Cheerio to Lukas!

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Well how are we today?


Nothing says summer quite like sitting next to a guy on the train and you can taste his body odour so acutely, it’s akin to biting into an raw onion.

Sweet times.

Today, we can talk about departures. Lukas Podolski is heading to the scrap yard of Europe that is the Turkish league. Galatasaray are picking up the expensive German for a whopping €3.2m in a deal that works out very well for Arsenal in the sense that we remove a hefty wage from our bill.

You have to say, in the grand scheme of things, Lukas was a massive fail. He didn’t have the pace to make it in the Premier League and I think it’s fair to say, he didn’t really have the drive to slot into the team outwide. He was also quite technically deficient for an Arsene Wenger player. He couldn’t play with his back to goal and he lacked the physical presence to get by in the central role. Outwide he had some success. His delivery was excellent and when presented with a chance, he’d hit it, like, proper hard.

Weird to say, but he was mostly good for goals… which is fine when you’re an Everton player, not so fine when your club has bigger expectations.

It was hard not to love Lukas. But we’ve all worked with people who have Bantersaur traits in the office, but they never contribute to the tea run and they always palm work off with charm.

F*ck those people and f*ck you Lukas. You never made the damn tea.

Moving on. Some Chelsea fans made some crass remarks on Twitter to Petr Cech. Sorry people, feels like a bit of a non-news story. If you’re shocked there are idiots on Twitter, well, I’d suggest you haven’t hung out in the cesspool that is the football community.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s some beautiful folk on there, but there are also some really disgusting people on there. Pretty sure Petr gives zero f*cks…

I find it interesting that Chelsea is a totally elite part of London, yet their fans are pretty unelite. What happened there? Was Chelsea ever a dump? I bet when Roman bought it he thought he’d bought a slice of Premiership Luxury. Poor guy.

In other news, Sweden won the U21 Championships. Pretty special for such a small nation. It’ll be interesting to see how those players span out into Europe’s elite clubs. Also a bit sad that William Carvahlo missed the penalty that lost the game. Bad times.

Nigel Pearson has been sacked by Leicester. Really not that surprising, When your son releases his first porno of a Thai girl licking his rectum with a twist of racism thrown in for extra ‘banter’… you have to wonder how long your Thai overlords are going to let you go on for. Difficult thing for them now is that he did a really good job keeping them up. Anyone coming in there now, well, you’d have to fear for them.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for you today. Busy, busy, busy!



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  1. DUIFG

    Lukas was pretty bang average, probbaly one of the most underwhelming signings we made, came with a bit of hype, didnt really bring anythinbg to the party bar a big shot.

    if that figure is correct thats fantastic money for him

  2. Mark

    Very quiet on the transfer front if you disregard the click bait. I fear Cech and some youth players is all we are getting.

  3. Rich

    The Market is slow in general, We’ve made the best signing of this window so far, il be gutted if we miss out on Schneiderlin, but no top attacking talent has jumped ship yet.

  4. El Patron

    Debuchy. Kos. Merts. Monreal
    Coq. Ramsey
    Ox. Ozil. Alexis

    Bellerin. Gabriel. Chambers. Gibbs
    Wilshere. Arterta
    Theo. Santi. Campbell

    Jenkinson. Hayden. Beilik. xxxx
    Flamini. Rosicky
    Gnabry. Zelalem. Akpom

    Yeah… I can’t see Arsenal doing much more incomings without a few outgoings first

  5. YoungMurphy

    I always have a thing for players with a cracking left foot. Goodbye Pods you will be missed. In all fairness, he was a good signing for the pre money bags Arsenal, when we were scrimping, but now we got our money up and have a decent team, he doesn’t fit in anymore. He’ll always have my respect for loving St. Totteringhams day.

    Watched the U21 final last night, Portugal really were on their last legs by the end of it and Sweden deserved to win. All the missed penalties were horrendously taken. Carvalho really hit a sloppy penalty.

    Not much to say on Nigel Pearson. Clearly unacceptable behaviour and if he left because his son was sacked then he’s a massive bender. If he was sacked well…he’s still a bender. Interesting that last season even when it appeared he was losing his head he never lost the dressing room.

  6. Carts

    “Scrap yard of Europe” fucking harsh that, don’t you think. “Whopping e3.2m deal”…fuck about, you alright today? the body stench really done a number on you, Pedrito.

