Signing Arturo Vidal would be a very selfish move

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Arsenal's season if it were a fountain

Welcome to Monday. It’s a roaster over here in London. The tube was positively cleansing this morning. If you drank all the beers yesterday, more fool you, you’ll be needing a fresh shirt.

The world of football news appears not to have moved any stories on…

Arturo Vidal is hot on the lips of everyone despite not much really happening. We seem to be in a similar situation to summers of seasons past where young upstart journo’s try and make a name for themselves by making things up… everyone loses their shit, they earn 20,000 followers, the story is a lie, everyone is angry for a day, they keep the followers.

To those young journalists… a big Twitter following really means nothing if you have no credibility or journalistic talent. And for the record, having a ‘source’ is not a fucking talent. I think it’s the second most desirable job in life behind beauty blogging.

Anyway, I think it’d be an odd signing. I really love him as a player. I think South Americans really bring something special to a team, they have a brand of on pitch fight other continents fail to match (you saw Cavani being slipped a digit the other night). They’re fit, they’re strong and they’re blessed with technical ability… I guess, kind of what English footballers are, without the technical stuff.

However, 28 years old, coming over from a slower league? For £20m? I mean, it’s kind of a short term signing. The sort Ferguson would have made in a heartbeat. The sort of move Mourinho would make with no questions asked. I mean, it’d be immense in its ambition… I’m just not sure though? It’d be really breaking the habit of a lifetime… but, when you’re Arsene Wenger and you had two more seasons left, maybe it’s time to start making some selfish decisions (that aren’t really selfish, Arsenal fans are just conditioned to think you need to have a resale value even if that means taking a substandard product).

Anyway, would be a weird move… but, when you consider we have Rosicky (34 and hating Arsenal life), Arteta (33 and hating his calf muscles), Diaby (29 and hating the Job Centre) and Flamini (31 and hating it when Ozil doesn’t text back (I CAN SEE THE TWO BLUE TICKS BRO, I KNOW YOU SEE ME)… well, you get the jist, maybe a 28 year old is exactly what we need?

Crazy how uncomfortable I feel about this. When I was a kid, my Dad used to dig me and my siblings out for being greedy at party buffets… make it seem rude when I’m at girlfriends family gatherings and I load my plate up with a party sausage and two Kettle Chips, just incase I’m dug out for it. This is how I feel about expensive transfers for older players. Makes me feel ‘buffet exposed’…

Also, remember when I scouted William Carvahlo in Lisbon last summer? Remember when I told you I had a feeling he’d probably dominate the U21 Championships? Well, it kind of came to fruition. He’s a young DM, he runs like Yaya Toure and he has quite a bland Youtube channel. Take a read of this. Then praise me for being the future of scouting.

Right, if anyone has any single spares for season ticket loan this year, lemme know!


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  1. N5

    MTLM, Spectrum or C64 yes they were awful but even now hearing that 8bit music makes me feel good.

    Monkey Island is probably one of the ones that makes more sense, if you ever get the chance have a go at Grim Fandango without any guides and you’ll see what I mean about 90s point and click! it’s really hard work!

    Either that or your a Stephen Hawkin level gamer!!

  2. N5

    London, I agree that it was the weaker of the 5 seasons, but only until those last two episodes.

    The finale 10 mins of the penultimate episode was some of the finest TV I’ve ever seen and (no spoilers) the ending to the final episode had me sat with my mouth open like some sort of slack jawed fly trap.

  3. Leedsgunner

    If we are looking for a new captain these would be on my list in order of preference:


  4. MadeToLoveMagic

    Grim Fandango! Sounds cool I’ll check it out..

    don’t know how though, unless I mistakenly press some keys in the wrong order and end up on one of those awful torrent sites……

  5. El Tel 1

    What a great signing.

    We haven’t had a proper goalkeeper since Jens left.

    The media have took the piss out of our keepers for years including Jens.

    How are they going to slag off a keeper they have been raving about for many years?

    As Leeds said earlier. We always get the shit end from the media.

    No more 2 shots on target for each goal conceded. Ospina improved these stats, Cech will make them far better.

  6. Leedsgunner

    Why are all these Lacazette for £21m stories coming out all of a sudden…? Agents stirring mischief? Even Wenger wouldn’t hesitate at that price?!?

  7. qna

    London. I think Gundagon would add a lot. But you might be right. He may not fit the brief. I think we need a playmaker that can fill the role of Coquelin. Vidal can do that in my opinion.

