Cheerio to Lukas!

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Well how are we today?


Nothing says summer quite like sitting next to a guy on the train and you can taste his body odour so acutely, it’s akin to biting into an raw onion.

Sweet times.

Today, we can talk about departures. Lukas Podolski is heading to the scrap yard of Europe that is the Turkish league. Galatasaray are picking up the expensive German for a whopping €3.2m in a deal that works out very well for Arsenal in the sense that we remove a hefty wage from our bill.

You have to say, in the grand scheme of things, Lukas was a massive fail. He didn’t have the pace to make it in the Premier League and I think it’s fair to say, he didn’t really have the drive to slot into the team outwide. He was also quite technically deficient for an Arsene Wenger player. He couldn’t play with his back to goal and he lacked the physical presence to get by in the central role. Outwide he had some success. His delivery was excellent and when presented with a chance, he’d hit it, like, proper hard.

Weird to say, but he was mostly good for goals… which is fine when you’re an Everton player, not so fine when your club has bigger expectations.

It was hard not to love Lukas. But we’ve all worked with people who have Bantersaur traits in the office, but they never contribute to the tea run and they always palm work off with charm.

F*ck those people and f*ck you Lukas. You never made the damn tea.

Moving on. Some Chelsea fans made some crass remarks on Twitter to Petr Cech. Sorry people, feels like a bit of a non-news story. If you’re shocked there are idiots on Twitter, well, I’d suggest you haven’t hung out in the cesspool that is the football community.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s some beautiful folk on there, but there are also some really disgusting people on there. Pretty sure Petr gives zero f*cks…

I find it interesting that Chelsea is a totally elite part of London, yet their fans are pretty unelite. What happened there? Was Chelsea ever a dump? I bet when Roman bought it he thought he’d bought a slice of Premiership Luxury. Poor guy.

In other news, Sweden won the U21 Championships. Pretty special for such a small nation. It’ll be interesting to see how those players span out into Europe’s elite clubs. Also a bit sad that William Carvahlo missed the penalty that lost the game. Bad times.

Nigel Pearson has been sacked by Leicester. Really not that surprising, When your son releases his first porno of a Thai girl licking his rectum with a twist of racism thrown in for extra ‘banter’… you have to wonder how long your Thai overlords are going to let you go on for. Difficult thing for them now is that he did a really good job keeping them up. Anyone coming in there now, well, you’d have to fear for them.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for you today. Busy, busy, busy!



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  1. Willow Wilson

    “The Champion’s League is peddled as the pinnacle of competitive football. Juventus just met Barcelona in the final,and Barca are trying to poach their star player.It was the same with Bayern-Dortmund. Atletico too was ripped off after their defeat in the final.”


    In Spain
    ….we all know how what the financial doping of Real and Barca has created. The TV money issue has now been resolved but will have little affect. The dominance of these two behemoths still enables them to control Spanish football and the trophies. They load up their academies with the best young talent, leaving the rest of the Spanish clubs to feed off scraps. We all know about the inducements on offer.

    …In Germany
    It is not much different. Okay the Bundesliga has the 50+1 rule but Bayern are still part owned by Adidas and Audi. No rival club will be able to challenge Bayern’s rule for long without having their best players plundered and their threat negated. As Dortmund found out after Klopps fantastic achievements.

    “Bayern Munich want to destroy us,” said Borussia Dortmund chief executive Hans-Joachim Watzke after Robert Lewandowski followed Mario Gotze out of the Dortmund door and into the arms of Bayern. One team weakened and another strengthened instantly, confirming a return to the dominance Bayern seek.

    The fact these European teams are competing in what is virtually non-competitive National leagues also gives them an advantage in the Champions League because of the lower demands and intensity – aside from the fact they have the best players.

    The media spend too much time fornicating over Spanish and German football and seem far too reticent to reflect the true nature of competitiveness in European football. It isn’t just FIFA that smells.

  2. Radio Raheem

    Costa has moved to Bayern. If Bayern are willing to let Schweini go then I’d say we go for me to replace Flamini and Arteta. He’s a Cech-type experienced pro you want to have. That said taking up Pirlo’s mantle at Juve is probably his best fit at the mo.

  3. nasri's mouth


    Id imagine Flamini will be off, though it might depend on Arteta and whether we sign someone in the DM role.

