Gremlins in the system. Revolution number 9

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Hello you sexy little kitten you, god you’re gorgeous.

I was recently chastised by a friend for starting a blog with “Morning all” so I’m trying out different greetings. Let me know what you think of this one.

Its Alex here and sorry to be a day late, the site was down most of yesterday for some reason – I think the internet was angry. James may be posting later, so at least you’ll get two posts today for the price of one!

I hate to be the bringer of bad news but it seems we are saying goodbye to another Arsenal “legend” (and I do use that term loosely). Lukas Podolski is bogging off to Turkey for £2.8m, quite a good deal considering how little Wenger seemed to value him by the end. Also useful to have cleared his £100k a week salary off the books if wage bills are your thing.

How do we surmise Lukas’s time with us? Certainly a polarising figure, a marquee signing at the time, a scorer of great goals, a fan favourite and social media pro, but also… not a number 9, a lazy so and so, and a bit of a liability on the pitch.

I can’t pretend I was never in the pro-Podolski camp. I remember my frustration with the manager in one game two seasons ago when we were in desperate need of a goal, and LP was left festering on the bench. He was finally brought on in the 70th minute, hit the post twice then ambled around the pitch offering no cover to Gibbs and no support to Giroud. That summed him up for me. Potentially deadly but not a player you can carry in your team if you want to win the league.

As has been pointed out on here previously, it’s amazing how much love Podolski used to get from the fans, especially compared to Giroud, who put in 1000 times more effort and whose overall contribution was much more significant.

What Poldi’s transfer does now mean is that the cursed number 9 shirt is available. Players in that shirt (Jeffers, Reyes, Baptista, Park, Eduardo) have averaged something like four goals a season since the Davor Suker days, quite an unbelievable curse really. I’m not the superstitious type so would urge AW to sign a proper goal-scoring number 9 who has work-rate, pace and can hold up the ball. The only problem is there aren’t many of those around – Suarez, Aguero, Lewandoski, Rooney, Costa, Tevez, Ibra and….. Benzema.

Call me naive but out of all those players, Benzema is the only realistic target. If Madrid were to make a move for Aguero for example, they might want to get him off the books. He’d be such an exciting signing and a perfect fit at Arsenal.

Apparently we may also be sniffing around Barcelona’s Pedro, a tidy player but in quite a similar mould to Sanchez. This move is less exciting – the last place we need reinforcements is in the tricky inverted winger department.

Right I’ve literally run out of things to talk about as there is NO NEWS. I’ll return tomorrow with some proper political stuff (exciting!).

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  1. Relieable sauce

    Suarez impressed me very early & I remember trying to convince my liverpool supporter mate of his quality.
    Force of nature like Tevez or Wrighty.

  2. Ughelligunner

    So i believe if suarez wanted the deal he would have made alto of noise more than he did. Although he didn’t want to hurt the fans and he was compensated for it with his upgraded contract.

    But at the end of it all, barca is still the best place for him.

    Want i think arsenal will do is look for bargain worldclass players who are rejected from their top clubs or pinch super talent from teams, but i think we are not going to pay extravagant fee and salaries/bribe agents, example, kondogbia. Because we are not there yet with the richest 3 clubs in the world and we don’t have unlimited funds

  3. vicky

    ” You can tell a good player from his first two touches” – Redtruth

    And he does not rate a player whose touch is unbelievable and then sites stats to back his claims. Either you talk about ability or you talk about stat. Don’t pick and choose the one which suits your argument.

  4. Kiyoshi Ito

    You miss the point. .I was suggesting from my posts back in 2010..That he was a quality player. .

    He wasn’t a one season wonder.Or an unknown quantity.

    His talent was clearly evident, all to see.& you knew he was still rising.

    Therefore given we needed a world class striker, which he was.

    The player was keen to leave.The club were willing to listen to realistic offers.

    We try to trigger the release clause with a £1.00 bid.

    Liverpool bluff us…

    And we run offf….

    Again honestly for a known quality striker..Why did we not even push the boat out?

    Why did we walk away, without a concerted effort?

    I am sure Liverpool had a price in mind?

    Why the willingness to fold, when bluffed?

