Conflicting Schneiderlin reports?

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Well happy good morning to each and every one of you beautiful souls.

Who caught Kanye last night? What a bore. Throw on a CD and one man on his own for an hour and a half. Where’s the showmanship? It’s always amusing commenting on things like music when you’re a football blogger. Online people seem incapable of recognising that you can have more than one interest in life. I saw someone Tweet… ‘if you don’t like this Kanye set, you don’t like sound’… some amazing parallels to the types of conversation I’ve had around Arsenal superstars like Denilson.

Amazing the shift in the sort of crowd that goes to Glastonbury. Never thought I’d be hearing a football like roar for Kim Kardashian at an event like that. Sad times.

What’s that? You want to hear a disgusting story? Ok, you got it…

I’m experiencing something of a shocker in my flat at the moment. My windows have broken, I had a gas leak, I had to fit a new boiler last week that came with complications… then yesterday morning I had a note from my neighbour that there was a leak and I’d destroyed her electrics. Sweet I thought, can’t wait for that bill. So anyway, I live in an ex-council flat, the bathroom is a bodge job, it’s disgusting and everything is weirdly boxed in. So I look for the leak, I open the box that the sink sits on. Nothing. Go round the back of the toilet, nothing. Then I wonder what’s in the box for the bath… so I chisel open the tile, open it up… and it’s a f*cking pass through for rats!


It looked like 50 of them had been hanging out there having a rave to Kanye’s set.

So in short… ALWAYS check inside boxes.

BIG news in football. The women’s team made it to the semi final of the Women’s World Cup. HOORAY FOR THEM. That’s about the most impressive thing to happen in English international football for a generation. They beat the hosts, Canada… which is always tough considering they are the hosts.

Word on the street his Chezzer has decided to stay at Arsenal and fight for his place, rather than leave for pastures new.

Now, call me a cynical Kanye hating bastard here, but I’d probably say this has less to do about football and more about that rumoured £100k a week contract. Because look… you’ve been displaced by Ospina pretty categorically who has in turn been replaced by Petr Cech pretty brutally. Now you’re telling me you’d even bother trying to displace him? A man who is so good he brings his own keeping coach?

No chance. I fear we’ve got a deadwood situation. It’s not even a socialist wage structure issue, it’s just a contract mistake. He’s paid a fortune considering he didn’t really deliver too much.

It’s interesting reading some of the Arsenal stats people dishing out disappointment at his demise. This is where I kind of feel that sports data at a consumer level is always pretty shite.

People deal in observations, rather than insights. So people will say that Chezzer won the golden glove, which is an observation, but it doesn’t really reveal much ab0ut his performances, because for me, it said more about the defence than it did him. Same with Ospina, if you observed his stats, he looked great… but if you observed him, you could see he’s a car crash waiting to happen.

I guess when Wenger talks about the human element in football, he’s talking about that. You do, even with the most robust systems, always need human input to make sure what’s going on is right… because it doesn’t matter how good your system for decision making is (and look at some of the financial market fails of recent times), all it takes is a couple of things to change and you can find yourself heading down a rabbit hole of wrongness. I guess that’s why these sports data companies usually have a specialist that works with the clubs.

So I’m not saying data isn’t absolutely key to a smarter approach, I’m just saying that amateur statisticians are just that… picking out a singular observations without supporting collateral isn’t the basis for a robust debate. Don’t be shut down by the singular stat… jeez, feel like I’ve just started a movement?

The Guardian reckon we’re going to be trumped for Morgan Schneiderlin because United can offer more and pay him bigger wages. Well, if that’s what attracts him to United, then maybe he’s not quite right. I mean, the squad we have at Arsenal is way more impressive, he’d fit in perfectly, he’d not need to move too far from where he is and we’re more likely to challenge… I’ve also been told that he wants Arsenal. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t right now? We’re a team on the rise playing a style of football you dream of.

That’s what’s exciting about next season. Think of all the players we’ll have from the start. A world class keeper, a fit Theo, Chambo, Per and Ozil. Sanchez a year into his career in the Prem. A Bellerin and Coquelin who are more settled. It really is all about that start. We have the squad and all the right ingredients in place to make it explosive.

Finally, more good news. Arsene Wenger talking about progress and learning.

‘You always have to be on top of what’s coming out new. It has developed and today I think I’m completely up to date with every aspect of the game. But now it has become so vast that you have to have personnel around you who can master some aspects of the game better than you, like the physiological aspects, the biomechanics, how to correct the movement of the player. It’s so specialised now that you need to be surrounded by a team. It’s good that you know the basics of it yourself, then you get people around you who are specialised in certain aspects of the game.’

Know this people. That above quote is major progress. That is a major shift in thinking. 2 years ago, we were not there at all. It’s exciting that he’s now embracing the new world. Also worth noting the credit he gives to his support team and the trust he’s dishing out. Really positive interview that bodes well for the season ahead! Remember him snapping at Steve Bould’s impact on the defence when he came a few  years ago? Now he’s loving it!

Right, have a great day! x

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  1. Pedro

    Rosicky, I think that’s the point… Arsene doesn’t know best, which is why he’s changed his approach.

