POWER SHIFT. Do me a favour Spurs!

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True words sister, true words.

I’m gonna power through this because I’m hanging with a builder today. Not a bold new life choice, just sorting out the most expensive building job of all time.

My guys name should be… ‘I’m gonna need more money’… you get what I’m saying?

I have no idea what I’m handing it over for. He just keeps on asking whilst pointing at things with a concerned face.

Did I tell you the rats that were coming through were just coming through what I can only describe as a personalised pipe that had no other use outside rat transportation? Anyway, no more rats, so I can once again store cheese under the bath without any stress.

Anyway, Arsene Wenger said it was a tough decision buying a world class keeper… BECAUSE HE HAD TWO ALREADY.


Anyway, he went on…

“He has huge experience and the fact that he has won more big trophies can strengthen the belief of the team. That can help them to develop and that’s what I expect from him.

“You always want to improve the experience level of your squad and I thought he could help us gain something on that front.

“I still think he has a huge hunger. When I saw him with Chelsea last year he was always convincing and I’m happy that we could do it. His kind of knowledge and experience can help us.”

Wenger was also in good form with his comments on the young squad he’s taken for the check box preseason exercise in Singapore.

“You will see Jeff Reine-Adelaide, who we just brought in. We’ll see Chris Willock, Alex Iwobi, Gedion Zelalem and I don’t count Chuba Akpom, who is already with us. We’ll have a few good, young players who have a very good talent and are very promising.

“Adelaide is a player I have identified in France. He just won the European Championship with the under-17s. He was born in 1998, which is always a good year for Arsenal… you cannot have bad players in that year!

“He’s an offensive player but he can develop into an all-round midfielder as well. At the moment he plays on the right or left but I think he can develop as a central midfielder as well.”

My face when I heard we had a player who was born in 98…

Anyway, I feel that we might be creeping into a new batch of players that might just cause some Carling Cup style upsets.

Wouldn’t that be great? If part of our new era was defined by us winning that trophy with our second string? I’m right in thinking Wenger hasn’t won the league cup? Maybe when he wins it he’ll say it’s like winning the Champions League? Maybe he won’t because that’s stupid. Who knows guys and gals.

It’s been interesting reading up about the new Spurs stadium. 61,000 seats. It looks pretty freaking cool. It’ll cost them £400m, which by inflationary standards, means they’re doing it on the cheap when you consider that was our final cost 9 years ago.

They seem to be getting it loosely right. Sharing it with the NFL for ten years. Pitch that flys on a a hovercraft. Massive climbing wall (climbing is the new fixed gear cycling you hipster bastards). They have a sky walk which is interesting but cool. I mean, it’ll be pretty major for London. Throw in Chelsea and their new designs. West Ham and their theft of a government asset. Well, you’d have say that London really will be stealing a March on the North West as the powerhouse of football.

There are a load of articles talking about the power shifting to Spurs in London.

I mean. Fuck me. It’s like some journo’s are completely disconnected from the realities of life and completely removed from the history of the last ten years with Arsenal.

Let’s just switch things back a second… Arsenal were so skint at one point before their move that we had to put off signing RVP for 6 months to find the £2m we needed for him.

We spent the next ten years in austerity mode (I mean, ignoring that mega wage bill we had).

We’re coming through the other side now. But it was tough. There was no, oh, here’s £90m extra for your manager to spend.

Also, you kind of have to have some power for it to shift. You don’t just get awarded it by proxy of having a stadium that holds 100 people more than your rivals.

ALSO. And this is the big ALSO.

Spurs are gaining NO competitive advantage over Arsenal by having a stadium the same size.

It’s unlikely it’ll generate more cash than ours. They don’t have a right to charge premium rates like we do (even though they are expensive right now). They’ve won the league once. They’re rarely in the Champions League. They have a guy who looks like a WH Smith intern as their star man.

Also, just say they could get more out of those extra 100 seats… and that look them marginally ahead of us in the match day revenue stakes… they’ll still be way behind us on TV money.

Basically, we didn’t really gain the impact we needed from match day receipts… because Chelsea and City came along. Spurs are merely pulling up with the jones’. This in no way shifts any power. It just gives them a modern infrastructure that future proofs them and will long term help with bigger sponsorships.

I’m game for it. A powerful London is a great London. I want this City to be the best on earth. So all good with me.

… but power shift? Bitch please.