  8. Leedsgunner

    I think we underestimate how much our defensive corps will improve with Cech behind them. Kos is a great player now but he’ll have the confidence to take it up another notch. Gabriel, Chambers and Bellerin will become very good players with Cech behind them.

    Plus, it gives our stars another reason to stay rather than go. Our chances of winning another piece of silverware or two just got much better lads!!!

    Finally some good news to celebrate at the START of the transfer window!!!

  9. Arsene's Nurse

    June 29, 2015 20:18:14

    MTLM, the click and point games back then were so arbitory, you can’t use logic to complete them you just have to click on everything and hope it fits! it’s the Wenger made games from my childhood. That Monkey Island came on 11 disks for the Amiga!! God you young ones today dont know your born. I used to have to load games on tape, they’d take 45 minutes and nearly always crash!!

    Ha ha, great one RE Uncle.
    A mate of mine had “Beneath a Steel Sky” for the Amiga which had a stupid number of floppies. Almost every time you walked into another room you needed to insert another disk and wait for it to load. Never completed it until a few years later I spotted it on PC CD Rom for about £5.

    We sat and got through it in a day. It had a brilliant plot with loads of puzzles to solve along with a robot named Joey who wanted to “weld everyone up”, it had great humour in and a good twist at the end.

    Too many fancy graphics these days rather than solid gameplay. There is some decent stuff around, Fallout 4 will get bought for example.

  10. WengerEagle

    Delighted with the signing of Cech, top class GK and a proven champion.

    Valid point RE Arteta Dissenter, I like the guy but would cringe at him giving Cech, Sanchez or Ozil a bollocking off.

  11. N5

    Nurse, that’s a first for me, I’ve never heard of that game. I wonder if you can get it on the PC still, it would be great to give it a look.

    That’s what I was saying to MTLM, that disk changing thing was a nightmare and before that, bloody tapes and as they made the same noise regardless of loading status, half the time you hadn’t realised it had crashed after waiting 3/4 of an hour.

    My son moans about the PS4 loading times. I want to slap him upside his head when he does it!!

    Agreed RE Fallout 4, so many games get it wrong now and it’s all style of substance, but that looks like it’ll be something great. The older ones still hold up too which is great.

  12. Dissenter

    You fell for the video too.

    Why would anyone cry when Wenger comes calling. One might say no but to cry?

  13. Bamford10

    Great signing. Worth every penny. I will repeat what a few Chelsea supporters here have told me: according to them, they never saw any drop-off in Cech’s play.

    We will see. Regardless, though, he is pure class, a great leader and organizer and far better than anything we had.

    Psyched. Now get us a class CDM and CF, Wenger, and do the Cech signing justice.

  14. MadeToLoveMagic

    yeah we are certainly lucky now n5 but as you know things move on. one day your son will probably be telling his son to quit moaning about the loading time on his virtual reality pod or something.

    I think I prefer old games in general but I missed out on the loading frustrations! For me it’s like like movies. Before special effects came along all they had was the actors and the quality of the script. Same with games before graphics got so good. Game play , story all had to be amazing in order to sell. Nowadays it’s just the same shit over and over in different guises.

    Hopefully there will be a revival of nineties style gaming, brought up to date. I’ve seen some great games come out recently that are a mix of hand drawn 2D and 3D characters. I think that works amazingly well.

  15. Wallace

    reckoning on a squad player CM/DM and an out of leftfield serious money forward to wrap up the summer.

    agree with london gunner re season 5 of Game of Thrones. if it was a football team it would be Aston Villa.

  16. Arsene's Nurse

    MTLM – thanks I’ll have a look at that.

    N5 – Kids would go nuts these days if they had to do what some of us did back in the 80s. We had a book of games which where all in Basic, I used to read out the code to my mum who was a professional typist and she’d in put it. Then I’d go through and debug it all because there were errors. Then you had to get the damn thing to load “Syntax error” was the bane of everyone’s lives.

    I remember getting a tape that had loads of games on like space invaders and it was just magic to be able to play without going near an arcade. That cassette had all the numbers written down on the sleeve with the game so you could fast forward to the start of a game.

    At school there was this lemonade stand game where you had to buy the ingredients, buy posters and sell lemonade for a price to make a profit. Class was split into pairs and the ones with most profit won. My mate and I had profits in the hundreds of thousands when everyone else had made about £30, because we went into the program and changed all the code. We were selling glasses of lemonade for £100!

