2 big signings to close off summer

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Happy Thursday morning to ya’ll!


Suffering. But Back. Nothing quite like a 13 hour trip back from Croatia.

Actually, nothing worse than a London Tube Strike. Every fucker in the 3000 strong building I work in is playing the… ‘I couldn’t possibly get in today, so I’ll go to the park work from home of that’s ok?’… clever. Real clever.

So what’s been going on?

Well, I learnt Alex and James don’t understand the concept of link bait titles. Nice one lads. Nothing like a title to an article that tells you nothing. However, I did enjoy being kept in the loop with some very interesting posts.

After the Tory budget yesterday, it was fitting Alex took on the Living Wage (he’s a left wing ‘Owen Jones is my god’ melt, just so you know). On this subject, I really do wish Arsenal would just suck up that cost and pay people what they need to survive in London. It’s not like we’re struggling for cash. I’d take some of the lowest paid workers getting a boost in their pay over a reduction in ticket pricing any day of the week. The only way this happens is if people keep on talking about it. It’ll certainly be a question I ask at the AGM.

There might be a small cost involved in paying temporary staff more than you think they’re worth, but for me, when people feel like they’re valued, you get more from them. Also, there’s a civic duty when you’re in power to do the right thing. Usually, it’s scumbag shareholders that kibosh such moves, but look, the remaining shareholders we have at Arsenal would wholeheartedly support the Living Wage, the ones that have mega money aren’t using Arsenal’s dividends (which total zero) to pay the mortgage.

There’s no reason to not do it (I’m sure there is, but I refuse to believe there are two sides to any story because that’s how I create tension with my work).

Some interesting transfer news floating around. Angel Di Maria to Arsenal? Pretty mental story right there. Not sure I can see that happening. He wasn’t even that terrible last season. He just wasn’t the Di Maria we know him to be. Pretty sure he’ll be exceptional this season.

Arsenal made another addition to the back room staff taking on Mayo GAA (think that’s the name) strength and conditioning coach. Pretty exciting stuff as far as I’m concerned. Ireland seems to do rather well in this arena, so snaring one of their best is always going to be a bit of a coup. It adds yet more experience to the backroom team and it hopefully gives our players a better chance of being fitter, sharper and healthier longer into the season.

GOOD NEWS, thanks to all those who mailed in with that story.

One player who seems to have a bit of the Abou’s about him is WELBZ, he’s injured for preseason with the same problem he had before. Come on Danny, pick it up a bit!

Some interesting opinions on Abou leaving (James and his left wing views on Abou disappointed). As far as I’m concerned, it’s sad that he wasn’t able to fulfil his potential, but at the same time, it’s a shame lots of people can’t work because of injury. I’d save more of my sorrow for people who have to take pittance that is disability allowance than a guy who still has control of all his faculties and a bunch of health most can only dream of. We get very wrapped up in footballers and their plight, it’s just a game, it’s a luxury to even have a sniff at it let alone experience all the trappings that come at the highest level.

Life is good for Abou. He’ll set up a charity, have a load of fun in Dallas and he’ll have a very sweet life.

I’m just glad I don’t have to talk about him anymore.

There were some people in a panic that summer is over for us. Can’t help but think that fear is misguided. I’d be very surprised if we didn’t stock up. Interesting that very few clubs have moved for anyone of note so far. I know Arsenal are making a big push to get rid of players…

Abou – £65k

Lukas – £90k

Flamini – £65k

Chezzer – £90k

JC – £40k

That’s £350k pw in salary we could use smartly. I really hope the rumours about Matty going are true. Bit surprised to see Arteta stay on. You need a bit of experience in the side, for sure, just not sure it’s smart having him anywhere near close to taking over if we pick up injuries. He’s far too slow and injury prone. Hopefully we go big for a DM, because we need one. Morgan or Carvahlo would be perfect. Think we also need to have a serious think about a striker. Again, I’d be surprised if Wenger didn’t move there… he knows he needs better and the squad have been reasonably vocal about the same problem.

