PETR CECH LANDS! |Worst player prediction fails ever?

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Petr has landed. If you’ve been waiting for the .Com, you need wait no more!

We just made the biggest signing of the past 10 years.

Make no mistake, Petr Cech is to Arsenal, what Robin Van Persie was to United when they snared him a few seasons ago.

World class. No doubt about that. Mature. Experienced. Brilliant. A leader. Huge. Calm.

He is everything this club has been crying for since the departure of Jens Lehmann. There are no questions going into this season when it comes to the number one slot. We finally have our man. This is where it gets exciting people.

Think about the averageness we’ve had between the sticks. Think about how well we’ve coped. Now imagine having a keeper there who saves you points? Imagine the confidence that will inspire in the whole team.



It was a slight shame that on a day of this magnitude, people wanted to get furious about tweets I wrote last year. Some guy dug up an old tweet I wrote about being deflated United signed Falcao. I mean, when our striking solution came in as Welbeck, Arsenal fans can hardly be throwing stones (as much as I love the boy). A bit sad that anyone would be thinking about anything other than Wonderful Petr on a day like that,

HOWEVER, boring people online can always be defeated by banter.

So we played a game called #PlayerPredictionFails. Now for me, Falcao, 150 goals in 4 seasons, isn’t really a fail to be ashamed about. I mean. I’ve had worse. Amusing thing is, we live so much in the now. Last season people were slaying me for Ashley Young comments, then he kept Di Maria out the United side. Same for Fellaini, who came good in a big way. Falcao is going to Chelsea, under one of the greatest managers of a generation. If he’s cool with Falcao, so am I. He’s not dead as a player yet.

Anyway, this game is about mega fails, like Geoff with Lorik Cana. Or me with Ryan Babel (or investing in so much Jack Jebb love). Or ALL of us with Julio Baptista.

There were some absolute classics yesterday.

Etienne Capoue, Sergie Rebrov, so many who thought Denilson was the new Cesc, many who thought Eboue was the new Garincha, some who thought Bendtner was Zlatan, a whole bunch of Glen Helder lovers!

Where all the Mark Randall lovers be at! Who remembers when Steven Hughes WAS the English core?

Fran Merida? So good we hid him in the mountains?

How about this?

So much goodness on that hashtag! #PlayerPredictionFails

It’s funny, I always get roasted for the players I wanted, but jeez, the defence of players we’ve kept have been laughable!

Remember when Phillipe Senderos was the next Tony Adams?

Remember JET being technically perfect?

Remember the sadness you felt when another of the Carling Cup Project Youth team left for Hull City?

Remember the midfield of Song and Denilson? SO MUCH BOREDOM!

Anyway, that’s the game in the comments today. Which players were you sure would come good? Then, well, it went down the shitter like a Spurs prepared lasagne!

P.S. The rat issue has been dealt with. It was an uncapped pipe! You wanted an update, right?

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  1. kwik fit

    Poor Diaby. Where’s he gonna get his free rub downs now?

    Perhaps Redtruth could oblige?

  2. Nasri's Mouth

    U21 championship over, Sweden win.

    Carvalho missed his penalty. but never mind, now it’s finished he can concentrate on signing a contract with us

  3. MidwestGun

    Is Carvalho better then when I saw him at World Cup? Seemed slow to accelerate over short distances, not the quickest, heavily right footed, and could be caught flat footed against a quick counter attack. Granted I only saw him a few games and I was only watching because Portugal was in the US group.

  4. nasri's mouth


    In this tournament, he’s looked the player of 2013/14. Been excellent.

    Is he worth £21m? Possibly. But whats interesting is Arsenal were scouting him at the tournament despite scouting him loads of times before…


    Wonder why these Chelsea fans are bitching….we lost Ashley Cole to them and he was super. We just lost fabregas in a way….you’d think they’d be at least content that they had Cechs best years at least.


  6. MidwestGun

    Nasri –
    Hmm that’s good. I remember watching him because Romford always rated him. Wasn’t impressed but then again that was a year ago now and he’s youngish.