  5. vicky

    I remember Brenda saying that Cavani moved to PSG for 55m and Suarez was at the same level. So he expected a similar kind of bids from clubs who were chasing him.

    50-55m would have sealed the deal.

  6. Nasri's Mouth

    Kiyoshi Ito: You miss the point. .I was suggesting from my posts back in 2010..That he was a quality player. .

    Your point was obvious, but I originally asked you how much he was worth. No doubt lots of people back in 2010 saw that he was a quality player, but there’s a difference between a quality player and a £60m quality plaer.

    I doubt very much you thought he’d be that good. I doubt very much you thought he’d improve by the amount he did between 2012/13 and 2013/14

    For example at the time we made that bid, were you posting we should go up to £60m ? That would be worth more to your argument than some posts back from 2010.

    Either way, it’s immaterial. We were never going to pay £60m for anyone at that point

  7. Ughelligunner

    Vicky, not that red doesn’t rate messi, he just doesn’t like the word worldclass branded on anybody.

    He likes saying Aguero is shit, but he said if aguero starts in our line up we would win the league.

    If people start giving suarez undulating praise he would categorical call him shit.

    He is the master bullshiter. And i like his post. Lol he has no soft spot for anybody, and is not never swayed by the moment.

    You have to know when to tell he is bullshitting and serious.

    Like messi case yesterday there was an element of truth.

    If messi were from Germany, Spain he would have won the world cup several times. But his Argentina brothers are bottlers.

  8. vicky


    I can understand If he says Messi is no Maradona. But to say he is not world class is absolutely ridiculous. And when he says it, he is serious. Been here long enough to know when he means what he writes.

  9. roaaary

    Very few top quality strikers out there who are actually obtainable. I dont rate giroud particularly highly but when i think – theres not many options outside benzema / cavani / lewa / benteke.

    Im not a fan of any of them….even benzema who never massively outshines OG for france.

    My hope is that we gamble on lacazette. He is a striker who hasnt reached his peak and is both affordable and his club would sell.

    He could be a great if developed well

  10. Ughelligunner

    like Nm said, i dont think we would have bid more than 45m for suarez at that time. Anybody wishing we would hit 60m is dreaming.

    And i don’t see Liverpool even accepting 45m, when they heard Bale was going for 80m.

    So 40+1 or not it is water under the bridge. We wouldn’t have got him because we wouldn’t have bid further than 50m and i don’t see Liverpool accepting anything lesser.

  11. Marko

    Red inferring stupidity on anyone us a travesty. The guy’s an imbecile troll. Literally adds nothing and is a bit of a hate filled religious nut

  12. Kiyoshi Ito

    At the time people were stating b/w £50-£55 million.

    You asked me, how much I would have offered.I said maximum £60 million. At the time, we were supposedly having a keen interest.

    In the bidding process, making an offer of £45 million, with incremental bids of £5 million, up to £60 million.

    Now I ask the question again…

    Why did we walk away when we tried to trigger the release clause& Liverpool rebuffed us?

    Again the player wanted to leave.He hinted at wanting to play for us in a broadsheet.

    We needed a world class striker at the time?

    Liverpool were willing to listen to offers-realistic offers.

    And Brendan Rodgers certainly used the Cavani valuation to say that Suarez was worth at least £50 million.

    Again when bluffed, why did we run off?

  13. Ughelligunner

    Vicky you are true he is serious about messi, but maybe because he sees Midwest always as a push. But that is because he has done it for a long time and he is now used to it.

    Ask him if messi would improve us? Maybe you would get his whitetruth. Lol

  14. roaaary

    I dont think many people saw suarez in the cavani bracket 2 years ago. 45million looked to me to be over the top so cant blame wenger for what we done.

    To be fair to wenger he hasnt paid over the top for many players. Look at liverpool and city and you realise how an expensive player can easily become deadwood.

    Id prefer him to be patient and get the right player this time. We do have giroud so we are not massively desperate.

  15. Ughelligunner

    Ito, don’t you think we backed off because we could’nt offer them something they could’nt reject?

    Seeing they were trying to fight publicly about it. This was a club who sold Toures and Macherano for he sums.
    Or they told us want to wanted close to their valuations and we could’nt go beyond our limit? We can never tell. But it all boils down to money.

