Arteta, Pedro, RVP and fish

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Achtung! Alex here with a quick post as I am late for work.

Arteta has reportedly signed a one year contract extension. Is this a good thing? Well he’s been a good player for Arsenal, despite his injury-ridden campaign last season, and his positioning and passing are fantastic. But he just doesn’t have the pace or tenacity to play the holding role in the big games anymore. I think it was Dortmund away last year where his shortcomings were painfully exposed. Personally I’d be happy for him to stay on as third choice DM on the proviso that a) Flamini is fired into the sun and b) we sign either Schniederlin or Vidal right now (yes I’m now a Vidal fanboy after watching him for five minutes on youtube).

The Pedro rumours are resurfacing, and no not those ones about the erstwhile host of this site and his unusual paraphilia involving fish, the winger from Barcelona. Apparently he has rejected our interest which almost certainly wasn’t there in the first place. Well done mate, you’ve rejected NOTHING.

Finally these RVP to Fenerbache rumours just won’t go away. I don’t know why this story makes me so happy, perhaps because it vindicates what many Arsenal fans felt at the time – you swapped your loyalty for gold (albeit only one trophy) and now you’re being repaid with a lack of loyalty from United. Dropped from the team and binned off to Turkey. You could imagine if he had stayed at Arsenal, not only would he be a club legend, Wenger would have continued to support him through his injuries and given him time to find his form. Maybe I sound sentimental, and I certainly don’t buy into the idea that players shouldn’t move for more ££, but there was something so cowardly about the way he behaved, issuing a statement criticising the club that he captained, and then moving to our bitterest rivals. I hope he ends up in some backwater club in Qatar with lots and lots of cash texting Sagna and Theo Walcott asking when they are going to come out and visit cos he’s a got a really cool pool, and honestly its really good fun out there…

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  1. Thank you and goodnight

    le prof

    Seriously geez grow up. Who gives a fuck where a fan comes from. The fact he’s an Arsenal fan is all that matters irrelevant of where they’re from

  2. MidwestGun

    Willow –
    Nope. … it’s like this. Leeds seems like a decent dude. If you engage him in an adult conversation . I’m sure he will explain his opinion to you, instead of taking a snarky swipe at him and then use the opportunity to get preachy.

    I like when you give an opinion based on your incite. I could do without the sermons.

  3. Sam

    Am I the only one here happy to see Wellington Silva finally training with Arsenal. He deserves his chance n please don’t compare him to joel Campbell

  4. Willow Wilson


    No problem, we all do that time to time.

    I agree regarding loan success. It’s difficult with young players. Most of the coaches I speak with are aware of the fact that breaking out of an academy into the first team is pretty rare. It gets harder of course when teams with money are able to buy what they need, whenever they need it, as there is no chance for a young player. At least we try to give youngsters a chance. But yes, it is rare that youngsters who go on loan for experience, end up breaking into the first team.

  5. Redtruth

    Arteta is baggage and needs shipping out.
    His contribution to the Arsenal cause has been zero.

    Arsenal are not a nursery or charity.

    Get the shirkers out and the workers in.

  6. Willow Wilson

    “I like when you give an opinion based on your incite. I could do without the sermons.”

    ….and I could do without yours too. Stop moderating what can and cant be said. Join into a conversation by all means but not if its to act like Deputy Dick.

  7. MidwestGun

    Also,I don’t side with anyone except myself. And I treat people like they treat me, their opinion on Wenger is irrelevant. I like Wallace, Tunny, Keyser, Goondawg, plenty of people with varying opinions.

  8. Sam


    What’s your point?
    Arsenal Fc are just like other clubs, they have youth team n only few make it to first team

    It’s childish to assume they will all succeed at the club

  9. Willow Wilson

    “I doubt he’s a serious smoker. I doubt he drinks when he’s playing. And likewise the clubbing”.

    I understand he is not a smoker. There is a difference between being a ‘smoker’ and someone who has the odd drag. Unfortunately, when you are under the eagle eye of the media, mud sticks.