  4. Willow Wilson

    Cesc Appeal
    “I like how the media works, Vargas plays well for Chile…wait…Sanchez plays for Chile…Sanchez also plays for Arsenal…Vargas to Arsenal!”

    It has always been like this CA.

    Never, ever believe any of the transfer rumours in the media. Seriously, I am surprised people come on here to display rage over an article they have read. Remember the holocaust caused by Jeremy Wilson’s lie about our wages being more than Chelsea’s? This got repeated and circulated as ‘fact’. Blogs were full of testosterone fuelled idiots. Talksport had phones ins on it. When the lie was exposed several months later, did Jeremy Wilson apologise? Nope, he just said he had ‘guessed’. Too late, damage done. These guys have the integrity of a sewer rat.

    Journalists are amongst the least dishonest people in society. They all have a personal axe to grind too. Its a tough call but I think I would probably be more likely to believe something Tony Blair said.

  5. Redtruth


    Paraguay were ridiculously poor.

    What about the hopeless marking for Aguero’s goal.


    You can lie all you want, Messi was garbage.

    You even lied about Aguero being ahead of Messi in the betting stakes for top scorer lol lol

  6. prvhc

    Dortmund and Athletico were special cases.but Juventus are a genuine powerhouse in Italy.They are probably the best hope for the revival of SerieA,both in terms of on-field performance and their off-field commercial activities.I’d be gutted if they let themselves be bullied by the Spanish giants

  7. Cesc Appeal

    Can we not buy Shaqiri just so him and Sanchez can have a shorts roll off…

    I’m starting to worry about myself a bit

  8. qna

    Firmino, Clyne and Benteke is not a bad window. Last season I was quite confident they had wasted their money. This summer if they can pull off Benteke as well then I think they have done well. Add another quality CB and they are going to be close to ou level. Especially if they hold on to Strreing.

  9. roaaary

    Not sure if this has already been said but poor ol xherdan shaqiri. He has gone from living in basel (outrageously cool place) munich and milan to fookin stoke.

  10. MidwestGun

    He’s like that thing in a horror movie that no matter what they do to it the damn thing just won’t die
    Feel the same way about Redtroll. 3-4 binnings, just keeps coming back like the governator….. only each time his spray tan looks worse and his cheesy lines aren’t funny anymore.

    Willow –
    Haha ha… I forgot about the Birthday cake incident. Funny.

    N5 you are a racist. … your anti -Witch …. and it’s disgraceful.

  11. vicky


    You do realize that neither Firmino nor Benteke are established players, don’t you ? How can you say they would have done well if they got Benteke ? It’s a massive massive risk. 60 million on two unproven players. We got Ozil and Cazorla for 60m. If you contrast our signings to theirs for 60m, you realize they are walking on a tight rope. Firmino and Benteke signings could cost Brenda his job.

  12. Gopal ( Arsenal fan from India)

    What do you think of Shaqiri? Shouldn’t we moving in with a cheeky late bid to get him..
    He is class without doubt… Also We need a genuine right winger who could score goals.. dont we?

    I feel in a couple of years time shaqiri will be worth at least 30 million pounds and is indeed a steal at 12 right now…

  13. Kiyoshi Ito


    Whilst you are at it..Maybe you should sign up for an anti-curtain twitching class??

    Maybe, I can label you the self-confessed “Scouse Loving -Semi-Reformed Curtain Twitcher”

  14. qna

    Vicky I know that. But the market for quality players is dry and those are three of the better names being talked about. For Liverpool to sign the available quality players is even harder than for us – eg Sanchez. Just like it would be hard for us to attract Reus or Verratti if they were to become available. Its evwn harder for clubs like spurs and liverpool. So yes, I think they have done well considering their limitations.

  15. Hunter

    Don’t think old smart arse WENGER is going to buy anymore for our squad other than kids.He has secured the keeper which is brilliant but I reckon that will be all.Vidal gone to Real,Sneiderlin possibly to Utd,Pogba staying where he is for another season and car also will get snapped up by City if they fail to get Pogba!If you are gonna do business do it early but it seems we aren’t interested in a DM,GOD HELP US if he’s going to just rely on Coq and Arteta or Flamini!

