Why Cech is so important

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Guest blog up in yo face from Simone…

Petr Cech is top quality & I’m excited because the last time we had a top quality goalkeeper we won the league.
Make no mistake, Jens Lehman was a superb number 1. He was a little crazy, but his positioning was spot on. His reactions were like lightening. He commanded his area and aside from the odd moment of madness, his decision making was great.

I’m not saying that he was perfect, but he made saves that were, (imagine Andy Gray saying this) right out the top drawer. Anyone who disputes that Jens was a great goalkeeper need only look at the golden Premier League trophy he contributed to. You don’t go unbeaten without top quality in every position, including his. He was (imagine Morgan Freeman talking now) a goalkeeper who made history, who contributed to one of the great sporting achievements of our lifetime.

Why Morgan Freeman you ask? Why not is my reply.

Go back a few years and you had David Seaman helping bring titles home. The moustache alone was worth the admission price. Aside from being drop dead gorgeous, (he’s still wonderful, even now without the facial hair) he was arguably the last truly great English goalie. No Arsenal fan will dispute his awesomeness, so I won’t go into the reasons why I use him as an example.

The bottom line is that Petr Cech will elevate us to another level. Not necessarily Barcelona or Bayern Munich level, but possibly Chelsea level. After all, we weren’t that far away from them anyway.

I’m not telling you anything you don’t know, except that I quite fancy David Seaman, (no pervy jokes on my timeline please), but there is one observation I think most won’t have made just yet.

On the 19th September 2015 at Stamford Bridge and 23rd January 2016 at the Emirates, (dates subject to change) Cech will hopefully make the difference in the title race.

Remember how well Fabianski did against us for Swansea? He knows our players because he trained with them for years. He knew how they would position themselves, where they would move to, how they would shoot. You don’t spend years with people without learning how they play.

When we play Chelsea Cech will have a big advantage our other ‘keepers don’t have. He’ll know what to expect. He’s been with most of the Chelsea squad for years, (new signings excluded obviously). It’s no coincidence that former players tend to do well against previous clubs. How many times have we debated over whether a player should celebrate scoring against their former employers or not? How many times has a former player put in a great performance against his old club. It isn’t just about motivation, it’s also about inside knowledge.

Cech has the inside knowledge, and hopefully the headlines following those games, (and the community shield) will be ‘Cech makes the difference with stunning saves’.

Wouldn’t it be nice for Arsene to get the Mourinho monkey off his back. Using Cech to do it would surely make it so much sweeter.

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  1. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Read a rumor he may shift Chambers up into a more holding midfield player.
    Give me strength.’

    Please no. Cue the more pro-Wenger posters saying what a great idea that is and that Chambers could be a very decent CDM back up.

  2. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    Ya.. i mean I feel Eagle’s pain. I hate when a player I like goes to a team I can’t stand.,, Clint Dempsey to Spuds was my latest nightmare. (Yedlin is there now, still hoping he gets a loan move for future transfer)
    But the player not only has to have talent, Brenda has to be able to utilize it, too. If he is trying to recreate a mini ‘-Brazilian attack I’m not too concerned.

  3. Chrispy

    The Secret Footballer is tweeting that Wenger has dithered on Schneiderling to the point he’s convinced himself not to do the deal. Was nailed on and pretty much done apparently.

    There was me thinking Wenger really had changed and could see the same as the rest of us what we really needed.


  4. MidwestGun

    Hate to sound like Keyser, but Chambers wasn’t the most efficient use of money. But if he can develop into a Mert Cb replacement I’m not too fussed. Wonder if he was a Gabriel money ball type Replacement with the new stats analysis program we are utilizing.

  5. Dissenter

    Podolski is widely reported as lamenting that he made an error requesting for the loan transfer last January.
    He wants to come back and is okay with a bench role.

    Would you have him back?

    I don’t want him anywhere the dressing room, not even for pre-season. They should off-load him fast.
    London’s night-life and tweeter-follower-ship is larger than anything he’ll get in Turkey, I guess.

  6. MidwestGun

    Podolski = no. Dude was showing serious Szczesny type attitude issues. Playing half ass, laughing on the bench for no apparent good reason, forgetting his shin pads, probably the biggest defensive liability we have, can’t play as a lone striker.

    Turkey sounds fabulous to me.

  7. Nasri's Mouth


    It’s not a massive secret.