  16. Ughelligunner

    toures 50m, Macherano 35m. 3yrs-4yrs ago.

    How much do you think they would have sold suarez to us. 60m? Do you think we were capable of doing the deal? For one player?

  17. Kiyoshi Ito

    Actually I felt he definitely was worth pushing the boat out for, at the time we showed an interest.

    £60+ million at the time..
    I actually felt £50 million was a steal for him..An absolute bargain..

    I am sorry Nasri, you can’t begin to tell me what my own views are on players.You don’t think for me.

    We didn’t try for Suarez..
    Not even a concerted effort. .

    Liverpool coughed in our direction.
    We choked and ran off. .

    In a nutshell you made arguments for why we couldn’t sign any players at the time or in over 3 years. .

    This is the list:


    Suarez-Not worth £60 million.
    Liverpool might not have sold.Therefore probably no.

    So as it stands to reason by your logic. .In three years no one better than Giroud out there.

    That is your conclusion. .

    Night Nasri..

    What a fucking waste of about 3 hours of my time..

    I shake my fucking head..

  18. Nasri's Mouth

    @Kiyoshi Ito

    You started off by saying you couldn’t believe there were no world class strikers out there we could have got.

    You couldn’t think of anyone else other than Suarez.

    You now claim you’d have gone to £60m for him, I said there was no way Arsenal would pay £60m for him.

    So yes, you’ve wasted your time.

    Tara xxx

  19. Kiyoshi Ito


    I don’t think you get it either..

    The point is, did we even fucking try with a bid?

  20. Ughelligunner

    Ito this is why we could’nt sign any of the below world strikers and i believe you know why, or maybe you just looking for a way to get along with your friend Nm.

    Cavani-No 55m 200k salary

    Falcao- No 60m 300k salary. Third party

    Lew-No only Munich

    Benteke-No lol he is still there.

    Higuain-No Madrid changed the bid, we went for suarez then ozil

    Costa-No chelsea bound on whatever sum he is mourinho

    Dzeko-No a big no.

    Two out of that list maybe three would see most of us whining daily to be resold.

    We had people comparing Erickson, continho and lame to ozil and wanted him sold immediately.

  21. Kiyoshi Ito

    That’s why I rarely engage you at all, apart from calling you a xxxx.

    Listen, doesn’t matter what I think.

    You have stated in the past, that Drogba only had one good season. .

    You still haven’t answered why Arsene folded and ran off, as soon as Liverpool bluffed. .

    What was Arsene hoping to do, get Suarez for free? ?!! Or at a cut price deal..?

    As for now claiming I would go to £60 million. Look at my original post . It’s pretty consistent.

    Spin it all you want . Should have guessed, once a cunt, always a cunt.

  22. Kiyoshi Ito


    So the best we can do with is GIROUD..???!!!

    & up till last season Sanogo as back up…??

    Right, I need to get off this crazy train. ..Fucking morons..

  23. nasri's mouth

    @kiyoshi ito

    Your original post about World class players?

    You came up with one and after 3 hours you can’t prove Liverpool would sell or at what price or what he was worth

    I might be a cunt, but you’re shit at this arguing malarkey.

    Maybe its time you tell us you’re off for 3 months and then come back in a week again ?

  24. Ughelligunner

    ito, dont you get it. We never went back because there was no need to. We were never going to pay above 50m for a player at the time. Same as the rest list you made. Benteke and dzeko are never upgrades

    we would still be crying foul by now.

    We signed welbeck and people still want more, do you think if we had signed potential benteke and Dzeko we would have won the league?

    City had Aguero, balotelli, Teves, Dzeko, Negredo, Adebayo. And won the league just twice. That is saying we need more.

  25. Kiyoshi Ito

    You mean ,I’m shit at being a first class argumentative cunt..

    You have it down to a tee..

    Drogba only had one good season..!!

  26. Ughelligunner

    Ito that year, we signed just 3 players sanogo, flamini and ozil for 42.5m.

    Do you think arsenal would have sanctioned a bid of 60m for a player?

  27. nasri's mouth

    @Kiyoshi Ito

    And your only answer to me is something irrelevant about Drogba and more personal insults?

    Reverting to type as ever.


  28. Relieable sauce

    We could have always used players as part of a deal.

