d agree with Lacazette not taking us to the next level (whatever that is). Considering Giroud is able to get 20ish goals a season for us I’d be convinced Lacazette would score more than him with the players we have here. Considering the severe lack going you’d imagine if Benzema was a no go then Lacazette or Aubamayang becomes your next best bet. Particularly Lacazette the sell on value would be huge too. And regards to top clubs wanting him I’m sure PSG would love him but whether Aulas would sell to them is another thing and most of the big boys are set in that department and last but not least WE (as in we) are a big club

  18. WengerEagle

    London Gunner

    I’ve seen the video before.

    Some nice finishes in there but nothing that would blow your socks off tbh, only 1 or 2 scored outside the box and not a single goal was scored with his left foot.

  19. Mohap99

    Just a random one but if Aubamayang becomes available would you take him? I personally wont take him as he wont offer much compared to what we already have!!

  20. SRG#FreeN5

    Regarding Lacazatte , in most of his goals there was far too much space for him to operate on. At Arsenal , I cannot even remember our forward having so much to operate on. This is not EPL vs French league thing , we play parked buses with Giroud mostly battling 2 center halves .

    I am not too convinced Lacazatte will provide us lot more than Giroud.

  21. Emiratesstroller

    There are a lot of rumours today about Benzema. Whether this is just another
    smokescreen remains to be seen.

    What makes it perhaps believable is the alleged transfer fee of £40 million when added to what was spent on Cech will bring it more or less in line with the budget of £50 million supposedly allocated for transfers. This would also reinforce the policy of making one major signing each season.

    Also I think that it is increasingly clear that Wenger plans to hold onto all the
    players who are currently on the trip in Singapore plus of course Sanchez.

    The youngsters on the trip such as Akpom and Iwobi plus Gnabry will probably be loaned out. Messrs Campbell, Ospina and maybe Rosicky [allegedly injured] who did not go on trip will probably depart.

  22. peanuts&monkeys

    What is the striker situation folks? We need a 30+ goal top-class striker to compete with ManU/Chelsea/City. And Liverpool.

    Now Liverpool too coz Benteke will form a deadly quartet of Sturridge + Benteke + Firmino + Coutinho.

  23. peanuts&monkeys

    If yopu look at the Arsenal frontline, apart from Sanchez there is hardly anyone who is a prolific scoreer. lets face it. All the others among Ramsey, Ozil, Wilshere are goal-shy. They simply do not shoot. Just wont. They can score goals from a pretty pretty move and only when there is a sitter waiting. Walcott is wayward. His touches have hardly improved over last 7 years.
    The only forward who has the potential to produce a goal from anywhere is Sanchez, from a half-chance is Sanchez.

    We need another Half-chance scorer.

  24. tunnygriffboy

    Ah. The mythical 30+ goal striker. Last season in PL

    1. Aguero 26
    2. Kane 21
    3. Costa 20
    4. Austin 18
    5. Sanchez 16
    6. Berahino 16
    7. Giroud 14
    8. Hazard 14
    9. Benteke 13

    Aguero will get 30 goals if fit. Maybe Costa. You have Messi, Neymar, Suarez Ronaldo who will get 30 goals but i don’t see to many others hitting 30 goals unless they taking penalties. We are the only team to have two players in the top ten goalscorers last season

    What we need is 20 goal man and three others to hit 10 to 15.

  25. tunnygriffboy

    *** My bad, Chelsea have Costa and Hazard ***

    Will we score more goals if Ozil, Ramsey, Giroud and Walcott stay fit this season ?

    The likes of Welbeck, Santi, Wilshere and the Ox all need to up their numbers next season. When you look at the attacking players we have keeping them all fit would improve us considerably and is as important as new players

  26. Wallace

    Wenger has said Akpom won’t be loaned out this year. if he can develop into a serious first team prospect i think it would make it easier for Wenger to move Welbeck on, if Welbeck doesn’t improve on last season’s performances.

    and yeah, looks like Benzema or bust this summer.

  27. tunnygriffboy


    I have sneaky feeling that Welbeck will score more goals next season. I think he has it in him. If you look at some of his finishes for England they are really good. He has it in him, just needs consistency

    I also see a more grown up determined tTheo at the end of the season. He was very tentative when he first came back but as his confidence grew he started taking people on and dribbling. The last few appearances he made were really encouraging. He will get you 15 goals if he stays fit. In 14 appearances, most as a sub he scored 7 goals last season.

    Ramsey had a stop start season, his tally needs to go up as does Jak’s and Santi’s. Then there’s the Ox. Add goals and a better ball to his marauding then we have aplayer on our hands.