    The theory goes that Wenger wanted Schneiderlin last summer, and Southampton decided not to sell (possibly because of the number of their squad that they’d lost)

    Then since the emergence of Coq he’s pulled back from signing him.

    There’s other stuff going round that we’d agreed a lower price than £24m, and that if we want him, then we have first dibs.

    Or that we’re looking at Schneiderlin only as a back up if we can’t get someone else.

    I have a feeling he’ll go to ManU

  8. qna

    Just looked on who scored at Aubameyang. Check out when he scores his goals. Most of them in injury time. Thats odd. Not sure what to make of that.

    For me he relies too much on others serving it on a plate. Sure we do need guys who can finish those chances unlike Welbeck and at times Giroud. But a true CF has to be able to score against a well organized defence that is sitting back. He doesnt strike me as anymore effective than Walcott here. And for £29m? I want more. But it is an inflated market. Would be an interesting question as to who is better out of Aubameyang and Firmino even if they play somewhat different roles.

  9. relieable sauce

    Honest Bob the trolley wragler says we’ll get Bender & I’m inclined to believe him.

    That, or an internal solution – CC, Beleik, Flamteta, Diaby (on loan from Barnet).

    CF is hard to call, TW has been mentioned as a ST before but Wenger never really persisted & maybe was never even interested in the idea & it was just to smooth contract negotiations.
    Highly likely imo but has AW really had a change of heart this time or are we seeing the same trick as before.
    & when is he going to sign da ting?

  10. salparadisenyc

    Last year there was that Sir Chips fella saying he had inside info on Khedira being DONE.

    In the end who knows, I tend to feel whomever has zero rumors in the mills is the likliest to a certain extent, once they drag on like Higuain, Khedira seems to never happen.


    All done very quickly. Gazidas touched on this last week.

  11. Leedsgunner

    Why the Chambers hate all of a sudden?

    The boy showed he could play when he was called upon the beginning of last season… and he’ll get better as he plays with top pros like Mert, Kos, Gabs and Debuchy. Not to mention Cech. He will be an amazing leader of our defensive corp. They will all become better players because of him.

    I didn’t follow the U21s at all, so pardon my ignorance… was he taken as a part of the squad and not played or was he ignored altogether? I see in any case the U21s didn’t do very well anyways… and the fact that Chambers wasn’t picked shouldn’t be held against him but it’s more of a reflection on Southgate’s poor judgement in my opinion.

    Am I saying Chambers will be the next Tony Adams next season, no. But he’s a decent player who deserves a chance to show us all what he can do. Remember Kos wasn’t great either for about 18 months when he came… and people like gambon were regularly calling for him to sold and what happened — he is a stalwart of our defence now. Where would we be without him? It does even bear thinking about!

    Goodness know I have criticised the team a fair sum, but at times I think we criticise our players too much because we suffer from “green grass syndrome”. Not all our players are s*** and not all our rival players are better.

    We have enough deadwood still at our club who derve to be shifted out before we look at young talent like Chambers. I have faith in him. Let’s give him this season at least before we write him off.

  12. Insomnia

    Madre dios! Sir chips – he was obsessed with Sami khedira signing, swore several times that he would be proved right….

    We’ll get the youngest Bender brother, Robert “honest Bob” Bender, I’ve heard he is not to be trusted

  13. Arsene's Nurse

    Just lost two posts. Very strange. Anyway I was saying I rate Chambers and think he’ll go far.

  14. MidwestGun

    Sal –
    Seems to be the case. Ozil and Sanchez were quick deals. Plus who knows what names the stats computer is spitting out. Was Gabriel,Chambers,or Ospina on anyone’s list last year? Ospina had an injury.

  15. MidwestGun

    Nurse –
    Ha…. you got eaten by randam binned word filter. Can’t say p.ervert for some reason, either.
    Important in the Jara incident I’m thinking.

  16. salparadisenyc

    I’m guilty of it myself actually, from my younger days. Puts off the defense something rotten.

  17. Insomnia

    Actually irrespective of nationality the correct phrase for use after anal digit insertion is “ay caramba!”

  18. relieable sauce

    The authorities are looking into it (poke incident).
    They shouldnt need to probe too far for evidence.

  19. relieable sauce

    My old PE teacher taught me the same trick one day after school.
    I dont know what all the fuss is about.

  20. Ughelligunner

    My major reason for allowing Flamini sold is because last time he went on a free.

    This time we should get something for his service

  21. Ughelligunner

    You know, we fans are too reactionary.

