Conflicting Schneiderlin reports?

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Well happy good morning to each and every one of you beautiful souls.

Who caught Kanye last night? What a bore. Throw on a CD and one man on his own for an hour and a half. Where’s the showmanship? It’s always amusing commenting on things like music when you’re a football blogger. Online people seem incapable of recognising that you can have more than one interest in life. I saw someone Tweet… ‘if you don’t like this Kanye set, you don’t like sound’… some amazing parallels to the types of conversation I’ve had around Arsenal superstars like Denilson.

Amazing the shift in the sort of crowd that goes to Glastonbury. Never thought I’d be hearing a football like roar for Kim Kardashian at an event like that. Sad times.

What’s that? You want to hear a disgusting story? Ok, you got it…

I’m experiencing something of a shocker in my flat at the moment. My windows have broken, I had a gas leak, I had to fit a new boiler last week that came with complications… then yesterday morning I had a note from my neighbour that there was a leak and I’d destroyed her electrics. Sweet I thought, can’t wait for that bill. So anyway, I live in an ex-council flat, the bathroom is a bodge job, it’s disgusting and everything is weirdly boxed in. So I look for the leak, I open the box that the sink sits on. Nothing. Go round the back of the toilet, nothing. Then I wonder what’s in the box for the bath… so I chisel open the tile, open it up… and it’s a f*cking pass through for rats!


It looked like 50 of them had been hanging out there having a rave to Kanye’s set.

So in short… ALWAYS check inside boxes.

BIG news in football. The women’s team made it to the semi final of the Women’s World Cup. HOORAY FOR THEM. That’s about the most impressive thing to happen in English international football for a generation. They beat the hosts, Canada… which is always tough considering they are the hosts.

Word on the street his Chezzer has decided to stay at Arsenal and fight for his place, rather than leave for pastures new.

Now, call me a cynical Kanye hating bastard here, but I’d probably say this has less to do about football and more about that rumoured £100k a week contract. Because look… you’ve been displaced by Ospina pretty categorically who has in turn been replaced by Petr Cech pretty brutally. Now you’re telling me you’d even bother trying to displace him? A man who is so good he brings his own keeping coach?

No chance. I fear we’ve got a deadwood situation. It’s not even a socialist wage structure issue, it’s just a contract mistake. He’s paid a fortune considering he didn’t really deliver too much.

It’s interesting reading some of the Arsenal stats people dishing out disappointment at his demise. This is where I kind of feel that sports data at a consumer level is always pretty shite.

People deal in observations, rather than insights. So people will say that Chezzer won the golden glove, which is an observation, but it doesn’t really reveal much ab0ut his performances, because for me, it said more about the defence than it did him. Same with Ospina, if you observed his stats, he looked great… but if you observed him, you could see he’s a car crash waiting to happen.

I guess when Wenger talks about the human element in football, he’s talking about that. You do, even with the most robust systems, always need human input to make sure what’s going on is right… because it doesn’t matter how good your system for decision making is (and look at some of the financial market fails of recent times), all it takes is a couple of things to change and you can find yourself heading down a rabbit hole of wrongness. I guess that’s why these sports data companies usually have a specialist that works with the clubs.

So I’m not saying data isn’t absolutely key to a smarter approach, I’m just saying that amateur statisticians are just that… picking out a singular observations without supporting collateral isn’t the basis for a robust debate. Don’t be shut down by the singular stat… jeez, feel like I’ve just started a movement?

The Guardian reckon we’re going to be trumped for Morgan Schneiderlin because United can offer more and pay him bigger wages. Well, if that’s what attracts him to United, then maybe he’s not quite right. I mean, the squad we have at Arsenal is way more impressive, he’d fit in perfectly, he’d not need to move too far from where he is and we’re more likely to challenge… I’ve also been told that he wants Arsenal. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t right now? We’re a team on the rise playing a style of football you dream of.

That’s what’s exciting about next season. Think of all the players we’ll have from the start. A world class keeper, a fit Theo, Chambo, Per and Ozil. Sanchez a year into his career in the Prem. A Bellerin and Coquelin who are more settled. It really is all about that start. We have the squad and all the right ingredients in place to make it explosive.

Finally, more good news. Arsene Wenger talking about progress and learning.

‘You always have to be on top of what’s coming out new. It has developed and today I think I’m completely up to date with every aspect of the game. But now it has become so vast that you have to have personnel around you who can master some aspects of the game better than you, like the physiological aspects, the biomechanics, how to correct the movement of the player. It’s so specialised now that you need to be surrounded by a team. It’s good that you know the basics of it yourself, then you get people around you who are specialised in certain aspects of the game.’