    Shared vision…

    I’m excited.

  2. Rosicky@Arsenal


    I dont think so he has changed his approach in broader terms.

    Small changes in personell tactics etc does not reflect that Wenger has changed.

    I dont think we will see our playing style is going to change this season .

    Anyway lets see.

    Fingers crossed.

  3. Stevanovic

    If you are still not impressed with Wenger style and consider this top post dry………. You are depressed

  4. Keyser

    Pretty desperate really, so it’s a change in Wenger as opposed to him simply getting the support he needed, most of that is his own doing anyway according to people’s twisted logic.

  5. Stevanovic

    Why would we want to buy another CM ?
    Because we need more than just Coquelin to win the league. Le coq will breakdown at some point. We’ve seen that many times haven’t we?

  6. vicky

    Copy pasting my earlier post :

    What Hernan said on radio is paraphrased below. If this is true, then it would explain why we were in close negotiations with Scheinederlin a few days ago and then pulled out. I am not getting my hopes up though………could be BS for all I know

    “Hernán starts by talking abouthow he got close to people at arsenal back in 2011 when a player called ricardo alvarez was close to joining.
    Since then he has stayed in touch with people from arsenal but never had much news to report until Alexis Sanchez joined.
    He claims he was told much earlier that he reported that Sanchez would join but wasn’t allowed to report it right away.
    Since Sanchez joined Hernán has become very close with his agent.
    He says Vidal will be arsenal second signing of the summer after Petr Cech who he says officially signed on Friday but hasn’t been announced.
    Hernán says Vidal and Wenger has a verbal agreement months back that he would join arsenal but it wasn’t official just verbal.
    Vidal had doubts later if he really wanted to leave juventus and Wenger started targeting other midfielders just incase.
    However Alexis Sanchez has convinced Vidal to join him at arsenal and Wenger spoke to Vidal on the phone and he has agreed to join arsenal.
    Hernán says Vidal has agreed a 5 year deal and the transfer is £23m but is likely to rise to about £30m. Will be official after Copa America”

  7. Joe


    Wenger didn’t want to stump up the cash for Schenderlin. That’s why he’s going to Man U. Again wenger backing out as soon as there is opposition. Not paying the 24m that Southampton wanted. Yet happy to take whatever people want to pay for his stars.


    Who cares if he over pays? Is it your cash he’s spending? We have 2 of the worlds richest men as owners. Spend spend spend!

  8. nasri's mouth


    That’s fine, so let’s sign a DM to either support Coq or replace him, not another CM when we already have Cazorla,Ramsey and Wilshere for that position.

  9. Captain wenger

    Vidal can play dm we need another body in there with wilshere and Ramsay always injured at some point during a season .

  10. nasri's mouth


    That would be fine if either shareholder were putting in additional cash, but they’re not, so we have to work with what we make. (In fact £3m less than we make)

  11. Cesc Appeal

    Vidal is still a great signing, if there’s any truth in it, and again, if the rumoured fee of £21 Million has any validity we’re getting a good deal.

    As a few others have said, Wenger loves squeezing an extra CM into the side, usually at the cost of a LM/RM, but Vidal’s speed and drive mean it wouldn’t hit us as much as when Wilshere is squeezed in, or Ramsey.

    Bit of an all round midfield action man as well, Wilshere will get injured a lot and be inconsistent, Ramsey picks up a good few knocks over a season, Coquelin can’t be the only aggressive man in the midfield all season, would be an excellent signing in my opinion.

    Vidal can cover literally any position in that midfield, great player to have.

  12. northern gooner

    Vidal would be a great signing however lets not forget its only the metro reporting it.
    We are as close to signing Vidal as we are Messi.
    Also MS is a good player but no way is he worth 25mill. No matter whos money it is.

  13. nasri's mouth

    @captain Wenger

    Vidal can play DM but as he’s a charge all over the pitch type of player it would leave us with a gaping hole in the middle of the pitch.

    Yes Wilshere and Ramsey get injured, but there’s no way Cazorla, Ramsey AND Wilshere will be injured at the same time, and if they were we’d play Chamberlain there.

    We don’t need another CM

  14. vicky

    Cheezer is a not a “deadwood”. A player suffers a minor dip in form and here at LG the player becomes a “deadwood” in no time. When Gibbs was going strong, Monreal was a liability. Now that Monreal has stepped up and Gibbs has a few concerns regarding his form he becomes “deadwood”. Chambers was everyone’s darling when he started. Drew comparisons with Adams. and now he is a “liability”.

  15. Cesc Appeal


    Rosicky should be let go, not in the same way as Arteta and Flamini who are f*****g useless, but so he can enjoy the last years of his career somewhere where he gets to play regularly, can still contribute to a decent side.

    That would be four midfielders out of the squad, Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky and Diaby.

