Why Cech is so important

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Guest blog up in yo face from Simone…

Petr Cech is top quality & I’m excited because the last time we had a top quality goalkeeper we won the league.
Make no mistake, Jens Lehman was a superb number 1. He was a little crazy, but his positioning was spot on. His reactions were like lightening. He commanded his area and aside from the odd moment of madness, his decision making was great.

I’m not saying that he was perfect, but he made saves that were, (imagine Andy Gray saying this) right out the top drawer. Anyone who disputes that Jens was a great goalkeeper need only look at the golden Premier League trophy he contributed to. You don’t go unbeaten without top quality in every position, including his. He was (imagine Morgan Freeman talking now) a goalkeeper who made history, who contributed to one of the great sporting achievements of our lifetime.

Why Morgan Freeman you ask? Why not is my reply.

Go back a few years and you had David Seaman helping bring titles home. The moustache alone was worth the admission price. Aside from being drop dead gorgeous, (he’s still wonderful, even now without the facial hair) he was arguably the last truly great English goalie. No Arsenal fan will dispute his awesomeness, so I won’t go into the reasons why I use him as an example.

The bottom line is that Petr Cech will elevate us to another level. Not necessarily Barcelona or Bayern Munich level, but possibly Chelsea level. After all, we weren’t that far away from them anyway.

I’m not telling you anything you don’t know, except that I quite fancy David Seaman, (no pervy jokes on my timeline please), but there is one observation I think most won’t have made just yet.

On the 19th September 2015 at Stamford Bridge and 23rd January 2016 at the Emirates, (dates subject to change) Cech will hopefully make the difference in the title race.

Remember how well Fabianski did against us for Swansea? He knows our players because he trained with them for years. He knew how they would position themselves, where they would move to, how they would shoot. You don’t spend years with people without learning how they play.

When we play Chelsea Cech will have a big advantage our other ‘keepers don’t have. He’ll know what to expect. He’s been with most of the Chelsea squad for years, (new signings excluded obviously). It’s no coincidence that former players tend to do well against previous clubs. How many times have we debated over whether a player should celebrate scoring against their former employers or not? How many times has a former player put in a great performance against his old club. It isn’t just about motivation, it’s also about inside knowledge.

Cech has the inside knowledge, and hopefully the headlines following those games, (and the community shield) will be ‘Cech makes the difference with stunning saves’.

Wouldn’t it be nice for Arsene to get the Mourinho monkey off his back. Using Cech to do it would surely make it so much sweeter.

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  1. Dissenter

    If we lose Koschielny to Madrid then signing Cech wont matter much.
    I hope Ramos is just using the threats of leaving to bolster his new contract.
    Our season might hinge on if we can keep Koschielny..
    Good central defenders are hard to find, talk-less of one with premier league experience.

  2. Biggus

    Wow..I made it. Moving up the table.

    I don’t believe in any of the Ramos rumours, think he’s trying to get a ‘Galactico’ salary more than anything.

    Why is it we are quick to sign our yearly 16 year olds pretty quickly (press time to signing time) and yet our other transfers rumbles on for weeks?

  3. shad


    Real Madrid is a Mad house especially with Perez there. Too much silly politics in play. It’s a revolving door in a grotesque circus act there. Real can bid silly money for Koscielny and hence why we need to sign players who’ll make statements of intent.

    As for Petr Cech, he will definitely take us a step up – garner us 9 to 12 points in a season. i’m looking at those cagey games where we hold a slender 1 goal advantage, such as when we let in a silly goal against CIty and drew 2-2.

    Arsenal always does deals slowly and tries to keep everything hush hush..wish we could mop it up quickly, get in Schneiderlin pronto and get that striker.

  4. shad

    “Why has Arsenal given Vlad Drago No. 7? Is TR7 leaving?”

    His 1 yr extension option was exercised by the club so he’ll probably stay but play with a different number.

  5. Savage

    “yet our other transfers rumbles on for weeks?”

    You’re over-simplifying the purchase of world class players that every club would love to buy.

    Personally I suspect that Arsenal are respecting Cech’s holiday, that everything is done already and that they’re just waiting for him to return.

