Arteta, Pedro, RVP and fish

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Achtung! Alex here with a quick post as I am late for work.

Arteta has reportedly signed a one year contract extension. Is this a good thing? Well he’s been a good player for Arsenal, despite his injury-ridden campaign last season, and his positioning and passing are fantastic. But he just doesn’t have the pace or tenacity to play the holding role in the big games anymore. I think it was Dortmund away last year where his shortcomings were painfully exposed. Personally I’d be happy for him to stay on as third choice DM on the proviso that a) Flamini is fired into the sun and b) we sign either Schniederlin or Vidal right now (yes I’m now a Vidal fanboy after watching him for five minutes on youtube).

The Pedro rumours are resurfacing, and no not those ones about the erstwhile host of this site and his unusual paraphilia involving fish, the winger from Barcelona. Apparently he has rejected our interest which almost certainly wasn’t there in the first place. Well done mate, you’ve rejected NOTHING.

Finally these RVP to Fenerbache rumours just won’t go away. I don’t know why this story makes me so happy, perhaps because it vindicates what many Arsenal fans felt at the time – you swapped your loyalty for gold (albeit only one trophy) and now you’re being repaid with a lack of loyalty from United. Dropped from the team and binned off to Turkey. You could imagine if he had stayed at Arsenal, not only would he be a club legend, Wenger would have continued to support him through his injuries and given him time to find his form. Maybe I sound sentimental, and I certainly don’t buy into the idea that players shouldn’t move for more ££, but there was something so cowardly about the way he behaved, issuing a statement criticising the club that he captained, and then moving to our bitterest rivals. I hope he ends up in some backwater club in Qatar with lots and lots of cash texting Sagna and Theo Walcott asking when they are going to come out and visit cos he’s a got a really cool pool, and honestly its really good fun out there…

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  1. shad

    Why oh why FFS did Wenger extend Arteta’s contract?! I hope hat doesn’t spell the end of signing a proper DM. I can’t see us fighting for any major honor with him in the team.

  2. shad

    Pedro isn’t coming to Arsenal. He would rather be a benchwarmer at Barca, heck, even a ballboy, than go to club where he would be almost guaranteed a starting position. Such a waste of talent really.

  3. shad

    Vidal doesn’t look like a Wenger signing at all. But given Wenger’s penchant for signing players out of the norm (re: Ozil, Sanchez) we may yet be surprised.

  4. shad


    Well, we did sign Bielik so, there could be some legs to that story (pardon the pun). But our youth team is really not producing at the moment. As Alex said, as a 3rd choice, fine. But as back up to Le Coq, I’ll say we’ve thrown in the towel before the season has started.

  5. Goonergirl

    Morning all

    I really do hope that Wenger is not planning on going into the season with Flamini and Arteta as cover for Coquelin. Can’t see us competing if that’s the case.

  6. Dream10

    Morning guys

    Interesting to hear Tim Vickery, a South American football journalist on talksport last night. He was saying that Alexis had a frustrating tournament. Vickery also noted that he looked knackered in the knockout stages. “He will need a prolonged rest”

    Great chance for Oxlade Chamberlain to stake his claim on his preferred left side. Wilshere can do the same on the opposite flank as well.

  7. Disgruntled Gunner

    Why is Arteta regarded so much higher then Flamini? They are both sub par players who shouldn’t be Arsenal players.

    You could really argue that had RVP hadn’t left Arsenal would be moving him on this season as well. Fans would certainly be calling for another striker based on his form at the very least.

  8. Klauspoppe

    With Arteta deputising Coquelin, Ramsey playing his preferred CM position against shit teams isn’t end of the world.

    Remember it’s all about the shape and structure of the team defending collectively.

    Ramsey Arteta
    Oxlade Ozil. Sanchez

    This is a hardworking defensive lineup with strong counterattacking capabilities.
    Don’t get me wrong, this is an IF second string team in case Coquelin is injured or needs rest.

    This line up should look more like a 442;

    Oxlade Arteta Ramsey Sanchez
    Walcott Ozil

    playing really compact like Atletico.

  9. Crusaderrabbit

    Word on street is no more signings – which always thought was most likely outcome. Wenger prefers to buy players he likes not fill positions we need – if X player he likes is available we get him, if not we walk away. With the lack of striking and midfield upgrades available he’s going to stick with what we’ve got – trust me on this

  10. Goonergirl

    Arteta playing against the weaker teams will be fine. But what happens if Coquelin picks up a serious injury and is out for a lengthy period? Much rather bring in someone else than rely on Arteta as cover.

  11. Dream10


    Don’t worry about Coquelin picking up a long term injury.
    A Flamini-Chambers partnership will get the job done lol

  12. Sam

    “With Arteta deputising Coquelin, Ramsey playing his preferred CM position against shit teams isn’t end of the world.”

