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So, a pretty historic day over in America. The Supreme Court ruled that no state could outlaw same sex marriage.

Finally. Finally some sense in the world.

I find it incredible there’s still a debate in the about who people shack up with.

I mean, the LGBT community will soon get over the novelty of marriage, then they’ll realise that they’ve just opened a can of worms on themselves because marriage is something to be feared, but hey, that’s life. Point is, they deserve the same choices in life as everyone else. Equal society. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your preferences are, we’re all people.

I’m sure there will parties galore today, Pride is kicking off, I’m pretty sure the Gay Gooners will be there ripping it up. Hopefully the day won’t be ruined online by the usual smattering of online ignorance.

But hey, it’s online, where ignorance still manages to find a voice. So don’t expect anything else. I just hope people have the guts to call our bigotry if they see it. Bullying and sniping online will hopefully be something we look back and laugh at in years to come, the only way it stops is if people stand up for each other. Something, I’m glad to say, I’m seeing more of these days. Power to you all.

Anyway, if you’re attending the parade and you’re a Gooner, make sure you go and say hi! I’ll no doubt be floating around there later, any excuse to dress up.


So, Cech is basically done. We’re winning there. There are a few Arsenal fans fearing the Mourinho games. Like, some how, he knows something… did he drop polonium into his beer? Will Chelsea deliver him in pieces in a butchers van?

Fear not. He’s fine. He’s a major move that Jose didn’t want because he knows how good he is. He’s coming to us because he’s pals with Roman. We’ve been doing this deal since before the Cup Final. It’s just dragging a bit. Once it’s done, we can celebrate a masterstroke in the transfer market.

I don’t have much of a steer on players, though from what I can piece together, a striker is going to be top of the priority list. Not so sure on the midfielder part. Morgan looks to have agreed a United move… and it’d be a big shout to chase Vidal at £22m. He’s 28 years old, that’s very unArsene like when we have so many younger players in the middle already.

Troubling thing with the striker role is that I can’t see many top contenders? I’d been told that last season, Wenger had earmarked Reus through the centre, I guess, much in the same way Suarez plays through the middle. If we were going to deal with anyone, he’d certainly be a major front runner for me!

… outside that. Where are we looking? Benzema? I mean jeez, that one never gets old, does it! Benteke? Maybe if he could string a season together. Aubameyang looks a decent player, loaded with pace, he managed 22 goals in 40 appearances for a terrible Dortmund side. Not sure he’s a massive upgrade?

It’s a tough position, be excited to see where we go on this one.

Also, we’ll be seeing a lot of movement out of the club. Not sure who, but they’ll be working hard on the #DeadwoodClub. So say goodbye to some of your faves. If you’re past it or costing a lot of cash, then say goodbye.

Chezzer, Arteta, Flamini, Tomas, Gibbs, Jenks, Lukas, Campbell… please say it’s not Laurent!

Anyway, quite a list of potentials there. Quite a big saving to the wage bill of we move them on.

Right, have a great day!

See you in the comments.

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  1. Redtruth


    That’s where you are going wrong, you have no faith.
    Unless you see the light you will remain in darkness.

    Remember repentance is a gift from God.
    It’s your sin that is stopping you from seeing the truth.

  2. Cesc Appeal

    On a totally unrelated note, has anyone seen the film Semi Pro? Think it is a criminally underrated Will Ferrell film.

  3. N5

    In case that joke went over anyone’s head, I was making fun of how cosmology reads almost the same as cosmetology.

  4. Cesc Appeal

    “In case that joke went over anyone’s head, I was making fun of how cosmology reads almost the same as cosmetology”

    People let you off N5, let it go 😉

  5. MadeToLoveMagic

    The thing is red, the light you are talking about, it comes from you, not God.

    It is a subjective personal experience you had, in your mind that led you to believe something, and the only thing thing you have to cling onto that belief with is your faith.

    Faith by its very natural meaning implies a letting go of rational belief..

    I’d rather look around at the world and see it for what it is, and wonder what created matter and energy, without having to resort to saying oh a god must have done it. Its just intellectual laziness to believe in God imo

  6. tunnygriffboy

    Did anyone watch the U21 semi final today. Portugal 5 Germany 0

    Quite enjoyed it but then got put off because Carvalho dropped a log in his pants

    Was quite relieved after when I found out it was only Emre Can in his back pocket 🙂 🙂

  7. Jay


    What do you mean there’s no God. Until you can fully explain and account for the being of humans and all the other components of the universe then you should probably not be so narrow minded. Even though you have a book since millenia explaining it all you still prefer the unknown and unexplained version or do you think someone just sat one day and decided to make it all up. Over the years there have been different religions people worshipping different gods (which to me is just a misrepresentation of the one true God) so don’t you think this ois evidence enough for you to revise your assertion?