    We don’t know for sure if clyne will do better in Liverpool because of the pressure. We should learn from our mistakes rather down always falling head long on players valuations. Re-chambers

    last year people where licking their toes on the lallana, The shaws, the Lovren.

    Balotelli was praise to the high heavens. Even our chambers was also praised. Now its the opposite.

    We never learn from the transfer market we go fouth and backwards.

  22. Ughelligunner

    You know with all the confusions we have on here on players efficiency and valuations without really having inside or future knowledge of the players, i really think we should just rather wait and see.

    Remember totenham and the 9 new players in one window caused people Dying in rage. We forget too easily.

    Rather than portray the devils advocate against our own while not wait until the player performs before comparing value.

  23. Cesc Appeal

    I don’t think we could sell Flamini, we would just have to pass him on, like one passes on an STI or a cold.

  24. Ughelligunner

    You just know getting involve in players valuations now rather than later might come back to hit you in the face later and you would be bold enough to share in the misdemeanor.

    Rather we just move to different targets. Sell him and buy a replacement.

    Do man utd really need a cm?

    Thought carrick, Herera, blind, fellany (won’t forget so soon the mad rush here that utd got him for 24m) are good enough. Considering too of those were bought just last year. And didn’t herera cost close to 30m?

    I think they need a solid center back rather than a midfielder.

  25. Bamford10


    Hard to say, as I haven’t seen that much of Bender, but based on what I have seen and based on what Joachim Loew has said about him, I think Bender may in fact be the better player. The two are comparable, though, with any margin a relatively slim one, and Schneiderlin is already in the EPL, which is a plus.

    I’d be happy with either.

  26. MidwestGun

    Ughelli –
    Serious question. .. who gives a shit whether fans are reactionary or not?

    I don’t. You want to rage away about a player ….. feel free. Just be warned you might turn into Bob with a weird Jack Wilshere obssession.
    Also, not every player comes good, hate to tell you. Ospina might get the plugged pulled after a season.

  27. Bamford10


    Lame. If the Mirror is right, I fear Wenger could be going with Coquelin + Flameta, a CDM set-up that will not get it done, not in the EPL, and not in the CL.

    Coquelin has been great but he is not yet of international quality. We need someone of that polish and caliber.

    Let’s hope Wenger is looking at someone like Bender because he thinks he will be better value.

  28. Cesc Appeal

    Gutted if he ends up at United, common sense move for us.

    If Wenger is banking on cohesion, stability and the players he already has that’s his shout, but he should be held to account for it…no excuses are left now and sitting around 4th/3rd isn’t good enough any more. No plausible reason for us not to be credible title challengers, that’s the bench mark for the manager to be judged against, how he approaches it is obviously his call.

    But no excuses.

  29. MidwestGun

    Totally depends on who or if we bring in an Attacking option whether I’m cool with Santi /Coq or Ram/Coq for another season.

    After watching Chile I wouldn’t be opposed to this.

    Coq, Ramsey
    Theo or Welbeck

    high press and counter Attack like mad fiends.

  30. Marko

    Missing out on Schneiderlin will only be a shame if we don’t bring in someone else. We end up bringing in Gundogen or Lars Bender or my personal favourite Krychowiak then we made the right decision. Keep in mind also there’s still Vidal rumours about but for me Krychowiak or Lars would be quality additions and just what’s needed

  31. salparadisenyc

    Kind of feel if Wenger’s not bringing Schneiderlin in, nobody’s coming in that area. Vidal would be immense but time isn’t on his side in terms of the Wenger clock.

    Whereever Arsene is standing, his hands are buried deeply in his pockets.

  32. tunnygriffboy


    Me ever the optimist a bit disgruntled re our midfield position. Kondogbia gone. Fair enough. Schneiderlin going, that hurts. Unless he has a plan to bring someone else in. Part of me thinks that he will but who and at what level I don’t know. It concerns me.

    I thought we had an agreement for Schneiderlin ? I hope everybody who can is sending Gazidis e-mail/twitter feed into meltdown over this Harumph !

  33. MidwestGun

    For me , we aren’t gonna out Chelsea/Chelsea by playing two defensive minded midfielders in the pivot and look for 1 -0 wins. So for me we need to add a goal scorer or high energy attacking midfielder opposite Sanchez so he gets more space. This is what Chile does. Granted they have a more mobile cf then Giroud. Coq is gonna play probably 80% of the time, so either we are replacing him or looking for a 20% of the time backup.
    So imo we need an attacking option. Vidal can do both in an emergency injury situation. . And there are other options beside him, also. Ox was being groomed for that , I think but he isn’t ready to step up imo.