    Time for these guys to step up and realise their potential

  28. tunnygriffboy

    Ps: Agree re Benzema. Convinced Wenger isn’t spending anything as he’ll need every penny for the Benzema bid. I wonder if he’s had the nod he may be available ?

  29. Wallace


    i don’t worry about us scoring enough. there’s plenty of goals in the team. Alexis, Giroud & Walcott are proven, while Welbeck, Ramsey, Ozil, Cazorla and the Ox should all be capable of 10+.

  30. Wallace

    “Bloody hell. If Rodgers signs Benteke I reckon he’s spent well over 200 million in the 3 years he’s been there.”

    Bamford thought Liverpool were better than us even before this. he’ll be shooting all over his Frosties when he reads the reports.

  31. peanuts&monkeys

    Giroud will miss another 4 months again this year. That shd be a given. Look at the teams against whom Giroud has scored. Knowing his utter unatheletic style aand his inability to turn a half chance to a goal and also his sitter misses,, i can vouch he has scored 10 out of his 14 against bottom half of the table teams.

    Giroud is donkey, He is not fit for top class football. He has been lucky so far like ArseneLoserFailureWenger. His luck will be running out sooner than the ambition-less, penny pincher club manager.

  32. Klauspoppe

    We’ve all heard the IFs of so and so staying fit since 2009.

    Same arguments can be said of every PL winning side in last ten years.

    Imagine if Costa wasn’t injured? Maybe the PL would have been wrapped up in March?

  33. tunnygriffboy


    They did indeed struggle when Costa was injured. Imagine if they’d been without Costa and Hazard for 4 months. Add to that Willian all season and Terry and Fabregas for about 10 weeks as well. How would they have coped then ? Would they have run away with the league ?

  34. mysticleaves

    ” Giroud last season. In the games he played v the top 4
    remembering he missed 4 months. Scored v man u at home,
    City away,and lpool home and away”

    lol peanuts. the joke is on you. though hypothetically if he scored the remaining 1o against bottom sides you are dead right.

  35. Wallace

    re Benzema – Rafa loathes Mourinho even more than Wenger does. reckon if he can help us out he will.

  36. Klauspoppe


    But they didn’t?

    What’s the point of even arguing over this? Your speculating over the past?

    We’ve had numerous posters argue if Cesc, Nasri, Rosicky, RVP were fit together in 2009, 2010 we would have won something.
    We’ve had the same arguments every year since and it has become quite regressive.

    I don’t know whats more unrealistic; mass spending on WC players this summer or speculating IF our players are going to be fit all season. I mean both options are putting money in the pokies.

  37. nasri's mouth


    He was asked about him in the press conference an hour ago.

    Haven’t read the actual question though, which often adds context to the answer, and the answer might not be a precise quote (apologies for speech marks) but the ‘at the moment’ seems genuine.
    Wenger wouldn’t say that if he wasn’t interested. We need that first domino to fall

  38. Klauspoppe

    I wonder who Benzema is going to replace at Real? Even with Ronaldo moving to a central role, surely they’ll add a talent.

  39. nasri's mouth


    I’d normally be pretty realistic about our regular injury issues but there are a couple of things in our favour.

    Debuchy and Giroud both had pretty obscure injuries. Unlikely we’ll see those types again, Koscielny is free from his issues. Ozil and Mert have had a nice break unlike last season and with Shad and co. we seem to be making a bigger attempt to fix the problem

  40. Klauspoppe


    Majority of those players were in the WC and its amazing Sanchez lasted so long before he crashed as well.

    With an extended break for our starters hopefully, they’ll be well conditioned for start of the season. But this all feels like deja vu. Only difference is Shad, since the past, and a big difference he has to be if there is a way to disperse doubt for many of the grovers.

  41. tunnygriffboy


    I guess my point was that if any side had the crippling injury list we had the would have been inconsistent/average to poor over that period. We always have injuries but that was horrendous. Surely you have to admit that any side who suffered that would have struggled ?

    It is possible that we will suffer injuries next season . However asc Pedro regularly informs us there have been big changes behind the scenes in terms of personel and methods towards injury prevention, recovery and avoidance. There has been a change in training methods, Wilshere has alluded to this saying that players have individual programmes, defenders do different sort of training to midfielders and attackers etc. We also have systems that measure distances run and fatigue and there is more downtime and rest after games

    Surely that is positive going forward. However we can’t avoid the injuries to Giroud, Debuchy or Wilshere that we had last season. Thinks are changing. Look at the shape of Wilshere, Walcott and Ozil after they came back from injury.