  6. Mike

    I cannot understanll the headlines about Koscielny and even less our fans worring about it. £21M? Do we need the money? Is Wenger stupid? Ok, some of you may answer yes to that (incorrectly)but really, why would we sell? It’s not going to happen so please don’t clickon the foolish headlines.

  7. Savage

    And also, whether Arsenal.com announce Cech’s transfer today or next week doesn’t really make any difference does it?

  8. Biggus


    I understand it shouldn’t be that straight forward but you have to admit ours take much longer than most clubs. I’m not expecting it to be as quick as signing the youngins but it does drag on a bit every year.

  9. peanuts&monkeys


    why not give away that 15 mill for their manager too. At least that will make Arsenal a tactically and technically better than the donkeyship of ArseneMotherFuckerWenger.

  10. Emiratesstroller

    Last week we heard that Manchester City wanted Wilshire and now we hear that
    Real Madrid want Koscielny.

    Whenever such stories appear the immediate reaction of the media and indeed some supporters is that Arsenal will capitulate.

    Arsenal have already rejected any sale of Wilshire and I would expect the same with Koscielny.

    Koscielny is even more indispensable than Wilshere as he was a regular starter in our team so the idea that Arsenal will accept a £21 million offer for
    such an important player in our team is laughable.

    Let’s be honest what players are available in the market that we could buy except perhaps Hummels or Howedes?

    This is the usual media claptrap.

  11. PK

    I kozzer but if they offer varane in direct trade I would do it for sure. simply motivated by age and I have a fear that kozzer might step in to a period of injuries.

    Kozzer for benzema, no thanks.

  12. Savage

    The signing of Sanchez was generally regarded as “early”.

    And yet I remember coming on Le Grove slightly before and seeing loads of people moaning about how long it took. Didn’t make any difference to his training with the team and his impact on the season.

  13. peanuts&monkeys

    Wenger will certainly sell this year. He has to. Else, silentstan will not pay this WengerDog his bonus.
    TBH, if Wenger wants to sell there are plenty of donkeys to be offloaded: Giroud, Arteta, Welbeck, Diaby- completely useless, crap. Other possible ones: Chambers, Poldi, Ox-chamberlain, Ramsey/Wilshere.

  14. YoungMurphy

    Good article Pedro. I said the requisite lines in the Andy Gray and Morgan Freeman voice and it really elevated your post to another level. Well played sir.

    Haven’t seen anything about Kos leaving, but unless we get a terrific offer, there is no obligation to sell. If we get Varane in a swap then even better.

    There’s no doubt that Cech will take us to another level, that’s not even a debate. Scheinderlin is apparently negotiating with Soton about an early release. Was in the Guardian today so keep ears peeled for that.
    @Shad – no idea why Vlad got the no7. Suspect it doesn’t mean anything because he won’t be in the first team for a while.

  15. Biggus

    @Young Murphy, you do know Simone wrote this piece not Pedro right? 🙂

    @Savage, I get what you are saying regarding early transfers but i’m just concerned cos it’s chelsea and I know Maureen is not a fan so a bit concerned he might do a last minute dirty on us but hopefully it’s out of his hands.

    To be fair, if we only sign Cech I won’t be too mad cos all these people calling out for a DM to be signed, Wenger is not good with playing people together as he will either play the DM solely or bench him and play Coq as always. I mean we’ve had Gabriel for some time and though he played some matches, there were times I felt he might have been given a run when BFG was looking exhausted.

  16. Jim Lahey

    “Where are you seeing that Drag got the no. 7”

    He is pictured with the 7 shirt when he signed, but he is No.7 for the Romanian U-16 team. I don’t think he will get the No.7 shirt after Rosicky, I think someone like Sanchez will have a say in that.

  17. Savage

    Everyone is nervous that Chelsea could pull the plug, but I don’t think we’d be this far down the line if they didn’t want to deal. All the reliable sources are indicating we’re almost there. Sky saying only a medical is outstanding.

  18. Northbanker

    Didn’t see much of Scheiderlin last year but presumably wasn’t an out and out Dm because that role undertaken by Wanyama?

    So I assume a link of him and Coq in back 2 would be a very viable option although where then you’d play Ramsey or Cazorla is the next question

  19. peanuts&monkeys

    I’m glad you r not questioning selling Giroud.

