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Morning everyone, Alex here with a bit of break from the usual transfer gossip. We’ve been contacted by the people behind Fair Play Fair Pay – a campaign which is focussed on persuading Arsenal to pay the Living Wage. “Why is this of interest to me?” you may ask. Well all that stuff we like to say about how we are a classy club, boils down to how the club treats its off-field employees as well as the superstars on the pitch.

Arsenal, one of the richest football clubs in the world, does not pay the London Living Wage to the workers who help to make our match days such a success. It isn’t fair that cleaners, stewards, caterers and others who look after us while we’re watching the Arsenal play are paid less than the Living Wage, now set as £9.15 an hour here in London. That’s not much to live on in London – it would take a whole day’s earnings to buy one Arsenal shirt.

Here is the message we received from the campaign:

In line with other premier clubs Arsenal has now agreed to pay the Living Wage to permanent employers. However the majority of TEAM ARSENAL, the workers who contribute so much to the success of a day out at the Arsenal, work for contractors and thus are not covered by this commitment. Other employers such as Islington Council and the Whittington Hospital have demonstrated that contracts can be written to include a requirement for payment of the Living Wage. Other football clubs, including Chelsea, are taking similar steps.

Over the last year the Fair Play Fair Pay campaign has worked with a range of other groups including Arsenal Independent Supporters Association, local trade unions and Islington Citizens. Actions have included leafleting and taking photos of fans holding up posters at Arsenal matches, speaking to fans in all the local pubs prior to matches, contacting the press and setting up a facebook page and twitter account @fairplayfairpay. The response from fans has been terrific – witnessed by the willingness of so many of them to be photographed holding up our poster and to write to Ivan Gazidis, Arsenal’s Chief Executive.

Ivan Gazidis’ first response, sent to all who wrote to him is printed below:

Thank you for your recent email.

Our employee remuneration packages exceed the requirements in the campaign. We work hard to ensure all our employees have a broad range of benefits as a result of their employment with us and they are amongst the most competitive in football. I can assure you that this will continue to be our approach.

In terms of third parties we have contacted our suppliers and they are aware of the campaign.

Kind regards,


Of course we wrote back to ask for details of the ‘broad range of benefits’ but received no explanation. Some months, and many letters later, Mr Gazidis agreed to meet with the London Living Wage organisers to explore the situation in more detail. At that meeting Arsenal’s Director of HR agreed to write a report for the board on the implications of paying the Living Wage. We await the publication of that report.

So Grovers what can you do? For a start you can sign the petition here

The campaign’s next step is to organise a day of action on November 7 – the date of the match against Spurs. This is a call to arms for all fans who want to preserve the status of Arsenal as a club with “class” to get involved on that day

Photographs, details of the campaign, copies of correspondence, relevant press cuttings and links to the petition are on the Facebook Page here. If you would like to send photographs to be used please contact the campaign via twitter or Facebook.

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  1. jwl

    Why would Manure sign 30 year old Schweinsteiger when they could buy 26 year old Schneiderlin? I don’t follow football outside England but it sounds crazy to me to sign 30 year old player, especially central midfield, young player’s position with loads of energy and drive.

    Interesting that European players think England medical is not as good, I wonder if true?

  2. MidwestGun

    Costa Rica 2 -Jamaica 2…. more importantly Joel Campbell pretty invisible game. Looks to have regressed from WC. Not as sharp dribbling or passing.Lackluster energy. Pretty clear his loan spell didn’t help him.

    Probably off Anyhow if rumors to be believed.

  3. Bamford10


    Please stop slandering Agassi. He was no “drug cheat”. What a stupid and ridiculous claim. He used meth briefly and never prior to matches. He talks about cleaning his house afterward.

    A great champion, a great man, and his memoir “Open” is a fantastic read if anyone is interested.

  4. Bamford10

    By the way, did anyone notice that on the subject of tennis at least, Marble can actually be quite informative? I’m a longtime fan of McEnroe’s — and of that great era in tennis — but I didn’t realize he never won a major on clay.

    Thank you, Marble.

  5. Bamford10

    Not to be a pain in the neck, but I think everyone who believed in Joel Campbell should come forward for a spanking. Administered by …?

  6. MidwestGun

    Bamford –
    Haha. … I guess .. it depends on your definition of believed.. I’ll admit before the last WC and with his loan spell in Greece and CL experience, I felt like he could be a potential squad player, similar to a Welbeck type, pre Welbeck. But clearly his time at Arsenal and subsequent loan hasn’t progressed him forward. So…. it is what it is. Don’t think that’s spank worthy…. unless Scarlett Johansson is involved.

    Besides. .. I don’t recall anyone thinking him more then a squad player or possible impact sub.