  42. nasri's mouth


    Yep, I’ll be a little sad but not at all surprised when half the team are injured.

  43. tunnygriffboy

    Lpool have met Benteke’s release clause. That £33 million on him and £29 million on Firmino along £10 million on Clyne. They’ve gone for it big time though once again they’ve lost their best player.

  44. Klauspoppe


    “Surely you have to admit that any side who suffered that would have struggled ?”

    Yep I agree of course, however we shouldn’t really compare our injury records with other teams as this is an internal failing.

    As you and NM have said, things are changing at the club for the good but I think I’ll be one of those with skepticism until we go through a season with a handful of fans not blaming injury when we miss out on titles.

    Tbh if Benzema joins, I don’t think I would ever be angry or frustrated for at least six months whatever life hits me with.

  45. ADKB

    Wenger says on Sanogo: “He will go on loan, I believe he needs to play. He’s ready and he’ll get an opportunity to play in the Champions League.”

    Hahaha! If Sanogo is ready to play in CL, why not at Arsenal?

  46. nasri's mouth


    We can blame the injuries for not doing better in the league. Clearly we’d have done better had we had Chelsea’s record for example.

    However while it’s a reason, its not an excuse.

  47. Klauspoppe


    “Clearly we’d have done better had we had Chelsea’s record for example.”

    I remember that table you posted of days with injuries in the league.

    Still fucking baffled with the difference between us and Chelsea.

  48. peanuts&monkeys

    No upgrade on the 2014 Arsenal team yet. Whereas, every team around us is improving. ManU by a few leaps. City is adding a far far better Nasri. Chelsea will unleash Cuadrado who has been tempered by now. Also Pedro might bolster the Spanish attack trio. Liverpool will have a fit Sturridge and Benteke.

    What has Arsenal added. Nothing. Replaced the best GK Arsenal had in last 8 years with a Chelsea reject. Ha ha!!

  49. peanuts&monkeys

    Whats so bad about Austin? If he can score 4 more goals than the Donkey Giroud with a relegated team, why cant he do same with Arsenal’s providers like Ozil and Santi? One good reason please…..

  50. Klauspoppe

    Top 5 keepers in League:

    1.De Gea (De Gea has better distribution so gets my nod over Courtois)
    3.Cech (Weak against crosses: heaps of compilations on youtube highlights)
    4.LLoris (Can’t catch a ball)
    5.Ospina (Mistake prone)

  51. tunnygriffboy

    Liverpool are still to replace Suarez goals. They failed last year. Hence they have brought in Benteke and Ings. They lost their best playerto man city so they brought in Firmino. Milner has placed Gerard. Clyne is the extra player

    They have changed their coaching staff but their defence is still iffy. Rodgers knows he has a tricky number of away games to start the season including us. It’s last chance saloon for him

    I still think someone is coming in for us.

  52. Klauspoppe

    “Clyne is the extra player”

    They released Glen Johnson.

    Liverpool look like they’ll play some exciting football, but gonna be slaughtered on the break with this lineup.

  53. Alfie

    Jim –

    The Sun isn’t the worst source tbh – much prefer that over some rag like The Metro.

    They are pretty high up on the media ladder surely?

  54. nasri's mouth


    Diaby obviously skewed things a little (though he wasn’t listed as being injured all the time), but the difference was scary.

    If we don’t bring those numbers down we can sign Benzema and Martinez and we’d still not win the league

  55. blsany

    Leave the handsome Frenchman alone.He is good footballer wish i could say the same about Welbeck.That boy is just fast and headless

  56. gambon

    Al gone quiet on the transfer front!

    Liverpool splashing the cash, UTD splashing the cash, City splashing the cash….

    Arsenal relying on “cohesion” LOL

    Once again, the ambition is limited to finishing top 4.

  57. nasri's mouth


    Compared to 11 months ago we should have at the start of the season:

    A better keeper
    A focused Mertesacker
    A focused and rested Ozil with his first preseason under his belt
    A fit Koscielny not suffering from acute tendonitis
    A transformed Coquelin
    A fit Walcott
    A very improved Bellerin
    An improved Monreal

    And a style of play that has evolved and improved a fair bit too.

  58. bob

    i think wenger is doin hes best for arsenal not to finsh above 4th place that might upset one off the big clubs and might get him a beating like he got in hes 1000game 6-1 to chelsea or 6-3 at many city

  59. SRG#FreeN5

    Liverpool are ok. But will still fall short of top 4. The problem is that they have added numbers , dont think numbers are going to help them. Their starting 11 hardly improved .