Know this people. That above quote is major progress. That is a major shift in thinking. 2 years ago, we were not there at all. It’s exciting that he’s now embracing the new world. Also worth noting the credit he gives to his support team and the trust he’s dishing out. Really positive interview that bodes well for the season ahead! Remember him snapping at Steve Bould’s impact on the defence when he came a few  years ago? Now he’s loving it!

Right, have a great day! x

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  1. Nasri's Mouth

    Cesc Appeal: Anyone else feel we might end up with a late move for Dzeko?

    He had a pretty poor last season. He’s never been particularly impressive as a starter, and although I think he had his contract renegotiated, he’ll still be on a lot more than we’d want to pay for a back up

  2. Redtruth


    Well he was anonymous in the last game.

    He wasn’t even selected to take a penalty. Oh i almost forgot, he was substituted.

    Messi bottled it by electing to take the first penalty.

  3. Cesc Appeal

    Reus would be interesting as a buy, whether Wenger is thinking of playing him through the middle, or having a slight formation adjustment and pairing him with Sanchez with Ozil behind or even at false nine.

  4. tunnygriffboy

    So the Vidal rumours

    He’s an outstanding player, physical and Chile levels of energy

    Bit of a handful though. Fined €100 000 for fighting with another player in Italy. Tends to go back to his roots when Santiago and hang with his mates from childhood who have a bit of a gang thing going on. Obviously the drink driving affair. Instant cult hero for gooners ?

    People who kick Alexis and Santi will have to look over their shoulder if we signed him.

    Kanye is more of a cock than our truth. Sorry Red 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. kwik fit


    It was actually a 28m euro bid! I know, wenger being a tight fucker as usual. Dortmund want 40m euro , which in my estimation is a steal. The guy who said it go the info from someone close to the club. He wants it kept quiet 😉 He doesn’t bullshit , so I believe it but with Wenger its unlikely he’ll budge.

  6. Cesc Appeal

    I can see Wenger being barred from all his local markets, bloke employed specifically to chase him off with a broom because of his appalling haggling skills.

  7. MidwestGun

    Troll –
    Ya… well its hard to take a pk when you are on the bench, he was subbed because he ran himself tired and Tevez was fresh legs. Tevez scored the game winner.
    Messi made his pk. So….. ? You have no point. Also, first to go is considered the most stressful because if you miss you are already losing.

    Seriously, are you 9? Because my 9 yr old niece has better opinions.

  8. Marko

    28 million opening bid isn’t like he’s taken the piss tbh considering how Dortmund were last season and his injuries last season we could probably negotiate down to 35 million or so. And before some ding a ling brings up his injury record no I wouldn’t be worried about it. These things happen sometimes. Honestly the idea of Oxlade, Ozil and Reus behind Sanchez is some pretty great stuff

  9. qna

    Reus would be more than interesting. Sanchez on one side and Reus on the other, you could play donald duck in the middle and we would be better than we are now. He ia the dream signing. I am liking Fekir more and more as the poor mans Reus alternative.

    Problem is Welbeck. He is blocking a spot in the roster and nobody will have the balls to cut him loose. Walcott is by far the man we should be keeping.

    Reus, Sanchez, Giroud, Walcott, Welbeck, Oxlaide, Gnabry

    Too many me thinks?

  10. kwik fit


    Yeah 28m is a decent opening bid alright but the problem is that with Wenger he opens with his final bid!

  11. Redtruth


    Aguero got taken off because he was poor.

    Messi took the first penalty because he is mentally weak after missing several previous penalties.

  12. Nasri's Mouth

    tunnygriffboy: Bit of a handful though

    There was a piece from Sport Witness about him missing training more than once and being drunk when he shouldn’t be.

    Anyway, the Vidal rumours are a load of BS, so I doubt we’re looking at him

  13. MidwestGun

    Kwik –
    Did it involve ice cream, candy, and dolls? Haha. Ha. It would actually make sense if he was 9… it would explain things but he claims to love players from the 70’s. And Gus Caeser.

  14. Cesc Appeal

    Really interested to see who Chelsea move for, pretty great team as is, but I do feel they need someone on the opposite flank to Hazard of similar sort of quality though perhaps a different type of player to him.

  15. carts

    Vidal rumours are strong AF!

    If, a big if, we sign him, what formation formation fo we play; where do we play him; who does he replace in the starting XI

  16. MidwestGun

    I think it’s high time we get the ball rolling on a fresh Benzema rumor. Surely, somebody knows somebody who knows somebody who knows.

    I could ask Rihanna next time I see her.

