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Hanging with the one I love

It’s Monday. It’s more into the day for you guys than it is for me, because, you know, time zones. We get ribbed in the UK for loving a queue, I ask anyone to have a go on a New York post flight queue. Queue for self service, queue for a stamp, queue for no reason to exit the building then queue for a taxi rank. It’s painful. Americans love queuing more than we do.

So I look at the papers and I read that Chezzer has been on the ‘hippy crack’… I’m all like, wahhhh? Then I read into it… he’s been allegedly caught inhaling laughing gas, or helium from balloons.

Now, just in case you’re not down with the UK legal highs scene (Crayola pens are so out this summer), one of the trends at after parties is someone goes out, buys a case of laughing gas, 1000 empty balloons and a whipped cream dispenser then people crack balloons, hand them out and party goers inhale and have about 16 seconds of a head rush.

It really is the most pointless thing you’ve ever seen.

When I was a kid, this was just banter… because it’d make your voice go funny, now the Daily Mail has it down as crack for hippies.

Now, I’m not saying it’s not dangerous. It could well be. But so is drinking alcohol, so is smoking cigarettes and so is headbutting moving cars for LOLz. I mean, even BBQs are carcinogenic these days. This, in the grand scheme of things, really feels quite low down the pecking order.

What is stupid is that he’s a £90k a week athlete Snapchatting what he’s doing. He’s probably aware that he’s doing a ‘naughty’ which just makes it all the more dim. But don’t lose your shit, he’s not sharing needles with a rockstar here, he’s just being a dick (allegedly).


Key points here. Laughing gas is not illegal. Doing it is dim. Let’s hope this is just a load of manufactured nonsense.

Additional points to take on this morning. I picked up on a few tweets last night that point to a growing trend that our season will be fine without another centre midfield because Arteta is great.

WOAH! Is someone inhaling HIPPY CRACK OVER THERE!

Arteta has been shot physically for at least two seasons. He can handle smaller matches, he can shore up a side in the last twenty minutes, but he can’t hack 3 games a week at 33 years of age. Last season he was broken for most of it. The season before, he was so slow and off the pace, teams were setting up to play a certain way against us because we couldn’t turn the ball out of midfield quick enough (Chelsea was a prime example of him being brutally exposed).

Also, it’s widely believed that 29 years (even baseball is 29), physiologically (and from a winning perspective), is the peak age for a footballer. After that, you lose your ability to recover and keep the pace. We work in the fastest most powerful league in the world with one of the most intense schedules in the game.

Simply put, there is no way we can go into a season with Arteta as the back up to Coquelin. We need someone to share the load. Sure, there are arguments that suggest we play a more solid set up now. We do, that doesn’t mean you can drop inappropriate cogs into the system and hope for a desirable outcome.

Football is about marginal gains. The second half of last season was about those marginal gains coming together. We added tactics, video analysis, better preparation, tweaked training, better rest and recovery and most importantly, we found players who gave us that power and pace we’d lacked. Coquelin is a prime example of  what intensity can bring a team. We need two of those.

I just pray Wenger isn’t going to sit on his hands again and take a risk on youth. United just signed a 29 year old who can do the job in the now. We just let a very capable 29 year old in Cabaye go to Palace. I really hope there’s a plan, because time is ticking on and I can’t see anything happening… sometimes that’s a good thing. Sometimes it’s a ‘same old, same old’… I hope Wenger has got the buzz for a new season of competitiveness because as it stands, we’re dependent on a lot of players upping there game, gaining experience quick or learning new positions.

That doesn’t make me happy.

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  1. tunnygriffboy


    Come on mate. You know all our players are shit especially the British ones. Everyone has better players than us. It’s a miracle we get iin the top four.

  2. Dream10


    I don’t remember that last time we did a deal with any of the Portuguese big three
    (Benfica,Porto,Sporting). It is rumoured that Benitez is interested in signing William Carvalho to replace Illarramendi. Our opportunity to sign him was last summer.

  3. qna

    Coq. No. This is my overall feeling about Arsenal. Bamford and I dont see eye to eye on many things actually. Bamford is more inclined for us to buy Benteke and Schneiderlin.

    For me this is not adding the quality we need. It is basically adding players at a similar level and therefore we are not improving enough to make any difference to our current status quo. People always have a go at me for mentioning Verratti, Reus, Benzema, Cavani, Vidal, even Pogba. Automatically they think these players are out of our budget and so dismiss me as playing fantasy football. But, I am not saying we will do it.

    Far from it. These are the players that we dont have, that will take us to the next level. The same way that Ozil and Sanchez were players above the level that we had, that took us to a new level. We immediately saw the results with FA cups. But these two guys (and Cazorla) are not enough.

    I agree with what Henry is saying. We need a new world class spine. This allows us to play the already talented players that we have around this spine – be that Wilshere, Walcott, Ramsey, Oxlaide etc. The british guys that the North Londoner natives want (and deserve). Those players are in all probability not good enough to acheive big things. But with that world class core, these guys can still thrive. In fact, they may actually improve to the level that you currently think they are at.

    Now when I say, we should spend all our cash reserves (200m) on players and compete again. It sounds absurd. It is a bit tough in cheek, and I dont mean to just do it carelessly. I mean to buy the really top players that will add value to the club. I can understand and accept the critisims that I get. But its wrong to critisize me for wanting to spend money for the sake of it, when I clearly dont agree with 99% of names suggested (eg Schneiderlin).

    For me, when you talk about spending money on players you should think about it purely in terms of a business. The business has revenue streams and those must be maximised. The only possible thing of consequence that the club can do to increase those is to be more successful, particularly in the CL, and to increase its global brand so it can negotiate commercial deals on a par with Bayern Munich and Manchester United. How do we do that? Well, we have seen exactly how that is done, City and Chelsea proved that you can do it by spending your way to success. They did this by bringing in the biggest name players and then chopping and changing managers until they brought the success that they needed. We dont have the money that these two clubs used to do this. I accept this. But we do have 200m to put toward this and the knowledge that every year that we lose ground to our rivals, their income base gets incrementally bigger than ours. So that 200m can do less for us, each and every year.

    This is why I suggest, young, top class players that you think I am ridiculous for even mentioning – Pogba (80m), Bale (100m), Verratti (50m), Reus (60m). The money that we spend on these guys will instantly increase our global appeal. I believe that sponsors will react positively to us bringing in big name players and this should increase the value of each and every single sponsor/partnership agreement we have. It will also likely take us further into the CL, which as of next year, significantly rewards success with 10s of millions extra compared to if we continue to crash out early.

  4. vicky


    No offense but you can talk about many other things than posting the same stuff about players you rate and covet every single day and that too multiple times. Everyone knows here what you want in terms of signing.

  5. tunnygriffboy


    Wonder if Wenger going to experiment with Wilshere in the holding role in Singapore ? Just a thought.

    Ps: Didn’t realise Schwienstiger was 31 one on August first. £15million ona four year deal on 200k a week plus he’s had injuries the last 3 years and missed a loadof games. Why is Pep selling him ?

  6. qna

    Wallace. I am not trolling. I didnt set the order for comparison. Dark Hei did. I just said he skipped the third forward in his run down.

    As for Toure – read what I said. Wilshere might have it right now. Talk about trolling.

    Navas has one a PL, a UEFA cup, a world cup and a european cup. What the fuck is wrong with you guys? Seriously deluded bunch of people.

  7. qna

    TGB. Its amazing that you could go through a list of players man for man and compare a group of players who have achieved massive success, and cost a lot of money to assemble, with a group of players that were mostly bought on the cheap and have achieved very little and come up with a first team dominated by Arsenal players. Serious delusions going on.

    I didnt get the memo that said that supporting a team means throwing out all objectivity and rationality.

  8. qna

    Vicky: No offense but you can talk about many other things than posting the same stuff about players you rate and covet every single day and that too multiple times. Everyone knows here what you want in terms of signing.