We can’t head into another season praying on players making the step up in class. We need to buy some ready mades.

Right, that’s all I have for you today. This is going to be a long one.


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  1. salparadisenyc

    A few of my top choices,

    Stella the new budweiser
    Spaten Pils
    Modelo Especial
    Sapporo Blue

  2. MidwestGun

    Eagle –
    Tim Howard has lost a bit. .. been doing a part time TV commenting gig during the season and semi -retired from National team.. wouldn’t be surprised to see him take a step back. But ya… one of my favorites.

    Kasey Keller , Tony Meola on that list.

  3. karim

    No worries, I’m in Metz, in the north-east, near Belgium and Luxemburg, that’s where Pires started his career.
    Nice little city, about 250 000 souls, been living here for 2 years.
    Grew up in the East, close to French-speaking Switzerland.
    You’re in London, aren’t you ?

  4. MidwestGun

    Fosters. … Australian for Budweiser.
    Corona. .. with a lime. … for the ladies.
    PBR to grow some hair on your nutsack.
    Guinness when you don’t want to eat and just want to drink all day.
    Schlafly … what Budweiser should taste like. Real St. Louis brewery.

  5. WengerEagle


    That’s cool thought you lived in Marseille for some reason.

    Bobby must be a bit of a hero there is he?

    Really would love to travel around France, such an interesting country.

    No I’m in Dublin, Ireland, land of the Drunkards.

  6. Marko

    I must be some sort of dumb dumb here but why in gods name are we still being linked to defenders??? Howedes? Abdennour? Manolas? Is someone leaving or what? I get being linked to left backs cause it’s kind of an area we’ll have to upgrade if not now then in the next season or so

  7. karim

    Ok then… Seems we were both misled somehow lol.
    Spent 3 years near Marseille when I was at Uni actually, so you weren’t completely wrong.

    Yeah Pires is a legend here, nearly led them to the title in 98 with Song’s uncle, Rigobert, think they lost it on goal difference.

    Yeah, Paris, the Riviera or the French Alps are all places worth a visit, no doubt.

    Haven’t been to Ireland myself unfortunately.
    Only visited Scotland because my sister was living in Greenoch at some stage when I was living in London.

  8. MidwestGun

    Marko. –
    No idea. … but I’m to the point. . If it’s not a striker .. I skip over reading the headline.

    In other news… Mexico plays Cuba tonight… didn’t even know they had a team and apparently 6 players and the head coach have defected so they are a bit short handed. Lol

    Got to love Concacaf. .. never boring.

  9. MuddyGooner

    Have to agree France is a beautiful country..
    I went there with my mates in early June for about a week.
    Flew from Gatwick to Lyon one way. Hired a Qashqai there and drove to the French Alps, the lakes and then to the Verdon Gorge. Breathtaking scenery !
    Final stint was to check out the Riviera (as you do !) in the beautiful sun.
    We saw the Champions League on one of the beach bars in Nice. Noticed majority of the people there wanted Juve to win.
    Eventually we dropped the car off at Nice airport and flew back to Gatwick from there.
    Really enjoyed France and it wasn’t even expensive apart from Monaco !

  10. Emiratesstroller


    Just come back from recent trip to Paris.

    Note that you can take Eurostar to Lyon,Avignon,Marseille. Much more civilised and comfortable journey to South of France than travelling by plane.Journey time to Lyon is about 4 hrs 20 mins and Marseille 6 hrs 30 mins.

    When you factor in travel time to and from Airport + extra check in and flight the journey time by train for us who live close to St Pancras is not significantly worse.

  11. Leedsgunner

    I know it probably is just paper babble but Thomas Müller being linked with Man United now. I can accept missing out on Schneiderlin but if United get their grubby hands on Thomas Müller I’ll be very annoyed…

    Müller is the type of player WE SHOULD be chasing.