  16. Crusaderrabbit

    Sorry to say but have it in fairly good authority that there is no chance is Vidal joining us. It’s a lot of nonsense put out by his agent to help his hand in dealing with Juve. With the Pogba situation and additional midfield signings he needs to keep his options open. Our name is being used for this purpose only and the link with Sanchez just makes it seem credible. Shame as I, unlike a lot of people it seems, think he’s exactly what we need

  17. Cesc Appeal

    I think what Pedro means is if he is on a £100 000 a week, he’s deadwood in that you couldn’t shift him even if you tried, no one will pay that for an average keeper with an awful attitude.

  18. Emiratesstroller

    Personally I hold similar views to Pedro about Szczesny, although I find it very difficult to believe that even Wenger would have sanctioned a weekly wage of
    six figures for a goalkeeper. That would pitch his wages above players like
    Koscielny,Wilshire and even Walcott.

    If it is true then Szczesny will be very difficult to shift and secure a decent transfer fee in the future. We can only hope that the arrival of Cech will assist him in becoming the world class player he aspires to and not yet another Bendtner who overrated grossly his own ability.

    Moving on to Schneiderlein it is obviously disappointing that he will move to
    Manchester United one of our major competitors. He is a very good player, but
    realistically I don’t see him as a MAJOR UPGRADE on Coquelin whatever others may think. He may be a more versatile player, but Coquelin’s position in
    our team is as a specialist DMF and in that department I suspect that he is either better or at very least on par with Schneiderlein.

    If we must recruit an additional CMF who can play DMF role in absence of Coquelin then it should be either a genuine upgrade or a player who will cost significantly less with similar potential to Coquelin.

    My view remains the same that Arsenal need to invest their transfer budget in
    the best goalscoring forward that money can buy rather than another MF.

    After buying Cech we will have maybe £40-50 million transfer budget left. That will limit our options. If we spend £20-25 million on midfield I doubt that we have more than £15-20 million left in pot available for forward and you are
    unlikely to buy much for that sort of money.

  19. Jim Lahey

    @CA – I agree, would love to see Rosicky getting regular football for the last year or two of his career, the guy deserves to play.

    Flamin, out the door.

    Arteta, I would like to see him at a coaching level U-16. Think he is manager material in the future.

    If City came in with £40m + for Jack, it would be very hard to refuse!

  20. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah Arteta as a coach is probably a good shout, does seem to be a good fit, body is gone though, so might be best for everyone.

  21. Moray

    stroller, just think about Djourou’s automatic/optional (by him) contrac extension.

    Our fun with Dick and Arsene contract department are capable of pretty much anything under the sun. They are so scared of losing young talents for nothing that they pretty much seem to renegotiate every year now. Walcott must spend more time in the bird room than he does on the pitch!

  22. Stevanovic

    Arteta, Flamini and Diaby should make way for better signings for us to have any chance whatsoever of winning the league.
    The trio will not make the team in a midtable club.

  23. Cesc Appeal

    Gabriel and Kozz at CB, a middle of Coquelin, Vidal and Ramsey with Sanchez up top…for certain away games, just a pressing machine.

  24. Emiratesstroller


    Arteta is a genuinely intelligent and articulate player and probably has the credentials to become a top class coach or manager. Over the years Wenger has brought in quite a few such players who have then moved onto such roles.

    Personally I have no objection to keeping Arteta on the books if it is clearly understood that he will only play in the team as a “last resort” or where we need
    to give other players a rest and we are playing against “less demanding” opposition.

    What I don’t want to see Wenger keep on doing is keeping on the books a
    multitude of similar players who have no realistic prospect of playing in first

    At moment we have still got on books Arteta, Rosicky, Flamini and even by all
    accounts Diaby who may be allowed to stay on earn if you play basis. We should not keep more than one of these players. Frankly we don’t need 9-10
    midfielders even with our injury record.

  25. Stevanovic

    I just remember a certan highly -rated Polish midfielder Krystian Bielik joined Arsenal from Legia Warsaw in January 2015.

    There may be no room for Vidal in the team. *don’t shoot*

  26. Jim Lahey

    @ES – I would keep Arteta on only as a coach at this point, he might not be too happy with that idea though! The rest you mentioned can go. If we have 5 core CM in the team that is more than enough.

    Would like to see a CF come in too.

  27. Jim Lahey

    @Stevanovic – A lot of highly rated players have gone through our youth levels and not some out the other side, so I wouldn’t factor that into the Vidal deal.

  28. Stevanovic

    I was only kidding about the Bielik stuff. That shouldn’t stand in the way if Vidal really want to join us

  29. gonsterous

    Hope this is the season for wilshere.. I know I give him a lot of stick but the boy has talent and potential .. just needs to stay off the injury table !!

  30. Dream10

    Vidal does not seem like a player AW would sign. He’s 28, has had knee problems, loves the nightlife. Also, don’t think Juventus want to lose Pogba and Vidal in the same summer.

  31. Pedro

    Vicky, he’s deadwood on £100k a week. That’s a pretty expensive second choice keeper by any standards.

    Keyser, bar the ability to purchase big names, the support has always been at the club… or the support has been easily acquirable. All the coaches are the same, but they’re now doing more with the players. Video analysis has gone from optional to mandatory and it’s more detailed. Statsport have been with us for 5 odd years, but now Wenger has had a fitness coach who is comfortable with data pushed into the side. Tactics were never about support. Team selection was never about support.

