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  1. izzo

    Crowley looks like the next Wilshere although got a feeling he won’t end up mostly a disappointment like the current one

  2. ArseneWengerNose

    “Le Coq came in despite being ridiculed for being ‘a Charlton player’ (the usuals) and was a revelation. ”

    I have no problem with most of what you wrote, except this comment. It bothers me so much that someone would say that just to make a point .

    Guess what, even Wenger didn’t think Coq was going to be anywhere near as good as he was, otherwise why was he on loan in the first place? Coq’s success was more luck than a stroke of genius, and it baffles me that you would imply otherwise.

  3. Carts


    I see the similarities between JW and Dan Crowley…but DC shows potential top be a major goal threat – via assists or scoring

  4. Biggus


    I have similar optimism and like you and others here, I do hope we can get a top striker but Benzema is not going to be that straight forward and I have a sneaky feeling that even if he does come, it will not be early in the window.

    I do get what you’re saying that we seem to have a more robust squad with people coming back and that’s enough to be hopeful about. I am more than happy to see how the first half goes to see if we are not able to cope with substituting Wilshere in Coq’s role; he did something similar for England so can’t see why he can’t do that. Veratti is a similar sort of player and he thrives in the deep role although he’s a better tackler than Wilshere from what I’ve seen.

    My only concern is that we haven’t rotated that much in the past which is why it seems our fringe players are a bit rusty but like I said, Wenger is adapting albeit slowly.

    I think we have the great advantage of these guys playing together for a number of years so apart from a prolific striker in the mould of Benz, I’m not sure I would take Higuain or even Benteke as some throw in here.

  5. DM


    It’s so easy to make statements like “Giroud wouldn’t have scored that”. Giroud wasn’t there and he’s getting lambasted. Why would he not have scored it? Because he doesn’t score headers/smash and grabs? No, wait, he does.

  6. Romford Ozil Pele

    VP, Sterling is a better natural talent than Theo for sure. But if we’re comparing consistency then yes Theo is still ahead, even with his limitations. That’s not to say I don’t rate Sterling, great talent. But he’s no more consistent than any other youngster. Still regularly see him making false decisions in a game. City bought him because of his potential obviously but paid so far over the odds it’s not even funny.

    Who do we need to replace? Well that’s subjective of course. We finished 12 points off so how do we go about bridging the gap? A myriad of ways. When we got our players back in the second half of the season you could see we were consistent. Where we effed up was at the start with new additions, the Wilshere/Rambo experiment and players who didn’t have a full pre-season. I expect us to start much better this time round. I don’t really think we’re 12 points off worse than Chelsea. I think we have a competitive team. Can we win? Sure. But so can 3 other teams. Nothing is definite. Everyone has their arguments for and against.

    I’d strengthen in 1/2 more positions. We can’t find a striker so it’s impossible right now and Wenger is going with Coq as 1st choice.

  7. Goondawg

    “Crusaderabbit, AWN, Klauspoppe

    Like your work. All three of you. Cheers.”

    Lol.. Wtf? The Bamford appraisal, such esteemed evaluation from Le groves very own Simon Cowell

  8. ArseneWengerNose

    What do people think about Cavani? I used to watch him a lot when he was in Italy, not so much after moving to France. Thought he was world class at one point.

  9. Goondawg

    Crowley is confident lad. Loved that he had the audacity to try dink the keeper from 30 yards

    Expect to see him in our league cup games unless he is afforded a loan

  10. Zimbabwean Gunner

    Romford Ozil Pele
    July 15, 2015 12:15:41
    SRG – I’m not too fussed. United have more work to do than us so it’s not a surprise to see them more active. Unlike others, I have more faith in our players. For multiple reasons, some don’t. And I can understand. But I still think we have another level to go up too. I think we’ll challenge. Whether we win will depend on a few circumstances but I certainly don’t see us as vastly inferior to anyone.
    This is why I hashtagged

    Le Grove is in complete meltdown. Especially after the signings Man Utd have made.