  16. salparadisenyc

    Kike Marin
    @Arsenal Mikel Arteta? Yes @m8arteta has signed a one year contract extension #Arsenal

  17. Cesc Appeal


    This is a bad news evening then, Vidal looks even less likely, Arteta contract extension…ffs

  18. Redtruth


    You shouldn’t build your deluded hopes hope
    You got your knickers in a twist over the signing of a keeper!
    What are you going to be like if the miracle happens and Arsenal actually sign some proper players.

  19. karim

    Arda Turan has apparently accepted to wait until January to be able to play for Barcelona.
    The fee is said to be around 35 million euros ( l’

    Fuck off Mourinho !

  20. kwik fit

    I’ve read somewhere that we’ve been linked with both Benders. Loved to have seen Coq when he heard that 😉

  21. Cesc Appeal


    Good buy for Barcelona, Rakitic may be on the bench then.

    I think Chelsea will look at Griezmann, maybe work Cuadrado into the deal somehow.

    The way things are shaping up for us right now looks as if Wenger is going to do his optimist routine with what we have in central midfield, barring a total under the radar buy or some absolute shitter.

  22. salparadisenyc

    That Arteta info could be more a question than statement.
    Nothing official from player or club… reaching!


    Looks like Diaby may move to FC Dallas

  23. Emiratesstroller

    Frankly I am not concerned if Vidal is moving to Real Madrid. This is not a player
    that we should, buy because he would expect an automatic starting place in team.

    If we are going to buy someone to play DMF I would rather bring in someone like
    Carvalho who is 5 years younger and would compete with Coquelin for a place in
    the team.

  24. Cesc Appeal

    I honestly think Coquelin would relish a buy like Carvalho or Bender or something, I don’t think he will have any problem scrapping for his place, seems that type of character. He wasn’t mollycoddled or given infinite chances, he knows what it’s about.

    Has that fiery attitude like Kozz or Sanchez I think, not a false for show one, but you can see it in his play style, just like the aforementioned.

  25. Redtruth

    You are all as bad as Wenger.

    Not even Wenger knows what he’s doing from one moment to the next and yet supporters speculate over tabloid speculation lol
    You could really not make this up!

  26. Leedsgunner

    Diaby is let go… Hurrah!
    Arteta signs an extension… ?!?

    If Arteta has been signed for a further year it probably means no DM because we have Coquelin. If he gets injured or lose form? Don’t worry it’s will be 34 year old Arteta to the rescue.


    If Coq does get injured… of course Wenger will not be held account. Bad luck, bad luck… even bad luck when we needed a DM for years and years.

    What was it that Gary Player said when some asked him if he was lucky? “I make my own luck.”

  27. karim

    Don’t know about City but Psg’s sanctions have been cancelled.
    They were asked to balance their accounts next year and as they already did it this year, UEFA decided they were free to spend this summer.
    They can also register 25 players in the CL again, as opposed as 21 last season.

  28. Cesc Appeal


    I’ve already said all the posters saying we don’t need a CDM/CM, or rubbishing every one we’re linked with, or saying we don’t necessarily need any signings, I for one do not want to see any of them talk about injuries or oil money squads next season.

  29. MidwestGun

    I’m more concerned with an attacking option, still so… not that concerned. Do love Vidal tho. Maybe Real Madrid is tired of getting beat up by Atletico.

    Diaby to Dallas? Lol. What’s wrong with Colorado.

  30. karim

    I feel your pain, I really do but hopefully Wenger having bought someone of Cech’s caliber means he’s finally going to address our other needs.

    Has to replace Podolski somehow anyway at least !

  31. Cesc Appeal


    That’s what I’m keeping my fingers crossed on, that knowing his time is coming to an end he stops looking to tomorrow players and giving this guy or that guy a chance and starts to look at winning the EPL or the UCL.

    Holding out hope!

  32. Leedsgunner

    Cesc Appeal

    For as long as I can remember AFC makes a terrific statement of intent by signing Cech… at the start of the window.

    Plus we have let go lots of deadwood too, Miyachi and Ajayi plus loads of young players too… including Diaby!

    All good. All worthy of praise.

    Then why not follow it up by signing someone like Carvalho or Schneiderlin who actually want to come here? Plus if we are expedient in selling more deadwood like Podolski and Campbell, we can get our DM solution for as little as £15m.