    I mean, it’s pretty desperate for you, with zero inside track on anything at the club, to challenge the notion that Wenger had it right all along and now it’s just slotted into place…. when it’s actually been a massive, massive evolution of Wenger.

    A super positive one you’re trying to take away from him.

    Anyway, I’m off out to get some rat poison.

  32. Insomnia

    If we have 60m to spend (and I think that’s conservative) then also bear in mind that we could get 15m from sales (podolski, Campbell etc).

    35-40m on Cech + CM might leave anywhere from 35-40m left

  33. Pedro

    Gotta say, I love Vidal, but it’d be a very odd signing… but, I suppose all our midfield experience is gone. Diaby (off), Arteta (broken) and Flam (weak). So you never know.

    Would have thought a younger model would be more on the radar?

  34. Dissenter

    Emirates Stroller,
    ” If it is true then Szczesny will be very difficult to shift and secure a decent transfer fee in the future. We can only hope that the arrival of Cech will assist him in becoming the world class player he aspires to and not yet another Bendtner who overrated grossly his own ability”
    I agree with the general sentiment you’ve expressed.
    However, I disagree with this often repeated talk of Szcezny improving when Cech comes in.
    Cech is not a goal keeping coach, he’s coming to dominate the goal keeping position for the next four years. Sczezny needs to move on to a place where he can start and get better. That place is no longer Arsenal.
    No keeper ever got better warming the bench, that’s why good young keepers are sent on loan quickly.
    The fact that Szcezny is staying without a fight confirms my belief that he’s only good for the reserve keeper at a big club. Like Fabianski, he’ thrive in a medium club like Swansea.
    Pedro is right with the “deadwood”‘, he makes too much to be second string and cannot be shifted on.

    Ospina came in because he knew he had a very good chance to compete and overtake Sczezny, which he did rather easily. However with Cech, he’s mile ahead and will be number one. I won’t be surprised if Wenger makes him the cup keeper too.

  35. Dream10

    If Vidal was available,surely Man Utd would go all out to sign him?
    If Arsneal offer a player like Vidal 100k a week, Man Utd can offer 150k a week.

    Prefer we sign William Carvalho

  36. Stevanovic

    Dream 10

    You are talking ancient history, that was pre back to back FA cup Wenger.
    Same was said about our link to Carzola,Ozil, Sanchez.
    Wenger will sign messi or cr7 if he has the chance.

  37. Insomnia

    Vidal would also bring a bit of a nutter into the team. I’m a great believer in having a wide range of types in a squad once you don’t have any passive aggressive sociopaths (rvp/nasri/bendtner)…

  38. Marko

    Kind of agree with NM would kind of prefer Krychowiak or Lars Bender or Carvalho to Vidal but honestly if it’s a good deal we’re getting then do it. Another marquee signing that shows we’re an attractive prospect to join and also keeps Alexis happy then do it.

    Also caught that Kanye set last night he’s a massive prick alright but did anyone notice when he was finishing up he said “suck a dick ” to the crowd

  39. gazzap

    I think Wenger needs a specialist in picking a team and doing substitutions. He might have done 50,000 of them but he still sucks.

    As for Schneiderlin -he didn’t want more money he wanted to come to Arsenal. Arsenal didn’t want him. I guess because we’ve already bought Vidal way before the Copa America. And wenger knew Man U wer in for him and did not want to get involved in a bidding war. we were favourites to win that one but wenger is a pussy.

  40. DUIFG

    Can’t see Vidal happening, very similar to what we have, if he is coming in, would need a massive clear out of arteta and flam

  41. MadeToLoveMagic

    ive been saying i would love Vidal now for weeks, a lot of people question where he could fit into our squad, what is his position? Does he have the discipline to stay back when needed?…

    I was like ” yeah he the freakin man”

    Now it looks like we may get him, i’m starting to wonder if indeed people had a point…….

    Pedro is right that we have 3 DM in Arteta Flam and Diaby in the squad so Vidal can come in as a replacement for one of those. Still though, he’s gonna want to start every game…………… Who’s gonna miss out? Its an exciting conundrum and most un wengerlike if true…..

    That quote from the original post suggests that Wenger has had something of an epiphany of late, or as keyser would say a return back to his old ways. Either way, its a good thing..

  42. Insomnia

    Vidal would seem to not be a Wenger signing but:
    – if we are going to lose rosicky/arteta/flamini we have a shortage of more experienced mids
    – aw may be looking at time running out for him like saf with rvp
    – aw may not want to play a defined DM all the time

  43. Dream10


    Perhaps. But I think a distributor from deep would be of more use to us than a B2B CM like Vidal.

  44. Marc


    While ManU do have vast resources they are not unlimited. After the spending spree last summer their Chairman came out and said with the level of spending 3rd was the minimum requirement – something they failed to achieve. They still have a qualifying match for the CL and by my reckoning need to bring in a RB, one or two CB’s, one CM and a striker. That’s without replacing the keeper. We can compete with ManU for a player like Vidal if we want him.