    Yes, all the five named there are top four material, not title-winning material. Selling these five could get us Reus – in a position (LW) rendered kaput since Arshavin stopped shining.

    And selling Giroud + Welbeck + Arteta + Diaby can get us Greizmann/Lacazzete/Zlatan/Austin. So, why not?

  20. Ashwin Gunner


    Against teams who are more pacey and more attacking than us, we can use both of them and play Cazrola behind the striker

    back 5

    Coq Schneiderlin

    Chamberlain Cazrola Sanchez



    Against other teams, we can keep one of them on bench and play the other. we can rotate them well, to keep them fresh and happy.

  21. Savage

    “in a position (LW) rendered kaput since Arshavin stopped shining”

    I don’t think we’re watching the same team. There’s a new guy in that spot since last season. You should check him out 😉

  22. shad


    Cazorla’s preferred role is now with Ozil and the spots in the centre are at a premium. Ideally it should breed a healthy competition. Though I se Wenger reverting others to the wing..or he’d have to change formation and rotate quite a lot. to appease all personnel.
    Hence why we definitely need a better coach.

  23. Sam

    “Selling these five could get us Reus – in a position (LW) rendered kaput since Arshavin stopped shining.”

    Lol must be trolling

  24. peanuts&monkeys

    @Sam, when was the last time you found an Arsenal LW cross in the box and Giroud heading it in?

    When was the last time you saw our left winger pacing and racing like Walcott used to do till 2014?

    Troll/no-troll if you cannot answer the above two, then you and your step-dad Arsene Motherfucking Wenger are trolling with Arsenal fans’ support.

  25. peanuts&monkeys

    Since Arshavin lost him form, the Arsenal left wing has been what its LBs are. Clichy wasted possession with stupid/ineffective crosses. We have seen him doing this at least 200 times. Then came Poldi going @ .005 m/h along the LW only to post the ball at the back of the net. Also going around in cricles, which Poldi loves to.

    Actually the WengerBastard doesnt like LWs anymore after he made Arshavin lose his form by forcing him to play inside rather than from the wings.

  26. Biggus

    I’m sorry but do some people actually think it’s like a computer game where you can just sell 5 of your players (first team players) and then buy new ones?

    Don’t get me wrong, I do feel we need better players but it’s more of a graduate process rather than a sudden one. Plus rubbish or not, the good players are used to playing with these guys so if you take out 5 first team players the same time, there is bound to be a long learning curve to go back to good team cohesion.

  27. Blsany

    I have to get this of my chest been killing me for a while.I LOVE ASSOU EKOTTO. There i said it phew….

  28. Sam

    “Troll/no-troll if you cannot answer the above two, then you and your step-dad Arsene Motherfucking Wenger are trolling with Arsenal fans’ support.”

    This guy’s hilarious!

  29. Arsene's Nurse

    I see someone has taken advantage of a Lidl BOGOF on drain cleaner – bit early to be drinking it though.

  30. Savage

    Biggus, correct.

    Whisper it quietly, but with Cech coming in, the defence will have to reorganise and relearn. Don’t be surprised if it takes a few games to get things sorted out, hopefully with minimum ramifications.

    At least Cech’s ability to product top drawer saves might help to offset some of those teething issues.

  31. Cesc Appeal

    How many years does Sanogo have on his deal does anyone know, just curious with his loan to Lille looking likely. Did we give him 3 years, 4 years or 5 years?

  32. LeMassiveCoq


    Get it done AW

  33. Sam

    Just musing but Like most on here, during the course of last season I wanted Schneiderlin however now I’m not so sure he’s the best fit for us.

    I think we all agree that whoever comes in has to accept that he’ll be start behind Le Coq till he proves otherwise. With Schneiderlin’s price around the £25mill and wages that’ll probably be more than Coq’s I just can’t see him being a willing understudy. Particularly with Euro 2016 around the corner gaining maximum game time will be vital for Schneiderlin and for Coq who may have an outside chance of getting a call up.

    However I don’t see Schneiderlin adding much to what Coq brings to the team. Especially as it seems Coq’s ceiling is very high and his distribution and ball playing will improve as exhibited in the FA cup final.

