Bye Bye Diaby

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Morning all! Alex here.

Did you survive the heatwave? How did you celebrate – by eating an ice cream in a company meeting or leaving your favourite pet in the car to catch some rays? I’ve been laid up in bed with the worst man-flu of all time, so the searing heat has really helped things.

To coincide with the hottest day of the year, Arsenal released some players (conspiracy!). Among the fallen were Pedro favourite Jack Jebb and Abou Diaby, the one that got away. Clearly a talented guy who could never quite shake off those injury demons. I’m bored with discussions about whether he should’ve been kept on the books all these years, he clearly had potential and there was the desire on all sides that one day things would work. But this move is best for all parties. It can’t be easy going through what he has gone through, regardless of what he is paid. Having the talent to be a professional footballer but being unable to use it must be a thousands times worse than never having the talent in the first place. He always carried himself in the right way and I wish him the best of luck (I’m sure that’ll mean a lot to him).

In honour of the broken one, I thought I’d list my top three Diaby moments:

1. His goal against Villa in 08. Nice bit of skill, a barn-storming run and he made Eboue look good
2. That one game he had against Liverpool. Best player on the park, we all thought we’d found our new Viera
3. Kicking John Terry in the face. Arguably Arsenal’s greatest Cup moment in the Wenger era.

Share your Diaby memories in the comments below but don’t use the #ThanksAbou because its cringe.

In other news Jose Whatshisface has done a u-turn so big you can see it from space:

“I support the owner’s decision to honour the player in this way” Mourinho said in between drowning a bag full of kittens. “Petr has been a great servant for Chelsea for 11 years and helped this club to win almost everything there is to win.”

In other words, get back in your box little man, Roman is in charge. And as a punishment here is Tal Ben-Haim and Steve Sidwell. Good luck with the league bitch. Jose seems on the brink at the moment. Hopefully this transfer saga will be enough to tip him over the edge, force him into some kind of John Carver style managerial meltdown which will see Chelsea relegated and Fabregas sold to Dundee United.

Transfer sagas are rumbling on. Does anyone really think the Vidal thing is going to happen? From my extensive scouting networks on youtube he looks like the kind of guy we should be bringing in to add depth in the centre of midfield – tenacious, spikey, and another word that means tenacious that completes this triumvirate. However he does have dreadful hair. I can’t help but feel this is one that is being played up because of the Chilean connection.

Also with the signing of Cech – which is absolutely fantastic for so many reasons – it feels like we have bigger fish to fry. I get the sense, and I geuinely have no idea from where, that Dick Law is bobbing around in the Bundesliga this summer. A Reus here, a Javi Martinez there, maybe even a Bender or two? Who knows but this summer feel BIG.

Final thought for the day, who will be Arsenal’s breakthrough player this year? 13/14 was Ramsey. Last year was Coquelin. Could next season be the one where Wilshere or the Ox really deliver on all their potential? Could Theo finally turn into Thierry Henry and net 30 goals? What do you think? I WANT YOUR OPINIONS PLEASEEE.

Right that’s your lot from me. You can follow me on twitter @aldo_doel

Speak soon x

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  1. kwik fit

    Did he write the book of love
    And does he have faith in God above
    If the Bible tells you so?
    Now he can believe in rock and roll
    Can footy save his mortal soul?
    And can teach me how to dance real slow?

    Well, I know that were in love with him
    ‘Cause I saw him dancin’ in the gym
    he kicked off your football shoes
    Man, I dig he’s rhythm and blues

    He was a lonely teenage broncin’ buck
    With a pink carnation and a pickup truck
    But I knew He was out of luck
    The day the Diaby died

    I started singing bye, bye, Abou Diabie
    Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry
    Them good ole boys were drinking whiskey ‘n rye
    Singin’ this’ll be the day that Diaby died
    This’ll be the day that he died

  2. Keyser

    Carts – We signed Diaby as a 19 year old, not a top player, not fully developed, but had potential.

    What are you on about ? Slave trade ? You’re trying to place this into a pretty specific point and even that’d be a poor one.

    Over the years, Chelsea have spent more money, on more experienced, more developed, less potential, more tangible assests.

    They’ve repeated this process so they don’t have to generally deal with either end of the age spectrum.

    It all factors in, because of this they haven’t had to push their squad(s) in the way other teams would, they don’t face the same problems.

  3. Wallace

    Ozil’s still got the speed of Sanchez and the Ox to work with. Walcott, too, this coming season. fairly sure there isn’t a clause in his contract stating that any forward passes must be to the striker.

  4. Keyser

    It’s not about shots or how many he scores, it’s there for him to use, and it’s something he needs to harness.

    Cesc and Silva, have developed in a more progressive way than Ozil, Cesc was probably making more of what he had to work with at 20 than Ozil does now.

  5. Willow Wilson

    ” What we lack is the ambition and the vision. Wenger talks the talk about wanting to be the best, he needs to walk the walk. FA Cups are lovely, but we didn’t move into a WC stadium to win cups only”

    According to the players and Peter Cech, there is real ambition. So that’s not true at all. Leeds. We have no given reason to expect titles. We are playing catch up and have not been able to match the investment others made for a number of years. Expectation levels are based on what Wenger used to give us pre stadium, not on the reality of the role finance has played in football.