    And then there is Jack. The wildcard. Wenger is gonna play him. So I can see why in Wenger’s mind he doesn’t know what to do. Hopefully, he figures it out and the answer isn’t 4-1-4-1.

  34. MidwestGun

    Serious question tho. Kondogbia/Schneiderlin/etc…. are they replacing Coq or Santi/Ramsey? People are saying they can play beside Coq in the big games. But those players aren’t coming here to play 5 or 6 matches.

  35. Bamford10

    That basically leaves Bender and Krychowiak. I love Gundogan, but he’s more a CM (#8) than a CDM (#6). He’d compete with Jack and Aaron, so I doubt we’re in for him.

    Any other quality CDMs available?

  36. Bamford10


    Pretty straightforward. Any CDM would be competing with Coquelin for the starting CDM spot. Whomever won that competition would play the lion’s share of games, including the most important CL and EPL matches.

    If you sign a Bender or a Schneiderlin, you let him compete with Coquelin. If Coquelin is truly better — as some here believe (not me) — then he plays the lion’s share, the important (EPL 1-10) while the other plays the other matches (EPL 11-20).

    For me Coquelin is the guy you play in matches against 11-20 and cup ties, whereas a Bender or Schneiderlin is the guy you play against 1-10 and the CL.

    Plus there is the issue of injuries, knocks, fatigue.

    May be moot, however, as Wenger may go with Coquelin + Flameta.

  37. MidwestGun

    Also, I’ve heard well if Coq gets injured we need someone. Ya he could. But dude played with a broken face. So are we gonna spend 25 mill to back him up. And if not are we replacing Santi/Ramsey/Jack seems unlikely.

    So if Bender can play dm and doesn’t mind being a squad player. Ok then, I guess.

  38. MidwestGun

    Bamford –
    Just can’t see Wenger doing a 50/50 rotation. Anyhow, basic point for me is spend the cash on goal scoring if it’s an either or situation. Ideally we do both, but I’m not super optimistic, obviously.

  39. relieable sauce

    I dont see Vidal as a Wenger signing personally.

    Is there a mexican standoff going on between Wenger & Ivan behind the scenes these last few TWs??

    total speculation but here goes anyway.

    If we spend early it will be AW getting Fekir/Draxler/no-one + Bender/no-one.

    If we spend late it will be IG getting Benzema + Illaramendi.

  40. Dissenter

    “Also, I’ve heard well if Coq gets injured we need someone. Ya he could. But dude played with a broken face. So are we gonna spend 25 mill to back him up. And if not are we replacing Santi/Ramsey/Jack seems unlikely.”

    I doubt he will play with torn hamstrings or knee ligament strain. The dud is constantly tackling and impeding the opposition player. It’s only a matter of pride.
    How about having a player that can challenge him and prevent complacency?

  41. tunnygriffboy


    Fair points. Games at home where opponents psrk the bus Wengers choice seems to bring Coquelin off and put Ramsey in the middle. Just wonder if he’s looking less than a pure DM than to some one more creative to play that position. Sheesh, who knows. Can’t second guess him. Just hope that he has something in mind

    If like you say Coquelin ids going to play 80% of the games and he’s seen as good enough then the focus could be on a forward.

  42. Bamford10


    Except Bender is a better player than Coquelin. Would’ve made the 2014 German WC team but for injury. Would Coq have? Come on. Even his biggest fan can’t think he would.

    As for 50/50, why would you not do this? Look at how fatigued Chelsea were by season’s end. Because Mo didn’t rotate at all. Dumb.

    No reason why you’re #1 CDM needs to play every game, esp. games against 11-20 in the EPL or in FA Cup matches or in the League Cup.

    Anyways that’s my view. Coquelin is not international caliber and he isn’t going to get us there.

    Not to mention the CF options are limited.

  43. Dissenter

    It is frustrating because we are so close, yet so far away.
    It just gives me flashbacks of January 2014; we are top of the league and just need a fresh wind in our sails to take us to the finish line.
    What did Wenger do/
    He lamented all through the winter window about about the questionable value of the January window, only to sign broke-back to replace a crocked player.

  44. MidwestGun

    Look I think open competition for spots is great in theory. But realistically that’s not gonna happen.