    Completely agree Klauspoppe. Yes getting a new back up DM would be ideal. However, what we really should be focusing on is making sure Le coq is fit enough to play a majority (40-45) of our games.

    That should be the aim for the club regarding all our best players, making sure they stay on the pitch for the large majority of the season. With that in mind, a player like Arteta is more than adequate for the remaining 10-15 games left over. With Arteta as the main DM we can achieve top 4 so with him as deputy playing minimal games I think we’ll be fine.

    Like I said, a DM would be preferable but its not as essential as everyone seems to think IMO. Especially if there is a method to the madness in saving that money for someone more worthwhile #BigBenz

  13. Dream10


    At best, Bielik gets one or two league cup appearance. If he does well, perhaps another four or five off the bench for the rest of the season

  14. Howard

    Remember how we suffer when Arteta/Flamin play against pacy, pressing and counter attacking teams:

    Liverpool v Arsenal 5:1
    ManCity v Arsenal 6:3
    Chelsea v Arsenal 5:1
    Dortmund v Arsenal 2:0

    A word to a wise is enough. Arsene suddenly falling in love with 30+ players.
    Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky.

  15. Klauspoppe


    Read on Arseblog today, Forsythe bringing in an additional conditioning coach.

    Imagine the possibilities with our main starters able to chip in 40 games a season injury free. Talk about bringing back the adjective “consistency” when labeling Arsenal, which has become a myth to many.

  16. shad

    @goonergirl @dream10,

    My fear exactly. Coquelin not only needs an able deputy to provide cover in the event of an injury or burnout, but also someone to keep him on toes so that he is always playing for form. Case in point: Look at our fullbacks.

    Le Coq will need a breather against smaller opposition especially. I don’t think Chambers has the pace to recover from being off position, and Arteta and Flamini don’t either. Ramsey and Wilshere both venture forward a lot and lack the discipline to sit back. Letting Cazorla sit back deep to do tackling oly is wasting his talent. Rosicky isn’t even trusted. Bielik is too green.

    I’d rather we leave Arteta on the fringes, cut loose Flamini and get a robust DM to compete/rotate with Coq. Failure to get a decent DM to me is a glaring signal of lack of intent to compete for major honors.

    Not to mention we also need a striker. I;d cream my pants if Benzema came.

  17. Ric

    The big issue for me is Cazorla’s situation. Into his last year and we ain’t hearing much about a renewal. He’s too financially valuable to let go for nowt.

    He needs to be signed up again (my preferred option) or sold, maybe in a part exchange for Arda Turan.

    Ramsey Coq
    Sanchez Ozil Arda

    Looks pretty good to me.

  18. Gregg


    Like I say maybe they think he can have a more prominent role in season 16/17 ?.

    As for the other comments from posters; It’s early days and Madrid, Munich etc haven’t done their business. They will recruit and let top players go, that’s the market we’re in these days. We’re not in a desperate state so we can bide our time.

  19. Mark Heneghan

    We seem to have become obsessed with adding a defensive midfielder, but we have an embarrassment of riches in midfield. If we spend 25m on a new defensive midfielder, who do we let go ? Cazorla,Ramsey,Wilshere,the ox ? Coquelin was a revelation last year alongside Cazorla. Wilshere could also play alongside Coq. As could Ramsey or Ox. Arteta is a safety net for one more year. We seem to want to buy another DM on the basis that Coq might get injured. I think 25m is an awful lot of money to spend on a “what if”. We have enough midfielders to cover every eventuality. Vidal and Carvalho may look good on youtube clips, but the premiership is a whole new ball game. Be realistic about the quality we have at our disposal. I would much prefer Wenger added 25m to another 20m and bought a top top centre forward – Benteke for example !

  20. shad

    @sam @Klauspoppe,

    A DM should not be trivialized. Your approach to seeing the necessity of a DM, while admirable is completely flawed. Fitness is but a small cog. You assume/expect Le Coq to play 40 to 45 games. Let me put in the variables because you have assumed many constants.

    1. You assume Le Coq will carry the same form.
    2. You assume he may not be injured.
    3. You assume he won’t be carded (suspended) for X games (maintains discipline)

    Those are too many variables to chance on and assume Arteta will fill the gap with the same tempo. Zeal is there, legs are gone.

    I’d rather we get a young DM (Carvalho) to rotate with.

  21. Klauspoppe


    That was more to do with Wenger making the team play aggressively at the start of each game.

    High pressing is possible with teams like Munich and Barcelona as their form is more consistent. Having world class talent in each position will give the team more consistent performance. However this doesn’t mean they’ll perform every game e.g. Bayern vs Wolfsburg, Bayern vs Shaktar. It’s just they will provide greater consistency majority of the time reflecting their price.