    Times have changed post stadium. In two years we are finally spending more then we earn. Net spend increased from virtually a positive to a negative £100 million. We are no longer selling our best players. He just bought Cech. Ambition? what is all this Wenger has no ambition bollocks?

    If fans are going to base the quality of players on their own judgement, then you are barking up the wrong tree. For every fan who says Vidal will improve us and then has a rant when we don’t sign him, their will be others who don’t want him. Wenger and his coaching team are far better judges of players and their availability than the small army in the Wenger out gang. It always seems the debate is about us not signing players the fans want or who they have read are available in the press. No consideration given that perhaps these either aren’t the right playerS or not available.

    Well if Wenger listened to fans on here, we would have Balotelli stinking the place out. Soldado too. Fans can argue because nothing they say can be disproved because it is guesses. So the ‘lack of ambition’ comments are based on what fans read in the media. If no signings are reported there is no ambition. If we don’t sign Vidal, there’s no ambition. It’s bizarre.

    We have built a good squad. We have Debuchy and Gabriel to strengthen us. Ozil and Sanchez. Cech. Welbeck too. These are all good additions, players bought from clubs like real, Barca, Chelsea and Man Utd. Not bargain basement prospects in the hope we can make then good.

    We have serious competition all over the pitch and if we keep players fit we have a hell of a chance. A chance because we are now able to spend and because we don’t have to sell. And because in my opinion, we have a fantastic manager. Although I recognise we are still catching up, my expectation levels are based on what I have seen in the current squad and the confidence I have in Wenger. That may not go down well but I am not the only one that is thinking that way, I can assure you.

  6. Bamford10


    Even when a shot from 18-25 yards out doesn’t score, if it’s a good shot and on frame, it requires the keeper to make a save, which oftentimes produces additional chances. Indeed this is one of the more effective ways to create additional scoring chances.

    Secondly, a player who shoots from 18-25 can also use his shot as a feint — i.e., fake the shot, forcing defenders to tackle — and then play the ball to a now-open player.

    That Ozil does not have this in his game is a limitation on his play. And simply pointing at goals stats of other CAMs doesn’t really address the point.

  7. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    Well, I don’t think we’ll win it, because I just can’t see us having enough dramatic improvements in the areas I mentioned, whoever we sign.

    As for Cech, it’s interesting that Wenger made an attempt to sign him last season

  8. El Tel 1

    Chavski buying players good enough for most top teams then loaning them out is cheating.

    It is denying the teams in the top ten the opportunity to sign them permanently and they have players playing against all their rivals.

  9. Bamford10


    I have an idea: why don’t you read a different blog, one where no one ever criticizes the players or the manager, one where everyone thinks every current Arsenal player is good enough to win the title, one where people do nothing but praise the manager, the players, the club.

    That seems to be what you want. So why do you keep coming here? I don’t get it. Do you imagine you’re going to turn up here one day and find that it has become that kind of forum? Let me help you: it won’t.

    And none of your boring, empty, impassioned, cheer-leading posts are going to change a single mind here. You have convinced yourself of a number of things; but you have convinced no one else. You can keep repeating these things over and over, but you don’t make a good case and you aren’t very persuasive.

    The Welbeck signing was a sign of ambition? Please. What about sticking with Arteta and Flamini last season? Was that ambition? Give me a f***ing break.

    This summer will tell us much about whether Wenger is genuinely ambitious. Cech alone will not be enough — so if he is the only business Wenger does, the answer will be in: Wenger is not genuinely interested in winning the title or in making a deep run in the CL.

  10. Cesc Appeal


    Have Galatasary matched Podolski’s wages? On something like £100 000 a week I believe…

  11. Nasri's Mouth

    @R.S.P.C. Arsenal

    He’s been offered free fitness training so I’m guessing he gets to keep his badge 🙁

  12. Willow Wilson

    Please stop with the agenda accusations, you are literally killing me with your hypocrisy. Seriously mate, come on even you must have laughed when you typed that.

    I am a Wenger fan but I didn’t think that invalidated my opinion. I acknowledge that those of you with a Wenger out agenda will see me as the enemy. I accept that. However, I do not see you as the enemy at all. I agree with some of the comments. I just do not understand why you slag off all the players as well as Wenger. The conclusion I make is that you either do not understand what you watch or you dislike our players because Wenger signed them. Either that or your Spurs supporting family (kudos for fighting them daily) are trying to brainwash you with anti-arsenal player syndrome.

    I don’t believe Giroud is the best striker we have ever had, I just do not believe he deserves some of the ridicule he gets on here. The same with half the team. Players can be criticised we all do it but it is more sinister on here.

    I am in the camp who would like to see a top striker join but who is available, I don’t know. The club will. I am a Benzema fan, I certainly was not in the benteke camp. But realistically who is out there and available that would fit into our team? And does that mean keeping Giroud or selling him, the latter I would strongly disagree with. Giroud is a very good player who offers much more than a traditional goalscorer might. Do you agree?

  13. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    Dunno, but I doubt it’ll matter too much, he’s more about the playing than the cash.

    Cech (100k)in, Podolski (100k)out. Nice match

  14. Cesc Appeal


    You are the most agenda fuelled poster on here, aside form the obvious anti-Wenger trolls.

    You are on the opposite end of the spectrum to them, but no less irritating.

