Gold Arsenal kit… breathe in people | Vidal or Morgan? Who you saying?

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Photo for the site, you say?

Photo for the site, you say?


Went to see Jurassic World the other day, not going to lie, I was mildly disappointed with the output. Jurassic Park, the original, was a masterpiece. This? It was a poor representation. No tension, average characters, a complete disregard for science (like, even just basics) and look… it wasn’t even remotely scary.

Raptors, having pet like relationships with humans? Are you having a f*cking laugh?

Romance scenes, when dinosaurs are mauling your guests! Looking sexy when you’re under a T-Rex? Honestly Spielberg, you took your eye off the ball.

Totally killed my night… and I went to one of those nice cinemas to see it.

Onto football!

So we’ve landed Petr Cech, it’s just taking the usual 16 weeks to get it up on the .COM.

So who is next? Well, it’s hard not to think we’re going to be making moves in the middle of the park. Schneiderlin and Vidal seem to be the front runners for the position. Vidal is 28 and Morgan in 26. They are both excellent players. You don’t need to worry about Chileans settling on the pace, they’re born ready. He’s a total lunatic, but he’s a fighter and he’d no doubt bring a bit of Sanchez like energy to the middle of the park. If the £12m fee is true, we’re getting a steal.

Schneiderlin is also an excellent player. A bit more craft to his game than Coquelin and obviously he’s Premiership ready. I heard the player would love to join the club, but the main question is whether Arsene wants to pull that trigger. I’d guess the fee will be higher than £12m. Wenger is at the stage of his career where he might be tempted to make shorter term signing with the bigger picture being ‘LEAVE WITH A BANG’

I still don’t quite understand why people are so reticent for us to bolster in that position. We still have fans stuck in small club mentality of ‘we have a player who can play that role’… look, we’re a club that’s suffered horrendously over the years because we have only one player of stature in each position. You don’t win the league with one starting 11. You need to be able to rotate.

If Coquelin drops out, who do you have? Diaby? Gone. Arteta? Shot to pieces. Flamini? DO ME A FAVOUR MATE.

So we need to bring in players in that role. We need to make sure Coquelin can be rotated in and our. We need a squad of players we can trust to remain fit and come in and do a job.

… and look, as I was told a few years back, this notion that bringing in big names disrupts the squad is a bit of a myth.

Great players want to play with great players. If you dropped Cristiano into our side, do you really think Carl Jenkinson would be banging on the managers door asking for £300k pw? Course he wouldn’t. He’s be overawed by the magnitude of the signing and the excitement of playing with someone who could land him a trophy.

Players are rich from the age of 20… once you get to a certain level of rich, the only thing that can make you feel richer is experiences… money can’t buy experiences. Like winning major honours. That’s all the players are after. Those big trophies. They want to have a reason to talk at an after dinner circuit. They want to be embedded in the clubs history.

… and the great thing is this. I feel like if we make two more siginings, we could be on the verge of making history next season. If we continue the fitness work, continue to work on our preparation, continue to up the smartness of our training and we get some luck on the fitness side. We really could be pushing Chelsea hard!

Shit the bed, look at this…

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 08.10.03


Firstly, Puma are really struggling with this whole secrecy thing… secondly, I am pretty slim for a player nearing the end of his career, but that shirt scares the bejesus out of me. Chambo is ripped and he’s looking a bit chunky in it. It’s like Puma don’t understand their market! Too many famished creatives in their design studio. The average football fan is overweight, throw us bone for gods sake!

Finally, after slagging off low grade journalism, this bit of data vis by City AM is excellent (here). It plots Wenger transfers against time, age and price.

Finally, leaked Jose Mourinho tactics.


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  1. Goonergirl

    I’d definitely be surprised if someone doesn’t get a red in the second half. What’s it like six yellows already. And the tackles keep flying in.

  2. MidwestGun

    Tunny –
    I’ve only seen him play for national team mostly and he’s about 3rd choice. Not a good dribbler or holdup play for me. Ok pace. Reminds me of Chicharito.

  3. MidwestGun

    0-0. Eagle. .. Argentina peppering Colombias goal. But Ospina has been brilliant. Colombia forced to foul and last ditch tackles. But no attack and little possession.

  4. ofebs

    Di Maria over-rated, weakest link for Argentina attack today, not enough penetration, which is what is needed against this ultra-defensive Colombian team.

  5. MidwestGun

    Ohhhhh wow waaaay over bar Colombia…. 3rd chance to win it. Tevez. Up.

    Gooood!!!! Argentina advance. . Ospina devastated. Ray Hudson goes nuts! !!!!!!

  6. MidwestGun

    Lol. …… ok I’m done. ….. hope that helped Eagle. Crazy crazy shoootout.