  60. Emiratesstroller

    tunnygriffboy demonstrates amply that there are today very few goalscorers in world football who can score 30 goals in a major league. Even if they do manage it is more often than not a once in a lifetime achievement.

    The reality is that there are currently perhaps 2-3 superstars in Europe who can guarantee that number of goals and they are based in two clubs in Spain.
    Those players are realistically unbuyable by Arsenal.

    Arsenal can probably spend each year between £35-50 million on a single player, but that assumes basically a very modest outlay on other players coming
    into the squad. I made the case in May that I thought that Arsenal would buy
    a maximum of 2-3 new players including one major signing costing £30 million+ and I am sticking by that forecast.

    What Arsenal needs to achieve next season is to maintain our defensive record achieved since beginning of January and increase by 15 goals our goalscoring potential. That would bring the club up to 86 goals next season.

    Clearly buying Benzema would add more skill and movement to the striker
    role at club, but it would not necessarily increase the number of goals achieved by Giroud. At best we might get out of him another 2-3 goals.

    Therefore the team will need to add perhaps another 12 goals from other positions on the field. Clearly both Walcott and Welbeck should be scoring more
    goals than they have managed, but you have to believe that Ozil,Wilshire, Ramsey and Ox should be able to score more as and when they play.

    The final question is what would be the formation of team if Benzema were to
    arrive at the club and would Wenger feel compelled to offload one of his forwards?

    With the number of forwards on books we could technically operate 3 up front with Sanchez, Benzema and Walcott in starting lineup and with Giroud
    and Welbeck on bench.

    However, that would cause maybe problems in midfield, because we know that
    Ozil,Cazorla, Ramsey and Wilshire would all wish and expect to play centrally.

    It is quite conceivable that Wenger might gamble on not playing a conventional CDM next season and bench Coquelin. Frankly that might be foolhardy
    but one of the reasons that we have not bought a CDM this summer.

    Incidentally I have not included Oxlade-Chamberlain in the equation, but he
    is probably one of the most versatile player in squad and might actually be preferred to Walcott if he starts scoring goals.

  61. Dream10

    If Benzema is sold, Real Madrid will likely go for Reus. He is one of the few high quality attacking players who is not at a rich club (Real,Barca,Bayern,ManUtd,City,Chelsea,PSG).
    40-45m can get it done.

    Would you rather sign Benzema or Reus?

  62. Rocky Pires

    Dream10July 17, 2015 08:53:43
    If Benzema is sold, Real Madrid will likely go for Reus. He is one of the few high quality attacking players who is not at a rich club (Real,Barca,Bayern,ManUtd,City,Chelsea,PSG).
    40-45m can get it done.Would you rather sign Benzema or Reus?

    Ya couldnt agree more , Real will sign reus or Goetze most likely Reus.

    At the present moment with out needs for an out and out no.9 I would go for Benz, we have plenty cover on wings .

    I really do wonder about all these rumours of Benz though with the strikers we have and wenger promising Akpom a shot at first team , it seems a very unWenger like thing to do .

  63. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Good point dream

    Ben ain’t prolific scorer is he …

    Wenger needs to seize the chance an go for it this year …

    Dilly dallying will fuck us up .

    Semi decent squad needs. Two more .
    Mid an forward

  64. Emiratesstroller

    Rocky Pires

    Except that Wenger needs to spend at least another £30 Million + of his transfer

    I don’t think that either the supporters or more importantly the sponsors would
    tolerate the lack of investment in team otherwise.

  65. nasri's mouth

    I’m sure Wenger would sign Benzema tomorrow if he had the chance.

    He just needs Benzema to want to come

  66. Rocky Pires

    Hope your right ET, but do worry about all talk of cohesion, giving Akpom a chance , Theo being fully fit, Welbeck having integrated etc that he doesnt feel we need a no.9 but that said Santi has gone on record saying we need a no.9 so maybe, hopefully.

    In terms of a CDM I would take a guy with potential like Ki or even an oldie like Carrick . Modric would be ideal in the Santi/Coq role but probably to much to invest in an area we are good in , just needs another body upon Flamini exit .

  67. nasri's mouth


    Maybe he’d rather be first choice playing alongside Sanchez, Ozil, Cazorla, Koscielny, Cech than as a back up on the bench at RM.

    Who knows, probably he’ll still be first choice and he’ll stay.

    Either way, you’ll still be a miserable twat

  68. Carts

    £29m -Firmino
    £33m – Benteke
    £10m – Clyne
    Winegums – Ings

    £49m for Sterling

    Net spend about £20m. Tis normal.