    Not sure there’ll be enough game time to satisfy both. As is often customary with Wenger, if the team is settled and playing well, he often doesn’t like tamper with the balance of the team and tbf most first team DM’s play a majority of their team’s matches anyway. So I expect one player to play a majority of games to the detriment of the other. I know there’s talk of pairing them in certain games but there’s only a handful of those games.

    This may not be the most popular suggestion but I feel that there may be some sense in persisting with Arteta and Flam. I think we have and would be able to get top 4 with these two as our sole DM’s and as back ups they’d only have to play a few games against smaller teams to give Coq a breather. I know a lot don’t trust those two but they are more than good enough to see off 50% of the teams in prem, which is enough to keep Le Coq fresh. In some games I think Arteta’s style of play is even much better suited than Le Coq’s. The only thing missing would be competition as Coq would be pretty unchallenged.

    Another option would be to bring in a DM like Motta to add experience and championship know how to the team but not expect to play every match. Or someone like Vidal who would cost about 10mill more than Schneiderlin but would add a significant new dimension to our team but is at an age where he won’t greatly hinder our Le coq’s progress.

    I can see a lot of issues with Schneiderlin and I know we want Arsene to be more ruthless but disposing Le Coq for someone who doesn’t add more to team is just wrong.

  34. Cesc Appeal


    Nice team.

    Though I’m curious as to how a Gabriel, Kozz partnership will work. Gabriel reminds me a lot of Kozz when he first arrived here, fast, aggressive, excellent reader of he game and so interceptor, but seems prone to rashness and getting a little caught out.

    It might be a case that they are the sort of defenders who need to play beside a level headed, experienced CB. Obviously I hope they can forge a steely partnership, our pressing play would be greatly improved and we’d have one of the fastest back lines going.

    I think we will see Ramsey and Schneiderlin a lot paired, Coq rotated in and paired with Schneiderlin in big away games, bit of a formation adaptation as well perhaps to 4-3-1-2 as well to get Cazorla into that deeper middle as well.

    But agree on Benzema totally, probably the only potentially viable option for a truly world class ST out there.

  35. LeMassiveCoq

    @ Jim

    Breaks my heart to leave the little guy out of the first 11, saying that I would rotate him with either of the other two midfield pivot players every couple of weeks. Its a demanding position and he is getting on a bit.

    Think we’ll get one more good year out of the little man (hopefully a title winning one!) and then he can go back to Spain with our blessings 🙂

  36. Cesc Appeal


    Well Diaby had 6 years, so I hope not. It’s not a massive deal, but just reading Arseblog this morning and he said the loan was ‘best for all parties’ and I sort of thought, why are we even bothering still with this guy. But if his deal has a season or two left to run you can understand, season long loan to Lille eliminates one of those years…

  37. bennydevito

    Morning Grovers,

    Good post Simone. Regarding Jens, I think I must have been on drugs or something when he was with us because I seem to be the only one who thinks he was total Shite. Hated him. Only marginally better than Almunia.

    Have been busy for a couple weeks so haven’t commented but Pedro’s seagull post was hilarious, I don’t have a suit jacket but I have a winter coat where I found a fiver, a winning scratch card and my 6 month missing inhaler. Good times.

    As for father’s day, my dad was a Chelsea fan but he never told me that when I was a kid. He left my Mum when I was 9, went mental, got sectioned and was back in my life when I was 19. I lived with him for 3 -4 years in Bath as his semi carer when I then found out he used to frequent the shed end for years in his youth and early adulthood. He then got sectioned again and later went on to commit suicide but I thank him for not forcing me to be a Chelsea fan when I was young as now I’d be one, along with my 3 little gooners, and would never have found this great blog.

    N5, Karim,

    Am still hoping to meet for the ems cup but have done my back in again so am off work for a bit so am a bit strapped for cash. Will move heaven and earth to try make it though. Will keep you posted. My email N5 is bennydevito@live.co.uk

    Drop me a line.

  38. DUIFG


    injuries are not being accounted for in all this, they will all get game time

  39. Biggus

    CA, that’s also my concern in terms of the partnership between Kozz and Gabriel. At first glance, they both look like similar players; quick on their feet and in for the tackle. Like someone said yesterday about Rio F back in the days with his partnership with Vidic, I think you need a more calm CB with great reading of the game and you need another who is more of a ‘heckler’. We had something similar with K Toure and Campbell back in the days as well.