P.S. If you know any AMAZING video production agencies in the US that aren’t like, you know, Spielberg priced, get them to drop me an e-mail. I want to speak to some about helping me create some travel content for an agency I work with (a proper agency).

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  1. NiNe

    Remember Xabi Alonso ousted Bastian out the team. He came back from injury and either started or get substituted.

    How old is Alonso again??

  2. NiNe

    Let’s not kill ourselves over a player our rival signed and concentrate on ours. It’s still early to start being worried.

  3. Emiratesstroller

    Schweinsteiger played only 20 games in Bundesliga last season and 90 minutes in just 10 so that there must be some concern about his fitness levels.

    However, he is a ‘leader’ and a catalyst for Man Utd in the transfer market. It
    seems to me that the club management and LVG are making concerted effort
    to recruit some big names even if they are not at top of their game. Players like
    Schweinsteiger and Ramos are ” match winners” in mentality.

    I hope sincerely that the gossip about Arsenal’s interest in Evans proves untrue. This is not the type of player we should be interested in even as a fourth
    string CB.

    Arsenal do not need to panic buy with all rumours circulating about business
    that our main competitors plan or are actually doing. We need to focus on our

    From the end of last season those have been clear to most supporters namely:
    1. World Class Goalkeeper [Cech has been bought]
    2.Defensive Midfielder either world class or to compete with Coquelin.
    3.Forward who can increase our goalscoring potential. Both Sanchez and
    Giroud are 20 goal a season players, but others like Walcott and Welbeck
    are not. We need to increase our goalscoring by at least 15 goals per season
    in EPL to be serious title contenders.

  4. nasri's mouth

    The ‘Chambers was a waste of money’ theory

    1. We didn’t need him

    Well, actually at the start of the season we did

    2. He was overpriced

    This seems to be because Clyne went for less and is apparently better despite considering that he was in the last season of his contract, plays a different position and is 5 years older with little chance of any real improvement.

    3. We should have spent the money on a striker

    While the pot isn’t infinite we still have enough for a tip striker and buying a top striker depends on them wanting to leave their club AND wanting to join us. Chambers didn’t prevent us from signing anyone

    4. He’s shit!

    At RB he did alright. Started well, but struggled as the season went on. At CB though he looked pretty good. At 20 years old I’d say he’s got a good future ahead of him in that role

    Its a fucking dumb theory, but its this summers ‘must have’ agenda for all those Football Manager experts out there

  5. Emiratesstroller


    There is no stress about Evans. Merely I don’t see much point investing money
    whether it is 1p or a serious amount of money in such a player.

    If Wenger has decided that we still need someone to fill fourth CB slot he would be better off going after Carvalho who can play CB and DMF positions.

    Personally I don’t think that Chambers is a massive talent, but he is perfectly
    adequate as our third string RB and fourth string CB. The chances of him playing in starting lineup against teams where his shortcomings may be found out
    are fairly remote.

  6. Johnty79

    I can’t wait to be proved right on what minimal effect peter Cech is going to have at arsenal. Wenger has once again gone backwards not signing a proper dm.

    Martinez the best dm in the world untill guardiola ruined him would make us challengers.

    We will finish no higher than forth. If Liverpool sign benteke I see them finishing above us.

    Sanchez giroud welbeck
    Wilshere Coquelin Ramsay
    Montreal mert koz bellerin

    Not good enough I’m afraid. And signing arteta is observe. The only positive of the summer is getting rid of diaby. 3m a year off the wage bill only 4 years to late.

    Cech is not going to earn us 10-15 points a season you are deluded.

  7. Silverhawk


    You know that’s not the first XI right?. quit trying to be Red truth.. Just doesn’t fit you.

  8. El Tel 1

    Jonty=john Terry trolling.

    I have read this comment about us finishing outside the top four for years on here.

    Oh dear Mancscum are going to sign everyone.

    Funniest comment is how great Newcastles new players are.

    Anyone who plays for the Arsenal or are connected are shit, according to the Le Grove trolls.

    The other week Schneiderlin was not good enough for us, now we must get him because the scummers are interested.

    Dear o dear.

    There is me thinking this is an Arsenal site.

    It is troll city.

  9. Emiratesstroller

    I do think that there are far too many people writing on this forum who seem to think that every decision taken by Wenger and the club is wrong and that we have a ‘shit team’.