  10. salparadisenyc


    Higuain… what can you say. 2 chances to and spurns both the latter the skied PK, should of killed it off at the death. Didn’t help his chances of a move eh?

    Sanchez… oof what conversion and tournament. Brass balls on the PK, said it yesterday give me 11x Sanchez’s and this will be a very short war.

  11. MidwestGun

    Sal –
    Yep…. Sanchez played with a calf muscle strain too the last 2 matches which was under -reported. Hope he takes some time to rejuvenate… which doesn’t seem in his nature.

  12. Cr0 Gunner

    “Injuries aside, he looks off pace compared to when he was 19-20 and looks like a stubby cunt.”

    Hyper critical comment there, he’s looked decent since he’s come back… let’s hold the judgements till the end of 15/16….He may surprise us all.

  13. Nasri's Mouth

    Sam: Am I the only one here happy to see Wellington Silva finally training with Arsenal.

    He’s pretty irrelevant. Doubt he has any future with us to be honest.

  14. Klauspoppe


    Just disagreeing with our loan system bearing fruit is better than Chelsea’s. It’s either minimal when taken into account of money invested or just nil.

    Courtois > Coquelin is a much better example of a successful loan story.

  15. MidwestGun

    Redtroll –
    Well…that’s the closest you’ve ever come to actually rating a player. .. other then Gus Caeser.

    Maybe Gotze could be our Messi, eh? Hahaha. Seriously, did you go to Argentina on vacation and get thrown in prison or something?

  16. Nasri's Mouth

    Klauspoppe: Courtois > Coquelin is a much better example of a successful loan story.

    Courtois was bought for £6m when he’d just turned 19 though, pretty much all our loanees have been youth freebies, with the exception of Ramsey

    Wilshere, Bellerin, Szczesny and Campbell have also been loaned out

  17. Sam

    “Sam Just disagreeing with our loan system bearing fruit is better than Chelsea’s. It’s either minimal when taken into account of money invested or just nil.”

    That’s the fraud Sam btw. Bit crap if this comment section allows commentor names to be duplicated :@

  18. Willow Wilson

    “Fergie always tinkered with his team and it didn’t do him any harm”

    Fergie was no different than any other manager. He played his best players whenever he could. It is only a small section of Arsenal fans on here who have created this narrative that Arsene Wenger ‘overplays’ players. Certainly when we had a pretty bare squad you would expect less rotation and teams with deeper squads would be able to rotate more. That is plain common sense.

    However, the fact remains that Managers play their best players and their best team, whenever they can. Why wouldn’t they?

    In their treble season (1989-90) Fergie had 7 players play more than 50 games that season and another 2 play more than 47 games.

    In the 2002-2003 season, Giggs played 59 games, with Beckham, Nistelrooy and Scholes playing more than 50 games. The money they were spending on players like Veron etc enabled them to have a deep squad too.

    I repeat. Managers play their best players whenever they can. This is like saying the world is round and some of you arguing it is flat.

  19. Sam

    Coquelin is not arsene’s success story
    It happened by accident, he was going to offloaded for free this summer had flamini n Arteta stayed fit

    Of course Le fox will claim all the credits now

  20. Divinesherlock


    Also Arteta has been a great captain , considering the shockers we had . He made a wondrful video speech for the squad for the FA Cup final . Classy guy .

  21. MidwestGun

    Sam #1-
    I agree, duplication shouldn’t be allowed, seems like a programming glitch.

    Because if you get binned by name, he could get you shitcanned against your will. I would get an avatar or something.

  22. Sam

    “Sam, That was a mindfuck.Yeah this duplicate thing had its moments in the last, but pretty annoying now.”


    Yeah it’s bloody annoying. at least you should be able to differentiate a bit between us. The other seems to have pretty contrasting views

  23. Willow Wilson

    “Just disagreeing with our loan system bearing fruit is better than Chelsea’s”
    bears more fruit than Chelseas. The point is that Arsenal have been using the loan system to give players game time, as in Coquelin. Chelsea have used the loan system to stock pile players and create a shop window. This is why it was due to be investigated. The whole point of the loan system was to give young players experience, not prevent other teams from signing the best young talent and have someone else pay their wages.