  45. Arsene's Nurse

    The only thing I have to say about Kayne West is, fishsticks.

    Pedro, you’d love that episode from South Park.

  46. Cesc Appeal


    Well, I would say he’s better than Ramsey right now, so he gets in ahead of him, Wilshere doesn’t even figure into consideration for me and Arteta, Flamini and Diaby should all have no part in the season at all.

    Can’t remember whether it was RP or WE saying that Vidal could play in that role Wenger likes to stick Ramsey in out wide, and he’d do it a lot better than Ramsey because of his speed, directness and Sanchez like work rate.

    For me it is an absolute no brainer, some Arsenal fans you listen to and they just shoot down any CDM/CM were linked with, I don’t get it at all, you think some actually don’t want us to make any signings. Not saying everyone who doesn’t like Vidal or whatever, but there are some who just rubbish every single person we’re linked with, or provide reasons why we can’t/shouldn’t get them. Tired agendas.

  47. Dream10

    Cesc Appeal

    Yep. That is the fee I believe. The fact that he wanted to join us only was key. PSG and Man Utd offered him 150k a week.

  48. Marko

    Also in my opinion if we do sign Cech and say Vidal then expect a marquee striker to be targeted cause imo those two signings would show we mean business and are targeting the title. We’d unlikely convince those guys to join, who lets be honest don’t have many years left, if we didn’t plan a major title tilt. Basically we’d be unlikely to go into the season with glaring squad weaknesses like we have before. I.E two centre backs or one striker.

  49. Marc


    True about maybe not wanting to play a CDM all the time. Petit and Vieira used to alternate the responsibility, no reason why with experienced players it can’t be done again.

  50. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    If we get Cech and Vidal, Wenger has altered his tactics a bit I think, we have a squad filled with talent for years to come, so Wenger would have seemed to alter his priority to’now’ players, maybe realising his time is drawing to a close.

    No problem with that at all.

  51. Marc


    There are definitely some miserable negative bastards on here. It will be interesting to see how they rewrite history if Wenger’s successor doesn’t win everything in his first 2 years.

  52. Bamford10

    Skeptical of the Vidal rumors. Doesn’t seem like a Wenger signing to me.

    Schneiderlin or not, Coquelin + Flameta is not a title-winning CDM set-up, nor will it get us deeper into the CL. More class and quality (or at least depth) needed there.

    And a quality CF as well.

    As for whether Wenger has changed, a few things:

    1. We know he had ample funds back in 2011, yet he was then still trying to do it on the cheap. Recent windows seem a departure from this approach.

    2. On the players’ recommendation, he adopted a defensive approach against City, which resulted in a surprising, tactical victory. The previous season Wenger went into matches against Chelsea, City and Liverpool with his tactics-free approach and was slaughtered in each instance. That’s change.

    3. No one has mentioned the talk that his new contract might have required that he relinquish some control over spending/signings. Remember his long delay in signing/announcing his new deal. Perhaps Wenger is not the only hand at the wheel in recent windows.

    Morning all.

  53. Cesc Appeal


    That’s what makes me laugh, those lot will spend all day saying how the anti-Wenger moaners are negative and pessimists, yet they are the most wet, negative fans I know. ‘We can’t compete with them…we shouldn’t sign this player…we can’t sign this player…bad luck…squad is as good as we can get it realistically’ etc

  54. MadeToLoveMagic


    curse all those infidels who fail to see the glory of Arturo! It’s most un arsene like to make this signing if true, it will create a lot of competition in the team. a LOT

    Could be interesting for him to play wide…. i never considered that. .

    I think that people on here underestimate Vidals defensive capabilities, they are afraid he wont be able to fill that role. Well he will, i think. He is a tough tackling warrior who will probaly get sent off a lot 🙂

  55. Keyser

    Pedro – All I have is the same information you have, Lol sorry ‘data’, I just don’t have the same need for self promotion.

    We spend 2 million on a StatsAnalysis company,
    We spend 9 million renovating our Youth Facilities.
    We bring In Shad Forsythe, even his name sounds expensive, we don’t replace anyone, we ADD to what we have.

    Then there’s obviously the small matter of about 100 odd Million in NET Spend.

    It’s pretty obvious Gazidis is now actually earning a salary, and Gazidis himself has been pretty vocal in there matters, except now he can actually back himself with actions.

  56. Bamford10


    Re the next manager winning in his first two years, that’s not quite the point. One, Wenger hasn’t even COMPETED for a title in nine years, much less won one. The next manager simply needs to compete for the title to improve on him.

    Two, it is just as much about what a manager does (or does not do) as it is about results. If you can see that a manager is doing everything in his power to compete for a title and is making smart decisions, you have to be supportive of him even if the results aren’t what you’d hoped. If a manager, however, seems to have priorities other than winning titles, if he seems attached to counterproductive ideas, principles and approaches, if he has the resources to win titles but doesn’t use them, well that is all a different kettle of fish.

    The latter is Wenger obviously.