    Dissenter sure he could blow out a ligament but is someone coming hereto
    Sit and wait for that to happen? Not exactly a selling point. Pretty sure Schneiderlin or whomever are gonna wanna play more then 50 %.

  45. MidwestGun

    Bamford –
    Ya.., its somewhat logical if you are replacing Coquelin. But as for your rotating based on league position top teams bottom. We don’t play a top team one week then a bottom the next. It’s not scheduled like that. Plus then you get into player continuity.

  46. relieable sauce

    So we stay an incomplete squad so not to risk player disgruntlement!?

    English UCL teams play more games that their Euro rivals, 2 games a week on average for the whole season, no winter break unlike our Euro rivals, in fact more games than usual & a similar schedule late in the season if we remain in even 2 or 3 of the 4 competitions we challenge for. Then theres international games, which most of our players are & injuries, suspensions, fatigue, loss of form, tactics.
    They will get enough games & if they are still unhappy after a season, we sell them.

  47. MidwestGun

    Guess it boils down to this for me as far as starting lineup. Priorities coming into summer.
    1.) Better attacking option then Ox/Theo/Ramsey/Welbeck in attacking midfield spot opposite Sanchez. ( Reus would be my guy.)
    2.)Better option then Giroud. At Cf. (Benzema would be my guy.)
    3.) Better Keeper (Cech)
    4.) Backup dm (meh….whomever, wouldn’t keep Arteta or Flamini, tho.)

    We spend a lot of time quibbling over #4 unless we are upgrading Coq.

  48. relieable sauce

    We want Coq to improve but I dont think games coming thick & fast is what he needs.
    Any new CMF would have a fair bit of adapting to do as well, the pace & competiveness of the league & the relentless fixture list is a big challenge.
    Not all will cope as well as AS & even he faded toward the end.

  49. MidwestGun

    Reliable –
    Fair enough, I can accept the opinion we need better then Coq at times. But
    For me our defending was pretty good the last half of season. For me we need goal scoring to compete for the title. I don’t necessarily think Coquelin was the reason we struggled for goals at times. For me the weak link was having to play Ramsey or Wilshere out wide. And early in the season we used Ozil. Ox was good a few games when healthy. For me Theo and Welbeck are Cf options and midfielders only if injuries.

  50. MidwestGun

    I hate when you have to write For me. ..every sentence because pedantic wankers will jump your shit for writing it as fact, also, by the way.

    It’s a blog comment section. ….. it’s all my opinion.

  51. relieable sauce


    If we lose Ramsey &/or Coq for any crucial games we will unlikely triumph imo , it will be challenging enough with them in the team. If either are out of form, fatigued or unavailable, our MF loses too much physicality & athleticism.
    The D/CM should have these traits imo & be covering/competing with Coq & Ramsey.
    Rambo can also play #10 well & is maybe the better option vs Stoke & park the bus teams & OG is playing. If Coq is not available then thats probably not an option.

    Maybe a short term fix is the best way to go & a Vidal type signing would be enough to see us through the next 2/3 yrs.
    We need someone though, a physical brute imo but needs ability. Vidal does fit the bill but for me he is no DM. With AV & AR in MF though I doubt we need one.

  52. tunnygriffboy


    You are right. A 25 million pound player will not be sitting on bench behind Coquelin. The Coq was outstandin last season. In reality he has had half a season of top class football. That is a worry. Ideally we need someone who is not only good enough to play a role similar to Coq’s but also the role of a distributer so has two strings to his bow. Is Schneiderlin good for that

    Thing is Chelsea have Matic, Man U already have Carrick and now possibly Carrick. When we are playing 3 games a week we do need someone to give Coquelin a rest. It’s a massive ask for a 23 year old with 30 games experience to fill that workload.

  53. Gregg

    We do need another CDM and I do believe it will be either Krychowiak or Bender. However there’s no need to panic if we don’t get schneiderlin. There’s a lot of players that may become available once the likes of Bayern Munich and Real Madrid start entering the market. Who knows’ Guardiola may fancy Lars Bender or Kramer and then Javi Martinez becomes available.

    In an ideal world it’s nice to get your business done early but you’d kick yourself if better players become available after you’ve shown your hand

  54. tunnygriffboy

    Don’t know how much there is in this

    In January we had agreed with Southampton to sign Schneiderlin this summer

    Yesterday he tweeted that the deal with Southampton has been ready and just waiting for Wenger to push the button. Instead he’s waited and waited and convinced himself not to do the deal.