    It should also be considered that Chelsea have been on a billion quid spending spree. This limits the opportunities for young players.

    At least Wenger believes in young players and gives them a chance. But it’s tough, few will make it into the first team and all the academies and their coaches know that.

  24. Klauspoppe


    To add to that, can’t ignore how much Wenger pushes players in training. Few players came out saying training is tough, while Fergoe and Mourinho came out and said they prefer longer rest days between games.

    Also, during the period of injury madness 2008-2012, our average age of players was 23?? They haven’t fully developed, train hard and on top of that played a very rigorous pressing, passing game.

    Comparison is a bit misleading with previous teams.

  25. Sam

    “Because if you get binned by name, he could get you shitcanned against your will. I would get an avatar or something.”

    thanks for the advice MWG, any idea how to do that? (excuse my ignorance)

  26. Leedsgunner


    It’s like this you see, I forgot that it’s never ever Wenger’s fault. Sorry about that Le Prof and Willow. No offence was meant, I just wanted to offer a different opinion. Sorry that caused you such offence.

    Le Prof, you’ve said a couple of times now that I have a vagina. I don’t know if you meant it as an insult but in my family my grandma is a hero. Her husband was killed as a commando fighting for his country in the Korean War. Despite that she raised 6 boys, all by herself. Put them through university, med school and law school. It was her picture I had on my desk when I was a student at Oxford. My wife works very hard as a successful lawyer and a wonderful mother. I’m very proud of her.

    If having a vagina means working hard and sacrifing for my family against I’m more than happy to have one. In fact I’m very proud of the women in my life.

  27. Nasri's Mouth

    Klauspoppe: Bellerin came in the Cesc trade.
    Buying expensive youth is also our expertise: Ramsey, Walcott, Chamberlain, Chambers.

    Not sure what that’s got to do with loans. You compared Courtois to Coquelin, yet one was from our youth set up, the other a purchase.

    We use loans differently to Chelsea. Either to hone the skills of a player, or to put them in the shop window to be sold.

  28. MidwestGun

    Willow –
    It was nothing personal by the way. I just don’t think people come here to comment with some imaginary anti-Arsenal agenda that gets perpetrated by another site. I mean we could take a poll and see how many people think they are here to intentionally slag off anything.

    I just think people are fans and want to be able to voice their opinions and concerns.

  29. Willow Wilson

    Divine Sherlock
    He was a good captain and Arteta is well respected by all the players. You need these characters around the players, not just in the changing room but during training and get together sessions too. This is the stability you need. This type of experience is essential and the fact he is so well respected means he will be listened too.

  30. Klauspoppe


    Not arguing with the philosophy but patience is wearing thin after how much our youth system was hyped.

    But we aren’t a club to be followed by example. We also do our bid in poaching other academy prospects and piling them into our academy with no clear path way into the first team. I’m sure a lot of the names would have achieved more had they received more first team action in their previous clubs or country’s league.

    Southampton and Aston Villa are good academies.

  31. Nasri's Mouth

    Willow Wilson: I repeat. Managers play their best players whenever they can.

    This is basically true. If the team is playing once a week, then the only point of rotation is to keep the rest of the squad from moaning.

    It’s only when you play midweek games, and they’re hard games that players start to suffer to any degree

  32. MidwestGun

    Sam #1-
    Go to and sign up for an account using the same e-mail address you used here. Pick out a photo off the internet and rate it G.

    Then whenever you go to a site that uses wordpress and that e-mail it will become your avatar.

  33. Willow Wilson

    “Willow It’s like this you see, I forgot that it’s never ever Wenger’s fault”.

    Play fair Leeds. You said Wenger broke Wilshere, I merely pointed out that a very late tackle from Paddy McNair virtually ended Wilsheres season.

    Since when are you not allowed to contradict something somebody has said? I thought we were all adults. Midwest was wrong to try to make something out of this that wasn’t there.