  17. N5

    Nurse the nostalgia master. I forgot about writing my own code. I had friends that were experts. They’d spend hours and then when you played it, it was a blob that run from one end of the room to the other!! what a magical time! 😀

    I only ever managed 10 write “Sanogo is gash” 20 Goto 10 Run which would make it say Sanogo (obviously something else) is gash infinitely and I thought I was the next Bill Gates.

    MTLM Pixel art is massive at the moment, people love playing the old school graphics and games, check out Shovel Knight on YouTube if you get the chance, you’ll see what I mean, it looks awful but it’s a challenge and devilishly addictive.

    steve, I never played Fallout 2, but 3 was one of the best games of a generation I think.

  18. Dissenter

    I really think Cech makes us a big draw, not that we weren’t before now.
    It’s just that when you’re a returning player coming back for preseason and you see Petr Cech doing his warm-ups, you’re bound to get goose bumps.

    Players can come to Arsenal knowing that they have a real chance of winning a title.

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record, can we have the same ruthlessness at the front.
    It’s time to move on the weaker of Giroud/Welbeck and go seek a better center forward.
    Theo’s attributes are unique in our situation, he can score and use his pace better that Welbeck so he stays.

  19. Arsene's Nurse

    June 29, 2015 21:16:42

    Nurse the nostalgia master. I forgot about writing my own code. I had friends that were experts. They’d spend hours and then when you played it, it was a blob that run from one end of the room to the other!! what a magical time!
    Been right there. I remember a game that was called something like “bombing run” and spent ages doing the code and debugging and then when you came to play it it was one shaped blob that went across the screen and you could control the height and then if you pressed the space bar it would drop another blob and the idea was to hit another blob that was on the screen at the bottom!

    The disappointment on our faces after realising we’d wasted about 5 hours – priceless.

  20. Redtruth

    Stadium debt will be paid in full by 2032.

    New sponsorship deals and increased TV revenue is the reason Arsenal have more money to spend.

    The debt is a fix debt of £20m a year and non negotiable.

    Paying the debt off sooner would incur costs.

  21. N5

    Ha ha Nurse, it’s character building or something….. If I don’t think of it like that, it eats me up the time I’ve wasted in my life! still it was more productive than some of the conversations I’ve had on here!!

  22. MidwestGun

    Who the hell asked about stadium debt? Or is Redtroll randam commenting again?

    Oh look another troll Captain Wenger. … awesome. … just what Le Grove was missing a pretend AKB troll. With one liners. Seriously this is how people spend their lives? Lol

    FFS get an addiction to gambling or drinking. … something respectable.

  23. MidwestGun

    Your just stupid. …I used to think it was an act. But…. nope your just a moron.
    This is how you want to spend your online blog time? Saying ridiculous crap that people either ignore or ridicule. Or just randamly say the same comments everyday for years.

    You’ve done more to make people want to support Wenger then anyone on the internet. Because people read your crap and think. … hmmmm I pretty much want to think whatever is the opposite of that fool.

  24. MidwestGun

    As for Capt Wenger. …. it wasn’t funny 3 years ago, 7 years ago and it isn’t funny now. The fake AKB troll thing has been done on here a million times. So your not original.

  25. Dissenter

    Only David Ospina (81%) had a better save success rate in the Premier League last season than Cech (80%) (5+ apps.)
    Source: WhoScored

    Sad to see David Ospina leave. The reporting from Columbia is he didn’t want to hang around knowing that Petr Cech was going to be number one no matter what.
    Sczezny it seems is happy as number two, at least he will have more time for tweeting.

  26. Cesc Appeal

    I flagellated myself with thorny branches this morning thinking about Arsene Wenger, just stating your love for him on a blog, up your game bro

  27. GS88

    Great Singing Petr Cech.

    Always liked him, so assured and composed. Extremely professional, as many inside and outside the game have echoed.

    Lets hope Wenger, and or the board, doesn’t stand still.

    We still need 3 more players to totally not only challenge, but possibly win the PL.

    DM – Vidal/Carvalho/Krychiwiok (sp)
    RW – Reus/Fekir/Draxler
    CF – Benzema/Lacazette

  28. MidwestGun

    Capt. Dumbass –
    Not gonna work. … Nobody loves me more then me.. in fact now that dudes can get married to other dudes in the states. I might marry myself to get the tax breaks.

  29. GS88

    Don’t rate Sergio Ramos and Graham Hunter says hes asked RM for a chance to join Man Utd.