    Tbh, the Turks know they can’t compete with Spain and England, but they hold their own. Passionate fans. Moreover, they actually buy prime players; same can’t be said for MLS – thus rendering them the asshole of world football, no?

    We saw Podolski play everywhere bar in a front 2. But tbf to Wenger, there simply wasn’t any chance whatsoever to give Podolski a real go in a front 2. Nice chaps; extremely limited though. He’ll pick up a nice wage in Turkey, and be adored by fans (if he scores) .

  7. Dave Highbury

    Yeah nice send off for Diaby.
    How is Le Grove still standing after the crap you wrote about Wenger and our club? Now the foundation is built and the team is rising like a rocket, who’s man enuff to admit the errors of their moany ways and dis-respect? None of you.
    Not one apology for slaggin off the club for YEARS. WEAK SPOILT TWATS.

  8. N5

    I was hoping to bump into TYAG gambon, I don’t often come here but its s nice place.

    My sister in law is crawly! She lives in a dive though. Is it all like that or is there some nice.

    Dan why do I hear banjo music?

  9. gambon

    “and the team is rising like a rocket”

    4th to 3rd…..thats a slow slow rocket.

    Lol at these AKB mugs.

  10. Henry

    I want to believe Lukas wasn’t properly used like Arshavin was abused too cos they like d right kind of versatility Wenger wants. Both will always remain on my mind. A DM is needed even if no one else comes in

  11. Rocky Pires

    El PatronJuly 1, 2015 09:22:10
    Debuchy. Kos. Merts. Monreal

    Wow just seeing that on paper make you realize what an experienced, solid back 5 we have now, add top talents like Bellerin and Gabriel and there is depth there now.
    I dont think it can be underestimated how important it is to keep Kos fit for the season

  12. gambon

    Crawley is a shithole.

    Some nice areas (Worth), but even the newer neighbourhoods like Maidenbower are full of twats.

    Good night out if you like a bit of aggro though.

  13. N5

    Ill give it a swerve gambon, it looked like one big council estate where she lived but I assumed that was just a shit part.

  14. Rocky Pires

    As regards Goodbye Diaby day, well nothing more can be said than what a shame we hadnt him fulltime. what a player he could have being.

  15. Highbury4ever

    Diaby out, at last!!
    Good riddance, but if you have any financial problems you can call arsène of course, dear abou lol

  16. Captain wenger

    I’m in the good bit South of the town not far from the pub lol not originally from here I’m a Surrey boy

  17. London gunner

    It’s all about Hackney best borough in London, followed by camden and then Islington.

    Perfect balance of urban living, but chocka block with beautiful green spaces and the best things to do without the nightmarish crowds of Central london.

  18. gambon

    Yeah, used to go the the Half Moon back in the day. Actually watched Thierry’s wondergoal against Barthez there.

  19. DM

    Podolski may have never become the player we hoped he would but I will still remember him with fondness – he scored some excellent goals for us and I still think he had one of the best shots on him that I’ve seen in any player, just ferocious. I guess it’s not harsh to call him a fail, but he certainly wasn’t a disaster. Farewell Lukas, hope it works out for you at your next club.

  20. Marko

    So Douglas Costa joins Bayern, Imbula joins Porto and Diaby leaves Arsenal. It’s all kicking off now

  21. gambon

    Podolski is another example of the madness we’ve seen from Wenger in the striker position.

    Hes sold RVP and signed Gervinho, Podolski, Chamakh, Giroud, Sanogo.

    His strategy has just been to sign player after player, and pay silly wages.

  22. gambon

    Live in the sticks out beyond Horsham.

    Was in Crawley from day 1 through to the age of 30, so love the place, but its prety shit.

    Horsham is the place to be these days. If I was a property investor that is where I would be buying.

  23. seg

    Sorry Guys, i got a question, are gypsies really shrewd when it comes to business? I mean like what happened in the movie Snatch?

  24. shad

    Hey munglers!

    Yes..Poldi and Diaby out. *cracks open a beer*

    About damn time. Crossing fingers for the sameto Flamini and Arteta.

  25. Bamford10

    British journalist Andy Mitten saying that word is Wenger wants a “bigger name” than Schneiderlin for the midfield. Re why he has become a United target rather than an Arsenal signing, Mitten writes:

    “Teammates thought Schneiderlin, 25, was going to Arsenal, for the player had spoken of his desire to play in the Champions League, but United can pay him more and Arsene Wenger is now letting it be known that they’re looking for a bigger name to reinforce their midfield.”