  34. Marko

    Courtois being compared to Coquelin as a loan success story is bullshit. For one thing Coquelin’s loan spells actually hindered him. He was constantly played out of position and you might argue had he stayed he might of made it sooner cause we bought him originally as a highly rated DM. From Le Harve if I’m not mistaken. On Courtois he was never trained at Chelsea prior to last season and can’t be compared. When he was younger everyone wanted him. Loaned back to Genk and then Atletico you can hardly praise Chelsea for his development except maybe spotting his potential. Even then everyone and their dog knew his potential

  35. Goondawg

    With talk of Arteta signing a contract extention, and Flamini jetting off to SC Bastia. I would bet that Bielik gets the nod next season

    Would be very surprised if Wenger buys a DM. I mean we have cover, in the sense Ramsey, Wilshere, Arteta, even Chambers could play there. Just no world class cover.

    I would prefer buying a Striker over a DM, if I had to pick one or the other

  36. Leedsgunner


    Let me clarify I wasn’t talking about the McNair break. When I said Wenger broke Wilshere I was talking how Wilshere has become an injury prone player under his care. I hope that clarifies matters.

    Again, if saying that Wenger has made an injury prone player of Wilshere offends you, apologies.

  37. Marko

    I’m confused Klaus are you implying you’d like us to have a better academy or one that produces more first team players like Villa and Southampton? Cause I tell you lad if that the case don’t expect us to challenge for anything of note or even struggle to get into Europe. Fact is academy wise no one has it perfect. You could argue Barca, Madrid and the likes are great examples even though the reason is because they pay ridiculous amounts for the best youths in the world (and in the two Spanish clubs sometimes illegally). Even sometimes like with Pique and Hummels for examples they are passed over and sometimes bought back for huge sums. Should we be more like Ajax then? Great academy set up but unfortunately aren’t that good or attractive anymore

  38. MidwestGun

    I might change my avatar to a picture of Sanchez after he made that pk in the Copa. …… pure joy. If that doesn’t make him the biggest hero in Chile, don’t know what will.

  39. Willow Wilson

    “It’s only when you play midweek games, and they’re hard games that players start to suffer to any degree”

    This is it. Or when players are carrying injuries.

    In the FA Cup Final our two best performers were Sanchez and Santi, two players who had played the most games for us!!

    Why did players like Terry, Ivanovic and Hazard play every single PL game? Why did Giggs, Beckham, Keane, Scholes and Cole average 50 games each season for Fergie?

    Even though it is easier to rotate when you have a deep squad, Managers still rely on their best players whenever possible. So if fans are going to accuse Wenger of over playing players, they have to level that accusation at every successful manager.

  40. Le Prof

    Deputy dickhead

    The MLS is in full flow and you’ve just won the Women’s World Cup, that’s about your level and you should stick to it.

    Just be a happy tourist and stop troubling the natives with your desperate attempts to constantly defend the indefensible.

    You’re a massive contradiction struggling big time with Pedro’s transition back to reality.


    Maybe you should stick to history rather than football then, that was far better than what you normally write about the Arsenal.

  41. Klauspoppe


    No problem with the academy setup. It will continue to improve.

    Just find that there is no need to discredit Chelsea’s loan system as we aren’t fair either.

  42. Willow Wilson

    ‘Again, if saying that Wenger has made an injury prone player of Wilshere offends you, apologies.”

    It doesn’t offend me at all, why would I be offended? I am not some school kid.

    You said ‘Wenger broke Wilshere’. That was your quote.

    I commented that this was not true because Paddy Mcnair broke Wilshere this season with a late tackle on his ‘other’ ankle.

  43. Nasri's Mouth

    From a 1st team perspective our academy has done well really. We have £80-90m worth of players in the 1st team squad from our academy.

    From a results perspective, our academy has been terrible recently.

    We’ve brought in 4 or 5 new players for the youth set up. Looks like we’re trying to address the issue

  44. blsany

    “If that doesn’t make him the biggest hero in Chile, don’t know what will”.

    Not really Mid going back in time and killing Gustavo Pinochet would only do it.

  45. Klauspoppe

    ” So if fans are going to accuse Wenger of over playing players, they have to level that accusation at every successful manager.”