    We have people who are highly inclined to world class talent and people who prefer efficiency and team structure. These two are highly correlated in that once world class players integrate into a solid system, they’ll be extremely consistent and efficient.

    Expecting decent/mediocre players to perform on a consistent basis is what is expected of world class performers, ironic?…

  22. Goonergirl


    Yeah and given our injury record over the past few years I’d rather we have someone capable of covering Coquelin. I’d absolutely love Benzema at Arsenal as well. We have the money so I don’t see why it should be either or when it comes to signing a DM and CF. Why not sign both.

  23. Mark Heneghan

    I still think 25m is a lot to spend to cover the variables. If you spend 25m plus a salary of 100k+ per week, he needs to go straight into the team week in,week out. So who do you leave out ? I think we have another potential Coq in the making. Maybe OX. I still think 25m should be used to buy a world class centre forward.

  24. Sam

    “Imagine the possibilities with our main starters able to chip in 40 games a season injury free.”

    That’s the major change we need. I swap all the transfer targets that people have mentioned on here for an injury free season from our key players.

    That is what’s holding as back. all the other big teams are pretty much able to play their best players week in week out with only a few positions rotated. In periods when we’ve been able to achieve this level of consistency in the past two seasons, we’ve been the best team in league both statistically and on the pitch.

  25. Rich

    Spending a similar amount on Carvalho to what Schneiderlin would cost makes no sense. Schneiderlin knows the league, knows the language, wants to come to us and is just entering his peak years, I couldn’t give a toss if it upsets Coquelin, let the pair of them fight it out!

  26. Wallace


    “With Arteta deputising Coquelin, Ramsey playing his preferred CM position against shit teams isn’t end of the world.”

    good point.

  27. Klauspoppe


    I like Coquelin and his attributes, but how much of his improvements correlates with partnered by Cazorla?

    What would the structure look of the team and how will Coquelin perform partnered with Ramsey or Wilshere?

    Wenger prefers to sub Ozil out ahead of Cazorla and keeping that Coq-Caz partnership intact.

    Even though we agree on fitness and consistency, but I would also love if we can bring in a more all rounded DM that can be partnered with anyone.

    Javi Martinez surely should be available, although his injury record is shit.

  28. Emiratesstroller

    The transfer market has been so far a damp squid with very little significant activity.

    Liverpool are the only club in top 7 in EPL who have been active and have clearly spent money in this transfer window in anticipation of sale of Sterling. This is similar pattern to sale of Suarez last summer and Spurs transfer business in anticipation of sale of Bale the year before.

    It remains to be seen whether Liverpool have managed to achieve better deals on this occasion.

    We know with absolute certainty that Man City and Man Utd will attempt to spend significant money in the transfer market this summer.

    What is less certain is what business both Arsenal and Chelsea plan to
    do. Frankly neither club needs to make wholesale changes to their
    squads. My personal view has been since May that Arsenal should and
    will make one major signing this summer just as they did in last two
    previous windows.

    Arsenal are now in a position where they can afford to be selective and
    wait for the right opportunity and at the right price. Also I expressed
    the view that Arsenal need to upgrade their U21 and U18 squads which
    have not exactly performed particularly well in recent seasons. That
    will also require investment albeit not on a massive scale.

    As I suggested previously I think that Arsenal will finalise Walcott’s contract in the next couple of weeks and offload the periphery players
    in squad before we make probably one more significant signing either
    before season start of season or more likely towards end of transfer window.

  29. azed

    See Bankz is about to throw in the towel.

    Bankz my friend, come and take a sit with the Legends and leave the trophy for the “young ones”.

    You are an “elder states man” now.

  30. Dream10


    agree with you that Flamini should be moved on. However, it won’t bother him to a bit part player as long as he gets paid, as he as one yr left on his deal. I think he prefers a London area PL club. The problem is, a club like Watford, signed a better player in Capoue for 5.5m. Would he accept a move to a Championship club like Fulham? We’ll see

    Having five CMs – Ramsey,Coqulein, Cazorla, Carvalho (Arteta) would be great.
    Don’t count Wilshere as a CM because he disturbs our defensive shape when he plays as #6 or #8.

  31. Sam

    “A DM should not be trivialized. Your approach to seeing the necessity of a DM, while admirable is completely flawed.”


    You misunderstand me. I am in now way shape or form trivialising a DM. The point I’m making is that our first team starting DM has to play a majority of our matches. Defensive positions unlike attaching ones require an element of continuity hence why defenders rarely get rotated. As a result we should aim to play Coqulin in a majority of matches and our main aim should be keeping him fit.