    MU paid over the odds for RvP & we wouldve had to do the same with Suarez, but with age & capacity for improvement on his side, he turned out to be much better value, even at the sum Barca eventually paid.

    Suarez seemed genuinely interested in coming though & there was no other clubs interested, so disappointed we didnt push harder.

  29. Joe

    Didn’t Ivan say we could buy 2 Rooneys and pay there salaries? So yes we could of paid 60m for Suarez. What if we won the title with him the following year?! What’s that worth.

    You lot think arsenal are spending your own money. You should be pushing wenger to spend 60m on a Suarez instead of making excuses for him.

    Wenger screwed up with the 40+1 and pissed Liverpool off trying to be smart. Looked like a fool to be honest. Start with a 45 m offer. Show Liverpool some respect and we would of gotten him. But not wenger. Just because he sells his best players to the first team that comes along doesn’t mean Liverpool will

  30. Joe

    A lot of you seem happy to spend 15 million on average players like wellbeck and Giroud and coming 3-4th every season than spend 60m on a Suarez who could of won us the title.

    Just like wenger, afraid of success.

  31. Joe

    What’s 20m to arsenal to buy the quality of a Suarez (40m to 60m) when we wasted millions on millions on Diaby, bedtner etc.

    I think Suarez could of been had for 50m. Although 60m would of been a bargain

  32. Relieable sauce

    Japan ladies 4-0 down to USA after 15 minutes. Looking like it will be double figures by the end.

  33. alex cutter

    Since the US is England’s greatest accomplishment, you buck-toothed, pasty-faced, shaved-head motherfuckers are allowed to take pride in the US Women’s team.

  34. alex cutter

    “What about a shout for the England Women’s Coach as the next Arsenal manager, he’s much more tactical savvy than Wenger”

    He’s a bender. Are Arsenal fans that enlightened?

  35. alex cutter

    At the sports bar, they’re playing “You Dropped A Bomb on Me”, “Turning Japanese” and “Enola Gay”, “China Girl”, “KONICHIWA BITCHEs”, “Woman in Tokyo” and “Mr. Roboto” on the jukeboxes!

  36. Emiratesstroller

    The transfer window has hardly got started in EPL.

    The only club who have done some serious business is Liverpool and that is fairly predictable when you know that they will have to offload Sterling this summer. All they are doing is spending the money in advance from that likely sale.

    Apart from them none of the major clubs have got exactly started in transfer window. Our only acquisition is Cech, which is hardly a stratospheric purchase
    at around £11 million.

    Chelsea have not exactly spent big money in this transfer window. Their only
    major acquisition is Falcao who is coming in on loan.

    Manchester United have bought Depay, but we know will spend money again this summer.

    Manchester City will spend serious money in transfer market now that embargo has been lifted.

    Yet for all the transfer rhetoric there seems to be very few major stars coming on the market this summer. Many of the so-called rumours are frankly pure
    garbage with little or no substance to the stories.

    The newspapers seem to switch their forecasts on who is likely to leave and to
    which clubs they are going.

    In the case of Arsenal the only story which might carry some substance at the
    moment is that we may buy an additional DMF. The options put forward in recent weeks are Vidal [unlikely], Schneiderlein [possible] and Carvalho.

    Personally I think that the Benzema story is rubbish. Does anyone believe seriously that this striker is going to be sold for less than £20 million? It is a figment of someone’s imagination.

    My personal opinion for what it is worth is that Arsenal will offload first the
    four or five players that are expected to leave as well as finalise Walcott’s contract.

    Once that has been completed they might buy perhaps a couple of players to
    complete the squad.

  37. Relieable sauce

    Lesbos was famed for its female athletes in classical times.
    I believe they still hold the Olympic record for bean flicking.

  38. Joe

    Why can’t we be pro active. And why wait for players to leave. None of our better players will leave. Arteta. Flamini, Sanago,

    Not players we should hold off signing other players

  39. Dark Hei


    I am not so sure about Man City. I just think that the club and their supporters are just terrible at counting.

    They say that FFP has been unfair on them. But this is a club that is in the red and goes deeper into deficits and then claim that they are meeting the obligations.