  11. Willow Wilson

    WW: “Le Coq came in despite being ridiculed for being ‘a Charlton player’ (the usuals) and was a revelation.

    ”I have no problem with most of what you wrote, except this comment. It bothers me so much that someone would say that just to make a point . Guess what, even Wenger didn’t think Coq was going to be anywhere near as good as he was, otherwise why was he on loan in the first place? Coq’s success was more luck than a stroke of genius, and it baffles me that you would imply otherwise”

    Here we go. Where did I give credit to Wenger for Le Coq? Where did I say it was a stroke of genius? Where? You made that up.

    This is where you lot are unable to debate sensibly, you take any positive comment as validation for Wenger, it’s cult like. I didn’t mention the Manager once, I was talking about the players.

    It is true that when Le Coq was recalled from loan, he was being ridiculed as a Charlton player. Fact. The fact the Manager put him in the side proves he had faith or he would have converted someone else into that role.

    Why hadn’t Wenger sold him or shoved him out on a season loan like Jenkinson? Why was he on a month by month loan? Yes Wenger got lucky but he kept with the lad and all Managers get lucky. Conversely, we were unlucky with the Arteta injury. That’s football. Ferguson got lucky with all those kids that came good at the same time, it happens. Be pleased it happened for us.

    It seems we are never allowed to make excuses for being unlucky, yet the ‘lucky’ card is played every time Le Coq is mentioned.

  12. Biggus


    Not sure Sturridge would do well for us tbh. I don’t mind selfish players but he seems to keep his head down way too much and our players move around a lot so they’ll be frustrated.

    I know Giroud is not world class but I saw flashes of hunger from him last season especially when he came back from injury. I am far from his fan but he’s not as bad as he’s slated here. I know we can do better but until we get better, let’s hope he can score more goals for us. Even if we don’t get an out and out striker, would have been nice to get a winger/inside forward to kickstart him but honestly this is the first transfer market i’m not losing my rag at lack of signings..

  13. Carts

    “Just like to have a few taller players rather than a team of technical midgets!”

    Agreed. Potential heir to Cazorla, maybe?

  14. izzo

    I said that because we all know Giroud loves to miss glorious chances so I’m not entirely wrong in saying that. Yes Giroud scores alot of goals thats because he gets to play 90+mins and almost every match when fit. Give that to Chuba and you’ll see him explode and putting in 25+ goals a season. The kid just just has it. Wenger keeps holding him back.

  15. Romford Ozil Pele

    Carts, I’d prefer Crowley as a 10 because I think he can score a lot of goals. Santi plays deeper these days to orchestrate proceedings from deep. Not Zelalem’s biggest fan but I’d envisage that’s gonna be his role if he makes it through.

  16. Romford Ozil Pele

    Izzo, don’t think Chuba is being held back. If anything, he needs to leave (on loan) because he’s too much in his comfort zone at Arsenal. Considering the fact he has a natural knack for scoring goals, he hasn’t scored at senior level yet. Will be a matter of time before he does of course but needs to show it at a PL club like Wilshere did at Bolton.

  17. Goondawg

    Lol Izzo are you high?

    Giroud is our best striker on the team. Chuba akpom played well today, but his goals weren’t spectacular. The first one just blasted it, second was a standard pen, third was a header from a good delivery. His performances last season for Nottingham Forest were very disappointing in contrast to say someone like Chelsea’s Bamford. So it is quite ludicrous to say he will score +25 goals in the premier league

    He is a good player don’t get me wrong. Just very raw.

  18. ArseneWengerNose

    “Here we go. Where did I give credit to Wenger for Le Coq? Where did I say it was a stroke of genius? Where? You made that up. ”

    Uh… you didn’t have to say any of that, you made a snide comment “the usuals” like everyone is an idiot when in reality it’s very normal to think “hey, Coq as a starter? Seems like a stretch”.

    Even in saying “He had faith in him, he gave him a chance”, you are giving the manager way too much credit. Here is another way to look at it, how about he lacked planning and preparation, once again he was left reaching into the bowls of his squad looking for something that more often than not wasn’t there. He lucked out, there’s not much to say really.