    If you look at the DM’s at other top teams you’ll see the make similar appearances to the 40-45 games I mentioned:

    Matic- 47 games
    Alonso- 40 games
    Busquets- 47 games
    Pirlo – 33 games
    Motta – 36 games
    Kroos – 55 games

    Also bear in mind that Le coq doesnt have any international commitments that the above players do

  32. Sam

    “Even though we agree on fitness and consistency, but I would also love if we can bring in a more all rounded DM that can be partnered with anyone.”


    I really think Le Coq’s distribution will improve. If there’s anything that playing for arsenal helps with, it’s improving passing and technique. Take Giroud as a prime example or even Song.

    I think we got a glimpse of Coq’s improving distribution in the FA cup final where we was switching play quite often and accurately and helped keep us varied and on the front foot.

    The good thing about Coq is I think he’s now very good at reading what the team needs. I think he figured out that we need him to be a destroyer and he’s also realising that we need a player who can play long passes that can switch the play across the wings quicker as we have a lot of good passers on the ground but not many who switch it airialy that often.

  33. Klauspoppe

    Robben, Ribery, Lahm, Schweignsteiger are on last legs.

    Gotze is a pile of shit.

    Douglas Costa is a decent signing.

    Wonder how Pep’s gonna overcome this?

  34. Emiratesstroller


    The dilemma for Wenger is whether to buy a DMF player costing £20 million+ who will expect to play in starting X1 and thus downgrade Coquelin to bench.

    At the moment it does not look like he will gamble. Arteta having signed one year contract and as captain seems to be the most likely cover if Coquelin
    needs rest or gets injured.

    The other option which is seldom discussed is that Wilshire plays DMF in an
    emergency as he has done for England, but that would require our other
    central midfielders playing a deeper role in team as Henderson and provide cover when Wilshire loses his discipline.

    I agree that Flamini is not good enough and surplus to requirements. I don’t know what he earns, but somehow I don’t see him leaving before his contract expires and will probably sit on bench in emergency or play perhaps in League Cup if Wenger wants to rest our first team players.

  35. shad


    I partly agree but you also look at the intensities of the leagues they play and their team set ups. Taking Matic for example, he was injured for a spell last season and Chelsea usually play with 2 tough tackling DMs. Even Cesc tackles, not to mention their midfield all share the physical and defensive burden. At Arsenal a lot of the defensive recovery is left to Le Coq and that’s why he doesn’t push beyond the half-way line bar for corners.

    My point is they also have able replacements to maintain the same intensity and adapt from game to game. I dont’ expect Flamini or Arteta to do the same.

  36. Paul Mc Daid

    On less Arteta is gonna sell programs he is not needed.
    Wish Stan would hire Dein for a week every summer so we could get our signings done and we could actually enjoy the Tennis.

  37. Klauspoppe


    “The good thing about Coq is I think he’s now very good at reading what the team needs. ”

    I agree however, but not at the distribution and intelligence of Arteta or Schneidelin’s level next season. Ramsey and Wilshere certainly don’t offer any hope in midfield organisation anytime soon.

  38. Ric

    Le Coq ain’t the issue. It’s the cm dynamic that’s the problem. Cazorla is disciplined and supports Le Coq, hence we were far more solid latterly in the season. whereas you put Ramsey or Wilshere in there and they are wandering up field with no thought of defensive shape or the impeding counter attack.

    Even if we sign Vidal, Schneiderlin I would even suggest that we can play them with Le Coq to maintain the cm dynamic. Neither are especially dm’s in any case, but are more disciplined in shape retention than Ramsey or Wilshere

  39. Captain wenger

    Another push for the third placed trophy this season we will never win the league with the squad as it is presently .

  40. shad


    Hence why I suggested getting a Carvalho. He won’t expect to waltz in, will need bedding time, kind of like Paulista. He has all the good ingredients. It doesn’t mean he’ll automatically displace Le Coq. It is just to provide healthy competition and keep each other on toes, kind of like what Monreal alluded to in his rivalry with Gibbs.

    If we are scared of signing big players because they might push us up a notch and take us back to the glory days then how far have we sunk?!

    Remember when we had Edu, Parlour and Gilberto? We need to get back there.

    Oh and I don’t think Wilshere has the ankles and discipline (yet) to plug that gap.

  41. Klauspoppe

    More worried of Cazorla’s replacement next summer. He’s so integral to our team’s shape last season. He’s our midfield general and one of the best in the world at the moment. Irreplaceable with our budget.

  42. Dream10


    just hope we don’t sign Goetze. AW loves the idea of relying on midfielders scoring goals to compensate for average goalscoring from forwards.
    Despite his technique, I am not a fan

  43. vicky

    Ospina : ‘I have always had to fight for the title position at all of my clubs. You expect a big club like Arsenal to improve the squad but you must always impress the manager in training.’