    And what do you want Vicky. Do you have an original thought of your own. Or will you just say baa baa.

  9. Le Prof


    ‘So why should I be optimistic. Why the hell are you all not being negative – until proven otherwise? ‘


    It’s called realism and perspective, you should try it sometime.

    ‘you think I am ridiculous for even mentioning – Pogba (80m), Bale (100m), Verratti (50m), Reus (60m).’

    Yep you certainly are ridiculous. How old are you seriously? Don’t swerve the question I’m just curious to know whether it’s your age or that your an Aussie as to why you come up with such bollocks. If it’s a combination of both, then I’d get back to Aussie rules football if I were you.

  10. Le Prof


    ‘Seriously deluded bunch of people.’

    The irony is so obvious but it’s frightening that your oblivious to it.

  11. underrated Coq

    I agree with Wallace and tunnygriffboy. You can’t compare players to the degree which you have done qna. Its bs.

    Just out of curiosity though, how exactly did you compare all those different players?

    Cause you say ” Hazard is by far better than Sanchez “. First of all they are not even the same kind of players. Hazard is the more technical & playmaker type while Alexis is more of an athletic & finisher type.

    Anyway, lets just go with your view that Hazard is far better than Alexis. That’s the standard you set.

    But then you go on to say Oscar is as good as Ramsey/ Toure ? And even more confusingly the likes of Fellaini,Fernando are “even” in CM contributions as Cazorla?

    Based on your Alexis/Hazard comparision standards shouldn’t Cazorla be by far better than than Fellaini/Fernando ?

    And Januzaj is pretty even to Walcott, Dzeko and Remy ??!!!

    So, did any sort of logic or sense play a part in your player judgement post ?

  12. tunnygriffboy


    We have 200 million to spend on players ? I don’t think so somehow.

    The players you mention will not come to us atm. We are growing organically our squad getting stronger all the time. Plus we really can’t afford or compete with the big guns for their signatures. We may never be able to. We have to do things differently. Bring in the odd WC star ( though it has to be right as we can’t afford the wastage other teams can and get rid at a loss if they don’t work out ). This will compliment the development of good young talent.

    Why do you have a downer on our British contingent. There’s some really good players there none of which have reached their peak.

  13. qna

    England is plagued by deluded football fans who think that their team have a realistic hope of winning the league. You may know them mostly as liverpool fans, but unfortunately it is more widespread than that and has infected a large proportion of Arsenal fans as well. Maybe its ignorance that breeds ignorance. This would explain why the foreign fans are largely immune.

  14. tunnygriffboy


    Where did I remotely say that Arsenal players would dominate a team made up of other clubs talent. I didn’t. All I said was top players don’t always make a top team. It’s how they are used.

    Navas is very poor. He won things when he was in a team containg great players at the peak of their game like Yaya, Kompany, Aguero. Walcott is better than Navas

    And you’re rude calling intelligent people who have different opinions to you deluded. If you don’t think the same as me I’ll stamp my feet and call you names.

  15. Wallace


    the football model you propose – spend your way to success – is the Madrid/Chelsea/Man City model. but Madrid has the safety net of knowing the government will bail it out if it ever gets into financial difficulty, while Chelsea and City have owners who’ve been willing to write off a billion pounds each to get them to where they are.

    we haven’t got either of those things. we’ve got a rich owner, but an owner who sees the club as an investment. not a place to piss away his fortune.

  16. qna

    TGB. True. I am being rude this morning. But I have to talk to gentlemen like yourself at the same time as people like Le Prof. Apologies mate. I do know that mine is only an opinion. My comment about the english fans was based on something that was raised yesterday as to why the non english fans were over-reacting to Schneiderlin. I personally was not, but I had the same sentiment with different players.

    There are two issues. One is realistically what we can be doing now. Of course Pobga, Bale etc are not up for discussion. For me Benzema and Vidal would be the two names of those being thrown around that would make a difference. I think we would then fight for the league, longer and stronger, but I dont think we would still be able to do it. Injuries are part and parcel of the campaign and our depth does not have enough quality in my opinion.

    The second issue is one of philosphy. It is about having a vision of how this club can move forward, 5 years, 10 years into the future. This is what the talk about young stars like Pogba, Verratti etc is. This is where I want us to spend all our money (cash reserves which I understand are around the 200m mark) on QUALITY players. What I am on about here, is having a vision on how we can grow our revenue streams to stay competitive in the future. This is money that has to be spent with a view to growing our global brand and our performance relate income, by performing like a true top 8 world power in the champions league and also winning the league say once in every 4 years.

    Two different topics. I hope you can see the difference mate. I dont expect trolls like Le Prof, Vicky, or even Nasris Mouth to acknowledge anything sensible in what I am saying even if they are able to see it.

    Again apologies for comparing you to deluded Liverpool fans.

  17. qna

    Wallace. The spend your way to success is the only way mate. I am not asking us to do it out of our means. I am asking us to do it with our cash reserves. Imagine that saftey net was not already there today? What would be the difference. If we did get into trouble, yes, we would have to refinance and take some debt to get out of it. But only at the level that is on par with most of the other clubs in the PL. Remember I am not saying spend for the sake of spending. I am not saying Schneiderlin to have an equal of Coquelin for competition. Or Benteke to have an equal of Giroud. Sure, we could do these players with our normal transfer budget. But I am talking about something else with our 200m cash reserves. Bringing in big name players that can be with us for a decade that will help us really raise our brand to another level and really make an impact in those huge games in the CL, so we regularly perform like the 8th richest club in the world should – QFs of the CL is par.

  18. Le Prof


    ‘England is plagued by deluded football fans who think that their team have a realistic hope of winning the league’

    England is full of real football fans who hope that their team have a realistic chance of winning the league.

    There. Fixed it for you.

  19. Le Prof


    ‘The spend your way to success is the only way mate. I am not asking us to do it out of our means. I am asking us to do it with our cash reserves. Imagine that saftey net was not already there today? What would be the difference. If we did get into trouble, yes, we would have to refinance and take some debt to get out of it. ‘

    By the looks of this you don’t understand finance or football.

  20. Klauspoppe

    ‘England is full of real football fans who hope that their team have a realistic chance of winning the league.’

    England is full of real football fans who ‘thinks’ that their team have a realistic chance of winning the league. lol

    There, fixed it for you.

  21. Emiratesstroller


    I explained earlier yesterday why I thought it unlikely that Wenger would make significant changes this summer to our squad.

    We BOUGHT in last financial year Ospina,Debuchy,Chambers,Gabriel,Welbeck and Sanchez and promoted into squad Martinez, Bellerin and Coquelin all of whom played in first team. That was more than a third of our squad.

    When you analyse our current squad NOT A SINGLE PLAYER who was registered in January has been transferred out of club, although one of our goalkeepers will need to be so that Cech can be included.

    I was DISAPPOINTED personally that Flamini, Arteta and Rosicky have all been retained. I understand the case for keeping some experience, but I would
    have kept perhaps Arteta and allowed other two to go. That would have freed
    up two additional places in squad so that we can bring in 2 quality outfield

    However, I do feel that holding onto the bulk of our squad particularly in view of the performance level since January was actually the right thing to do.

    The only player sold sofar that I think that Arsenal might conceivably have
    bought was Schneiderlein. I gave the reasons why I thought Wenger did not
    pursue that particular player.

    Manchester City have an ageing squad and no English/Home Grown players.
    For that reason no club in EPL is going to compete with them for such players.
    Sterling is not worth more than £30 million even allowing for his status as one
    of best young English players. That deal was complicated by the 20% fee payable to QPR and also an agent who did not conduct business very properly.