    Rubbish really. The new FFP rulings are clear. You can spend big, IF, you are not in the CL league and you get a new owner. He can spend as long as he breaks even in 3 years without using artificial money.

    None of the relax rulings apply to City. If they spend big, they will have to find some way to reel in new $$ or it will be back to square one again.

  40. Dark Hei


    “None of our better players will leave”

    I think to accommodate Schneiderlin one of either Carzola, Ramsey or Wilshire will have to leave. We cant have 5 starters competing for 2 positions.

  41. Joe

    We can play up to 60 games in a season. We can accommodate them all. And we are very injury prone team and they will all get their chances and form will drop so then we have someone else to come in

    Competion for places is the best thing for this arsenal team.

  42. Emiratesstroller

    Dark Hei

    This is the problem. We have got already a lot of good midfielders and ideally I
    would not like to see any of those you listed go.

    If Ramsey or Wilshire left then it would be almost certainly to our competitors in EPL. is that desirable and does it send out right message? Cazorla was one of our best players last season.

    Ideally what Arsenal need to buy is a top class striker, but they don’t grow on
    trees and virtually every other major club is looking for such players.

    The reality is that apart from DMF we have now got more or less cover in almost every position on the field.

  43. Emiratesstroller


    Logic dictates that we should be buying first and selling second, but that is not
    how Arsenal [Wenger] seems to work.

    I think that Arsenal will not make any further transfer decisions until first Walcott’s contract has been finalised and we have offloaded some of players on our books.

    Let’s be realistic there are very few players on the market for sale that we would/should be interested in buying and would be an upgrade on what we have got.

    You can see just how difficult it is to buy top players from what is going on between Real Madrid and Man Utd at moment vis a vis Ramos and De Gea.

  44. Dark Hei


    60 divided by 5 is 12. No starter is going to be happy playing just 12 games.

    Only reason why players got a high number of games is injuries. That however is going on a downtrend with Shad’s work bearing fruit.

    Midfield is status quo unless we get a big offer for Carzola who will the be replaced by Schneiderlin, I think. This is a good move. Despite our midfielders excellence, we are currently not very balanced.

  45. Emiratesstroller

    Dark Hei

    One of the reasons that our form improved since January was the reconstruction of our team and fairly stable selections.

    However, there does need to be some level of rotation in both midfield and the forwards. Realistically the only players who are “guaranteed” a place in starting lineup are Ozil and Sanchez.

  46. Wallace

    just had a trawl through some of the le grove posts around the time we were linked with Suarez. interesting reading. this is pretty much representative –

    “One player no matter how good — a title challenging team — does not make. I would like to see Suarez here, if for nothing else it would be a statement of intent. However, a defensive midfielder like Gustavo (available for £15m apparently) or Fellani (available for £22-24m) is more needed.”

    yeah, most were more concerned about trying to get Fellaini in rather than wrapping up the Suarez deal….and while the last few years have made that viewpoint look kinda dumb, it shows Suarez wasn’t quite the player then that he is now.

  47. SomeRandomGunner

    @Dark Hei,
    I agree with you , but your math is wrong . It is 60×2 / 5 = 24 games per player.
    That too is pretty less. Any starter will expect to play more than 40 games a season.

  48. Emiratesstroller

    What you are seeing at Arsenal at the moment is a squad with two good players for each position on the field. There are also some players in the squad who are more flexible than others and can play a variety of positions.

    There are still a number of players on the books who are surplus to requirements and realistically will not get on the bench let alone in starting X1 unless we have an injury crisis.

    I anticipate that players who fall into that category are Rosicky,Flamini and Arteta. The latter may be considered at moment an understudy for Coquelin,
    but we have seen over last 2 seasons that he is very brittle against strong

    Apart from the DMF position I feel that when we discuss transfers we are really discussing ‘upgrades’ for current players. That is not as easy to define as many who write posts suggest.

    For example Giroud is our current number 1 striker. He is a good player as indeed is Welbeck. Both are after all regular starters for their National Teams.
    Yet neither is considered good enough by many posters.

    So when you start talking about “upgrades” you are in fact discussing players
    who are going to cost big money transfer fees and wages. Most of the players
    who fall into that category are generally a risk as we have seen with the likes of Torres and Falcao.