  17. Marko

    Didn’t Pedro say prior to Sanchez we had agreed a fee for Reus only we couldn’t convince the player. I know what you’re thinking thinking this was when he had that clause in whereas I’d argue now we’re moving for him when he might be inclined to leave a sinking ship

  18. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Think they would like a bit of pace in the right….
    Ox sort of player…

    Also with terry being in his last yeAr they will need a CB ?

    Zouma looks a beast but …….

  19. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah that’s what I’m thinking. Strong, pacey, direct player for the opposite flank to Hazard.

    Think they might try and find a talented home grown buy for a CB, obviously they will bring in a back up GK as well.

  20. MidwestGun

    Carts –
    My preferred formation
    Back 5
    —-Coq, Santi or Rambo
    ——–not Giroud

    Ox will just have to learn.
    Back 5
    Ramsey, JW or Santi, Vidal
    Theo ________Sanchez

    games we don’t need Coq.

  21. kwik fit

    Totally agree Marko. There is something happening alright just have no faith in Wenger bringing this big fish home.

  22. Marko

    Is how I see it. Vidal and Santi or Ramsey for those games where the opponent barely attacks and Coq and Vidal for those tough away games for me

  23. MidwestGun

    Just wait til the season starts. .. I’m gonna be all over TWSS like

    Jara on Cavani.

    By the way just saw the headline……

    “Jara faces Probe on Cavani assault”. ……. haha that’s not right.

  24. carts


    By looks of it that’ll be our best bet though I don’t like the look of Vidal wide right.

    I know Juve played a 3-5-2 wing back (under Conte) , with a narrow 3 of Pogba-Pirlo-Vidal (sometime Marchisio); but to then put Vidal wide right as opposed to the middle, where he’s so dominant, is counterproductive

  25. Keyser

    We don’t play like Chile, we can’t play like Chile, as an International team they can run themselves into the ground in one off games or during tournaments.

    Over 50-60 games we can’t, which is the point, we aren’t Juventus and we don’t play in Serie A, at 28 and unlike say Rosicky who spent years injured, Vidal’s pushed his body for numerous years already.

    Either Vidal is smart enough to work around fatigue or we have a space or a need for him that is specific.

    He’s not tall, he doesn’t have much of a physical presence, from the sounds of it he’s a qualiteh all round player, except Ox is better as a winger, Cazorla/Wilshere will be smarter with the ball, and then there’s Ramsey, Ramsey could probably play any position you asked of him, but his form in 2013-14 was ridiculous, as efficient as any midfielder in Europe.

    We’re not going to win titles because we outspend teams, it’s unlikely we’ll find the Perfect fit, these players have to count, there has to be thought behind them.

    Vidal has to be able to replace Coquelin, that’s probably the position most in need, and even then we’d still be relying on everyone else being intelligent enough to not only raise out attacking game but also adapt to new players.

    I actually like the idea of Vidals energy with a more defensive focus, Ox has that sort of potential, but unlike Ox, Vidal has to deliver.

  26. London gunner


    You say coq’s position we most need strengthening?

    Was that just a poor choice of words?

    Surely it’s one of the positions most in need of supplementing.

    But In terms of out and out improvements of the DM position we can’t really strengthen ( if coq maintains his form of this season) unless we are coughing up 40 million on your veratti’s.

    Anyone else including schneiderlin may offer you certain particular qualities, but in terms of purely defensive output in a defensive minded midfielder role he doesn’t offer you as much as the mighty coq.

    However great cazorla has been this season and Ramsey the season before, Vidal is a better player he improves us in the middle.

    On paper at least he is the best cebtre half in the league.

  27. Keyser

    I said ‘Most in need’, you’re not going to spend 25 million on a 28 year old to supplement or provide depth.

    Coquelin’s form wasn’t really that good, it was decent, he was given a specific role, where he was’t pushed and could rack up stats, he needs to improve, because the teams needs to progress as a whole, he showed glimpses of his old potential against Villa, but that’s all they were, glimpses.

    Next year he needs to be able to maintain the consistency he’s shown this year, but also deal with the teams who realise how reserved he’s been with the ball.

    Verrati is wildly over-rated.

    As an all round player Vidal may be better, but he’s not as intelligent as Cazorla, and Ramsey has shown form as good or better than him at times.

  28. london gunner


    “Coquelin’s form wasn’t really that good, it was decent, he was given a specific role, where he was’t pushed and could rack up stats, he needs to improve, because the teams needs to progress as a whole, he showed glimpses of his old potential against Villa, but that’s all they were, glimpses.”

    Coq’s form was brilliant as observed by countless pundits, arsenal fans, fans across the league, statisticians and journalists.