  15. Cesc Appeal


    Hopefully the move goes through, don’t know whether it’s just being an Arsenal fan or not but I never feel certain until you see the pictures of the player holding a shirt or something.

    At his age, the money might be important, but really you would think only if there is a significant drop.

  16. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    He’s probably the most pro-Wenger poster, dunno if he’s the most agenda fuelled poster though. There are some that manage to ignore some basic facts to offer their view.

  17. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    I’ve got a feeling Galatasaray pay decent wages, but I think he just wants to safeguard his national spot.

  18. Cesc Appeal


    Respectfully disagree there. He properly grates me in the same way the people who just endlessly post ‘Wenger is a c**t’ (or similar) do. I said I wouldn’t engage with him again, so it’s my fault. Just the majority of what he says is utter fan boy rubbish where there’s no fault for anything, ever on our end, it’s all uncontrollable outside factors that have stopped us being really successful and Wenger is an unappreciated genius, all our players are unappreciated superstars and he’s agenda free.

    We get it.

    As I said, he is Rev Kev all over again.

  19. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah most likely.

    Wonder what will happen with Rosicky, can’t really fault him if he wants a move in order to pursue regular football. Could still be a very good player for a lot of teams.

  20. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    I suspect your view is slightly biased due to the properly gratingness*

    * made up word

    As for ignoring posters you don’t want to engage with, it’s a doddle 😉

  21. Willow Wilson

    ……Wenger is not genuinely interested in winning the title or in making a deep run in the CL

    Firstly, as I am sure you know’ I did not say the Welbeck signing was a sign of ambition. I listed his name alongside the other signings we made, so please stop playing your usual games.

    If in 2 years moving from a positive net spend to a negative net spend of £100 isn’t a sign of ambition, then I will concede that the world is flat. If the signings of Ozil and Sanchez weren’t signs then tell me what is. Oh yes, signing benteke!
    The arsenal players and Cech have spoken of Wengers ambition. As I said to Cesc, please don’t allow your arrogance to persuade you that if we don’t sign players you ‘rate’ we lack ambition. This seems to be your angle.

    Hell. You even wanted Fekir to be signed, because you had ‘read’ somewhere he could also play striker. Please excuse me if this further discourages me from taking your judgement of players seriously. Read somewhere, jeez mate.

    Telling me to go to another blog is actually pretty pathetic but sums you up. You think this is some kind of gang you belong to. Arsenal is a great club which like many ST’s, I I spend thousands of pounds watching. So I feel I am entitled to visit any Gooner blog I like. I am sure Pedro wants different opinions, as do most of the posters. Anyway, , I thought you loved an argument, you could start a fight if you was stuck in a lift on your own and would end up covered in bruises.

  22. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, as I said my fault, I have a good handful I just think ‘what’s the point,’ that’s one of them.

    I just posted generically to anyone then, but did you read about this Martunis kid today?

  23. Wallace

    Willow as a fan most closely resembles friends in the real world who are passionate about the game. and not just Arsenal fans. i’ve never encountered a Bamford, a gambon, or a Cesc Appeal in real life.

  24. Cesc Appeal

    “I’m sure they’ve never encountered a Wallace either.”

    Plenty of wet, pessimistic Arsenal fans about who think the sun shines out of Wenger’s arse unfortunately.

  25. Willow Wilson

    Converse with me, no need to slag me off behind my back to other posters. I speak directly to you, have the grace to do the same please. Or just don’t engage me, that’s fine.

    When did I say every arsenal player was a superstar?

    With these sort of comments I can only assume you are very young.

    Yes, I am very pro Wenger. Always have been. Been going since I was a kid in the seventies. For me, Wenger changed everything. Not saying we didn’t have some good times, we did but we had lots of mid table and bottomed table finishes. Some terrible players and some boring football.

    For me Wenger, changed all that. Made mistakes, sure doesn’t everyone? But I am entitled to that view, there are hundreds of thousands that feel the same. But as I say, I understand your agenda but not the player baiting. That was my point. Sorry I upset you by being civilised and offering an alternative view. That is called life. I don’t do gangs, ganging up or bullying. I just offer an opinion.

  26. Cesc Appeal

    “That is called life. I don’t do gangs, ganging up or bullying. I just offer an opinion.”

    Rev Kev radar is going off the charts now, hilaryowls.

  27. Nasri's Mouth


    Tricky one, but which LeGrove poster is closest to the average game going fan you go with

  28. alex cutter

    “You are the most agenda fuelled poster on here, aside form the obvious anti-Wenger trolls.”

    The worst part is that he posts so often, and at such length that I’m suspicious that someone is paying him by the word.

  29. N5

    NM, I’d say Romford. He’s critical when required and gives praise also. He’s almost euphoric when we win and he talks with passion about taking his old man to the match and how that feels.

    He’s probably the one I most identify with.

  30. Cesc Appeal


    I would say, obviously you go a lot more than I do, but when I can get tickets you can literally bump into any type of Arsenal fan, we have a very broad fan base in terms of opinions, divided sometimes.

  31. N5

    Cesc, I misread the question, I thought Nasri was saying the poster was most like the guys I go with.