    The reality is that there are very few players on the market who justify the stratospheric transfer fees being demanded. For example would you pay Eur
    60 million for Higuain or £35 million for Benteke? Based on what I have seen
    recently neither is better than Giroud.

  49. Gregg


    Good points as usual mate.

    The numbers and flexibility is there, all thats needed is adding / upgrading with quality in a couple of areas. DM needs something added and I don’t see the solution within, unless he adds a ‘Vidal’ type and drops Wilshere to sweep behind Ramsey and Vidal in games. More likely is a ball playing DM like Lars Bender or the lad at Seville, Krychowiak. You don’t have to be spending £50m. This has never been the case.

  50. Dark Hei


    I guess the only possibility is Carzola going to Athletico for a good sum of $$. While it is a shame if that happens, getting Schneiderlin in his place will give our midfield selection a lot more balance. It will also help keep Ramsey happy by giving him a better chance to move back into the middle.

  51. qna

    Vicky/Wallace. Not sure why Ospina is an Arghh. Szchezeny is worse. I really hope we keep Ospina. Ideally we do the following:

    Sanogo – Sell/Free
    Campbell – Sell
    Flamini – Free
    Ospina – Keep
    Arteta – Sell and bring in Vidal
    Podolski – Sold
    Diaby – Released
    Welington – Sell
    Rosicky – Keep for squad/Sell if non home grown player slot needed
    Gibbs – Loan and bring in Baba Rahman
    Welbeck – Loan and bring in Benzema
    Szchezeny – Loan
    Jenkinson – Loan
    Akpom – Loan
    Gnabry – Loan
    Chambers – Loan and bring in Rugani or Romagnoli

    Next year when the new TV money deal kicks in, we should be looking to Sell Jenkinson, Gibbs, Welbeck, Akpom. None of these guys are good enough to be first team players in a PL winning team, but would have excellent value. Hopefully a year on loan and Gnabry shows he is the talent we all hoped he would be. Persist with loan deals for Chambers until he is at least 23 before making a decision on him, whether he is good enough.

    Ins: Cech, Benzema, Vidal, Rahman, Rugani (or Romagnoli)

  52. Wallace

    Dark Hei

    “I guess the only possibility is Carzola going to Athletico for a good sum of $$. While it is a shame if that happens, getting Schneiderlin in his place will give our midfield selection a lot more balance.”

    maybe more balance, definitely less quality.

  53. vicky

    LOL QNA !!!

    We are not Chelsea that we will loan 5-6 first team players to other clubs and then buy players to replace them. And we do not even need to do that.

    We just need a DM and a striker. No need for major overhaul.

  54. Dream10

    Wilshere to sweep behind a Vidal/Ramsey pairing is a recipe for disaster. Jack is a below average defensive player. Coquelin played a major role in our good form in the second half of the season (42 points in 19 matches) and so did Cazorla. Don’t think a Coquelin and Wilshere pairing would have done as well.
    Wilshere needs to be played higher up the pitch so we can keep our defensive shape.

    CM options of Schenderlin/Carvalho,Coquelin,Ramsey and Cazorla is a decent blend. Four different styles

  55. qna

    vicky:” We just need a DM and a striker. No need for major overhaul.”

    To achieve what? 4th place again. Or is it 3rd place now. If so then true. Even with the huge signings of Benzema and Vidal (a pipe dream) we will not be favourites to win the league. But at least we would be genuine competitors again.

    Those players I mentioned I wanted to be loaned out dont need to be loaned out, I agree. But they are not going to contribute anything to us on the way to a league title. If we do need to use them extensively then we will have incurred catastrophic injuries that would have likely eliminated our chances anyway.

    Arsenal have shown they are not ruthless enough to do what is needed to be champions. But if they were, they would remove the players I mentioned from their list as fast as possible. The optimal time to do that is next summer when the new tv deal kicks in. Not saying we will do it. Saying this is what we should do. Also, I am naming incoming players that we are linked with in recent weeks. I would of course prefer names like Verratti if we were really going after the title.

  56. Wallace


    “Arsenal have shown they are not ruthless enough to do what is needed to be champions.”

    i think dumping Ospina for Cech is pretty ruthless.