  8. MidwestGun

    Hate to interrupt vacation bible school….. but anyone watching Brazil v Paraguay?

    Brazil winning 1 -0. …. once again Danny Alves best player for Brazil. .. almost operating as a withdrawn striker.
    Firmino wasn’t good again subbed off.

    20 minutes left.

    Penalty for Paraguay.

  9. Jay

    As for the homosexuality stuff, rather than disturbing me I’ld have to say it baffles me instead, okay I can maybe understand women as they are lovely creatures but why would a man want to be with another man? It just seems so awkward but whatever its your body you can do what you wish with it

  10. MadeToLoveMagic


    The Earth is 4.5 Billion years old. The fact that a collection of different random peoples writings from a couple of thousand years means absolutely nothing.

    Man created the idea God as part of it’s own evolution of consciousness. It was a natural explanation for existence and the workings of the universe , it made sense to believe in God .
    Now we have evolved beyond that idea , it’s that simple, and slowly but surely organised religion as we know it will die out and give way to a birth of intellectual and spiritual freedom for everyone..

  11. MidwestGun

    What up Troll? Why you so concerned about sex today. … first you have to have sex….then maybe you can worry about it.
    Probably would help if you got out of your basement. … just sayin.

  12. Cesc Appeal


    You’ve joined me in the era of medieval witch hunters then by adorning yourself with the garb of a real man. Good for you. You shall hence forth be known and En of the fifth, the harrier of Hastings.

  13. Cesc Appeal


    He pretends it’s all nonsense and he wants no part of it, but the force is strong with this one.

    Jack of the Daniels certainly feels like the axeman/grenadier (hence the kegs, drinks some, throws some).

    En of the Fifth, the renowned harrier with his great swordsmanship and pike ability, he will skewer you and repave your driveway.

    Wray of Nephews, the base, debauch fiend, with his sneaky archery ability and syphilis tipped dual blades.

    The rest of the planet never even had a chance.

  14. Jay


    Wow that’s really funny. I support my argument with evidence you support yours with suppositions. Like really?! I bet you do not believe in fetish stuffs either that explains why after decades of being scammed westerners are still falling for the same BS lines. NEWS FLASH most scammers these days do not relate with you on the same level!

  15. N5

    Jay with the greatest respect, what evidence did you give? saying the world exists therefore god did it, is providing no tangible proof. In fact there is no tangible proof whatsoever that’s why it’s called faith and not fact.

  16. Samesong

    Really N5 arguing for another guy behave yourself.

    Science cannot prove that god doesn’t exist so leave it as that.

  17. MidwestGun

    Hmmm grenadier… oh ya I like that. .. like to mix it… slightly tart flavor reddish color.

    Paraguay winning shootout. Some dude I’ve barely heard of for Brazil missed… Rubiero or something.

  18. MidwestGun

    Argentina to play Paraguay. . Looks like Argentine’s to lose.

    Looks like I’m right again. … Redtroll. ..
    Argetina still the favorites. … you wanna bring up my qoute.. again.
    “Argentine’s to lose “

  19. N5

    I’m not a sexist, but I’d like to be the physio in this game. I’d not use a sponge on the girls though!!! [insert eyebrow raising smiley]

  20. rollen

    Now we have evolved beyond that idea , it’s that simple, and slowly but surely organised religion as we know it will die out and give way to a birth of intellectual and spiritual freedom for everyone..

    lol dude u r scarily optimistic
    Golden age of humanity is behind us

  21. MidwestGun

    Vidal is done? Don’t get me excited. … lol. Been preaching on him for weeks til people are sick of me…. well when I say people I mean Nasri’s Mouth.

  22. N5

    Samesong, I actually just meant all religion can’t prove the existence of god.

    The thing is I’ve not even said if I believe in god or not, I’m just disagreeing with a point made. We can’t just say for example Ghosts exist because I believe they do. You can want them too but until you see one and take a photo of it so others can too, it’s not a fact!