    Wenger has made in the past a lot of ‘indifferent/poor’ decisions, but I do think
    that since beginning of January whether by accident or design we have begun to get the situation right and the club does seem to have a good squad with the
    correct balance between defence and attack something missing for several

    Actually I tend to agree with Wenger now that if we are recruiting players into
    squad/team they need to be an ‘upgrade’. Not that we are spending huge sums
    of money just for sake of it.

    There is of course some merit in making changes to keep your players on their toes so that life at the club does not become too comfortable. I do feel that Wenger does allow sometimes that situation to occur.

    However, the priority this summer is to bring in one or two players who will
    make a real difference to our prospects of winning a league title. Actually I
    do believe that we have now a very good squad and we are talking about ‘icing
    on the top of cake’.

    If I have a single concern about our team it is that we find it hard to score goals
    against packed defences particularly when bodies and minds are tired at end
    of season. We need more cutting edge against those teams who play in this way.

    That is why I would like Arsenal focus all their resources in finding a forward
    who can deliver perhaps another 15+ goals to team particularly when we need
    to grind out winning results.

  10. qna

    On ElTel1’s rant.

    LOL. I wonder if this clown realizes that there are different people with different opinions on here. I dont think anyones positions have changed at all. If anything, everyone is equally stubborn in their opinions and nobody gives an inch.

    Me personally, I was never in any doubt about whether United would sign Schneiderlin. He is not good enough. There are better CMs out there and we deserve better. It would be a shame if Southampton now drop their price, because wenger may just sniff a bargain and lower his sights. Schneiderlin is Spurs level.

    I am liking the Javi Martinez talk. No idea if he is recovered from his injury, but would love him. Not sure whether Bayern will sell both Schweini and Martinez in the same summer though.

    Realistically we wont sign a top quality CM, we already have what it takes to secure top 4, so not sure why we need to double down with Schneiderlin. He wont push us any higher, so save the 20m and leave the squad position open for next season.

  11. vicky

    Lacazzete favorited a tweet regarding his transfer to Arsenal and Metro jumped to the conclusion that he is close to a move to us.

  12. qna

    I can see Lacazzete happening. In fact, I have been thinking Lacazzete will be the most likely ever since Lyon bought a new striker. Fekir has signed a new contract, so he wont be sold this summer because his future value is likely to far exceed even an inflated current value.

    I am not convinced about Lacazzete. I see him in the same category of our current strikers. Not on the next level, which is what we need. But those top strikers dont seem to be available.

  13. kwik fit

    Hanging out in down town Copenhagan. Haven’t seen Bendtner anywhere. Going to check out some of the car parks

  14. kwik fit

    The fact he favoured a tweet means he’s actually reduced his cahances of signing. Wenger doesn’t like that kind a shit. Get me brother?

  15. Emiratesstroller


    Lacazette is a comparatively young player who scored last season 30+ goals albeit in French Football. The jury is out on whether he is the type of player who
    could ‘improve’ our team and of course if you are going to gamble on such a player it needs to be at right price.

    The problem at the moment is that the majority of strikers who are ‘prolific’
    goalscorers around Europe are very few and in most cases unbuyable. You
    are talking about Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Suarez and Aguero.

    Lacazette fits into the same category as Kane. He is has scored 30 goals last season, but the jury is still out whether he will repeat that exercise when teams are more focussed on what he is capable of doing.

    On the other hand sometimes you need to speculate to accumulate.

    What I do know is that there are very few experienced strikers or indeed forwards around Europe who are available and worth the sort of money being asked for them.

  16. qna

    emirates. I agree with you. The question is, do we speculate? I personally would prefer Benteke to Laccazette. I am not putting Benteke into that clearly better than what we have category either. But I think he has performed without good service and is a beast of a forward. But I wont put us into genuine contender category with either. If we signed Marco Reus and Vidal for example, then I think that we would be genuine contenders this season. I am not saying this is at all likely, but this is what I consider as the minimum upgrades needed to have an honest to god real chance at the title.

    I think Reus is more likely than Benzema or Cavani (who I would also consider as putting us into the contenders elite). Reason being are that these two are mega clubs that dont need money. Whereas Dortmund (a bit like Arsenal) will always have a price for every one of their players and I suspect their price for Reus is within our means.

  17. karim

    Lacazette erased the tweet this morning.
    Don’t know what to make of it all except there is common interest, that seems quite obvious.

  18. qna

    Emirates. Where do you see United as of now?