    Coq even outplayed both Arteta and Flamini; two players Wenger would’ve considered as starters ahead of him at the beginning of the season. That in of itself is a loud statement indicating that Wenger really didn’t know what he was doing and didn’t really have a plan, he shouldn’t be praised for any of this at all. Sorry.

  19. Naijagunner

    @Seg…the entire population of a country aren’t meant to hold the same opinion …its a free world

    this Bamford character loves anyone who says arsenal players are shit…funny supporter

  20. izzo

    Crowley is a gonna end up a CM more like a deep lying playmaker. I don’t see any attacking mid instincts like Ozil from his play. Maybe because there arent really any great English pure attacking mids nowadays

  21. Willow Wilson

    Zimbabwean Gooner
    “Le Grove is in complete meltdown. Especially after the signings Man Utd have made.”

    Yes. I said the same. Last few days a lot of people have arrived out of nowhere.

    Last season Man Utd spent massive. This included £60m on Di Maria and another £20m on a season loan for Falcao. They added Rojo, Herrera and spent another £25m on Shaw. Nearly £200 million. This excites the fans who love signings and create huge wishlists.

    We were told these signings were going to propel Man Utd and force us into 4th or 5th. What happened is actually very funny. Falcao is off, Di Maria may be off and Shaw has been accused of being too fat.

    Meanwhile we go £35m on Sanchez and the bloke sets the PL on fire!

    When Spurs spent the Bale money on a list of players including record £30m signing Lamela, £25m Soldado, £17m Paulinho and a number of others, meltdown once again. In fact the blog writer wrote a piece for the Metro which basically said Spurs had shown us how to do transfers. LOL.

    Well Spurs certainly taught us something. How to panic buy and overspend on a load of old shit. Paulinho has been sold to some Chinese outfit, Capoue to the giants of Watford and Lamela (better than Ozil they said) is being offloaded for failing to impress with 2 goals in 28 games. It appears the £100 million they spent has been wasted. Lots of red faces all around.

    Its all the same. Rinse. Recycle. Repeat.

    Don’t forget, the very same fans praising Man Utd, Spurs and even Liverpool for their signings, are the same fans that wanted Balotelli, Lambert and god knows who else to be signed. The same fans who criticise the ability of most of the players in our team.

    Reach your own conclusions.

  22. Goondawg

    “I don’t see any attacking mid instincts like Ozil from his play”

    Okay Izzo sorry mate I’m gonna have to start skimming over your posts now

  23. Romford Ozil Pele

    Crowley couldn’t look any more like a #10 to me! Stylistically he reminds me a bit of Coutinho.

    Izzo – Afobe has done well, really well in fact. But then you remember he’s playing his football I’m the Championship, not the PL. Probably could play for a PL team mind you. That said, always thought Akpom just had that bit more about him. Fingers crossed I’ll be vindicated in time.

  24. Biggus

    In terms of our midfield next season i would like us to use Coq as much as we can especially for big teams cos he held his own last season and can’t see him regressing. Hopefully Wilshere stays injury free and slots in that role if Coq is rested or unavailable.

    Role of Carzola can be deputized by both Ramsey or Wilshere.

    Role of Ozil in the top of our midfield ‘three’, either Rosicky or Ramsey to play that role should Ozil need rest or subbed later on in the match.

    Wings we have a lot of players, Sanchez, Walcott,Ox ,Gnabry and to some extent Welbeck.

    We can swap between Giroud/Welbeck/Walcott up front if need be.

    Ideally I would like us to get another forward as Gnabry is probably some way off the first team reckoning.

    Important thing is that Ramsey,Ozil and Wilshere should not play on the wings!!

  25. izzo

    lol like remember when everyone on here called Thomas Eisfeld the next Rosicky or was it Kristofer Olsson. I’m not seeing it. Maybe more like the next Ramsey.