    Also its important to note that there are various other DM players who have the same specific enforcer role as Coq, yet there stats were nowhere near Coq’s and on viewing their performances one can see this. So if Coq is better than all these players perhaps it shows he had a season of great form? because a parameter of reviewing, rating and crediting a players performances inevitably involves analysing that performance in regards the competition (in this instance other players holding that role) This is how bench marks are formed and targets are made. Not just in the sporting world, but business and academia. One can not rate a player in a vacuum there is always a greater contextt

    “As an all round player Vidal may be better, but he’s not as intelligent as Cazorla, and Ramsey has shown form as good or better than him at times.”

    Ramsey has a great one season in his career, vidals has numerous.
    Its quite a massive leap to be comparing the two.

    Granted Ramsey has potential, but ramsey isn’t one of the best midfielders in europe unlike Vidal.

    Another key point is in Ramsey’s wonder season despite the awesome goals and neat tricks he still didn’t have a touch on Vidal’s efficiency.

    Vidal has double the athleticism of ramsey, is more technically consistent and is more efficient across the board.

  29. Keyser

    Lol greater context, which is ?

    That despite improving a position, we finished with 4 points less, won the FA Cup, credit to consecutive years, but also lost to a decent but not exceptional Monaco side.

    We added squad depth, key players and spent a considerable amount relatively to our own historic expenditure, but are still a work in progress.

    Any form on Coquelin’s part isn’t a patch on Ramsey’s the year before, maybe not even this year, Ramsey’s impact upon the team was marked, hence the position we found ourselves in the majority of that year, Coquelin’s impact overall in a greater context is negligible.

    Not only within the team, but as a player, a 6 month period where if you actually watch him play, he wasn’t especially expansive, didn’t find himself under too much pressure, and both Cazorla and Ramsey were asked to adapt around him.

    Vidal’s spent time at the head of a league that’s been dominated by Juventus with little to no competition, a league in disarray, where he’s been allowed to build up consistency and cohesion, and where Pirlo at whatever age is still relevant because Juventus can afford him the chance.

    Double the athleticism ? Kind of sums up your argument, the inherent contradictions, and your inability to escape hyperbole when desperate.

  30. Keyser

    We don’t need that press, you press when you want the ball back, our problem is losing it to begin with.

    It’s like people impressed by Sanchez’s work-rate, when he wouldn’t be tracking back 40-50 yards if he didn’t lose it to begin with.

  31. Keyser

    Ozy – Did you type that because you genuinely thought that statement was significant or because you just wanted to make a snide comment ?

  32. mysticleaves

    ” One of the dumbest things ever said on here — and there have
    been some doozies. To say the above is to admit you haven’t
    the foggiest fucking clue what you’re talking about. Do
    everyone a favor, mate, and stop commenting on football.

    lol. Bamford. you might actually be the dumbest poster on here and might need to take your own advise.

    1) you said Pogba is 3 times the player Ramsey is. #dumb

    2) you said Ozil is the 2nd worst signing of the winger era #dumber

    3) you said winger will never win anything again with Arsenal and he has already additionally won 2 fa cups #dumbest!

    PS: you also said that if we win the fa cup without beating Chelsea that it’s nothing. there’s no “dumbometer” to measure that one..#offthecharts

    so maybe u need to take your advice and level football alone..seriously

  33. northern gooner


    Word of the year. I will be constructing one tomorrow in work for scousers who think “its there year” because Firmino has signed.

  34. Redtruth

    Ramsey’s influence on Arsenal in 2013-14 was zilch.

    Results remained the same with and without Ramsey in the side.

    The bulk of Ramsey’s goals were scored against relegated and relegated threatened teams.

    His so called good season was curtailed in December through injury.
    His absence made no difference as Arsenal finished the season in customary fourth and as a bonus claiming a place in the FA Cup Final.

  35. Dark Hei

    I am not so sure about the Vidal rumors. If there was anything true about them, all hopes were probably flattened by his drink driving fiasco. He will be convicted some time in August I think, which will be too big a risk. Furthermore he is neither a defensive midfielder or a deep lying passer. I doubt we will go seriously for him.

  36. Rocky Pires

    I dont see us signing Vidal either, however there is a chance a Bayern player could be pursued to come over to London just look at the number of players they have in midfield
    Muller, plays there too as does Kurt

    14 players who all will be looking for starts as they are all Internationals and top quality, well younger lads are U21’s but aspiring talents .
    Could Schweini or Alonso be made available?

  37. BacaryisGone

    I’m not really sure how good Cech will be for us and what difference he will make but I have to put down a a current line-up just for the surreal feeling of adding his name to it.


    Fells better already !