    Manchester United are throwing money around the transfer market like confetti. Yes they have improved their midfield, although I doubt it is better than
    ours. However, I would question whether they have improved their defence and more importantly I think that they are weak in attack. They scored just
    64 goals last season even with VP and Falcao on books. They have yet to buy
    a worthwhile striker.

    Liverpool have bought noone that I am remotely interested in or would improve our team/squad. All they are doing is spending money from sale of Sterling as they did last summer when they sold Suarez. Are they a better team
    or likely to move up table? I DOUBT IT.

    Football is a team game and one of the lessons you learn over many years is
    you don’t mend a team if it is not broke. The only case for buying new players
    is if you need to refresh squad or can find UPGRADES.

    We do need and should buy a couple of players, but not just for sake of it. Somehow I think Wenger will do so, which is why I am not panicking YET.

  22. tunnygriffboy


    I agree that buying top stars will help us win things. However it’s a chicken and egg situation. Which comes first attracting players or winning things. We are starting to win things again. Next season we need to be really competitive right down to the wire in the league. A 1/4 final in CL would be nice too

    Young players is the way to go eg Alexis and Ozil both just about going into their peak years. Don’t forget the likes of Wilshere, Ramsey ans Theo hitting their peak as well. They along with ox and Bellerin are a year older

    Our club is well placed atm. We have a squad that is a good mix of experience and young players sprinkled with stardust in Ozil and Alexis. A bit more is required. We’ll see some good young prospects in Singapore and the youth is being added to. Fitness, training and data has been revamped and we will always have money to spend

    Queation for you. Will Wilshere get a run at DM in Singapore ? Is Wenger keeping his cash for a monster bid if a superstar becomes available ?

  23. vicky

    QNA the troll

    When you have such a great vision for Arsenal, why don’t you apply for Arsenal’s manager role ? Okay Arsenal is too big for you. Sidney FC ? LOL

  24. qna

    TGB: How long have you been supporting Arsenal ? Honest question

    I grew up in rural australia. But my relatives on my dads side had a “soccer” background. So I had family that I adored playing “soccer” since I was a toddler. But where I was it was all Aussie Rules and Cricket. They are still my dear loves. My mum supported arsenal. I was tempted to support liverpool because I loved the beatles (not knowing about Everton), but couldnt change. For some reason I have a kind of loyalty to sports that I cant change teams. I need to see a therapist. Still support the LA Rams and they arent even a team. Chicago bulls etc. But I have no love for those sports. For me its footy, football and cricket. We used to get the EPL (or whatever it was then) very late at night and obviously it was only one game so the best match. So I remember trying to watch and most of the time falling asleep when Ian Wright was our striker. I think those were the days of boring boring arsenal or 1-0 to the arsenal, but I am not sure. But when I moved to the city to do my University was when I was able to watch campaigns of football. It must have been around the first year Arsene Wenger joined because I remember knowing the Arsenal players very well (like the whole team) by the time I watched France 98. So it must have been 96 or 97 that I was able to watch a lot of games. Note that Football is on at a ridiculous hour in Australia and I was at the age in my life where watching TV was not high on my priorities if you know what I mean. That period is a bit of a blur 😉

    Hope that answers your question mate. Happy to give some details of myself to a gentleman.

  25. Klauspoppe

    Pathetic all the senile cunts on here shoot down any talk of fantasy football by telling grovers to piss off to their video games.

    The reek of alzheimer’s and ignorance is rich.

  26. qna

    Klausepoppe that was what I meant to say actually. It was really directed at a select few. Le Prof, Keyser, Vicky, hehe.

    Vicky: When you have such a great vision for Arsenal, why don’t you apply for Arsenal’s manager role ? Okay Arsenal is too big for you. Sidney FC ? LOL

    It might not be a great vision. But it is a vision, with reasoned explanation behind it. Right or wrong, its more than you have come up with. Leave the thinking to the others mate. Where are you from Vicky? Doesnt sound like an Englishman’s name, Are you Indian? Watch out if you are, Le Prof will have you binned.

  27. Bamford10


    Please refrain from characterizing my views going forward. You have enough work trying to explain and justify your own. Schneiderlin and Benteke are simply two players among others that I have argued could improve us at the needed positions (CDM and CF). They are not my case in its entirety. Not in the least.

    Relative to Underrated, though, you and I agree on one thing: we do need better than Coquelin. That you don’t think Schneiderlin is this player is a minor point.

    For you it is all about one or two specific players, players whom you “covet” and moan and groan about each day. Yesterday, Verratti, today, so-and-so, tomorrow, who knows?

    While I too am a fan of a number of players who could be great at Arsenal, for me it is more about the side’s (long-standing) positional needs and the 3-4 players at each given position who could fill those needs.

    Anyways, just stick to your own views. You have plenty of work to do there. Cheers.

  28. qna

    TGB: Queation for you. Will Wilshere get a run at DM in Singapore ? Is Wenger keeping his cash for a monster bid if a superstar becomes available ?

    Why a question for me? Heheh.. How would I know. Hehe. Mate I honestly think we are a bit fixated on the whole DM thing. Yes, its been an urgent need for Arsenal FC, but it is not a universal requirement. Why Arsenal? Because our defensive 4 have not been able to do it. This is in part because of the high line we tried at times and maybe the pace of Mertesacker, the positioning of Gibbs and Monreal (the first version). So we needed that screener.

    Another way to go is to defend with 4, keeping 3 back all the time and then pivot the two CM, keeping 1 back to a certain extent screening. I think that this is a Wenger flaw.

    Can we build a back four of Bellerin, Kos and Gabriel? If so, can we overcome some of the faults that required a DM in the first place. I dont know the answer to this question. But I think we have a problem still in our defensive setup that Coq has wallpapered over. So if we can get the defensive 4 set up right. Then we dont always need to play with Coq or a pure DM.

    In that situation we can have two pivoting CMs that do have some DM duties. In those circumstances, yes I think that Jack Wilshere, Aaaron Ramsey and Santi Cazorla have the skill to play the role. Pick any 2 and play them as a pair. We can bring on Coq to help us hold a lead, or the third one on if we are still chasing the game. Then we may have say 20 games in a season where we may say ok, we are away form home or this team is too good. We play with Coq and one of the others. In this way, the other is already used to having defensive duties as well, so they will improve.

    Again, this is my opinion – dont want anyone to get the wrong idea here.

  29. Alfie

    “It was really directed at a select few. Le Prof, Keyser, Vicky, hehe.”

    FACT – If you use the word “hehe” in a sentence you have a vagina.

    EXAMPLE – “I have THE best vagina hehe”.

  30. SomeRandomGunner

    I think we should have Best Troll of the day and Worst Troll of the day awards.
    Most likely RedTruth will win best troll every day. I guess qna will be competing for the worst troll award .

  31. tunnygriffboy


    Thanks for that mate. I think the diversity of views on LG make it what it is. I alsothink it’ s great that there are gooners all over the world and that some comeon LG to post theiir views. It’s interesting to hear their points of view and thoughts on the club.

    1971 for me. Charlie George Fa Cup goal. Dad follows Arsenal. 88 now but still grumps when they lose. He can remember Denis Compton playing football for Arsenal and cricket for England. My 18 year old numbskull of a son came back from Magaluf on Sunday with a bloody Arsenal tattoo on his arm. Oh well once gooner always a gooner 🙂

    I won’t mention Brad Haddin and Joe Root in cricket then 🙂

  32. Dark Hei


    Belated reply!

    I was just doing a simple list, there is no direct comparison between one individual against another as the importance of each player depends on his significance to the team. Clear? Good.

    My personally opinion is that Arsenal needs balance not numbers.

  33. qna

    Emirates. Share your concerns about the players that we have not yet moved on.