    Although I would love a striker, team wise it was more crucial we need a DM. Flamini and Arteta so should be shifted on… not given new contracts!!!

    I wonder, if Arteta and Coquelin gets injured with long term injuries whether Jack will be asked to play there.

  33. Cesc Appeal


    I will try. If it all goes tits up I will blame you though, heads up on that. France can’t be that big, just jump in a taxi and say ‘Route de Karim…rapide!’

  34. MidwestGun

    Troll –
    Seriously, you can go on about Messi being average all you want. I’m done with you. It just makes you an idiot. I can’t help you, bro.

  35. Leedsgunner


    10 minutes? That’s generous. Does Dallas play in an air conned stadium? If not, you know what will happen…

    “Abou Diaby out for 8 months with heat exhaustion…”

    How long is the MLS season? 8 months?

    You JUST know it will happen. The poor sob’s body will go into shock for actually doing some honest WORK!

  36. Cesc Appeal


    Way it always goes, last summer there was lots to praise the club for, but there were still gaping holes left unaddressed.

    Just holding out hope, still a long while to go with this window and Wenger is almost out of time at Arsenal so, hope he really pushes on this summer.

    You know he wants that UCL, but it’s going to take some great purchases to have a chance.

  37. karim

    Happy to run that risk !
    More seriously, I will be in London within 30 days now.

    You choose your weapon.

    Diaby to Dallas rumours in here too. Saying he’s been there to work on his fitness in the past and that negotiations are at an advanced stage with the local club/franchise.

  38. Cesc Appeal

    Diaby out of action for four months with sunburnt shoulders.

    Diaby out for the next two weeks because of a spicy burrito.

    Diaby misses the next game because of a suspicious looking dog giving him a weird stare.

  39. MidwestGun

    Leeds –
    Mls plays in the summer, about 35 degrees Celsius in Dallas. Not to mention
    some stadiums have artifical turf.

    Disaster. .. lol. Kroenke’s team is in last place, why them no Diaby?

  40. Leedsgunner

    “Wenger is almost out of time at Arsenal so, hope he really pushes on this summer.”

    Ahh, the optimism of youth.

    I so wouldn’t be surprised if Wenger isn’t given a job for life and told that he can decide when he wants to quit. Remember, we have a Board who kiss the ground Wenger walks on.

    Wenger will decide to go when he wants, how he wants. He’ll be with us for a while young Cesc, he has SAF’s record to beat yet! Le Grand Ego will never leave willingly. He has it too good.

  41. Cesc Appeal


    I can’t even think about that, I’m desperately convincing myself with Klopp taking a year out Wenger will step aside and go upstairs (not that I’m chuffed about that) next year and Klopp will come in.

    I really can’t face Wenger getting a new deal in all seriousness. He’s had his time.

  42. Dissenter

    Culled from the mirror:
    “In January I spoke to [Poland manager] Adam Nawalka and he said that Arsene Wenger had told him that if Szczesny worked hard in training he would play again soon,” Tomaszewski told Polish newspaper Przeglad.

    “It turned out that he didn’t tell the truth. I’m sure that when Szczesny said that he was going to stay at Arsenal, he didn’t know that Cech was going to come because Wenger didn’t tell him about his plans. Szczesny should leave, because it will be waste of time for him, if he stays.”

    Tomaszewski, who racked up 63 caps for Poland, added: “Wojciech must be devastated. This [Petr Cech transfer] is a big problem also for the Polish national

    You never hear Martinez father or Ospina’s wife quibbling
    I didn’t realize that Arsenal owes Sczezny anything other than to honor his contract.

  43. Cesc Appeal



    It will be interesting watching until the police arrive, then it’s every man/rodent for themselves.

  44. N5

    karim, Benny is back in so will sort it this weekend mate. Sorry its been slightly delayed replying to you, I’ve had a bit of a hectic week. Anyway we’ll be all sorted this weekend as my missis is at work so I’ve got plenty of time to catch up on some admin bits.

  45. Leedsgunner

    “I’m tired of this Sczezny drama, if its not his father then its his distant admirers hurling invective at Arsenal.”

    Dissenter — agreed.

    Why can’t Szcz tell his hangers on to shut up? He needs to prove it where it counts on the field!