    Anyway lets move on from this, It’s Le Grove and it’s starting to look like the Westboro Baptists homepage.

  23. El Tel 1

    Would anyone take a Kosser Benzemer exchange with a bit of cash thrown in?

    If the rumors are true, Wenger is looking for another CB.

    Kosser is one of my favorite players but he does have mistakes in him.

    Gabby is already familiar with our set up and a similar type CB to Kosser.

  24. N5

    If that is true that Vidal has completed a move to Arsenal then I’m getting the Wenger tattoo put on my forehead, not just my back!!

  25. El Tel 1


    Quotes from some reliable Journo saying we have already signed him.

    The silence also has Arsenal written all Over it.

    Maybe he was celebrating when he had the car incident.

    Must say I like the work ethos of the Chileans so a plus if it is true

  26. N5

    Samesong, thanks man. It got out of my comfort zone. I can handle arguing football but anything that really matters is so far over my head.

    Truth, I’ve spoken to you on and off for around 4 years now and I’ve never known you to be a religious type. Have you just found God or are you atoning for years of Arsenal sins?

  27. Jay


    I gave the bible. MTLM said and I quote ‘man created the idea of God as part of it’s own evolution of consciousness’. I mean how does he know that?

  28. El Tel 1

    Kosser swap for Benzema or Bale plus cash

    Draxler if it is Benzema instead of Bale

    Poldi out anyway so wages for Benzema or Bale

    Willshere to Citeh with Vidal coming in on the cheap.

  29. David Smith

    So we get Cech, but Chelsea will not release his coach. Arsenal have let their best gk coach, Roberts go to Swansea in anticipation of getting Cechs man. But may not be going to happen. So our keepers will be coached only by the universally discredited Gerry Peyton. And some wonder why Cechs move has not gone ahead, if I was him, I would not go to a club where Wengers man, Peyton is the only keeper coach. RA let Cech go, but Mourinho had one last shot to damage a club and manager he disposes,, he stopped his coach going to Arsenal. This Cech move could, but probably will not stall. But still leaves Arsenal with an inadequate goal keeping coach, and is Wenger really the man to find a new one? Ivan should have put his foot down, it should have been Peyton going , not his Swansea bound ex colleague. But Wenger is nothing but loyal, even to deadwood back room staff. Gerry Peyton, the man who chose Almunia over Hart.

  30. Jay

    I suspect redtruth was just being contrary for the sake of it as per usual however if I’m wrong then its good to know he’s not all BS

  31. El Tel 1

    Very true Dan.

    That twat Chav will do his utmost to spoil the deal.

    Could it fire Cech even more though?

    It will be the loyal Cech he is damaging not Arsenal.

  32. MidwestGun

    I don’t know. . I Like WWC. … but I’ve coached a few women’s teams in my day. . Still help my niece’s coach scout opponents when they get to playoff time.

    But the women’s game is just different. .. more technical, a bit slower, and not as aerial. Basically, the Serie A. Lol.

  33. N5

    Ozy there is talk over here of it being a done deal! That would surprise the hell out of me considering there has been no noise at all from the club. I know we play it close to our chest but there is normally something.

  34. Arsene's Nurse

    El Tel 1
    June 27, 2015 23:58:19

    Women’s football is shit though isn’t it
    Just got in and turned the telly on and thought, “Oh England are playing in the QF. I’ll watch a bit of this seeing as I haven’t watched a second of the women’s WC”.

    It’s shockingly bad. U14 level are better than this lot. They seem to have taken 1980s Wimbledon as a model of how to play. I don’t think I’ve seen more than 3 passes strung together by either team in the last 10 minutes.

  35. MidwestGun

    N5 –
    It’s like watching Parma play Udinese. Only the players are way more attractive . Well unless your playing Juventus. .. Nobody is more attractive then Pirlo.

    Oh Canada. … 2-1. Keeper bottled it a bit.

  36. N5

    Ha so true Middy. I still remember the days Romford used to fawn over Pirlo. He always had a man crush on him and loved his beard.

  37. MidwestGun

    N5 –
    Ya… Ahern has been stalking him to get him to sign for Nyc… think the Qatarians are trying to scupper the deal tho. I would love to see Pirlo in the Mls.

  38. N5

    Yeah agreed Mid, he still has so much class. It’s a shame age comes to us all as certain players you could just watch for ever. Pirlo, Henry, Maradonna, DB10, Zidane and so on.