    I also agree about every clubs need to upgrade/refresh. But it is also a matter of your ambition and how much you want to improve the next season. I think we agree on the striker situation. We need more goals than we have. For me this is critical. The goal scoring striker gets the biggest wage for a very good reason, he makes the most difference to the team. No point in spending all your money on creating goals if your strikers cant convert the chances. In our case we have only Sanchez as a reliable finisher. I rate Walcotts finishing work, but not his ground work, positioning or intelligence. His upside is huge, but we should not go into the season relying on him. You mention a lot of MFs that we havent moved on/refreshed. Agree 100%. But I am more worried about Giroud/Welbeck/Walcott. These guys are supposed to take up 2 positions in our first 11 formation? Very weak, to rely on these for 20% of our outfield productivity. Sure you could add Oxlaide and even play Ramsey, Wilshere or Cazolra out of position, but this is not a small area we are missing it is huge.

    I still support what Henry has said. We need a new world class spine. We have Cech, we are missing a CB, DM/CM, and ST.

  34. SomeRandomGunner

    @qna Are you serious ? Our defensive 4 have not been able to do it ? You do know that our defense was 3rd best in the league ?

    That too it was with Mertasacker with worldcup and Koscielny with injury for the first few months and with Monreal having to play at CB with Debuchy injured we had Chambers playing at RB.

    You can argue we should have added a CB at the start of last season. But that was rectified in Jan by adding Gabriel.

    Our defense is good as anyone in the league with Cech now.

  35. Bamford10


    I think it far more likely that Chambers develops into a decent CB. Though technical, he doesn’t have the assertive, ball-winning mentality of a CDM imo.


    The other longstanding issue I have with your comments is your unrealistic approach to the club’s money and finances, which is ironic because I too believe the club needs to spend more and spend what it has to spend (as opposed to sitting on mounds of cash).

    HOWEVER, one must still be reasonable and realistic. The club has something like 140m in cash — not 200m as you repeatedly suggest — and must keep 23m or so on hand per the debt agreement. Being conservative, that gives the club 80-100m to spend on transfers. The lists you produce, however, often have us spending nearly all of this on one or two players or signing three 40m+ players in a single window.

    Not reasonable.

  36. tunnygriffboy

    I think Wilshere could play that role in some games to give Coquelin a rest. Gives him more game time and develops him. Better with the ball than Coquelin but I do want to see Coquelin develop some of his game. The worry is if Coquelin gets a bad injury and misses vital games when we need him eg man u who will be physically strong though not mobile in midfield.

  37. SomeRandomGunner

    The spine argument is pretty lazy one. We attack as a team and we need to defend as a team. We still have significant room for improving the play with the existing players.

  38. qna

    TGB. Good on ya mate. Hope your old man enjoyed the two FA cups. We forget that this is what its about dont we. BTW I am happy to talk about cricket. I was really surprised at how the english press over-reacted to the ashes loss last series. They had done quite ok until then. I could not believe they were calling for Cooks head. You had Trott situation and came up against Australia when they were at their best – a cycle. Same players now are a shell and were a shell of that team just a couple years either side. Johnson etc. Jason Gillespie was even saying the same, England must be licking their lips at playing Dads army. Think Australian cricket team is a bit old fashioned. Once your in, your in.

    We have Johnson, Haddin, Watson who are on their last legs. The hope was we could squeeze one last top performance out of them. And I supported that decision. But the fact that we couldnt, should sound the DEFCON bells. It was half expected. A gamble that didnt pay off. We need to blood a new keeper and we have good talent to come in to replace Johnson and Haddin. We will come back in this series you wait and see. We are waiting for Warner and Smith to fire. I think replacing Johnson, bringing in Marsh for Watson will be a good decision now. We could wait one more test, but I think now is the time because after such a smashing the change will do some good.

  39. qna

    SRG: You do know that our defense was 3rd best in the league ?

    Read my comments if you want to argue with me. I said that Coquelin has papered over the problems. I am saying that we now are dependent on that screening DM. But not all clubs are as reliant. Do you not remember when we had the dubious record of conceding the most goals from the fewest shots on goal. This was before Coquelin stepped up and showed he had a big S from the house of El.

  40. Dark Hei


    I am with you there. I think as a starter, Coq is excellent. But if he tweaks something for 6-8 weeks, we might be in a situation where Arteta plays 3 times a week.
    Then again, neither Scheniderlin or Schwei are fantastic ball winners either. Their attributes are a deep lying passing coupled with being fantastic on the ball and not afraid of being pressd.

  41. SomeRandomGunner

    @qna Are you seriously telling that Coquelin some how made the back four of “Bellerin Mertasacker Koscielny Monreal” better than they are ?

    Coq did well in his position , he certainly did not well enough to carry anyone else. Not certainly anyone in defense.

  42. Bamford10

    Dark Hei

    I like your player comparison by position for the top four. I happen to think there is a bigger gap in technical quality between Coquelin and a Matic or a Schneiderlin than you do, but I obviously agree re the chasm between Giroud and his counterparts.


    So you know, your point the other day about what I had said of United — ie, that they will improve simply by virtue of time, training and a settled formation — was silly. This is not equally true of Arsenal. United had a brand new manager last season and he spent more than half the year playing around with a 3-5-2 that never took. They also has many new players whom he tried at varied and sundry positions. They were the definition of unsettled.

    Arsenal was nothing like this. Very different story for Arsenal.

  43. Wallace


    “Arsenal was nothing like this. Very different story for Arsenal.”

    back in the late 70s when Liverpool were the best team in Europe their transfer policy was one new player each summer who would then be stuck in the reserves for a year to learn how to play the ‘Liverpool way’. imagine that?

    if you have good players of a certain age the more they play together the better they get.

  44. Bamford10


    While our back four proved itself to be quite solid, there is no question they’d be more exposed with Arteta/Flam rather than Coquelin. Now, that’s true of ANY back four, of course — shielded by their CDM, every back four would be better with Coq than with Arteta/Flam — but it’s also true of ours.

  45. tunnygriffboy


    I know the wicket was slow and low but living just outside Cardiff I can say that that was a pretty normal Cardiff wicket. Aussies should have known that

    Got to admit I was disappointed with the Aussies. They are better than that but will bounce back. I loved Harris as a bloke and you will miss him. I liked the look of Hazelwood and Starc if he tightens up his length and line will bowl magic deliveries. Johnson could blow hot and bowl half a side out in a spell

    I was expecting to be thumped but I think it will be a even series now. You must be concerned with your batting. Rodgers 37, Clarke34 with back issues, Voges 35, Watson 34 and Haddin 37. Where are all your young batters ? Was a time when you were in your pomp you had 7 or 8batters not even in the test teamplaying over here totally dominating our county game.

  46. SomeRandomGunner

    @Bamford10 There were lots of factors for Arsenal too mainly due to injuries and world cup.

    We played Monreal in CB remember ? We had 2 new RBs . Mertasacker had world cup and Koscielny was injured . We had to chop and change our defense .

    In attack Giroud was injured Welbeck played . Ozil came back from worldcup , we had to adjust playing without him. Then he came back from injury again he had to be accommodated.
    Arsene was trying the formations with Ramsey / Wilshere / Cazorla/ Ozil all in the 11.

    You just choose to see it as a different story to Arsenal.

  47. Emiratesstroller

    Bamford 10

    Please explain to me why you believe that Benteke is an upgrade on Giroud. He has yet to score 20 goals in EPL in 3 years of playing there. More importantly his goalscoring performance and goals scored to matches played has also fallen.

    I watched Benteke in two games against Arsenal in home fixture and FA Cup final and he was frankly ‘anonymous’. You can blame the rest of the team for those performances , but more often than not when such a player is in a shit
    team he still manages to look dangerous.