  57. Dream10


    Agree that their spending is not unlimited. But they are prepared to offer better wages than Arsenal are.
    Coquelin is on 40-50k a week. A few articles say Schneiderlin will double his wages in moving to Old Trafford (60 to 120k a week).

    Do you see Arsenal offering Schneiderlin three times the weekly wages of Coquelin, in addition to a 25m transfer fee?

  58. Samesong

    We need to kick on next season

    Minimum requirements

    Quarter final champions league

    1st or 2nd Premier league finish

    Is that unrealistic ?

  59. Cesc Appeal


    I don’t mind the people who don’t want Vidal and would prefer others, it’s just the ones who you know are just going to tell why we shouldn’t sign anyone, ever.

    Vidal I think is top class, don’t care whose toes he treads on in the squad, though hopefully not Wilshere’s because he will be out for eight months 😉 he’s a fantastic player.

    But, I can understand those thinking younger, different role etc. I still have a feeling Wenger might go for Carvalho if he does buy a CDM/CM, younger, easier to control, won’t demand a starting place, can also play CB…however, this tournament showing might be bumping up his value which will make Wenger buries his hands back in his pockets.

  60. Insomnia

    King Arthur – honestly he’s the sort of player you make space for if you can get him. Like Ozil Sanchez and Cech you just buy them…the options having Vidal would give us has given me problems with my pants.

    Buy him – buy him Now!

  61. Marc


    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with point 3. Don’t have any proof but I just get the feel Gazadis has been looking change the setup behind the scenes for a while and had to do it slowly without rocking the boat to much. Maybe Wenger’s accepted the changes through a mixture of seeing some results from small changes and Gazadis selling it to him along the lines of his long term succession.

  62. Keyser

    “It will be interesting to see how they rewrite history if Wenger’s successor doesn’t win everything in his first 2 years.”

    Lol do you know how history works ? Don’t use the sort of logic Cesc Appeal does.

    The club has spent years accumulating cash or promising the future, while people have spent years saying how any manager could do better, well our resources are supposedly only increasing.

  63. Marc


    You’ve misunderstood my point. There are those who seem to think the solution to every problem Arsenal have is to just change manager. I was trying to make the point that this is not a guarantee for success. Nothing more.

  64. Insomnia


    Saying Cech Vidal benteke is like saying Beyoncé mila kunis and ladygaga. The last one may be ok but at the end of the day it’s just ok.

  65. MadeToLoveMagic

    Wenger’s accepted certain things have to change in his approach and now I think he’s starting to enjoy it, rather than being entrenched in dogmatism like before…… The pressure is now only on him to manage the team, nothing else

  66. Jay


    I think pressing has more to do with tactics fitness and prep than personnel. We’ve tried it at times but it just doesn’t seem to work out (bar the napoli, liverpool game in recent memory). Often times I’ve seen ozil and sanchez exasperated with team mates not following up when they close opponents down. Look at barca and bayern you wouldnt necessary call their players high energy players but they do it so well, although removing a slow cb like mert helps a lot the pressing game still has to be perfected otherwise you end up conceding a shedload of goals. The team also needs a good sweeper keeper who understands the game and not everyone can be neuer or valdes

  67. Cesc Appeal


    I hope so, but I’m not so sure, I don’t think Wenger is the old man relieved to be sharing the burden that some would make him out to be. Once a control freak and all that…

    But there have been changes for sure, very interesting the amount of young prospects we’re buying up this summer to fill the academy, and not the shitters we use to go for, sort of high end expensive teenage talent now.

    Squad as is is nicely balanced for the future, academy is being filled up with the best young European talent on offer, hopefully that means Wenger shoots for now.

  68. Keyser

    Bamford10 :

    1. What’s ‘ample’ ? When 2-3 of your best players want out. We needed to build on what we have, not replace what we were going to lose.

    2. This is ridiculous, firstly because adopting such an approach doesn’t offer any long-term solutions, especially with a team that needs to progress. Secondly, for someone who thinks we made little to no progress this is rather odd, even then you don’t seem to have paid attention to what Wenger said after the game, or how we’ve actually played over the past 2-3 years.

    3. A 300 million pound turnover, and Wenger was the only one guiding the club, no wonder he was soo stretched.

  69. Bamford10

    I don’t want to make too much of this, but I too find the anti-Benteke sort a little amusing. Three questions for any and all.

    You are selecting a CF to begin the season next season as your starter, do you go with:

    1. Benteke or Giroud? (I prefer Benteke.)
    2. Benteke or Welbeck? (I prefer Benteke.)
    3. Benteke or Walcott? (I prefer Benteke.)

    Is he perfect? No, but he is better than these three.

    Plus he is a bit undervalued at moment because people seem to think his not doing much in the FA final is a sign of his poverty, when in reality it is a sign of the weakness of his team and the strength of our back four.

    (Not making a huge deal of this. Just a small point.)

  70. Keyser

    “The pressure is now only on him to manage the team, nothing else”

    I don’t think this was ever true, but it’s a lot closer to the reality of he years pre-Dein’s sacking.