    Pirlo would be a great pull for new fans in the MLS.

  39. MidwestGun

    Seriously if we sign Cech and Vidal that would be a serious change in philosophy no? Ready made players in their prime that are good and not cheap or younger prospects.

  40. Bamford10


    “I gave the bible. MTLM said and I quote ‘man created the idea of God as part of it’s own evolution of consciousness’. I mean how does he know that?”

    I’ll make this short and sweet as this is a football blog, but:

    1) The Judeo-Christian Bible is no more credible a source of information about the world than is the Koran, the Tibetan Book of the Dead or the Mayan Popol Vuh. The Old Testament was written by a Bronze Age tribe and reflects their limited, misguided and backwards understanding of the world. They practiced animal sacrifice and were largely polytheistic (though monolatrous). They thought the sun orbited the earth. They were/are authorities on precisely nothing.

    2) Human beings as a species have existed for some 200,000 years. Organized religions on the other hand — Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam — have existed for some 2,000 – 4,000 years, with polytheistic traditions preceding the monotheistic traditions. It is thus a simple and obvious fact that (i) human beings existed long before any religion or idea of god existed and (ii) that religions were invented by human societies (as they evolved) as an attempt to make sense of the world they found themselves in.

    Fortunately humankind later developed the method for understanding the world that we call “science,” and this has proven a far better guide to understanding ourselves, the planet, matter and the universe as a whole.

  41. David Smith

    Vidal…hmmm needs to learn to drive first.
    Anyone else on here see The Who at Hyde Park, last night? Absolutely incredible and they do it again Sunday, Weller and Marr not to shabby either.

  42. MidwestGun

    Something created the universe… something controls the way matter, and all atomic particles behave. And they don’t behave in a simple rational manner. Call it God. .. call it “the God particle” , call it what you will. But science has been unable to explain our existence or the way the universe behaves anymore then a collection of stories passed on in writing.

    But I do know this. .. the meaning of life will not be explained by anything you could possibly read written by Redtroll.

  43. MadeToLoveMagic


    the higgs boson is more like a particle that was responsible for matter being created so the “God particle” is a bad name for it. it doesn’t explain where energy came from. All relativity and quantum equations break down at the moment of the big bang. We simply don’t know what caused the initial conditions that gave rise to our universe, but we are well on our way to finding out. I think there are probably infinite universes and we just live in one suitable for the evolution of biological life.

    The problem with a creator theory is, who created the creator?

  44. MidwestGun

    Magic –
    It’s one theory, .. the multiple universes. Maybe one of the Universes is God or the creator. And does matter behave in the same way in that universe?

    Nice work England. Who they play now? Japan… I guess.

  45. Arsene's Nurse

    And I say redtruth is a bellend.

    Honestly you really are one sad, sad bastard. Your trolling and crap is bad enough without the religious nonsense.

  46. MidwestGun

    You sure it wasn’t Wenger who said I am the Alpha and Omega?
    I make Alphas. .. I don’t buy them.
    Why you Omega, me?

    Anyhow, it’s seriously a sign if schizophrenia to qoute randam religious qoutes for no apparent reason. Worried about you Marble… take your meds. It will be ok.

  47. MadeToLoveMagic


    Yeah we know now that our universe had a beginning , i reckon it makes sense it will have an end. I believe there has to be an infinite multiverse and the initial singularity at the creation of each universe would give rise to different laws of physics. So no, matter wouldn’t behave the same in all of the in theory. Time could be different , gravity, the forces that bind atoms would vary etc. Some universes could die instantly. We just don’t know. Cosmologists are looking for evidence in the background radiation from the big bang for interactions with other adjacent universes

    What is clear is that in our universe , life can exist, and that is why we are here to question it. Anthropic principle

  48. Bamford10


    “Something created the universe …”

    Or the universe — and matter with it — has always existed. Has changed forms, of course, but has always existed, can neither be created nor destroyed, is eternal, etc.

    You and I are composed of an eternal substance, Midwest. So too is Marble, if you can believe it. But contrary to the religious pov, that eternal substance is matter, not spirit.

    We are stardust, good people — and Arsenal still need a class CF and CDM to compete with the best. 😉

  49. MidwestGun

    Bellerin, Mert,Kos, Monreal
    _____Coq, Ramsey or JW
    Vidal, Ozil, Sanchez
    _____Benzema lol. Ok dreaming. … Theo or Welbeck would be an exciting lineup to me.