    Schneiderlein is a decent player, but he is not defensively better than Coquelin. Actually I think that Coquelin was better since January. Also he is certainly not on same planet in central midfield as Cazorla and I think that both
    Wilshire and Ramsey are technically and creatively at least as good if not
    better than him in other departments of game. So I do understand Wenger’s

    If I am going to look at a Striker who is going to cost me £35 million I would expect that player to have scored at least 20 goals in league/champions league

    If I want to buy a DMF I want someone who is either defensively better than
    Coquelin or offers something else. Carvalho can for example play as a

  48. Bamford10


    Great point, except no one was disputing that. The q is/was whether Arsenal and United were equally “unsettled” last season and thus equally in store for improvement through settling in/gelling.

    Thanks for your input, though.

  49. SomeRandomGunner

    @Bamford10 I agree regarding Coq vs flamini/Arteta . But Coq certainly did not paper over any cracks, he did not need to as the defenders were good enough . Coq did his role well enough .

  50. Dream10


    Regarding Sanchez, I think he is a terrific talent. However, if he is our main goalscorer, I don’t think we can the league. We need him to play better without ball and makes runs behind the opposition’s backline. He wants to be on the ball more often than not. With a healthy Ozil, Cazorla, Ramsey (hopefully), he’ll be on the ball a little bit less than he was in the first half of last season. I’m not sure he’s capable of making the adjustment necessary. At the moment, I don’t see Sanchez as capable of being the main threat in the attacking third of a team that has title aspirations.

    As it stands, I think we can be a 75-80 point team with our current pool of players.

  51. Emiratesstroller


    Actually successful teams today are those who do not on the whole make many changes to their starting X1. Fergie seldom did it and if you look at Barcelona and Bayern that is also the case.

    I have argued for weeks that I would rather spend our entire first team transfer budget on a single World Class Player who can and will make a real difference. If we could find such a player it would be a Striker who can score 30 goals+ a season. Sadly few exist in our budget.

  52. tunnygriffboy


    True about man u last season with new manager formations, players etc. They’llhave 6 or 7 new players this year as well. Will they settle ?

    We didn’t have the same issues as man u but we were fighting fire losing Debuchy, Kos, Arteta, Ramsey, Theo, Ozi and Giroud and Wilshere for large chunks of the season. We had two rookie fullbacks to bed in, Monreal at CB, Flamini at CM. Won 12 points out of first 36 or something the worst start under Wenger. Showed remarkable consistency after Christmas to get into 3rd position

    Couple of players AND keeping players fit and fresh is the key to a good season ahead

  53. VP

    Can’t believe that people are still debating as to whether Per is good enough. He clearly isn’t. The only way Germany were going to win the world cup was without him, not with him in the team and so it proved.

    We may have had the third best defense with per in it, but maybe if we had someone better maybe we could have had the best ..no?

    ……….And about needing to be carried, well yes he must be one of the most babby-sitted players that I have ever seen take to the field. It’s not just the coq that has to carry him it’s the whole team. Sometimes you watch us play and wonder as to whether it’s the goal that the players are trying to protect or Per. The guy’s a liability and would not get a regular starting place at any other top team. He’s just extremely lucky to have Koscielny next to him at all times to hold his hand.

  54. Bamford10


    Did I make a case for either of these players today? Why, then, are you so focused on them?

    I don’t have the energy at moment to wade back through the tedium, but every player must be assessed by the totality of his game, not just one part of it. When looking at a CDM, one must look at his passing/distribution AND his defensive work, not just the latter. In totality, Schneiderlin is IMO a better CDM than Coquelin, as is Bender and a number of others.

    The same goes for a CF. And while Benteke is not a Benzema, obviously, he is better than Giroud IMO. As for being effectual, even a Lewandoqski or Benzema would’ve done little against us had they been the isolated CF for Villa in the FA final. Do I rate those two over Benteke? Of course I do. But I also rate Benteke over Giroud.

    But I have moved on from those players and discussions , as has the market. Perhaps you should too?

  55. Emiratesstroller


    Actually the main reasons that we improved after the Southampton game at
    beginning of January was a combination of factors.

    1 We changed the goalkeeper.
    2.We had a stable defence and recruited Gabriel as backup.The defence also
    stopped playing zonal marking.
    3. Coquelin came into team and that gave more time for CBs to defend properly.
    4.Cazorla was brought back into CMF and played alongside Coquelin.
    5. Ozil and Giroud returned from injury.
    6. We played more or less a stable team in last 18 games of season.
    7. We were relatively injury free apart from Debuchy, Ox and in latter stages

  56. Wallace


    “He’s just extremely lucky to have Koscielny next to him at all times to hold his hand.”

    and by the same token, have you never noticed how much more assured Koscielny looks when he has Mertesacker alongside him?

  57. Le Prof


    The specialist in Aussie rules footy and cricket. Most definitely not ‘soccer’.

    It’s been long enough now so I hope can at least remember your own team and it’s players sheila

  58. Wallace


    “But I have moved on from those players and discussions , as has the market. Perhaps you should too?”

    you moved on from them because they made you look ridiculous, no?

  59. VP


    I agree that Koscielncy also benefits from having a sitting-type player next to him. However , just don’t think it should be PER. He’s just not up to scratch in my opinion-never has been.

  60. Bamford10


    Re your point that the best teams are based more on gelling than adding new players:

    1. The teams you cite — Barca, Madrid, Bayern — already have far more talent than we have, so of course their need to add quality is less than our need. We must add more talent than they must because we are more in need of additional quality.

    2. Chelsea added Costa and Fabregas to the XI last season. Both were decisive in their very first year. And Matic was only added six months prior to them. That’s 2-3 new players in the XI, and they won the title fairly easily. If I include Courtois, btw, that’s another “new” player in the XI.

    So perhaps we both need and can deal with more than one addition to the XI? Yes, I think that’s right.

  61. Bamford10

    No, Wallace. Not at all. As you can see above, I would continue to defend my opinions there.

    But why even speak to you? You’ve never said a single thing here even worth mentioning — apart from the ridiculous.

  62. Wallace

    “Schweinsteiger, born and raised at the foot of the nearby Alps, a skier so talented he nearly turned professional, stubborn but always friendly, confident but never haughty, was the first truly Bavarian leader of Bayern since Breitner’s retirement in 1983. With Philipp Lahm he was also the key player behind his club and country’s return to the footballing elite in the last five years after a decade or so in the wilderness.

    Last summer he won the World Cup with Germany, spending almost as much time lying on the Maracanã pitch as running 15km, more than anybody else in the final. Argentina had singled him out for rough treatment but he was “so full of adrenaline” he hardly felt the pain in Rio, he later said. And in any case he didn’t mind: “You live for these games”.”

    – Honigstein on Schweinsteiger

    i am fascinated to see how he adapts to the PL. the most interesting signing of this summer by a country mile.

  63. Wallace


    “But why even speak to you? You’ve never said a single thing here even worth mentioning — apart from the ridiculous.”

    two words – Carlos Sanchez.

  64. underrated Coq


    I agree that Arsenal should be looking to sign more players deemed World class. However what I don’t agree is your stance that every player has a price and by meeting that valuation we could sign anyone we want.

    It rarely works that way.

    For any major transfer, the other club must to willing to sell the player in the first place. Then the player needs to be interested to move to our club and finally the transfer fee should be in our budget range. There’s so many factors at play here.

    You often suggest that simply by offering an extravagant fee we will be able to sign any player we want. I just don’t understand how you can say that ?

    Yes, it may work if (a) The said player is desperate to leave (b) The club deem the player surplus to requirement/ they are in need of money.

    If the other club want to keep the player and the player isn’t trying to force through the move, no amount of money would tempt the club to sell.

    You often say Veratti, Veratti. I have a question for you: Why would PSG want to sell him as it is? Do they need the money? No. Would Veratti act like Sterling to force through a move to us? Highly doubt it.

    The only way PSG would consider selling him is if they brought in someone like Pogba. Even in such a case, you’d need to pay premium prices for World class talent.