  44. seg

    Are Arsenal fans scared of competition for players at club or I’m missing something? And these same people would come at end of the season to blame bad luck, the Russian and oil money when we come up short again! Sh*t doesn’t make sense

  45. Sam

    “Taking Matic for example, he was injured for a spell last season and Chelsea usually play with 2 tough tackling DMs.”

    I can’t agree with you here Shad. Chelsea play with one DM who like Le Coq barely ever ventures forward. Its either matic or Obi Mikel.

    Also don’t agree about Cesc tackling bit. We have ramsey who’s a far better tackler of the ball than cesc ( look at the stats) and also we have started defending far more as a team in the past two seasons. Especially when we press together, players such as giroud, alexis, OX and even Ozil drop back and aid in defensive duties now. I think we’re getting a lot closer to chelsea than you’re giving us credit for.

    Like I said earlier, Keeping our player fit and fresh should be the main objective of this season.

    All the DM’s available will expect to play the 40-45 games I spoke off as that’s what they’ll be used to at their clubs and they’ve all got places in their respective international squads to play for for Euro 2016.

  46. Dark Hei


    Carzola is needed in the middle because Coquelin can’t distribute the ball as well as Arteta.

    So, we just need to get someone capable of playing in the deep lying role like Arteta but with younger legs and move Ramsey back to his favourite spot.

    Either that or make Ramsey adapt his game so that he can play alongside Coquelin.

  47. shad


    Exactly. It’s like we have to think economics and feels first before on the field output and actually competing proper for the big titles. Yet we have the most expensive tickets in Europe and can afford to release the dead wood and get decent players in return.

  48. Dark Hei

    “Hence why I suggested getting a Carvalho.”

    40M euros for “competition”? 40M is what you can an absolute starter. Is he so much better than Coquelin?

  49. Biggus

    I for one am not happy Arteta has signed a new contract; this shows that we are not fully over our mentality of just being safe. In my opinion, Arteta will not contribute much to the team; I know people say he’s a calm head and his pass rate is also high but when you constantly pass back to the defenders or sideways, your pass rate has to be high. He is no longer a set piece of Everton days and we play him as a DMF when he doesn’t have the legs or long range passing to help him in that position. Le Coq will not benefit from learning from him as Le Coq is a natural DMF whilst Arteta in his prime was more of an attacking midfielder in the circa of Cesc.

    Rosicky I undertand why we should have him as he’s a huge talent with great passion and I hope he can get more games; perhaps come in for Ozil in games the German is cruising more than usual.

    I agree we need to get a DMF to challenge Le Coq and my personal preference is someone like Carvallho that can push him and bring out the best in each other. That way, we have the smart and wise head of Carzola mixed with youthful energy of Coq/Carv and the sometimes flair of Ozil and passion of Sanchez..

  50. Emiratesstroller


    I expressed a similar point of view.

    Carvalho would have been best option for reason you expressed and also because he can play as CB in emergency.

    However, it would seem that Sporting Lisbon are unwilling to sell him.

    My personal instinct is that Arsenal will buy one additional strategic player this summer as they did with Ozil and Sanchez. I don’t think that they will buy
    any squad players this summer.

    The most likely scenario is a Striker/Winger, but much will depend on Giroud, Walcott and Welbeck’s early season performances.

    At the back of my mind I would not discount still the acquisition of Sterling who would prefer to move to London [Arsenal] than Manchester [City]. If
    Walcott does not sign his contract that could still happen.

  51. shad


    Again, how do you quantify quality defending? Tackling? Interceptions? Ball recovery/retention? Ok. What about the stories the stats don’t tell? Player position? Pressuring the ball?

    We can debate this all day.

    Defending in it’s entirety goes down to the dirty details: picking up cynical cards for late challenges, shirt tugging, long set pieces, double teaming, etc.

    You don’t have to be physically robust (that’s a plus) but if you have an intelligent player on the ball who can retain and recycle possession, we have a winner. That means discipline. None of which Ramsey or Wilshere have at the moment.

  52. shad

    *defensive discipline that is. They all want to bomb forward and let Le COq mop up. If one of them can let agree to sit deep, fine.

  53. Emiratesstroller

    Interesting the alleged reaction from Ospina. If true I would rather keep him as
    our second string and loan out Szczesny particularly in view of some of the
    negative comments coming out from Poland.

    Let’s be honest neither Ospina nor Szczesny will fetch a big transfer fees if sold.
    Both need playing time, and could still surprise us and improve.

  54. Sam

    “Again, how do you quantify quality defending? Tackling? Interceptions? Ball recovery/retention? Ok. What about the stories the stats don’t tell? Player position? Pressuring the ball?”

    I wasn’t really trying to quantify tackling. Just trying to highlight that Ramsey is a superior tackler to fabregas and that Chelsea only play with one DM.