    They have RVP (and probably De Gea) out and Depay, Schweini, Darmian, (and possibly Ramos) in. This is not necessarily a stronger side than last season. If they can self balance their current players then there is a huge internal improvement they can get out of their existing players. Otherwise, man for man I think they are weaker as it stands compared to last year. But where they will stop is anybodys guess. They are linked with everyone under the sun including GBP100m bid for Bale and now Benteke. I think if they add Bale, they become a different proposition.

  19. Bamford10

    Still not sure about Lacazette, but given that he has pace, dribbling, scoring and hold-up play — whereas all of our current CF options lack at least one of these — he would probably be worth it (at £30m or so).

    Two other factors make him a sensible signing:
    – few, if any, other CFs are available
    – he can play wide left or CF, which makes him a good replcmt for Podolski

  20. Bamford10


    Way off re United. Way off. Only De Gea is a loss — granted a big one — but RVP was a nonentity last season and they’ll still have a quality keeper in Valdes or other replacement.

    Their weaknesses last season were (1) suspect defensive play, (2) LVG’s tinkering with the 3-5-2 and (3) a general lack of cohesion, understanding.

    They’ll be much better on all of these fronts simply by virtue of time, training and a settled formation.

    Further, Depay is excellent and Schweinsteiger is pure class. Not to mention there’s no way they’re done spending. Oh, and there’s no question Di Maria is a different player this season.

    Not going to say anything about them relative to us, but they will be levels better than last season.

  21. Dissenter

    Laccaqette isn’t gonna happen.
    Wenger has to contend with Theo’s clamour to be a center forward as well as Danny Wellbeck, who surely has to get games in the season before the Euros.

  22. Dissenter

    I have to agree with Bamford
    “They’ll be much better on all of these fronts simply by virtue of time, training and a settled formation”

    This is the main. reason why United will probably be better (that us or city).
    People here deliberately forget that Van Gaal started at United only days after his national team duties. T
    Last season was his transitional year and he’s shown he’s not a respecter of stars or afraid to make difficult decisions.
    There’s no way Van Gaal would keep Welbeck after his lacklustre season.
    Maybe he’s rash and Wenger is the sage, who knows but he never shirks taking tough decisions.
    He won’t have kept Campbell for half a season when there was no place for him in the team.

  23. S Asoa


    ManU 1st
    Chelsea -2
    City , Arsenal -3,4 fight
    Time for frustration
    And masturbation
    as Wenger feels the twinges in his A…

  24. Bamford10


    Well then nothing will happen this season. Giroud, Walcott and Welbeck will not have us competing for the title, nor will they get us a deep run in the CL.

    (The irony is that if Welbeck had a scorer’s mentality and knack for finishing, he could basically be exactly what we need, as he has pace, athleticism, technique and dribbling. He just isn’t a finisher — at least not to date.

    I put no stock in the other two, as neither has any chance of overcoming his limitations.)

  25. gonsterous

    Having seen lacazette on YouTube, all I can say is the defense in the French league is shit or that were just clips with the worst teams.. either way, he’s gonna be kinda like a chamakh as in, getting the goals in the french league but going to have a very difficult time in the EPL… The one good attribute he has is pace, which could work well in our favour for counter attacks !!

  26. Marc


    Mega clubs don’t need the money?

    Then why have our two marquee signings the last two summers been sold to help the clubs in question balance the books / help fund further acquisitions.

  27. Redtruth

    Why is it that prior Champions league conception Mega Clubs Real Madrid and Barcelona struggled to win Europe’s most prestiges competition.

  28. Chrisd

    If de gea leaves Utd they’ll be considerably weaker , easy to forget how many points he saved them last season . They would’ve finished about 7th last season as their defence is a complete shambles not only down to van gaal methods but the players in question are sub standard ( an opinion shared by most Utd fans) and it’s a complete new defence they need . Yes they got a lot of money to spend but they are going to need it .

  29. Redtruth

    The Chanpions league has become a groundhog day bloated competition.

    If they avoid each other you can pick 3 of the 4 teams in the Semi-Final.

    Premier league is also as predictable with Arsenal nailed on for top 4 along with Man Utd, Chelsea and Man City

  30. SomeRandomGunner

    This is ironic , Bamford and Dissenter telling United will improve because of a settled team and time. But that can never happen to Arsenal.