    Only thing is that I personally don’t think Metersacker should be first team player this coming season.

  40. LeMassiveCoq

    @ Cesc

    Assuming Shneiderlin does come,

    I think as you say, there is the potential to rotate Coq, Santi , Ramsey and Shneid. It would give us both good defensive and more attacking minded CM options.

  41. Sam

    “injuries are not being accounted for in all this, they will all get game time”

    Although we have a terrible injury record you cant really bank on injuries as the answer to getting game time.

  42. Blsany

    I refuse to read Simone’s posts.She really insulted my inteligence with her very first post.Can’t do it.Nothing personal.

  43. Cesc Appeal


    It is very long. Yeah, made a mistake, guy is turd, move on.


    I’ve said it a lot on here, I rate Sokratis, I think he’s really undervalued and Subotic has just signed an extension. I don’t think he would cost the Earth and I’m with you, I really think Mert needs phasing out this season.

    I know some disagree.


    Schniederlin is just so common sense as a buy it’s almost boring, he doesn’t offer as much in pure defensive terms and tenacity in the same way Coq does, but he’s not far off, can really turn on the defensive side when he has to (Stamford Bridge) considering that isn’t totally his role at Saints, his passing is excellent and I think he will take Arteta’s mantle in the squad whilst offering a lot more defensively.

    I seriously don’t understand the objections. You have people objecting to him, then claiming Ki would be a good singing…I mean…seriously?

  44. SomeRandomGunner

    Schneid and Coq cannot play together they have combined assists of 1 . People really overplay schneiderlin’s attacking capabilities.

    Schneiderlin has 1 assist after playing 2186 mins . Cazorla has 11 and Ramsey has 6 .
    Schneiderlin’s attacking contribution does not even come close to Cazorla or Ramsey.

    He makes 0.78 key passes per 90 mins Cazorla makes 2.02 and Ramsey makes 1.82 .

    Similar story with chances created .
    We already struggle to score goals against big teams Coq/ Schneiderlin is not going to make it better in big games.

    We may get 0-0 draws but that is easily achievable . For converting the draws/loss to victories we need to create / score more against big teams .

  45. DUIFG

    Although we have a terrible injury record you cant really bank on injuries as the answer to getting game time.

    I would suggest you probbaly can, 15 years of wenger teams there has been some every year, you sound like the people who weere advocating we did not biuy to replace diaby becuase diaby would tay fit despite him not playing a full season since 2006

  46. DUIFG

    Schneid and Coq cannot play together they have combined assists of 1 . People really overplay schneiderlin’s attacking capabilities.

    Yes they can, we would still have ozil, sanchez and oxlade. plenty of attacking threat there

  47. Steveyg87

    Great post Simone!

    I’m hoping that the rumours of Sanogo going to Lille are false. Could be lazy journalism considering he’s French. Many teams in the EPL could do with someone like him in the team, i’m hoping Leicester as their style of play is closely suited to ours, bar execution.

    If Wenger is serious about integrating him in to the team then sending him off to the frenchies is not the answer. He was useful for palace but opportunities were limited due to Bolasie’s form. Palace are a team to watch this season provided they keep their squad together, top 7 sounds likely

  48. gambon

    “Schneid and Coq cannot play together ”

    Maybe we wouldnt lose 6-0 if we did this.

    Anyway, Schneiderlin will take Coquelins place, not play with him.

  49. Le Prof


    Come on give Simone a break, make yourself feel better and check her twitter…she’s got banging paps

  50. gambon

    “I’m hoping that the rumours of Sanogo going to Lille are false. Could be lazy journalism considering he’s French. Many teams in the EPL could do with someone like him in the team, ”

    Teams that dont like scoring goals?

  51. gambon

    “It hardly matters for winning league whether we loose 6-0 or 1- 0. It will still be zero points.”

    Jesus talk about missing the point.

  52. Sam

    “I would suggest you probbaly can, 15 years of wenger teams there has been some every year, you sound like the people who weere advocating we did not biuy to replace diaby becuase diaby would tay fit despite him not playing a full season since 2006”

    I didn’t say we wouldn’t have any injuries. However you’re banking on very specific injuries to either coq or Schneiderlin for the other to get game time.