    The only quantifiable measure of defense is goals conceded and clean sheets . Chelsea conceded 4 less goals than us and had 5 more clean sheets than us. That’s considering they have far better goalkeepers and pretty much played with their starting back 7 (including matic) for the whole season, whereas we had a fractured defense till January time.

    We have now improved our goalkeeper and hopefully with a settled defense we can bridge that defensive gap. But as I stressed befor, it’s all about keeping the players fit.

  55. goonerjay

    not happy with Arteta extending at all. More than happy to keep him around the club for a year while he earns his coaching badges and help mentor the younger players. Don’t want him anywhere near the squad this season though.
    He was absolute pony in the first half of last season and perpetually injured in the 2nd half (with an injury he admitted at the kit launch was permanent).
    The thought of having to rely on Flamini in a big game next season genuinely makes my piss boil

  56. qna

    Nice to see we signed up Arteta. Hope it was a 5 year deal just to be safe. Now all we need to do is bring back Gervinho, Bendtner and Santos and we are all set for 2015/2016. Bring it on baby.

  57. Emiratesstroller

    Let’s be clear Wenger has not shifted out of the club a single registered player
    who was at the club when the transfer window closed in January.

    The players who have left were out on loan or in case of Diaby on treatment table.

    Also Wenger has added to squad three new players since December in Coquelin, Gabriel and now Cech.

    The club has more than adequately coped in defence conceding just 13 goals
    in 19 games in EPL and frankly with just one poor defensive result against Monaco in Champiosn League.

    In general our problem last season was that we did not score enough goals or
    break down packed defences.

    I made the point that our goal this season must be to improve the goalscoring
    potential of team. We are not going to win league titles scoring just 71 goals in
    EPL. We need to be scoring at least 85 goals to have realistic chance.

    The million dollar question is whether our current squad can increase their
    goalscoring potential? Can Walcott, Giroud and Welbeck increase by at least
    10-12 goals their existing performance and also whether players like Ox,Wilshire and Ramsey start scoring more goals as well?

  58. Klauspoppe

    Southampton in for Jordie Clasie, Alderweirld, Ogbonna.

    What a summer it will be if all these deals go through.

  59. Jim Lahey

    @Blsany – Wasn’t the same criticism levelled at Henry when he played for us? Choked in the big games? (not saying he did, that goal against Madrid was immense, but people defiantly labelled him a big game choke artist)

    Still take Higuain over Giroud.

  60. Klauspoppe

    “Don’t think Messi would improve us?”

    Don’t think Messi is classed as a technical midget.

  61. Jim Lahey

    @Vicky – Ha! But would you not replace Wilshere with Gotze?

    And how many “technical midgets” do we have?! Santi (one of our best players) would you class Sanchez in the same bracket? Just asking!

  62. Sam

    “Wasn’t the same criticism levelled at Henry when he played for us? Choked in the big games?”


    I think with Henry it was more specifically finals. He seemed to always do business for us in other big games just not in finals. I may be wrong but I cant actually remember Henry scoring for us jn any finals.

  63. Biggus

    I agree we don’t anymore AMFs that play on the wing, we have enough of those already. We either get someone that can play CF and on the wing (which I thought we will be having with Welbeck but he really needs to buckle up as I have expectations for him) or we get an out and out winger. Not sure either will be likely cos we have lots of players fighting for those positions. if we don’t sell anyone, I don’t see how we will be getting anybody else

  64. Klauspoppe

    Messi would be labelled a footballing god or even tax fraud before technical midget.

    Anyways if he scores 40 goals for us don’t see the problem.

  65. Jim Lahey

    @Sam – Did he score against liverpool in 2001? I can’t remember either!

    The thing about Higuain is that the guy has scored at least 1 in 2 throughout his career. And all different types of goals, we know Giroud’s strengths and Higuain brings something different. The idea of Benzema joining is fantasy, but Higuain could be a real possibility.

  66. Klauspoppe


    Technical midget is a shit cunt with great technique: Quaresma, Giovinco, Gotze, Kagawa, Saviola, Wilshere, Insigne

    Technical wizard is a genius with great technique: Silva, Iniesta, Cazorla, Messi, Hazard

  67. Klauspoppe


    Yeah the tax fraud makes him bit if a shit cunt in a bankrupt country with low tax for footballers especially compared to Ronaldo but he’s football is too good to even bother.

  68. Sam

    “And all different types of goals, we know Giroud’s strengths and Higuain brings something different.”

    Higuain and Giroud have very similar stats, Especially if look at goals scored. Plus Giroud doesn’t have the luxery of taking pens. Benzema or bust for me

  69. YoungMurphy

    DM is definitely priority, perhaps more so than CF. As much as we all love Coq, doesn’t mean a) he won’t need a rest b) we won’t play him with another DM in those tough away games and c) he’s the best in the world.