    You can’t ignore the accusations of over training during the season. This is what Wenger copped the most for on Legrove few years back when our injury troubles were at it’s peak.

  46. blsany

    That Wilshere injury was his own fault again .Another highlight of him holding to the ball for way too long than he should’ve done.Hope he fucking learns for the umpteenth time.

  47. MidwestGun

    Le Prof –
    Keepin it classy. .. as always. Only contradiction is you trying to pretend you didn’t get binned for being a dickhead. Remember when you tried to pretend you just wandered on here and were amazed by the comments. Lol haha.

    You’ve been a troll poser. … ever since.

  48. MidwestGun

    Ironic how somebody who accuses everyone of abusing and slagging off Wenger like Le Prof. … is one of the most intolerable snarky asswipes there
    Is. Who claims to be the authority on football but offers only quips about tourists.

  49. salparadisenyc

    Le Prof

    Perhaps you should pay more attention before going mental, Leeds is a quality poster. Not to mention clearly a classy dude.

    In fact, you’d be well served taking notes.

  50. Divinesherlock

    We need achievers like Cech , not overrated players . Some role models who are also quality. Honestly though a keeper I expected was Casillas , shame he is going to Porto .

  51. vicky

    I am loving the fact that the club is being invigorated through all possible means.

    Renewed focus on fitness, new coaches, fitness trainers, new academy coach, lots of new kids being signed, we inducted 11 new kids in to the academy today, getting rid of “not so talented” kids, several other support systems are being put in to place………..very similar to the kind of stuff Wenger did when he joined Arsenal.

  52. Willow Wilson


    I have been lucky enough to have visited many academies. There are lots of things that go on that fans aren’t aware of.

    Any fan that is expecting half a dozen young kids to make it into the first team squad are living in cloud cuckoo land.

    Academy coaches are fully aware that no matter how good a young player is, there is a tiny chance they will make it into the first team. There are many reasons for this including attitude, application, physical development, luck and opportunity. The academy system is there to produce players to be sold and moved on with the hope that some may make it.

    The more successful the club the more unlikely it is that young players will get a chance in the first team squad. This is not just because there is a higher ceiling in ability but because the big teams don’t have the same patience or are prepared to give the youngsters game time.

    This is why teams with great academies like Southampton see youngsters coming through. They have more time and patience and don’t have the same ability to go out and buy players whenever they need one.

    One of the biggest problems with the academies effects British kids. Kids from say 7 years or age are expected to attend training sessions that start at 4.30/5 pm. For most parents this isn’t possible with their jobs and commuting across London. So some kids with real ability miss the opportunity. Regional clubs like Southampton can help with transport, its a lot easier than in London. You also often find that regional clubs make sure they play teams outside of their catchment area, to avoid the poaching of players. For example, Southend United academy kids will be travelling to games In Leicester and Reading, for example, aged 7. Again, this is a lot of travelling.

    If you factor all this in, you can see how difficult it is to guarantee anything.

  53. MidwestGun

    TY&GN –
    How’s it goin? I have been ignoring him for months. . But ignorance isn’t always bliss. .. plus from years of reading I guess. … doesn’t take long to read a comment. Not easy to just skip over as I scan down.

    You’ve been taking some time off.

  54. Samir

    IF Arteta has got a 1 year extension there is no problem at all…
    He’s an experienced and clever head…We need that in the squad and training sessions…We all know he isn’t going to start very often!

  55. Leedsgunner

    If all the rumours come true about the deadwood like Flamini and Campbell being moved on come true… the club deserves a hearty pat on the back. Fantastic!

    With all the money saved in wages — it’s like a new signing!

  56. blsany

    To all the Americans on here.Please do take a good care of Pirlo.Trim his beard and watch the magic happen.

  57. Bamford10


    Always the moron. I actually never use the term “world class” to describe the CF we need, as there are very few such players and the term itself is suspect. So I’m not sure what you’re on about.

    And I never proposed that we sign Austin, dipshit; I simply asked whether he could score 25 EPL goals if he played for us. I think he could. That’s all I was saying. If you noted prior to that I said that Lacazette and Benzema are our best CF bets.