  26. seg

    If Podolski leaves he would earn my respect, it means he really want to play, he could stay and just keep banking his pay and run down his contract. Almunia, Squillaci did it.

  27. Rhys Jaggar

    Mr Wood

    Saying that making tea in the office is top of the agenda is the refuge of those who:

    1. Outrage key clients for three years, lying to them, spinning them yarns and treating senior people like 23 year old dole scroungers.
    2. Those incapable of synthesising visions for the future so needing to oust those who could. They wanted a free lunch at interview but were shamed into hiring when the presentation was shared with others……………
    3. Those who hack home computers like mafia criminals but spout claptrap about ‘decency’, ‘behaviour’ and ‘professionalism’.
    4. Those who can’t delegate so do 16hr days.

    Amongst other things.

    You think being a semi-alcoholic is less of a crime than not making tea. Your choice but you lose all respect because of it.

    You steal others’ input and trash them as you do it. Hardly badging yourself as anything but a low level criminal are you?

    You go on about LBGT and black crap but behave as a racist to the Welsh, the Northern folks etc. you’re a racist, you’re just too cowardly to do it to anyone who might stand up to you.

    You’ll be a fully fledged criminal in 5 years Mr Wood. Linked to all the spying mafias, stealing every morning, lunch and supper time.

    You won’t learn to behave short of violent assault. A shame, because the chances of that happening are slim. Despite hating Arsene Wenger and Tony Attwood for so long, you behave the same as them. Small people threatened by those who disagree with them.

    One day you’ll get your comeuppance. And I for one won’t have any sympathy for you.

    There will be an Andrew Jennings moment for you Mr Wood. You signed up with crooks and now there’s no way out.

    You’re a self-serving obnoxious little turd who wants admiring fawning little sycophants around you.

    Don’t have children, you’re too much of a scumbag to be a role model to any child. School would make your children have to embrace codes of decency you abhor.

    You are one set of insults away from a formal demand to Gazidis to ban you for life as a racist.

    Now repeat after me: ‘I Peter Wood, do hereby declare that I will cut my penis off and eat it for supper if I ever again write racist trash about the Welsh, the Scousers or those outside my little piss hole of Essex, North London and the American spy firms I prostitute myself to when I am not pickled with unhealthy amounts of alcohol…………and I will have a Black and Decker drill blind me if I steal other’s work and trash them after doing so, thereby ending my visual ability to watch Arsenal for life . Finally, I agree to be put head first through an industrial food mincer if I ever hack computers, work for those who do or in any way embrace digital theft to overcome my irredeemable mediocrity in all fields………..’

    Very easy for an honest person to say that Mr Wood. Impossible for a scumbag criminal.

    Which are you, if the jury has not already delivered its verdict?

    A humiliating come down for you, but not before time I would suggest…………..

  28. salparadisenyc

    Not sure we can find a bigger name than Schneiderlin, quite a few letters in there.

    Cut me some slack its early.

  29. Bamford10

    Obvious point, but with Podolski leaving, natural replacement should be left-sided player who can play as a CF or a wide left.

    Good reason to look at Lacazette. Who else?

  30. blsany

    Good post Pedro.I can’t really disagree with anything regarding podolski.He looked as though he had something missing in his game even when he first came on scene at 06 WC.Now we know he just couldnt be arsed.Lazy fucker but i’ll still miss his Banter.Good day so far Nigel Pearson(biggest Cunt ever)fired,Diaby released just wish it wasn’t 1000 degrees over here.

  31. gambon

    Pulborough isnt that far.

    Im just off the A24, small village just after the big Maccy D’s on the crossroads.

  32. Bamford10


    I think you need a long walk in the fresh air, mate. Maybe along the Thames? Or through Kensington Gardens or some such? Maybe even three or four days in the Lake District.

    Birdsong. Clouds. Trees. Rolling hills. Green grass.

    That sort of thing.

  33. Keyser

    Podolski did exactly what was expected of him, as did Giroud, Gervinho, Chamakh and Sanogo.

    10 million for a wide forward moving to a stronger league under more pressure, and late in his career. Along with Giroud and Cazorla pretty much seamlessly replaced the goals and assists Song and Van Persie contributed, and for a similar price.

  34. Samesong

    It’s all about Hackney best borough in London, followed by camden and then Islington.

    Perfect balance of urban living, but chocka block with beautiful green spaces and the best things to do without the nightmarish crowds of Central london.

    Those places are riddled with high crime rates would never live in any of those areas.