    Iron sharpens iron.

  70. vicky


    Wilshere ain’t going nowhere. Everyone knows it. And again Goetze is more of an AMF than a winger. Playing his as a winger is not much different from playing Jack on the wing which is not a great option either.

    The team has been crying out for a pacey goal scoring dribbler for years and fibally we got Sanchez. If I had to shell out good money for a winger, I would rather think about Di Maria, Sterling, Fekir who are genuine wingers, not a makeshift one in Goetze.

    And anyway his rumors are BS. He was linked to us the very next day his agent said something regarding Bayern.

  71. Tony keen

    All this talk of who is coming and who should leave.we have never heard any talk about Gabriel. Is he not a defensive midfielder.give him a go, or why did you bring him to the Emirates, arsene

  72. Marko

    July 7, 2015    09:49:47
    Geis and Iturraspe are special.

    Think you’ve been at the PlayStation a fair bit pal. So let me get this straight you absolutely took a massive shit on Gotze called him a shit midget cunt but highly rate Iturraspe who isn’t a regular starter for Bilbao? Makes perfect sense. Gotze class. Don’t mistake Bayern and Pep not knowing how to fully get the best out of him for him being shit. Even as a bit part player last season he still managed 14 goals

  73. Marko

    Technical midget is a shit cunt with great technique: Quaresma, Giovinco, Gotze, Kagawa, Saviola, Wilshere, Insigne.

    Also pretty scandalous you’d put him in that list with those players . They’re not in the same league as him (he scored the winning goal in a world cup final ffs)

  74. Arsenal2174

    Some Arsenal fans really make me laugh. We pay the highest ticket prices in the land, we have next to know debt, we are awash with money and need only 2 more players a DM and 25-30 + striker to seriously compete and we have people on her arguing why we don’t need another DM to compete/ and cover Coq. Fuck me

  75. Arsene's Nurse

    I think Arteta has been rewarded with a contract extension due to what he offers behind the scenes. I remember when he signed that the rumour was he took a pay cut to join us. He signed an improved deal which has now been extended. Wenger thinks very highly of him, the trouble of course is he takes up a squad place, but then again so did Diaby.

    We really need more firepower. I expect the transfer merry-go-round to kick off when the manc teams start spending as this will have knock on effects. I think if we can’t pick up a top striker then the next best thing would be to pick up a wide left player who can also play upfront. Someone who can cover Sanchez but also play alongside.

    Marco Reus would fit the bill. A fluid front three of Walcott/Sanchez/Reus all interchanging would be a handful.

  76. SomeRandomGunner

    @ES I fully agree that we need to improve our attack. Goal scoring it was not just our forwards’ problem , in the games we struggled we hardly created anything of note.

    We need to create better chances against teams who defend deep and against big teams. We need to improve our overall attacking play.

    Last season we were inconsistent in attacking as a team. We blew hot and cold.
    We need to consistently create chances and high quality chances.

  77. Rocka

    I know I shouldn’t say it, but I think RVP would be a great, cheap option for Arsenal if we can’t get Benzema

  78. Marko

    That’s the thing Arsene’s nurse if it turns out it’s a bit like what United did with Giggs the last season where he barely paid but was being groomed as a coach then I don’t really care as long as he barely if at all plays the better for me. I still see a midfielder coming whether we’re waiting for something to open up or till we’re pretty sure Flamini will fuck off I still see one. I can’t imagine we’d go in as is in that area

  79. Sam

    “I know I shouldn’t say it, but I think RVP would be a great, cheap option for Arsenal if we can’t get Benzema”

    Sacrilege Rocka!!!

  80. Leedsgunner

    So Arteta at 33 gets a new contract despite having hardly played last year. To think we let people like Pires and Ljungberg go because they were considered by this manager as too old and over the hill. I wonder what they make of Arteta’s contract extension.

    What has Arteta done to deserve such favourable treatment?

  81. Sam

    On a serious note though, i think people on here wig way too much over the slightest news/rumours.

    I remember when there was talk of Diaby getting a new contract, everyone almost lost their minds.

    Arteta signing doesn’t mean no DM, chill guys. The transfer window isn’t closing tomorrow, the season isn’t starting tomorrow. Patience.

  82. shad


    Very true. Worse must be Pires who actually is a club ambassador and trains with the lads. He’ll never forgive Wenger for subbing him in THAT final.

  83. Leedsgunner

    Rather than building a title challenging team from a position of strength, Wenger is I’m afraid reverting to type.

    He knows this team probably is good enough to win top 4 as is so I suspect he’s gambling on Coquelin remaining fit enough throughout the season. This is so short sighted. What about the next season when he breaks down and because he’s become injury prone? Haven’t we learnt anything from how we’ve broken Wilshere? Do we really think Wenger will sensibly rotate Coquelin and give him a rest when needed? Past beformance suggests not.