  57. Emiratesstroller

    Dark Hei/Gregg/qna

    Let’s start off with qna’s post first. You include in your list of departures a lot of
    British/Home Grown players. Surely you know the current and future regulations for including such players in your squad.

    At the moment there are not many young players available in the market who
    are better than what we have got. If you are going to offload any of our British
    players then you have got to replace them with alternative home grown players who are actually or potentially better.

    If you look outside Chelsea,Man City and Man Utd there are not many options. The only ones who might be conceivably interesting are Bale, Kane,
    Sterling, Sturridge and Stones. Bale is unaffordable, Kane would never be sold
    to Arsenal and Sturridge is injury prone. That leaves just Sterling and Stones.
    Both are in demand by Man City and Chelsea who need them more than we do.

    Personally I would prefer to keep Ospina in preference to Szczesny. However,
    the latter is home grown and is prepared to stay at club as second string. I doubt that Ospina would be so keen.

    If Arsenal do decide to offload a midfield player then I tend to agree that Cazorla would be the most likely to depart. However, I would be reluctant to sell
    him on evidence of last season. He is a world class player,popular in dressing
    room and was possibly our best and most consistent midfielder. Also you need
    to factor in that he is an excellent free kick specialist and our main penalty taker in absence of Arteta.

    Schneiderlein would be preferable to Vidal, because he is younger and also used to pace of English game, but you have to ask is he equivalent or upgrade
    on Cazorla. Frankly I doubt it.

  58. qna

    Wallace: “i think dumping Ospina for Cech is pretty ruthless.”

    Dumping Szchezeny would be more ruthless. But we are not ruthless at all. Look at all the sub-performing injured players that we keep on our books well past their use by date.

    Ruthless would be cutting Welbeck and Chambers. Two players that are arguably mistakes. Ospina had a good season. Cutting him would not be admitting to a mistake would it. Its the easy way out. Wenger still has to prove he didnt make a mistake with Szchezeny, Gibbs, Welbeck etc etc.

  59. Dark Hei


    Stroller got it right. You want your backups to preferably be home grown.

    I mean if Alex Song can get a job at Chelsea you might want to consider hanging on to folks like Welbeck, Gibbs and Chambers.

  60. Wallace


    “Ruthless would be cutting Welbeck and Chambers. Two players that are arguably mistakes. Ospina had a good season. Cutting him would not be admitting to a mistake would it.”

    i think you have to give a player two seasons before you can make a definitive judgement. Welbeck has a lot to do to convince me he’s starter material, but i think Chambers will be our starting CB within the next 2yrs.

    we had the best defensive record in the league with Ospina in goal. telling him he’s not going to start next season is ruthless.

  61. Le Prof


    ‘Ruthless would be cutting Welbeck and Chambers. Two players that are arguably mistake’

    How is a promising and versatile England U21 star a mistake? And the same goes for Welbeck who offers far more than he gets credit for.

    Both the above players will only improve with game time.

    ‘Wenger still has to prove he didnt make a mistake with Szchezeny, Gibbs, Welbeck etc etc.’

    Why? Chez and Gibbs are both academy products costing £0 and ample squad members and Welbeck is a good back up and his versatility helps the team.

    qna still thinking managing the Arsenal is just like playing Football Manager.

    And let me guess you never even watched Rahman, Rugani (or Romagnoli) who you keep championing like some desperate fan boy.

  62. Emiratesstroller

    Welbeck is a good player, but needs to improve his finishing when he plays for
    his club as opposed to international team. I agree with Wallace we should judge
    him on this season’s performance.

    I am less convinced about Chambers who cost a lot of money.However, I don’t
    see Arsenal buying another Centre Back this summer and Chambers as a fourth
    option is okay to sit on bench if any of our other CBs gets injured or need a rest.

  63. Dream10


    I don’t think Chambers will be an Arsenal in two years.

    Welbeck could be a squad option for the next couple of years. He is not a specialist.

    Wilshere is considered by some to be a top talent. AW has shown many times that he will be unbalance the team to accomodate him. If he struggles this year, perhaps it should be his last at the club

  64. SomeRandomGunner

    Is not football a sport ? Is not it supposed to be enjoyed ? How ruthlessness come into picture ? ruthless I hate that word in a football blog , May be it is more appropriate in a cut-throat corporations or in spy agencies and may be in wars.