  7. carts

    Turan…i don’t think he’s as good as all this speculation is making out. Good player obviously; bit far from Barca class

  8. Relieable sauce


    Do you think CC will go out on loan if we sign Carvalho?
    & if so where?

    Carvalho could be an ideal signing, utility cover for a season or 2 (speaks Portuguese – GB CB cup partnership?) & with big potential as well. Never seen him play mind.

  9. Relieable sauce

    OK so what do grovers think to the idea of not playing Cech against chelsea in the CS?
    I think its the sensible decision for several reasons.

  10. Relieable sauce


    1st & foremost it stops mo & the chelsea player hijacking Cech debut, which they will do. In the inevitable mindgames that are coming, it gives us the chance to make the 1st blow.

    Imagine he drops a clanger that costs us (poss pens!…lol bring him on then!? 2-0 AW), imagine the questions that will follow. Risk – reward no worth it on any footballing level imo.

    We have a perfectly good #2 who needs gametime & should play cup games & dead rubbers – ie. the CS.

  11. Relieable sauce


    The cameras will focus on him more sitting on the bench & it wont be a distraction to him but maybe it would the chelsea players. Could also ruffle mo & that cant be a bad thing.
    You going?

  12. N5

    I’m hoping to Sauce, it’s always a nice day out and Chelsea will be dying to get at us after taking Cech.

    You’re probably right about him being on the bench and hopefully he’ll keep throwing things over at Mo. Jack will join in too because he’s an idiot.

    Are you going?

  13. Relieable sauce

    Not a ST holder or member of any scheme so imagine tickets are hard to get, if your having trouble I have no chance.
    Should be a cracker though if we are fit for a title challenge.

  14. MidwestGun

    Troll –
    Hahaha your getting desperate now. Argentina is all over Paraguay. Messi has his imprint on almost all the goals. Pastore, your boy Di Maria and Zabaleta playing better.

    And no… not hiding. Watching the US women beat Germany.

  15. MidwestGun

    Hahaha 5 -1. Now your headless chicken scores.

    Paraguay isn’t doing Chile any favors building up Agrentina’s confidence sky high before the finals.

  16. Dan Ahern

    Aaaahahaha, I just KNEW Marbles would be on here talking shit about Messi after he just had probably his best ever game for Argentina, hahahaha

  17. MidwestGun

    Lets see he got his team to the finals of the World Cup, now Copa America. He won his League, the League cup, and the CL… you understand what an assist is right? Means a goal was scored.
    You do understand how football works right? Or you need an American to explain it to you.

  18. Redtruth

    You can’t call them assists, tge marking was non existent.

    Tou do realise when a team plays garbage, don’t you?

    Argentina 6 Paraguay 1

    Messi surely must have scored a hattrick.

  19. MidwestGun

    No he just set them up. Lol… the guy is probably having one of the greatest seasons a player can have. If he would have won the World Cup it would have been a clean sweep. You need serious help…. but they don’t make intelligence pills. So sorry to say.. I think your screwed.

  20. Redtruth


    You’re deluded, Argentina just beat a limp sorrowful Paraguay and Messi failed to find the net

    His two freekicks were more like conversions than freekicks.

  21. Relieable sauce

    City probably cant go mental so it probably rules out Pogba.
    Reuniting Vidal & Pirlo(loan) could transform their MF & work out nice. Energy & creativity in abundance, just what City need.

    Could possibly get Stirling as well, they need upgrading at RW/LW so may splurge the 40m+ needed. Maybe not such bad value considering the market, re-sale value & Cities needs.

    Get a good LB, fulfill the quota with Schneiderlin/kids/dross , keep Aguero fit & they’re very strong.

  22. MidwestGun

    No I’m telling you your an idiot.., but it’s not sinking in. You do know players can play amazingly and not score a goal right? It’s a team sport with 11 players. Why don’t you take a look how his teams finish up. You also know he has played probably more games and minutes then anybody in the world right? because his team keeps winning things.
    You ever play football? Just curious… what’s the first thing that goes? Oh that’s right your shooting prowess because it takes the most energy.