    For me, hes too error prone and gets caught out a bit.

    Koscielny way better. Lets hope we keep him.

  30. MidwestGun

    I’d be more then happy with 3 quality signings. I don’t expect every single problem to be addressed this window.
    And realistically, 2 superstars would be amazing.
    Others are correct when they say other great players want to play with great players. Cech, Ozil, Sanchez, Koscielny, I’d play footie with those boys.

  31. Sancho Monzorla

    Any idea what kinda wages Cech will be on?

    I will welcome any type of conjecture, higher the better. I just want an excuse to complain about the signing. £150k a week!?!?! That’s Ozil money for a practically a dinosaur!

  32. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah, now we ideally need a CDM/CM and a great ST. If we only can have one I’d take the ST at this point in time because what we have just isn’t good enough, it’s more feasible that Coquelin works out as our only option for CDM and that Wilshere stays fit and progresses for us in CM than it is for Giroud to fire us to the title.

  33. Redtruth


    Headless chicken Aguero is living up to his name.
    The guy is having a stinker of a tournament just like helpless without his Barcelona team mates Messi.

  34. Cesc Appeal

    Chelsea’s expansion plans for Stamford Bridge look a bit dodgy, weird looking stadium and I don’t know if the pictures weren’t very good or something but doesn’t appear much cover for the spectators…this is England guys, not Spain.

    Gave some bullshit about Abramovich wanting to stay at the current location to keep Chelsea tied to their roots, code maybe for ‘it’s really difficult to find anywhere in the locality to build or that is financially/logistically doable.’

  35. MidwestGun

    Sancho –
    All the reports are guessing between 100 and 120k. ….no idea what he was on at Chelsea. Whatever it is.. if it annoyed Mourinho even slightly it was worth it.

  36. Jay

    Midwest playing lockdown D on red tony allen style cold as ice not giving him a sniff. All nba defensive first team for sure

  37. MidwestGun

    Jay –
    It had to be done. . Besides Wallstreet has me annoyed with foolishness. Apparently, they picked today to panic about Greece being a economic wasteland. Like that’s news.

  38. leon

    Some fans might disagree but I think its more important for wenger to get dm player this team looks very light weight in that department with wilcatt,sanchez, girude ,welbeck they a few players who can chip in and score goals yes they could with 25 goal a season strikerbut I feel its far more important to make sure the defence is rock solid

  39. MidwestGun

    Troll. … so your gonna make your intellectual stand on Messi is shit because he’s only scored a penalty kick in the 2015 Copa America so far?

    That’s moronic, sorry to tell you. But your stupid.

  40. salparadisenyc

    Long day in the saddle as them pros say.

    Have to say never ever envisioned this Cech signing happening.
    Well done Wenger for taking advantage of the Cech window and pushing for the upgrade.

    This is the type of management i’ve hoped for these past …. erm years.

    Do think we can use this ‘vision’ in a couple other areas.

    Loving the thought of that dude in between the sticks.

    Hopefully farewell Chesser.

  41. Redtruth

    One goal in more than every two games for his country is mediocre.

    Messi stats skewed somewhat by his exploits in a dominating La Liga Barcelona side.

  42. Honest Bill

    Messi is ok but a lot of his goals are penalties and he scores most of his goals against shit teams. He’s also too short and lightweight and is very one-footed. No way he could hack it on a rainy tuesday night at Stoke. He needs to bulk-up and grow a few inches…

  43. Cesc Appeal


    Zambrano got booked for hacking Sanchez I think…I’m sort of doing multiple things as well so not sure. If it is him, then he’s an idiot, had a warning for the Vidal thing, got booked, then that.

    If it is that guy. Not sure. Swear it was Zambrano.

  44. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    Oh was it Zambrano who was pushing Vidal? He must not have been booked for that because the announcer who isn’t Ray said it was a straight red.

  45. Cesc Appeal


    Zambrano got booked for taking out Sanchez literally two minutes after that, because the ref pointed at the spot where he had the altercation with Vidal sort of saying ‘I let you off there.’

    The commentator said he gave him a straight red, like didn’t pull out another yellow like normal, but I don’t know.

  46. Cesc Appeal

    Sanchez’s passing has looked viciously sharp this tournament, like changing direction passes completely away from his direction of movement but with real pace on the pass

  47. Kiyoshi Ito

    The banter between Midwest & Red Truth is quite funny..