  46. salparadisenyc

    Chesser’s burnt all his Arsenal cred, sell him to the highest bidder.
    I don’t give a shit about his potential.

    Between Cech and Ospina were within the top three in the league in terms of keepers.

    Cech Ospina
    De Gea Valdes
    Courtois (Begovic)

  47. Leedsgunner

    If it was up to me I would sell Szcz for £20m use that towards Lacazette and be done with it. Ospina has done nothing wrong, played well when called upon and doesn’t have the moaning baggage that Chesney has.

  48. MidwestGun

    Y’all are planning a banner or dressing like superhero’s or something so you get on camera, right?

    I suggest wearing multiple colored Cech helmets.

  49. N5

    karim I didn’t realise it was only 3 weeks away so I’ll pull my finger out mate. For some reason I thought we had over a month. Anyway I’ll email you and benny later and we’ll get the money and arrangements sorted.

    I’m looking forward to it mate.

  50. Cesc Appeal


    What if it turns out Henry Cavill is knobbing her in leading to the break up?

    Dum, dum, dummmmmmmmm

  51. N5

    Ha ha Cesc, glazing over the gossip for a moment, can I just take of my cap and well and truly tip it.. and when I say tip it, I mean tip it on the ground and stamp on it to your Diaby Joke!! absolute gold.

    However, you then ruined it bring up my wife, so to dust of the old ones *fist raised “come here Cesc, you’re getting a punch”.

  52. N5

    karim, It’s been uncomfortable hasn’t it. I was over in East Grinsted today and I was really hoping TYAG was online so I could meet up with him, but with the weather he was probably out in the garden in a paddling pool getting his kids to bring him out lollies and lager so wasn’t near a PC.

  53. MidwestGun

    Wait…. Bennifer is no more, too? Wtf? …. N5 suck it up man. … stop marrying Jennifer’s.

    England women play Japan tonight. Hoping for an England victory to meet US in final. Then we can have a recreation of the Revolutioniary War only with hot female footballers in shorts.
    As Ray Hudson would say……. magic!

  54. karim

    Unlucky N5 !

    Yeah, uncomfortable sums it up quite well.
    That was my last day at work though so I won’t suffer too much from it from my sofa !

  55. BacaryisGone

    Hey Pedro-come on, you owe it to us to tell us what happened with that lunatic Rhys Jagger.

    Delighted that he’s probably earned himself a permanent binning as his posts were the most self-important drools of drivel I’ve seen on this blog. Can’t believe even Myles Palmer would give him so much real estate to air his nonsense.

  56. nasri's mouth

    Worth checkng out arseblog on twitter re: Szczesny and Tomaszewski.

    Szczesny can’t control what other people say about him, and to be honest its only a story because of the clickbaiting ‘Wenger LIED!’ headlines

    As for selling him for £20m. If he was worth that much at the moment, we wouldn’t be buying Cech

  57. Leedsgunner


    Fair enough… transfmarkt says he’s worth just under £10m but I think his experience and his home grown status would add a few million to that figure.

  58. salparadisenyc

    Transfermakt say £14m or the version i’m looking at, throw in the latest escapades coupled with being dropped and replaced who knows.

    I didn’t consider the homegrown status, which is certainly worth something.

    Either way flog him, if we get £10m.. good business imo.

  59. tunnygriffboy

    Calm down guys. The transfer window only opened today. None of the big hitters have really started yet. Also in order to let players go, replacements have to be lined up. Loads of time to go.

  60. tunnygriffboy

    I would love us to get one of the Bender brothers or Carvalho. As cesc Appeal said I’m sure that Coquelin would relish the challenge of competing with him for a place. I bet training this season will be really competitive. Players out of their comfort zone knowing that they have to be sharrp and on their game to get in the side. Think what Alexis brings as well. Am worried about him coming back from Copa America jaded. Don’t think we’ll see much of him until September.

    Keyser does have a valid point about us having to be more efficient as a team. Our combination play and team structure can definitely be improveed upon. I also think many of our players can raise their game a few levels. Walcott, Welbeck , Ox, Wilshere and Ramsey all have the potential to go up a number of levels in order to reach their peak. When they do it’ll be really exciting

    Key to all this. Keeping everyone fit.