    So please go fuck yourself, moron.

  58. Sam

    Wellington silva is training now n Its up to wenger to decide if he’s irrelevant or not,
    What’s the matter? Is he interfering with your summer shopping list?

  59. Thank you and goodnight


    Hello mate you alright? I’ve met this doris’s mate and we’ve been having text sex for last 2 weeks. lovely looking thing and filthy to boot…..christ the photos she sends me lol. As much as I love you guys, when pussy is involved…well what can I say. You all good though mate?


    Sorry been away for a bit, you ok mate?

  60. Bamford10

    I would add Lewandowski to that list, obviously, if there were any chance of his leaving Bayern.

  61. MidwestGun

    Blsany –
    Villa, Lampard, and Pirlo. … as long as they keep the grass to around 8 or 9 inches and Pirlo’s beard to 1 or 2 should be awesome. Lol.

  62. Thank you and goodnight


    Calm down mate and stop rising to the bait. You only asked a question and there was no need for rudeness, but by same token mate you don’t need to lower yourself either. You’re better than that mate.

  63. Willow Wilson

    “That Wilshere injury was his own fault again”

    Funny blog this with some strange comments. It seems that our club and our players are to blame for everything, including injuries and bad tackles committed on our players. Bizarre.

    There are rules in football and that tackle broke the rules as well as Jacks ankle! The ball was nowhere near where the tackle took place. The fact McNair wasn’t even booked proves this is deemed acceptable and also paints a rosy picture of Mr. Mike Dean.

    It is the sort of tackle we are used to in this Country, it is the English attitude of getting stuck in. If Lionel Messi played here he too would be missing a lot of games because he also keeps the ball close to his feet. But I suppose it would be Messis fault too that someone kicks him?

    How many injuries from disgusting tackles like Eduardo, Diaby and Ramsey suffered do you see around Europe? Were these any of those players fault?

    Jack was ‘done’ simple. Blaming him or Wenger is ridiculous but i guess, par for the course on here.

  64. MidwestGun

    TY&GN –
    Hahaha should have known it was sexting before Club.

    Ya… I’m good. Enjoying the off season footie and getting in some bicycling and bbqing grilling time.

  65. Bamford10


    Le Prof is back to being a narrow-minded, chauvinistic, nationalistic, knuckle-dragger:

    “[Midwest -] The MLS is in full flow and you’ve just won the Women’s World Cup, that’s about your level and you should stick to it.”

    It’s 1983, again, in Le Prof’s world.

  66. Thank you and goodnight


    I love you man but I love pussy more….lol.
    bbq’s mmmm, love em but only had 3 this year. Cycling? trying to get fit again? what happened to the beer consumption?

  67. kwik fit

    Arsene “He (Arteta) missed a lot of last season so he is now fresh & almost like a new signing” 🙂

  68. Thank you and goodnight


    Apologies for my uncouth language. Forget we have female posters on here. Sorry again

  69. MidwestGun

    TY&GN –
    Ya… just had my annual physical. .. and my Doc told me I could stand to lose a few. Or he said I could cut out alcohol. I chose option #1. ….. excercise more.

  70. Thank you and goodnight


    Yes mate all good thank you. You haven’t cut down on the drinking like Middy have you? Can’t be the only piss head left on le grove

  71. Mayank

    “We have £80-90m worth of players in the 1st team squad from our academy.”

    Wow, if you look at it like this our academy is only second to barça.

    However you have to deduct the wages we’ve paid them before they were first team quality. For someone like Gibbs it probably amounts to a lot.

  72. Thank you and goodnight


    Yes most females LAUGH at me…..usually after I’ve taken my clothes off though 😀

  73. MidwestGun

    Ggirl –
    Thanks. .. ya. 4 goals in 16 minutes. Crazy. The coach switched Carli Lloyd from defensive mid to box to box and she went crazy in the tournament. My 4 nieces….. all went crazy. Lol. Had a cookout viewing party, all got our patriotism on.

  74. Bamford10

    The “WHOLE fist,” Sal. Great movie. One of my favorites.