    Cech signing was overdue by almost 5 years..A great signing for a very vital position.

    Most successful teams, have tight defenses..The GK being the No 1 position to fill with a solid keeper.

    We now have that..

    Great thing about the Cech signing is that he might give us possibly 4 points from 6 points against his former team-Chelsea..

    As in, a home win for us (3 points)& an away draw for us at Stamford Bridge (1 point).. in the 15/16 BPL

    Quite simply, Cech will have inside knowledge on how Chelsea set up..
    Their weaknesses,potential threats…

    Mourinho’s tactics, what he targets in opposition teams. Set pieces..

    If Arsene is a wise man, he should use this information to his full advantage.

  48. MidwestGun

    Ito –
    Thanks. .. I’d prefer to not have the banter with RedTroll but it is what it is.
    Good point about Cech knowing the ins and outs of how Chelsea defend and the in and outs of their setpiece defending and rotation.

  49. MidwestGun

    Why can’t football have instant replay on all goals? Wouldn’t take but 30 seconds, they could buzz down to the referee like on goal line technology.

  50. Kiyoshi Ito


    Thanks. .Off to bed…Have a good night. ..

    If Arsene pulls off a major CF signing. .Then the fornicating bastardo has got me back on board(ish)..

    He had me by the short &curlies with Ozil..Reeled me in with Cech..
    In between, tried not to glance at Sanchez…

    I don’t know. .There is only so much vitriol you can pour over Arsene..

    But-hey you have to give credit, where credit is due.

    Even though, I am one of Arsene’s harshest critique..You have got to be mightily impressed with this signing. .Absolutely fantastic signing..

    Can’t understand, why some posters are not happy with Cech..

    Or others were wishing for the deal to fall through. .(Keyser)..Absolutely bizarre, by any stretch of the imagination.

    Anyway, night…

  51. MidwestGun

    Own goal I guess. But still a great cross.

    Woooow!! Great strike by Vargas…. he’s on fire tonight…. No wonder Napoli want to get rid of Higuain.

  52. Ozy

    This has probably been mentioned already but Lyon have reportedly lowered their asking price for Lyon to just 21 million. They also recently bought a striker.

    Cech, Vidal, Lacazette – all for under 55. Can you imagine?

  53. Ozy

    It would. But no way it happen.

    How does Vargas do so well for country but so poorly for club..

    Peru played with a lot of heart this Copa America. The same can’t be said of Brazil.

  54. Honest Bill

    Cech is rubbish. I looked at his stats from last season and he didn’t even manage a single assist. Biggest flop signing since Özil.

  55. MidwestGun

    Honest Bill –
    Ha. … your on fire tonight. Cheered me up from the stock market debacle today.

    Chile win 2 -1. Their matches have been extreme entertainment. Good stuff!

  56. mysticleaves

    kiyito ito: Got to say, I’m Arsewipe’s biggest critic. .Still would like him
    to step down, but he has made some great signing over the
    last 3 years, or so..

    cunty twat

  57. Emiratesstroller

    I made the case several weeks ago that apart from Cech a world class goalkeeper I did not believe that Arsenal would make more than one additional significant transfer this summer.

    Also if Arsenal were to invest in a £20 million + player then I was certain that they would not be spending money on a 28 year old plus player with absolutely no sell on fee at end of contract.

    If you look at most of the successful clubs in european football that is very much their policy. Clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea and Man Utd will usually spend
    that sort of money on players aged 22-26.

    Also the pattern of the last 2 years at Arsenal has been to make ONE MAJOR
    SIGNING and that is covered primarily by the sponsorship deal with Puma.

    I believe that Arsenal will still make this summer such a signing, but not necessarily in midfield. For example William Carvalho would be a much more
    likely signing than Vidal, because he can play both DMF and CB. That might
    suit Wenger very well looking at current resources at club.

    However, it may well be the case that Wenger will keep his powder dry until
    much later in transfer window to see whether there is a goalscoring forward
    becoming available at a realistic price.

    My view is that over next 4 weeks we are more likely to see departures than arrivals., although the message sent out yesterday is that players like Wilshire
    and Walcott will not be leaving club.

  58. Wallace


    agree, i think it’ll be one more significant signing, and maybe a squad player.

    good to hear Vargas is doing well at the Copa America. i like him and was keen for us to sign him last summer for squad depth, although when Joey Barton’s calling you a ‘bad apple’ maybe it was a good thing we never pursued him.