  23. Redtruth


    You are dumb, Barcelona would still win without Messi but Messi without Barcelona would be half the player as proven when he plays for Argentina..

  24. MidwestGun

    Haha sorry Sauce…, that was for the Troll…. your only an idiot occasionally

    Pretty sure Pirlo is headed towards partial retirement tho, Mls or Qatar.

  25. Redtruth


    The thing with you is , you can’t back up what you say.
    You go off on one saying it’s a team game when things don’t suit you.


  26. Redtruth

    I bet at the start of the tournament Messi was favourite to finish the tournament as top scorer.

    Well what do people or the world know about football, hey mudwest.

  27. Dark Hei

    I think Wenger is waiting, waiting, waiting…….for something to happen to Greece, and then BAM!

    Euro vs GBP exchange rates. $$ transferred in a flash with help from our cash mountain.

    Suddenly European players are cheaper…..can’t imagine how Greek players are going to get transferred.

  28. MidwestGun

    How can you pretend to know something about a sport? Spend hours pretending to talk about it and not know one of the best players when you see one? The mind boggles. It’s like trying to explain to a 9 year old why
    the sun is hot.

    Messi just had a hat-trick of assists against a team that just beat Brazil last week held them to 1 goal. *sigh * clueless.

  29. Emiratesstroller

    Dark Hei

    I don’t think that the top players will get any cheaper just because the Euro is
    depreciating in value. Most of these players are with financially strong clubs.

    What I am seeing this summer so far with transfer window opening today is
    that there has been very little activity.

    The only major signings have been Depay to Man Utd and Firmino to Liverpool. The latter has been bought in anticipation that Sterling will be sold.

    Somehow I don’t believe that either Arsenal or Chelsea will be big spenders this summer. I think that both will be highly selective in acquisition. Liverpool
    have probably done their business.

    That leaves only Man City and United to show their hand. Man City need to
    buy home grown players and are therefore unlikely to make too many major purchases in Europe this summer.

    When I look around Europe there don’t appear to be too many top players on
    the move. Barcelona are subject to transfer embargo and Bayern have in recent seasons been frugal spenders. We can anticipate that Real and possibly
    PSG will be in market, but very selectively.

  30. Gregg

    I think Bayern are going to be involved in some serious spending this summer. They’ve taken a beating in the UCL semi’s last two seasons. Robben and Ribery are broken and they are a shadow of the side when these two aren’t playing. That needs addressing

  31. Emiratesstroller


    The clubs which spend ‘seriously’ are those with budget of around £100 million+

    I am not sure that Bayern will be spending this summer that sort of money.

    Arsenal’s budget is reputed to be around £50 million inclusive of agents fees
    and any increase in the the club’s wage bill.

    That figure might rise if we generate some sales. At the moment most of the
    departures being touted are either freebies or very low transfer fees.

    When you look at most players being touted around Europe this summer the
    only major potential signing which could exceed £50 million is Pogba.

  32. Dream10


    When Walcott signs a new contract, he will become the club’s third highest player in the 110-120k per week range. He is not among our three best players.
    Wilshere is looking for a wage increase.

    The next 12 months should bring quite a bit of player turnover at the club.

  33. Carts

    “When Walcott signs a new contract, he will become the club’s third highest player in the 110-120k per week range. He is not among our three best players.

    You’ve really got to LOL when you consider the fact Wenger has control of the majority of our affairs.

  34. Emiratesstroller

    I think that the trend in the transfer market is to spend more on wages and less on transfer fees.

    Cech went for a modest transfer fee but a bumper wage reputed to be £100K pw.

    When you look around Europe at the moment most clubs appear to be spending less on transfers. Apart from Pogba if Juventus are prepared to sell him I don’t see any other player leaving for £50 million +.

    There are of course some clubs like Liverpool and Napoli who will quote ridiculous prices, but they are unlikely to get them. Sterling who is possibly
    worth £30 million might leave for £40-45 million, because of his home grown
    status and Man City’s need to buy such players. Higuain on the other hand is
    not worth £60 million. He is worth probably less than the fee paid by Napoli as
    he is now 2 years older.