    Mixture of defending and attack with ability to high pressure.
    Could play Santi. … too. Or Vidal could play in pivot next to Ramsey/Santi or JW and Ox on the wing in high possession type matches when Coq not needed as much versus packed defenses.

  50. MidwestGun

    Bamford –
    Except we know the universe is expanding. Or at least ours is. And we know it started in a much smaller mass. So. …. I guess in theory it could be expanding , reaching a certain point then shrinking and starting over infinitely. But something started the process. Anyways, no matter what you believe … it’s safe to say Redtroll is crazy and thinks on a level pretty much similar to my 9 year old niece.

  51. MadeToLoveMagic

    Red , you said nothing can come from nothing , yet you say god was always there.

    If God is something as you say, then for something to exist it has to have come from a state of nothingness in order to actually exist , hence it had to be created by some means. What conditions gave rise to the creation of God?

    We don’t know what caused the big bang…. yet. but I know that science, philosophy and observation of the natural world gives a better interpretation of the truth than just simply saying “god did it”

  52. vicky

    What Hernan said on radio is paraphrased below. If this is true, then it would explain why we were in close negotiations with Scheinederlin a few days ago and then pulled out. I am not getting my hopes up though………could be BS for all I know

    “Hernán starts by talking abouthow he got close to people at arsenal back in 2011 when a player called ricardo alvarez was close to joining.
    Since then he has stayed in touch with people from arsenal but never had much news to report until Alexis Sanchez joined.
    He claims he was told much earlier that he reported that Sanchez would join but wasn’t allowed to report it right away.
    Since Sanchez joined Hernán has become very close with his agent.
    He says Vidal will be arsenal second signing of the summer after Petr Cech who he says officially signed on Friday but hasn’t been announced.
    Hernán says Vidal and Wenger has a verbal agreement months back that he would join arsenal but it wasn’t official just verbal.
    Vidal had doubts later if he really wanted to leave juventus and Wenger started targeting other midfielders just incase.
    However Alexis Sanchez has convinced Vidal to join him at arsenal and Wenger spoke to Vidal on the phone and he has agreed to join arsenal.
    Hernán says Vidal has agreed a 5 year deal and the transfer is £23m but is likely to rise to about £30m. Will be official after Copa America”

  53. Wallace


    if it happens i’ll be very surprised. at 28 and with his kind of game i think he’s got 2, possibly 3 good seasons left in him. definite similarities with Fergie’s move for RVP.

  54. N5

    Bamford and MTLM are bloody geniuses. I’m really impressed with what I’ve just read. I’ve got to restore balance now though.

    CUNTY WANK BUMDER! Ahhh that’s better.

  55. SpanishDave

    Nice on Bamford, God made man from clay? I’ve heard it all now.
    If people actually read the bible not just the good bits they would realize what a load of fiction it is.

  56. David Smith

    We cannot rule out the existence of something we may regard as God, as even our brightest minds have no grasp whatsoever of space time.

  57. Marc

    Er all a bit heavy for an Arsenal blog, but just a few points. It is widely accepted by mainstream science that the Universe started from a singularity known as the big bang. The Universe is not only still expanding but it’s rate of expansion is accelerating.

  58. Rhys Jaggar

    ‘Bullying and sniping online will hopefully be something we look back and laugh at in years to come’

    If you are not aware o f your own sniping and bullying Mr Wood, you are in grave need of ‘cognitive behavioural therapy’. ‘It’s my site and I’ll trash who I want to’ won’t get you acquitted in a court of law.

    I know what you do even if the majority don’t.

    It makes you small. Like your bathroom in fact……………

  59. London gunner

    I get agnostics and deists, but Christians/Muslims ect are ridiculously naive to believe they have all the answers written in a fairy tale book named the bible/Koran ect

    Of course I believe there may be a force that created life. Let’s for argument sakes call this force a god or God. This god would beyond our comprehension it wouldn’t have a semi human son named Jesus or give two fucks whether we commit muder, violence or homosexual acts. We would be so utterly insignificant to such a force.

    In a galaxy with billions of stars and solar systems. Does this god care about each and every one of us?

    No. Christians and others have shaped God in our image, with our emotions such as compassion and love ect. That to me shows this idea of God is a human made concept. If there is a god its a chemical reaction/ a force of nature/ a particle/ a cosmic energy without human emotion or sons that walk on water or prophets that call for the muder of infidels.