    I think Wenger had to have been pretty involved in the future plans for club, especially with how we financed the stadium, but now Gazidis is actually starting to pull his own weight to.

  71. Emiratesstroller


    The problem at Arsenal is that our wage structure does not reflect the worth of the players in our squad.

    In the past we have failed to be competitive when it comes to players of genuine world class and paid far too much to those players who are less talented.

    That was precisely the problem with Bendtner and also now with Podolski.
    It may be also the case with Szczesny as well if as being suggested by Pedro
    we are paying him six figure weekly salary.

    The real difficulty is that Arsenal are aiming to compete with the likes of Chelsea, Man City, Man Utd, PSG, Bayern, Real Madrid and Barcelona in both
    transfer market and wage structure.

    In the past we could not compete in either transfer market or wages with these clubs when it came to top players so that we landed up paying inflated wages to less talented players.

    Most of the other clubs that I refer to are much more ruthless and successful
    in offloading their deadwood. They extract the optimum price for those players who are in demand by top clubs, but with the other players are prepared to
    write off and afford the losses incurred when offloading them.

    Wenger by contrast prefers to hold onto these players whether through sentiment or by necessity. For me there are at least 8-10 players on books who need
    to be offloaded because they are neither of quality or potential to play in first
    team. They need to go as quickly as possible even if we incur loss.

  72. MadeToLoveMagic

    Yeah Cesc, maybe you are right.

    But like you say the changes are happening. That quote from pedros post is very very telling…That’s not something we would have heard from Wenger a couple of years back.

    He has learned to not be afraid to delegate, i think he’s probably had to do a certain amount of letting go. Letting go of control and fear of other people helping…

    Part of fergies genius is that he rolled with the times, maybe wenger is learning?

    If wenger has changed and evolved it gives one faith that one is never to old to change….

    You can indeed teach an old leopard new spots

  73. Bamford10


    Did you read my response to your religious/philosophical discussion yesterday? If not, please take a peek as it was a direct response to a point you made and I put some thought into it. Cheers.

  74. Keyser

    We can press, what we’re missing is an efficient attack, not scoring first, not being able to score when you need to, having to react in transition to teams who sit back and then counter with pace, leaves you fatigued.

  75. MadeToLoveMagic

    I agree keyser.

    Either way though the best thing for us, is that Wenger be asked to do nothing but focus on his team from now on …

    That bit about getting people in to correct the movement of the players was interesting… I can’t imagine wenger a few years back caring what someone told him about how a player moves! But maybe that is just my preconception

  76. DUIFG

    Insomnia, is there much else available in the market.

    You have to be off your trolley to think OG can take us to a title

  77. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah agreed, Fergie did that well, was always the figurehead, but had great staff, wise to the times.

    It’s also very necessary, Wenger is nearing the end, you can’t hand over to a manager and the back room set up be a total mess of averageness and old boys because Wenger tried to do it all. The new guy needs to come in to a modern, top notch set up with proper support.

  78. Dream10


    With regards to efficiency and combination play, we’ll need more from Sanchez.
    As good as he was last year, he still has glaring deficenies in his play. We’ll need more from him.
    Sanchez will also have to adjust his style of play depending on who his partner up front is (Giroud/Walcott #9)

  79. Keyser

    MTLM – Wenger won’t ever be like that, the club don’t have the same sort of support structure they had before he arrived and will have a far stronger one when he leaves, he’s almost had to dictate that in part.

    It’s like your view of Fergus, that’s where we differ as a club, Fergus didn’t make the club, the club actively gave him the time and power to achieve what he had done, everything was either in place or the club moved heaven and earth to get it done, off the field they were two steps ahead of everyone else, so when Fergus came up against something he was stuck on, he had options.

    If we’d kept pace with United in the early to mid-90’s we’d be further ahead of where we are now.

    I seriously don’t get where you build these preconceptions from, it’s almost like you’ve believed everything Pedro’s told you.

  80. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    So we have
    Polish lad signed last year
    Romanian lad signed last week…

    Will any of these make it really ?
    Crowley was the one I thought may break through ,,,
    Not sure now .

  81. Bamford10

    Brazil knocked out in quarters by Paraguay? Brazilian football needs a big re-think. Their corrupt FA won’t help with this.

  82. Emiratesstroller

    Most people are obsessed with offloading Giroud. Noone would suggest that he is world class, but he is nevertheless a very good player to have on the books. After all he has scored 20 goals + in three of the last four seasons even though he does not take penalties or free kicks.

    The problem at the moment is that we have only one genuine world class forward in Sanchez. The other three namely Giroud, Walcott and Welbeck fall into category of good squad players.

    The difficulty is that there are very few world class forwards on the market at
    moment every other major club in Europe apart from probably Barcelona is
    looking for such players.

    Most of the elite clubs are willing to “mortgage” themselves to the hilt to buy
    such players as we have seen in past with clubs like Real or Barcelona. Sadly
    Arsenal are not in that position with current regime who own or mange club.

    The fact is that this summer I see absolutely no players on market for sale who
    are significant upgrade on what we have got. If you want to learn the lesson just take a look at Man Utd and what they had to spend last summer on Falcao.