    And if you read my post i wasn’t actually advocating we buy no one, I just don’t think Schneiderlin offers us something different to Le Coq. And wouldn’t warrant to take his place.

    I actually gave a few alternative options if you read my post

  53. Steveyg87


    One has to remember that hes still a youngster and wasn’t as rubbish as some would lead you to believe.. He needs game time, I would take him above Giroud right now

  54. Majestic gooner

    See arsene and arsenal up to their old tricks, saving the last penny, they don’t want to take up any new players contract before the start of the transfer window opening next week, that one week makes such a difference. Lol hence Cech not signing yet. They are very good at saving money at arsenal.

  55. YoungMurphy

    @Biggus well that was awkward…thank you for correcting me

    @simone – still a great post!

    @cescappeal – you make a great point about how Gabriel will fit. Mertesacker literally had 2 or 3 glaring moments last season that lead to goals (still 2 or 3 too many) but his partnership with Kos works well. Given that Gab is still learning english, I don’t see a reason to rush him (however I accept Sanchez and even Ozil still dont speak fluently)

  56. Johnty79

    Can everyone please stop calling Lehman a great number 1. In the unbeatable season he cost us more points then he won. 7 goals he directly contributed to. People seem to forget he was dropped the season after for almunia…..

    Cech will gain us a maximum 2-4 points. Begovic was much better value for money. On average he makes the fewest number of mistakes in country.

    Chelsea have done us on this just like the ashley cole deal.

  57. Steveyg87

    Giroud is deep into his prime..Sanogo hasn’t had a chance to prove himself yet, remember this is a league where a player like Falcao did fuckol for a whole season..and Sanogo is faster

  58. Stevanovic

    Schneiderlin, Benzema, Lacazette, Varane, Alcacer, Wanyama, Reus………………….

    Give yourself a break. Wenger got us covered, he knows what the team needs and he will address it.
    He brought Ozil, Sanchez……..

  59. Steveyg87

    !9 goals in 36 games.. did you see the team behind him? Falcao would be running for Ballon d’or had he played for us this past season

  60. Blsany

    “RIP Michael Jackson – 6 Years Today”

    can you hear all the kids around the world breathe a sigh of relief?

  61. relieable sauce

    Nice write up Simone. Cant knock a girl that likes Seaman that much.

    Brave post Benny, good of you to share that with us.

  62. Insomnia

    It’s really strange how the purchase or not of Schneiderlin leaves so many myself included nonplussed.

    He’s a very good player and used to the league. And he will improve the team.

    I guess it because we have lost so much midfield crap and have so many damn options now.

    Still want us to buy him though.

  63. steve

    “but possibly Chelsea level. After all, we weren’t that far away from them anyway.”


    Only 12 points.

  64. Steveyg87

    Schneiderlin will not be coming to Arsenal, his attributes are too similar to Le Coq as mentioned on here a million times,only way it seems plausible would be if we let both Flamini and Arteta(Coq’s backup) go. I already don’t see Flamini getting a game this season. Coq’s ball distribution in tight areas and general sweeper qualities make him a shoe in for 1st choice regardless of who you bring in.

    If MS does come in it would limit our B2B midfielders playing time(wilshere,ramsey and Caz) which is already an issue.

  65. Insomnia


    All suitable for the three middle positions – and that’s not counting Ox. Even if you got rid of rosicky, arteta and flam (and I think at most we will only lose two) and add Schneiderlin that’s still a lot of middle players.

  66. Insomnia

    Just to add though if you had the following pairings:

    No. 10



    That’s some depth

  67. nasri's mouth

    Will we spend £24m on Schneiderlin, will hold out for Bender or Gundogan or will we go with what we have for 12 more months till the right target becomes available

  68. salparadisenyc

    Pretty sure the right target is available in Schneiderlin.

    When playing a side like this current Chelsea one, Coq and Schneiderlin could be quite useful playing alongside one another.

  69. relieable sauce

    To the tune of “American Pie”

    So hello Yaya-Sa nogo
    he used to deliver me my letters
    but now he plays for Arse nal.
    His long ol legs means he’ll score next to F all
    swinging, missing its ok though cos he’s tall.

  70. kwik fit

    I’ve just learnt how top spell schneirlein so I’ll be fuming if Arsene doesn’t do the business!