  65. qna

    When you talk about how good a player is, its all relative. Compared to Messi they are all shit. Compared to a 25 year old championship team player all our players a phenomenal. I am talking about players with the talent to win you the PL or take you to a CL semi or final.

    Welbeck will never lead a team to this. Gibbs will never be part of a defensive setup that can achieve this. Jenkinson the same. I dont care how good you think these guys can be they will never be good enough to do the above.

    Now the question about whether they can contribute from the squad – is another question. But bare in mind that every squad player has two very important negatives: A) they pull wages away from the what you can give to your first choice players and B) they block an opportunity for a different player to take his place in the squad.

    So when you have guys like Welbeck and Gibbs, they pull huge wages and also they block the way for us to be bringing through an alternative player who might actually develop into a player that could lead you to the above mentioned glories.

    Regarding Chambers. He is not nearly as promising as you would like him to be, and the only reason that you are championing his case is because he signed for Arsenal. There are numerous CBs of his age like Rugani, Romagnoli, Laporte that show that you can be a propper CB already at his age. Like I said with Chambers, I am not asking us to sell him, but he should be loaned out until he is around 23 and then we can make a decision.

    I believe that the main difference in the arguments that I have with you guys on here is the standard that I set for the team. We are the 8th richest club in the world. We pay the 10th highest average salaries of any team sport in the world. The standard needed to be in this elite category is ridiculously high and culminates in the blood, sweat and tears of hundreds of millions (guess) of footballers around the world, We are so fortunate that we can afford guys in the top 100 players in the world. Its not unexpected that British players dont regularly fall into this category. In fact its incredible that you get your Rooneys that find themselves near the top of this list. I bet in the real world we would have the same differences in opinion. I bet that you guys would probably equate banging two 4’s with banging an 8. But an 8’s and 8 and a 4’s a 4. Just hoping that Welbeck or Chambers can turn themselves from a 4 into an 8 is nice and commendable. But the reality is that these things almost never happen.

  66. Wallace


    “Welbeck will never lead a team to this. Gibbs will never be part of a defensive setup that can achieve this. Jenkinson the same. I dont care how good you think these guys can be they will never be good enough to do the above.

    Now the question about whether they can contribute from the squad – is another question. But bare in mind that every squad player has two very important negatives: A) they pull wages away from the what you can give to your first choice players and B) they block an opportunity for a different player to take his place in the squad.”

    so, ignore the home grown rule, and don’t pay the squad players?

  67. qna

    “so, ignore the home grown rule, and don’t pay the squad players?”

    As with everything in life, including evolution of species, survival of the fittest etc etc, we should take note of the examples that thrive. Those at present being City and Chelsea, who keep just 2 or 3 home grown squad players and manage the rest with U21 players and the allowable 17 non hg players. If we ever become mega rich like United, then perhaps we can afford to pay our squad players as much as or even more than our first team players just because they are British.

    But even then, United are not finding this approach very fruitful at the moment are they?

  68. Sam

    “So, ignore the home grown rule, and don’t pay the squad players?”

    Not to mention that a majority of his statements are opinions bandied around as facts.

    No one knows how these players will develop, but they do have potential. And like you said Wallace the new home grown rules mean we will need this players whether we like it or not

  69. Willow Wilson


    Lol. Unfortunately you are like a lot of youngsters who have bought up in an era where fantasy football rules.

    You regularly post lists of all the players you want to sign and all those you want to either sell or loan, as if you are picking a team for your latest assault on the Xbox league campaign.

    Real football isn’t this easy. If it was, you would be working in professional football and not wasting hours on a blog posting a load of fictional rubbish.

  70. Willow Wilson

    “When you talk about how good a player is, its all relative. Compared to Messi they are all shit”.

    Lol. Lol. Lol. This is total rubbish.

    You seem unable to comprehend the real game of football. You are a fantasist.

    11 Lionel Messis in the team and you would not have a ‘team’. I am sure he cannot play in goal, centre half or in one of the full back positions. Defending corners would be fun!

    You are a fantasist qna, sorry mate but you do not have a clue about the real game. It is all ignorant crap.