    – “What do you do for a living, Mr. Fletch?”
    – “I’m a shepherd.”

  75. Willow Wilson

    “Interesting about the regional academies. Does England have school teams?”

    Yes they do but kids tend to get picked up from the local clubs they play for at Weekends. School teams have been wound down, not all the schools have these now.

    Times have changed. It’s a bit like the music scene where pop groups are being manufactured. Kids with okay ability are getting scouted as young as 7 and offered the opportunity to go to a clubs academy. They often sign contracts at 8, I have seen them. Not really binding but nonetheless it’s a contract.

    Its a shame really because it is the kids that can travel to the early training 5pm training sessions that get the opportunity. Kids where both parents are working are unable to take up the opportunity. It’s not an ideal situation and there are kids with more potential who get side tracked by the system. Those that start in the academies at 7 will get all the coaching needed and unless they reach a certain level will get dropped on a regular basis through assessment. It really is a lottery. I used to be involved a lot more. Another thing. At most of the coaching sessions, the parents aren’t allowed to watch, so they travel all that time and end up sitting in a room, while little Jimmy gets his coaching with all the other kids. (Many reasons for this, not least the rubbish advice parents give to their sons. I was at a session a few years back where a Mum told her boy to ‘do’ the winger. Incredible, 8 year old kids!)

    Personally I don’t like it. It has become a sausage machine and is purely business with a lot of manufactured kids. Probably why we have so many ‘athletic’ players and not enough with natural skill. Where are the English Santis – probably told they are too small.

    This is why most of the U15- U17 academies are full of foreign lads or those picked up from other clubs.

    Its interesting when you hear fans expecting all these kids to come through when in reality it’s so difficult.

  76. Mayank


    Whenever I cook a healthy meal I keep a bottle on the counter and have a look of ” can’t you see I’m doing this for you!”

  77. Nasri's Mouth

    Mayank: However you have to deduct the wages we’ve paid them before they were first team quality. For someone like Gibbs it probably amounts to a lot.

    They have been paid, though given the time they’ve been on loan or on low wages, it’s not a massive amount, esp. if you factor in that while we’ve been paying them, they’ve been playing for us.

    Either way, my point is that there aren’t too many sides in the PL that can beat that amount

  78. MidwestGun

    Mayank –
    Ha… ya well my idea of eating healthier is grilling chicken instead of steak.
    But hot summer day…. I don’t see how you can’t have a cold adult beverage or 2 or 5.

  79. Willow Wilson

    What has happened to the Sheriff? Lost your badge. Must have choked on a massive dose of hypocrisy after reading that abusive post from the ever reliable Bamford. Proves my point perfectly.

  80. Willow Wilson

    “Either way, my point is that there aren’t too many sides in the PL that can beat that amount”


  81. Goonergirl


    I wish it was summer over here. I’m tired of the cold. Definitely not a winter person lol.

  82. Willow Wilson

    Reliable Sauce
    “Arteta is the master of the sideways pass, not a playmaker”

    Not at all true.

  83. Mayank

    “Either way, my point is that there aren’t too many sides in the PL that can beat that amount”

    Definitely. Although the follow-up question would be how many are trying to. Having a good youth squad is one thing. Giving them pro contracts and training them with the first team another. Playing them in the pl is yet another.

    Chelsea despite doing well on the first account don’t really seem interested in doing the second and not bothered at all about the third. The commentators have shown more excitement at Chelseas youth products than the club itself.

  84. Willow Wilson

    “weird rumour about Real Madrid going after Zlatan…”

    That is way out there. If there is any truth in it, probably means someone is going.

  85. MidwestGun

    Mayank –
    Ummm not this year. At least what I consider proper. .. it’s been too freakin rainy so far. But normally we get June and September. Then July and August are hot and muggy like the Amazon jungle. Too humid. But pretty much everyone I know is putting in a swimming pool this year. So can’t complain. Well except about … lack of signings. … the usual. Lol.

    Willow –
    You want me to yell at Bamford. I didn’t say you were the only one who pushes the boundaries. Bamford just doesn’t get as preachy which is what jangles my nerves. Anyhow, tell him off then.