    Sitting around me is all sorts of guys, but honestly not a single overly pro or overly anti among them. Just guys that want Arsenal to win regardless of how! L’Oreal get’s his name sung out loud and so does Ossssppppiiinnnnnna. I’ve never heard who’s better Erikson or Ozil or how much money do you think we have conversations, just the usual speculation about possible purchases etc.

    Maybe my section isn’t reflective of the “average” supporter, but it’s a good snapshot.

  32. Nasri's Mouth


    Romford is one of the most realistic and neutral ones on here.

    What I find weird is that this place tends to attract people who don’t really find much enjoyment in winning.

    I was buzzing for ages after the FA Cup, (I was even contemplating putting it on again on tuesday night), yet I get the feeling most of the posters here hardly raised a smile

  33. Leedsgunner


    Genuinely interested not designed to be a wind up by the way… if you could have 10 minutes with Wenger what would you ask him to change if you actually think he is not above criticism?

  34. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, certainly find in recent times there is less tolerance among supporters though. One that comes to mind is the 0-0 season before last with United at home, pretty toxic that was. The final minutes especially. You lose yourself in the ground though, I went nuts when Oxlade equalised against Spurs, but the disappointment of it all sunk in on the train back.

    Do remember for that United game though, my friend had got tickets for that, turned up on the night to find they were junior gunners tickets…both of us, reeking of beer, dirty great stubble all over our faces. Think the stewards were just like, whatever.

  35. N5

    NM, I agree with that. If you look at the night of the FA cup you’ll see comments like “well it was great to win, but it’s not an ECL” which I can’t imagine being said by the supporters I sit near. It’s odd what some find celebration worthy, but each to their own.

    I still get pleasure out of watching the Liverpool 2-0 with Mickey Thomas or the Invincibles season review DVDs, which I think some would consider living in the past, but I love it.

  36. Willow Wilson

    Thanks Wallace.

    I am a very passionate fan who wears my passion for arsenal on my sleeve. I don’t go around swearing at anyone that disagrees but By admitting I am pro Wenger I have to accept flak.

    Cesc, I am who I say I am. I do not need to pretend I am something else. I am too long in the teeth for games I am afraid. You may all have multiple accounts but that’s not for me, that’s for kids or the likes of red truth.

  37. Wallace


    “Romford is one of the most realistic and neutral ones on here.

    What I find weird is that this place tends to attract people who don’t really find much enjoyment in winning.”

    yeah, agreed. i sometimes think it’s an age thing(i’m 43), but Romford’s early 20s i think, and while i don’t always agree with him, i get where he’s coming from. i understand him as a fan.

  38. N5

    CA that is true at times there have been some examples of anger in the ground, I’ve been to some really venomous games. Ones where nearly the entire stadium were singing “spend some fucking money”. We’re normally such a placid group of supporters that it couldn’t go unanswered by Ivan/Wenger and co, they had to address it.

    Wenger gave some derogatory “have you managed as many games as me” speech, but he and everyone else knew the fans were growing impatient.

    We may quiet, but as a whole I think we are a better class of supporters than most teams that cheer when required and moan when unhappy, but very few are like those guys that were booing Wenger as he left the stadium or laughing at him slipping over at the train station.

    Those types of guys I’ve only met on here, Thomas/Steve or whatever he goes under now posting that video of him slipping and laughing/calling him a cunt, he’s still an older man that’s fallen and I don’t really find that kind of thing funny.

    I’ve gone way of topic now, I just started to rant! sorry.

  39. Leedsgunner

    What I don’t get are the blatant Chav and Man U supporters who regularly come on here… just to ridicule and mock. I’m probably on the anti Wenger end of the spectrum but when they cross the white line I’m pro Arsenal. I never ever want us to lose… and I don’t understand those that do.

  40. Willow Wilson

    Cheers but I don’t think Wenger is above criticism at all. Just not deserving of what he gets on here. This tends to happen on here if you are pro Wenger people try to take the piss. Like Cesc making ridiculous suggestions that I think every player is a superstar. That is childish.

    I will answer your question though as it is a fair one.

    First, I would ask why he didn’t buy cover in the CB position. Was he in for one that fell through or didn’t he think we needed one. If the latter he was wrong. That hurt us.

    Also, having listened to his interview with gabby yorath I really would like to know how he managed to keep us in the champions league places while selling players. He said it was his greatest achievement so I would like to know what exactly he was being told by the board.

  41. Cesc Appeal


    It’s always nice to see though when the fan base just decides something is unacceptable, I always said it was the perfect storm leading to the Ozil signing, because the fans together just decided what was happening was not good enough, Flamini and Sanogo, nothing else, lose 3-1 to Villa opening day at home.

    I do think there can be complacency at the club sometimes, it’s all too easy, fans do need to let them know they are accountable to them. Its easy for people at the club to say that, but fans do have power. I think with Wenger we are in quite a unique position really though, he is incredibly divisive, I saw a proper barney between two old blokes in a pub watching the second five two against Spurs over him, thought that one was going to come to blows.

  42. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Now the atmosphere seems to bea General love in with Wenger ……

    Are we to forget the lie he told us for years …..?

    Forgive but don’t forget ….

    My fave was the youth one on the step of stadium the yoot are coming ….

    Still waiting .

  43. Willow Wilson

    “We may quiet, but as a whole I think we are a better class of supporters than most teams that cheer when required and moan when unhappy, but very few are like those guys that were booing Wenger as he left the stadium or laughing at him slipping over at the train station.”


