Morgan race down to one? | ‘can’t buy’ excuses… sooo misguided and dull

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Sunday!Went out for a pals 31st last night. He went out the evening before. We were done by 9pm.

Is this what life is now?


… I can’t believe there’s a redzone for beer.

No joke, I wake up with pulled muscles after nights out. 

It is nice going back to your hometown and people read the site. I mean, not nice when they try to attack you for hating on Wenger, but hey, a read is a read. 0.000002p, in my pocket biiiiitches.

Also, whilst on age. I spent a week with my most unapologetic Gooner pal (outside my old

man). He’s got me into casual burping. I just rocked one out on the tube earlier. Truly liberating.

So BIG PETR, announced he’s taking on the number 33 shirt. Not sure what that’s all about. He’s tried to go all smart with…

’33 vertebrae in a spine. I AM SPINE.’

… But really. I’d be all like…

‘One world class keeper in a team. I AM BEST.’

Prolly sounds better?

Anyway, he has a number that is my dads lucky number. Which means we’ll win the league, well, that was the vibe he was giving me anyway.

Shuffling through some transfer stories on the web. Some papers desperation for traffic is unbelievable. I clicked through to a ‘story’ that consisted of about 50 words and picture of a retweet. Imagine that being your day job? Deception, basically. But some traffic, so Wolf on Wallstreet like respect no doubt.

Anyway, what do we know? Well, Bastian Schweinsteiger who has a name that is a bastard to type on a phone… is heading to United. He’s a superb player. A true champion. 29 years old though. Feels slightly regressive purchase for a midfielder in the Premier League? Very much a move for the moment. But still, a huge improvement for them in the middle of the park.

You’d also like to think this might impact our moves, kind of paves the way for us to speak to Schneiderlin. Again, we know desire is there from the player. The big question is whether there’s a desire from the club. If Flamini leaves. There’s a space. It’s down to the manager to decide how to fill it. Not moving there, for me, writes us out of the title race. It’d be very difficult to mount an effective challenge with an old crock (Mikel), and overplayed superstar (Coq) and an untested kid (Bielek). Unless he’s considering Jack in that deeper role?

It’d just be nice to go into a season prepared for once. I can’t buy into this bullshit people spout when the say… ‘It’s hard to bring in better players when we’re so damn amazing’… we’ve not won the league for over ten years. We finished 3rd last year with less points than the year before. We were knocked out of the CL by Monaco. You’re fucking deluding yourself if you don’t think our squad can be improved and relatively simply. Schneiderlin straight off the bat. Carvahllo, straight off the bat. It’s not like the weaknesses haven’t been apparent all season.

Also, don’t play the… ‘It isn’t like buying a gourmet toasted cheese sandwich from Borough Market’… because, look, both require patience, but also planning. If the queue for the toasted cheese sandwich van is too long, you move to the lobster roll area, if that’s busy, you scope out the scotch egg stand. When you are Arsenal, you have £100m spending power, the best stadium, the best city and the best toasted cheese sandwiches, you make it work.

‘No players boss’ generally means you don’t have good enough scouts. There are ALWAYS ways to improve and I’ve no doubt we will. Just shut up with ignorant statements about how amazingly difficult it must be to improve our squad. Last summer, we rolled into the season with two centre backs. That was dimness on a different level and gross misconduct if the scouting network couldn’t find anyone and terrible biz that we let Manolas go to Roma when we had a player (JC) we could have make weighted to Olympiakos.

Right I’m flying to NYC now. So it’ll be late postings all week. Apologies, but ultimately, the idea of getting up at 4am to post is about as appealing as watching Boro Priromac drop a naked squat in the midday sun.


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  1. VP

    ‘’Others are embarrassing themselves, however, by telling us that winning an FA Cup redeems a season in which Arsenal don’t compete for the EPL title and are completely irrelevant in the CL. You know who you are’’.

    Absolutely couldn’t agree more

    Unfortunately they will try and make you look ungrateful for suggesting this.
    We are use to this from the manger and Board, But now the fans too!

    ….And will continue to quell any suggestions of not striving for improvement by continuing to refer to the FA Cup. Pathetic, absolutely pathetic. This there is no doubt. I would swap four FA Cups for just one CL, considering that it is something we have never one before. But there are those who would never understand this. The club has been embedded with a loser culture and will take either a new owner or another generation for true success to be derived, this there is no doubt.

    As at right now, 2 out of our front three going into next season will be from Walcott, Giroud and Wellbeck. I mean seriously what are you going to win with that…..oh wait sorry forgive me…….the FA Cup.

  2. qna

    So if City are selling Dzeko and Jovetic and with united selling RVP, its gonna be fucking hard for us to get a top striker this summer.

  3. TOLI83

    Benzema – forget it.