    You say that Arsenal, as one of the richest clubs in the World, should be signing these players regardless of whether or not the other club–who may be as rich or even more rich than our club–want to sell the player.

    How much do you think Arsenal should be willing to bid to even turn PSG’s head if they’re not interested in selling Veratti? Over 60 million? Do you honestly believe its feasible?

    Its the same for other clubs too. Juventus apparently want Ozil. Do you think Arsenal would even entertain the thought of selling him? Unless Ozil does a van Persie, no amount of money could tempt Arsenal to sell him. Because we are not in desperate need of the money.

    To buy a Worldclass talent, they should first be available on the market. If someone like Benzema did become available, I have no doubt that Arsenal would try hard to bring him in. The club did it with Ozil first and then Sanchez, Why then do you continue to doubt the club’s ambitions ?

  65. bishop

    Arsène Wenger is open to strengthening his squad further this summer.
    The Arsenal manager has already signed Petr Cech, with the goalkeeper on tour with the club in Singapore.
    Wenger is happy with the quality he has at his disposal, but says he will make additional moves if he can find the right type of player.
    “I don’t close the door,” the manager said. “If we can find any player who can strengthen the squad then we will. We have strengthened the squad already and I believe part of the success of the team is down to the level of cohesion.
    “We have a good level of cohesion and at the moment what is very important to our squad and myself is to see how we can move forward again.
    “We feel that we moved forward last season but it’s not enough to think that’s okay, we have to move forward again. It’s much more important about the team now rather than finding the right player.
    “I believe we have the quality and it’s now how much we can be stronger together.”

    I’ll rather he doesnt say anything atall.

  66. qna

    TGB: We lost the last test at Cardiff as well from memory. Yeah the batsmen peformed poorly. We dont have that tough mentality that we use to have under Waugh/Ponting. Now we crumble pretty quickly. When the rot starts it sets in pretty quick. We dont have that much depth at the top level I dont feel. We have the Marsh boys, Pattinson and Cummins. Siddle can come in and might do ok in England.

    Really, like you said those batsmen have the quality to do it for us. We rely on Smith (our No 1), and Clarke to be the rocks. If Warner can get away, he can make a quickfire big hundred and we probably win the match. I think our bowlers did ok, but just not as well as yours. Really Haddin has dropped off as much as Bell has for you guys since the last ashes. He is probably there for lack of a better option. If he holds that catch, the match may have ended differently? We probably would have smashed you guys because you also crumble when the pressure is on. Its fine lines. I am excited for the rest of the series.

    Dream10. I am with you. Agree. Even for Chile where he is their best forward, he isnt the single focus of the team. We need a multipronged attack with threats on each prong 😉 I honestly dont get the logic of why Madrid would sell Benzema or PSG Cavani. Makes no sense to me. Hope I am wrong. The only player I can see that could remotely see move is Reus and only because Dortmund know they cant keep him for his career. So if a big enough offer comes along they may take it now and continue the rebuild. I think the Reus deal has to be done early, giving Dortmund enough time to reinvest. Now that they have sold Immobile, this makes that move even more unlikely.

    If we had Reus, then Reus-Giroud-Sanchez, or Reus-Walcott-Sanchez, or even Reus-Sanchez (4-2-2-2) becomes a real threat.

    I still point to last year before Reus had signed his new contract. He had a 25m euro buyout that would come into force in a years time. He had not signed on. The perfect time to go to Dortmund and offer them 45m pounds. Instead we blew 32m on Welbeck and Chambers and now we have no options to rectify our situation for this season.

  67. gambon

    Here goes old man Wenger again, shying away from doing what needs to be done.

    “Its about cohesion”

    Funny cos everytime City, UTD and Chelsea invariably win the league you talk about the quality of their players, no mention of cohesion then.

    Just admit you are not capable of competing in the big boys game.

  68. Le Prof


    ‘I still point to last year before Reus had signed his new contract. He had a 25m euro buyout that would come into force in a years time. He had not signed on. The perfect time to go to Dortmund and offer them 45m pounds.’

    I really hope your not involved in business in any way shape or form.

    What if the player doesn’t actually want to leave?

    What happens if the player wants to resign (like he did)?

    Where does that leave the club?

    Looking like an amateur outfit that hasn’t got a clue on how to conduct their transfer activities properly that’s where.

  69. Relieable sauce

    The lack of any Theo news is intriguing, media blackout from him & the club??

    With negotiations ongoing this may explain it to some degree but I’ve not heard anything at all for quite some time.
    Was he even in any of the squad pics from the Asia tour?

    The 3.5yr contract signed lasttime was odd but I suspect this may have been a compromise by the club & TW due to his demands. Theo received a 50% (approx) pay rise with his last contract and became one of AFCs highest earners…3.5yrs???

    Safe to assume he wanted/asked for more money but was happy to sign for the reported £90-£100k pw…conditionally anyway.
    I cant see a logical reason why the club would offer such a short contract for a player valued so highly by them.

    Does Wenger still have faith in him though going on last seasons evidence, or was he just playing hardball (its been a long time now), & is Theo looking for a similar deal to last time.
    …well maybe a 5yr deal will be more acceptable to him this time round.

    It does really annoy me how the club are letting this drag out, negoitiations started Dec/Jan time didnt they??

  70. tunnygriffboy


    Red that article in northlondonisred. Thanks for the link. He believes Schneiderlin is more a b2b midfielder as opposed to DM. If he was to play DM he would have to adapt his game.

    As a pure DM, Coquelin’s stats last season were way ahead of him. As an old fashioned midfielder or now b2b his stats are way below Ramsey and Wilshere. It’s quite an interesting read.

  71. gambon

    “As a pure DM, Coquelin’s stats last season were way ahead of him. ”

    Schneiderlin didnt play as a pure DM last season, so its not possible to compare.

    Schneiderlin the much better player though.

  72. Wallace

    “Schneiderlin the much better player though.”

    he’s maybe slightly better going forward than Coquelin, but neither are good enough to play CM/B2B for a big side, and i’d take Coquelin as my DM every day of the week.

  73. qna

    Coq: I agree that Arsenal should be looking to sign more players deemed World class. However what I don’t agree is your stance that every player has a price and by meeting that valuation we could sign anyone we want.

    I am being literal here and not practical. I mean you dont think that Barcalona would take 500m for Messi? Reus has just signed a new contract so Dortmund can get at least a season out of him without losing any value on him. But if they get an offer this season, of the like which they dont reasonably expect they will get in the future then there would be a number that moves them. For a selling club like Dortmund, I am sure that 100m would be more than enough for him, even this season. Probably much less.

    Now I am not saying that is practical. Or even that I want the club to spend so much of its limited finances on him. In practice, you are right, most of the cases would involve the club not wanting or needing to sell so their valuation of what it would take to change their mind would be impractical for any club to actually do it.

    In our case we do have a huge cash reserve that we built up by operating at a net profit in transfer windows for 5 or 6 years of supposed austerity. This could potentially bridge this gap for select, and limited number of players.

    Again, I am not asking us to spend this on players of the quality we already have. Even Reus is not of the level that I would want to spend ridiculous money on. But 60m euros today is about what we paid for Ozil, so we could spend that kind of money on at least one player with our current budget. We should have around 50m a year net to spend, not including player sales.

    IN ADDITION, we have the cash reserves to do a one-off purchase of probably 2 or 3 more of these players – if they were to be available. It is completely possible that we could not go out and overpay our way to a world class spine. Only excuses not to. These excuses may be well founded and justified, or based on conservatism and fear.

  74. qna

    Le Prof. I really hope that you are not involved in football. You have no idea. Even wenger has just said that modern football is exactly the opposite the way that you think it is. Its not my fault that your brain cant get past the little amount that it has developed to get you to the muppet you are.

  75. gambon

    “and i’d take Coquelin as my DM every day of the week”

    No chance, way too limited a player.