  12. nasri's mouth


    Muller is a great player and I’d be very happy with him, but don’t get your hopes up. ManU can outspend us on fee and wages and there’s the LvG connection. I’d imagine we have no chance

  13. Wallace


    “I can accept missing out on Schneiderlin but if United get their grubby hands on Thomas Müller I’ll be very annoyed…”

    it was van Gaal who made a 19yr old Müller a regular in the Bayern first team. that and the fact Utd have more money than God means they will always be favourites in that particular race.

  14. Honest Bill

    I doubt Muller will go anywhere. Why would he want to leave Bayern for Utd? Just to play with LVG? I doubt it.

  15. Nasri's Mouth

    @Honest Bill

    New Challenge, more money, playing with LvG.

    Who knows, I’d imagine it’s unlikely with 4 years on his contract, but if he leaves, he ain’t coming to us

  16. Goondawg

    Netherlands international Van Persie says he is leaving after three years at Old Trafford because he feels “betrayed”


  17. Highbury4ever

    Breaking transfert news == >>
    Please stay tuned, but check back august 31th, at 11h55 PM

    Wenger out.

  18. Northbanker

    We do our best business based on spillage – Malaga had to shift Cazorla because of chronic money probs, RM bought Bale and had to offload less than half the price on Ozil, Barca bought Suarez and laid oless than half again on Sanchez. All looked at Arsenal who had the money to pounce.

    Thats how we’ll get Benzema this summer but late when RM make their own move.

  19. Relieable sauce

    Looks like the French FA are trying to close Monaco’s tax loophole.

    Falcao, Kondogbia & Berbatov already gone, their young winger linked with Liverpool. Looks like they are preparing for the worse possible outcome…75%(?) tax rate. Yikes.

    Adennour(sp) getting linked with clubs as well I think.
    Could an opportunistic CB purchase be on the cards?

  20. Dark Hei


    The only problem is that Benzema is their only striker and he is already a world class one.
    We got ourselves Ozil because Madrid went bonkers with Isco, Aser and Bale’s purchase. So they could afford to let Ozil leave.

  21. nasri's mouth

    @Relieable Sauce

    Their owners became disillusioned a year or so ago for various reasons. Good news (i guess) for us that there is one less mega team for us to be unable to compete with

  22. Leedsgunner

    “Looks like the French FA are trying to close Monaco’s tax loophole.”

    Well then, let’s not dilly dally, get in there for Kurzawa! He would be perfect competition for Monreal and give us the room to sell Gibbs to Man City or Liverpool for silly prices… lol.

    Is Carrasco gone already? Doesn’t he play for Monaco?

  23. Leedsgunner

    “Netherlands international Van Persie says he is leaving after three years at Old Trafford because he feels “betrayed””

    What goes around comes around hey Robin?

    You should have stayed with the Arsenal!


  24. Relieable sauce


    Currasco was linked with liverpool but I havent heard anything official.
    Not sure he is the position or level we need though, I’ve only seen a youtube montage.

    Seen even less of Kurzawa but LB is a position we’ll need to replace/upgrade before too soon.

    Not sure I see Wenger selling Gibbs though tbh, unless it really is no more Mr nice guy.

  25. Mark

    Let me be crystal clear: I would love it if Wenger signed a world class midfielder for Arsenal. With the money we have now available to the manager, if a player like a younger Xabi Alonso is on the market I think Arsenal should buy him. But signing Arteta doesn’t stand in the way of Wenger doing that.

    The defensive midfield position at Arsenal is not the crisis that so many are painting it to be. In fact, it’s starting to feel like the phrases “defensive midfielder” and “Arsenal” have now entered into the clickbait territory. The press are whipping this non-issue up into a frenzy and there is so much hyperbole out there right now it’s hard to even have a discussion. But the truth is that Wenger has plenty of options and that’s probably a major reason why he’s waiting to see who becomes available.

    In the mean time, re-siging Arteta, and keeping an experienced mentor at the club is exactly the kind of signing that big clubs make when they are challenging for the League Title. If it helps, think of him as Arsenal’s Paul Scholes — Arsenal’s a lot less obnoxious, better tackling, more even tempered, Paul Scholes.

    So, relax.