  26. ArseneWengerNose

    I wonder why when anti-spending people talk about other teams’ spending they never mention examples where spending actually worked, you know like Man City winning two league titles in the last four years, or Chelsea already a strong squad in their own right, being ruthless and spending loads of cash on Diego Costa, Fabregas, Remy, Matic, etc… and winning the league title.

    Nobody is saying we should spend 200 million and replace 7 starters. We have a strong squad, but if we stop short and not add that extra piece or two, we won’t compete for the title, more than likely we will have stretches of brilliant football and a long winning streak interrupted by injuries in key areas where simply our bench options won’t cut it, you know the thing that happens every fucking year. So spare me the crap, Man U’s crazy transfer market last summer has nothing to do with anything, and Liverpool signing Balotelli and Lambert has nothing to do with anything.

  27. Willow Wilson

    Crowley has been well rated for a while, the criticism levelled at him was about his size. For me, that;s not a problem, That’s more of an issue for the dinosaurs. (Messi isn’t too shabby!). His role has to be playing in the hole behind the striker. Would love to see him kick on.

    As for Akpom, another of the well rated players. You can see Wenger has hopes for him too. Great to see these kids all getting game time, which is what this tournament is all about.

  28. Willow Wilson

    “I wonder why when anti-spending people talk about other teams’ spending”

    Woosh, the point has sailed miles over your head.

    Nobody is anti-Spending. It is no coincidence that the billion odd quid invested by teams brings results.

    Sanchez at £35 million was a brilliant buy. Ozil too.

    The point is about spending wisely and about not using the amount spent as some kind of guarantee for success.

    Anyone can spend money.

    Throwing toys from the pram every time some other club buys a Di Maria, a Falcao, a Soldado, a Lamela etc is the point.

    Making long lists and demanding we sign what fans think are great players is the point.

    Beating up the club because we haven’t done what Spurs have done, is the point.

    Fans acting like big girls whenever another team spends huge sums of money is the point.

  29. karim

    Pretty good game considering the heat and humidity.

    Chuba was good and I agree he needs game time at a smaller club to keep on developing.

    WS1 was calm, focused and, to put it short, exactly how we needed him to be before he lost his spot. Guess it’s too late now…

    Ox and Jack were the expected leaders in the first half, Coq was ok and I also liked Gabriel and Per.

    A couple of decent players in the Singapore team too.
    Can’t wait to see the ” proper ” team v Everton.

  30. ADKB


    That’s right, Sanogo scored 3/4 at Emirates Cup last year. That’s why I’m cautious over Akpom. If he plays well against Everton, a credible PL opposition, we should pay him close attention.

  31. Romford Ozil Pele

    Willow, Crowley’s height isn’t really an issue. More me being pedantic. Just be good to not have a team of midgets. We face nuke out eats in the PL so could do with a few taller players.

  32. Klauspoppe

    “Making long lists and demanding we sign what fans think are great players is the point.”

    Nothing wrong with fantasy football. Because us demanding is going to make any difference? Why are you getting all defensive over this?

    This is a blog for banter on all Arsenal topics. So we can reminisce of old Arsenal legends (only the positives I presume of you) but shouldn’t talk about IF signings?

    You do know Pedro had a fantasy football going on for Legrove few years ago?

  33. Wallace


    “We face nuke out eats in the PL so could do with a few taller players.”

    whatever ‘nuke out eats’ are they definitely sound like something to be avoided.

  34. ArseneWengerNose

    @Willow Wilson
    Uh, who are you even arguing with then? The lowest common denominator? Seems like a waste of time. Or are you manufacturing talking points, dumbing down your opponents, and responding to the imaginary fiend. I don’t get it LOL.

    Most people I know want exactly that, they want smart calculated decisions. What they fear is inaction and hesitation, and judging by our club’s record in the past few seasons, they are entitled to feel that way.

    There’s always the chance of a dud here or there, but that’s doesn’t excuse you to just give up and say “fuck it we’ll just go into the season with 2 CBs. Fuck it we’ll just experiment with Song and Denilson for a few years and see how it goes. Fuck it we’ll sell RVP and not sign a replacement for a few seasons”.