  71. Blsany

    No i wouldnt be happy with that.We have money we have to sign, someone it would be unfair on Coq to expect him to play like has for another season.Injuries,poor form etc.. have to be taken into consideration.Imo it would be another summer of gross negligence yet again on Aw ‘s part.Like i said Dm is must for the team to progress further.He simply has to sign a dm.

  72. CPHgirl

    You keep going on about getting rid of Diaby your wish was grandted a few weeks ago. Diaby is no longer an arsenal player.

  73. Gunner2301

    We shouldn’t have to sell Koscielny as the Club have said we don’t need to sell our big players anymore, however has anyone considered that maybe Gabriel was bought as a replacement for Kos and not BFG?

    We have seen this before a bigger player sold with a seemingly inferior player coming in and stepping up (if things work out). Maybe Kos has already hinted that he wants to leave he’s what 29 or so maybe he’s thinking like many past players he’s not going to win the league or CL with Arsene his career probably has another what 4 good years.

    Don’t be surprised to see him go despite what the club says I hope not but it could happen.

  74. relieable sauce

    We all want to see Coq develop & master his ball control. Surging drives into the box with a spectacular finish.

    Simone – Are you a keen admirer of Francis?

  75. steve


    “I’m hoping that the rumours of Sanogo going to Lille are false. Could be lazy journalism considering he’s French.”

    What does him being french have to do with anything?

    “Many teams in the EPL could do with someone like him in the team, i’m hoping Leicester as their style of play is closely suited to ours, bar execution.”

    Yeah I’m sure Sanogo can help them with the last part. A striker who can’t score goals. lolololol

  76. Gunner2301

    Another thing are the papers taunting us with this Vlad Dragomir £71k signing? The guy barely has a YouTube video. It seems like these kind of signings are pushed at the forefront for us like its major last time it was Bielek. Are other top clubs signing of junior players hyped up like this or is it just me?

  77. bob

    £16mil Calum Chambers looked world class sitting on the u21 bench last night. what a over hype britsh toilet crap

  78. bob

    wilshere and chambers both need to find new clubs. have man city made that invisible £40mil bid for jack wilshere?

  79. Gunner2301

    I’ll be disappointed if we haven’t offloaded BFG (there’s a reason he was marginalised at the World Cup), Arteta, Flamini, Diaby, Campbell, Podolski this summer. We need a better striker than Giroud. If Wenger can be bold enough we might just be in for the league but I can’t see it.

  80. Bamford10

    Schneiderlin definitely going somewhere soon. “The negotiations are ongoing and should be completed in the coming days,” he told France Bleu Alsace radio yesterday.

    United the favorites.

  81. salman

    Cech is a great signing but he cannot take us to the same level as Chelsea by himself. We still need 2 experienced world class players to reach that level or at least one striker who can contribute as many goals as costa does for Chelsea. The best part about cech’s arrival is going to be seeing that cocky brat chesney on the bench though.

  82. Bamford10

    And gambon is right, Schneiderlin and Coquelin would never play at the same time, so that discussion is moot.

    Unless Wilshere, Ramsey and Cazorla were somehow all injured, one of them is the CM. No way Wenger leaves out his favorite players.

  83. london gunner

    I am fine with any expensive additions to the DM position it doesn’t hinder the pursuit of your Reus/Benz or even Fekir.

    Could we afford an elite DM, a WC striker and a WC winger? Sure, but this isn’t wengers way. We all know this.

  84. london gunner

    People come out with hyperbolic statements

    BUT Sanago was probably the worse player I have ever seen play for a top team.

    He could barely control his legs let alone the ball. Looked like that shit guy who somehow makes it into the school team because he is big and strong.

    Fair play to him he is a multi millionaire. If he could make it I should have stuck with footie lol.

  85. Bamford10


    Nice to see you come around on signing a quality CDM, but I would challenge the idea that we also need both a wide player and a CF.

    For me, just a CF is needed, as Ox and Theo are good enough options as wide players.

    CF is the crux of the matter.

  86. Steveyg87


    Lille are a French team if you weren’t sure

    The lad scored 4 goals in one game, albeit pre season.. Wenger’s got a gem that needs polishing. Leicester lack height upfront and considering they rely on wing play, why not?