    Ray Hudson losing his voice. Tevez the eventually hero. But Ospina was the Motm.

  7. ofebs

    @ Redtruth

    It is not about a comfort zone in Barcelona – it is that referees in South America turn a blind eye to challenges that European an World Cup football would not rightly tolerate. The referee in today’s match was extremely lenient with Colombia…

  8. ofebs

    @ Redtruth

    Messi did not suck at the World Cup, go back and watch Messi not Argentina, watch Messi, his movements, dribbles, passes…

    Germany had a better team all around and a better manager so rightly won the finals though by a narrow margin.

  9. GuNZ

    Evening all

    By The Fates that picture of young Mr. Oxlade-Chamberlain reminds me of myself at his age (minus the talent and looks that is). My pilates and nutri-bullet smoothie regime since the FA Cup final is obviously paying dividends as young ladies no longer spit at me as I strut my newly ripped stuff past them in the street.

    Petr Cech, eh! Great news although I remember the days when goalkeepers had vowels in their names.

  10. Emiratesstroller

    I did not watch Argentina v Columbia, but according to reports Ospina played an
    absolute blinder in goal yesterday.

    Personally if it was down to me I would prefer to keep him over Szczesny. As far as I am concerned he may not be the tallest goalkeeper on the planet, but he is certainly the more reliable one. Arsenal would be better off loaning out Szczesny next season and keeping Ospina as backup for Cech.That would make better economic sense as well as I am pretty sure that Szczesny earns more.

  11. GuNZ

    I have had Ospina on the phone in tears, Szczesny on the phone in tears, and my poor, poor boy, Giroud, in tears, here, in Auckland, in person, hair awry (yes, hard to believe but that’s how upset he was), mascara running down his face, nougat lumps and Ribena-flavoured pernod stains in his three-day stubble, sobbing. He was asking (justifiably I thought) how Arsenal could be signing people with so few vowels in their names when he did his best to drop consonants whenever he could. Wolcijk was tossing his toys because he couldn’t believe the new goalie couldn’t even spell the fucking country he came from in his surname when he himself had a better crack at it in his own surname even though he was Polish. Ospina (from what I could understand that is, the poor boy had reverted to his native dialect and had noticeable Columbian Marching Powder residue beneath both snotty nostrils) asked me how the fuck the crowd were going to do a C——–eccchhhhhhhhh during goal kicks. I felt for them, I really did, but there really wasn’t much I could do so I took them all down to the Albany Mall and brought them a nice mince and cheese pie (it was after 4 pm so the pies were on special), let them blow their noses into the tissue the nice Chines ladies behind the counter give you with the pies and gave them the names of the local drug suppliers. Giroud, of course, I took to the ‘Shearing Shed’ to get his highlights and make up touched up.

  12. N5

    I hate to go against you Middy, but I didn’t think Messi was the player of the tournament either. He wasn’t bad by any stretch of the imagination, but I was shocked when he won it. James or Alexis were better IMO.

  13. MidwestGun

    N5 –
    Ya…i know. Was just trolling tbe troll. Because I can…. lol
    Marble is amusing at times.

    E -Stroller –
    Reports are true. … Ospina was absolutely astonishing at times. Literally, threw himself at the ball. He almost made a critical error and then would miraculously pull a last ditch effort off. Had some help from the post and ball cleared off the line a couple times but was easily, motm.

  14. N5

    Is there any reason this Cech deal is taking so long to be finalised. We’ve all known it was happening for a while. I understand it takes time to negotiate a fee, but now it’s all agreed you’d think he’d be on the .com

  15. MidwestGun

    N5 –
    Re Cech -Not sure of details. .but maybe they are waiting till formal Tw opens in a few days. I know many times players contracts start or end on June 30th.

    Also Tevez has lost a few steps by my judgement but he was clutch when it mattered. Must be wanting to retire near the family.

    also it’s 330am here. Ha.. might be time to consider…sleep aa sn option, for me. Watch the match highlights. .. pretty good drama for a nil-nil draw… then an epic pk shootout.

  16. N5

    Cheers Mid, I only ask because so many contracts already seem to be changing hands. I know they can’t officially file them until the window opens but I thought they could exchange them

    Agreed RE Tevez, it’s a sensible move on his part.

    Get some sleep mate. It’s morning here now so you really should be getting some zzz’s 😀

  17. El Tel 1

    Cech deal held up by substitute Club photographer who took the wrong lense to the photo shoot.

    There was also a sobbing Moaninhio locking Petr in a room for a couple of hours to ensure he got to Colney late.

    Petr escaped when a Russian Gangster opened the vault to find the cat with the hat patiently waiting to be saved.

    Moaninhio in the meantime was waxing lyrical to his media pals about Cech having second thoughts, how he locked himself in a room to evade the Arsenal voyuers attentions