  35. blsany

    Ok lads what’s the backstory between Rhys Jaggar the lunatic and Pedro? Anyone?Weird shit to get through.I lost it when he said the Welsh are different race. Someone needs to tell Ramsey asap LOL

  36. Dissenter

    “Podolski did exactly what was expected of him, as did Giroud, Gervinho, Chamakh and Sanogo.”

    Honestly, do you really think any of these signings succeeded?
    They were all cheap flops.

  37. Keyser

    I think it’d be more interesting if he explained his reasoning a little further.

    He does sound a bit like Bamford, anyone think it’s Bamford’s trolling account ?

  38. Kiyoshi Ito

    Probably a professional falling out between the two, who knows??

    No one knows. ..But Rhys’s missive, is definitely coming from a place of immense displeasure. He’s been on this war path for sometime. .

    No one will know the backdrop to whatever shenanigans transpired between the pair, but what is interesting is the hints Rhys drops in his posts..

    I know Rhys has done a few guest posts on here..All in all, it’s all a mystery. A funny one at that..

    Maybe something akin to the movie. ..

    “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”

  39. shad


    Don’t think we need Cabaye. Maybe a few years ago but I find his tackling unrefined and he placates that with the odd screamer. He’ll cover more ground than Arteta and Flamini but always looks like one reckless tackle away from an early shower. No thanks. Might as well get Carvalho. Higher ceiling and is already a beast of a DM.

  40. bennydevito

    Seriously Rys Jagger, what is your problem? Is your blog so shit you have to dig at Pedro? Have you been refused a guest post on here?

    Jesus man, you got issues.

    Afternoon Grovers.

  41. shad

    I think we are done with transfer INs to be honest. At most we’ll ship out one or two fringe players. Wenger is rolling the dice on the end of last season’s form, esp in the DM area. And thinking Walcott or Giroud will bag 25+ goals..

  42. Marko

    Shad maybe Krychowiak, Lars Bender or Carvalho? I know people probably rate Morgan more than Carvalho I just think there’s little between them but with William you get the feeling there’s another level or two still to come from him whereas Schneiderlin us probably as good as he’ll ever be. Krychowiak or Lars Bender though would be the top two for me though

  43. Nasri's Mouth

    I never bother reading Rhys Jagger posts. I tried this time because everyone was commenting on it.

    Got 1/3 of the way through, gave up

  44. Dissenter

    Agreed, Wenger is always rolling the dice. He’s admitted he like the gambling thrill of the transfer window.
    That said, I think there’s going to be another special player coming in. My best bet is it will be Vidal.

    Alexis has had him in close proximity for one month.
    Juventus have been trying to sign Lamela, so it’s got to be Vidal.

  45. Nasri's Mouth

    Schneiderlin looks to be going for a fee north of £25m, possibly £30m and wages of £100k+

    I can understand why we’re letting ManU take him

    (Possibly some financial issues over his agents too)

  46. blsany

    I hate to say this but Messi has completely outshone Ronaldo in this Copa America, I have not seen Ronaldo do anything even remotely as good in this Copa America, it’s almost like he wasn’t there.

  47. Nasri's Mouth

    Dissenter: so it’s got to be Vidal.

    Alexis can talk to Vidal till he’s blue in the face, it’s still up to Wenger who he wants, and I can’t see him wanting a 28 yr old with issues coming from a slower league when it would mean the end of one of Ramsey or Wilshere, both of whom are his projects.

    It’s just not a Wenger style signing

  48. Nasri's Mouth


    To be honest, Ronaldo hasn’t even been the best Portuguese player in the tournament. Carvalho looked a lot better


  49. Dissenter

    I’m not sure Schneiderlin is worth £25 million and a £100k salary. I’m bound to be in the tiny minority that belies this.
    His experience at the top is limited to the 9 caps he has for France, only two have been in competitive games.
    He has ZERO CL or EUROPA cup experience.

    He’s a good player but he’s moving into another different level, let’s see how he performs at United.

  50. Bamford10

    Nice try, Keyser. We all know the two of you share adjacent white-walled rooms — with a spot of sunlight, I hope.