    I also do not know a single fan that would moan about winning an FA Cup. I went to Wembley this year and It was incredible. What an atmosphere. I was stunned when I logged onto LeGrove the next moaning and saw all the moaning. That did not represent arsenal fans at all. A brilliant performance and fans were pissing on the cup. Bizarre and that’s not support.

  44. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, Dustin Brown (disappointingly un-German sounding), never heard of him. He’s thirty though, so not like some prospect, interesting, wild card here maybe.


    It will be disappointing now, it’s not a signing related thing or anything, this young kid lost his mum and sister in the 2004 tsunami, a Sky News crew found him like 10 days later or something in a Portugal strip living in a load of rubble and waste, he got to meet the Portugal team after and Ronaldo and some others paid to have his house rebuilt and everything, he told them he wanted to be a footballer just like them…signed for Sporting Lisbon’s academy today.


  45. N5

    Willow, I must admit I found it so bizarre on here that night. I understood it the first year because it was the first trophy in years so I anticipated posters saying it’s not made up for the other 8 years, but B2B FA Cups I thought might at least get a few happy, but all I was reading was about how we didn’t beat Chelsea or City so it didn’t count!!

    Strange reaction.

  46. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah. Of course the British press are chuffed because they think it will open up the draw for Murray, can’t stand the little s**t myself, always be a Federer man myself.

    Something about Djokovic I don’t like as well…not sure what.

  47. Relieable sauce



    I caught a program on the 10 yr anniversary. Loads of touching & inspiring stories.

  48. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Never used to lie Murray
    Until I saw a documentary about him….
    Changed my view ….

    Think a lot of comments were your average England Scotland wind up banter…

  49. Willow Wilson

    You went to Wembley too I recall. What was that atmosphere like! I have been going for many years, only one FA cup final before but I can’t remember much like that. Fans were buzzing. I even saw fans kissing each other.

    The performance 2014 against Hull was not a great one. However, the pressure after 9 years may explain that. But I expected fans to be happy and relieved the monkey was off the back.

    This year we played incredible and thrashed villa. The performance from the first whistle to the last was exceptional and Sanchez goal special. The noise when we realised it had actually gone in. So fans should have been buzzing. My family recoded the game and I have watched it so many times and still get a chill and big smile. So coming on LeGrove to share the feeling and ending up reading Bamford and the like dismissing the cup because we hadn’t played Chelsea or some other bizarre reason, was weird. Then seeing the players getting knocked. The day after that performance. That told me all I needed to know about this blog and some of its members.they did not represent anyone I have ever met. Have to scroll back and review LeGrove to believe it.

  50. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah I think I was saying to WE the other day after those awful Tunisia shootings, it’s during the worst moments, whether man made or not, that you see the best in people…and the worst as well I suppose. I might have just self destructed my point.

  51. Nasri's Mouth

    N5: but B2B FA Cups I thought might at least get a few happy, but all I was reading was about how we didn’t beat Chelsea or City so it didn’t count!!

    Yep, I had that too.

    And one thing in Willow’s favour is he seems to be a ‘proper fan’ in that his delight in the FA Cup is based on a fans delight in winning, and not so much as just a way to praise Wenger.

  52. N5

    Willow, it was a special day. I was to young to really remember Anfield ’89 but the end of game faces reminded me of the party on Fever Pitch. It was quite sureal.

    You’re spot on about people cuddling and dancing etc. it was a really amazing day.

  53. Dan Ahern

    Agree with N5, I think most fans are pretty well rounded and Romford’s a great example. But there are definitely real life versions of about anybody on here–you only have to look as far as Arsenal Fan TV to see that.

    Anyway, I wouldn’t take any blog as an accurate cross section anyway. Obviously the average reader/poster for something like this site, which as been around a few years now, will be a bit skewed based on the vent of the blog, what topics are given attention, and what other posters say about them.

  54. Nasri's Mouth

    @R.S.P.C. Arsenal

    Per and Kos work very well together, an example of the sum being greater than the parts. I don’t see him upsetting that partnership too quickly

  55. Willow Wilson

    Yes. I couldn’ t care who the manager is, I am an arsenal fan. . I was lucky my family heritage made me a fan, no club like it. None. I am proud of the stadium and how we have improved the club especially in view of the difficulties we encountered. Like you I have been a fan a very long time so I can recognise the changes where perhaps others cannot.

    The reason I defend Wenger is because he does not deserve the daily abuse he gets. This does not mean he is not fallable, he is. There are lots of things I question but I am just a fan so I am not going to pretend I know best.

    I also do not understand the slagging off every bloody player receives, that was the just today nothing to do with Wenger. If all our players are so hopeless, how on earth do we finish where we do. That was the point.

    I also do not understand the comments the day after the cup final. Bizarre.

    Or how spending £100 million shows a lack of ambition

    The fact expressing my feelings to be pro arsenal, pro Wenger and pro arsenal has made me enemies on here is amusing. It is the same reason rival fans would want to pick a fight.

  56. Cesc Appeal


    I posted something but I must have included a forbidden word somehow, maybe Sco**ish, who knows 😉

  57. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    May 26th 1989
    Around 9. 30

    One of the happiest days of my life….

    Vaguely remember 1971 collecting the picture cards an me dad coming home from games….