  69. Dream10

    Reus over Benzema for me. He can score and provide at an equal rate. Also, he is capable of complementing Giroud ,Sanchez,Walcott and Welbeck better than the Frenchman

  70. SRG#FreeN5

    @Carts Clyne was 12m also they paid 6m for Ings as compensation since he is young player. Then 9m goes to QPR from Sterling fee . 4m in add ons.

    So their net spend is around 41m. Plus the increase in wages for so many new players.

  71. gonsterous

    I think giroud can still lead the line.. hope we get reus or goetze.. that would sky rocket the confidence in the team and also help our talent increase immensely !!
    We won’t be getting a new striker unless we sell welbeck or akpom and I don’t see them leaving This season..

  72. nasri's mouth


    Ha, quite probably the best way to get maximum number of retweets etc., which I suspect is his aim

  73. tunnygriffboy


    I know about net spend but he’s still bought over £200 milions worth of players. I’m thinking of the quality he’s bought. Interested how Firmino goes and Benteke as I’m not sure how technical he is.

  74. gambon

    Benzema over Reus every time for me.

    Reus is a world class player….that said there are a number of things missing in this team, and the most obvious is a top centre forward.

  75. Rocky Pires

    This is not a good lineup


    Poor Keeper
    Wingbacks arent good defensively
    Midfield are work horse but lack attacking prowess
    Too much burden on Couthinho/Firmino to create
    Benteke needs crosses from Clyne and Markovic, all time they get forward opposition can break at pace and only be face three CB’s in Can , Skertel and Sahko .
    There will be alot of defensive errors with Skertel, Sahko and Minloget.
    Can was quoted as saying he didnt want to play RB/CB but what other option have they?

  76. Emiratesstroller

    I stick to what I have written. Arsenal will not be spending just £10.9 million on
    Cech, but I don’t think that we will make wholesale changes especially since
    Wenger has not offloaded a SINGLE PLAYER so far from the squad he registered last January.

    We know already that he has to offload a goalkeeper almost certainly Ospina.
    However, I still believe that the Club will be spending £30 million + on a major
    signing most likely a striker.

    Clearly Wenger has made the decision that bringing in CDM complicates his
    current Central Midfield options and perhaps would force him to offload players such as Wilshire,Ramsey or Cazorla, which he he clearly does not want to do.

    Benzema would be the most likely target if available, but if not he might go for
    Lacazette who would probably cost around the £30 million mark.

    Personally I see Akpom being sent out on loan this transfer window. He needs
    to prove elsewhere that he is a goalscorer in senior football and not just at
    U21 level or in friendlies against Singapore. At best if he stays he will stay in
    first team squad and play in League or perhaps FA Cup or sit occasionally on
    bench. Realistically he is not going to be promoted above Giroud, Welbeck or

  77. Bamford10


    Complementing Giroud? The whole point is we need to get Giroud off the fucking field. That’s why we need a CF, not just an undefined “striker”.

    Reus is fantastic, but if he came and played wide, Giroud would still be the CF, we’d still be hamstrung and we’d be only marginally better than we are with Ox wide.

    We need a CF — Benzema, Lewandowski, even Lacazette.


    You’re too narrowly focused on goal-production. Yes we want a CF who would score more than Giroud does, but we would also benefit from a striker whose pace opens spaces in behind that are currently closed, opens space for other players in ways that Giroud cannot, and who through dribbling and interplay can create chances both for himself and others.

    These are things top forwards — Tevez, Benzema, Lewa, Aguero — can do, but which Giroud cannot. It is not merely about being “a 30-goal-striker,” as you are always on about.

  78. Bamford10


    Sure he CAN lead the line — but only to a 3rd or 4th place finish or a CL 16 exit. If we want to do better than that, and I assume we do, we need better than Giroud. This has been evident for years now.

  79. gambon

    “We saw the impact Shad had on the side in the second half of the season. ”

    I think you are seeing patterns where they dont exist.

    We also had a serious fitness boost at the end of the 2012/14 season, where Shad was nowhere to be seen.

  80. Emiratesstroller

    Bamford 10

    Actually if you read my post at 8.53 I made the point about Benzema being more
    skilful and mobile than Giroud.

    However, he is unlikely to add significantly to the goals scored by Giroud and if
    we are to increase that number it needs to be a “team effort”.

  81. S Asoa


    Gironde can score one out of 3 chances . So many crosses go a-begging with this Elegant Slow coach ( described more accurately and profanity elsewhere ) sticking his tongue out out of position. Benzene can score almost all of these plus half chances. So how do we arrive at 2-3 goals extra after buying Benzema . Be real Sir A K B