  51. blsany

    LOL bro…Last night he was unbeliveable agin i know it was only aginst Paraaaaaguuuuay but still. If he wants, he can be the best no.9 or the best false 9. He could be the best winger or the best no.10. And now, he is also showing he can do exactly what Xavi was doing at his prime.I think we are in verge of seeing the greatest footballing transformation (position wise) in a player’s career. He possesses all the elements to be a great midfielder. Even when he was 19 or 20, one could see his unbeatable ability to make swift short passes, to draw defensive players towards oneself and then release a killer ball forward, to understand the positioning of other players around to perfection and other attributes which make a complete midfielder. These days he has developed these attributes to near perfection.Just love this dude evertime he steps on the pitch!

  52. Bamford10


    Please, please, please take up Midwest’s idea re Le Grove t-shirts. Use the logo from the top right corner. Maybe even jersey numbers, quotes or names of/for classic posters?

    Get a Grover with a design background to chip in for free.

    Another revenue stream, no?

  53. Dissenter

    Nasri’s mouth,
    You mean the same Wenger who signed Dubuchy, who was one month shy of 29 years old last July.
    Vidal can play the defensive midfield position well, and he passes very well as well.
    He’s everything Arteta is supposed to be.

  54. Keyser

    Bamford – Yeah, even in your more lucid moments you could never piece together a post like that, he’s everything you’d hope to be, but don’t have the imagination to conjure or conceive yourself.

  55. Keyser

    If Vidal was signed it’s more likely he’ll be played alongside Ramsey/Wilshere/both than in their stead.

    Dissenter – There’s a larger drop-off to the players in behind Debuchy, plus Debuchy isn’t quite Vidal’s level to begin with, not sure he’s Sagna’s yet.

  56. foxy

    For the price Southampton want for schneiderlin, I would suggest it is in our best interests to purse other targets. £30M for schneiderlin or £30M for a proven international quality DM who have played in the champions league/Europe (Martinez, Bender or Krychowiak for example).

    Regardless I cant see wenger bringing any DM this Summer. He will give the Coq a full season to show he is the real deal before deciding to spend big on a DM because you simply dont spend £30m on a DM to bench him/rotate him.

  57. Marko

    Who’d wanna buy a le-grove t-shirt with a classic Marble nonsensical comment? Or let’s put one of Rhys comments on one. Or the classic Bamford one where he rates Coquelin but then makes an argument for not rating him. I’ll still plain white t-shirts thank you very much

  58. shad


    True. I’ve not seen much of Krychowiak but he’s received rave reviews from quite a few pundits. The advantage of MS over Carvalho is of course he is already settled in England. Carvalho will still need time to adjust to the pace of the league, culture, language, etc. I’d still take him as he’ll warrant less demands (wages, playing time, etc) as opposed to nabbing the Saints captain


    Not so sure about Vidal even if Juve are flirting with Lamela. Relying on Pogba for a whole season is suicidal and he is the one who deputized for Poggie when he was out. Furthermore when you think of Vidal’s off the pitch antics which Wenger has been known to discipline lately (Jack, SZCZ, Bendtner..) you wonder whether he will want to take on another problem child. And Vidal would compete for Ramsey’s position (and Jack), though Wenger sees Ramsey as the complete package (despite playing him on the wing (mostly for a lack of trust on Theo when Ox was out).

  59. Marko

    Brings up a good point anybody see Theo still leaving? Bar the hat trick against West Brom and the cup final goal against a poor team he was for the last two months completely ostracized from the team and not trusted.

  60. Dissenter

    Vidal is worth at least five league goals all season. He’s also going to have more than the average share of assists.
    If we are not going to get a world class striker (not too many available or in existence), then getting Vidal is key.
    He’s the perfect hybrid defensive and central midfielder.

    Honestly, Coquelin needs help to become an even better player. He’s going to break down at some point.

  61. Redtruth

    Messi’s assists last night were secondary.
    His free kicks were schoolboy level and when he’s not playing for a great team like Barcelona his goals dry up.

  62. Dissenter

    What’s the status on Theo Walcott’s contract.
    Why do we indulge players by allowing them to drag negotiations to positions that will give them the advantage. If it’s true that he was seeking 150k weekly, then we shouldn’t have let this one drag in this long.
    Theo can talk to foreign clubs by January 1st, why wasn’t he given a deadline; sign or be sold. It’s not the best management.
    Theo could walk for free, if we are not careful.

  63. shad


    And I agree. Wenger sees Ramsey as that box to box hybrid player. Just that his last season he has shirked defensive responsibilities but his breakout season he was pulling mad stats in goals, tackles, passes..

  64. Nasri's Mouth

    Dissenter: You mean the same Wenger who signed Dubuchy, who was one month shy of 29 years old last July.