    How can this be good player management?

    So if the worst happens at Coquelin sustains a long term injury we will be held to ransom because the opposition will know we are desperate and will jack up the price. How is this good financial management? Why not bolster our DM options now to prepare for the worst?

    It’s one step forward with Cech but two steps back with the re-signing of Arteta.


  84. Carts

    “The dilemma for Wenger is whether to buy a DMF player costing £20 million+ who will expect to play in starting X1 and thus downgrade Coquelin to bench.”

    That’s not really a dilemma though is it?

    That’s what some might call, forward planning. I mean, some need to realise that this time last year Coq was in the shop window. Undeservedly so! Being a massive proponent of giving our youngsters a chance, I never quite understood why someone as tenacious as Coq never got a feature; yet Wenger’s desire to get Diaby fit at all costs was something that he was passionate about.

    We recalled him back form Charlton as extra cover, something I was totally against as he’d been performing well for Charlton and I was convinced he’d just sit on the bench. Having taken his chance with both hands (thanks to Arteta’s injury and a dire player in Flamini) he established himself as #1 DM for Arsenal.

    Now, is he the best we can do for the DM situation? NO. Does his emergence mean signing a better DM = dilemma? NO.

    If anything, it gives us an opportunity to rotate; keep the squad fresh; and look at other opportunities in developing Coq’ game further.

  85. blsany

    “Now why would Arda Turan waste himself by going to Barca? No wonder people spite La Liga.”

    Big ears?

  86. Nasri's Mouth

    Arteta finally signing puts paid to Schneiderlin signing IMO.

    I think Wenger will go with Coq as 1st choice DM for the majority of matches, with Arteta as back and the possibility of playing one of Ramsey or Wilshere there against sides who are going to park at least 1 bus, and more offensive guile is needed than Coq can provide.

    There’s obviously a big question mark over Arteta. Last season he had a series of niggling injuries and looked like he was struggling on the pitch.

    The narrative is that he was terrible last season, when actually he hardly played and there were games like Anderlecht where he held the side together until he got injured and we conceded 3 goals.

    If the niggling injuries were down to the bone spur, and the operation has cured that, then he ought to be fine as back up. I’m going out on a limb and assuming this is the case, but only time will tell.

    He’s 33, so there’s isn’t much playing time left in him, but he’s younger than Alonso who played 42 times last season.

    And while people will point to previous seasons where he was exposed, it’s important to remember that the team around him now takes defending more seriously from front to back. We press a lot better, our full backs are less naive and our back 4 is very good now.

    In theory there’s nothing stopping him from playing 6-10 games next season.

  87. Leedsgunner

    The reason why we haven’t managed to sustain a title challenge into the business end of the season is because we haven’t managed to keep our best player fresh and available when the big crunch games come. Why? Wenger, if he finds a winning formula, tends to stick with it, until he’s forced to change it because he doesn’t have confidence in his fringe players unless he’s forced to choose them out of desperation and circumstances… resulting in us dropping needless points. Honestly, we’ve seen the pattern over and over again, why don’t we learn from it?

    Yes, Arteta has valuable experience. Fine, bring him on to the coaching staff, he doesn’t need to take up a valuable playing spot when he doesn’t have the legs for the ligest level anymore. It’s not fair to the team and it’s not fair to him.

  88. Nasri's Mouth

    Carts: I never quite understood why someone as tenacious as Coq never got a feature; yet Wenger’s desire to get Diaby fit at all costs was something that he was passionate about.

    Diaby wasn’t in Wengers plans for a couple of seasons, certainly not as a DM. Once we had Cazorla and Ramsey, Wenger was just saying the right things to keep Diaby’s spirits up and waiting for his contract to finish

  89. Le Prof


    ‘So Arteta at 33 gets a new contract despite having hardly played last year. To think we let people like Pires and Ljungberg go because they were considered by this manager as too old and over the hill. I wonder what they make of Arteta’s contract extension.’

    I think its more than a bit silly to compare our situation as club 10 years ago to what it is today.

    It’s blatantly obvious what Arteta offers in and around the squad. And the years extension isn’t exactly a long term issue. He won’t be 1st choice but offers continuity and stability and can easily play in games where the Coq is rested/banned/rotated/injured. He’s a good pro with good habits to pass on to the younger players.

    We can afford to keep these boys around if we feel it’s a benefit.

  90. Zimbabwean Gunner

    Also pretty scandalous you’d put him in that list with those players . They’re not in the same league as him (he scored the winning goal in a world cup final ffs)

    Well said!! To put Wishere and Gotze in the same sentence honestly. Some of the posts on Le Grove since the end of the season where silly transfer rumours start have been ludicrous.