    What a year

  58. Blsany

    Willow just read your comments regarding’ve said what I and cesc and Dan were saying but what i don’t appreciate is that because you’ve been going to see the Arsenal for 40 years you are more of fan than we are.sometimes you annoy people on here when you come All hyped up and 100 miles per hour and speak in condescending tone.other than that you seem like an Ok geezer.

  59. Willow Wilson

    If I could go back in time, I would love to be spirited to Anfield in 1989. Those away fans must have been buzzing and flying all the way home. I watched it with loads of family on TV. Crap 20inch TV none of these 60 inch flat screen we have now in HD!

    After Wembley we travelled home on the train and it was like a constant celebration. Can’t remember anything like it.

  60. Emiratesstroller

    For Arsenal to challenge for EPL Title and also to make further progress in Champions League we need to do the following:

    1. Replicate what we managed to do defensively in second half of season where
    we conceded just 13 goals in 19 games.
    2.Start beating both home and away our major competitors i.e. Chelsea,Man
    City and Man Utd. Last season we managed just 1 point against both Chelsea
    and Man Utd.
    3.Genuine Title contenders need to be scoring between 85-95 goals in a seas
    4.Break down clubs who are putting 10 players behind the ball. There needs to
    be more tactical awareness and cutting edge.

    The most obvious remaining problems in the team are:
    1. Who plays DMF role if Coquelin gets injured or needs a rest?
    2.How do we increase our goalscoring potential if we do not buy a prolific

    The solutions for me are:
    1. Buying someone like Carvalho who is essentially a DMF to compete with
    Coquelin, but can also play when required in defence.
    2.Increase the goalscoring output of Messrs Welbeck and Walcott as well as
    our midfield players. Both Welbeck and Walcott should be capable of scor-
    ing 10-15 goals per season. Messrs Ozil, Cazorla, Ramsey, Wilshire and Ox
    should be capable to score collectively at least double the goals they
    managed last season.

  61. Blsany

    Willow……yes you do brother not having a go at all but you always slide that in every time someone says something critical about a player or the manager. Dont believe me?re read every single post you made bro

  62. Jay

    I think most people put a downer on things because of the frustration of having not won the ucl. Its something which rival fans use to dig the club out and it can be kind of embarrassing and annoying when you think a club like chelsea that became a force just how many years ago has.

  63. N5

    I think you’re quite right, all the big clubs bar Citeh have won it and Citeh have only really been considered a big club for a few years and I think to be thought of as a top club you have to have won that at some point.

    Oh and Villa won it, but shhhh about that as that just clouds up the water.

  64. Bermy boy

    Poldis two reasons for living.

    1.German national team
    2.Punish Wengers ass the next match they meet.

  65. Jay

    Lol yeah I remember myself hoping chelsea wouldn’t win it in the two finals they got to even though the first was against united (compromise) now I find myself wishing city doesn’t win it before us well we’ll see out it goes besides I keep consoling myself that I ll see it in my lifetime. When other fans dig me out I ask them: has the world ended?

  66. El Tel 1

    Willow is my favourite poster on here and I have been on Le Grove for many years.

    The original posters when Geoff and Pedro shared the gig have all left and the place has been taken over by anti Arsenal trolls.

    If these guys actually support this great Club they would not constantly slag everyone off.

    I have digs at Wenger and still want him gone, I also slate our players when necessary.

    I don’t though laud the small clubs who won the lottery and see nothing they do as being wrong.

    Although I am anti Wenger I also respect what he has done and always will.

    Some on here have wanted him to die for fucks sake. They know who they are. Are they Arsenal fans?

    I also talk about the old days from the 70’s. This is not saying I am a better supporter this is sharing the Arsenal love.

    As Willow says, the club we support is unique and like him I would never want to support any other club.

    Keep it up Willow and maybe some of the original Le Grovers will return.

  67. El Tel 1

    Mr Cech is another in the long list of players who have left Moaninhio and slagged him off.

    Like Wenger or not, he rarely gets slaughtered by his former players

  68. El Tel 1

    For those belittling the FA cup because we didn’t play the Chavs.

    Maybe if they were good enough to beat that two bob team who knocked them out we would have had the opportunity to play them.

    All I can say is they came to our place with 6 defenders. As much as I hate the Mancscum they would never have done this.

    Citeh too would never have done this.

    The great gob Moaninhio did this. He then gets called a genius for doing so.


  69. Johnty79

    Can’t believe we signed Cech. I think u are all in for a rude awakening .

    Ospina and begovic are better then Cech at this point in time. By and large Cech gas only had to make two saves a game in his arsenal career.

    Chelsea out manoeuvre us again by signing begovic.

    The only thing certain about arsenal next year is they won’t win the league. I don’t rate calvaho either. Kondogbia was a much better signing. How the hell can inter out spend us I’ll never know?

  70. Cesc Appeal


    I think so, I remember when Sanchez signed and he told the story about performing street acrobatics for money for his family and the mayor of his town buying him his first pair of football boots.

    Literally nothing to not love about that guy.