  7. Leedsgunner


    Those who should apologise are the usual suspects who were hailing Wenger again as a genius for unveiling another gem of a player last summer during the WC. We should have sold him them when AC Milan were reportedly offering £15m for him.

    They won’t though. They are too proud to admit that Wenger judgement could ever be flawed. Or they gloss over his mistakes as bad luck. Never his fault… and you better not criticise the club no matter how justified because then you are not a real true fan.

    When the club gets it right I praise the club and celebrate the club’s success. If I criticise the club it’s because I want the club, my club to be even better.

    They don’t get that.

  8. Wallace


    “Why would Manure sign 30 year old Schweinsteiger when they could buy 26 year old Schneiderlin?”

    you mean, why buy the man who has spent his entire career at the very top of the game, won absolutely everything, and is recognised as one of the world’s great midfielders, when the guy who plays for the mid-table English side, and who has never played Champions League football in his life is available?

  9. Al


    Didn’t you “believe” that coquelin was shocking the first ten games he played for us and was regularly telling everyone he wasn’t good enough and pointing out weaknesses when clearly he was one of the best players even in those early games?

  10. Wallace


    “Joel really likes Milan and Roma, so he wanted a call from either of those two clubs. There was contact with the Rossoneri, while the Giallorossi thought of him as an alternative to Destro in case of a sale.

    “The only club that really made an offer in Italy was Fiorentina, even if at the end of the day they didn’t agree terms.”

    – Joel Campbell’s agent.

    you really think Arsenal/Wenger would have turned down 15m for Joel Campbell?

  11. Nasri's Mouth

    Leedsgunner: Those who should apologise are the usual suspects who were hailing Wenger again as a genius for unveiling another gem of a player last summer during the WC. We should have sold him them when AC Milan were reportedly offering £15m for him.

    People call me an AKB AND I said that Campbell wasn’t good enough for us. That’s confusing 😉

    Highly doubt we were ever offered £15m though. We’d have bitten their hand off

  12. Nasri's Mouth

    Team for Singapore has a couple of hints

    No Sanogo, no Toral, no Wellington, no Bielik either.

    But Willock, Crowley and Zelalem are

  13. vicky

    Campbell is certainly leaving.

    Would there be any taker for Sanogo on a permanent deal ? I doubt so.

    jenko probably back to West Ham.

    Is Rosicky really injured ? Or is he going back to Sparta ?

    Would have loved If Flamini was left behind.

  14. Wallace


    ach, bummed Bielik’s not travelling.

    be interesting to see how Willock and the kid from Lens, Reine-Adelaide, do.

    and good to see Alexis is getting a decent holiday – back Aug 3rd.

  15. underrated Coq


    ” They don’t get that.”

    And you? You get the complete picture right, do you ? No offense, but I don’t think you are any better than those “usual suspects” that you talk of.

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing. You may say it would have been better to sell Joel last summer. Thing is, you never can be 100% sure about young players. You can’t always get decisions like this right. Its impossible.

    You blame Wenger for not cashing in on Joel last summer. But remember–if Wenger had shown the same sort of attitude before too–we wouldn’t have Coquelin right now. That’s just one example.

    A great deal of patience and a bit of luck is needed with young players. Some come through and some don’t. No manager always gets it right.

    However, persistence is very important when handling young players IMO. Or else you’d be left with a situation like Chelsea had with Matic. How much did they pay to resign him again ?

    Sometimes you lose the player for good. Like Manchester United with Pogba.

    Infact I’m pretty sure if Joel Campbell is sold this summer and becomes a class player in a couple of years at his new club, the same people who are now moaning that Wenger should have sold him last year will then be moaning that Wenger should have never sold him in the first place.

  16. Leedsgunner


    Rest assured, I didn’t have you in mind. :).

    Underrated, to be honest I didn’t have you in mind either and I’m surprised to have ruffled your feathers. By the mere fact that you championed Coquelin shows good judgement… hats off to you. 🙂

    What’s offended you? The mere fact that I said Wenger made a bad judgement on Campbell and when he should be sold? Last summer he could have been sold for £10m plus. This summer he is supposedly being bought by Besiktas for £3.5m. If that’s not mistake what is? The only reason he was kept on was because of Wenger — and then he was hardly played.

    Wenger is not the pope. He makes mistakes. Why does this mere statement cause some to defend him so? I don’t get it. Don’t you think someone who earns over £8.5m a year and who is the manager of one of the richest club in the world should be under scrutiny and accountability?

  17. Gregg

    I understand why he kept hold of Campbell last year. We had injuries to Walcott, Welbeck hadn’t been signed, Podolski came back so unfit from the cup and Gnabry was injured as well. Numbers wise we were short in that area.