  86. Thank you and goodnight


    He used to be a playmaker in his Everton days in his prime maybe, but I don’t think he is now either. Off the top of your head, how many times in a game can you remember Arteta with a defense splitting ball or beautifully slid pass through to giroud from the edge of the boxs a la Ozil or Cesc etc? Personally I wouldn’t of kept him on as he really does bring nothing to the team in the majority of games he plays for us. But I reckon he’s being kept on to rotate between him and bielek in the ‘easier’ games, and to help bielek as a senior pro. Which unfortunately many people who wished for a new DM this season….will be sorely disappointed.

  87. Ozy

    “You’re better than that mate.”

    He’s really not.

    Careful, Bamford, otherwise I’ll have to go tweet @ Pedro and complain about your language use, as you do.

  88. Redtruth

    Arteta is hopeless, a player that Wenger has neutured by playing him as a DM.

    Wenger is also a thief who poaches young players already developed by other Academies.

  89. Willow Wilson

    “I didn’t say you were the only one who pushes the boundaries”

    What absolute garbage.

    I was polite when disagreeing with Leeds at no time did I swear at him or call him names.

    Yet because I am disagreeing with an anti-Wenger comment, you see fit to try to ‘control’ the debate.

    Meanwhile, Bamford swears and calls people names and you just sit there acting all dumb.

    This is where you have been found out. You like to preach this ‘moderation’ but in fact all you are doing is trying to control what can be said by those who do not follow your own opinion. No doubt had I sworn and abused someone you would have been out here with your Sheriffs badge acting the big ‘I am’.

    Hypocrite. And you know it.

  90. MidwestGun

    Willow –
    What are you talking about? I really don’t care about personal abuse
    .. go for it. That’s why the site has Pedro and a filter. I was taking about telling people all they do is slag off players and the manager for having an opinion.
    You want me to find your qoute.

  91. Willow Wilson

    Fair comments. Whilst I would agree that Arteta is probably reaching that age where his playing days are numbered, I still rate him. His role changed at Arsenal, as you say in his Everton days he was a play maker. At Arsenal he has sat deeper.

    However, he offers invaluable experience for what is a relatively young team and I suspect he will go on in a coaching role. His strength for me is his calmness on the ball, his ability to read the game and his tactical nous. This makes up for a lack of pace.

    So for those reasons, I agree with him getting another season. Good to have him around the first team squad and he is probably going to be happy to play a bit part role.

  92. Thank you and goodnight

    There really is no need for your continued attack on Midwest. It’s pointless. Middy is a good guy, even when arguing with Keyser( which is most days:D ) neither of them go over the top with abuse.

  93. Willow Wilson

    “what do you think of the Nasri rumour”

    Great player but I wouldn’t want him back. Don’t like his attitude.

  94. Redtruth

    Look forward to when Wenger leaves in 5 years time.

    Le Snail will renew his contract courtesy of the moronic fanbase which infests the club.

  95. Divinesherlock

    Thank you and goodnight

    Arteta was never bought as a playmaker , that role was for Cazorla and later Ozil. Think of it this way how many times do you remember a game like Newcastle 4-4 ? The stability he brought to that midfield of ours is vastly underrated by Arsenal Fans . The only issue I believe is fitness, would he be able to stay fit. That I’m sure if Wenger is convinced then so am I. We’ve seen years of Denilson sideways passing mate. The least Arteta deserves is respect and end his career with us .

  96. Thank you and goodnight


    You know I would of rather have got rid of him in the hope we’d get a better DM than arteta. But unfortunately not going to happen now. Also agree he’s more than likely going to get a coaching role at the club and who knows maybe groomed for job in the hot seat after wengers gone.

  97. Nasri's Mouth

    TYAG: Off the top of your head, how many times in a game can you remember Arteta with a defense splitting ball or beautifully slid pass through to giroud from the edge of the boxs a la Ozil or Cesc etc?

    It’s not so much his defence splitting passes, but he’s better at turning defence into attack than for example Coq has been.

    Arteta passes forward more often than he passes sideways or back.