    If that is true it’s appalling. Gazidis needs to get shite from fans. Need to get things over the line. Yesterday betti g on Schneiderlin was slashed. It all in papers he was coming. Today it’s man u. Are we going to be left short again. It’s a real real worry

  55. tunnygriffboy


    Sorry it was the secret footballer who was tweeting

    I think problem is that Wenger doesn’t want to block Coquelin and also wants to be loyal to Arteta. That is the worry

    What do Gazidis and co think after spending weeks on a deal and then Wenger dithers changing his mind. If it’s true it’s a load of bollox. One of his most severe faults.

  56. peanuts&monkeys

    Could help posting this. This is from comments section of http://www.espnfc.com/club/arsenal/359/blog/post/2504049/arsenal-need-strikers-not-petr-cech-in-title-race.

    Mind it this guy is not an Arsenal fan.
    I love Petr Cech. A consummate professional on & off the field & a decorated & dedicated player. I would not mind my club serving him up to other clubs………..except Arsenal!

    There isn’t enough space on ESPN to list the many many reasons why Arsenal not only do not deserve a player the caliber of Cech, but why Cech doesn’t deserve them either.
    It was only in March 2015 that their lump of a manager, Wenger, said that ‘Arsenal doesn’t need Cech. We have 3 world-class goalkeepers.’ Instead of lying to the PL fans, he should’ve been honest & say that none of Arsenal’s current crop of custodians are worthy of even keeping his protective head gear warm much less his gloves and that he would be eternally grateful to his arch-nemesis, Mourinho, for allowing him to leave with no resistance.

    Most importantly, Cech deserves to be on a team with more desire to win it all. Arsenal are a team that seems content when they are not in a winning position & seem to fall out of a game gradually. Look at their game vs Swansea. Never had I seen more attacking talent in 1 team mutate to walking loads of feces in Arsenal kits over 90 minutes. It was disgusting. Cech doesn’t derserve to play on a team like that.

  57. peanuts&monkeys

    Frankly, Arsenal needs a top top CF much much more than a DM or even a GK. Im sure WengerMotherFucker also knows that. If he still does not move for a CF, then be calm if you find this Cech deal also to fall apart.

  58. Gregg


    I recall The secret footballer saying the deal was agreed a long time ago, however I wonder how much accuracy there was to it in the first place.

  59. peanuts&monkeys

    I might apeear utterly foolish to few here, but why cant we use Paulista to stand in for Coq if Coq is ever injured. Will he not be able to play that role even a shade better than what Arteta does? When Paulista was signed it was flashed all across the media that this guy can double up as a DM.

  60. SomeRandomGunner

    It kind of makes no sense to agree a deal in January. We were almost in the middle of crisis and Coq has not proven anything. If we wanted Schneiderline we would have got then.

    Not wait 6 months to restart the deal.

  61. nasri's mouth

    The secret footballer should not be regarded as some font of Arsenal knowledge any more than many of the other sources out there

  62. nasri's mouth

    I think Wenger is going with the Coq / Cazorla pairing for next season. It works well against most sides. If we need more creativity against the lesser sides that park the bus he’ll put Arteta alongside Cazorla or maybe even Arteta alongside Wilshere to make those forward runs.

    Then if Cazorla leaves next summer he’ll need more creativity in that CDM role. Either Coq will have stepped up or we’ll need a replacement

  63. tunnygriffboy


    Fair shout. I’m usually optimistic about things but feel bit frustrated about a few things

    Coquelin. Outstanding last season. If he can maintain that level and improve his distribution the he could play as no 1. However because his distribution is not top quality he is relying on Santi playing alongside him. Also Santi gives experience as Coquelin is still learning. My worry is where does that leave Ramsey and Wilshere playing CM ?

    Assume Coquelin is the number 1. It’s possible Arteta could do a job v Sunderland, Villa etc and rest Coquelin. However what if Coquelin gets injured ?

    I think it’s huge pressure on a 23 year old who has only played 30 games.

  64. Wallace


    “As for 50/50, why would you not do this? Look at how fatigued Chelsea were by season’s end. Because Mo didn’t rotate at all. Dumb.”

    maybe they could flip a coin every friday afternoon?

  65. Dark Hei


    Absolutely. The secret footballer is just back tracking on his earlier tweets by slamming Wengar.
    ESPN has already put it clearly that Schneiderlin has 2 offers. 1 from us and another from United