  35. Klauspoppe

    Before talent and stats, being fit is what justifies a player.

    Brushing of any player comparison because ours was injured is bullshit. Walcott is inferior to Sterling as he didn’t contribute much to our season.

    Even though I’m a Giroud hater, Giroud starting in FA cup would of given us a similar result.

  36. qna

    It seems that Lewendowski is available if any club can meet bayerns asking. No one knows what that figure is, but it is likely more than the €50m that Lewis agent threw out as the minimum. There is apparently no suggestion that Arsenal are showing any interest. This is surprising and would be disapointing if true. Personally I would take Lewi over Benzema. Its the kind of signing that would take us, or United, or City right up level with Chelsea for this season.

    My optimistic side is hoping this is Muzzi Ozcans signing of the summer.

  37. ArseneWengerNose

    I’m not sure I’d agree with Lewandowski being better than Benzema, but he’s still a classy player and better than anyone we have. Why the hell would Bayern sell? I’m not really following the news that closely.

  38. Wallace


    “Most people I know want exactly that, they want smart calculated decisions. What they fear is inaction and hesitation, and judging by our club’s record in the past few seasons, they are entitled to feel that way.”

    Cech, Debuchy, Alexis, Ospina., Chambers, Welbeck, Gabriel, Ozil….8 players in the last 2yrs.

    what would be an active, decisive figure…15?

  39. Klauspoppe

    If Lewandowski is available, prefer over Benzema. No matter how much I love Benzema he’s so erratic. Don’t know if its the comfort of playing for Real but even in NT he lacks that drive.

  40. ArseneWengerNose

    @ Wallace
    You could sign 50 players, if non of them are capable of playing a specific position and filling an existing hole on your team, you still have to go sign more players. Pretty basic I think.

    Such a random post.

  41. Klauspoppe


    “Just don’t think it’s particularly healthy to have a team of midgets.”

    Alas 2010.

    Rumours of Arsenal approaching Ghoulam from Napoli. Certainly help in the height department where Monreal and Gibbs are vulnerable from crosses.

    Even if the rumours has any substance, don’t see Wenger offloading Gibbs.

  42. Wallace


    his agent did actually say in the same piece that there’s absolutely no indication that Bayern would ever consider selling him.

  43. Wallace


    apologies, when you were talking about ‘hesitation’ and ‘inaction’ i assumed you were talking about transfers. guess you were talking about something else.

  44. qna

    AWN. I cant see why either. This one is coming out of arsenal rumours dot co dot uk

    These guys claim to be ITK and two of their editors are claiming lewi is available if the price is right.

    Definate Lewi over Benz for me. Especially seeing Benz anf Giroud failing to play well together for France.

  45. Wallace


    “Ospina, Welbeck, Chambers, Gabriel certainly helped us compete for the title…”

    wasn’t Ospina rated the best keeper in the PL according to the stats junkies?

    and you writing Welbeck, Chambers & Gabriel off already?

  46. Naijagunner

    Just went on daily motion to watch some Danny Welbeck clips…he isn’t exactly scared of finishing..he has scored some good goals in his career..just needs to find that consistency

  47. Wallace


    what he actually said(the last 2 paragraphs being the most relevant) –

    “I think it would have to be a very high offer, definitely higher than �50m (£35million) for Bayern to consider selling).

    “Robert is one of the most valued strikers on the market who guarantees goals, guarantees assists, excitement. He has shown that over many years during his career.

    “Every year he is an even better player and plays at a higher level and that is very important for other clubs because he has credibility and guarantees at least 30 goals a season.

    “With a player of Robert’s class, the truth is that not a lot of work is required because really there are only two directions in which he could go in the future, England or Spain, and only with Bayern Munich’s acceptance.”

    “There must be a signal from the club, from Munich,” Kucharski said. “There is no such signal so we are not thinking about it, because even thinking about a change of club would be unfair in my opinion to the current employers.