    That is what exactly Keyser was banging on and on about Arsenal team. You 2 are like we will never win league with this current 11 etc etc. But United will certainly improve because of time …….

  31. Marc


    My view exactly some poster on here are talking about ManU for the league – not without 5-6 quality signings. Those signings are also going to have to adapt to the PL etc.

  32. WengerEagle

    Seen a stat about Lacazette that out of his 27 Ligue 1 goals only 18 were scored from open play and not a single one was against a top 7 team in France.

    That should have people a little worried if true.

  33. Romford Ozil Pele

    “IF we are finished our business for the summer, it will be a season of struggling to obtain CL football again, and nothing more.”

    I hope we can buy at least 1 more but this isn’t true tbh.

  34. Chrisd


    Utd need a lot of buys to win the title , yes they bought the Italian right back but still need the other three defenders upgrading plus a striker which isn’t going to be easy for the standard of player that they would go for and that’s without replacing de gea especially as one could argue only neuer is better than him and Utd are not getting him . Even having enough money will be hard to pull off all those required replacements in one transfer window due to availability of top class players agreeing fees , battling other clubs and so on .

  35. qna

    WE. Yeah. You tube has a clip showing all 27 goals. Lots of pens. Lots on the break when the defenders are still getting back from out of position. Not overly clinical finishing. Still some nice goals there.

    I think we should be offering €50m for Reus. Thats only £10m more than what Villa are asking for Benteke.

    Cant see Cavani or Benzema moving this summer.

  36. Marko

    Rather than use stats to denigrate someone who hasn’t even signed for us yet wouldn’t it be better to think of his attributes and given the fact we haven’t had a legitimate pacy striker for a few years he’d kind of be perfect for us. If Giroud and Adebayor can score plenty for us I’m sure Lacazette will be alright

  37. Romford Ozil Pele

    Essentially it boils down to things, people that think we can only improve with external additions and those that think stability is the best way forward. Neither are mutually exclusive, we can do both.

    People get their knickers in a twist about us not signing but then really struggle to come up with names that are a massive improvement on what we have. The fact that every name that gets chucked on here leaves people mmming and arrrring means that they can’t be that good can they?

    For what it’s worth, I feel we can win the league. Whether we do or not is another thing. But people need to stop talking in definitives. There are a lot of grey areas.

  38. Jim Lahey

    @RP – With United strengthening, City will do the same, and we’re already way behind Chelsea. Do you see us competing for the league next year?

  39. qna

    Actually villa are asking £32m for Benteke, so if Reus is worth at least £10m more we could offer €60m.

    We can afford this without breaking a sweat. Hoping this is the big deal muzzi oscan is talking about.

  40. Romford Ozil Pele

    Jim, yeah I do if we can keep players fit. That’s always been the caveat for me. Hopefully with Shad doing bits and this new dude coming in, we can see a clean bill of health like in the second half of the season.

    There are numerous ways to improve though. I, like many, love big signings. But you can bridge the gap in other ways. Bellerin and Coq cost next to nothing but have both helped to improve the team. People forget that Wenger’s best teams have always been based on good rapport and a close knit group. It’s always gonna be hard because we’re fighting against financially doped clubs and a massive power in United but it’s possible. If we don’t believe we can win then what’s the point of watching?

  41. Romford Ozil Pele

    Marko, good cheers mate, thanks for asking. Takes up the majority of my time so weekends are all I have free and even that’ll be taken up by Arsenal when the season starts again. Can’t complain though, it’s good money!

    You well?

  42. Marko

    Rumours now Di Maria to PSG, Gaitan to United and Immobile to Sevilla on loan. it’ll probably get a big one like the Di Maria transfer to go through before a big domino effect will take place

  43. Emiratesstroller


    I don’t think that the current acquisitions that Man Utd have made so far will
    move them forward to a top one or two place in EPL.

    The real problem with Man Utd at moment is that I don’t think that they have
    enough firepower.

    Both Falcao and Van Persie have gone. Neither performed well last season. Rooney has also regressed. He is not a 20 goal a season let alone 30 goals based on current form.

    I made the point about Arsenal’s firepower, but we have got on books two reliable 20 goal a season players in Sanchez and Giroud. What we need is to find
    another or at least increase the firepower of Walcott, Welbeck and some of
    our midfielders including Ramsey and Ozil.

    Basically we need to score 85+ goals to be in frame for EPL title. That is 14 more than last season.

    That is my personal opinion.