  87. Gunner2301


    Saw your post earlier. Tough life mate but experiences like that shape who you are and will inevitably make you a stronger person. All you can do is push on and don’t let it get you down or control you.

  88. Steveyg87

    “I’ll be disappointed if we haven’t offloaded BFG (there’s a reason he was marginalised at the World Cup)”

    Howedes and Hummels ahead of him, give the lad a break, he bleeds red and white.

  89. Igbo Amadi-Obi

    We need to buy Cech first, I suppose. I have followed transfers long enough to know that things can go wrong before I player signs.

  90. london gunner


    The way I see things.

    1 Theo injured all the time and doesn’t play wide any more as he is obsessed with playing central where he is much less effective. Even with giroud in the centre TW still irritatingly comes in central.

    2 OX is also injury prone and above and beyond that he is neither creative or productive in scoring goals. Does he have potential sure? Will he fulfil that potential? It can go either way in my mind.

    3 Fekir/Reus can play all across the board left, right and centre. Yes Reus has played as CAM. So not only do we add huge quality, but also diverse, flexible skillset.

  91. Leedsgunner

    “If Real Madrid want Koscielny then we want Benzema, Varane and Isco. and £15m.”

    Yep, that’s about it isn’t. I think that about summarises Kos’s worth to the team.

    As Real Madrid will never do that… we shouldn’t even countenance letting Kos go unless a younger superior CB is included the deal. For the first time in a long time we have a settled back four and with Cech’s imminent arrival a solid defensive unit.

    I’m getting tired of rebuilding the team because we lose our key players before every season. We don’t need the money, we don’t need to sell.

    Just say no.

  92. salparadisenyc

    SomeRandomGunnerJune 25, 2015 12:44:30
    @sal we have not scored against Chelsea in 5 or so games. How are Coq-Schneiderlin going to help in scoring ?

    Think the point was not conceding, up to Wenger to get himself a proper match winner up front to fill Girouds space. That said the Schneiderlin talk is all a bit educational as I’m of the opinion he’s going to United.

  93. Gunner2301


    Never been a big fan of BFG, doesn’t have a good jump for his height although he did dominate Benteke recently which isn’t an easy task but I don’t think Benteke was up for it that day and he has not done this enough over his Arsenal career, earlier in the season he just went missing not sure where his head was but not in the game and he is always susceptible to the high line. Where was his organisational skills when we were getting killed on set pieces? Notably missing. Maybe being a good reader of the game isn’t enough for us. You have to look longer term and I think it’s time we upgraded. He’s not bad but for me not good enough as first choice for a team that want to seriously win the title “he’s the Giroud of defenders”.

  94. bob

    cant belive everton just paid £4.2mil for Gerard Deulofeu and liverpool paid £25mil for english crap adam lallana its a joke. lallana in 29games for liverpool he got 6goals and 1asst but thats ok hes englands best winger lol

  95. bob

    To be honest thats not bad from lallana in 29games 6goals on the other hand englands hero jack wilshere got 7goals in 112games lol

  96. Blsany

    Everton have signed Greard Deleufoe for 5 million.Quality little player.These young palyers are worth signing and persevering with imo.Not the likes Sanogo,Campbell etc..

  97. Gunner2301

    London gunner

    “Fair play to him he is a multi millionaire. If he could make it I should have stuck with footie lol.”

    Your not French though 🙂

  98. SomeRandomGunner

    @sal In recent times we had got plenty of 0-0 with lesser defensive players.
    I dont think one offensive player in place of Giroud is going to make too much of difference in attack.

  99. Blsany

    Bob what happened missus ran off with an english man?You sound like a broken record in someone’s basement mate.

  100. Arsene's Nurse

    June 25, 2015 13:47:27

    Sanogoal needs polishing!
    You can’t polish shit
    Here’s the Mythbusters boys having a go:


    What did someone on here describe Sanogo playing football as – Like a camel chasing a coconut down a flight of stairs.

    I have to say that he is one of the worst footballers I’ve ever seen. And I don’t just mean on the telly for PL, Championship, etc, I’ve seen under 16 strikers with better touch, movement and understanding of the game.

  101. Arsene's Nurse

    bob = Battle of Britain. I wonder why someone who is so xenophobic towards British players would name himself after one of the county’s most important battles.