  18. Leedsgunner


    I read your post again.

    I certainly don’t think I’m better than anyone and I do readily admit when I am wrong, especially about players. Coquelin is one. Giroud is another.

    Some here never ever do, that was my point. When they are challenged about that their only come back is to be aggressive, patronising or belittling rather than listening to their point of view.

    My record on here is for everyone to see, and I’m more than happy to debate about the club that I love… and I’ve treated everyone with respect. What gets my goat are those people who implicitly or expressly state I’m less of a Gooner because I dare to criticise the club of its shortcomings.

    In any case if I have offended you I apologise, it’s not worth falling out about.

  19. Leedsgunner


    “you mean, why buy the man who has spent his entire career at the very top of the game, won absolutely everything, and is recognised as one of the world’s great midfielders, when the guy who plays for the mid-table English side, and who has never played Champions League football in his life is available?”

    Ouch! Go easy on the fella! 😉

  20. Goondawg

    Really disappointed Welbeck is injured, he’s the ONE guy that definitely needs the pre-season training, to work on his flaws and gel with his team mates more..

  21. Nasri's Mouth


    Not recovered from his previous injury, bone bruising.

    If I was a cynic I’d wonder if he had been playing with an injury while he was covering for Giroud and this is a result of that…

    I’m probably being unfair though, as I don’t think there’s a connections.

  22. Nasri's Mouth

    Adelaide might be an interesting one to watch 17 and only just signed and straight into the squad.

  23. Wallace

    “Adelaide might be an interesting one to watch 17 and only just signed and straight into the squad.”

    looks pretty robust for a 17yr old.

  24. Nasri's Mouth

    I really hope ManC go back to Liverpool and offer £25m for Sterling.

    Ultimately I don’t really care which one loses out financially on the deal, but the soap opera surrounding it would be pretty funny.

    (and the days of it happening to our players are starting to fa…fa…fade away

  25. underrated Coq


    Mate, relax. You didn’t ruffle my feathers and you most certainly did not offend me in any way. You put your opinion as a post on here and I merely offered my counter arguments. I hope there wasn’t any offense on my part ?

    I don’t think Wenger is always right. He makes mistakes like everyone else. However when it comes to young players, I don’t think its fair to blame the manager and the club.

    Simply put, my point was this: Its really hard to judge young players and how/ when they’ll make their breakthrough. Some you get right, some you don’t. Risks are unavoidable, really.

    That’s why most managers play it safe. That’s why they send them on loans — To make sure they give the player ample opportunities before choosing to decide whether or not to keep the player or sell him on. Even after all that there’s no guarantee their judgement will prove to be the right one in the end.

    Its easy to now say that the club should have sold Campbell last time around and maximised their profit. But what if we had sold him last year and he then matured to be a class player?

    That’s why managers tend to be cautious in the case of young talent. That’s why clubs include buy-back clauses even after deciding to sell the player.

    Its really silly to criticise the manager and the club in such cases.

  26. Dark Hei


    The really stupid thing that Liverpool did was to buy all those players at big prices. It certainly meant that they were using the proceeds from a potential Sterling sale. Now that City knows that Liverpool HAS to sell, they know that they do not need to up their bid.

  27. Goondawg

    Sterling has done sterling job at making his position untenable, to the point they will have to sell now. He has made it public, that its Brendan he will never play for. Has cited “illness” as the reason why he hadn’t turned up for pre-season training thi week. And point blank refused to be involved in their pre-season tour to far east and Australia..

    Apart from letting the “most valuable u21 english talent rot in the reserves, their only reasonable option is cashing in and getting rid. He is stinking up the place. I frankly love it. Arsenal won’t go anywhere near him with a barge pole let alone.

  28. Goondawg

    Silva has to be sold. Hasn’t he only scored like 3 goals in 60 odd appearances for a segunda spanish side

  29. Dissenter

    40 million is too much for Raheem Sterling and City are right to let Liverpool,stew,in their stupidity.
    The arrogance of the Liverpool pundits needs to rewarded by a sumptuous public drama.

    I actually believe Raheem was pushed to the wall by some of the classless things Liverpool did earlier on. Leaking pictures from his social media account, leaking details of negotiations and Brendan repeatedly calling him “boy”.
    They can’t shove him to the reserves, he’s an English international who’s valued at about 35 million, ultimately it will be business to sell him for the last offer that City have made. They will come back with the same rejected offer and Liverpool will jump at it.

  30. Leedsgunner

    £40m? For Sterling? Insane. There’s no way he’s equivalent in value to Özil, pretty much. What has he actually done?

  31. blsany

    i have question sirs.Who do you think will win the league?I think it’s between Chavski city and Arsenal.In that order.