    Very different situation. We’d just lost Sagna, so we had an obvious hole to fill. No hole at the moment.

    Oh, and he knew the league and hadn’t smashed up his car while drunk and turned up late to training either…

  65. Biggus

    That Rhys guy is a bit of a nutter ain’t he? Can’t believe I just wasted few minutes of my life reading his trash. Well that’s my good deed done for the day.

    Here’s hoping for more signing especially in the midfield area 🙂

  66. Marko

    Dissenter wouldn’t worry in the slightest bit and I’ll tell you why. First sign he’s going to not sign a new deal we’ll actively seek to sell him and considering City and Chelsea need home grown players there’d be interest and we’d get a good price for him

  67. London gunner

    I don’t think anyone ahoukd be taking the piss out of Rhys Jagger, he obviously suffers from some mental illness.

    Judging from his paranoid fantasy about American spies and peters connection to them I’m guessing he is a paranoid schizophrenic.

    Either way he needs help.

  68. London gunner

    Nasri mouth

    I’m sure Vidal isn’t the only player who has turned up late to training I’d hedge a bet and say every single arsenal player has been late at least once at one stage in their career.

    Sure the drink driving is bad, but it’s not as if wenger is averse to troubled players look at jack and how long he has put up with chesney.

    Vidal may come with certain risks, but he is also a world class player and one of the top 5 centre halves in the world.. So there is also a massive upswing.

  69. Redtruth

    Messi hasn’t scored in open play for Argentina since November.
    Pity his ‘world class’ doesn’t transfer over from club football to international football.

  70. blsany

    When i hunt you down and i will sir.I will give you the biggest hug ever and tell you “everything will be allright sunshine”

  71. Nasri's Mouth

    @london gunner

    Apparently it’s more than once, and on at least one occasion he wasn’t fit to train…

    london gunner: but he is also a world class player and one of the top 5 centre halves in the world..

    Err…. Centre half ?

    He’s also got a potential issue over his knee too, which might be an issue in a year or 2

  72. DUIFG

    Could be said podolski was the end of the chapter of purchasing average plauyers because wenger had hamstrung himself in a socialist wage structure.

    all the buys since then have been a level above pretty much, I thought he was going to have a lot more pace then he did, i cant actually believe a player so limited has got this far. those caps for germany of conned a fair few buyers

  73. London gunner

    The only team who would take Theo is Man City and that’s because navas is dogshit and they need homegrown players.

    He shouldn’t be paid 150, if anything offer him a 50 k per week bonus if his combined goals and assists equals 35 in a season.

  74. YoungMurphy

    @Shad I think you’re right. AW is gambling that we keep our calendar year football trophy going. AW has always said he is not one for loads of signings because he doesn’t want to disrupt the squad

    If we get TWO new players in I consider that a big win. Realistically I think one more player comes in.

  75. bennydevito

    Bamford10July 1, 2015 11:44:52
    PedroPlease, please, please take up Midwest’s idea re Le Grove t-shirts. Use the logo from the top right corner. Maybe even jersey numbers, quotes or names of/for classic posters?Get a Grover with a design background to chip in for free. Another revenue stream, no?

    I actually suggested this a couple of years ago, along with pens and baseball caps and beanie hats. Would be excellent!

  76. Keyser

    “Could be said podolski was the end of the chapter of purchasing average plauyers because wenger had hamstrung himself in a socialist wage structure.”

    We sold Van Persie for 24 million, Song for 15 million, between them they had something like 55 goals/asssists.

    We replaced them with Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla for about the same price, and the same return.

    We stayed in the top 4 another year. The only problem was having to sell players to begin with.

  77. Nasri's Mouth

    how many people would realistically buy LeGrove teeshirts ?

    5 ? 10 ?

    Not worth it from Pedro’s angle

  78. bennydevito

    I reckon we’ll sign Vidal if Wenger wants to go out with a bang. Who knows, could we stump up for Pogba even? Would be massive.

    N5, I’m still hoping to meet up for the Ems cup but I’ve done my back again decorating so am off work for a while. This means I’m a bit strapped for cash but will try my best. Drop me a line.

  79. salparadisenyc

    Agree or not Vidal is everything Wengers doesn’t look for in a recruit. He’s got age, atititude, injury and will likely be looking for large wage against him. With zero sell on value at the end.

    Barring the hair which has Wenger signing written all over it, looked a non starter from the off.

    Tough to see where AW goes from here. Could easily see him ride this into the last week of August then test the waters.