    Most realistic target will be Lacazette at best. If Jovetic was going from City, i’d have him. He would improve our front line.

    Most realistic situation is that Giroud starts the season as number 1 striker.

    United keeping De Gea is a statement also, Real need a keeper and normally get what they want. Bit of a turn up for the books on that one.

  4. Jim Lahey

    Here is my go at it,

    Real Madrid to make big signing in the next couple of weeks, negotiations are already underway, updates as I get them… #ITK

  5. qna

    Jim. Here is my guess at signing of the season.

    1) Reus. Muzzi is based in germany.


    2) PSG buy Di Maria and sell either Verratti or Cavani to us. Maybe we throw in Giroud or Debuchy the other way as part of the deal.

  6. Jim Lahey

    Chelsea looking to buy replacement goalkeeper, my sources have said they are very keen on Stoke’s Begovic, will report more when I get it #ITK

  7. MadeToLoveMagic


    Muzzi Ozcan ‏@Muzziozcan 3m ago
    Arsenal tying up some loose ends on transfer to be announced later today. Congratulations Arsenal fans and welcome to London @Benzema

  8. Alfie

    Jim –

    Let me have a try:

    “Arsenal working hard to sign a BIG name, the player needs to decide to get things moving #ITK”


  9. Rocky Pires

    Jim Lahey, take a pic of yourself with a Yellow tie and create a twitter page and you will have millions of followers.

  10. vicky


    ““We knew Man United would not be happy to finish outside the top three and that they would respond,” said Wenger. “They’ve made interesting buys. They did it by buying two important players – Schweinsteiger and Schneiderlin – but two top class players, one who goes up to the top level and one who has done it all.”

    Lol !! I hope you are not happy with 3rd Wenger.

  11. Alfie

    Vicky –

    “Asked if there would be other signings, Wenger said: “It depends. We are still open to do something else.”

    So predictable and boring.

  12. Jim Lahey

    Songs, chants, and demands will come from the enslaved, held captive by the nobility in their prisons. At a later date, brainless idiots will take these as divine utterances. #ITK

  13. Jamie

    Szczesny papped on the laughing gas. Keep Ospina, jettison Szczesny. He appears to be a tool of the highest order and is, in fact, an average keeper.

  14. qna

    Szchezeny is only 2 years younger than Ospina. Not sure why there is even a question over Ospina vd Szchezeny. The only thing that the latter has is that he is home grown. A great rule to promote mediocrity in the epl hey.

  15. VP

    I’d think twice about laughing about the amount of consideration that’s been exchanged for Sterling. I do think that £49mill is inflated but then when you consider our combined contributions (wages & Tfr fees) in respect to Walcott, Chamberlain and Wellbeck, is this any worse?

    Sterling is MILES better then all three. You could argue that it would be more cost effective (wages/Tfr Fees relieved/received) and productive to the team to swap all three for Sterling, it really would.

    Or put in another way… we would have been better off selling these three and releasing their wages to purchase Sterling for £49mill and paying him 200k…..however crazy as this may sound,

    Don’t get me wrong though. I still do think that the £49mill is a ludicrous sum of money to pay but it amazes me with some fans who continue to be ignorant to the miss failings that we see at our club, and try and down play and redicule our competitors ay every opportunity who are clearly prepared to do whatever it takes to win, when we clearly are not.

    The bottom line is that Sterling, Shcneirdelin and Schweinsteger would all walk into our sides and our competitors have more competence and drive to improve then we do. It’s a simple as that.

  16. Alfie

    “Sterling is MILES better then all three.”

    How do you come to this conclusion? I fail to see how he is MILES better than any of the three aforementioned.

  17. NiNe


    If we signed Bastian, I believe after some time,he will be regarded as an Arteta 2.0.
    Though, I’m not in any way comparing Arteta with Bastian…

    Sterling walking into our team if he was bought at this same fee or what? I honestly don’t believe he’s better than Ox. The latter’s development has been halted a lot of time by injuries and the manager’s preference of using a midfielder in the flanks. Sterling got the chance at Liverpool because there were no better players in the team

  18. SpanishDave

    Same old Wenger as last year, early signing then mess about with youth players during the pre season, while our competition sign good players. Then Wenger goes shopping for the scraps
    Why do any of us think he will suddenly become dynamic and assertive.
    He is mentally in a rut.

  19. Leedsgunner

    “Coq gets injured early in the season then what ?”

    Arteta will come to the rescue of course, and if he’s out Bielik will be the new Gilberto and wait don’t worry if he’s not up to job Wilshere can muck in until we can patch up Coquelin just enough to put a few games together, never mind if he’s f***ed up for next season — as long as we get the hallowed 4th place trophy.

    Winning the league is so overrated. 4th is the new first.