  71. Marko

    Yeah there’s a lot of rags to riches stories out there but not enough genuine ones that the person has stayed true to himself or remembered where they came from. Lots of stories like Mayweather or whoever where they came from poor background and just turned into complete rich cunts. Maybe even Neymar too. Pretty rich and his father (or should i say his fathers company) in the Barcelona deal made like 20 million for basically convincing his son to choose Barca. Do you think they do good back in Brazil? Would they even care? Sanchez though I bet he does good and more importantly he’s humble

  72. Bamford10


    “I also do not understand the slagging off every bloody player receives .. ”

    Wait, are you saying that you don’t like it when people “slag off” the players? Because I’m not sure we gathered that the first 6,000 times you said it.

    You’re a f***ing bore, mate.

    And THAT was your list of Wenger’s failings? One failing? Not signing CB cover? So sticking with Arteta and Flamini for yet another year (last summer) was not a mistake? Going with Giroud as the #1 for a third year in a row was not an error?

    Nah, you’re simply incapable of being honest and critical about your idol and about the squad.

    As for your role here on Le Grove, you’ve clearly decided that this blog needs your evangelizing, that posters here need to be instructed on the “right’ way to be a supporter, i.e., the way you and your chums talk about the club. El Tel likes you, apparently, but for me you’re the dullest, emptiest and most tiresome voice here (aside from Marble). If Le Grove consisted of ten Willows, this blog would be a fucking dead zone and Pedro would wonder where his readership had gone.

    My point is that coming here every day and complaining again and again that you don’t like hearing people say bad things about Giroud or Wenger is like me going to Positively Arsenal every day and complaining that people there aren’t objective or critical enough. That’s not what they do there; and your talk — thank fucking God — is not what most people do here.

  73. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, I’m not sure on people like Neymar but you would imagine Sanchez does things, seems a really nice guy, when he caught me in his kitchen at 2 am he wasn’t a d**k about it or anything, just straight up restraining order.

    But it is a good point, you get the sense sometimes that these people are so desperate to escape these places (understandably) they don’t even want to think about it again.

    I know Mayweather does some things for the Las Vegas homeless, but I don’t know if he has projects or what have you in Grand Rapids which is pretty poor. Some of these guys set up scholarships or things to help young people get out and have a chance in life.

  74. Marko

    I only really brought up Mayweather cause he’s done some stupid stuff with money before as part of his whole being a prick gimmick. Pretty sure he’s burned money or implied he wipes his arse with it or something. Which is pretty heinous when you consider growing up the poverty he witnessed

  75. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, I think he has matured with age, but yes I know exactly what you mean, around the De La Hoya time he was a total d-bag.

    That’s why I hate Broner so much, he’s trying to be Mayweather, but without the talent…greatly enjoyed Maidana annihilating him.

    As the banner at the Emirates says, you can’t buy class. I always like hearing about rich, famous people going back to their roots and doing great things for the poor areas they grew up in.

  76. Ozy

    “but for me you’re the dullest, emptiest and most tiresome voice here ”

    Bamford, you and Keyser are on par with Marble in that you pollute these comments with the same shit every single day.

    Literally the same discussion. The same arguments. Every. Single. Day. Hours on end. Then you have the balls to say Willow is boring? Lol.

  77. Kiyoshi Ito


    Some Premiership footballers, used to burn £50 notes, in front of guys and girls..

    To let them know, they are nothing.
    How scandalous is that. ..

    I don’t know what is worse footballers burning a wad of £50 notes in your face. .

    Mayweather chucking $100 bills in your face..

    Or getting chicks scantily dressed to count $1 million within a specific time period. .

    All bizarre. .

  78. Bamford10


    What happened to the fawning phrase you gave me for my long post on same-sex marriage? Or on cultural relativism? The WWC? I guess that doesn’t fit your narrative now.

    I actually post about a great number and variety of things, but some of my recurring themes probably grate on some a little. So be it: when I’m right (re Giroud, re the need for a CDM) I’m right.

    Cheers. 😉

  79. tunnygriffboy


    Have you seen the BBC documentary on Alexis ? He’s an amazing character. Totally revered in Topacilla where he’s from. What a rough place. An old run down port on the edge of the desert with the only form of work is a disgusting nitrate mind. There are murals of him everywhere on the sides of run down buildings. He goes back regularly to see his old mates. Every Christmas he hires a truck and goes around the town giving all the kids presents.

    An absolute legend.

  80. don

    That game v Liverpool when he came on and 10 mins later walked off.The RVP two goal game at Anfield.That should have been the end.He was still here 4 years later and 12m in wages pocketed

  81. tunnygriffboy


    Am I reading this right ?

    ” Secondly, a player who shoots from 18 to 25 yards can also use his shot as a feint_ ie, fake the shot forcing the defenders to make a tackle__and then play the ball to a now open player.

    That Ozil does not have this in his game is a limitation on his play ”

    Do you really think Ozil is unable to do this and it isn’t in his locker ?

  82. Wallace

    Sanchez hasn’t even finished last season as West Ham kick off this…

    Bild reporting Podolski to Galatasaray is in the bag. 4m euros.

  83. Willow Wilson

    “Secondly, a player who shoots from 18 to 25 yards can also use his shot as a feint_ ie, fake the shot forcing the defenders to make a tackle__and then play the ball to a now open player.

    That Ozil does not have this in his game is a limitation on his play ”


    This blokes comments get more bizarre by the day, should be sectioned bloody lunatic.

  84. Willow Wilson

    Sanchez definitely needs a decent break. Not just physically drained, mentally too. Last season he played in the world cup too during pre-season.