    Would anyone posting here wish in hindsight that Arsenal had landed up with
    a similar deal or be prepared to pay what Napoli are demanding for Higuain?

  83. Keyser

    Dream10 – I said that at the start of the year, he’s adapted well, I mean unlike some of the fanboi descriptions you get of players we haven’t bought, Sanchez has delivered big time, but we’ve also given him a lot of freedom to do so.

    He’s playing like he does for Chile, but he’s doing it with smarter players, maybe less energetic, he could either producing more, or at least shouldn’t be having to put in the effort he is now.

  84. Insomnia


    My point about benteke was simply that he is not as glamorous as Cech Vidal – is there a flaw there?


    As with above you would be hard pressed to find anything about giroud in what I wrote. Not liking benteke does not equate with thinking giroud is the answer

  85. Bamford10


    Debuchy wasn’t a waste. Had he not gotten injured, he would’ve started the entire year. And no one here or elsewhere would know quite what we had in Bellerin. But Debuchy is solid: we wouldn’t have been hollering for a replacement.

    Now Chambers … He is a different story. I like the kid and think he’ll be a solid CB at some point, but did we need to sign him when we did? Was he ever a feasible RB given his pace? Might we have signed a CDM instead? Legitimate questions.

  86. Bamford10


    No, but I thought you were making a point about quality. Now there is in fact a gap in quality between Cech and Vidal on one hand and Benteke on the other of course, but I still think Benteke is better than what we currently have at CF.

    Just my opinion.

  87. Arsene's Nurse

    Debuchy is a RB. He was signed to replace Sagna. Remember Sagna? Debuchy was not signed as a CB.

  88. S Asoa

    Wenger apparently has a psychological problem about competing . Any stray dog comes in the fray and our bozo slinks off. Perhaps it explains partly the 4th place trophy Sindrome . He puts himself in his comfort zone.
    The Club should invest in a good Shrink and Electrodes out of the balance Transfer Chest

  89. Redtruth

    How is the headless chicken Messi doing in the Copa America, he seems to be running in a few cul de sacs, he’s also left his shooting boots at home.

  90. Insomnia

    Bamford, I agree he’s better than nothing but just not my taste eg ladygaga – though to be fair I don’t think benteke has ever worn an outfit made of rancid meat, although being marked by John terry would be close

  91. Samesong

    What happens next season if we don’t bring in a DM

    Will Coq be motivated to keep up those levels?

    Will Coq have an even better season? which was half a season

    So many questions need answering. I don’t think Coq will be as good next season as he was last season.

  92. Inter YourGran

    I’m a bit surprised by some of the reaction to potentially signing vidal. It’s an excellent signing.

    As i aluded to previously Vidal completes our midfield more than schndierlin does. Why do we need to have two defensive midfielders? For tough away games? Honestly, give it a rest. Coquelin’s job as a destroyer is really only needed in 10 – 15 games max for a club like Arsenal. He can sit in a two alongside anyone of Vidal, Ramsey, Wilshere & Cazorla in this instance. If he’s injured or omitted, than a midfield two of Wilshere playing as a deeper distributor (as he does for england) with vidal or ramsey as box to box options also works fine. We’re mor likely to set up that way in the main anyway.

    People who say vidal is gung ho, loves to attack etc don’t factor in he’s a world class player who can play in a variety of roles given instructions by the coaching team.

    You also cannot justify to ramsey, coquelin and wilshere that bringing in a player from southampton for £25m (who is no better than any of them) on more money than them, is ambition. If you’re going to keep squad harmony and keep wilshere it makes much more sense to move on flamini and bring in vidal if you find yourself having extended periods out the side. The younger players can learn from and accept vidal. Schniderlin causes more problems…

    We were interested definitely but if what vicky has posted has some truth, then our pull out game is strong and we don’t need anymore kids.

  93. Inter YourGran

    Signing a striker will all depend on Walcott extending his contract.

    Giroud won’t be sold and Welbeck, Walcott, Sanchez & Akpom are options a plenty…

  94. Marko

    Thing is Bamford and I don’t wanna get into a big thing here cause I think Benteke is overrated but considering he’s marginal if at all better than Giroud and Welbeck the simple fact Villa would look for so much money means I wouldn’t touch him in the slightest. About 30 million would get you him and 30 million or a bit more would also tempt the likes of Dortmund to sell Reus or Lyon to sell Lacazette. He’s simply not worth it

  95. Igbo Amadi-Obi

    So United are offering more for Schneiderlin than we are, and it’s okay for him to go there? We expect him to be more motivated by the sexy footie we play than the money. What happened to identifying who we want and going out to get them?

    Are we saying that if it came down to money, we would have let Cech go to United?

    That’s not big-team thinking, if you ask me. I thought those days were behind us.

  96. bazza

    A single pair of rats can produce more than 15,000 descendants in 1 year. You estimate you have about 50 rats, so, assuming a 50/50 gender split, after 1 year they will have produced about 375,000. In other words about 6 rats for every seat at the Emirates.
    Suggest you get the rat catchers in pronto.