    Any player could rack up the tackles and interceptions if they were allowed such a limited role.

    I assume you think Jedinak is better than Matic as well?

  76. Willow Wilson

    Rinse. Recycle. repeat.

    When Spurs spent the Bale money on a number of signings, we were told they had taught us a lesson in transfers. They would apparently take 4th spot, resigning us to the Europa League. This was a common belief, in fact Pedro went into print in the Metro to say as much.

    What happened?
    Incorrect prediction. The £100m they invested was largely wasted with several of those players moving on.

    Last season Man Utd spent £200m on lots of players, including Falcoa (£20m loan) and Di Mariqa (£60m). We were told by the usual complainers that they too would finish above us.

    What happened?
    Incorrect prediction. They struggled for consistency and ended up having to play a CL qualifier.

    Yesterday they make two good signings and all of a sudden it’s the same from fans who never seem to learn from their past mistakes.

    Rinse, repeat, recycle.

    It is not about what you spend. It is about buying the right players to compliment your squad/team.

    Defensively Cech does this. Gabriel does this. Debuchy does this.

    Buy too many players and it affects your stability and it takes time to integrate those players with each other, let alone into a system. Man Utd demonstrated this last season. Football is much more than making signings. You can actually improve your team by not selling key players, better fitness, developing team play and playing your best team consistently. Stability is key.

    Too many fans. like qna but he’s not alone, fixate on ‘signings’. You cant keep making wholesale changes. Every day we get fans complaining whenever another team signs a player, just because we haven’t. Last season it was Balotelli. Every player that signs for another team is assumed to be a ‘great signing’ and we have been ‘dithering’. In fact, we’ve been smart and dodged more bullets than Keanu Reeves in the Matrix.

    We did smart business at the start of the transfer window with Cech. A decisive move that immediately improves our team and what is already a good defensive unit, a unit that was also improved with the additions last season of Gabriel and Debuchy.

    This is what you do. Any fool can part with his money and go on a spending spree.

    Personally, I think we have an excellent squad. There are a number of players that have played little football and who will therefore be fresh. Players like Theo, Jack and the Ox. The squad that starts this season is superior to the squad that started last season, even allowing for injuries. The team will be far stronger too, we started last season with constant changes with full backs as centre halves.

    This is a very good Arsenal squad, the strongest we have had for years. We do not need loads of signings, we really don’t. We need a good start to the season and none of these ridiculous injuries.

  77. vicky

    Keyser was right. For Scheinederlin to make an impact, he needed Wanyama on his side. That means if we signed him, he would be vying for the position of Ramsey/Jack and well Ramsey and Jack are better than Morgan. But still Wenger should look out for a proper DM, at least as a back up to Le Coq If not as a starter.

  78. gambon

    Willow Wilson

    You talk like we have won the league 3 years running.

    You do realise we havent even competed for the PL for 11 seasons right?

    As for Man Utd, last year they spent a lot, and guess what they caught us up heavily.

    How many more seasons do you think we can let them outspend us without overtaking us?

    Look I know you arent a very intelligent person, probably a bin man or glass collector, but the correlation between investment and league position cannot be denied.

    If we keep allowing every team around us to outspend us, we will keep on scraping champions league football.

    I know thats a massive success for you, because you dont support Arsenal, but for us genuine fans we want more.

  79. tunnygriffboy


    I didn’t say Schneiderlin played DM last year. If he did his stats were well below Coquelin. Where did he play ? Did he play a box to box role ? Because if he did his stats are not near Ramsey or Wilshere ? That was my point.

  80. Emiratesstroller

    Whenever I open up Le Grove the discussion always revolves around the”shit”
    players in our squad, the players who we should have bought and how much better all the other teams in EPL are.

    In first half of last season we were frankly poor. It was tactically naive and with
    clear weaknesses and too many injuries.

    After the Southampton game whether by accident or design we became a very
    decent team for reasons I outlined above.

    We have at moment a very large squad and to bring in new players it will be
    necessary to offload some of our registered players. Personally I had hoped
    that Wenger would offload 2 from Flamini,Arteta and Rosicky or maybe sell
    Walcott and bring in someone who offered more.

    However, despite all the rhetoric there are currently very few players available
    in the market that will make a real difference to our team. None of those bought by Man Utd,Man City or Liverpool would in my view be an upgrade.

    People keep on rabbiting about Schneiderlein as though he would make a real difference to our team. For heavens sake we conceded just 13 goals in 19 EPL
    games since new year. Only two sides have managed to score more than one goal so the defensive side of our game hardly needs improvement.

    We were the third highest goalscorers in League after Man City and Chelsea.
    The latter scored actually less than us after Jan 1st where we averaged 2 goals
    a game in EPL.

    We do need to improve our goalscoring performance, but that is more to do
    with how we breakdown packed defences.

    Personally I don’t see players like Bentecke or Martinez improving our cutting
    edge in that department. The problem is that there are at the moment very
    few top quality goalscorers currently in the game apart from the likes of Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar and Aguero. None of these are on the market.

    I listed some of the forwards that Wenger might consider buying, but as we know there is absolutely no certainty that they will improve our team. When
    you look at all the expensive strikers/forwards who have cost an absolute fortune and then turned into damp squids.

    Torres cost £50 million, Carroll £35 million and two years ago Falcao and Cavani £50 million +. None of these players proved good value and both Torres
    and Falcao were loaned out on freebies before 30th birthday.

    Arsenal can afford to make periodically transfer mistakes but not on this
    grand scale.

  81. SomeRandomGunner

    @Gambon Harsh on Coquelin. He is certainly capable of more. By this time last year nobody actually bothered too much about Schneiderlin . Only Spurs were interested and that too for 10-11m not for 25m .

    May be by this time next year Coquelin can be better than Schneiderlin .

  82. daz

    “6:00AM BST 15 Apr 2011
    The Barcelona side which will face Real Madrid on Saturday was assembled for less than Real Madrid paid for Cristiano Ronaldo alone.

    Given the amount Real Madrid has spent on new players over the last two seasons, it’s unsurprising that los Galacticos’ collective transfer fee dwarfs that of Barcelona – even with Kaka (£56 million) likely to start on the bench.

    The mismatch is so great that the entire Barcelona first eleven cost €85m – less than what Real Madrid paid to buy Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United.”

    Spending huge sums of money is not the only way to have a great team

  83. Wallace

    “The big question is why do Ajax want to take Sanogo on loan. May be managers see something in him ?”

    nah, gambon says he’s the worst player he’s ever seen. no idea what Bergkamp & de Boer are thinking about.

  84. gambon


    You keep using a 20 game run of form as justification for us not bothering to strengthen.

    Crystal Palace had a great second half of the season, so that means theres no need to strengthen right? Yet they just smashed their record to sign a top player.

    Considering every team in the PL is strengthening, our form at the end of the season is irrelevant.

    Its gonna be a tougher league yet again next season, and if we stay still we will actually fall behind relatively.

  85. gambon

    Is this Sanogo that couldnt get a singe shot on target in 10 games at Crystal Palace?

    Yeah DB10 and DeBoer may not agree with me, but every other manager in world football seemingly does.

    We literally cant give him away.

  86. Wallace


    “Considering every team in the PL is strengthening, our form at the end of the season is irrelevant.”

    no, every team is buying. not the same thing at all.

  87. Alex James

    Coquelin had a very good season no doubt. Hoŵever, football history is littered ŵith young players who have failed to reach the same heights the next season. Let’s hope that he is not one of them. The alternatives options of Arteta and Flamini are too awful to contemplate. In the case of Sanogo, if we are paying his salary or a large part of it, of course Ajax will take him. It is not a risk for them”

  88. gambon

    “Spending huge sums of money is not the only way to have a great team”

    Lol is this serious?

    You mean Barcelona that spent £70m on Suarez? £70m on Neymar?

    Barcelona that pay Lionel Messi €20m per year?