    “There is no reason, apart from money to be honest, to even think about it.

    “Bayern would have to think about why they would get rid of Robert Lewandowski? It seems to me that there is no reason to even think about it.”

  48. Klauspoppe

    “wasn’t Ospina rated the best keeper in the PL according to the stats junkies?”

    You taking trolls srsly now?

    “and you writing Welbeck, Chambers & Gabriel off already?”

    No, Gabriel was a good signing. Chambers has potential to be better than Cahill. Welbeck lol. But we’re they ambitious signings? How much would they contribute to winning the title?

    Gabriel or Chambers isn’t breaking the Kos and Mert partnership. And Welbeck isn’t going to play ahead of Giroud who we are finding a player ahead of him.

    All hope and dreams of persisting with second best and lucking out on a title for that underdog feeling of triumph and told you so moment.

    Better off watching Mighty Ducks imaging it’s football…

  49. Wallace

    “Gabriel or Chambers isn’t breaking the Kos and Mert partnership.”

    hmm…he probably is.

    new post up.

  50. qna

    Wallace/ADKB. Like I said I was going by arsenal rumours dot co dot uk.

    Their visitors kind of put a bit of trust in the eds for some reason. And the eds take a treat em mean keep em keen response. Like someone will ask “do you think we will buy Benzema” and one of the eds will be like ” USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION YOU DUMB MOTHERF@#$”. So here is the bit about Lewi

    {Ed001’s Note – Bayern are open to selling him right now, there have been reps shopping him around, that is all I know.}

    15 Jul 2015 09:06:42
    Seriously? Arsenal in the mix?

    {Ed002’s Note – Ed001 is correct, Lewandowski is available and will move if someone pays the asking price. Arsenal’s interest is elsewhere – as I have explained.}

  51. Willow Wilson

    “Most people I know want exactly that, they want smart calculated decisions. What they fear is inaction and hesitation, and judging by our club’s record in the past few seasons, they are entitled to feel that way.”

    Not true at all. You lot don’t want decisive, you just want signings.

    What fans on here seem to want is every player that becomes available.

    Last season it was outrage because we didn’t sign Balotelli. Being decisive, we could have bought Balotelli. Being Smart meant we didn’t.

    Here’s what decisive buys you
    When Spurs signed all those players, almost as soon as the Bale money was banked, what happened? Outrage. Hysteria. The blog writer Pedro even made a fool of himself in the Metro with his outrage, claiming Spurs had been decisive and had shown us how to do transfers. Those players were duds and they overspent. Decisive? Yes but not very smart.

    Man Utd last season.They spent £200 million and we were all told how this would make us scramble for fourth or fifth.It didn’t. £60m for Di Maria, £20 million loan of Falcao. Fatty Shaw for £25 million. Decisive? Yes.

    Smart? No smart was Wenger going out and snapping up Sanchez for £35 million.

    The problem is that fans are stupid and they allow their hatred for one man to sway their opinions. They rate players higher than they are worth. They demand stupid signings. They use the valuation as some kind of marker for the quality of the player, as if it’s guaranteed. We need a DM. We Need a striker. We need a CB. We need this, we need that. We should sell Cazorla (Last season), we should sell Theo, loan Jack. Sorry but you can play Fantasy Football all day long ,but you’re showing ignorance and that you are living in world of make bloody believe.

    Every season it’s the same. Big girls moaning about the players other teams have bought. It is just one long whine on here about players, either those we don’t sign or those we have signed. Nothing will be good enough. Nothing.

  52. ArseneWengerNose

    @Willow Willson
    Ridiculous post. It’s normal to have one, two, three… even a hundred come here and complain about every little thing, but for you to generalize and consider that a just representation of all fans, well that’s just silly, and it shows how limited your understanding is, projecting crap onto the ones who disagree with you and then shooting down those imaginary talking points as if that provides you with any form of validity. I don’t care to be sucked into your delusional tripe, friend.

    “Big girls moaning”, you know you seem to be doing a lot of that.


    Give me a break.