  85. Emiratesstroller

    I have supported Arsenal over 60 years and been going to games since 1956. During that time I have watched some very poor sides as well as those who have been outstanding.

    My first ever game at Highbury was watching Stanley Matthews then in his 40s play for Blackpool.

    There have been a number of memorable games, which I have been privileged to watch mainly against Manchester United. Who can forget the last game played on English soil at Highbury by the Busby Babes.I have watched Arsenal
    win the first double including the memorable visit to White Hart Lane when
    we beat Spurs 1-0 to win League.

    Most of the time that I watched Arsenal up to 1996 they were a relatively dour
    team hence the chant 1-0 to the Arsenal.

    What Arsene Wenger achieved apart from creating some “great teams” including recruitment of some great stars was to make the team play very
    attractive football, which was a pleasure to watch.

    Over the past 5 years I have been critical of Wenger, because I felt that he stayed in the job too long and some of his decision making has been poor. Sometimes the football played was ‘too pretty and ineffective’ and several of the playersnrecruited were not of the calibre to be expected at an ambitious club.

    However, Wenger is still at the club and for the first time in 10 years we do have a realistic opportunity of winning a League Title. If that is achieved then
    I do hope that Wenger will retire gracefully with his reputation intact.

    What I do know is that there are far too many people in the media including
    so-called professional pundits who have frankly not a clue about how to run or for that matter manage a football club. That applies also to many of the so-called fair weather supporters of the club as well.

    Arsenal are in many respects a “unique club” in English and World Football.
    They may not be the most successful,biggest or richest club on the planet,
    but what they do offer is stability, longevity and above all respect for conducting themselves unlike many others as a professional and financially prudent
    and well run club.

  86. Goondawg

    Talk about irony, did Bamford really just say to someone they are the “dullest, emptiest and most tiresome voice here ”

    That’s fucking hilarious

  87. Nasri's Mouth

    Bamford10: Because I’m not sure we gathered that the first 6,000 times you said it.You’re a f***ing bore, mate.

    Apparently Bamford10 has only said that Giroud isn’t good enough 5999 times, so it’s fine!

  88. Nasri's Mouth

    tunnygriffboy: Do you really think Ozil is unable to do this and it isn’t in his locker ?

    Yeah, I didn’t know quite where to start with that, so decided it wasn’t worth it. Weird stuff.

  89. Nasri's Mouth

    ES: What I do know is that there are far too many people in the media including
    so-called professional pundits who have frankly not a clue about how to run or for that matter manage a football club.

    Agree with this. Pundits are ultimately people who used to be able to kick a ball very well. Other than that, there’s very little suggestion they know anything else about the game.
    Added to that, most of them aren’t actually Arsenal fans, so their knowledge of Arsenal is no greater than all the other teams.
    Added to that, they’re probably paid to come on and answer a few basic and standard questions and never bother to do much homework

  90. Willow Wilson

    “Pundits are ultimately people who used to be able to kick a ball very well. Other than that, there’s very little suggestion they know anything else about the game.
    Added to that, most of them aren’t actually Arsenal fans, so their knowledge of Arsenal is no greater than all the other teams. Added to that, they’re probably paid to come on and answer a few basic and standard questions and never bother to do much homework”


  91. Emiratesstroller


    I am all for constructive criticism about our club and team, but far too much media coverage and for that matter many of the posts on Le Grove lose all sense of reality and common sense.

    Arsenal is a well run club, which is correctly financed as “Swiss Ramble” has reported many times. There has been justifiable criticism of lack of ambition
    and investment in team in recent seasons, but that has been corrected.

    There is an argument that Wenger should have retired several seasons ago,
    but he did not do so. Hopefully he will do so when his current contract ends
    and in that time frame we have won league title.

    Personally I like the look of our current squad. We do need to offload several
    of fringe players who have no prospect of playing in team or sitting even on bench. Providing that we do so there is room for one or two additional new

    The only position where we lack options is DMF. It is a problem that Wenger
    needs a solution before start of season. Our offensive positions need to score
    more goals than we did last season. Whether that can be achieved with existing personnel remains to be seen, but I recognise that there are very few forwards currently available in market who offer an improvement on what we
    have got or are affordable.

  92. wenker-wanger

    here we go again…transfer speculation,,,,,,this one that one!…..
    pardon my cynicism, but wenger makes ONE class signing per season…whether we need 3 or not. We have cech at a very economical outlay. Wenger is contented…….theres no need for any extravagances in the market…….4th place looks assured!….JOB DONE

  93. Emiratesstroller

    According to Arsenal Official Website there are currently 32 players listed in
    first team squad. Interestingly Diaby although officially released is still listed.

    Included in the list are 6 players who are officially U21 and do not need to be
    registered with EPL or UEFA as part of our squad of 25 players. It is possible
    that Bellerin and Chambers might be included in list.

    If you exclude Diaby we have currently 25 players aged 21+. However, the
    likelihood is that Ospina,Jenkinson, Campbell and Sanogo will be offloaded in
    this transfer window and that brings it down to 21 players.

    Even if you were to to include Bellerin and Chambers in our registered list there is still space for 2 additional recruits.

    Therefore the likelihood is that Wenger will still bring in at least 2 more new
    players this Summer.