    Barcelona that have a wage bill over £200m pa?

  89. gambon


    Like I say, league position is significantly correlated with investment.

    Therefore, provided you dont have a reta.rded manager, spending money is a pretty good way to climb the league.

  90. Willow Wilson

    “Look I know you arent a very intelligent person, probably a bin man or glass collector. I know thats a massive success for you, because you dont support Arsenal, but for us genuine fans we want more”.

    Lol. Very amusing indeed to see that written by the ‘abusive fan’ who spends all his energy slagging off the players and the club.

    Lets look at your football judgement and predictions:

    Sept 1st 2014
    “…and its a big if…Man Utd sign Falcao, we have no chance of top 4. Man City have spent money but what UTD are doing is mental.”

    “Oh and what the hell has happened to Monreal, terrible terrible player after a promising start”

    .”..its also time for Arsenal fans to be honest…Mesut Ozil is pretty rubbish”.

    “I take it back. I now see how Ozils lack of workrate, tackling, energy, goals or goal threat are vital to our game”.

    “Ozil, Wilshere, Cazorla, Chamberlain are good footballers but literally do nothing. Neither defend or attack well.”

    “..but Ozil was massively overpriced. For me we bought players we didn’t need”

    and just before our £100m net spending spree:

    “Dont worry guys, according to Arsene you dont need squad competition, so we wont be seeing Suarez level players anytime soon”.


    Your predictions are always so off point, it is ridiculous. Your bookmaker must be a very wealthy man gambon.

  91. Le Prof


    ‘In our case we do have a huge cash reserve that we built up by operating at a net profit in transfer windows for 5 or 6 years of supposed austerity.’

    LOL supposed austerity.

    qna the man from planet delusion or Australia as it’s known worldwide.

    The sooner you stop with your unrealistic fantasy football wishlist bullshit and go back to what you know something remotely about (Aussie fucking rules football) the better for all concerned.

    An aussie sheila talking ‘soccer’…fucking hell. You happy we’ve there’s no abbos playing in the PL?

  92. gambon


    Literally all I hear you talk about is Wenger….so why are you on an Arsenal website?

    I also said many, many times that the second Mourinho came back to the PL that Wenger had zero chance of winning the PL.

    Remind me what happened last season?

    I seem to remember Jose teaching the french alzheimers riddled one a lesson.

  93. gambon

    From August

    “We were lacking power and pace in MF, we still are. We lacked a top CF, we still do. Its like Wenger is just blind to the issues.”

    I was right here.

  94. gambon

    From August:

    “I think we will impress greatly this season, we’ll score goals and we will be entertaining…..then we will again come up short.”

    Seems I was right

  95. daz


    Compare what barca spend to real Madrid over the last 10 years and then compare who has been the better side over the last 10 years money is not the only option did barca say to themselves we have to equal their spending to compete

  96. gambon

    From August:

    “Abou Diaby talks about his comeback from injury!…what fucking comeback, hes still not making the bench. All propaganda at AFC”

    I was right here, when people like Willow were telling us he would be an asset

  97. gambon

    I was right again:

    “Arsenal and UTD have both started spending to fight City and Chelsea, both have spent badly”

  98. Emiratesstroller


    Last season was in two halves for us. I thought that we played very well after
    Christmas and for the record only Chelsea had more points [1 point+] than

    The reason we improved was the balance of team plus of course fewer injuries.

    Arsenal is not the only team who have not made wholesale changes. Chelsea
    have also not been particularly active as well. They are not panicking, because
    of what Man City, Man Utd and Liverpool have done.

    Yes I do think that Chelsea’s 1st X1 is better than ours, but actually I think that
    we may have more depth than them. It is precisely why I think that Arsenal
    need now to be selective in transfer market.

  99. Willow Wilson

    “Like I say, league position is significantly correlated with investment”.

    Loool. What a hypocrite.

    This is what some of us have been saying for years to you and the rest of the hate squad……….!!

    Despite the published net spend during the stadium years and our austerity, compared to the wild spending of Chelsea and Man City, why have you been complaining about us not winning the league. Or finishing fourth?

    Lol. You just keep giving.

  100. Relieable sauce

    Does the fact Bayern sold Schweinsteiger to MU mean Pep will not be managing MU anytime soon?
    Probably not but I’m still going to pretend it does.

    City will be going big for him no doubt. If he does come to the PL & its not to AFC, that will probably be the best result…unless he fancies the challenge of Liverpool of course : /

    Possible 2016/17 season.

    MC – Guardiola/Ancelotti
    MU – Guardiola/LvG
    AFC – Wenger/Klopp
    LFC – Klopp/Benitez

  101. tunnygriffboy


    What position did Schneiderlin play for Southampton ? What role did he have ? If he didn’t play DM, which I accept ( as his defensive contribution was way less than Coquelin ) did he play b2b ? If so his stats are a fair way behind Ramsey and Wilshere.

  102. gambon

    Right again:

    “All that said….ignoring Remy at £10m for 3 months in order to sign Welbeck for £16m seems insane.”

  103. gambon

    And again…

    “So we sold RVP and Song 2 years ago. As a result we needed a DM and CF….£120m later we still need a DM and CF…negligence.”

  104. Goondawg

    Panic Season??

    You guys don’t know panic season till you get Flamini and Sanogo on a free, plus a loan for Viviano…

    Though tbf we did buy Ozil in the last hour of the window.


  105. gambon


    Southampton play 2 deep CMs or DMs.

    Schneiderlin playing more of a B2B role than Wanyama. Not dissimilar to how Liverpool played with Marscherano and Alonso.

    Also, if you think 10.4 defensive actions per game, vs 8.2 defensive actions is “way worse” you are probably just twisting things to suit one of your favourites (Coquelin). Its OK, everyone does it here. Just like Giroud is as good as Aguero everytime he scores a goal.

    Schneiderlin is as good a DM as Coquelin even when he isnt playing DM.

    Tell Schneiderlin not to worry about passing, scoring, creating chances and he would blow Coquelin away.

  106. gambon


    For me “panic stations” will always mean Arteta, Benayoun, Mertesacker, Park and Santos all signing within a 2 day period…….after Wenger had told everyone that Cesc and Nasri would be staying.

    The immense downgrade in quality that summer was incredible.

  107. Willow Wilson

    “If…and its a big if…Man Utd sign Falcao, we have no chance of top 4. Man City have spent money but what UTD are doing is mental”.


    No chance?

    This is the bit you cannot seem to grasp. Your hypocrisy regarding signings is incredible, it truly is.

    Every player we sign is given the gambon treatment. They are crap. Every player other teams sign, are world beaters.

    This is gambons world.

    You are one of those ignorant fantasy football fans who bases his football predictions on signings.

    Man Utd may have spent £200 million but they only marginally improved their team. Yes of course great players should improve a team but not if they haven’t had time to gel or adapt to a system. What guarantee is there that the player settles into the English game? Did you expect Di Maria and Falcao to struggle?

    There are so many other things that go into making a ‘team’, which explains you always get things wrong.

    Now, if Arsenal had ‘NO CHANCE’ of Top 4, perhaps you could explain what went wrong there? Being as you don’t seem to rate any of our players, how on earth did we finish third and win another FA Cup?

    You must walk around in big shoes, have a red nose and wear a giant flower that sprays water at kids.

  108. tunnygriffboy


    Another set of stats gives Coquelin a defensive score of 25.58 and Schneiderlin a score of 7.58. In terms of tacckles blocks, headers, interceptions Coquelin has better numbers. The only area where Schneiderlin has a higher number is passing , which we know he does.

    Is Schniederlin a better b2b player than Ramsey or Wilshire ? I would say no.

    Where i do like Schniederlin is his versatility. Would have been a good purchase, he’s a good player and would have added to the squad. He’s not the superstar he’s being made out to be.